A Southern Deflowering

Hi, my name is Claudia.

I’ll never forget my first gang bang. I grew up in a small town with really conservative parents who kept a close eye on me, so the freedom college offered was kind of shocking to say the least. After I arrived on campus, I made friends with some girls that belonged to a sorority and they told me I should try to pledge during Greek week. Well, I was anxious to make new friends, so I didn’t see any harm in it. After a week of humiliating stunts to prove ourselves, like running naked down the road in the rain and being made to make out with my fellow pledges on the campus lawn as everyone walked by, we all knew the final test was coming, we just didn’t know when.

On Sunday night, at around midnight, we were awakened in our dorms to the sound of the sorority sisters yelling and the feel of cold water on our naked bodies (we were forced to sleep naked all week).Well, with my tits perky from the cold water and the cool air hitting my barely legal body, I stood there with my sister pledges shivering. We were blindfolded and led out to what I assumed was the middle of a forest, because we could hear night birds and frogs calling. We were told to kneel, wait, and do whatever we were told. We could hear the sound of footsteps as the sisters left, and I thought we’d been left to freeze. After what I assume was a short time, we could hear male laughter and heavy footsteps. Before I could react, I heard pants unzip, and something cold, wet, and hard on my lips “Suck it”, the male voice ordered.

Well, I wanted to pledge so I willingly took that long piece of man meat in my mouth and started to suck. I felt hands behind me, reaching under to stroke my pussy…God, it felt amazing! I started humping the hand that was massaging my cunny, praying he’d add a finger…he didn’t. He added his lips, sucking my nether lips into his mouth. He sucked as much of my pussy into his mouth as he could, start to play with my perky 44DD tits. I could feel the schlong in my mouth getting harder and harder, so I reached up and played with his balls. When he blew in my mouth, it tasted like heaven.

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  1. What you say is true. The guys from California State arrived at your college on the East Coast. They were to collect on a bet between the two schools; your school had lost the big game.

    I had just transferred from California State to attend your school . I also use to be a member of the fraternity in town to collect its debt. But because I no longer attended Cal State, my old fraternity told me I would not be allowed to go with them that night.

    You were definitely one of the girls from the selected sorority required to take on six guys . Most of the girls were hesitant to take on six guys at once; they only did so as part of their initiation.

    However you truly enjoyed becoming an insatiable gangbang slut. You took on another twelve guys well after finishing the required six. Then you took another six. Six more after that. All told, you took on 54 guys from the fraternity. You don’y know it, but there is a photo of you standing blindfold, covered in cum and surrounded by all 54 guys.

    Later that year we started dating, we fell in love and became engaged. But your parents objected to our marriage as they felt we were too young– they refused to attend our wedding. Undaunted we planned the wedding for Las Vegas without them. My family would be there, but none from your family would go.

    After the wedding invitations went out, I come to find out my old fraternity would be having a reunion in Las Vegas the same weekend as our wedding. On the day of the wedding, my buddies said that since all of the guys from the fraternity were in Las Vegas for the reunion, they would like attend the wedding– all told 54.

    You and I both thought that would be nice. They could sit on the bride’s side of the aisle as my side was full- and the brides’ side was empty.

    How was I suppose to know you had been with every guy on your side of the aisle – 54 cocks all told. How was I suppose to know the photo of my wife in her wedding gown, surrounded by 54 guys, was similar to the photo of these same 54 guys taken with you just one year ago blindfolded and covered in cum?

    I tell you I know. Because my buddies snuck me with them that night. I could not participate since I no longer attended their school. But they said I could be the photographer and take pictures. I was the one that took the photo of you blindfolded & covered in the cum of these 54 guys. One more photo to take of you with same 54 guys. Here’s the blindfold from that night. You put it on as, to you it feels just right.

  2. I love the story, Claudia! I love to fantasize about being a pledge and being “forced” to let guys do whatever they want with me.
    ~Model Faith in Las Vegas

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    rockhard says:

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