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    Tell me your deepest darkest and let me help you….

    Sometimes all you really need is a sex therapist…. and phone sex is the best sex therapy in the world be whomever you want and need to be.

    You have dark secrets that you really need to explore? Tell me where they spark from? Did you hear someone doing phone sex when you were younger? Where and how did you learn about sex? Was it vanilla or Ordinary?  Was it taboo? Were you ashamed? Did it make you horny?

    I want to help you.  I want to be what heals you I want to be your drug of choice. Are you a sex addict? Let me help you.. the Dr. is in.


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    I want to share my secrets with you. So I will, from time to time, post an entry from my Dear Diary that I hope will entertain and excite you. My first, “I Met A Poacher Today,” is from March 31, 2016.

    I’ll be excerpting all kinds of stories, fantasies, and provocative personal experiences from my Journals past and present. And, since I love SF 🚀(science fiction), I may even speculate about the future. If you have an enticing tale that turns you on, just ask, and I will tell it here.

    As an incentive to read my stories, I offer 5 extra minutes to my gentlemen callers. You can use it to critique my work…or not 😉.

    With love,

    Gwen                                                                                                                                             ✔️Call ☎️949/722-2222 ☎️Ext. 625



    “…get 5 more minutes with me.”

  • I Met a Poacher Today

    March 31, 2016

    Dear Diary,

    I met a poacher today.

    I was hiking along the river. It wasn’t too cold so I wore leggings, a long turtleneck sweater and my tall rubber boots. Little signs of spring everywhere: buds on trees, birds building nests, ice floating downriver. Saw some guy in a small inflatable boat, fishing. Decided to bust his chops about it.

    I pull out my phone and yell, “I’m calling the Fish Cops!”

    “C’mon!” He says, “It’s the first sunny day of the week and the season opens tomorrow!”

    “Tomorrow isn’t today!” I sass back, waggling my phone and stepping down the bank.


    The next thing I know, there’s a fish hook in my favorite sweater and he’s reeling me in. I grab the monofilament but it’s thin and slippery. I drop my phone and grab with both hands. He’s being pulled towards the bank and I’m laughing. As the inflatable bumps the bank, he whips out a knife, cuts the line, and I’m flat on my back in the mud. Now he’s laughing.

    He jumps to the bank as I’m pushing myself up and (sonovabitch!) he pushes me back down. I squelch in the mud and I am mad; I hook my boot behind his knee and bring him down right next to me. Who’s squelching now?


    Both of us.

    A very handsome guy and I are squelching on our asses in the mud. He’s a very handsome and, I finally notice, handsy guy, but I’m not complaining as I’m pushing on his (oooh, firm!) chest, too, trying to leverage myself out of the mud. He digs his heels in and scoots up the bank, dragging me after him by my collar.

    “Look what I’ve caught,” he chuckles as he pulls out his hook. 

    Yarn rips away with it, unraveling a chunk of sweater.

    “Yummy. Salmon!”

    It’s the color of my bra.

    “Not in season!” I remind him.

    “Then I’ll throw you back.”

    He scoops me up as if to toss me in but I’ll never know if he really would have because his feet slip out from under him and I’m back in the mud and he’s on top of me with his nose in my cleavage. I feel warm breath.

    “Nope. Those are too big to throw back.”

    His voice is husky with lust and I feel chilly fingers probing and unraveling more yarn, until his lips fit through the hole. 

    “Sweet. Your tits taste sweet,” he breathes.

    I shiver, but not from the cold.

    “Mmmm, more.”

    Wait. Was that me?

    He licks and nibbles the swelling of my 34-DDs as the incredible disappearing sweater reveals their full size. My nipples have popped and he hasn’t even…

    “Aaaaah, yes, yes…,” I groan as he pinches them through the net and lace. 

    He latches on to one with his teeth and rubs the other with his thumb and forefinger. I grind my pussy against his bulge; he hisses and sucks my tit until the cup is soaked. His cool fingers scoops the other warm, round breast from its cup.

    His teeth release my now pink and tender teat and he tugs it free of the salmon lace. He stares at the booby banquet held high above my bra and he jiggles them before diving in for the feast. His cheeks chap my flesh and he laps and nips, playing,

    “…a little game to see if I can keep them equally hard.”

    His voice is muffled but his hands are shouting his need; he’s pulled his jeans to his ankles and his rock-hard cock from his y-fronts. He sits back slightly with a gleeful, lusty grin that makes my pussy tingle and twitch. He yanks a handful of the stretch fabric away from my crotch and cuts across with his fishing blade. The leggings snap back and a large hole gives him access to all my goodies.

    He groans appreciatively at my exposed, bare lips. He pulls at them with his own, tickling my clit with a relaxed tongue, then taunting it with the muscles tightened to a point. I squirm and hear the soft squish of pussy juice as he flicks his tongue in and out. He presses his whole mouth over my pussy; I feel hot breath. His tongue lashes me. I writhe up to meet the pressure and I’m rewarded; the vibrations intensify and harden my clit.

    He pulls my fingers out of his hair and raises his head. His shiny grin makes me gasp with desire. He pulls himself up my torso until I can smell myself on his face and feel his thick cock twitching against my sensitive clit. He mashes his mouth to mine and we nearly swallow each other’s tongues in a frenzy. Our fingers tangle as we both reach for his thick, heavy cock. I let him guide himself in and I tip my pelvis up to meet him.

    The mud frosting my ass is forgotten as a molten sensation of fierce want is filled; his cock is in my cunt. My cunt is full. No, better, just a little more than full. And the pumping begins, and builds up in force, and then speed. My ass is slamming the mud, his cock is slamming my cunt, and I can’t tell which is squelching more loudly. All I know is that I feel hot and wet and well-fucked and I don’t want it to stop.

    He doesn’t either, but all that tease of full-in/pull-out is making me crazy. I don’t care about the sucking mud beneath me, just about squeezing the spunk out of the dick that’s in me. An arching, panting, squealing, writhing woman with a tight, wet pussy is gonna get fucked hard and a moaning, pumping man with a firm, fat cock is gonna cum.

    The tingle starts at my clit. The shivers swell and swirl through my nervous system and the spasms move beyond my control. I can’t hear or see or think; I can only feel and feel and feel. I’m aware of an accelerating pulse in his cock that synchs wth his groans and thrusts. And then I cum. That moment is stretched and suspended until I think I might snap if it lasts any longer (please, make it last longer!).

    Then his body is a delightful dead weight on mine. I’m drained and glassy-eyed beneath him. The sights and the sounds of the world return to me and I’m shockingly aware that it took only about fifteen minutes to meet and fuck this stranger, although “fuck” really isn’t the best word for what just happened. 

    “Hey,” I say to the muddy, nameless man on top of me, ” wanna come to my place for a shower? I’ll let you poach me again.”

  • Bring out my Slut Phone sex

    Living in a new city is sometimes a blessing and a curse.. bring out my inner slut…

    I moved away from the trailer park hoping to leave my slut side in my pass. I know I look sweet and very innocent so at first it was so easy to leave my slut self in the trailer park. I attended my classes dressed neatly like the preppy non slut girls. I even tried to cover up my curvy sexy body.

    ” I guess what they say is true you can take the girl out of the trailer park…. Giggles you know the rest.” It didn’t take long for  my true inner slut to come out. About three months into the year I lost my sugar daddy. There went my financing and fucking.

    The first couple weeks I masturbated and I fucked  the dyke chick I had rented one of the rooms to. I had money saved from my phone sex slut work and My sugar daddy had paid  my rent up for a few months. So for a few weeks I just had some slutty secret fun.  Then My car broke down and I need it fixed. “Oh No  I hadn’t replaced my financial fuck buddy.”

    That night I told my little dyke girlfriend slash roommate I need to find a new sugar daddy. She said I have a friend for you.  He likes young filthy sluts and he will bank roll us both if you let him watch me dominate you. He will Jack off while watching us his live porn sluts. “Can you handle that?”

    Hummmm I get to be slutty with this chick while he watches wacks off and bank rolls our kinky fuckery? Hell yeah I am in….

    NOTE: This is my role play of the week…. who wants to be my demanding vulgar new sugar daddy.My ro0m mate would so love to make me her little slut puppet for her and her kinky best friend and the money just makes it filthier .

    What do you thing?


    Ext. 602

  • Super bowl Gang bang Phone sex

    Whats a super bowl Party without a gang bang?

    That’s exactly what is going to happen super bowl Sunday at my place I am going to throw a gang bang the trailer trash party.  Would you like to be in line to gang bang my pretty pink pussy? Tell me what is your dream gang bang position?

    Are you the guy who wants to be the first? You want to start the gang bang? The guy who shoots his first hot thick load into my tight trashy twat? Is that who you are?

    Are you the gang bang phone sex sloppy seconds guy? How hard does it make you feeling someone else sticky good all inside me already. I am already stretched out a but so you feel like your getting swallowed.

    How about your the guy coming up last? no pun intended … maybe your the guy who is too tiny to even get in on the gang bang. Maybe phone sex is the only way your going to be the loop.

    So Call me soon and tell me where you want to be in line on super bowl gang bang day.

    xoxo Sunny ext 602

  • Cup of Sugar part 3

    “oh my, he does have a long, and from the looks of it, very talented, tongue Kittie, you’ve definitely trained him well” leyda said as she watched Carlos licking all around his huge, engorged cock head, and then in an up and down motion about three inches down the shaft, while he gripped it’s thickness and held it in place. A long, thin clear line of precum was forming as he was increasingly aroused from his own stimulations, as well as watching us look at him while he was doing it. “may I lick it too? I’m embarrassed to ask, I’m not sure if you’re just showing him off like a new toy, or if he is supposed to be the answer to our conversation from earlier…It’s kind of unexpected, but watching him lick that big thing has turned me on so much, and I want to taste that precum dripping out too” leyda added, squeezing her legs together, her flushed face and body language already telling me she was getting horny, but was a little timid about it.
    “you can, but on one condition. you have to let me put you on my bar set, you’ll be tied up. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you leyda, and you’ll definitely enjoy it.” I said as I played with her long blonde hair, pushing a few strands from her forehead. I could tell she was nervous about the prospect, but was having trouble resisting the possibility of gaining pleasure from such a well endowed and handsome guy as Carlos. “he’s quite yummy to look at, isn’t he leyda?” I said, as she moved closer and I started rubbing her shoulders, then put my hand over the thin satin fabric of her shirt, giving her large boob a gentle squeeze, and stroking the nipple, which had already been hard and poking out. she moaned slightly at my touch, and when I reached down between her legs, and ran my fingers back and forth over the crotch seam of her skin tight jeans, I could feel the wetness already dampening it. “Oh leyda, you poor thing, this pussy is hungry, isn’t she? I bet she’d love to be filled and fucked by a big dick like we have here with Carlos, wouldn’t she?” I whispered in her ear.

  • Cup of Sugar Part 2

    “leyda, do you want to hold his leash?”I asked her, handing over the leash end to her.

    “Yes, I’ll try not to tug too hard” leyda said with a giggle, and took the leash handle from me.

    “Of course not, that ring is in a very sensitive place for a piercing, you wouldn’t want her to get too excited and pull on it too quickly either, now would you carlos?” I smiled down at him, stroking his soft hair as he knelt before us, which was his expected position when his cock leash was handed over to a different person.  His hands were behind his back, a tiny droplet of precum had formed around the ring that was inserted in his pee slit, his hard, long uncut cock jetting out in front of him.

    He licked his lips before answering, a gesture I knew meant he was getting excited at the prospect of leyda doing exactly that, pulling too hard and making him beg me to make her stop.  I also know that if I put my hand on his chest over his heart, I would feel the same pulse quickening, as I was feeling when I reached down and ran my fingers from base to tip along the huge vein that throbbed on his massive cock.  He sucked in his breath when I gave the swollen head a firm squeeze, followed by pinching the wet pee slit together tight around the metal of the ring.

    “No Ma’am, pulling on it too hard would hurt me very much, please don’t let her do that, the head is already so sensitive from all the edging and being engorged so often”. carlos said as he looked at me, and then down at my hand, as he watched it stroking slowly back and forth over his thick shaft.

    “carlos has a very long tongue too, leyda.  It comes in handy in many different ways.  For example, his dick is always dripping precum, and it can get quite messy leaking around the house all day, so he knows the way to ensure it stays clean, don’t you carlos? Why don’t you show leyda one way we put that long tongue to use…” I said.

    “Yes, Mistress.  It does have to be kept from making a mess everywhere.” leyda’s eyes widened as she watched carlos sit back on his butt, hold his long cock as close to his mouth as he could, bend over slightly, and start slowly licking his own dick head with his long, wet tongue.

    “Good boy, carlos, lick all around and under the foreskin as well, show her how you keep it very clean.” I said with a little smile, as carlos obeyed me and started to clean himself thoroughly.

    To be continued…..

    Kittie @ext 494 call or text Me and tell me what you think 😉

  • Can’t beat a good phone sex Blowjob

    Where I come from there are two kinds of girls…

    Those who give blowjobs and those who don’t. Can you guess which one I am?  There’s nothing hotter than  the feel of a fat  cock in my sweet soft velvety lips. feel my warm wet mouth. Feel my breath on you as you fuck my pretty face.. Hands wrapped in my hair. Me looking up at you with a face full of your cock.

    I am your little blowjob trailer park princess and I sport the title proudly. There are so many blowjob phone sex fantasies that we could role play . Trailer sluts first blowjob phone sex where you teach me how to suck cock perfectly. We could do teach the little slut to watch my smart sassy mouth by shoving 3 cocks in my  suck hole blowjob mouth.  Also we could do blowjob gang bang face fuck phone sex fantasy.

    I really love to be used for the filthiest of fantasies. I am a good obedient little cum dump phone sex  blow job princess I promise you that. I will suck anyone’s cock. I like Family cock, neighbors cock,teacher cock even the daddies I babysit for can get a wet sloppy slurps blow just from me.

    Give me a try and let me suck you to a blow job happy ending…

    Sunny ext 602

  • Cup of Sugar?

    Leyda had been a neighbor first, then a friend for a few years now.  We discussed everything from favorite recipes to the size of her husband’s (now ex-husband) cock, which happened to be quite large.  We laughed over coffee when she told me it was really the only thing about him she actually missed.  She had just finished telling me how he would lay over her, rubbing his huge cock head against her clit, bringing her to a quick and explosive orgasm at the beginning of their play, the way other couples would start with kissing, and that several more would come before they had finished.  She sighed, put her cup on the table, and said well that was before, I haven’t had anything good in at least six months, and things are a tad bit dry now. I told her I was sorry to hear that, and would she drop back by this evening for a cocktail to chat more, as I was going to have another friend over as well? She flipped her long blonde hair back behind her shoulders and said she’d love to, and would see me around 8.

    When Leyda arrived that night, she looked stunning in a white satin tank top that was cut in a V and showed off her double D size boobs.  I could see the faint outline of her nipples as well, wide and perky as they pushed braless against the thin fabric.  Her skin tight jeans were very tight between her legs, and I could see the seam pressing in, and wondered if she enjoyed the extra stimulation from it.  I was dressed in an all black from head to toe, black leather bustier, satin black pants, and black heals that glistened with the many diamond like rhinestones that made up the straps.

    Wow, you look great she said and smiled as she walked in, looking around.  She asked where my friend was?

    “Carlos!  We are waiting for you” I yelled toward the entryway.  “Yes Mistress Kittie, sorry for the delay, I was getting the things ready as you had asked me to” Carlos said.  Leyda looked over in astonishment as she saw the named, handsome guy in the doorway, with a silver tray and cocktails, ready to serve, his very long and uncut cock sticking straight out, fully erect, the swollen fat head had a Prince Albert loop in it that she could see from several feet away.  Her mouth stayed open as she watched me go over to him, and hook a small rhinestones cat leash about two feet long, onto the piercing’s loop, and lead him behind me into the room.  He set the tray down on the table, and kneeled in front of me.  He looked up at me with that handsome young face (he had just turned 21), and big brown eyes, waiting to see what I would do or ask of him next.  I hugged on the leash twice, his indication to stand and assume the position of legs spread at shoulder width, arms behind back.

    “Leyda, would you like to touch his dick, and feel how long and fat it is? He’s very responsive to touch, and he may start to drip precum, it doesn’t take much to cause that, and he’s been chaste for a month now” I cupped his big balls with both hands, massaged them gently, lightly squeezing them.

    “Thank you, Mistress Kittie, they are so sore” he whispered as he sucked in air at my touch.  “awww, are they very full, and needing to be emptied, after, I don’t know, maybe 60 edging sessions?” I smiled as I pushed back the darker foreskin to expose more of his sensitive pink cock head. He licked his lips, “yes, twice a day per your instructions, and then back in my chastity belt.”

    I turned to Leyda, “is he as big as your ex-husband?” She looked up at me, finally taking her eyes off Carlos. ” Oh my god,yes, he’s several inches more actually, and thicker too”.

    “Leyda I have a special room I’ve never showed you, but if you go in there, you have to leave your inhibitions at the door, and swear to secrecy at whatever goes on behind those doors as well, can you do that?”

    “Yes, of course, I’m so curious, please show me.” Leyda said.

    “You have to first agree to do whatever I ask, and comply with all and any of my rules or requests of you..Can you do that?” I asked her.

    “Yes, yes, Mistress Kittie, I promise I will, and agree.” She giggled.

    To be continued…….

  • My New Year !

    p5574-6As most of you sexy guys know – I pick up men at a gentleman’s  club. I enjoy being a little slut. New Year’s eve was a little different. I have lots of female friends at the club. I am not old enough to dance yet…next year. I just turned 20. I like the club and am trying to meet some of the men there. I like watching them look at the dancers and imaging having a threesome. I love threesomes and licking pussy. I like finding men that are in their mid years. Middle aged men have so much experience. I really like it when the men say “I am old enough to be your dad.”  I saw a sexy Italian man looking at my dancer friend, Jaz. She was half black half white. She was very sexy and had perfect round tits. Watching her dance made my pussy so wet. When Jaz took her break the man bought her a drink. I saw them looking at me and smiling as she was talking to him. Jaz walked over to me she was so sexy in her thongs and her tits so perfect. She told me the man’s name was Richie. He wanted us to join his friends in the VIP Room. Of course I did. I thought that was so hot. I really like gang bangs. She said there were about 6 men and they wanted to watch us fuck each other. I have always wanted to fuck Jaz I always imagined her pussy tasted  sweet. We walked to the back and there was a sofa for us. Jaz and I started kissing. She ran her fingers threw my long blonde hair. She unzipped my dress and pulled down my thong,she started rubbing right on my clit. It felt so good. Then I started kissing her nipples and licking all around them. The men were all cheering for us. She slipped her hand in between my pussy lips. Her hand felt so good. I started licking from her nipple to her stomach and then her pussy and I was right it was sweet like honey.

    Call me Lisa ext 613 XXX

  • Tis the season for Phone Sex

    This time of year is hard without a family to keep me company that’s why I really enjoy  my phone sex gig here at USlove. I can log on and chat with some of my favorite guys on a cold lonely night during the holidays.  Its the time of the year I really like my GFE guys I get to feel like a girlfriend. I love to giggle flirt  and share then end with some sexy phone sex cuddles.

    You know I love all that filthy kinky phone sex on the other end of the phone  but a girl can not live by smut alone. I mean I do love to bent over and broke down like a shot gun with a cock or two stretching out my every hole I really do but sometimes a girl like to talk about how life is treating her and hear how pretty her voice is and how a man looks forward to hearing my voice. Yes the secret is out This Nasty little trailer tramp has a soft side too and sometimes just some sweet talk is the only thing that is gonna satisfy her especially now when the season is upon us.

    So if your looking for a Girlfriend for the holidays why don’t you give me a try

    Sunny ext 602


  • Naughty or Nice List? Holiday Phone Sex


    What do you think? Have I been a good girl or a bad, bad girl? Am on the naughty or nice list? Well, I will say this Santa better be good to me because I am always so good to him. *giggles*

    What do you think it will take for him to cum down my chimney and give me lot’s of kinky treats? Maybe we can practice. I mean practice does make perfect and I’m all about doing things right.

    Wonder if Santa will like how I played really naughty games in the hot tub with my bff? Maybe he wishes he could of joined the two of us naughty girls. Kissing,teasing each others hot little twats under the water. Pressing our hard nipps against together and finger fucking like two hot lil sluts. Damn right I own it and love it. And well Mr. Santa if you don’t like naughty girls then I guess you will miss all the naughty fun.

    Or I wonder if he will like me training all my slutty sissy’s this year. Bet ya there are lot’s of panties,stockings,bras, wigs,high heels and tons of make up on a lot of pretty sissy’s lists. Not to mention toys…lot’s of kinky toys like anal beads,butt plugs,chastity devices,nipple clamps strap on dildos,french ticklers. Oh wait some of those are actually on my list. 😉

    Perhaps Santa will think me a good girl for taking care of all you naughty men with your raging hard cocks. All you fetish loving guys who rely on Miss Lauren to embrace your most secret desires and fantasies.  Or you men who just enjoy a creative,sensual, well-versed sex kitten to spend some time with.

    Naughty or nice doesn’t matter to me because it’s all the same. I think to be a good girl you have to be a little bit bad. That’s why I truly,genuinely adore my clients here at UsLove.com. Thank you all for making this another really great year. I look forward to so much more and welcome newbies to give me a call. Mention this blog post and I will even give you a few free mins during the holiday season.

    Soft sensual kisses,

    Hoping to play NAUGHTY really soon with you.

    Miss Lauren

    Phone direct or by request: 949-999-5979 Ext. 508

    Twitter: @MistressLaurenZ

    Text: Through UsLove direct to my cell 24/7


  • The Coworker

    p5773-1I knew I was in trouble the first time we shook hands, those sultry eyes looked up at me from his desk chair as his strong hand lingered a little longer than usual on mine.  Later that night when I was leaving, he was outside taking a break, talking on the phone in a language I didn’t recognize.  As soon as he saw me, he got off his phone quickly, and asked me if I was leaving for the night?  I couldn’t stop looking at his coal black hair, sexy big brown eyes, light tan skin, and the most intriguing chin dimple I had ever seen.  He was shorter than what I was usually attracted to, but his muscular body and handsome face made me wonder what he’d feel like, and how quickly he’d respond if we were pressed up against each other, all of our sensitive parts touching each other in exactly the right places….

    As we talked about his goals, background, etc. I couldn’t help but notice he’d slide his hand in his pocket, keep it there for a few minutes, very slowly moving it back and forth, all the while he would glance a little at my boobs, not able to stop looking at how the chilly air had made my already large and perky nipples more pronounced through my thin satin blouse.  We were getting closer to each other without even realizing it, almost touching, and I could feel a slow ache starting in my swollen pussy lips, and the thin crotch of my panties already wet and clinging to me….

    To be continued……

  • Let’s play Dress up for Mr. K young Sunny it will be fun…. age play phone sex

    My favorite role play is probably age play, I love to steer my phone sex cs towards the taboo. Like today’s  “naughtiest call I had today” winner. Mr. K  I got home to find a note…. Will be gone  for a few days take care of yourself.  I was sitting there thinking okay I can have cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner and stay up late and sleep in the big bed  instead of the pull out. I wasn’t scared or anything because this wasn’t the first time… in fact that is why my brothers were all at their different grandmothers my Mamma didn’t know how to raise youngons. I had just finsihed dishes and was in my T Shirt and Panties when someone knocked at the door. I open it and it was Mr. K I threw my arms around him..”I bet he’d buy me a happy meal.” I thought to myself. I let him in he sat down in the chair and I crawled up into his lap. “So what ya doing here  Mr. K?”

    “Where your Mamma young Sunny?” I hand him the note .  He pushes me off his lap and tells me to get dressed.  I  go to my mothers room and put on her sheer stockings Black heels and a her sexy undies. I come out and purred ” How Do I look?”  I notice that your  dick is throbbing and there’s a little wet spot where I was sitting earlier.. The look in your eyes was like a fat kid who just saw cake. It was lust …. a wicked little smile crossed my lips as  I sauntered across the room, climb into the chair a stride you like I was mounting a horse I  lean over and press my full round tits into your shoulder and whisper as I place your hands on my stocking covered thighs…” How about you treat me like you do Mommy?” ……. I’d  love to tell you the rest so how about you call me and tell me how much you like this Blog

    Hope you enjoy my little tease so much that you think about me all day? Or maybe your at work and need get off.

    Sunny ext. 602


  • Do you Like cream pie?


      I am not sure  what the holidays are like at your house but in my family cream pie is a must have for the holidays.  I asked my  new step daddy what kind of pie he liked and he grinned slyly and said “cream pie little girl you got any of that? ”  I told him ” not yet new step  Daddy  but give me a little bit and I will whip you up the most ooey gooey  creamy cream pie you ever ate.  Then I went off with a few of my favorite male cousins for some family fun and made the creamiest cream pie you ever put in your mouth.  My new Daddy said my cream pie was the best he ever had. I smiled  and said thanks  and maybe next time my new step Daddy could have a little family fun with us.

    Hope I can share some cream pie with ya’ll real soon… Cuz thats how we do it in the trailer park *wink*

    xoxo Sunny

    Call me at ext. 602

  • About Me- Fiona

    p6156-1I am new to USLove (about 2 weeks) and am loving it so far! I thought I would post a little blurb about myself so that everyone can get to know me a little better. 🙂

    I am 27 years old and am a substitute teacher. I can be pretty bossy and demanding in my day-to-day life, so I really like it when a man can put me in my place and tell me what to do and how to do it. I love it when you spank me, pull my hair and rough me up in bed. I am a good, submissive girl that wants to please you in the bedroom.

    I am a good girl with a wild streak. I think women are beautiful creatures and often think about them while I am pleasuring myself. I mean, what’s not to love about soft skin, curves and moist holes?

    I am very open-minded and have thought about, or tried, lots of naughty things that I would love to talk to you about. Give me a call at extension 319 and let’s revel in our deepest fantasies.


    Fiona ext. 319

  • You left me on the edge of a nut… call me back….. My Favorite Phone Fuck Fantasy

    fucktoyI just  had the hottest call ever…And you have left me on the edge. You start out with  One of  my favorite most vulgar phone fuck fantasy. Thanks Baby you know who you are.. If not you will by the end of this entry… grin.. I love being the innocent victim when the boys  decided to gang bang the babysitter…. OH my god I was so turned on and so excited and mortified at how much I couldn’t wait for that moment when the boys said you’re gonna be a real bitch for us tonight and OMG what comes next is shocking… does it make me a total whore that my cunt gets dripping wet replaying it in my head hoping to get a call back because you want to keep going… my twisted vulgar explosion is waiting to finish what you started …. I stopped when you hung up…  you gonna call me back or are you gonna let the next guy get this nut I got brewing in my little cotton panties??

    If you’re reading this and you want to fill in the kinky nasty vulgar cracks in my twisted phone fuck  fantasies come on baby I dare you…. Finish my story your way and see if you can get this big explosion I am holding back…. Make me pop like the cum dump whore I am .

    Sunny ext 602

  • Dear Diary: Confessions of A phone sex cum dump the Southern Trailer Trash way

    Dear Diary,

           I have to confess I am a sex addict I like being a cum dump and a tease. My favorite fuck buddy is  my brothers best friend its been going on for years and we started this cat and  mouse game when I was still full of sugar and spice and everything nice I would flirt and tease thinking I was a big girl then I would back off when I started to tingle in my pretty girl… I’d just giggle and scoot off to my room….  It all started off so innocent and like a true addiction it got more and more Naughty… dirty ….. Vulgar.

      Is there was something wrong with me…  I should confess to an older man I trust…. So he can show me that there was nothing wrong with me and that I needed to explore and grow…. He would be willing to help be  my sex therapist listening to my confessions of lust ….  He’d  love telling me how I should take care of Dante my brothers best friend like a woman with my mouth … he’d teach me how to take my time tease with my tongue slow a hungry teaching me oral pleasures .  Feeding my addiction my need for the control the dominance to feed my submission and most of all the sex. I love sex I get so hot talking sex and if I don’t have sex for 3 days I’d explode and not in a good way… so I need phone sex to feel my addiction … dear diary whatever will I do? Maybe I should get an extension at US.love.com and self medicate with kinky naughty real kinky girlfriend experience kinda phone sex. Wow thats the best Idea I have had yet….

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  • Dirty Secrets Phone Sex

    p6029-7My favorite way to start a phone sex call is for my caller to tell me their dirtiest secret fantasy… Dirty Secret Phone sex  twenty vulgar  questions is my favorite game to play.  I like so many different kinks it’s hard to pick my favorite. I will tell you its always got to be wicked, vulgar and gives me a big fat lady boner when I hear myself saying it aloud. Ninety Percent of my turn ons is totally unrated to dark and too lusty for print. That’s  what makes phone sex such a turn on for me. I get off on talking like we are best friends sharing our dirty little secrets . When you share with me things you can’t imagine telling people you will have to look at on a regular. But telling a hot little trailer tramp who is no more than a reformed cum dump  wanna be.

    Call me your Favorite Trailer Trash Slut Sunny

    Tell me your Dirtiest Secret….

    I am waiting….

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  • I’ll get him…. Cheating Husband Phone sex…. I fuck Married cock

    I am the  girl your mother warned you about… But youd never know it  by looking at me I look like the sweet girl next door. But I am really kinda a slut and a bit of a bitch. For example: I have stole  quit a few guys from other girls… Especially married ones.

      Last week one of  my sisters brought her new guy around to meet me. He was very cute and she had already bragged about how hung he was and how  much he liked to fuck.

      As a good sister I see it as  my duty to make sure he is the right guy for her. If I can steal him  he may not be such a good choice. I also never take  my sisters opinion of how good a guy is in bed because she is not nearly as kinky as me. If a guy is boring  in bed I will tech him a bit more and send him back to his woman.

      Back to my story… My sister brought Tony over he was cute in that nerd average Joe kinda way.We were drinking wine and laughing I was refilling  my sisters glass as she drank so she got a little tipsy. She got sleepy and I put her to bed and I had Tony all to myself.

      I sat down next to him in my short skirt and let the skirt ride up and show of my fit tanned thighs. I kept touching him as we talked leaning in so he got a great view of my cleavage, I saw him getting hard and knew he ws as well endowed as I was told. I asked him if he had a fun sex life with my sister. he blushed and I guess being a bit tipsy he admitted she was scared to do anal with him. I smiled and said awww what a shame I loved anal: cock in ass action.

      His eyes lit up… “Really?… Sara won’t even consider it.”

      Oh yes I do it makes me so wet and I have the best orgasm during anal. The more we talked the  more I touched him… I knew it wouldn’t be long and he would be ripe for the picking. I grabbed him  by the shirt and kissed him hard on the lips and whispered this conversation has me so fucking horny… I took his hand and slid it into my panties while whispering feel how wet I am. How about you help a girl out?

      He then pulled me to my feet and bent me over the couch pushing my skirt up over my tight ass … I heard his zipper and got wetter instantly.. “Your such a bad sister” he whispered as he pulled my lace panties over to the side and pushed his cock into my wet cunt. I moaned mmmm he knew what he ws doing as he dipped  his thumb into my cunt before sliding it into my ass. “Ohh Yes” I moaned.. “I am fixing to fuck your ass you slutty sister.” ” Yes Please.. fuck my ass Tony” He took his time and I heard that low moan as he felt my anal muscles give way to his cock.. he pumped in and out of me like a porn star actually. We fucked hard… I was loving every throbbing minute… Then I heard that low growl in his throat and I knew he wqs fixing to blow his load.. “Pull out and shoot it across my ass Tony” I am cumming… “

      Tony and I had fun but I think I will let my sister have him.. and I will just borrow his cock from time to time.

    Hope you enjoied my story… now why not give me a call and message or text me your favorite roleplay.


    Sunny ext.602


  • Jordyn and Her sub (part3)

    A timer goes off downstairs, and I hear a quick thud against the coffee table. “I must retrieve Goddess!” my sub says suddenly, and before I can finish a count to 10, he is at my side holding out a towel for me to step into.

    “You didn’t leave my guest unsatisfied, did you?”

    “No, Goddess. Sir is quite pleased.”

    “Good.” He finishes drying me off and leads me into the master bedroom. “Gather Micah. I’d like him to watch.” I sit on the bed as the sub quickly retrieves my shirtless guest, his hard dick hardly concealed inside his pants. Micah sinks into a nearby chair and watches as I’m rubbed with massage oils per my usual post-bath ritual. My eyes fixate on his massive chest and his ripped torso as he unbuttons his too-tight pants. The sub drips a bit of oil down the front of my shoulders, following it gingerly with his hands down and between my breasts, up my shoulders again and down each arm. He pours a little oil in his hands, rubs them together and slides the fragrant elixir down my stomach. The sub’s hands shake as he caresses my hips and thighs, but his hands steady as he massages down my calves and to my feet, just the way I like.


    “My turn,” Micah says as he rises, removing his pants while dismissively pushing the sissy out of the way. “Yes, you can do my backside,” I say in a sultry and relaxed tone as I turn on my stomach. Micah pours some oil into his hands and generously coats my back and ass, his strong hands pushing out any remnants of stress the bath couldn’t reach. Framing my thighs with his own, I feel his hard dick throbbing between my cheeks as his prayerful hands slip slowly up my spine, separating to slide across my shoulders and down the backs of my arms. I hum a contented sigh and feel his lips touch the nape of my neck as his fingers interlock with mine. Micah flips me over from underneath him, his gentle touch melting me into silk. He nudges my legs apart and they instinctively raise up along his muscular thighs to make more room for him.

    Only heat and a sliver of light separates us as he leaves a trail of sweet, deliberate kisses from my collarbone to my toes, making imprints of his lips in the oil on my body like a wax seal over each erogenous zone. He begins trailing himself back up, inhaling my aroma while sliding his strong forearms underneath my thighs. Micah takes a deep breath, emits a rumbling “mmmm,” then deftly and without hesitation, plunges his tongue into me, sending shockwaves up my spine. My senses pushed into overdrive, my skin erupts in goosebumps and my thighs lock involuntarily around his neck as he frenches my lips, kissing and gently sucking my clit. Micah pulls me closer by my hips and buries his face into my wetness like he’s licking cake batter off a spoon. Eyes shut, my body unconsciously takes over and rides his tongue, his massive hands gripping my thighs to keep me where he wants me. 

    to be continued. . .

    Tell me how you like to lose control.

    call me at 702.650.LOVE ext. 715

  • Lisa’s third wonder of the world

    p5574-5She was sitting a table, I was sitting at the bar. A beautiful  Latin women was making eyes at me and smiling. She was in her mid 30’s, she had an erotic body. She had a perfect hour glass shape, long dark hair down her back, and the greenest eyes you have ever seen. She was sitting at the table with a man in his mid 50’s. The man was in perfect shape he had a sexy body and crystal blue eyes. He had salt and pepper hair. They looked like they could be the perfect celebrity couple. They were whispering in each others ears. Finally, the women approached me and asked me if I was into threesomes. I told her yes. She asked how much money? See I pick up guys and girls in the bar and charge them money to do WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO TO ME!   I told her the price did not matter because you and your friend are a sexy couple. My pussy was getting wet just looking at them. She asked me if I was submissive. Of course I told her I was. The couple took me up to their hotel room. On the bed I saw a pair a handcuffs and a  14 inch strap on! My pussy instantly got wet, I hoped they were going to use those fun toys on me!    To find out if they did call me Lisa at 949-722-2222 extension 613 XXX Trust me this story has a crazy twist. Remember buy 15 minutes to talk to  me and I will give you 5 minutes free!  And maybe you can use the same toys on me too….or maybe your big cock!  xoxoxo

  • Hitching a ride

    p5280-1I have this fantasy that I can’t seem to get out of my head, lately. I’m travelling from Arizona to California when my black SUV runs out of gas, in the middle of the hot desert, along a winding dirt road. I’m wearing jean cut offs, and a black tank top, with leather cowgirl boots. I decided, hitchhiking was my only hope of reaching civilization, and with any luck, acquire some gasoline. After hours of standing on the side of the road, I finally see a blue car coming my way. I start waving my hands, and jumping up and down. My plump, perky breasts jiggling, the sweat dripping from my back, and down the front of my tank top. The blue car stops along side of me.

    A handsome dark haired man rolls down his window, and says “Looks like you could use a bit of help here, need a lift?”

    “Yes, please help me. My SUV is out of gas, and I’m stranded alone in this heat.” I gasped.

    The man looks at me, raises his eyebrow, and says “Get in the car.”

    I was a bit hesitant at first, as I know how dangerous it is to be hitching a ride with a stranger, but despite the risk, I climb into his compact blue car.

    “I’m Derrick.” he says, in a low sexy voice.

    He starts pulling back onto the road….

    “Hi Derrick, I’m Daisy” I reply.

    About a mile down the dirt path, suddenly, he makes a sharp right turn, onto another deserted road. In my mind, I’m thinking… This isn’t the direction we should be traveling.

    I say to him, “Are we going the right way?”

    “Shut up, bitch” He says in a growling, scratchy tone.

    Immediately, and almost instinctively, I didn’t utter a sound.

    He pulls over, and puts the car into park. I look over at him, and say. “What are you doing?”

    Derrick opens up his glove compartment, and pulls out a red ball gag. He grabs me, by the back of my hair, rams the  red ball into my mouth, and fastens it tight. My eyes start to water, and I realize, he’s about to do ALOT more than give me a ride to the gas station.

    “Don’t you make one fucken sound, do you understand me, cunt?”

    Derrick demanded. Yes, I nodded. “That’s a good girl.” Derrick whispers.


    Want to hear the rest of my fantasy?

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 883 or visit me at USLove.com


  • Jordyn and Her sub (part2)

    I hang up the phone, then speed-dial 12.

    A deep and sensuous voice picks up. “Hello?”

    “Hey you. What do your next few hours look like?” I ask as I back out of the near empty parking lot and head towards home.

    “Mmmm, no hard plans. What do you have in mind?” I can hear the smile creeping across his lips. I reply, “Come to my place. My sub will make you feel like a king worthy of a queen like me.”


    “One hour.”

    “See you then.”

    Twenty minutes later, I pull into my garage and turn off the car’s ignition. No sooner than I insert my key into my front door do I hear the sub scurrying towards the door.

    “Welcome home, Goddess Jordyn,” he says to me in his sweet and quiet voice. It looks and smells like he’s been cleaning all day, and vanilla and lavender wafts in the air. He kisses my cheek softly, takes my coat and briefcase from me and puts them away in the nearby coat closet. I wait patiently near the threshold and he kneels before me to take off my pumps, kissing my feet lovingly one by one as I unbutton my blouse. Rising, he takes my hand and leads me to the back of the house where a candle-lit bathroom and warm bathtub awaits.

    Since I know how thrilling it is for him, I allow him to remove my clothing. He slides my skirt and panties off and slips his hands in the spaces between my skin and my blouse, landing with his arms around me to remove my black lace bra. His face lights up as I settle into the luxurious bath he’s prepared for me.

    “We will be having company in about a half hour.”

    “Oh?” my loyal pet says as he collects my clothes, sneaking sniffs of my panties and bra.

    “Yes. We’ll work on your reflexes and test your limits tonight.” Even in the dimly-lit bathroom, I can see his eyes delightfully twinkling. “You will refer to our guest as Sir. You will greet him as such, take his coat and offer him a drink. Get him ready while you wait for me.”

    “Thank you, Goddess!”

    “Oh, and I saw you,” I say, looking out of the corner of my eye. The sissy just stands there, petrified as I sink deeper into the tub. “You’ll pay for that later. You’re dismissed.”

    “Thank you, Goddess,” he says as he leaves dejected.
    The day melts off of my shoulders as I soak, bubbles gathering around my breasts and hot & milky water seeping into every pore. As much as work wore me down, this soak is infusing new energy into my body.

    The doorbell reverberates throughout the house. Mmm Micah.

    In no particular rush, I continue to soak, enjoying the way the bath invigorates my senses. I hear the front door open and shut, the sissy’s soft murmurs of hospitality, silence, and a little later, the clinks of ice in a lowball glass. I imagine Micah’s strong frame sitting on my couch, cooled scotch in hand, relaxing as the sub kneels in front of him and gets his permission to unbuckle and remove his pants. If I know my boys, Micah is all too happy to be serviced by a right and proper sub, and the sissy loves nothing more than to feel a cock harden down his throat.

    The energy in the space changes so rapidly, I can feel the shift all the way in my bathroom. Listening closely, I can hear soft puffs of breath and smooth, deep-throated moans, and my nipples harden under water. I can’t help but reach my hand down between my thighs as I hear my sub’s wet mouth conjure Micah’s groans and bated breaths. The warm water between my parted lips relaxes the lingering tension in my back and shoulders. I imagine my sub running a hand up and down Micah’s 10-inch cock and duplicate the rhythm against my sensitive clit. As I hear the sissy slurp and suck Micah to near climax, I stick two fingers inside and feel a slippery wetness. Smoothly back out, I rub up and down past my clit, with the V of my fingers stroking the inside of my lips and teasing my clit. Fingers back inside me now, the water is displaced by my hips thrusting as my pleasurable sighs echo around the bathroom, lining up with Micah’s moans in the other room.

    to be continued. . . 

    I love coming home to a nice hot bath. What do you desire when you first get home from a long, hard day?

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  • “No Ticket for Me!”

    p5574-1          Last Saturday I had to stay home and study while my roommates went out and partied. About 3 am I got a call from my roommate Ashley saying her and my other roommate needed a ride home.  Sunday is laundry day for me. All I had to wear was a tight pink tank top and a cutoff pair of jeans. I hurried to my car, about a ½ mile down the road I saw blue lights. I just noticed I did not have my head lights on. I pulled over and a cop in his mid-40’s came over to my window. I rolled down the window and he asked for my information. When I handed him my things, I noticed he was fixated on my chest. I looked down my nipples were hard. I knew exactly how to get out of this, and have some fun. The cop went back to his car, he came back with his partner. The partner looked at me and said “Mam we are going have to take you in.”  “You don’t look like the girl in this picture.” I realized I gave them my fake id! The girl did look like me (kind of), but now I knew they wanted me. I told the cops I was going to pick up my drunk roommates.  The officer to me “they could wait.”  The cop told me about “identity theft.” He told me I could go to jail. I thought about it, he may have been right.

                The police men asked me step out the car. Suddenly the cop forced me up against my car, and cuffed me. I could feel his hard cock up against my ass. My pussy was sizzling and getting wet. They tossed me in the back of the car. I asked them what they were doing? I also asked what were my rights. According to the officer I had the right to remain silent, open my mouth wide, and get prepared to get double penetrated. He said I had been a bad little bitch princess, and I would get what I deserved. “What about my friends?” I asked, “After you we are going looking for them.” The cops high -fived each other.

                We took a left about 10 miles down the highway, it was a dirt road. “Are you ready sweat thing?” The cop asked. I nodded. “Then get down on your knees bitch!” the cop yelled at me. His partner looked at me and said “open wide baby.”  I opened my mouth and he put his big cock right inside my mouth. He was pushing the back of my head on his cock. He was going hard and fast. I could feel his head on the back of my throat. I liked the way it tasted. Just then I felt some one grab my hips. It was the other officer. “Are you ready for this princess.” He asked me that as began to run his fingers all through my hair. Then he charged his cock into my pussy. They were running a train on me. I liked it, I liked being submissive to these older cops. I came so hard, as the police man’s cum exploded in my mouth. The other cop came all over my ass. The police men took me back to my car.  I heard on the scanner my friends had been arrested for drunk driving. Should the bad little princess in me get them back? I memorized their badge numbers. Or should I make another deal with a judge to get my friends out of trouble?

  • Dear Diary-I Was A Naughty Babysitter

    p5588-8I went to babysit again for George and MaryAnn.  I really like going over there when they go out-they have a gigantic home theater…And they always go out when it’s right around Sabrina’s bedtime, so I get to hang out in their place alone and sometimes I snoop.

    Tonight, I went into the study and a computer was on the desk. It looked like it was shut, but it wasn’t. When I opened it-there was a video paused and it was porn.

    It was an older man with a young girl, I could tell that when it was paused, but it wasn’t until I played it that I saw it.

    She looked exactly like me!

    There she was, getting her pussy licked, and sucked on by that older guy…And she was so wet…Almost as wet as I get. Looking at her pussy getting eaten and oh so wet made my pussy tingle, I had to touch myself-it would have been hot anyway, but thinking about George watching this…How did he find this girl that looks just like me? He was watching it right before I came over, I know it.

    And he was sitting right here. Right here in this chair stroking his cock-just a little bit ago-thinking of me while he watched this guy lick and suck and fuck her pussy…Oh yes he was…Did he cum? Did he have time? I did get dropped of way earlier than expected…The computer wasn’t shut all the way, he got up in a rush and that’s why he looked all out of sorts and happy but not so happy to see me, and me mentioned how he didn’t expect me for at least 30 minutes. Nope, I bet he didn’t cum.

    But he will.

    (I decided that I was on a mission.)

    As usual, they came home, she paid me and asked him to drive me home. All of that was very standard…Until we were just down the street from his house and I kinda turned in my seat and bent my leg so my skirt pulled up and my panties were totally exposed. He didn’t notice at first, but one look at me and his mouth hung open.

    George: “Um, Felina your skirt is not…Covering you…”

    “I know.”

    “Well, you should close your legs.” He was licking his lips as he said this to me.

    “Should I, Georgie? Is that what you want?”

    “Well, shouldn’t you? I mean, you wouldn’t want to give me the wrong idea, would you Felina?”

    “Would the wrong idea be you thinking that I want you to do to me what that guy was doing to my look-a-like in the porn you were watching that I found on your computer???”

    “What?! Oh no, you saw that???”

    “Yes, Georgie. I know what you think of me, how you think of me. You want me, don’t you?”

    And right then I reached over and I rubbed his cock through his pants and it was so fucking hard.

    “You’re so hard Georgie.”

    “Oh Felina, you can’t tease me like that. Stop it.”

    “Stop telling me to stop it when I know you want me so bad. Look right here-”

    And I pulled my panties away from my pussy as I reached in to his pants and grabbed his hard cock and pulled it out. It was hard, long, thick, swollen and hot.

    “Fuck! Felina! Oh God!” He nearly drove off the road and into a tree.

    “Be careful, Georgie. I know you probably didn’t get to cum earlier since I showed up early, interrupting your jack off session with ME. Is that right? Was your cock aching and throbbing all night?”



     FELINA EXT 770

  • Featured ImageJordyn and Her sub (part1)

    2:45 pm. My bladder’s like clockwork and so is Mark.

    “Jordyn! I hope you don’t have any plans….” I already hate whatever’s at the end of that sentence. I worked 58 hours this week and want nothing more than to go home and recharge. Even when I don’t have plans, I plan to be anywhere but here.

    “Goddamnit Mark, why do you have to stop me on the way to the bathroom? I’m about to burst, sooo what’s up?” I urgently ask, mid-stride.

    “Ooh, I’ll make it quick,” Mark says. “We found some errors with the Mills case and we need a few people to work overtime this weekend. Can you come in tomorrow?”

    “Actually, I do have plans,” I respond, “but I can stay a couple hours extra tonight and get it started. How’s that?” Mark nods enthusiastically, wishes me a good weekend and is off to his next unassuming victim.

    I text [don’t pick up, roll to voicemail] to my sub as I rush off to the bathroom, my heels tapping on the tile.

    I make it to the stall, place a seat cover down and lift up my skirt, clenching my muscles tight.

    As I push my panties down and sit, I dial my little bitch’s number and wait, my clit throbbing with every ring. Pressure builds and warmth encompasses me as I tighten even more to hold back the flow.

    As the automated voicemail picks up, I release ever so slightly while I wait for the beep.

    Finally, I hear my cue and place the speakerphone close to the space between my thighs. The slow trickle becomes a little stronger, creating a 47-second soundbite of powerful stream. As I finish expelling the final drops, I bring the receiver near my mouth and say in staccato fashion, “Don’t. Even. Touch. My. Cock,” and quickly end the call.


    Back in my office, I watch people get antsy with their eyes fixed on the clock and the door. The first wave of workers slither out of the office at 3:30. *buzz-buzz* [should I expect you home, Goddess?]

    Then the mass exodus happens at 5. *buzz-buzz* [i can’t wait to kiss Goddess’ feet.]

    Some paralegals and I stay past 6. *buzz-buzz* [Goddess’ cock is so hard.]

    By 6:45, most of the cleaning crew’s tasks are completed, and by 7:30, the lights automatically lower with me and one other person still inside. The last of the paralegals says, “See ya Monday, Jordyn,” as they walk past my desk at 8 pm. *buzz-buzz* “Yeah, see ya Monday!”  

    I come to a stopping point and rub my tired eyes. I gotta stop doing this to myself. I need to take care of me.

    When I’ve done as much as I can with the Mills case and everyone’s gone home for the night, I reach for my phone and read my sub’s last text: [the bathroom is clean in anticipation of you]

    I gather my things and head to the car. I dial again, and on the first ring, “Goddess!”

    “Have you been good?” I ask my little bitch boy as I start my car. His breath releases in short spurts. “Yes, Goddess. I’ve been good. I-I-I didn’t touch it!”

    “Good boy. Now, what’s mama’s favorite thing after a long, hard day?”

    “A h-h-ot bath with lavender, m-m-milk and honey?” he excitedly replies.

    “Mmm yes. And what else?” I quiz.

    “A-a-and me?”

    “Yes. Have both ready when I walk in the door.”


    to be continued. . . 

    show me how good you are. How would you spend your time waiting?”

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  • Creamy Goodness

    p6089-8I just adore whip cream and chocolate, the way it tastes the way whip cream is so fluffy and how chocolate can be used for more then just eating. I like to roll a bar of chocolate against my tongue and lick and slurp on it like its a big throbbing cock in my mouth it really gets me going. I also love to put whip cream on my nipples and watch them get hard while my boyfriend licks the whip cream off my nipples.

    My boyfriend has a big nine and half inch uncut cock that just throbs when I put that whip cream against the head of his tan cock, I then roll my tongue on it and slurp and lick it off, he moans like crazy and pushes my head further down and makes me gag while the whip cream is still floating in my mouth.

    Then he lays me back and puts the creamy whip right on my clit and slurps it off I cum so hard into his mouth when he does this, I just can’t help it I love a good creamy licking.


    Do you like to play with food too?

    I’m Ivy at EXT 860.

  • My First Lesbian Lover

    I love being grabbed on, pull my clothes off & I can show you the whore I can be ;)
    I love being grabbed on, pull my clothes off & I can show you the whore I can be 😉

    First Lesbian Lover
         I love to have sex, no surprise to me or anyone else for that matter. When I was younger I had my first lesbian lover at an all girls summer camp I went to. She was older & was nothing spectacular, but the way she came up behind me & grabbed me was nothing less than a man’s touch. She put her arms around my shoulder & claimed me as her one & only sex slave for that summer. My legs spread every time she wanted to taste this succulent juicy pussy & I would not say no, for she was my master & I was nothing more than a submissive slut.

         Kia was her name, I spoke only when spoken to & followed her around like the bitch I was. She took me into the bathroom only to eat my pussy & suck on my introverted nipples. She made me so wet. I don’t know what it was, from her tight grip on my ass to her sliding her 8 inch strap on into my wet little pussy. I was hooked on Kia & I believed she was hooked on me. My pussy dripped cum with her every tongue flip, she made me tingle & my body tense up. I was so aroused by this girl.

         The first time I cam, I thought it was piss. It squirted everywhere like piss it flowed down my legs & she licked it up from my warm thighs like it was her last supper. I never tasted her pussy she never let me & I don’t know if I even wanted to. Call me if you’d like to know in depth about our different adventures & I will proudly tell you 🙂

  • My Caribbean Cuckold II

    p5491-4I’d been begging Jim for months to take me to Trinidad. The country was beautiful, hospitable, and just teeming with gorgeous, well-hung Black guys to sate my taste for chocolate; dark, milk, and semi-sweet studs all ready, willing, and able to wear me out!

    Classes were over for the summer and I was sure that Jim would bring me to the Hamptons or Lake Tahoe; he loved quiet getaways, but when I got home from my last class, I found two round-trips to Trinidad waiting on the kitchen table, and Jim standing there with a smile on his face; he was taking me to Carnivale! It’d been such a long, exhausting semester, and a very long time since I’d had a hot stud to pacify my craving for cock. We both needed some rest and relaxation, and really hot sex!

    That first day on the beach was so incredible! It was warm and balmy, with blue waters and sexy bodies as far as the eye could see! I’d always heard how friendly Caribbean people where, but these really were the nicest folks I’d ever met. And gorgeous, too! People were dancing on the streets and on the beach of amazing, up-tempo music, gyrating their hips! The men made no secret of the fact that they were attracted to me, and once Jim made it clear that he didn’t mind their open admiration, they’d often come over to compliment me. Of course, I returned the favour, in awe of their wide, broad shoulders, their dark, deep skin, and the thick bulges in their swim trunks that practically had me salivating!

    It was after sunset, after most of the hotel guests had started to head back there, that it happened. Jim and I had been making light conversation with three of the locals when one of them, Marcus, got bold enough to put his hand on my right thigh, looking at me as he slid it upward. I turned to look at Jim, my eyes quickly falling to his cock growing hard in his trunks as Marcus fingers dipped inside of my pink string bikini bottoms and he started finger fucking my moist, tight little pussy. There were still many locals nearby, dancing, but I couldn’t help it;  I gave in, lay back, and spread my legs wider as Marcus untied my bikini bottoms. His friends, Ty and Ray, already had their bulging, big black cocks out and were stroking themselves slowly as they watched my pussy grow wetter and wetter. Jim was doing the same with his.

    I was starting to moan pretty loudly when Ty moved toward my face and stuck his cock in my mouth. His precum tasted so good as I maned louder while sucking him! Marcus open his swim trunks and replaced his fingers with his cock as he started fucking me hard. I screamed against Ty’s cock. Marcus’ cock was so much bigger than Jim’s. He was stretching me so good, holding me in place by my hips as he pounded me over and over again! I lost track of how long he was fucking me before he finally shot a huge load inside me. Ray came over to start fucking me next, but Jim moved him out of the way, eager to taste that fresh cum in my pussy. I moaned again as he started lapping at the cream between my legs, scoping it out bit by bit with his greedy tongue. Once I was all clean again, me moved out of the way so that Ray could fuck me.

    Instead of climbing on top, Ray lay down next to me and Ty took his cock out of my mouth long enough so that I could straddle Ray and impale myself on his thick, long, gorgeous cock. I held on to his shoulders, riding him hard as he dug his fingers into my aching pussy. He held on to my waist, slamming me down every time I rode up, licking and biting my nipples while I fucked him. Without warning, Ty came up behind me, pushed my head down on Ray’s chest, and pushed his huge cock deep inside my ass. They were stretching me so good! I lay there moaning like a whore, unable to move as I got fucked rhythmically in my pussy and my ass. In and out and in and out, over and over again. I came over and over, unable to do anything as they invaded me: Ray in my pussy, Ty in my ass, and Marcus fucking my face, all while Jim watched, his cock red and balls blue, watching me get fucked and soaked with cum and the shot hot, sticky loads into me over and over again.

    Finally, when they were all done with me, Jim hurriedly got between my legs again and ate copious amounts of cum out of my pussy. When he was done with that, I got on top and rode his face in reverse as he licked the heavy cream out of my ass, all while furiously stroking his cock, spraying his cum everywhere while I came in his mouth. As we lay there panting, staring up as the starry Caribbean sky

  • Loving you

    You come to bed,  laying there naked with only a candle light for me to see your beautiful body, I move closer to you my finger tips tracing your body from chest, to thighs. I look into your eyes and slowly lean in for a kiss, my long golden hair touching your chest, you wrap your arms around me as we kiss. Our tongues are tracing and dancing with each other and I touch your soft cheek as we embrace and passionately kiss.

    Your hands explore my body, feeling my soft breasts and my swollen wet clit you move in between my thighs now and start to lick my clit. Your tongue moving back and forth feeling my sweet juices going into your mouth. I’m now wet as can be, you slide your tongue into my tight little hole feeling how tight and wet I am for you taking me to wonderland.

    But I want to taste you too, I get you to lay on your back I go between your legs and look at how swollen your throbbing cock is! I take it in my soft petite hands and stroking it feeling how sensitive you are. I take my thumb and rub it on the head you’re pre-cumming I lick it off my thumbs. Then I open my mouth my  tongue licks every vein, and every part of your shaft. Then you grab my hair tightening on it, and push it down my throat. You feel how tight my little mouth hole is, and how you’re fucking my throat so hard.

    We both can’t help it we wanna feel each other, you get on top and look me into the eyes and slowly push the head into my hot little pussy you’re so big and thick I cant help but to scream out in pleasure. Our body’s thrust together, you feel how wet I am and how my pussy lips are rubbing on your shaft coating it in sweet juices. And how each time your cock pumps in my pussy it coats it with another of my love juices.

    You bite my lip and your cock spurts how a load of creamy goodness in my wet pussy, we kiss and embrace going to dreamland.

    Gypsy EXT 860

  • Sensual Seductress Phone Sex

    private34Ever been totally seduced into something you had never even thought about before? I have sensually seduced many into the most erotic,kinky things and immensely enjoyed every second. Kind of comes naturally to me…my seductress side. When I tease you unmercifully and watch you slowly crumble to your knees willing,begging to do anything I desire my sex honey starts to drip. Goddess sex nectar my subbies tell me…addictive,stimulating,intoxicating it becomes an urgent need only I can satisfy.

    Come with me now to my bedroom. Watch me slowly undress and slip out of my tiny red dress. The one you have been drooling over all eve. My perky breasts swollen and nipples erect, pink and perfectly sticking up for you to savor. Watch as I bend over in front of you slipping out of my itty bitty red, silk thong. Leaving my stockings on only..my worship worthy bubble butt booty teasing your cock and awakening your senses. You start to wonder if your thoughts are even your own…or is your Mistress already taking control. 

    ~Mistress? Where did that come from, you wonder? You are a strong,independent man how could you have thought the word…what is this young, hot, blonde seductress doing to you??

    Smiling at you, looking deep into your eyes I undress you now. You try to speak but I place my finger over your lips to silence you. Then I kiss you deeply,slowly,seductively,lingering you want more, much more.

    Giving in to me now you feel your cock stiffen and ache in lust as I spread my legs over you and slowly grind against your rock hard shaft.  The warmth of my sweet, hot pussy and the smoothness of it almost more than you can take. Your head spins a little. You feel weak. Little by little you are losing all control.

    “I want to play with you, my way. I demand.” Reaching for my bondage kit and begin to tie you up to my bed. At first you resist but my full , silky smooth,wet, pouty lips sucking gently on your cock head convinces you otherwise. “You are my property now.” And you will do as I say my love. The pleasure will be divine if only you surrender…

    So many places we can go lover. Don’t delay. Call me soon and let’s explore together.

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 X 508

    Twitter: @MistressLaurenZ


  • Hot Wet Summer

    It is so hot outside, my air is doing all it can to cool me down, the air is hot and humid. But it’s not the only thing that is hot and sticky….nope my panties are wet and sticky from the mess I made! I just can’t stop thinking about licking your lollipop and getting the sweet cream out of it. I will admit summer makes me very aroused, I just love dressing up in my sexy outfits this time of the year.

    My boyfriend loves to steal my panties because he knows I’m playing with myself so much this summer, he even gives my panties to his friends because he loves to share me, and knows his friends will appreciate my wet, sticky cream. I just can’t get enough of playing with myself, but I’d rather you play with me too!

    I’m thinking of how I can make your cock throbbing hard and our bodies next to each other, were kissing and exploding with pleasure together. Your hands feeling every part of me, my tongue and lips just tracing your body all the way to your balls. Were moaning in ecstasy, and then we reach our final climax and we lay in each others arms.

    So lets have some fun together… I’m Gypsy at EXT 860

  • Featured ImageI love this more and more every day…

    I am new to working on the phone. I have been working in the sex industry for about two months now through US Love.

    I have been asked how I came to work in this field. It was merely by chance after reading the testimonies of other women who work in the industry. I have a young child and I love that working from home allows me the flexibility I need to be an attentive mother, while my commision allows me a reasonable source of income. I also absolutely love that I get to talk about my favorite thing in the whole world, SEX.

    Seriously, what is better than sex? I often masturbate because I have never had a partner that can keep up with my libido. My time as a newly single mother has me pressed to find a suitable partner. Except now, I can share it with you. In the short period of time that I have been working with US Love, I have had all wonderful experiences. I was nervous at first, but all my callers have been so wonderful. I am learning about things I didn’t even know I enjoyed. I especially love listening to stories and imagining myself into the roles. I am generally submissive with men and dominate with women, but as a pansexual, it doesn’t always play out that way.

    I am also asked quite frequently if I am real. Yes, I am a 100% real woman, talking to you from the comfort of my home, usually my bed. Typically I am watching videos on porn hub in between calls, however I have had callers that ask me to watch with them. This is an exciting connection because we are sharing an experience and it gives me a chance to describe what I like. It also gives me a chance to understand what my client likes so we can go deeper when the videos are off.

    The number one thing I’ve come to love in the last few weeks is getting to know my callers. Actually getting to know. Hearing about their lives, wives, jobs, or even just a good joke. The connection is so real that we’ve really gotten to know each other in a way that I did not think possible before I started this work. So, keep calling. Keep teaching me. I love this more and more every day.

  • Show’s over

    p6085-9My girlfriend wiggled her ass against my crotch to the throbbing music. My pussy tingled in response as my body rocked to the beat. I used both hands to arch her back and pull her harder against me. She leaned forward and looked over her shoulder to watch my response to her perfect ass. We smiled knowingly when our eyes met. It would be hours before we made it back to my bed, but the sex was bound to be amazing. The DJ raised the house lights and dancers descended from the cages lining the upper walls. We held hands as the massive crowd of lesbians carried us outside into the cool air rolling off the bay. We stopped when we saw a group of friends smoking on the sidewalk. I leaned against the wall adjusting my 6 inch pink heels as they discussed our next move. My girlfriend grabbed my hand and pulled me to the car. She slapped my butt and headed over to the driver’s side of the car. She was chatting excitedly with her best friend about the next club. My head jerked up when I heard “sex”. “Where are we going?” She leaned over into the passenger seat of the tiny sedan and slid her hand up my thigh. “Don’t worry. It’s free for ladies and I heard it will be great.” I tilted my head a little, but her hand was busy up my skirt, distracting me by tracing the outline of my pussy lips with her fingertips. We soon parked on a quiet, relatively dark block and headed towards a nondescript building with a buzzing red sign. We stepped inside and I handed a man my ID. Everything was much brighter than I expected. My girlfriend pulled me through the club. We stopped in rooms, examining equipment my kinkiest thoughts couldn’t even fathom. In one room, a woman was moaning loudly upstairs. A half dressed man stood guard. As we debated heading up there, a man pushed past us and headed up the stairs. We headed to the next scene. Room after room, level after level, were themes and toys I’d only seen on HBO specials. My girlfriend sat in a swing and beckoned me towards her. I kissed her and the heat between us quickly grew. Her hand slipped up my shirt and pinched my nipple through my bra. I moaned into her mouth and pushed forward so the swing would lift her pussy to the level of mine. She was almost a foot taller than my petite 5’2″ frame, but in this moment, we were equals. I bit her bottom lip and tugged at the zipper of her jeans. I gripped her hips and her Superman boy shorts came into view with each tug. Her best friend appeared out of nowhere with a scared look on his face. I backed away as she sat up to console him. I didn’t hear the full conversation as I was buzzing with annoyance over being interrupted. We circled back through the maze of rooms as they talked. I trailed behind, still seething. We passed a cube  where people had gathered to watch a couple have sex. The man appeared to be in street clothes and the woman in lingerie, but not much was happening at the moment. We entered a big room near the entrance. There was music, a stripping pole, and some familiar faces from the club. My girlfriend’s best friend crossed the room to talk to someone. I tugged at her hand to get her attention. I pulled her backwards into a room of changing room style booths. There were benches in the middle of the dimly lit room. The partitioned spaces featured low shelves in the corners. The space at the back of the room had a wider ledge, and more privacy, so we slipped in there. “I want to fuck you now,” I whispered against her lips. She pushed me into the booth and pressed me against the wall. Her hands were tugging at the buttons on my shirt as I slid my hands into the back of her jeans. She lifted my skirt, jammed her legs between mine, and gently fingered the moisture on my slit. I shoved my hands deeper into her jeans, causing the still unbuttoned fabric to release the zipper and allow her pants to slide down her hips. I gripped her perfectly round cheeks through her panties. A moan slipped from my lips as she parted my slit and brushed her fingertip against my swollen clit. She pushed deeper, easing her finger towards my tight, wet hole. When I felt her finger penetrate me, I grabbed her hair and pressed her mouth against mine to stifle my moans. Then I heard it. The sound of a zipper unzipping and a bench creaking. I opened my eyes long enough to see a guy slowly stroking his flaccid cock to life while staring at us. My skirt was pushed up and my hips were tilted forward. All of the buttons on my shirt, except the very last one, had come undone. My girlfriend’s jeans were halfway down her thighs and her t-shirt was halfway up her back. She pulled back a little when she felt me stiffen. “What is it?” “He’s watching.” “Then let’s give him a show.” She grinned evilly and pushed back against me, spreading my legs wider and slipping in a second finger. I was nervous about being watched, but the magic of her fingers were incapacitating. My heels were sliding on the floor as she pinned me to the wall and began finger fucking me unmercilessly. Her palm undulated against my clit in rhythm with her fingers. I wrapped my arms around her neck as I rode the wave of her lust. I came with a deep groan and shiver, collapsing against her. I could hear the steady sound of flesh hitting flesh from the edges of the dark. She waited until the throbbing subsided some before slipping her fingers out of me. I drew her fingers to my lips and licked them clean. Then much to my horror, I heard more voices. I looked past her shoulder and saw now that about 6 men had joined the audience. My girlfriend finally became aware of all the men watching. She blocked my body from their view as she helped me straighten my clothes. After buttoning my shirt, I grabbed her face and kissed her hard. I pulled back enough to whisper, “The show isn’t over.” I pushed her against the stage height wooden ledge in the opposite corner. I pushed her jeans further down and started to slide to my knees. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. “Not on the floor.” She pulled up her jeans and climbed up on the wide ledge. She pulled me up with her as she backed into the corner. I kneeled before her, barely fitting on the small stage. I hooked my fingers in her panties and slid them down her thighs. I brought my lips to her pussy as I pushed her pants the rest of the way down. I could feel the body heat of the crowd as they pushed in to get a closer view. There was no view as I pushed hungrily into her slit, wrapping my tongue around her huge clit. I lapped greedily as her warm juices flowed down my chin. She had truly enjoyed fucking me. I could feel her creamy juice dripping down the crevice between my breasts. I pushed deeper, tracing my tongue along the length of her clit as I sucked it. I pushed my face into the intersection of her thighs and gripped her ass to pull her closer. I looked up briefly to see her with her eyes closed and her face screwed up in ecstasy. I pushed her knees as far apart as her jeans would allow. She grabbed my head and bent her knees slightly, allowing my eager mouth access to the deep recesses of her pussy. I darted my tongue into her sopping wet hole and heard her groan. I lapped furiously at all the wetness. I returned my attention to her clit and wrapped my lips around it. Her cum dripped down my chin as I bobbed my head, sucking rhythmically. Within minutes, she was pressing my head deeper into her as she began to cum. I held tight, urging her with the motions of my tongue while keeping her clit firmly between my lips. By now my breasts were shiny with her cum and I could hear more than one cock being beat to the tune of our love. I pressed my hands against her thighs to pin her up in the corner. I pushed on through her orgasm until I was sure she was spent. I gave her slit one last kiss before sliding her panties and jeans back within her reach. She pulled me into a standing position and kissed me. I scooped some of her cum from between my breasts and smeared it on her lips. I smiled as she licked it away. I turned and slid off the ledge we’d used as our stage. She gave a less graceful hop down before declaring, “Show’s over.”

  • About me!

    Hello Stranger, My name is Gypsy at EXT 860, I thought I would introduce myself a bit to you handsome men and beautiful women. I’m a very naughty, open minded, and sexual and passionate woman.  I truly enjoy to satisfy, and I love deep conversations. I love talking about arts, music, and of course anything naughty with you. I truly love talking on the phone with you guys and getting to know you!

    I love anything fun and twisted, and exploring my sexual side. I range from submissive to being dominate and making you get on your knees kissing my pretty toes. I am a 21 year old southern belle, who truly believes you deserve the best satisfaction, don’t let my pretty blue eyes fool you. I am truly sweet and passionate about you. I love women and men, and a little glass of wine and chocolate and whip cream every now and then 😉

    I truly think we could both have fun so try me at 415-765-4321 EXT 860

  • The Naughty Neighbor Next door

    p1181-8She’s the sweet innocent girl next door that you always knew and watched grow up. Now she’s finally 18, and has developed into an absolutely beautiful young bombshell. you find her utterly irresistible, and constantly feel your dick twitching and getting hard at just the thought of her. Her father has been one of your best friends for over twenty years, your daughter is the same age as her, they had grown up together, and had spent many weekends and holidays
    sleeping over at each other’s house. Even though this is your best friend’s daughter, and your daughter’s best friend too, you still can’t help the way you feel.

    Early one evening about 6:30pm, your wife had just finished making some of her famous lasagna, and had asked you to take a pan of it over to her because her parents were out of town for the next couple of days, and she could eat some of it while they were gone. It was a big heavy pan full, so she told you that it would be best for you to take it. Of course you were more than eager to do so, you immediately grab the pan, and walk out the door.

    You arrive at her house, ring the doorbell, and wait for her to answer. She takes longer than usual to answer the door, but when she finally does, you get an unexpected surprise. She’s standing there in the doorway wearing nothing but a short little white silk robe. The robe hugged the form of her hot provocative body, while her beautiful long hair is in a wet tangled mess.

    The top part of the robe gaped opened allowing a nice triangle of well-tanned skin to be exposed, showing part of her delicious tits and the deep valley of cleavage between them. You stand there trying all you could do not to stare and block the erotic thoughts that were surging into your head. She smiles and says that she just got out of the shower, apologizes for not being dressed, and invites you in.

    You come in and ask, “Where should I put the lasagna?” She says “you can just put it on the kitchen counter right over there.” As you walk away to place the lasagna on the kitchen counter, she waits in the living room while the two of you make idle chatter about how great your wife’s lasagna is. When you walk out of the kitchen and turn the corner back into the living room, you get the biggest surprise of your life

    She’s taking off the robe, and is completely naked in front of you, letting the robe fall to her feet on the floor. You stand there stunned as she says “I bet your wife’s lasagna isn’t half as good as my pussy.” You’re still in complete shock, with your mouth gaping, and heart racing. She says “don’t look so surprised, I can tell by the way you look at me that you’ve always wanted to fuck me.” “Right?”

    While slowly walking closer towards you, her eyes lock with yours, and she continues to say, “I know what you need, you get sick of fucking your wife’s old and boring pussy, and you need to fuck something young, hot, and fresh.” By this time, she’s got her tits in your face, and telling you “I know you’re married, but it won’t hurt for you to taste them.”

    No matter how much you try to remind yourself that this is your best friend’s daughter, and you shouldn’t do it, with her standing fully naked in front of you, you can’t help but admire her sweet innocent face, plump perky tits, and smooth little shaven pussy. All the lustful thoughts from the past of tasting, touching, and fucking her are now running wildly through your mind. With the girl that you’ve always wanted to fuck, wanting and ready to fuck you too, you can’t resist any more.

    You lean forward to put your mouth on her boobs. You suck and swirl your tongue around each one of her pink puffy nipples, before kissing and licking your way down her stomach. As you work your way down her stomach, you inhale the sweet teen fragrance of the perfume she’s wearing. Finally reaching her pussy, you begin to lick with an intensity that makes her cum very hard and quickly.

    The more you lick, the more her pussy cums. You’re really enjoying tasting the flavor of her warm pussy juices as they flow onto your tongue. Even after cumming on your tongue, she didn’t want this to end. She tells you how good it felt when you were tongue fucking her twat, but her pussy is still hot, wet, and now she wants your cock.

    She tells you that she wants you to stand up, and pull out your hard throbbing cock for her. She immediately went to her knees and started kissing the tip of it. She put the head of your cock in her warm wet mouth and twirled her tongue around it, as she wrapped her hand around the base. She sucked the rest of it in, while moving her head back and forth slowly at first, and then more quickly.

    As she sucked your cock, she looked up at you with a mischievous glint in her eye, as she listened to your continuous moaning, and you telling her “That’s my good girl, you suck my cock so well.” While she’s was sucking your cock you were thinking, Wow! She’s so young and such a good cocksucker already, she’s only 18 and sucks cock better than my wife, and wondering how many cocks has she sucked before.

    While still marveling at the sight of this young slutty girl sucking your cock, you tell her how much you want to fuck her. Next, she then gets down on the living room floor on her hands and knees, sticking her ass and pussy out for you, ready and waiting for your cock. Without hesitation, you join her on the floor, and start pushing your rock hard cock into that pretty young cunt.

    She begins moaning as soon as you do, feeling how big it is, and feeling it throbbing inside her. She looks back at you over her shoulder, and she sees you looking down at her young tight little bum, while watching your hard cock as you begin slowly sliding it in and out of her pussy.

    After working up some momentum, you start thrusting, pumping, and fucking her harder. You then ask her, “Do you like that cock?” “Do you like being a naughty Little girl?” “do you want me to fuck you harder? She yells yes a little louder after each time you ask, as her pussy is cumming and creaming all over your cock.

    Wave after wave of intense pleasure coarse through her body, as she keeps screaming for you to fuck her. After repeatedly hearing the words, “fuck me baby, fuck me harder,” you quickly cum, shooting your sweet creamy seed deep inside her young hot cunt. She tells you that she loves having your hard dick inside her, and she can’t wait to feel it inside her again. She says “You just made my pussy feel so fucking good, so I definitely want to be your young little slut from now on.”

    Now you know that the sweet innocent girl that you always knew, isn’t so sweet and innocent any more. You never would have guessed that she was going to grow up to be such a little slut, and after fantasizing about her for so long, you never thought that you’d actually get the chance to fuck her. Just like they say, those are the ones that you never suspect. So you never know, a slutty young girl like this could be living next door to you too.

    Kayla Ex: 807
    Call me at (415) 765-4321 or visit me at uslove.com

  • My son sniffs mommies panties



    I was washing clothes one morning and I noticed that all my panties I wore this week were grouped together. Hmmmm, how did they end up all together? I did the laundry as usual and didn’t think about it any more. Around noon, I took a quick shower and I dropped my panties into the hamper and the towel followed. Later into the night, I checked the hamper and sure enough, panties were on top of my towel. The next morning I paid more attention. Pretended to go outside and listened as my son went into the bathroom. I followed him. There he was, smelling my dirty panties with a huge massive boner. I took him to my room, and showed him what the real thing smelled and tasted like. After that day, I moved the hamper into his bedroom. Where it still is today.

  • Threesome w/ Hot Friend & Wife

    He invites me over to meet his wife. She’s 5’7″, blonde, fit body with luscious curves. She’s got beautiful C-cup tits, red pouty lips, and a perfectly round, soft ass. She wants to feel me before we start. I’m almost her opposite. I’m brunette and slender, with small pert tits. My ass is nice and bouncy though, like hers. She unbuttons my blouse and moves her hands over my soft, horny tits. She rubs my nipples till they’re hard between her fingers. We make out and he watches, his dick getting hard. It turns him on to watch his buxom wife play with a pretty, young thing like me, 10 years younger than both of them. She doesn’t stop pinching my sensitive nipples, my pussy getting wetter and wetter. She slips off her dress and I lick her sweet, flesh-tone nipples. I start to suck on one, while playing with the other. I can feel his huge cock against my ass as he comes up behind me and unbuttons my shorts.

    As they drop to the floor, he gets on his knees and puts his mouth to my soft, perfect ass, biting and licking it. He spreads my legs and buries his face into my pussy, pulling the lacy panties to the side. In nothing but my black panties and thigh-high socks, she sucks on my taut nipples and he thrusts his tongue deep into my tight, young pussy. She sucks on me and he tongue-fucks me till my body convulses, I let out a girlish scream of pleasure, and come into his mouth.

    We take things to the bedroom. I ride his cock rough and wild, as she grinds her pink pussy on his face. She opens my mouth and pushes her tongue in. I lick her all the way up her soft neck. She leans forward and eats my tits. I bounce super hard on his thick cock and I know I’m about to burst. I come uncontrollably all over his cock.

    He pulls out of me, still hard. His wife lies on her back and I climb on top. We put our lips and tongues all over each other as he gets behind me and starts to fuck her. I’m pressed between the two of them, her and my nipples rubbing together as he savagely fucks her. My clit grinds against hers and together, we all come. He lets out a full, hard yell in my ear as he shoots his load deep into her. He pulls out and collapses onto the other side of the bed, exhausted. I’m covered in wetness and collapse next to him, between them. I fall asleep exhausted and happily knowing I have not one but two new playmates to fulfill my sexual desires with. I know next time will be hotter and raunchier.

  • Are you Real?

    “Are you Real?”

    I know the clients that call me are asking this in their mind. Why? Because they have told me. Anyone can be told a fantasy or a story that they would like to hear. I write erotica for pay, so I can make up a good story! The truth is that I am REAL. I try to keep my blog posts, information and even chats as real as possible without detracting from the fun! Why? Because I don’t have to pretend. I also want my clients to be happy, this is their time and I am here for them, so I always ask, what would YOU like to talk about.

    So, to make it easier, I thought I would put out my list of fetishes for all to see (you can see them at the bottom of this post). Yes, fetishes, I have them. In real life I consider myself a member of the BDSM community and have a continuing list of things that are considered fetishes.

    noun fe·tish \ˈfe-tish

    : a strong and unusual need or desire for something

    : a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement

    : an object that is believed to have magical powers

    I love the fact that part of the definition is that the object is believed to have magical powers, not because I think that applies literally to sexual fetishes, but because it is a sort of magic that happens when you are experiencing the thing that turns you on the most.

    Probably my biggest fetish is exhibitionism. I am an attention whore! I love it. How I identify in the BDSM community is as a Polyamorous Switch with natural Dominant tendencies. I am bisexual, truly, not just for play, I love women, especially voluptuous women. I also love men, men who can Dominate me because it takes a special man to do so.

    I like younger women and also younger men, I like them to be submissive and I also like a Dominant male figure in my life, so a true Switch. You must be an intelligent and strong man to be my Dominant and I don’t just mean physically strong, but you must be able to tame me emotionally and mentally, which is not so easy to do. I love Daddy figures and being Daddy’s good girl. That is not a line, it’s a fact, but if Daddy is not careful, I will be running circles around him in no time. I can be won over however. A novice Dominant might think discipline was the way to win my heart, but the truth of the matter is that I respond so much better to kindness and generosity. I love presents! No, I am not out to get someone’s money, a present could be a flower picked or a poem written. I am a true romantic at heart. Of course, if you want to take me on a shopping spree and then to dinner and a weekend get-away, I would never refuse such lavish affection. You may use this body to your liking, and I will love you for it, but when you give me after care and shower me with love and tokens of your affection, I think that is when I am truly the horniest! Surprises thrill me! It also thrills me when you take what you need from me and make me your own. Then again, if I see weakness in you, I just may find a way to manipulate you into being the man I need after all. With love, of course. 😉

    accents, art erotica, bare bottom spanking, big tits, biting, blow jobs, body paint, breast spanking, breast worship, caressing, chakra energy play, chocolate, collar and lead/leash, collars, creampie cuddles, cum in my mouth, cum on my tits, d/s, daddy, daddy/girl, dildos, fingering, geeks, hand-jobs, humor, intelligence, kilts, kissing, light bondage, mfm , mmfm , muscles , mutual masturbation , mutual respect, trust and communication, obedience, oral , queening, sex , sexual objectification, sleepy sex, being spoiled, squirting, strong, confident submissives and slaves who know they are not worthless, sybian, talking dirty, tattoos, tit fucking, uncut cock, waking daddy up by grinding my ass against his cock so he’ll wake up and take what belongs to him, writing erotica

  • Cuckoldress Phone Sex

    laurenI totally love cuckolding my sub bitch bois and they love it too. It’s a mutual lust we share and I adore it. Here’s a little fantasy I shared with a fave hope it makes you throb.

    We heard “last call” and I found myself stumbling out of the club a bit tipsy with three huge studs. Of course, cuck hubbie was home waiting patiently like a good boy.

    I barely remember the car ride home in the back seat with hands all over my sexy little body and hungry, wet tongues ravishing me. I fucked the biggest stud right in then and there. Taking his throbbing,black cock deep and hard in my hot pussy. Mmmm I do love my big black studs nothing like raging hard chocolate in all my honey holes.

    We made it in the house,somehow, and there was hubby with his little dick tucked between his legs looking into my eyes so submissively. He quietly led us back to the bedroom where he had prepared it just the way I like it. Porn in the background, candles lit and his cage on my vanity. Yes, I keep my husband in chastity and only once in awhile do I allow him to masturbate while I fuck my studs.

    On your knees like a good boy…I pushed him down in front of us and started to guide a luscious,thick cock head into his mouth. Fluffing..he’s so good at it after a little training and I use his cuck skills  to the fullest. His mouth opened wide for my big black studs each one of them taking turns,fucking his face like a pussy. I made myself comfortable slipping out of my sexy little red dress down to my black lace bra & panties with satin garter belt and thigh high suntan stockings with the seam up the back. I positioned myself in the middle of mine and hubbies king size bed gently playing with my swollen clit.

    Mmmm…that’s it cuckie suck those throbbing dicks for me like a good bitch. I teased and somewhat tormented the naughty slut until my studs got were satisfied then I instructed hubbie to go to the corner and watch. “Don’t touch yourself” I sternly told him, you may only watch. He knows to obey because I will when necessary inflict much needed punishment.

    He bowed his head and slipped into the pretty pink panties I had laid out for him and went to his spot. I laughed loudly along with my studs as they crawled on to our bed with dicks so hard and so big I dripped sex honey just by looking at them.

    Minutes turned into hours of hardcore fucking and my all my hot holes were so completely satisfied I forgot all about cuck hubbie in the corner. That is until I heard him whimper something to me. “Please Ma’am, may I please clean you now?” Again we all laughed together and I shook my head motioning with my finger to come to the bed. Pushing him down on his back I slid right up,spreading my legs wide to face sit him. OMG my sweet pussy and hot asshole were both  so dripping wet from the multiple,massive cum loads I had just taken. I listened to him moan out load and then his tongue and mouth devoured me just like a good boy he licked every single drop of hot,creamy cum from me. I turned around to look over my shoulder and noticed his tiny dick standing straight up. I giggled so much I thought I would cry. It’s just so tiny and so well insignificant. Of course, he knows this and knows it’s why I have many lovers. He knows his place well and continued to lick until I told him to stop. Again he whimpered. “Please ma’am may I now play with my pathetic clit stick?” Well, hmmm how long has it been? I honestly can’t remember the last time I allowed this…but in my generous mood and freshly fucked state of mind I gave him permission to stroke the little thing.

    Awww…it really is so cute and you really are such a good boy. Stroke it for your cuckoldress and tell me how it belongs to me along with your cum. I own you darling,you know this to be true. He shook his head in agreement huffing,puffing and moaning and started to chant “My cum belongs to you Miss Lauren…it’s all yours…I am your bitch.” Uh huh, I know you are and you will cum when I command and do with it as I see fit. So on your back you go, I pushed him hard and shoved a pillow under his ass so that he was slightly tilted upward. There this should make it easier to shoot it on your face.

    He looked at me like a horny cum slut opening wide, stroking furiously and fast urging the cum from his tiny balls until all the sudden it shot all over his face. I guess that’s one of the reasons I enjoy caging him. The tease and denial of course is priceless, but the build up is ever so worth it. I simply love when he gives himself a facial for me.

    I’m always looking for a new cuck boy to play with after all a sexy cuckoldress can never have too many.

    Cum filled kisses,

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 ext# 508

    NO Taboos. No limits.

    ~Specializing in sensual domination~

  • The Truth, The Whole Truth

    I like my job. I really love talking to the men that call me. When I say I’m touching myself, I am. When I say I
    am coming, I am. So, here is how I see it. I love sex, I love men, I love women, I love being a multi-orgasmic squirter! I love being wanted or needed and even objectified. Yes, I want you to be my Daddy, yes, tell me you love me, want me, need me, show me with more than words. Call me your good girl as you think about pounding my tender pussy for hours. I can take it and I like it.

    I’m never going to stop liking it and why should I?

  • How many…

    I had an idea recently, or maybe not so recently, perhaps this has been on my mind for a long time and it just seems to continue to evolve. How many men could I have sex with at once? It started as a fantasy of just a threesome. Two men and myself. I often find that having just one man in the bedroom doesn’t completely satisfy my needs. I like sex, no, I LOVE sex and I am often looking for round 3 or 4 and my partner is ready for a nap. So, I began fantasizing about having a threesome. Two men taking turns. One filling me from behind and one enjoying my mouth. They could switch places, positions, actions. Then I thought of how I really love my titties worked and sucked during sex and wouldn’t it be great to have each one of them sucked by someone entirely different? Typically during this part of the fantasy, my tittie suckers are women, but then they need to be filled, don’t they? MORE MEN!

    Often, I consider how I really like to be the center of attention sexually and then the women fade away some and even though they are out of my fantasy, the men remain. How much fucking can I take? What about being blindfolded, tied, feeling helpless to stop them from coming at me over and over again. Now we are talking! I want it all. My mouth, my pussy, my tits, my ass my body covered in cum. I imagine being so filled with cum that it runs down my inner thighs and that it drips from my erect nipples, a cock pulsing its load into my mouth while a thumb wriggles deeper into my bottom. I watch my fantasy in my mind and see the men and their cocks thrusting into and fucking me. I can taste them in my mouth. My nipples are tight with anticipation of the next cock and where it will be placed, how I will be positioned and I think if I have six men and they take turns and breaks, I could be fucked eighteen times. Somehow, my mind screams ONLY EIGHTEEN ??!!

    I want more….I… WANT…. MORE!

    As I sit here writing my fantasy, I am dying to have my nipples sucked, played with, twisted. My pussy aches to be filled. How many? How many can I take? I want them all!

  • Just a little Phone Sex Diva~

    lauren for blogYou know I’m not such a sweet young thing after all I have been using my skills in seduction to get what I want from men (and women) for years now. Oh yes, I started young and learned from the best. My Aunt Maggie taught me well how to use my natural assets along with some mentoring from one of the hottest fucking cougars on the planet. 

    I’m naturally super open and very well-versed when it comes to the bedroom, from slow,sensual love making, to down and dirty oral,fetish play or extreme taboo fantasy‘s. And of course,I do love my strap-on and bringing it out to play.

    I totally get hot role playing with you all here and yes I enjoy 2-girl calls every chance I get. For me it’s not a competition thing I genuinely think the models here are uber hot and it’s fun to flirt, tease, be sexy together, get you off double hard baby.  After all sharing  is caring…and I love it. So, always remember even if you are with your fave model if you are looking to find another hottie to play with I’m open,willing and excited to join you. No limits or taboos like ever. Bring your wildest most wicked 2-girl fantasy to me and let’s make it happen.

    I enjoy lot’s of phone sex calls here and look forward to yours. Most of the time I am dominating or training a sissy or submissive toy. But I also enjoy all kids of taboo role playing and will do my best to accommodate your needs.

    Yes, I love making you come hard.  OMG yes I do and I absolutely get totally wet bringing you to that point of intense explosion. Mutual masturbation,guided masturbation are def among my faves especially when we talk really dirty to each other. I don’t mind switch play though I do not consider myself to be submissive . But I have the hottest and most delicious calls with some very dominant men who know exactly what the want and how to get it from me.

    My fetish clients appreciate the fact I am very well-versed and truly love indulge in all the many fetishes out there. It’s sorta kinky hot for me to get into a fetish role play with you or even just talk about it. So many places to go and I genuinely enjoy the exploration of it all.

    My contact Info:


    949-999-5979 Ext 508

    Follow me on Twitter @MistressLaurenZ

    I’m normally available days after 6am -Afternoonish PST, however I do accept appointments to better accommodate you.

    Also, feel free to send a text through UsLove to me if you wish to check my availability,chat or set up your hottest fantasy.

    Kisses to you…can’t wait to play.

    Miss Lauren

  • Want to hear a secret….

    When I get home from a long day at work I undress and hop in a nice warm soapy shower paying good attention to my big breasts, that have just been released from a tight bra, and I wash myself good and clean which gets me very excited. I head to my bedroom, get on the bed and then reach over to my nightstand and grab Violet. Violet is my trusty vibrator. She and I have great fun together! With my body still very wet I rub Violet across my nipples, making one hard and then the other. I then have her follow my hand down to my clean and eager pussy. I have her tease my clit while I pinch my hard nipples. As I feel the vibration coursing through me I notice my hips moving up and down. I want more!!
    I want to be a dirty girl tonight. I grab my 12in double sided dildo and slide one side of it into my mouth and get it nice and wet, just like my pussy. I put Violet aside for the moment and focus on my juicy, hungry kitty. I slide the dildo between my eager wet lips and push it inside me. I take a second to enjoy it filling me up then I grab Violet. As I spread my legs wide open, with the dildo in me, I press the vibrator to my throbbing joy button. I start slamming that cock in and out of my tight pussy taking more and more of it each time. My hips moving faster and higher trying to hit my G-spot, waiting for the moment of release. It does not come, yet….
    Dirty , sexy slut feelings are consuming me! I need to take the other side of the dildo, lube it up and shove it in my ass. The only thing that would make this better is if someone was watching me. My kitty is being fed, my clit is being kissed and now my ass is full. I NEED to cum!! I keep pounding away. So close, so close. I start fucking my ass harder and then it happens. I cum so hard I push the dildo out of my ass and my pussy squirts everywhere. My body goes limp and I lay here with a smile on my face thinking I need another shower.
    I am going to say dirty until tomorrow’s shower. Maybe you can stop by and watch me be a dirty slut.

  • My younger neighbor

    p5841-1Buying my own home was a dream I’d had for such a long time. But, all these repairs were getting harder to do. One day my neighbor saw me outside trying to work on my sprinkler. He was laughing at me. Which I didn’t appreciate. He asked if I needed some help. I said yes, if you know anything about sprinklers. He came right over, went down to my basement and shut off my water source. Oh my, I should have thought of that. He was at least 20 years younger than me. He was handsome and well tanned. Damn, his ass alone was a work of art. He saw me checking out his ass. He smiled  and said I looked like his momma. I smiled back and said ” do I “? He said yes, you’re pretty just like her and she had a round curvy ass just like you. Did he really just say that to me????
    He said he always loved his momma but she passed away a few years ago.
    I felt bad for him he looked sad.
    He walked towards me and kissed me. He said, may I call  you mom? I said , sure, it’s fine. He lead me upstairs to my bedroom.
    He laid his head on my chest and hugged me like a son hugs a momma. He called me mom over and over as we made love. His cock was so fine and had a massive head. He licked my pussy, getting it so wet. His tongue was thick and meaty. I moaned repeatedly. His strong fingers were so deep in this momma pussy. I’d never had anyone be so loving and giving during love making before. He held me so tight, as though he was afraid I’d leave him. Love making went on for hours. A few times I saw a tear drop from his eye. His kisses were soft and passionate.
    His cock slipped in and out so many times. Each insertion was fantastic and erotic.
    So, this is how sons love their moms!! Made me wish I had a son.
    We slept after our love making. I slept like a baby. When I woke up my sprinkler was fixed and running just fine.
    After that day my New Neighbor Son did all my repairs and kept me safe and warm for many years to come.

  • Are you my good boy?

    lauren 1
    I talk to a lot of sexy men both on and off the phone. Sensual,seductive,hot lil Mistress I am and proud of it. In fact I have so much naughty fun seeing just how many big,strong,older of course and usually married men I can turn into my “good boys.” Oh yes, I like no I love the challenge and find that I am quiet successful-fair warning I am also extremely addictive. 

    I use all my skills to mold you my good boys into the purrrfect lil play toys,pets for me. Whimpering lil slut puppies following behind me absolutely panting and throbbing to serve. My good boy does just as I say and never questions me. He wants to please his Miss Lauren in every way and has no limits to what he will do if I command it. The way it should be!

    Just like my good boy that calls me almost daily and begs for what he says only I can give him. Sometimes he even hides in his car in the parking lot at work to call his Mistress. I’m like his very own personal heroin his drug and if he doesn’t get his fix well…it’s just not pretty. 😉 Plus he has to hide from wifey so things can get kind of crazy. Like the time she walked in on him screaming my name and begging permission to cum for me. “Mistress Lauren‘s cum, Mistress Lauren‘s cum, he emotionally chants over and over again….smile.

    I love that his wife caught him and saw the pathetic,submissive state I seduced him into after hours of dominating him. Yes, I do truly adore controlling men,cock,orgasms and turning as many of you big,bad men into my good boys. 

    Dare to indulge? I hope so…

    ~Join me in my bedroom~

    949-999-5979 (Ext) 508

    Available most days 7am-7pm PST

    or by Appointment/Request 


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