• Toys


    My new cute bag and a pile of play toys.

    Some are gifts, some made, some bought, some inherited…

    all have a purposed… see anything you want to try?

    Yes…. I enjoy all kinds of kinky play in my everyday life.

    Give me a call and let’s explore what kind of toys you like.

    Saffron ext 499

  • He Opened the Box

    He held in his hand the box that contained the cuffs I made for him. There was a note.
    “If you open this, it means you are mine. I will make you put them on, and I will decide when they come off.”

    And he didn’t hesitate.
    The moment I saw the leather around his wrists and ankles, the buckles holding the black and chocolate brown straps tight against his skin I knew this was real. I knew all that we had shared before had brought this moment to be. I knew this was exactly what I wanted.

    He offered me himself, the real him with worries and fears and with a thousand fantasies. He offered me his experience and knowledge that never overshadowed his growing desire to learn with me.

    I would have him chained every moment of every day if life permitted. I would take control of every aspect of his life if I could. My desire is that strong for this, for him, for this, for us. Neck to ankle, to waist, to wrist, to cock. I would truss him up and lay him down and give him no choice. There will be a leash, a collar, a belt and chains and rope and all of the binding real and mental. There will be pleasure, there will be pain. He will offer, I will take. I will offer, he will submit.

    His fears fall away, like tears, one drops and then another. He tells me the things, no, not just what I want to hear, but those things I need to hear. If you do not know the difference of that I can not open your eyes and heart to the beauty of that sharing.

    I can feel his heartbeat from across all the miles and know when I put my hand against his chest and say… put your hands behind your back, close your eyes, open your mouth, or any other order the steady pulse will quicken and feel the same as I feel now.

    I am greedy, I am loving, I am evil, I am kind, I am stern, I am gentle, I am mean and take and make him give it all to me. And if he lay alone bound and blindfolded by my hand I wouldn’t be able to resist watching over him, he is my weakness. He is mine. He opened the box.

    Call me, Saffron at Ext – 499… Let’s talk about what you desire to share with me.

  • Halloween is Coming Up, Ooh All Those Parties

    I remember last year how much I enjoyed all those naughty Halloween parties. I was always a party favor and had such a great time. You would be so amazed at how many people wore leather and latex to them. I had to remind myself it was a Halloween party and not a S&M party. I wouldn’t have cared either way. I love using items on men either for punishment or just because I want too. But being in a room with a group of horny dressed up people makes me very horny and aroused. I can sit back and watch as a woman whips a man into submission but sometimes they need my advice or expertise at doing it right. I plan to have as much fun as I can this Halloween and going to ALL the parties. I have a couple costumes that might work for some of the parties but I always end up nude and bent over something with a hard cock deep inside me. Maybe going as a Mistress with some of my whips and chains will be nice. I wonder how many men will cross the line then. Well, I will be ready for them but will also have time for phone sex too.


  • Sensual Hot Sex in the Shower

    lauren 1I simply adore really sensual,hot sex in the shower. I love it in the rain too, hot tub,pool,ocean anywhere or anything to do with water ads another dimension of erotica,for me.Mmmm…makes my lil honey hole kind of wet now thinking of my first shower sex with a much older man. I was well…way too taboo young for his married cock but I enjoyed every last wet inch just the same.

    I have played with my girlfriends in the shower many,many times. Kissing,teasing,using our toys on each other,licking. Getting so fucking ridiculously hot we ache for cock. I love my toys but much prefer the real deal.  Man cock. 100% throbbing,hard,dripping pre cum dick.

    I was thinking that it would be amazing if you come by and take a really hot,naughty shower with me. Just imagine the water ever so sensually dripping down my neck to my luscious pink nipps. Sort of trickling over my breasts,caressing them gently. Your mouth waters at the sight and suddenly your lips and tongue take over urgently. You want to feed on me. Ravish me under the trickling warm water, so sexy. You feel your cock stiffen at the thought of my warm,wet,sex and how smooth and tight it is. Fingering me now you ache to be inside me. It’s a craving like no other,as if you are withdrawing from your very own sex heroin. Oh yes my love,it truly is that intense. My hot lil body calling to you. My wet,smooth,tight,young lips softly grinding up against you teasing your cock.

    I push you down to your knees spreading my dripping wet pink pussy wide like an exotic lil flower. Lick me lover I know it is what you want and what you need. I wanna intoxicate you with my sex nectar,make an addict out of you. Feeling your hungry mouth against my swollen clitty only makes me grind harder,faster,using you like a toy.Yes, yes, OH FUCK YES lover keep going. I do want to grind your face right now and feed you my sweet,creamy love juice while I explode in orgasmic bliss.

    Are you man enough to have your way with me in this steamy shower? Or is it I  that will consume total control and use this as yet another training session to mold you. Seduce you into becoming my perfect sex slave. You do want to be mine don’t you? ;)

    Cum entice & delight all your senses….

    Call my bedroom now.


    949-999-5979 EXT 508

    ~Never any taboos or limitations in fantasy~

  • one hot night stand of a lifetime

    One night stands have a pretty nasty reputation. You imagine the stumbling awkwardness of two hot strangers coming together after a long night of appletini’s and shared misery. The sex is “meh” at best and leaves both parties feeling disappointed at best, and downright shitty at worst.

    But I don’t think it has to be this way. I have over the past few months started to open myself up to the possibility that good sex, or a good connection can happen between two people who don’t necessarily intend on spending the rest of their lives together. As I get older, I tend to reserve my best moves and most intimate feelings exclusively for people who we are in a relationship with. This sounds great in theory, but in practice it means we can go for months without connecting sexually to someone. That sucks! It also makes finding a partner more and more of a lifelong mission and I slip into the “destiny mentality” that there is our One love out there, my Soulmate,  which as you know, is bullshit.

    Instead of rushing from relationship to mediocre relationship in order to connect sexually and intimately with someone, it feels absolutely mindblowing to create that connection with someone who you have no intentions of moving in with or having babies with. A person who treats you with respect and love and kindness can do so for the rest of your life, or for the rest of the afternoon. Either way, it’s important to invite these people into your life and make the most of the time you have together.

    The practice of inviting love, intimacy and a super-hot lover into your life, and then loving that person completely as you let them go on their way. This creates a constant flow of love in your life. And it feels freaking amazing. You breathe love, you move in love, and people can feel that shit!

    This means when you meet someone who you DO want to spend the rest of your week, year, or life with, you are already in a place where it is easy for you to love. You don’t have to remember how it feels, or get out of your selfish lifestyle in order to drag yourself back to a place where you can show love. Instead, you’re living in the love already! It’s so easy to invite someone into that amazing space. But intimacy isn’t something you think about or talk about – it’s something you do. And instead of spending a year going through a self-inflicted dry spell, consider practicing intimacy,  One Night Stand at a time.

    Down to the nitty gritty

    Talk about what really matters

    It is easy to create intimacy through shared experience, and if you’ve only got 45 minutes, the next best thing is shared knowledge. Knowing where someone went to high school, what the name of their pets are, whether their parents are boat people or motorcycle people; these insights are great for building longterm relationships but completely unnecessary in an intimate One Night Stand. And under no circumstances should you talk about your past relationships. period. These details can be counterproductive, since it might give you a reason to follow up on mundane details of someone’s life after you’ve agreed to go separate ways. It’s a tempting string to pull on when you feel lonely, but that’s not a healthy way to rekindle a relationship that was meant to end. Instead of listing the details of your life, concentrate on telling great stories. Talk about your passions, dreams and things that make you laugh so hard you snort just a little. You’ve only got 45 minutes, make it hilarious!

    Acknowledge how vulnerable you both are

    It’s important to acknowledge your feelings. Admitting that you feel a little scared or excited can make asking for what you need more comfortable. Women in particular, tend to put on a strong and sexy facade as a part of their “femme fatale” seduction process. This facade comes with communication barriers and sometimes the false sense of having no boundaries. You need those boundaries! and you need to make them incredibly clear. But vulnerability is not weakness, vulnerability is a huge turn on, and when you find someone who can communicate their insecurities and raw feelings, ding ding ding! you’ve found the perfect match for an intimate one nighter.

    Don’t make it more than it is

    I once had the most amazing One Night Stand. Unfortunately, it lasted 14 months. We both felt such a connection that it was hard to accept that it would only happen this one (or 12) times. We both agreed, that the feeling was so strong and so soul-merging that we should definitely be together, despite the fact that we lived 3000 miles apart and were terribly incompatible partners. whoops. lesson learned. Don’t feel bad for walking away from something that felt great. You can always come back to a relationship that pulls at your heart over time, but don’t try to force something that was never intended to last more than a few nights. Maybe it turns into a creme brulee Relationship or just stays a one nighter. Accept it for exactly what it is.

  • One Hole, Two Holes…Yum Hole.

    Comfy clothes is what I’m ALL about, especially at home…And I’m home A LOT.

    I have a pair of dark grey, really old worn leggings that have holes in the knees and a few little ones here and there-there’s even one on my butt area that has ran kind of what panty-hose do when they get a hole…

    Annnnnnnd then there’s the big hole, about 2 inches long and one inch wide that’s on seam of the left-upper-inner-thigh, about an inch from my crotch. Let me put it this way, there’s NO WAY anyone would see these on me, accept someone I fuck. They’d think it was hot. But I wouldn’t even check my mail in these during the day! That’s how big this hole is! LOL!

    I’ve just been SO busy lately that I haven’t had the time (or inclination) to sew these holes up, and I just wear them around the house and to sleep because they are very thin and super comfy…Not to mention, they are really great for yoga and I’m always going to the mat several times a night. (I have so much energy that I have to work out but I don’t usually want to do “a workout” so I just go to the mat all night for about 10 minutes each time.

    My cats think it’s THEIR play time for us, and they’ll even run through my arms and legs, or plop down right under me. But they’re so cute, I never mind it. =)

    Anyway…Back to the juicy bits…

    I’ve just found that that one big hole comes in very, very handy…Or more specifically, very FINGER-Y.

    On nights like tonight-I wasn’t paying attention to much of anything really, just sitting looking at the TV, but not really watching it and I got to thinking about how horny I am.

    Actually, it’s a bit different than “horny” actually because for ME, when I say I’m HORNY that means I want sex. I want to fuck. And I always want to fuck, (the more I get it the more I want it-true story) but then there’s those times when I just want to cum.

    I want to put those juices to work and fuck MYSELF. Sometimes hard, sometimes soft, sometimes only on my clit and the outside of my pussy, sometimes it’s fingers in my pussy, it’s both, it’s my ass, my tits…It’s any combination of all of them OR it’s ALL OF THEM if I really want to fuck myself GOOD.

    Then there’s like right now, when I’m not thinking about all of that, but…It’s more like that tingle you can’t really ignore anymore…And then there is this hole in my leggings and next thing I know I was feeling how wet I am. I was using that hole to get to the wet one…Yummy! But I made myself stop…

    I decided that I’d rather have a really hot call make me super wet and get me to play with myself.

    I really want to hear a mans voice, telling me what his fantasy is and when he starts to get off it makes me cum really hard (you know how it is! You want to HEAR someone with you)…So I’m holding off. But I don’t like it!!!


    I’d take my pants off, but then I’d be half naked and then there’s no stopping me.



  • A Perfect Pedicure

    It has been a long day and I really want to be pampered. You will do this for me won’t you dear?

    Thank you. I knew you would.

    First I will sit in the big leather chair in the living room and you will kneel right here by my feet.

    Slip one shoe off of me, and then the other. Oh, that feels so good after a long day at work. The patent leather heels are warm from me wearing them all day. You can smell the leather. Go ahead stick your nose in and take a deep breath, you know you want to, don’t be shy around me. Leather and woman is such a lovely combination.

    Ok, that is enough. This is about me and there is more to do.

    Reach up under my skirt and undo the garters on my black silk stockings, slowly now, this should always be a sensuous thing. Feel how warm my thighs are above the smooth cool silk. One, two, three, four little clasp hold up the delicate stockings topped with lace. Do each one carefully. Now, pull the stockings from me. Slowly, so slow it gives me goose bumps feeling the silk slide from my legs. Oh… that is so nice.

    Now, go get the foot bath and fill it with warm water, pour in the bath salts and a little scented oil. I do love vanilla, or roses, either will do tonight. Test the water first, not too hot, not too cold. That’s a good boy, you look after me so well. Gather up the other essentials, the buffer for my heels, polish remover, clippers and files for my nails, lotions for my legs, warm towels and a pretty new color of polish. Oh, and do bring me a glass of wine.

    That is lovely.

    Ease my feet into the water. Take a cloth and gently wash them. Now one at a time put them on the towel that is across your lap. Remove the old polish, trim and file my nails just perfectly, you know how I like them, rounded gently. Now, rub the buffer across the soles, my heels and the balls of my feet and then it is time for the lotion.

    I so enjoy this part. Your strong hands rubbing from my toes all the way up my calves. Take your time. That is it, Oh god that feels so good. One foot is resting in your lap and I can feel you getting hard just there under my toes. The other foot is in your hands. Bliss.

    I wiggle the toes in your lap and you sigh. You rub the arch of my foot in your hand and I sigh. Oh, so nice.

    Now dear my feet are lovely clean and pampered and almost ready for polish, but they do need just a bit more attention before you paint them to perfection. Lift my foot to your mouth and slowly take one toe at a time and show me how much you adore what I offer to you. Suck and lick and kiss each toe gently. I will press just a little harder with my other foot there between your legs and you will push against me as you continue to lick and suck. I will laugh a bit as you nip gently at my arch and rub your check again the ball of foot. Then you will switch feet and we will begin this lovely pampering, licking, sucking again.

    Oh… but I think you should pull your pants down and show me what has been straining against my foot there in your lap. There you go. So nice. And my feet still soft and slick with lotion. Put both my feet in your lap. Put some more of that rose scented lotion there on your hard cock between my arches. Hush now… my turn to pamper you… see doesn’t that feel good my feet on either side of your hard cock?

    Oh… it feels so good to me. I love when you give me this kind of control. You there on your knees, your eyes closed, your cock hard between my soft feet. Oh, baby, yes… move your hips for me… slide your cock in-between that valley where my arches come together. That is it… oh, I can feel you getting closer I love the way you moan my name.

    Please Miss Saffron, please I need to cum. Oh, god please.

    And I press my feet tighter around your swollen cock. I feel you tremble beneath me, so beautiful as you give it all to me.

    Oh, god please… you offer again… as I say simply… yes… cum for me.

    And you do, gasping, crying, shaking with the release… oh… that is my boy… so sexy when you do it just as I like. And cumming all over my pretty toes, well now, you will need to clean that all up so that we can finish. Go on now… bend your head down and lick my toes clean. Oh… I do adore this part, shows me just how much you care.

    Finish up now, I still need the polish on so we can go out tonight.

    You were such a very, very good boy. Thank you dear, for the perfect pedicure.


    I do hope you will call me, Saffron at ext 499 to share how you will pamper me. 7658d0d2112eb265d6496cbac9de1e24_20090610200623_510

  • My Happy 1st Friday


    Mysteri 12

    Hey There Pets!

    Now who’s happy it’s Friday?!?! Even if you work on the weekends, and lots of us do…People love the weekends.

    As for my weekend…I’ve decide to clear the social calendar to be here with YOU!

    I’m really excited for my first weekend here at USLOVE! So far, my last few days have been FANTASTIC. Better than I could have imagined, and we’re just getting started…I love to hear my little Pet’s share with me, let me in and we go on an adventure together…And I’ve been a busy lady!

    I can’t wait to see who decides to visit me and spend some weekend time telling me their tales, or wanting me to share mine.

    What about you? Are you gonna get to do what (who) you REALLY want???

    I hope so.(And I hope it’s LOADS of drippy fun!)

    If so, I want to hear all about it…And if not, tell me what (who) you wish you were doing (ME?) and I’ll see if I can put a little Mysteri into your night. Ohhhh, so fun!

    In the meantime, I’ll try to see if I can keep my hands off of myself…

    Opps…So much for that!

    I love breaking rules. Even my own. That WAS fun! Now I’m SO ready for you.

    Like what you see???

    -Your Mysteri

  • Spanking

    I am a sadist. Inflicting pain on a willing and wanting submissive is such a sexy thing. I love that moment of anticipation just before the first strike. My hands stroking back and ass lightly.

    Maybe a bit of nail scratching down and down slowly. The red trails left behind. Then pulling my hand back and letting it come down hard against them. The sound is so beautiful and if they moan for me it sends me flying.

    I like a submissive bent over a bed or arm of a sofa for a spanking. Over the knee is nice too, such an intimate moment. Especially with that hardness pressing against my thigh showing that the desire is strong for the pain they are enduring. Girls can be so fun to spank too, as sometimes they squeal. And if I can get the one I am sharing with to utter, “Oh God… more Miss Saffron, please.” Well that is always a turn on.

    I make toys to use them. Leather and wood against a smooth inner thigh or upturned bottom is exquisite. But using my bare had has often been my favorite. Feeling the tremble under my hand is intoxicating. Pushing their head lower so their bottom curves tighter, so yummy.

    I need someone who wants to endure the pain for me. That wants to find the rush of endorphin and that space that allows Ecstasy to mingle with the reality of the pain. Is it too much to ask for? Not to the right person.

    So, call me, Saffron at EXT 499, and lets see what you can take from me.51223

  • I Love Panties

    Main Entry: fe·tish
    Variant(s): also fe·tich \fe-tish also fē-\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French & Portuguese; French fétiche, from Portuguese feitiço, from feitiço artificial, false, from Latin facticius factitious
    Date: 1613

    1 a: an object (as a small stone carving of an animal) believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly: a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence b: an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion: prepossession c: an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression
    2: a rite or cult of fetish worshipers
    3: fixation


    I love a sub in panties. Okay… this might be pushing towards a fetish for me. Well… not technically since I don’t find it necessary for sexual gratification. But really I find a sub in just a pair of pretty panties so very… stimulating.

    A man who will put them on for me. That is nice. A man who finds it arousing to put a pair of cute girly panties on for me more than just willingly, that is very, very nice. Pink, white, black… silk, cotton, satin, lace, so many choices and I do like them all. To do something that is so simple yet so instantaneously erotic is powerful for me to share. A man in girly panties is to me a perfect picture of submission. A cock straining again a small scrap of lace, a thong slipping up between lovely ready to be used ass cheeks, I enjoy this. A picture offered, “This is for you Saffron, because I know you want to see me this way.” Oh… such a beautiful thing. It isn’t so much about cross-dressing as submitting to me something that you would never do without me. Or if he likes to wear them then it is sharing that excitement of the naughtiness.

    I love a woman ready to show me how sexy she is in nothing but a pair of panties. So exposed, so vulnerable, yet often there is a certain innocence to wearing just a pair of panties that I really find exciting. I love the curves of a woman and a nice pair of panties enhances those curves so perfectly. Thin straps up over hips, small bits of cotton and lace covering the treasure that is a pussy. A pair of full bottomed panties snug against the swell of ass, or a g-string sliding tightly down and under and covering nothing, but keeping everything perfectly sexy. Every cut has its advantages, I love boy cut, g-string, thong, even full cut white cotton everyday are sexy. Fancy, whimsical, plain… I want those I share with to have a variety and share with me all their favorites.

    Oh, and then there is the pulling of them down. Just below that curve of a bottom. Whether it is my hands pulling a pair of panties down or he or she who is sharing with me doing the slipping to just there for me… either way is enticing. Standing there with their back to me, on kneeling with knees spread wide, or on all fours ready… all are exquisitely submissive and so perfectly lovely. Waiting, anticipating, exposed and available for anything I desire to offer. Pain, pleasure… all of it is so deliciously wonderful.

    What is your sexiest pair of panties? What do you love to see on your partner… and nothing else?

    Let’s talk about your fetish.  Call me, Saffron at EXT 499

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 499 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Amy’s Wonderland

    p4894-1I was going about my daily routine: classes, jogging, flirting, drinking, and working (barely giving myself a break). That nagging voice in the back of my head kept telling me that I needed to reevaluate priorities lest things implode. I’d wonder how anyone would get to know the real Amy in spite of the daily chaos. At the time, only one person was intuitive enough to break through my polished exterior and find out. For a while, it was just enough to keep me sane.

    A sledgehammer hit me one Sunday morning after my mid-day break at symphony rehearsal. During break, I scrambled to my car and played a naughty audio for a kind and submissive man who initially thought he could handle listening to it. He too wanted something raw and different, so I let the recording play. –It hurt him. He was speechless. Broken and stunned, he said that although he begged to hear it, he felt differently and would never be the same.

    Having returned to the auditorium, I sank into my chair onstage; the sound of his breaking heart was all I could hear in spite of our beautiful rendition of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I played a measure as a tear ran down my cheek. I was in real emotional pain too. Until that moment, I was having fun pushing everyone’s limits. I just never thought I’d truly hurt anyone. I was lost with nobody to turn to for advice.

    I remembered how Alice was given sage advice from the Cheshire Cat when she was lost:  “…if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” (Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll)

    It made perfect sense to follow advice written well over a century ago. I began reinventing my tried-and-true routine to fit what everyone wanted. I wouldn’t dare risk hurting anyone again. “Be everything for everyone” is what I told myself. My only problem was that it was an impossible charge to give myself; nobody can be everybody’s everything. It’s simply not reality.

    The situation began affecting my routines. I was malfunctioning. I was a short-circuiting mainframe and nothing would stop the inevitable explosion. As I tried to work my way through classes, the drinking and sobbing increased. I didn’t want to ‘feel’ the pain of knowing I couldn’t be there for everyone. It was time for an ‘Amy break’.

    I took time to focus and revisit who I am: sweet, caring, funny, smart, sexy, and carefree. I soon realized the characteristic I loved most about myself was my free-spirited nature. I never wanted to be confused for an undependable person…..just wild and free.

    When I began to take time away for myself, I knew I’d risk a few friendships. I knew that the real friends would understand and embrace me with open arms when I found ME again.

    Having been lost taught me how to stop and retrace my steps along the way. I went back to the beginning of my journey and realized that it was the QUALITY, not the quantity, which mattered most to me.

    Sometimes we all have to put on masks to get through parts of life…oh how I understand. My mask became a burden because I never took it off. Now that I give myself permission to breathe…I’m happy…oh so happy.

    I thank everyone who can relate to my personal revelation. I truly appreciate those who gave me the opportunity to grow and find myself again, while keeping faith in me. I don’t care to be the best at everything anymore; I care to be the best ME. When I’m ME, I rock it!

    -Submitted with so much love and appreciation,
    Aimz ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Let’s Play Hard XXX!



    Hey guyz, I am soooooo wet and horny. Hot weather makes me feel so juicy and ready for play. Call me and let’s get XXX together. Juicy JOY at x601 always satisfies. yum!


    Call me 949-722-2222 Ext: 601 or visit me at USLove.com

  • The Cuckold Loses Again

    p4238-6You and your lovely wife are new to the neighborhood, and every Friday night is poker night. After completing the rotation of hosts, it’s now your turn. You and your wife have been preparing for the arrival of your guests with great anticipation. It’s 8:00pm sharp, and Mike, Frank, and Eddie arrive right on time. After a few brief moments of chitchat, you and the three guys take your places at the table, while your wife runs off to make drinks. Soon after settling in, the first game begins.

    The glowing since of optimism you previously had, quickly disappears after losing the first few games. You think to yourself, there’s still plenty of time to turn things around, so you struggle through it, hoping that your luck will change. Tonight, Mike, Frank, and Eddie seem to have all the luck on their side. Mike has been winning the most by far, and Frank and Eddie have been cleaning up as well. As the night progresses, your losing streak becomes more and more drastic. After losing all of your own money, you invade a private stash that you and your wife had been saving, and you end up losing all of that too.

    Now with you being totally broke and desperate, Mike looks at you with a big shit eating grin and says, “Well you know there’s one way that you can recoup your losses from tonight.” You eagerly agree, “Just name it, and I’ll do it.” That’s when Mike says, “Let us fuck your wife.” Your jaw drops in shock as you try to find the words to muster up a response. Finally, you barely manage to get the word “What” out of your mouth. Mike says it again much slower, and with a stronger emphasis on each individual word, “I said, let – us – fuck – your – hot – little – wife.”

    Your attempt to rebuttal is quickly cut short when Mike says, “You know, it’s no problem for us to just get up right now, and walk away with all your money.” Mike then looks over at Frank and Eddie and says, “Isn’t that right boys?” Frank and Eddie both gleefully nod in agreement. Your heart pounds and your palms sweat as you sit there, pondering the thought of this indecent proposal.

    You were able to brush off their earlier flirts and comments about your wife while she was serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres, but actually fucking her is something totally different. You don’t want them to fuck your wife, but you know that realistically, you’re all out of money, all out of options, and if you want the money back, you have no other choice but to let them fuck her. You stutter and stumble on your words as you finally say, “Okay, Okay, I’ll do it.” The lump in your throat grows when you hear Mike say, “Well then, it’s time for you to call your pretty little wife out here, so we can collect our prize.”

    This is the worst possible scenario you could have imagined, but knowing what you’ve got to do, you go through with it anyway. After a few moments of hesitation, you call your wife into the room. As you wait for her to appear, your mind races, wondering how you’re ever going to explain this situation to her. The first part of the problem is telling her that you just lost all the money that you guys had, and the second part is convincing her of what she’s got to do to get it back.

    Your mind quickly fills with dread and regret, when you hear the clicking of her heels getting closer, knowing that the moment of facing your wife is soon approaching. As your wife is now standing there in front of you, you swallow hard, then nervously try to explain the situation to her.

    By the time you finish, she is in absolute shock. She can’t believe her ears, as she scans each of the faces in the room, trying to assess the seriousness of the situation. Your wife says, “Please tell me that this is a joke.” You let her know that this is not a joke, and that you desperately need her help. Barely able to believe what you did to get the two of you in this mess, she eventually agrees, knowing that it’s totally left up to her to get out of it.

    Your wife stands there wearing a short, sexy black dress that clings tightly against her body, accenting all of her voluptuous curves. The tops of her stockings are almost visible at the bottom of the short dress, as they cover her long sexy legs. You suddenly hear one of the men say, “Let’s get this party started!” Next, the three men begin a loud chant, telling your wife to take the dress off.

    Reluctantly but agreeable, she slid down the straps from her shoulders, and Pushed the dress the rest of the way down, until it fell to the floor in a pool around her feet. The three men whistle and cheer, as she’s now clad only in her sexy ensemble of a black bra, panties, and stockings. After a few moments of taking in this
    delightful sight, they want more. That’s when Eddie yells, “Take it all off honey!”

    While fulfilling this request, two beautiful breasts pop out of her bra as she takes it off, then sliding down her panties reveals a pretty trimmed pussy, and a nice tight toned ass. You sit there nervously fidgeting and twitching in your chair, with the sight of your wife standing there on display, naked in a room full of horney
    men, knowing what’s about to happen.

    Frank says “You know Mike, since he owes you the most money, I think you should fuck her first.” Mike agrees and approaches your wife, then starts walking a slow circle around her, looking her up and down, inspecting her fully nude body from head to toe. As he’s pawing and grabbing her tits and ass, Mike then murmurs, “Very nice, I can’t wait to taste this hot little tamale.”

    He then cups her tits in his hands, leans forward, and starts sucking and slobbering all over them, Going back and forth to each one. Soon after sucking on your wife’s tits, you hear Mike boldly say, “Get on your knees, and suck my cock.”

    After taking a few hesitant seconds to consider what she’s about to do, she kneels down in front of him, then the long hard thick cock pops right out, just inches away from her face. She takes the base in her hand, then fills her mouth with the shaft. As you watch her work her lips up and down his dick, you can’t believe this is really happening, your wife is sucking another man’s cock right here in front of you, and it’s so much bigger than yours.

    After putting a nice spit shine on Mike’s dick, he says to her, “Let’s go over to the couch so I can fuck you.” He tells your wife to get doggy style on the couch, then he comes up from behind her, and rubs his cock up and down along her pussy lips. He then looks over at you, lets out a slight chuckle, and says, “Hey Pussy Boy, now it’s time for your wife to finally get fucked by a real man.” Seeing her suck him off was bad enough, but now you cringe while you watch this asshole about to stick his monstrous cock into your beautiful wife.

    She lets out a loud sigh as he pushes his dick deep inside her. He holds it there for a while, then begins slow, rhythmic thrusting, using long strokes all the way in, then almost all the way out. Letting you see the full length of his big dick going in and out of your wife’s pussy. Mike then begins going harder and faster with each stroke.

    As he pumps his cock into her, you can see and hear his big heavy balls smacking hard against her ass. After a few minutes of Mike fucking your wife, you begin to feel a transition in the room, because the more he fucks her, the more she likes it. This makes your dick jump and twitch, because for some reason, you start to like it too.

    It’s almost like mike owns your wife now, because she does everything that he tells her to. He tells her to beg to be his little slut, and she does it. He tells her to beg for his big dick, and she does it. He even tells her to beg for more cocks, and she does that too. Mike says, “Hear that Pussy Boy?” “Your little slut wife loves getting fucked, and she’s begging for more cocks, so now I’m about to give them to her.”

    He stops with his cock completely buried inside her, and looking at Frank and Eddie, he says, “I think it’s time you boys come help me fuck this nice prime piece of ass.” With that said, your cock hardens more than it ever has, as you helplessly watch your wife about to get triple fucked by these three horney men.

    Mike and your wife switch positions so that now Mike lies on his back, with your wife straddling herself on top of him. Both Frank and Eddie come over to the couch and quickly remove their clothes to reveal two more large throbbing cocks. Frank positions himself behind her, while Eddie kneels in front of her, just behind Mike’s head.

    Mike starts thrusting himself up into her pussy, then she leans forward to take Eddie’s cock in her mouth, while at the same time making her ass more accessible to Frank. A loud gasp is heard around the room, as frank pushes his cock deep into your wife’s nice tight ass. Eventually all three men are in their respective holes to the hilt, as they begin to fuck her mouth, pussy and ass.

    They thrust into her willing body alternately, ensuring that she’s always full of cock. Your wife looks like she’s loving every minute of it, as she’s allowing these men to rapidly ravage her holes. It even seems like she’s forgotten that she’s married, and that you’re right there in the room. While you sit there watching, you can’t believe that you’re seeing this slutty side of your wife, as you feel your dick leaking precum all over the inside of your pants.

    As she’s experiencing continuous orgasms throughout her body, she’s clutching at the cushions on the couch, and moaning her enjoyment loud enough to wake the neighbors. You feel a flash of shame as these three huge cocks fuck your wife, knowing that after tonight, there’s nothing that your little dick could ever do to please her. After watching your wanton slut wife taking all the dick they could give her, the three men are ready to cum.

    Mike quickly withdraws his cock, then begins covering your wife’s stomach and breasts with his huge hot load. Frank is next to cum, and his convulsing cock spits spouts of sperm splashing all over your wife’s ass. Eddie is the last to cum, and when he does, he sprays long thick ropes of creamy white cum that drapes your wife’s face and hair. After they were done cumming, she begins vigorously licking their dicks clean, wanting to taste herself on each cock.

    Tonight, right before your eyes, the pretty, perfect, and always faithful wife that you had known, has just become a sleazy, cheating, cock loving cum slut whore. Oh yeah, and as far as for you, you’ve just become the cuckold husband that loves it. Isn’t it funny how the night could go from playing an innocent card game, to ending up with your wife being a cum covered mess. As the three men leave, Mike is the last to walk out the door. He stops, looks at you with a smirk on his face, and says, “Well Pussy Boy, thanks for the wonderful evening, and maybe next time, you’ll know when to hold ‘em, and when to fold ‘em.”

    Kayla Ex: 807
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  • Hello Lover!

    My first blog post and I’m SO excited! I finally have somewhere to share all those naughty thoughts that run through my head ;)

    But, first, I thought that we could get to know each other a bit. I’m Rozlyn (Roz, for short) and I’m from Texas. I’ve travelled/lived in a lot of different places in the South and in Europe. My favorite things to do are read erotica, work out, and watch Netflix.

    I’ve been told that I have a mysterious air about me… people never really know what to expect and think I’m shy. I get why people think that. I’ve been holding in so many secrets for so long and I don’t know any other way to be.

    How about you? Are you the same? Do you have deep, dark, juicy secrets that you want to share with someone? Maybe we have some in common ;) so don’t be shy, tell me your secrets. *I promise not to tell*

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    Purrrring for your cock is what this naughty lil sex kitten does the very best. Assuming of course,you are a real man of adequate measure. How I do enjoy a strong,dominant man who knows how to take control. It’s rare and what a shame it is but when I do get the opportunity I indulge & savor deeply. I’m usually always the one in total charge. Seducing,teasing,edging,training my slaves to the very brink of surrender. Teaching them how to properly worship a beautiful young Goddess. Training my sissy’s proper girly etiquette or cock sucking skills. You know the everyday “norm” for any young, sensual Mistress.

    laurenThere are time when I want real man cock and I mean in a bad way. I desire it in a way that I can’t even explain. Your touch against me,breath in my ear,hard raging cock pressed up against my hot lil clit. Fingers hungrily exploring every inch of my sexy lil body. Moving me effortlessly around just like a tiny fuck doll. Oh hell yes, please do. Own it baby. Show me that you can fuck me like no other. Make all my sweet,luscious holes ache and drip honey for you. If you do the reward is so very delish~

    I love giving back what I receive from you. This sex kitten absolutely loves to purrrrr for your cock,licking,nibbling,sucking my way around and up and down. Driving you completely mad with raw desire. Truly, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make your cock explode over & over again. Mmmm…I do love making you cum and truth be told I enjoy sharing that hot,lustful orgasm with you.

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    I know you are one of those guys who love some sweet ass phone sex. That round or heart shaped ass that has just the right amount of wiggle and giggle in it to turn your head or turn you on. Just the thought of touching it and caressing it is enough to make you tingle in your crotch if not give you a full blown hard on. I know how horny most of you men are and can be. If a sexy woman of any size depending on your preference was to drop her pants or lift her skirt and show you that pretty ass and offered for you to kiss it most of you would be down on your knees salivating. If it turns you on to think about touching and kissing it I wonder how crazed you would get at rubbing your throbbing cock against that sexy ass. That is what I love about anal phone sex, the feeling of a hard cock rubbing the crevice of my ass and barely touching my puckered hole really turns me on. I had a friend over the other night who is really into anal sex but he had a surprise for me. In the middle of getting raunchy he brought out this handheld video camera and was recording the whole event. When we were done we played it so I could see what all shots he got. It was so awesome because he got close ups of my asshole all nice and puckered and pretty and then his cock slowly pushing and stretching its way in. I got all wet the way it slow motioned the stretching of my rippled hole. Seeing it go from all puckered as it slowly smoothes out while his cock was penetrating. All the close ups were so hot. That veiny shaft sliding in and out as my hole stretched to accommodate it. I really enjoyed as I know you would appreciate it too the cum shot as it oozes out and seeps downs over my pussy lips. So if that image made me hot and wet I know how hard and pulsating it would be for you to actually have the opportunity to do it. Have some experiences you want to share or discuss I’m all ears and wet pussy waiting on you. We can get off together as we tell of how sexy anal phone sex can really be.

    Eleanor~ Ext. 579

  • Licking Up The Lemonade

    p4930-2I asked my step nephew Timothy and his two friends Jason and Bobby to come over and do some chores for me. I needed by back yard cleaned up. They are the sweetest, most helpful boys. They were working their asses off. I decided to make them some frozen lemonade drinks (with some vodka added for flavor) to help cool them off. It took a lot of sips to get the right flavor ;)

    As I was handing them their drinks on the patio, I accidentally spilled one onto Bobby’s shirt. The shirt soaked up the ice cold drink and the shirt clung to his well chiseled chest. I apologized and told him to take his shirt off and I would wash it. He asked if I would take my dress off if Jason spilled his drink on me. Before I could reply Jason tossed his drink on the halter part of my dress. My nipples reacted instantly to the cold splash of the frozen concoction. All the guys’ eyes were focused on my very hard nipples protruding through the wet dress.  As a distraction I threw my drink at Timothy and Bobby poured more drink and tossed it at Jason. Within minutes we were all covered in frozen lemonade.

    Realizing no one had tasted the lemonade Bobby came up to me and took a long lick up my arm. Jason and Timothy took a lick from my other arm. Soon they were pulling me into my bedroom and pulling off my dress and panties. Their tongues were licking every part of my body. Places that didn’t even have lemonade on them.  They soon went from licking me, to sucking me and then to fucking me.

    I would have stopped them but what they were doing to me was intensely arousing and addictive.

    It was getting late in the afternoon and they needed to get home. They got dressed. Their clothes had partially dried with a nice scent of lemon. I was surprised when they refused my payment for the chores. They said they would gladly return whenever I wanted them. I definitely want them but unfortunately, I don’t need the trouble young fresh meat brings.

    I blame the vodka.

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  • Come Get a Taste of Kayla

    p4238-7I love just about every aspect of sex, but something that I’ve been craving lately is a really good tongue fucking. Ever since I received my first pussy eating experience, I’ve wanted more, and truth be told, I never get enough. So, what I really want right now is for someone to take care of my oral needs. Someone who loves, appreciates, and craves the taste of pussy. Do you think you’re up for the task? Well, without further ado, here’s your taste of Kayla.

    Picture me sitting there in front of you, wearing a sexy low-cut top, and short little miniskirt. The alluring look I give you, draws you to slowly come over and kneel down in front of me. Now you’re right there. Right there close enough to feel my body heat, and smell the erotic sent of my perfume. I give you a deep seductive look right into your eyes, and tell you to take my feet into your hands.

    Kiss them, massage them, and make them feel good. I want you to suck and swirl your tongue around each pretty polished toe, while your hands gently massage the bottom of each one of my feet. I recline back and close my eyes as you continue to pamper my feet, thinking of all the delicious ways you could use your mouth to please me.

    Okay, now I want you to slowly kiss and lick your way up my legs. Don’t stop until you reach the top. I feel your tongue beginning it’s ascent, licking up my ankles, then around the back to my calves, all the while planting pretty little licks and kisses on them.

    I want you to take my legs over your shoulders, then move your head forward under my skirt. Kiss your way along the insides of my thighs, as you feel my legs wrapping around the back of your head and neck. Just as your head goes under my skirt, you realize that I’m not wearing any panties.

    Your mouth waters as you take in the tantalizing sight of that pretty pink pussy in front of you. The lips are slightly puffy, with a perfect little landing strip of hair right down the middle. As you stare at those luscious lips, I want you to start sucking on them very gently. Oh yeah baby, that feels good. Keep doing it and run your tongue up and down the slit in between them.

    You’ve got the hang of it, now part those lips, and lick inside them. Make your tongue into a pointed shape and push it in as deeply as possible. Inside and then back out. Yes, keep doing it just like that, in and out, in and out. Now some more sucking and licking the lips again, then go back to that tongue fucking movement. Yeah that’s good! Now keep doing those three things for me, over and over as I lay back a little to enjoy the way your mouth feels. I want your tongue to take it’s time getting intimate with each part of my pussy.

    Now move up a bit, can you find that little button like thing? Can you feel it? That’s my clit. Now lick and suck it at the same time, like there’s no tomorrow. Oh fuck yeah, you’re going to make me cum! When I cum, I want you to swallow all my juices down. I love to lay back and listen as you lick and lap it up, just like a thirsty little puppy. Oh, fuck yeah, I’m cumming! You taste my sweet warm pussy juices squirting all over your tongue, while my legs spasm around your head, pulling you in tighter towards my pussy.

    Wow! That was a really good cum, but I don’t want you to stop right there. Keep eating my pussy, and this time just totally concentrate even more on pleasing me. Eat it just the way I showed you before. Lick up and down, suck the lips then lick inside. Then start all over again. Keep it going, don’t lose concentration. Ah yes, you do it so well. You really know how to make that pussy feel good.

    Okay, now slow it down and flatten your tongue and take long licks so you can really take the time to taste me. I love it when you eat my sweet little honey pot, so show me that you want to slurp and savor every bit of it’s delicious nectar. Oh yeah, now you’re licking it just the way I like it.

    Now it’s time for the good part again. Suck on my clit the way you did before, come on do it good baby. Oh yeah, that’s it. Suck it hard, lick it fast, and make me cum like crazy! You’re making me cum so fucking hard, I can feel it throughout my entire body. As I cum, you feel my hot horney little cunt quivering and creaming into your mouth. Yes, that’s right, take it, taste it, and tell me how much you like it.

    Fuck yeah baby! That second cum was even better than the first one, but now I want you to do something else that I also like. Move your mouth down, and let me adjust myself so that you have easier access to my ass. Now my ass is right there in front of you, and I want you to lick it. Use your hands to spread my ass cheeks apart, so you can let that pussy juice run right down the crack of my ass. Yeah, that’s it baby, just like that!

    Hold onto my ass as you push your face and tongue in as deep as possible. Can you taste my pussy juice as it runs down into my ass crack? Mmmmm I love it! Lick all that delicious pussy juice out of my ass for me. My mind settles into a pleasant, relaxed state as I feel you busily rimming and tonguing my ass, twirling it around deep inside me.

    Next, I’m going to start doing most of the work, just stay exactly as you are, while I begin to rock my hips back and forth. I feel your tongue sweeping from between my ass cheeks, back up to my slit, and all the way up to my clit, then back down again to my ass. Over and over I move back and forth, up and down, eventually building up more momentum as my excitement grows.

    Now I’m rubbing and grinding my pussy and ass all over your face, riding it harder and faster. I feel myself about to explode as I look down at you, and see how much you’re enjoying it too. You feel my thighs contracting tightly against the sides of your head, so that all you can touch, taste, and see is my pussy.

    My body is in complete raptures, as you feel that hot wet pussy cumming and gushing into your mouth, and all over your face. As I release my legs from around the back of your head and neck, I see that my pussy juice has your face glistening like a glazed doughnut.

    Phew, trying to catch my breath, I lay back, relax, and tell you what an excellent job you’ve done. You’re a really good pussy eater. The world needs more pussy eaters like you. I want to keep you as my personal pussy eater. Whenever I need my pussy licked, I want you to be right there to do it. You definitely satisfied me for now, but until the next time, I look forward to our next pussy eating session.

    Kayla Ex: 807
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  • Forced Feminization Phone Sex~ uslove.com/eleanor

    I know you don’t want to put that bra and panties on but I don’t care you are going to do it anyway because I said so. Now put them on. I have company coming and want you to be dressed and on your best behavior. You will occupy and entertain my guests however you have too. You are going to enjoy forced feminization phone sex tonight. Now put on this dress, nylons, and heels. I will go get the make up and curling iron. We are going to have you looking so pretty. I hear the doorbell so you finish getting ready and you better hurry. You come out of the bathroom and into the living room to see a couple of my girlfriends and one of them brought a guy friend. You feel so embarrassed that your wife is dominating enough to make you dress up like a woman. You come in and I politely introduce everyone to my sissy boy. Everyone looks at you and my girlfriends smirk a little and the guy just smiles. I tell you to go get us some drinks and they watch as you walk out the room and then begin laughing. They can’t believe how a masculine man can be made to dress up as a woman. But I told them it is part of my forced feminization phone sex for you. You are going to be my bitch for a night and do what I tell you. When you come back into the room, one of my girlfriends ask you to lift up your dress. You look at me confused and I tell you to do what she tells you, so you walk over in front of her and lift your dress up exposing those cute pink panties which are hiding the semi hard erection you have. I guess you like wearing women’s clothing because you are getting turned on. Well, you are going to do everything you are told whether you like it or not. I am in control and will command you. You know what happens when you disobey. But I don’t care whether you disobey or not because if I want to punish you I will at my pleasure. For right now, you will take care of my guests and I do mean take care of them by going over to the guy and being a lady. I want, or rather we want you to flirt with him as a woman would. go over and flirt with him. Show off your body to him and make him want you. Be a good little sissy boy. So you go over and begin flirting with him as he sits there smiling and smirking a little. You feel it is hopeless because you aren’t doing anything for him. All of a sudden he stands up and pulls out his cock. I walk over and push you down on your knees where you are face to face with his sexy cock waving in your face. Go on you know what we want. You hesitate and then feel my hand on the back of your head pushing you closer to it until it penetrates your lips and down into your throat it goes. We hear you gag on it but that doesn’t stop me from pumping your mouth back and forth on it. It amuses us to watch you have your forced feminization phone sex. Pumping your mouth back and forth until he shoots a nice load of creamy cum into your throat. Now swallow. That is what I do with my sissy boys like you.

    Eleanor Ext. 579

  • Sensual Goddess

    laurenMy pets,sluts,slaves,bitch bois and sissy’s all know the sensual Goddess that I am. They come calling all hours of the day begging to serve and worship me. A beautiful  young,sexy blonde Goddess to control,dominate,violate them in the most sensual ways at times. What naughty fun we do have.

    I love edging & teasing cock. Making it throb and drip pre ~cum for me. Mmmm…pre~cum. My cum that is. I will certainly own your cum and make it mine. I will demand it or deny you that is all up to your Goddess.  Sometimes, I like to use light bondage on you and assume total control. On your back,spread eagle I like to climb on you and conquer what is mine with my luscious Goddess pussy. So sexy I purrrr to you like a sex kitten in heat finding that perfect spot on your face for my hot,moist,baby smooth lips. Oh yes, I love to fuck your face until my Goddess honey drips all over you. Glazing you with the perfect sex nectar.

    What’s that my love? You desire more of your sensual Mistress? You say you ache to taste me that you are completely addicted to my honey. Well, then lover boy earn it…smile. Prove to your young Domina that you are worthy and the rewards will follow. Can you handle the sensual,erotic edge play long enough to hold your seed?

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  • Horny lil Porn girl


    I cant stop dreaming of being in a wet n wild squirting dirty raunchy amateur porn film. I cant hold it in any longer..this is my secret I have been really thinking of making a few hot videos . lusting over all the hot guys I talk to on a daily basis and finding out how nasty they really are drives me to quivering orgasms. There are never enough different ways to make my self explode while talking on the phone…so I recently started recording myself in skimpy clothes while I fuck myself with the biggest toys I have mmmmm even tasting my cunt juice after I shoot my creamy lava…I cant stop thinking of how the porn industry would love this tight lil snatch of mine….fucking over 100 guys a week possibly….wow id love to be a dirty slutty girl anytime my pussy craves it and a good girl when I go to my regular job….ahhhhhh the pleasure never ends.

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  • Spend The a Night With Khole Are You Ardent Romantic…?


    Mmmmmm it’s been a long day for both of us your all I can think of baby …..

    I rushed home today just to check my caller I’d I missed you something awful……..

    Sit back relax and call me so I can share what’s been running through my head I wanna let you know I have a very special evening that awaits you  ….

    As our evening goes on I will show you just what it means to nibble on fruits  and explore our inner children .

    You will have a erotic tantric massage Release  you will erupt more than once as I am your tantric guide you will be amazed at just what a night of passion can do and how much energy your body can harness if not properly handledimage.


    Now that  I’m here for you  come allow me to open you up on many different levels

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    Phone SexMen have got to be the kinkiest and most perverted creatures on earth, but I think I might give them a run for their money. Some have mild fetishes like voyeurism and cuckolding but mine go as far as using people as toilets. Golden showers phone sex can be so intense and thrilling if done correctly. It also helps to have a partner willing or not. I like making it erotic but it pleasures me being very nasty too. Seeing how pathetically you lay there groveling at my feet while I stand over you showing the pinkness of my dripping pussy. Lay back and take your reward as I squat down over you and holding open my lips for you to see the tiny hole as it drenches you with delectable delight. Watching as my golden shower phone sex flows over your face and deep within your mouth. Swallow it and taste its sweetness. You can be a slave to it and all it has to offer. Your cock probably gets very hard and aroused thinking these nasty things or how much you really want it. You have probably had lots of premature ejaculations picturing in your mind a sexy seductive yet dominating woman standing over you releasing her golden flow on you. The very thought of it makes you throb. I give lots of golden shower phone sex to many men and some females who crave it. You will probably be requesting my service also soon. Once the thought hits you and festers in your mind, you will be calling. You will want to hear as my flow encompasses you and of course your face. I have a good mind to stuff your mouth with urine soaked panties beforehand. Maybe the flavor will make it more erotic for you. So enjoy all your other fetishes until we speak about your golden shower phone sex.

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  • Rough Daddy play

    p4626-7You could say I’m a Daddy’s girl.  My Daddy is a very  successful lover and I have always been the apple of his eye. Daddy knew how to make my wet panties stick to my smooth tan skin.  Daddy is always rough with my tight little hoes. While dressing in my school girl outfit,Daddy spanks my bare bottom for 30 mins. Would you like to play my dirty daddy?

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  • My Oral Fetish

    laurenI love summertime. OMG so much. Oh, and happy 4th of July weekend by the way sexy peeps!!  ;).  Something about summer brings out the serious naughty girl in me. And I am going to admit something…I have been a very naughty girl. haha Surprise, surprise right? Teasing,seducing,luring men especially married men, to my bedroom is one of my fav things to do. How wicked fucking hot is it to seduce married cock. Oh my, I do love it.

    O.k. so anyways, I’m no doubt into some serious oral sex. You might even say I have an oral fetish. It’s true! I always want to be sucking,nibbling or licking something. You know what I mean? Thick,rock hard cock being my first choice,of course. Mmmm mouth starting to water. But like those moments when cock is not around then I will suck on my finger, a straw,my pen,anything I can find to satisfy the urge. I guess this means I need more of your cock don’t you? But I want real man dick and no I’m not normally very submissive. There is a difference between desiring kinky,erotic oral,hot sex with an eager adequate partner. I want to seductively,slowly, go down on you and make your cock mine. I want to own it. Show you if not prove to you how much you really do desire control. I want to tease your hard shaft unmercifully and just when you think you will explode I want to tease a lil more.

    I even like the thought of one or two of my girlz joining us. Some sort of group fuck with tons of hot oral.Yeah, I am definitely down for that. But I hope you can hold your seed big boy because I wanna ride that shit after wards. ha! I love to bounce on dick. All day & night. And then suck it some more. lol

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  • Honey dew me*

    p5460-4Their is nothing more sexy than waking up to a guy.Thats past out in my bed and holding on to be like I was his girlfriend.I woke up before him,and he was holding me.

    So I just layed their just thinking about how it made me feel.  He had a boner the whole time and yeah he was really really big. We still had our clothes on but yeah I can still feel it through his pants. He woke up went to the bath room and I could hear him taking a piss,then he got into the shower.

    I was sitting their wondering if I should #%&?him but yeah I was kinda worried he might not be intested in me that way. Then I hear him call my name,so I cracked the door open. He called me to come in… Into the steamy bathroom that smells like my cucumber honey dew body wash.

    Him standing there,with a huge boner,dripping wet and asking me to come into the shower with him. I  told him I can, just in case me dad comes home. He leaned towards me and started to kiss me, I kissed him back. He kissed my neck,slowly went down to my breast,sucking on my nipples as if he want to just wanted to have my taste forever.

    He spinned me around and got down on his knees,squeezing my ass,spreading my butt cheeks. Then he started oh god yes,he stuck his tongue in me and licked me all over. He was so loving and  sweet,so soft and slow. It was so amazing I didnt want it to end,he stuck his finger in me and fucked me very gently.

    His boner was so hard it was jumping up and down poking me from behind. He started jacking off and told me to get on my knees. I got down looking up at him and watching him stocking his cock so fast. Mmm I can tell he like it rough,moaning and rubbing his cock on my lips.

    he tolf me to open my mouth,and told me to suck on it. I started to suck on his cock and all I can taste was my body was,it wasnt hororible but at least now I know what he was using it for.

    He pulled my hair as he pushed his penis deep down my throat. I started gagging on his cock and then I felt a warm squirt in the back of my throat. It was so deep I had no choice but to swallow :)

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  • Yes, Master…

    p5491-1“You know what I want, don’t you princess?’ he asked me over the phone, his voice like a caress.

    There were goosebumps on my arms and my nipples were hard as I answered, “Yes, Master. I know what you want.”

    “And you’ll give me what I want, won’t you? Because you know that I’ll take it anyway.” His low threat sent shivers down my spine.

    “Yes, Master. I know.” I hung up the phone with shaking hands, already anxious to do my master’s bidding. He couldn’t come home quickly enough to put out the raging fire within me.

    I went to the bathroom and took a quick, hot shower, washing myself very carefully and rinsing away the odor of my body wash and shampoo as best I could; He didn’t like when I wore fragrances. Stepping out of the shower, I washed my face, gently removing my makeup and moisturizing and then reapplying my lipstick, a deep, bluish red shade that was almost the color of blood.

    I towel-dried my hair but did nothing else to it; He liked the damp, tousled look. I put on one of His buttoned-down shirts, only fastening two of the buttons in the middle. It was sky blue, a color I’d chosen deliberately because it matched my eyes. I also put on a pair of His navy blue knee-high socks, since it was chilly out and I needed to put the finishing touches on dinner.

    I went back to the kitchen, took the roast out of the oven and had started preparing a salad when I heard Him enter. I turned around to find Him walking into the kitchen towards me as He unbuckled His belt and unfastened his pants. I immediately dropped down to my knees and took his cock into my mouth, the only version of a “How was your day, sweetheart?” that He’d ever want from me. My cunt flooded with desire as His cock grew in my mouth and He put his hands through my hair, forcing me to look at him as I serviced Him with my mouth.

    “Did you have a good day, princess?” He asked me with very controlled calm as my lips stained His cock red.

    I mumbled “Yes” through a mouthful of cock as I used one hand to play with my clit while He fucked my face. I knew that would send Him over the edge. And I was right.

    He came hard in my mouth, His delicious cum coating my throat and I eagerly swallowed every drop then opened my mouth wide for more as He pissed into it, relieving Himself in me in every way possible.

    “Thank you, Master,” I licked my lips as He finished and stood up. As tall as I was, He dwarfed me. He could break me in two if He wanted, and that only made me want Him more.

    He got down on His knees, grabbed my ass and without preamble, plunged His expert tongue into my cunt, licking me like a savory desert. I didn’t have His control. He’d been stoic as I’d licked and sucked His cock but my Master released sounds from my body that both embarrassed and aroused me. I squirmed pathetically to get away and tried to muffle and swallow my loud moans but it was pointless. I held unto His shoulders as He painted my walls with His tongue mercilessly until I squirted into His greedy mouth. My knees buckled and He held me up over His mouth as I pissed into it, gently wiping me with His tongue as I finished.

    He let me fall gently to the floor when I finished and I looked up to see that His cock was rock hard again. My nipples hardened in anticipation. “You know, what I want, don’t you?” He asked. I said nothing as I got on all fours on the cold tile floor, shaking in anticipation.

    “Don’t you?”” He asked again. I shook my head slowly, knowing that I was threading dangerous waters. I could hear Him pulling His belt out of the loops of His pants. “Answer me,” He whispered into my ear. I shook my head again, even as my own juices ran down my leg.

    I nearly came from that first sensation of the cold air hitting my bare ass a split second before His leather belt did. “Answer me!”

    “Yes!” I cried out.

    “‘Yes’ what?” He demanded as He spanked me forcefully.

    “Yes, Master, I know what you want!”

    “Then give it to me!”

    He heard the belt fall to the ground as he picked my up like a rag doll, ripped the shirt off my body and forced Himself inside me in one fluid motion.

    I could barely gasp for air as He rammed into me, invading me over and over again. “Yes, baby, this is what I want. But you’re going to give me more,” He whispered in my ear. His voice was like rolling thunder and only made me wetter, grip His cock even tighter. “That’s right, baby,” He whispered as He kissed my neck gently while pounding into me roughly.

    “Look at me,” He demanded when I closed my eyes to shut out the overwhelming sensation. “You’re not in control anymore; I am.” With that, He fulled my hair, forcing my head back, forcing me to look at Him as he violated my body, and I let Him. I was so close now, and He could tell by the way I was digging my fingernails into His shoulders.

    “Harder!” I demanded, hating myself for losing control this way.

    He responded my picking me up and walking over to the plate glass window with my legs wrapped around Him, wearing me like a portable fuck-toy. “You’re a good little whore, aren’t you?” He asked as I he pulled my hips on and off of Him.

    “Yes, Master,” I responded, my body shaking as I felt the cold glass behind my and He relentlessly fucked my sore, throbbing cunt.

    “That’s right,” He goaded as I started shaking again. “That’s a good little slut. Cum for your Master,” He demanded as He roughly teased and bit at my nipples. “Give me all that delicious cream.”

    “Yes, yes, yes, Ma-” I couldn’t finish as I came so hard on His cock that I nearly blacked out. He held me tightly there as I shook violently in His arms, keeping me pressed between the window and his body. And He wouldn’t stop. He only pulled out long enough to turn me around and start fucking me from behind.

    “This window is dirty, Princess. Filthy, even,” He whispered as He destroyed my cunt. I was crying from the pain, and the pleasure, but He wanted more, and I had to give it to Him.

    I opened my mouth as licked my cum from the window as  He fucked me through two more raging orgasms, one so violent that He had to pull my hard back to keep my head up. He slapped my ass and turned my face to kiss my tears as He fucked me.

    “I’m about to cum, Princess,” He whispered as I continued to lick my own juices. “I’m going to cum inside you, and you’re going to let me, aren’t you?”

    “Yes, Master,” I cried as I came again.

    “That’s right,” He whispered as He kissed the back of my neck ever-so-gently. “Who do you belong to?”

    “I’m yours,” I whispered as His cum filled me, as He grabbed my hips and pushed His seed into my body.

    Only then did I have a respite as He pulled out, gently picked me up and carried me to bed. He held me there, with my body still shaking from my orgasms, kissing my face, neck, back, even my toes until I was calm again. Afterward, as we lay in bed, Him spooning me,  He asked: “So, what’s for dinner?’

  • Dirty Catholic Girlfriend Experience: 1 hour fantasy

    p4626-3I was born and raised under a  very Catholic Mexican Father, was never allowed to wear makeup or revealing clothes. My hair was always kept short and to my collar until the age of 15. I hated every minute of it. I would stare in envy at all the pretty girls in my neighborhood wearing short skirts and lip gloss and wish I could be like them. I was still a virgin by the time I was 15…until a young and perverse monk took my virginity. Now, I am a little dirty pervert into handjobs, family fun, and other taboo things. LET ME BE YOUR DIRTY CATHOLIC GIRL!

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  • Forced Intoxication

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  • Diary of a Lonely Housewife

    June 6

    Dear Diary,

    Once again, hubby left town for work and left me horny and all alone.  I’ve practically worn out my toys trying to take care of my sexual frustration.  I always try to be good while he’s away, but sometimes I just can’t control myself.  Just so you know, I’m 5’5″ with long, dark red hair, and I have very green eyes.  I have a very curvy, voluptuous figure with some large DD breasts and a nice, round ass.  Let’s just say I’m still good but in other ways! I was so busy trying to get myself off that I didn’t hear the doorbell the first time.  In my hurry to get to the door, I forgot that I just had on my pink lace thong and pink lace push up bra.  I opened the door and was greeted by the hottest delivery driver.  I could tell by his open mouth that he was shocked to see me in my underwear.  I realized what I had done and quickly grabbed a coat to throw on.

    “You didn’t have to do that!” he exclaimed with a big smile on his face.

    “I’m so sorry. I was, uh, busy when you rang the doorbell.”

    “I like the view!” he laughed.  He was very sexy.  He hadn’t delivered anything to me before.

    “Where would you like the box?”  It was a pretty large box.

    “Please bring it in the living room.” I watched his muscles flex as he picked up the box and moved it to the living room.  “Could you help me open the box?”

    “I suppose I can.  It is time for my break,” he stated with a sheepish grin.  I knew what was in the box, but I wanted him to see it.  He opened the box and pulled out the stuffing to reveal several vibrators, 2 large dildos, and various lubes.

    “Oh! You sell adult toys!” he smiled.

    “No!  They’re for me.  I get very lonely when my husband is out of town.  He’s gone a lot!”  I returned his smile.

    He reached over and opened my coat letting it drop to the floor.  He ran his hands over my body cupping my breasts.  I reached down and could feel that he was very hard.  Just the thought of that hard cock inside me was making me so wet.  I undid his pants and let them fall to the floor revealing a large smooth cock.  I fell to my knees and ran my hand up and down that hard shaft.  I ran my tongue all around his head then started to suck.  I took his cock in my mouth til it hit the back of my throat.  He moaned and grabbed my head thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth.  He smelled so good and tasted even better.  He kept thrusting into my mouth.  I would gag from time to time, but I liked gagging on his cock.  He pulled out of my mouth and stood me up.  He undid my bra and pulled off my panties.  His touch on my skin was electrifying.  I was dripping wet as he ran his hand up my thigh and slid his fingers into my pussy.  His fingers knew exactly where to go, and I wanted it.  He pulled out and rubbed my clit.

    “I want that cock inside me!” I moaned.

    He sat down on the couch and pulled me down onto him.  I felt the head of his cock enter my pussy as I slowly slid down.  He grabbed my tits and began sucking hard on my nipples.  I wanted him to devour me.  I started pumping that cock sliding up and down. Harder and faster each time I entered him.  He reached over to box and pulled out one of the toys.  I was still pumping his cock while he opened the package and put the batteries in.

    “Stand up,” he whispered.  I stood up, and he turned me around.  He buried his face in my ass licking my tight hole.  I could feel his tongue slide into my ass.  He handed me the vibrator and told me to put it on my clit.  I turned it on and started rubbing my clit.  He was pulling me down again, but this time he wasn’t entering my pussy.  I felt the head of his hard cock push into my ass.  It hurt, but it felt so good.  I wanted to feel all of him inside me.  He grabbed my hips and started to pump my ass.   I kept rubbing my clit with the vibrator.  I bounced harder and faster on his cock.  I could feel his cock getting tighter in my ass.

    “Cum inside me,” I moaned.  The most incredible orgasm was building inside me.  I screamed with sheer pleasure as he tightened up and blew his load inside me.  He was moaning and thrusting so hard as I felt every spasm shooting cum into my ass.  I slid off his cock and got on my knees to suck him clean.  I had him moaning, almost purring, with every drop that I swallowed.  “That was amazing,” he moaned.  I knew that I would be getting many more deliveries as long as he was the driver!

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  • Summer’s Naughty Country Gangbang

    p5578-5I want to tell you a story about something that happened to me last summer I’m still a little amazed by it all and look back on it every so often when I’m feeling extra naughty. I was invited to what I thought was a cook- out by my friend on a beautiful day last summer out at her friend’s farm in the country.

    I was excited about going and wearing a cute little sexy red sun dress I had just bought. I made sure to paint my pretty little feet the same shade of red to match and I wore sexy white high heels sandals for the occasion and even a flower in my beautiful platinum blonde hair. Everyone compliments me on my hair! This was probably not the right outfit for a trip to the country but give me a break I’m a city girl and glamour is in my blood.Hey at least I would look cute when I sprained an ankle in the mud I told myself.

    We drove out into the countryside through rolling hills our hair blowing in the breeze through the open window singing along to the radio. We were just two carefree girls out for a day in the country excited for what it held for us. We finally arrived at a long winding gravel road and a rustic looking barn that looked just like the pictures you see in classic Americana books.

    Chickens ran in circles in the yard and the air smelled like hay and dirt. I had the sudden feeling of anticipation as I got out of the car and of course nearly tripped in the dirt on my pretty little high heels. We approached the barn where I could see the large red doors just partially open and I could hear music faintly wafting from the doorway on the summer breeze. There was also a slightly musky odor I couldn’t quite identify hanging in the air. We approached the barn and slid the doors open revealing lithe bodies moving in impossible sexual combinations in the early evening light. I think my jaw hit the ground! What I was witnessing in the rustic red barn was a full on orgy I felt my pussy suddenly start throbbing along with my pulse racing. There were women hanging over hay bales being fucked up their cute little assholes while sucking the biggest cocks I had ever seen in my life. And Men Sucking and fucking cocks so big I didn’t think I could even get half of one inside me but I sure would like to try! The air was thick with the smell of cum and sex and at this point I was standing in the door way fingering my dripping wet pussy for all I was worth. I knew I had to be fucked and fucked hard or I would go crazy!

    I walked into the barn stripping my clothes from my hot sticky body. I approached a man with a giant hard cock with a glistening mushroom head and got down on my knees and started sucking the most delectable cock I had ever tasted. I could taste the pussy juices and cum on him like a bouquet of flavors in my mouth. I looked up at him wanting him to fuck my face deep and hard and let me taste his cum. He groaned and grabbed the back of my head shoving his cock deeper back in my throat almost gagging me. Suddenly I felt myself being taken from behind a stranger’s cock being shoved in my dripping wet pussy as I was still having my mouth fucked. I shivered with excitement at being filled with cock from either end. I could feel the strange cock being slammed into my pussy harder and harder and I knew I was about to be filled with creamy cum loads from both ends. They slammed those big hard cocks into my moist tight wet mouth and pussy until finally I got two of the biggest loads of cum shot deep into my greedy mouth and nasty wet creamy pussy.I stood up and felt hot wet cum running down my smooth thighs and started rubbing my clit instantly cumming so hard it almost knocked me off my feet. I looked to see where my friend was and saw her with her face buried deep in a beautiful redhead’s pussy while she was being done hard from behind by a large black cock.

    We didn’t speak much on the drive home stunned by the experience to this day I look back on the memory of my “day in the country” and I instantly get a wet spot in my satin panties. I would love to tell you all about my other adventures and share a little nasty fun feel free to chat with me I’m at Ext 555 Summer XOXO Bye for now

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  • Diary of a Lonely Housewife

    June 1

    Dear Diary,

    Hubby is out of town again, and I have been so lonely and horny.  Think I’ve burnt the batteries up in most of my toys.  What’s a girl to do?  I’ve been watching the new neighbor move in next door.  He is so hot!  He likes to lay out naked by his pool.  I’ve been fingering myself while watching the sweat glisten on all of his muscles.  ALL of them.  He has a cock that I want to suck so badly!  I did promise the hubby that I would be a good girl while he was gone.  I just didn’t say how good!

    I decided to welcome my new neighbor so I baked him some cookies and masturbated again while they were baking.  Almost burnt the cookies!!  I put on my sexy black lace bra, thong, and garter belt.  Then I slid on my black thigh highs with the seam up the back and slipped on my best black “fuck me” heels.  I put on my cute pink overcoat and went next door.

    I started to get excited when I rang the doorbell.  I could feel myself getting so wet with anticipation of seeing that big cock inside me.  He opened the door, and I introduced myself.  He was wearing such a small pair of shorts that I almost came right then!  I could see the outline of that cock and just wanted to shove it in my mouth.  He invited me inside his house.  I’ve always loved this house and could see that he had an incredible decorator.  I gave him the plate of cookies, and he offered me a drink.  He decided opened a very nice bottle of wine and poured me a glass.  I found out that his name was Jack, and he had recently been transferred here to work with a large oil company.  He said he didn’t want to bore me with the details, but he did get to work from his home and loved the space and privacy it gave him.

    I was getting so wet.  I asked him where his wife was.  Sadly, he told me that his wife died in a tragic car accident, and he hadn’t been with another woman in two years.  His work kept him so busy. I told him that’s not the way to live your life.  I confessed to him that I had been watching him since he moved in.  I thought it was impossible for him not to at least have a girlfriend with that incredible body.  He blushed and thanked me.  I noticed that my coat had opened up, and he could see my breasts.  He admitted to me that he had been watching me but noticed my husband too.  I told him hubby spends a lot of time out of town, and I get so lonely and horny.  Jack admitted that he masturbated while fantasizing about taking me by his pool.  Of course, I admitted to masturbating while watching him by the pool.

    Jack reached inside my coat and opened it up.  He asked me to stand up so he could see what all I had on.  He pulled off the coat and threw it on the floor.  Then he unhooked my bra and cupped my breasts.  He touch sent chills through me, and I could feel my panties getting even wetter.  He then undid my garters so he could slide my panties to the floor.  He leaned over and buried his face between my legs.  I could feel his tongue running up and down my clit and pussy.

    I told him it was my turn.  I slid those little shorts out from under him and freed that hard cock.  The head glistened with pre-cum.  I got down on my knees and took his head in my mouth.  It was salty and tasted so good.  I almost squirted while running my tongue over his head and down his shaft.  I could hear him moaning but didn’t stop.  I sucked on his balls and came back up for more.  I had his whole, hard cock in my mouth, and I was bobbing up and down thrusting that big boy into the back of my throat.  His moaning was getting louder, and he grabbed the back of my head.  He fucked my mouth hard and fast, and I could feel the pre-cum drip down my throat.

    He pulled his cock from my mouth, stood up, and picked me up.  I wrapped my legs around him as he slid my wet pussy down onto that hard rod.  My pussy welcomed him.  He bobbed me up and down a few times causing me to squirt all over his dick.  He set me down, and I made sure he was licked clean.  Then he turned me around and bent me over the couch.  I felt that big cock push back into my pussy making me moan.  He thrust in and out over and over again each time getting harder and faster.  I kept pushing my ass back into him to get as much of him inside me as possible.  He slapped my ass causing the most incredible feeling to rise inside me.  He slapped me even harder and caused me to cum all over that big, hard cock.  He slowed down making sure my juices were all over his cock.  He pulled his cock out of my pussy.  I thought he might want me to suck him off again, but then I felt that head pushing into my ass.  He was going to take all of me, and I was going to let him.  That big head popped into my ass as he slowly pushed inside me all the way down to his balls.  I moaned and started pushing against him.  He had me open so wide, and it felt so good!  I wanted more.  I demanded that he fuck my ass hard and fast.  He grabbed me by the shoulders and drove that hard rod deep inside me.  I thought I was going to burst!  I kept crying for more bucking my hips more feverishly into him.  He moaned that he was about to cum.  I demanded that he cum in my ass.  I wanted it all for myself.  I wanted to feel that cock spasm as that load shot into my ass.  He fucked me harder and faster.  My explosion was hard and came up fast.  My hips wildly bucking as I screamed in pleasure.  One last pump, and I heard him moan loudly and could feel all of that cum being shot into my ass.  He pumped me a few last times to get every drop inside me.

    Jack pulled out of me and ran his fingers over my gaping hole.  He covered his fingers with his juices and shoved them in my mouth.   I sucked every bit of it off of his fingers.  This went on a few more times until he decided that I needed to clean his cock off.  I ran my tongue all over making sure that he was very clean.

    Jack collapsed onto the couch and exclaimed that was the best sex he ever had.  Diary, I think I like my new neighbor.  I think I’ll be very busy while hubby is gone.  Don’t worry.  I’ll still be a “good” girl.  Oh yes!  I’ll be a very good girl!!!

    To hear more about the dirty adventures of the Lonely Housewife, contact Collette at Ext. 839.  I’ll be waiting!

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  • Well hi there I’m Summer I’m new here…

    p5578-3Well hi there I’m Summer I’m new here and I would love to get to know all of you a little better I just wanted to tell you some of my very favorite things. I’m a girly girl and I just love lingerie and shoes I have a huge collection of panties and high heels in fact I’m running out of room to keep them all! I love satin panties because I just love the way the fabric caresses my pussy it makes me so horny. I admit I get all dressed up in my lingerie paint my toe nails and light candles because it makes me feel sexy and I sit on my bed and play with my toys till I cum so hard. That is my idea of relaxing girl time evening date with myself.

    I love any excuse to get dressed up and wear sexy stilettos they look so pretty and make me feel so glamorous. I love wearing short little mini dresses that barely cover my little ass and going out to tease the boys. I make sure to bend over and flash my pussy and sometimes I don’t even wear panties! I know I’m such a bad girl! Another one of my favorite things is to be finger fucked in public places. Like under the table at restaurants. I love to go to bars and let strange men finger fuck me right at the bar while I order a drink. It makes me feel like such a dirty nasty slut and I love it.

    As long as I’m sharing all my dirty nasty secrets with you I should tell you about my other favorite thing which is a secret that no one knows. I’m really just your average girl which is why this is such a turn on for me. I always had a fantasy of being paid for sex and being the ultimate slut. I know this guy that I once met on an online date. I had no attraction to him but I knew he was into me and would go for my fantasy in a big way. For this to be real it had to be with a guy that I wasn’t really attracted to so I could feel like the slut I really am. So I called him and we met at a hotel and I told him to bring a friend to watch. I fucked and sucked both of them so hard and took huge loads of cum in my ass and pussy and down my throat. Afterwards I could feel it dripping out of every hole and running down my legs.

    I would love to tell you more nasty dirty secrets call me at Ext 555 XOXO Summer

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  • Ménage à trois Phone Sex

    lauren I truly adore this delightfuly kinky French notion for a sexy,open threesome. Mmm Love triangle at it’s best. I am totally in~

    When I was 19 I spent the entire summer in Europe. Of all the places I ventured Amsterdam and  Crete were life changing for me. I loved being able to express myself more freely. Going topless around the beach and some of the populated shopping areas,unexpected midnight rendezvous. Partying in Amsterdam with wild,hot foreign girls (and guys too,of course). Yes, please! I have the best and most naughty memories of this and masturbate often thinking about the awesome sexual experiences I encountered over those months.

    So, it got me to thinking about a threesome arrangement. Something sultry,dirty,sinful for the summer. I love the idea of one very naughty man and two hot little whores eager to satisfy. Mmm….the multiple orgasms we could share. Licking,touching,teasing with our tongues,steamy showers,sultry hot tubs,skinny dipping in the pool,late night ass fucking. Yes darling I said ass fucking and I meant it love…yours,mine or hers. *giggles*

    I am totally serious though. I think a seductive little three way relationship would be so much luscious fun to explore. That’s why I love role playing so much on and off the phone. I love dressing the part, in fact I have many sexy costumes for any occasion. So, why not the two of us pick another lover and indulge in a beautiful,sensuous,lustful threesome for the summer? Doesn’t it sound divine ? My panties are absolutely soaked right now at thought right now.

    Kisses darlings,


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    Please feel free to request me if I am not available, I will always do my best to take your call if able. Or you can also set an appointment with me in advance. Thanks sexy ;)

  • Cuckold Dreams

    p5491-7I’d had enough of Richard. Here I was, 27 years old, and stuck in a marriage with the most sexually inadequate man on the planet. When I’d first met Richard, I hadn’t cared much about that. He was tall, handsome, kind, had a terrific job and even loved helping around the house. But the longer we were married, the harder it became for me to feign interest in sex with him. Richard’s cock was small, about 5 inches, thin and, to add insult to injury, he had no staying power. Richard could eat cunt like a cunnilingus Picasso, but the buck stopped there.

    Everyone thought we were the perfect couple. Richard was a powerful corporate lawyer; his partners at the office admired and respected him. I was a pediatrician and a valued member of the community. We never had petty, public fights like our friends, we were always courteous and considerate of one another. What no one knew, though, is that Richard cooked dinner nearly every night wearing nothing but my lingerie and a pair of stilettos. He’d slave over the hot stove in a thong or lacy boy-shorts, a demi-bra, thigh-high silk nylons and a garter belt. Then, he’d serve dinner and we’d eat and make casual conversation. Afterwards, Richard would load up the dishwasher and we’d retire to the bedroom, where I’d ride his face until I came, then flip him over and fuck him up the ass with a 10-inch strap-on until be blew his load and I could release my sexual frustration.

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this. My perfect husband was supposed to fuck me every night. But since Richard’s cock couldn’t satisfy me, for all intents and purposes, I’d become the husband in our relationship, fucking him as punishment for being so fucking inadequate. But I couldn’t stop fantasizing about thick, long, hard cocks that could stretch and work out my tight, neglected little pussy. Every night, I’d masturbate after Richard fell asleep, imagining what it’d be like to be with a real man again. And then, one day, I met David.

    David was new in town, and had come into my office with his nephew because the boy’s parents had been too busy with work to bring him in for his annual checkup. Right away, the sexual chemistry between us had been undeniable. I felt it and one look at David made it clear that he felt it, too. The man was gorgeous: tall, chiseled features. The imprint of his semi-hard bulge against his pants made it clear that he was working with all the right equipment as well. I was shaking as I examined little Brian, barely paying attention to the boy as his hot uncle’s cologne intoxicated me. My pussy flooded my panties just looking at him!

    I was too nervous to make a move, but David wasn’t. Before he left the office with Brian, he casually handed me his business card. I always got home before Richard did, and he’d called me during lunch that day to let me know that he wouldn’t be home until late; he had a business dinner with some new clients. My hands were trembling as I dialed David’s number.

    “Hello?” he answered on the third ring.

    “Hi. This is Beth. I mean, Dr. Prescott.”

    “I know. I was waiting for your call.”

    “I want you.”

    “I know. I want you, too.”

    “I’m married, David,” I blurted out, cringing as waited for him to reject me.

    “I don’t care. When do you want me to come over?”

    “Now. I want you now.” I gave David my address and 15 minutes later, he was ringing my doorbell.

    I opened the door and there he stood, like a suburban sex god. “What the hell took you so long?” I asked as I pulled him into the house, shut the door and kissed him ferociously. David kissed me back, pressing his hard, throbbing cock against my belly. “Where’s the bedroom?’ he whispered against my mouth. I quickly led him there, practically running while I tossed off my clothes.

    I sat on the bed in my underwear and David started to undress. When I saw his glorious cock spring out of his slacks, I wanted to sing praises to it. And I did, as I lavished it with kisses and got down on my knees to swallow it. David was so big that I gagged several times, but I didn’t care. A blowjob wasn’t what he had in mind, though. David picked me up and threw me on the bed before proceeding to eat my pussy like it was his last meal on death row. He didn’t let me cum, though. Just as I was about to, he flipped me over, spread my legs and pushed hard into me with his monstrous cock.

    “Ah!” I screamed. It hurt, having his thick cock stretch me like this, but it was such a delicious pain.

    David was deaf to my cries of pain as he grabbed my hips and pushed into me fast and hard. And it was clear that he wasn’t stopping anytime soon. My body soon grew to accommodate him, and soon, I was pushing back against his beautiful cock as he pulled my hair and fucked me like I owed him money.

    “Oh my fucking God! Yes! Fuck me!” I was screaming like a woman possessed as David thrust and moaned inside of me. He flipped me over, putting my legs over his shoulders and started fucking me slow and deep. That’s when I saw him. Richard was standing there, right behind David with tears running down his face as I came, harder than I’ve ever cum in my life, all over David’s cock.

    “Stop!” I quickly pushed David off of me. “Richard, honey,” I got off the bed and slowly approached him, my juices running down my legs. “Baby, I’m sorry. I just… I really need this. I’m unhappy with our sex life, always have been. I’m a good wife to you. Just let me have this. Please.”

    Richard said nothing for a while, then he slowly nodded. “All right. I only ask that you do this when I’m home. I love you, Beth. I don’t want there to be any lies or secrets between us. Do you understand?’

    I kissed him gently. “Yes. I do. Thank you, sweetheart.”

    Richard took off his tie and sat down on the window bench as David looked bemusingly his way. “Where were we?” David asked from the bed as he held out his hand toward me. He’d been silent this entire time but his cock was still rock hard. I saw Richard staring at him in jealousy and that just turned me on even more. I got back into bed, hopped right back on top of David’s cock and rode him hard. Richard sat on the window bench, stroking his tiny cock as he watched me fuck another man. After I came twice more, reaching for and grasping Richard’s hand as David’s cock sent me to ecstasy, he put me back on my knees, pushing my face into the pillow as he fucked me hard. It almost hurt, how rough he was, but I was dripping wet, moaning and pushing back into him. It felt like David’s cock was going to split me in two and I didn’t care.

    “Fuck me!” I shouted as he repeatedly smacked my ass and rode me like a horse. “Harder!” I screamed. And he obliged by spreading my legs wider, pressing down on my low back and fucking me so hard that I couldn’t even make a sound. That’s when I felt it. David was about to cum inside me. And I wanted him to. I turned my face toward Richard and looked into his eyes as I backed up into David’s cock. “I’m sorry, baby. You just can’t satisfy me like he can. I need to real man’s cock.”

    “I know, baby,” Richard leaned over and stroked my hair back, kissing my forehead as David gave one final push and blew his load inside of me. It felt so amazing, feeling his cum inside me, dripping out of me. “Come here, baby,” I whispered as David withdrew and lay on his back next to me, completely exhausted. Richard obeyed, moving to lie on his back in the huge king bed. He knew what I wanted. And when I sat on his face and had him lick up every single drop of David’s cum from my pussy, he gave me what I needed, enthusiastically.

    In that moment, I had the perfect lover and the perfect husband. They may not have been the same guy, but I was living the dream.



    Want to hear more?


    Call Beth @ ext. 400

  • Dear Diary…

    p1891-2Dear Diary,

    Yesterday I went shopping for lingerie at this little French boutique. One of my wallet worms gave me $500 to spend on something sexy just for me. They had satin panties, silky thigh highs, revealing bustiers, garter belts, and even marabou slippers with 5 inch stiletto heels! My favorite! The shop girl was a cute little blonde, maybe 19. You could totally tell she was the kind of girl who thought she was special, but I knew I could get her to chew a piece of gum I found on the bottom of the Laboutins I got on my birthday from XXXXX. I bet she’s seen some things in the fitting room that have made her blush. The minute I saw her I knew I was going to get “full service.” I told her my budget and that it was barely enough to make me happy for an afternoon. I can’t believe how paltry these sums I am given can be. I mean, I don’t even think $500 counts as a “gift.” Anyway, She noted that my bust measurement was disproportionately large compared to my hips and waist but that she had some ideas. She brought out a red and black lace corset (designed to sweep under the breasts) with matching thong panties.

    As she modeled the pieces on the hanger, she told me where the material was sourced and how the pieces were constructed. As she turned the panties around to show me the backside, she slid her finger down the string of pearls that acted as the thong. She said that when worn the pearls had been know to inspire excitement. I asked her to be more specific. I wanted to make her squirm. She blushed! She didn’t want to tell me, but I made her say “orgasm.” I thought she was going to die of embarrassment! It was hilarious. I asked her name. Penelope. I told Little Penelope that she ought to close the shop for a bit while I tried some things on. She protested at first but then gave in after some firm cajoling.

    I had her take my clothes off and fit me in the corset. Then the panties. I handed her my phone and told her she needed to take a picture of my ass in these panties. “My ass looks amazing in these, doesn’t it?” I asked her. She nodded. I told her to speak up. “Yes,” she said. “Good enough to eat?” And then I laughed. I bent over, my hands on the mirror as I looked back at her and into the camera. I decided the corset and thong were perfect for a date I was having later this week. I love how these losers pay me to buy things that real men are going to rip off me! Some boys are so DUUUUUUUUUUMB!


    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 811  or visit me at USLove.com

  • Nude beach fever. . .

    p5460-9Thus summer I’m down in key west with my family. Have to be such a goody goody when I’m around my dad cause I’m the sparkle in his eyes. It gets really boring and over played cause I want to be able to do wild and crazy things in life. But still have the love of my father to rest my worry head upon. When I found out he had to go back home for paper work he forgot to take with him. My head was spinning, my heart was beating and I prayed that I wouldn’t have to come with him.So I didn’t what any teen age girl would do. I pretended I wanted to go and mentioned stores I’ve always wanted to go to on the way there, like the galleria mall, the beach place outlet. Yeah I know my daddy hates waiting while I shop so it worked. He told me I can stay as long as I don’t let any boys in the house. Silly me I figured out a way some how . I invited all my friend and we had a pool party outside under the shimmering key west sun. I had such a blast I wish the party would never end, it went on and on and on for two days. Until we ran out of booze and energy…. and yeah daddy came home and didnt know a thing and I’m still his favorite little girl :)

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  • Those Older Mature Phone Sex Dreams/ Uslove.com/eleanor/ Ext. 579

    Is it what you dream of lately? Does the very thought of it get you hard and throbbing? Imagining that older mature phone sex woman coming into your room and taking advantage of you in your bed. Feel her hands caress your body over those sheets before lifting them back to expose your naked body. You keep your eyes closed and peek every now and then to find out what she is doing to you or what she might be doing to herself. You peek just in time to see her taking her robe off and seeing those plump full breasts with darkened nipples. That partly shaved pussy with swollen clit. You can see how wet she is and that that pink pussy will be using your cock soon. You lay there as she climbs up over you and straddles your body you feel the heat from between her thighs. You so crave that older mature phone sex but don’t know how to go about getting it. I know what you think of and about. I know all your dirty secrets. You feel my hands caressing your body as I lay over you and sense the aroma of my perfume. Your eyes still closed while you feel my hands creeping closer and closer to your now throbbing cock. My hands start stroking your hard appendage but not before gently squeezing those balls making sure they are producing what I came for. Then continuing to stroke it while your leg is being humped by my soft sexy thigh. Your eyes stay closed until you feel the wetness of my mouth as it devours your cock inside it. Feel it as it slides up and down that veiny shaft my tongue licking around that mushroom cap. Isn’t this what you want? You can’t keep your eyes closed now while I entice your hard cock with my mouth. Give in to your fantasy of that sensuous yet kinky older mature phone sex. Feel my mouth come off of it and it sliding inside my wet mature pussy. See how tight it is and it feels so taboo knowing I live in the same house as you. Knowing that you are screwing the same hole that gave birth to you. How does that make you feel? Does it excite you now and make you want more older mature phone sex? I bet those are the hidden secrets inside your mind, call me and let’s find out what other hidden secrets I can reveal.

    Eleanor- Ext. 579

  • But I’m a Good Girl…

    p5491-8I’ve always been such a good girl. I obey my mommy and daddy, I get good grades, and I never, ever broke curfew. I never do anything but exactly what I’m told. I go to school, study, do my homework, walk the dog, Jesse, and take out the trash without complaint. All of my friends think that I’m so boring, a total goody two-shoes. But I have a secret…

    I’ve always been curious about the noises I’d hear coming from my parent’ room. Daddy’s grunts and mommy’s moans and the rhythmic banging of the headboard against the wall. I wasn’t allowed to date; Daddy was so strict and he said that teenage boys are all up to no good. I’d only ever even kissed one boy! But those noises, that pounding and sounds of ecstasy I’d hear every night made me feel…strange. In a good way. A very good way. I would start to feel wet, down there, and I didn’t know how this was happening or what to do about it.Daddy didn’t let me watch most of the shows on TV; he said they were inappropriate. And I knew better than to ask Mom; something told me she wouldn’t approve and she was always busy, anyway.

    One night, Mom went to visit her sister, Aunt Mary. Daddy hated Aunt Mary, so he stayed home, and since she lived 4 hours away, Mom would be spending the night. I was in my room, trying to sleep, but I couldn’t. I missed the noises coming from my parents’ room; it was my lullaby. Just thinking about it brought that wet feeling back. Like I always did, I put my hand under my nightgown to touch and rub it. I never wore panties to bed, so I just spread my legs and started rubbing but, as always, that only frustrated me more. I rubbed faster, hoping to make the tension go away, when suddenly, I hear a soft knock on my door.

    “Beth,” I heard Daddy on the other side, “are you awake, baby?”

    “Um, yes, Daddy,” I stammered, panicking as I pulled the covers up.

    “Can I come in, honey?” he asked.

    “Yes, Daddy,” I answered nervously. I thought maybe I was in trouble for forgetting to take the trash out earlier.

    Daddy came in and sat down next to me on the bed. He was smiling, so I knew everything was alright. “I just came to check on you, sweetie; I know you’re afraid of thunderstorms.” I hadn’t even realized there was a storm outside. I had been so distracted by the wetness, which was getting more intense with Daddy in my room. His cologne smelled so good…

    “Oh, I’m alright, Daddy, I’m not a little girl anymore,” I smiled at him.

    “I know, baby. You’re all grown up now,” he reached over to take my hand. The same hand I’d been using to touch the wetness.

    “Daddy!” I tried to snatch my hand away but, as he looked into my eyes, Daddy held onto my hand and brought it to his nose and smelled it. Then he brought it to his lips and slowly liked my fingers. I was so embarrassed that my whole body turned pink.

    “Ummm…” Daddy groaned. Groaned like when he was with Mom in their room. “Beth, sweetheart, it’s normal. What you were doing. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

    “I wasn’t doing anything,” I lied, looking down.

    “You weren’t?” Daddy asked, sounding angry. Before I could answer, he got up, pulled the covers down and yanked my nightgown up to my waist. “Let’s just see about that!”

    “Daddy, no!” I begged, as he spread my legs with his strong hands.

    “What are the rules in this house, Beth?” Daddy asked as he kept my legs spread open, looking down at my wetness.

    “Don’t lie,” I whispered, crying from shame.

    “That’s right. Don’t ever lie to Daddy!” Daddy crouched down so that his face was right in front of my wetness. “And don’t you ever keep something so beautiful from me.”

    Before I could answer, I felt Daddy slowly push two fingers inside of me. I moaned loudly, trembling from head to toe. “Daddy? What are you doing?”

    “I’m taking care of my girl,” he answered. “Relax, sweetheart.”

    “But, Daddy, what about Mom, she-”

    “Don’t worry about your mother. You know how much I love you, Beth. So sweet, so beautiful. I know you hear your mother and me at night.”

    I nodded.

    “Well, did you know that it’s you I think about it?” Daddy pushed deeper, using three fingers now. It hurt a little, but it felt really good, too.

    “Oh, Daddy,” I gasped, pushing into his fingers.

    “Does that feel good, baby?” he asked.

    “Yes, Daddy!” I was squirming to get closer. Suddenly, Daddy stopped and ripped my nightgown open from top to bottom.

    “Oh, my Beth, you’re so gorgeous,” Daddy moaned as he leaned down and took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking it while he kept pushing his fingers into me.

    Then I heard it: my moans and Daddy’s grunts, like when he was with Mom. I got even more wet. And Daddy could tell. He sat up and untied the drawstring of his sweatpants and out of them sprang something huge and hard.

    “Beth, baby, this is Daddy’s cock,” Daddy explained. “His cock is going to go here, in your tight little pussy, and it’s going to feel so good for both of us. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, Daddy,” I nodded. I didn’t understand, really, but Daddy’s cock looked so good and I really liked what he was doing with his hands.

    “That’s my girl,” Daddy smiled. He leaned forward, pushed my legs even farther apart and slowly pushed his cock inside of me.

    “Ow! Daddy, it hurts!” I squirmed to try to get away, but Daddy pinned me down and put a hand over my mouth as he kept pushing into me. It hurt so bad…but then it started to feel good. Really good! Daddy’s cock was stretching me as I felt myself growing wetter.

    “That’s right, baby,” Daddy whispered in my ear. “It feels good now, right?”

    I nodded and Daddy took his hand off my mouth and started playing with my small breasts while he fucked me. I was moaning so loudly as he pushed into me over and over again. “Yes, Daddy! More!”

    “Yes, baby, whatever you want,” Daddy leaned over and kissed me while he fucked me. “Oh, you’re so fucking tight and wet!”

    “Daddy! Daddy, I feel- I think something’s happening!” I felt like I needed to pee, but I didn’t want Daddy to stop.

    Daddy just shoved even deeper into me, grabbing my ass as he fucked me. “Yes, baby. Just let it happened,” he whispered in my ear.

    He pushed and pushed and suddenly, I was seeing stars. The frustration and tension from the wetness was gone. There was even more wetness than before and I was moaning and screaming, but it felt so amazing! I opened my eyes and saw Daddy smiling as he looked down at me, his hands in my hair as he thrust and pushed. Suddenly, his eyes squeezed shut and Daddy yelled loudly as he pushed into me hard. I felt him throbbing inside of me. All of a sudden, there was even more wetness.

    When it was over, Daddy kept his cock inside me, pulling me close. “This will be our secret, right, Beth?”

    “Yes, Daddy.”

    “That’s my good girl.”



    Do you want more?

    Call Beth @ 949-999-5900 EXT.400



  • Sissy Mary Jane’s first Bra

    laurenSissy training /feminization (especially forced) is always a kinky thrill for this young sexy Mistress. I actually trained my first sissy boi when I was just a teen and have loved it every since. Though I’m more of a sensual than strict Mistress I can and will do my share of extreme humiliation,hardcore domination,discipline techniques to include paddling,chastity,light bondage,forced cock sucking,spitting,sissy ball busting etc. Just a few of my training methods but I have many and it always depends on the sissy completely. I always adjust my training according to each and every individual sissy slut.

    So, anyways ,my darling slut Mary Jane is a very eager and quick learner in the ways of sissyhood. I have been training her for many months now and her feminization is coming along very nicely. It has been an erotic adventure to mold her into the sissy whore I desire. Often she is my maid and I dress her in full french maid atire. Of course,she is always pantied & plugged the way any sissy should be. I recently gave her an assignment to purchase a bra and wear it for our training. Much to my delight she did as instructed and showed up super slutty in her silky pink 40B,panties,plugged and rasberry glaze lip stick.  It pleased me so well that I told her to write Mistress a poem about her very first bra. *giggles* When sissy called she recited this to me after asking my permission, of course.

    Miss Lauren’s Law for Sissy and a Bra

    Girly & femmie is how I must feel

    taking my manhood is part of the deal.

    What I think is decided by a lady

    even if her desires are crazy & shady.

    Owning my own lingerie is part of her game

    she loves to humiliate me and fill me with shame

    My new bra is voluptuous pink & silky

    Miss Lauren decides how she will milk me.

    Sissy Mary Jane’s Poem


    Mary Jane I expect you to work on your assignment this weekend. Work on your “Sissy Training file” and search various mani/pedi ideas for you…girly nails are coming soon!


    Miss Lauren

     999-949-5979 EXT 508 (By request after after 5pm pst)

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  • Ménage à trois mix

    p5554-1I have often been asked if I enjoy girl-on-girl action.  Of course, this comes as no surprise seeing as how it’s one of the more prosaic, garden-variety male fantasies. Sure, it’s understandably hot to an extent and I’m not knocking it one bit. However…. do you know what I find really intriguing?  

    One of my personal peccadilloes is watching two guys that may typically (or at least overtly) identify as straight, as they explore and tease each other to appease and entertain me. I’d of course want to eventually join in and create a ménage à trois mix (after all, the visuals would be sure to whet my appetite). 
    I love being treated like a Sex-Goddess or reincarnated Freya, perusing my minstrels, and subjects as I see fit to fulfill all my salacious desires and wanton whims. To see a man go out of his comfort zone for me is intoxicatingly appealing. And seeing him expose his more vulnerable side, while braving new experiences in never before charted territories makes my pulse pirouette.  I’d be sure to gently coax him into soft surrender and hold his hand as our hot male companion plunders him thoroughly.
    Ultimately, I’d hope he’d, on some secret level, enjoy his first foray being taken by a man. And then in turn, take me next; all the while being mindful and careful though as there is only a petite five feet of me to go around for both men’s demands making sharing imperative. Although fighting it out would be another option I suppose….  gladiator against gladiator, with little old me being the prize.  
    To delve into and indulge in more details of some of my fave decadent experiences call me at ex. 829

    Would you like to be one of my boy toys/dolls/royal subjects? I’m currently accepting applications to see if you fit the “position”…

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  • Sensual Edge Play & Orgasm Control

    lauren 1So, what exactly is sensual edge play? This is a question I am often asked and never get tired of answering. You see it’s something I enjoy both on & off the phone. Believe me when I say my boyfriend could tell you all about it because I adore teasing him to the very edge and back.

    Sensual edge play is very hot,erotic foreplay intended to make your cock throb really hard for me.I have ways to find out your deepest desires and use them against you so beware.  I must admit I truly love controlling your cum~smile~For one lover it might be the very simple but sexy act of watching me slip into my naughty little stockings. Or maybe even a bit of a strip tease show but only allowing him to see so much. Leaving room to the imagination,making you ache for more of what I have and what you want. Blindfolding you perhaps and then teasing you in all the right places with my wet,naughty tongue. Nibbles,kisses,licks,teasing not sucking to long or lingering when I know it might make you cum. Not yet lover. I want to edge you. Build that incredibly intense orgasm up so that you are absolutely begging me for release.

    I want to tease all your senses. Visually I paint the erotic picture and allow you to slip deep into ecstasy. Sensually edging you to the very point of no return. My sweet,wet,tight little pussy dripping with anticipation. I do take great pleasure in making your cock throb for me. Mmmmm so fucking hot baby. And just when you think you can’t handle it any longer I finally give you the release you so deeply desir and your yummy cock explodes like never before.  Hmmm or do I? ~wink~

    Cum linger in my bedroom awhile. I’m always open to your no taboos role play or fantasy and would love to edge you so hard.

    Lauren 949-999-5979 @ Ext. 508

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  • Roleplay Phone Sex/ uslove.com/eleanor

    Most of you just can’t get over how much your mind wanders and schemes up some very hot and erotic or perverted roleplay phone sex. I totally love it and want more. You guys make me so hot and wet when it comes to those desirable roleplays that I even think about them after our calls. Family fun is my favorite but there are so many to choose from. I have a few of my own that really stick with me other than the family fun like the slutty neighbor, boss/secretary, and landlord/tenant. These can be really fun and naughty and even twisted if you choose. I lay here on my bed thinking about some scenes in my head and I get really wet and aroused enough to play with my pussy. It isn’t that much fun when you are alone and wish I could have you come play with me. Let me keep you after class and give you your rightful punishment of licking my pussy to orgasm. Maybe the slutty neighbor needs a good spanking. Which roleplay phone sex do you prefer? I like them all and welcome any new ones you might have. Want some mature phone sex then give me a call. Allow my sexy alluring voice to lull you into fantasy.


    949 381-3733 Ext 579

  • Findom experience

    p4626-9I am a bitchy, controlling, and young  financial dominatrix. I take inferior boys to their limits, by teasing their bodies, denying them and using my brain against them in anyway possible. Complete financial domination by the posh and sexy Latina/Middle Eastern Goddess in Her 20s. I will cuckhold losers and sissies by take control of their minds and lives. Be prepare for the two hour findom experience; lost your mind to my will.You’re going to be a  great financial puppet for me, good little money piggie. I knew you could not resist giving into your money slave nature. Do not forget give your tribute to me each time.

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  • Getting in Touch with Your Feminine Side–A Hypnotic Journey

    p5421-5Getting in Touch with Your Feminine Side- A Hypnotic Journey

    Women are incredible creatures. Their soft, smooth skin. The lilting sound of their voices. The graceful way that they carry themselves. The beautiful curves of their naked bodies. Let’s face it.. Women are a work of art.

    I have a secret. Deep down inside, you have all of those beautiful qualities too. You just need a little help and guidance to unlock the femininity within you. I want to be that guide. I want to take you on a long, pleasurable journey. I enjoy the power I feel when I unleash the woman inside of you who has been screaming to get out.

    First, I need your complete cooperation. You must relinquish complete control to me. You must trust me. I am a beautiful, seductive woman. I am everything that you wish you could be. I want to share my experience with you.

    Let’s begin.

    I want you to imagine a bedroom. The walls are white. There are beautiful sheer pink curtains on the windows and lovely portraits hanging on the walls. You are just waking from a nap and your eyes wander around the room. You notice a nightstand on which there is a vase full of beauiful roses and orchids. The vanity across the room has a gorgeous red scarf draped over the mirror. A jewelry chest is slighty open and the sunlight catches facets of the diamond necklace just inside and sends lights dancing across the ceiling. You notice the closet door is slightly ajar. Inside, there are a vast array of gorgeous dresses, skirts, and blouses. The wall of the closet is lined with what appears to be dozens of shoes. Stiletto pumps, strappy open-toed shoes, and sandals. You glance over to the dresser in the corner. You imagine the lingerie inside. Silk panties, lacy bras, stockings and garters, among other things.

    Where are you? you wonder. Slowly, you sit up in bed. You stretch your arms and arch you back. Then slowly bring your hand to your chin.

    You gasp. Your skin! It’s so soft and smooth. If feels as it did a very long time ago before puberty reared its ugly head. The coarse razor stubble that you’ve grown accustomed to has been replaced with velvety smoothness.

    You look down at your body. You don’t recognize yourself. Your slender arms and graceful hands are not your own. You are dressed in a pink silk nightgown and the material clings to your luscious round breasts. Your waist is slender and your hips have grown, giving you a feminine, hourglass shape. You pull the covers off your legs and notice the silky smoothness of the skin and the contour of your thighs and calves.

    You swing your legs out of bed and rise. You walk to the full-length mirror and look at the beautiful goddess staring back at you.

    You’re confused.

    Then you remember meeting me the night before. We met in a bar. I was hypnotic. Everything about me was seductive and enticing. We talked for hours. I told you that I was had magical powers. You played it off as if it was a joke. After a few drinks and several hours later, you revealed to me how you often wonder what it’s like to be a woman. You told me how you would love to experience life from a woman’s perspective. I leaned over and kissed you and “something” happened. You remember feeling woozy. Your head was spinning and the room was getting dark. That was the last thing you remembered.

    You don’t know how to feel. A part of you is terrified. Is this all a dream, or some type of hallucination? Were you drugged? How long had you been asleep?

    Another part of you is mesmerized by the reflection you see in the mirror. You slowly lift the silk nightgown over your head and let it drop to the floor. Your long hair falls gently over your shoulders. You run your hands up your flat smooth stomach up to the soft fullness of your breasts. You run your fingertips over the erect nipples and your stomach tenses. You never felt such sensitivity in your nipples before. The stimulation could be felt throughout your body.

    Suddenly, you hear the sound of footsteps outside the door. Then, someone knocks gently.

    You grab a robe and cover yourself modestly tying it firmly around your waist.

    “Come in,” you call, in a voice that definitely isn’t yours.

    I step into the room with a confident smile on my face. I am dressed impeccably. Shimmery white blouse, black pencil skirt, knee high leather boots.

    “You’re awake?” I say. “You’ve slept for several days. I take it you’ve noticed that I’ve made some changes while you were resting?”

    “Of course,” you reply in a throaty feminine voice.

    “Well, we still have lots of work to do,” I reply. “Rome wasn’t built in a day you know?”

    I walk over to where you are standing and appraise you. I untie the robe and let it fall open. I run my fingers through your soft, flowing hair and then take your hands in mine.

    “Beautiful! If I do say so myself,” I say. “How far have you gotten in exploring this new body of yours?” I ask.

    “Not very far,” you say, feeling your face grow hot as you blush for the first time.

    “Well, the first thing a woman needs to do is to know her own body.”

    I pull up a bench in front of the full-length mirror and instruct you to sit. I push the robe off of your shoulders, revealing your amazing body. I take your hands in mine and tell you to relax and to just really feel yourself. Holding you gently by the wrist I guide your hand over your face. I trace your lips with the tips of your fingers. I move your hand down you chin to your graceful neck. Then, I guide your hand over your full breasts, running your fingertips once again over your sensitive nipples. Your breath quickens.

    “Amazing, isn’t it?” I say. “Men have some sensititivity in their nipple, but nowhere NEAR the sensitivity that women have.”

    We continue working our way down your body. I guide your hand over your supple hips and then I reach down and gently spread your long, dancer-like legs.

    “Look at yourself,” I say. “You’re beautiful.”

    You look in the mirror at the creamy skin of your thighs. Your eyes make their way to the full pink lips and soft hair between your legs. You notice the delicate slit, dewy with moisture and your pulse quickens.

    “I want to show you something,” I say.

    I slowly reach down between your legs and use my fingers to spread your labia revealing a bright pink clitoris and full inner lips. I take your finger in my hand and place it on your clitoris.

    You gasp. That one gentle touch sends a shockwave of pleasure throughout your body. I begin guiding your finger in gentle circles around that little pearl between your legs. You’ve never felt anything so incredible in your life. Your hips rock and your stomach contracts. You can’t control yourself.

    “Slow down,” I giggle. “All in good time”

    I take your finger and trace it further down to the opening of your vagina.

    “I don’t want you to penetrate,” I say. “I’ve left your hymen intact. I want you to know what it’s like to lose your virginity, but I want you to do so with a man.”

    You look at me with disbelief.

    “What?” you ask. “What do you mean by ‘lose my virginity’ with a man?”

    “Exactly what it sounds like, dear. I want you to experience everything that a woman experiences. I want to take you on an amazing journey. This is just the beginning.”

    To be continued……

    Call me and let me continue as your guide on this journey.

    With love, Desiree ext. 802

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 802 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Sexy Soles

    stilWhat is it about stilettos? They are sauntering seductive exclamation points perfectly punctuating the female form. Much like the classic little black dress but edgier in their distinct sophistication. They enhance and emphasis a woman’s soft curves, from the heel and arch of her foot to the gentle swell of her derrière all the up way to her softly bouncing décolletage. The alchemy of the angles creates a transformation in posture as if gliding upon a private pedestal. It gives even the clumsiest of us an ease and grace like a silent dance partner guiding our gait.

    I remember my first pair of heels, real heels mind you, not the slight platform of Mary Janes our school uniform dress code just barely allowed (and subsequently raised the eyebrow of St. Ann) but the full on 6 1/2 inches of a gunmetal silver soled femme fatale fashion statement in silky smooth leather and steeled toes.

    I saw them glinting and winking at me from their display case at an overpriced boutique and knew they were mine. With a wallet full of 6 months of my saved up allowance, I hastily bought them with a rather alarming impatient greed never before experienced. Then I slipped them on, and as I slowly eased myself upright and took my first tentative steps, like a baby bird testing its wings, instantly I felt an electric surge of power. It was like I was for the first time dancing in step with the universe. It felt so natural and easy, way more so than even learning to ride a bike; both foreign and oddly familiar all at the same time.

    I wore them to a dance with a dress I was still too young to fill out in the smallest size I could find to fit my petite frame. It didn’t matter what else I wore though. The Cinderella effect of those shoes made the boys take notice and simultaneously garnered envious, disapproving glances from my female classmates. A few extra inches of altitude works magic for your attitude. I went from wallflower to wild child as soon as I slipped those babies on. From then on there were whispers that I was a good girl gone bad.  As if some salacious force was summoned forth from deep within. Of course the shoes were merely that catalyst that unleashed the genie from the bottle but ultimately the dirty dark streak was there in me all along.

    Despite the fact I maintain a demure demeanor on the exterior to save my fragile reputation, an inner awakening of unbridled urges had unfurled then and henceforth I was known to have a smirk of smut on my face and sparkle of wicked amusement in my eye. I can see how one might think this whole tawdry rite of passage turned me into a bit of a slut, a tawdry dame of loose morals. As cliché as it may seem, there is in fact a grain of truth to what they say about ex-catholic schoolgirls. Now would I say I am a 100% naughty bad girl? Not quite…

    But if the shoe fits…

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 829 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Anything for my Sugar Daddy

    Dalga7I don’t really know what it is about my sugar daddy that keeps me on my knees ready to please him. *Smile* Well, maybe I do. My sugar daddy loves his treats young,naughty,dressed in hot pink and always ready to take care of him. He trained me how to please him in all the right ways and how could I ever deny him of what he wants most. After all, sugar daddy is so sweet and oh so good to me. He loves his little Lauren and all the things I do to make him happy. Most of all he likes his sugar stick to cream.

    Last time I went to see sugar daddy I brought him a couple of really sweet treats. *hehehe* He does have a very big sweet tooth. I dressed them up in glitterly pink and taught them how to make sugar daddy moan out loud for more. Guiding his BIG,HUGE sugar stick into those eager mouths and talking dirty to him while his sugar stick got licked inch to inch.

    “Sugar daddy is this a good treat?” I hope your sugar stick is feeling really good now. I smiled and bent over in front of daddy to show him my tight,round booty. Extra eye candy for him while his cock was being worshipped. He replied with a long sigh and then a moan,satisfied with his treats.

    Mmmmm….now Lauren you know what sugar daddy likes so don’t deny me of it baby. His voice so stren and so sure of what he wants how could I ever? See, it’s just that I can’t live without his BIG sugar stick and all the places we go having so much fun. He takes such good care of me and I take care of him in return. That’s kind of how it goes isn’t it? So, I took off my sexy little halter top and teased him with my pretty,pink,perky nipples. I pulled his sugar stick away from those naughty sluts and slid it deep inside my honey hole. It’s just so BIG and feels so good I can never resist real man cock. I bounced up and down in sheer pleasure begging,moaning and talking so dirty for his sweet,big dick. Even though it hurt to take it all I wanted every last inch inside my smooth,young pussy. Until his yummy sugar stick shot the biggest,creamy,hot load I have ever had.  :P

    Creamy kisses & sugar licks,

    Lauren ext. 508

    949-999-5979 or visit my page at uslove.com

    For all your role play desires, I have no taboos or limits. Give me a call and let’s explore something really naughty.

  • Financial Domination Phone Sex with Dakota

    Financial Domination Phone Sex reminds me that I have a ‘green thumb’ *smiles*.  I will tell you about ‘John Doe:’
    I found him on a fetish dating website.  He had responded to my profile, saying that he liked younger women who could make him fall helplessly in ‘lust.’  John is attached, middle-aged, and has a few youngins.  He is a well-off, professional business man, and used to being in control of others and everything. 
    At his home, he rationed out money to his family and was very frugal. 
    A week before had our over the phone consultation, I asked John to have his wallet ready for our light-intro session  (packed with 100, $1,000 bills, his checkbook, and a stack of blank money orders, totaling $500,000.)  He was also asked to be prepared to wire a total $400,000 to his top 5 selections of domestic charities.  By his reaction, it was totally obvious that John was expecting something a little more unrealistic, and less expensive.  John was ordered to get a large metal pot out of his kitchen, rip up each $1,000 bill (one by one), toss it into the pot and throw a match in it and watch his money burn.  He followed my instructions: nervous, excited, and turned-on, all at the same time.  He told me that he had never been so turned-on (as I heard him moaning).  Next, John was told to take his clothes off, grab a pen and start going through his phone book and filling in those blank money orders with the names of small local businesses.  Next, I told him to get on his computer and set up wires of $100,000 each, for each of the selected charitable organizations.  The rapid clicks of his fingers on his keyboard was followed by heavy breathing, stroking *smiles*, and him thanking me for setting him free.  After our first Financial Domination Phone Sex session, he had a big smile, light wallet, light b!##s,  and a clear conscience.  I was turned on by knowing that he was hesitant, but obedient (my sticky, laced-trimmed, emerald  green satin panty was proof that I was turned on by our session-I always wear something green when I am dominating men’s finances.)  Our next session will be so much naughtier!  Are you into having a young woman take control of your wallet?  If so, call me.
    Dakota, ext. 733
    Experience Financial Freedom through Financial Domination Phone Sex.

  • Forced Intoxication Phone Sex with Dakota

    Anything you want, can be in this mug-use your imagination!
    Forced Intoxication Phone Sex is so naughty! Even though I am young, this is a sure way for me to be in control of older men. John, my parents’ friend, came over while my parents were out of town (he said that he stopped by to return my dad’s tools). John had been checking me out for a long time and I knew that he was thinking dirty thoughts about me. I was just was waiting for the right time to make my move (releasing him from any guilt of being a naughty, older man.) As soon as he arrived, I asked him to make himself comfortable in the living room (I went into my bedroom and changed into a pair of powder blue, open toe-high heels, a tiny, see through sleeveless, form fitting half-shirt, and a pair of powder blue and white, plastic ‘transparent/plastic’ short-shorts (exposing everything). I wore my shiny, hot pink lip gloss and put my hair in pig-tails. I came out carrying John’s favorite beverage and ‘some other recreational items that my daddy and he enjoy together.’ I set everything up and told John to enjoy. He was shy and nervous, so I took control and began to pour his drink down his throat while as I climbed on top of him and rubbed candy all over his face and whispered dirty things into his ear. I immediately got a ‘reaction’ from him *smiles* and the fun began (use your imagination.) Let’s party and have Forced Intoxication Phone Sex, I promise that I won’t be a good girl!
    Dakota, ext. 733


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