• My First Lesbian Lover

    I love being grabbed on, pull my clothes off & I can show you the whore I can be ;)
    I love being grabbed on, pull my clothes off & I can show you the whore I can be 😉

    First Lesbian Lover
         I love to have sex, no surprise to me or anyone else for that matter. When I was younger I had my first lesbian lover at an all girls summer camp I went to. She was older & was nothing spectacular, but the way she came up behind me & grabbed me was nothing less than a man’s touch. She put her arms around my shoulder & claimed me as her one & only sex slave for that summer. My legs spread every time she wanted to taste this succulent juicy pussy & I would not say no, for she was my master & I was nothing more than a submissive slut.

         Kia was her name, I spoke only when spoken to & followed her around like the bitch I was. She took me into the bathroom only to eat my pussy & suck on my introverted nipples. She made me so wet. I don’t know what it was, from her tight grip on my ass to her sliding her 8 inch strap on into my wet little pussy. I was hooked on Kia & I believed she was hooked on me. My pussy dripped cum with her every tongue flip, she made me tingle & my body tense up. I was so aroused by this girl.

         The first time I cam, I thought it was piss. It squirted everywhere like piss it flowed down my legs & she licked it up from my warm thighs like it was her last supper. I never tasted her pussy she never let me & I don’t know if I even wanted to. Call me if you’d like to know in depth about our different adventures & I will proudly tell you 🙂

  • Loving you

    You come to bed,  laying there naked with only a candle light for me to see your beautiful body, I move closer to you my finger tips tracing your body from chest, to thighs. I look into your eyes and slowly lean in for a kiss, my long golden hair touching your chest, you wrap your arms around me as we kiss. Our tongues are tracing and dancing with each other and I touch your soft cheek as we embrace and passionately kiss.

    Your hands explore my body, feeling my soft breasts and my swollen wet clit you move in between my thighs now and start to lick my clit. Your tongue moving back and forth feeling my sweet juices going into your mouth. I’m now wet as can be, you slide your tongue into my tight little hole feeling how tight and wet I am for you taking me to wonderland.

    But I want to taste you too, I get you to lay on your back I go between your legs and look at how swollen your throbbing cock is! I take it in my soft petite hands and stroking it feeling how sensitive you are. I take my thumb and rub it on the head you’re pre-cumming I lick it off my thumbs. Then I open my mouth my  tongue licks every vein, and every part of your shaft. Then you grab my hair tightening on it, and push it down my throat. You feel how tight my little mouth hole is, and how you’re fucking my throat so hard.

    We both can’t help it we wanna feel each other, you get on top and look me into the eyes and slowly push the head into my hot little pussy you’re so big and thick I cant help but to scream out in pleasure. Our body’s thrust together, you feel how wet I am and how my pussy lips are rubbing on your shaft coating it in sweet juices. And how each time your cock pumps in my pussy it coats it with another of my love juices.

    You bite my lip and your cock spurts how a load of creamy goodness in my wet pussy, we kiss and embrace going to dreamland.

    Gypsy EXT 860

  • Sensual Seductress Phone Sex

    private34Ever been totally seduced into something you had never even thought about before? I have sensually seduced many into the most erotic,kinky things and immensely enjoyed every second. Kind of comes naturally to me…my seductress side. When I tease you unmercifully and watch you slowly crumble to your knees willing,begging to do anything I desire my sex honey starts to drip. Goddess sex nectar my subbies tell me…addictive,stimulating,intoxicating it becomes an urgent need only I can satisfy.

    Come with me now to my bedroom. Watch me slowly undress and slip out of my tiny red dress. The one you have been drooling over all eve. My perky breasts swollen and nipples erect, pink and perfectly sticking up for you to savor. Watch as I bend over in front of you slipping out of my itty bitty red, silk thong. Leaving my stockings on only..my worship worthy bubble butt booty teasing your cock and awakening your senses. You start to wonder if your thoughts are even your own…or is your Mistress already taking control. 

    ~Mistress? Where did that come from, you wonder? You are a strong,independent man how could you have thought the word…what is this young, hot, blonde seductress doing to you??

    Smiling at you, looking deep into your eyes I undress you now. You try to speak but I place my finger over your lips to silence you. Then I kiss you deeply,slowly,seductively,lingering you want more, much more.

    Giving in to me now you feel your cock stiffen and ache in lust as I spread my legs over you and slowly grind against your rock hard shaft.  The warmth of my sweet, hot pussy and the smoothness of it almost more than you can take. Your head spins a little. You feel weak. Little by little you are losing all control.

    “I want to play with you, my way. I demand.” Reaching for my bondage kit and begin to tie you up to my bed. At first you resist but my full , silky smooth,wet, pouty lips sucking gently on your cock head convinces you otherwise. “You are my property now.” And you will do as I say my love. The pleasure will be divine if only you surrender…

    So many places we can go lover. Don’t delay. Call me soon and let’s explore together.

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 X 508

    Twitter: @MistressLaurenZ


  • Hot Wet Summer

    It is so hot outside, my air is doing all it can to cool me down, the air is hot and humid. But it’s not the only thing that is hot and sticky….nope my panties are wet and sticky from the mess I made! I just can’t stop thinking about licking your lollipop and getting the sweet cream out of it. I will admit summer makes me very aroused, I just love dressing up in my sexy outfits this time of the year.

    My boyfriend loves to steal my panties because he knows I’m playing with myself so much this summer, he even gives my panties to his friends because he loves to share me, and knows his friends will appreciate my wet, sticky cream. I just can’t get enough of playing with myself, but I’d rather you play with me too!

    I’m thinking of how I can make your cock throbbing hard and our bodies next to each other, were kissing and exploding with pleasure together. Your hands feeling every part of me, my tongue and lips just tracing your body all the way to your balls. Were moaning in ecstasy, and then we reach our final climax and we lay in each others arms.

    So lets have some fun together… I’m Gypsy at EXT 860

  • I love this more and more every day…

    I am new to working on the phone. I have been working in the sex industry for about two months now through US Love.

    I have been asked how I came to work in this field. It was merely by chance after reading the testimonies of other women who work in the industry. I have a young child and I love that working from home allows me the flexibility I need to be an attentive mother, while my commision allows me a reasonable source of income. I also absolutely love that I get to talk about my favorite thing in the whole world, SEX.

    Seriously, what is better than sex? I often masturbate because I have never had a partner that can keep up with my libido. My time as a newly single mother has me pressed to find a suitable partner. Except now, I can share it with you. In the short period of time that I have been working with US Love, I have had all wonderful experiences. I was nervous at first, but all my callers have been so wonderful. I am learning about things I didn’t even know I enjoyed. I especially love listening to stories and imagining myself into the roles. I am generally submissive with men and dominate with women, but as a pansexual, it doesn’t always play out that way.

    I am also asked quite frequently if I am real. Yes, I am a 100% real woman, talking to you from the comfort of my home, usually my bed. Typically I am watching videos on porn hub in between calls, however I have had callers that ask me to watch with them. This is an exciting connection because we are sharing an experience and it gives me a chance to describe what I like. It also gives me a chance to understand what my client likes so we can go deeper when the videos are off.

    The number one thing I’ve come to love in the last few weeks is getting to know my callers. Actually getting to know. Hearing about their lives, wives, jobs, or even just a good joke. The connection is so real that we’ve really gotten to know each other in a way that I did not think possible before I started this work. So, keep calling. Keep teaching me. I love this more and more every day.

  • Show’s over

    p6085-9My girlfriend wiggled her ass against my crotch to the throbbing music. My pussy tingled in response as my body rocked to the beat. I used both hands to arch her back and pull her harder against me. She leaned forward and looked over her shoulder to watch my response to her perfect ass. We smiled knowingly when our eyes met. It would be hours before we made it back to my bed, but the sex was bound to be amazing. The DJ raised the house lights and dancers descended from the cages lining the upper walls. We held hands as the massive crowd of lesbians carried us outside into the cool air rolling off the bay. We stopped when we saw a group of friends smoking on the sidewalk. I leaned against the wall adjusting my 6 inch pink heels as they discussed our next move. My girlfriend grabbed my hand and pulled me to the car. She slapped my butt and headed over to the driver’s side of the car. She was chatting excitedly with her best friend about the next club. My head jerked up when I heard “sex”. “Where are we going?” She leaned over into the passenger seat of the tiny sedan and slid her hand up my thigh. “Don’t worry. It’s free for ladies and I heard it will be great.” I tilted my head a little, but her hand was busy up my skirt, distracting me by tracing the outline of my pussy lips with her fingertips. We soon parked on a quiet, relatively dark block and headed towards a nondescript building with a buzzing red sign. We stepped inside and I handed a man my ID. Everything was much brighter than I expected. My girlfriend pulled me through the club. We stopped in rooms, examining equipment my kinkiest thoughts couldn’t even fathom. In one room, a woman was moaning loudly upstairs. A half dressed man stood guard. As we debated heading up there, a man pushed past us and headed up the stairs. We headed to the next scene. Room after room, level after level, were themes and toys I’d only seen on HBO specials. My girlfriend sat in a swing and beckoned me towards her. I kissed her and the heat between us quickly grew. Her hand slipped up my shirt and pinched my nipple through my bra. I moaned into her mouth and pushed forward so the swing would lift her pussy to the level of mine. She was almost a foot taller than my petite 5’2″ frame, but in this moment, we were equals. I bit her bottom lip and tugged at the zipper of her jeans. I gripped her hips and her Superman boy shorts came into view with each tug. Her best friend appeared out of nowhere with a scared look on his face. I backed away as she sat up to console him. I didn’t hear the full conversation as I was buzzing with annoyance over being interrupted. We circled back through the maze of rooms as they talked. I trailed behind, still seething. We passed a cube  where people had gathered to watch a couple have sex. The man appeared to be in street clothes and the woman in lingerie, but not much was happening at the moment. We entered a big room near the entrance. There was music, a stripping pole, and some familiar faces from the club. My girlfriend’s best friend crossed the room to talk to someone. I tugged at her hand to get her attention. I pulled her backwards into a room of changing room style booths. There were benches in the middle of the dimly lit room. The partitioned spaces featured low shelves in the corners. The space at the back of the room had a wider ledge, and more privacy, so we slipped in there. “I want to fuck you now,” I whispered against her lips. She pushed me into the booth and pressed me against the wall. Her hands were tugging at the buttons on my shirt as I slid my hands into the back of her jeans. She lifted my skirt, jammed her legs between mine, and gently fingered the moisture on my slit. I shoved my hands deeper into her jeans, causing the still unbuttoned fabric to release the zipper and allow her pants to slide down her hips. I gripped her perfectly round cheeks through her panties. A moan slipped from my lips as she parted my slit and brushed her fingertip against my swollen clit. She pushed deeper, easing her finger towards my tight, wet hole. When I felt her finger penetrate me, I grabbed her hair and pressed her mouth against mine to stifle my moans. Then I heard it. The sound of a zipper unzipping and a bench creaking. I opened my eyes long enough to see a guy slowly stroking his flaccid cock to life while staring at us. My skirt was pushed up and my hips were tilted forward. All of the buttons on my shirt, except the very last one, had come undone. My girlfriend’s jeans were halfway down her thighs and her t-shirt was halfway up her back. She pulled back a little when she felt me stiffen. “What is it?” “He’s watching.” “Then let’s give him a show.” She grinned evilly and pushed back against me, spreading my legs wider and slipping in a second finger. I was nervous about being watched, but the magic of her fingers were incapacitating. My heels were sliding on the floor as she pinned me to the wall and began finger fucking me unmercilessly. Her palm undulated against my clit in rhythm with her fingers. I wrapped my arms around her neck as I rode the wave of her lust. I came with a deep groan and shiver, collapsing against her. I could hear the steady sound of flesh hitting flesh from the edges of the dark. She waited until the throbbing subsided some before slipping her fingers out of me. I drew her fingers to my lips and licked them clean. Then much to my horror, I heard more voices. I looked past her shoulder and saw now that about 6 men had joined the audience. My girlfriend finally became aware of all the men watching. She blocked my body from their view as she helped me straighten my clothes. After buttoning my shirt, I grabbed her face and kissed her hard. I pulled back enough to whisper, “The show isn’t over.” I pushed her against the stage height wooden ledge in the opposite corner. I pushed her jeans further down and started to slide to my knees. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. “Not on the floor.” She pulled up her jeans and climbed up on the wide ledge. She pulled me up with her as she backed into the corner. I kneeled before her, barely fitting on the small stage. I hooked my fingers in her panties and slid them down her thighs. I brought my lips to her pussy as I pushed her pants the rest of the way down. I could feel the body heat of the crowd as they pushed in to get a closer view. There was no view as I pushed hungrily into her slit, wrapping my tongue around her huge clit. I lapped greedily as her warm juices flowed down my chin. She had truly enjoyed fucking me. I could feel her creamy juice dripping down the crevice between my breasts. I pushed deeper, tracing my tongue along the length of her clit as I sucked it. I pushed my face into the intersection of her thighs and gripped her ass to pull her closer. I looked up briefly to see her with her eyes closed and her face screwed up in ecstasy. I pushed her knees as far apart as her jeans would allow. She grabbed my head and bent her knees slightly, allowing my eager mouth access to the deep recesses of her pussy. I darted my tongue into her sopping wet hole and heard her groan. I lapped furiously at all the wetness. I returned my attention to her clit and wrapped my lips around it. Her cum dripped down my chin as I bobbed my head, sucking rhythmically. Within minutes, she was pressing my head deeper into her as she began to cum. I held tight, urging her with the motions of my tongue while keeping her clit firmly between my lips. By now my breasts were shiny with her cum and I could hear more than one cock being beat to the tune of our love. I pressed my hands against her thighs to pin her up in the corner. I pushed on through her orgasm until I was sure she was spent. I gave her slit one last kiss before sliding her panties and jeans back within her reach. She pulled me into a standing position and kissed me. I scooped some of her cum from between my breasts and smeared it on her lips. I smiled as she licked it away. I turned and slid off the ledge we’d used as our stage. She gave a less graceful hop down before declaring, “Show’s over.”

  • About me!

    Hello Stranger, My name is Gypsy at EXT 860, I thought I would introduce myself a bit to you handsome men and beautiful women. I’m a very naughty, open minded, and sexual and passionate woman.  I truly enjoy to satisfy, and I love deep conversations. I love talking about arts, music, and of course anything naughty with you. I truly love talking on the phone with you guys and getting to know you!

    I love anything fun and twisted, and exploring my sexual side. I range from submissive to being dominate and making you get on your knees kissing my pretty toes. I am a 21 year old southern belle, who truly believes you deserve the best satisfaction, don’t let my pretty blue eyes fool you. I am truly sweet and passionate about you. I love women and men, and a little glass of wine and chocolate and whip cream every now and then 😉

    I truly think we could both have fun so try me at 415-765-4321 EXT 860

  • The Naughty Neighbor Next door

    p1181-8She’s the sweet innocent girl next door that you always knew and watched grow up. Now she’s finally 18, and has developed into an absolutely beautiful young bombshell. you find her utterly irresistible, and constantly feel your dick twitching and getting hard at just the thought of her. Her father has been one of your best friends for over twenty years, your daughter is the same age as her, they had grown up together, and had spent many weekends and holidays
    sleeping over at each other’s house. Even though this is your best friend’s daughter, and your daughter’s best friend too, you still can’t help the way you feel.

    Early one evening about 6:30pm, your wife had just finished making some of her famous lasagna, and had asked you to take a pan of it over to her because her parents were out of town for the next couple of days, and she could eat some of it while they were gone. It was a big heavy pan full, so she told you that it would be best for you to take it. Of course you were more than eager to do so, you immediately grab the pan, and walk out the door.

    You arrive at her house, ring the doorbell, and wait for her to answer. She takes longer than usual to answer the door, but when she finally does, you get an unexpected surprise. She’s standing there in the doorway wearing nothing but a short little white silk robe. The robe hugged the form of her hot provocative body, while her beautiful long hair is in a wet tangled mess.

    The top part of the robe gaped opened allowing a nice triangle of well-tanned skin to be exposed, showing part of her delicious tits and the deep valley of cleavage between them. You stand there trying all you could do not to stare and block the erotic thoughts that were surging into your head. She smiles and says that she just got out of the shower, apologizes for not being dressed, and invites you in.

    You come in and ask, “Where should I put the lasagna?” She says “you can just put it on the kitchen counter right over there.” As you walk away to place the lasagna on the kitchen counter, she waits in the living room while the two of you make idle chatter about how great your wife’s lasagna is. When you walk out of the kitchen and turn the corner back into the living room, you get the biggest surprise of your life

    She’s taking off the robe, and is completely naked in front of you, letting the robe fall to her feet on the floor. You stand there stunned as she says “I bet your wife’s lasagna isn’t half as good as my pussy.” You’re still in complete shock, with your mouth gaping, and heart racing. She says “don’t look so surprised, I can tell by the way you look at me that you’ve always wanted to fuck me.” “Right?”

    While slowly walking closer towards you, her eyes lock with yours, and she continues to say, “I know what you need, you get sick of fucking your wife’s old and boring pussy, and you need to fuck something young, hot, and fresh.” By this time, she’s got her tits in your face, and telling you “I know you’re married, but it won’t hurt for you to taste them.”

    No matter how much you try to remind yourself that this is your best friend’s daughter, and you shouldn’t do it, with her standing fully naked in front of you, you can’t help but admire her sweet innocent face, plump perky tits, and smooth little shaven pussy. All the lustful thoughts from the past of tasting, touching, and fucking her are now running wildly through your mind. With the girl that you’ve always wanted to fuck, wanting and ready to fuck you too, you can’t resist any more.

    You lean forward to put your mouth on her boobs. You suck and swirl your tongue around each one of her pink puffy nipples, before kissing and licking your way down her stomach. As you work your way down her stomach, you inhale the sweet teen fragrance of the perfume she’s wearing. Finally reaching her pussy, you begin to lick with an intensity that makes her cum very hard and quickly.

    The more you lick, the more her pussy cums. You’re really enjoying tasting the flavor of her warm pussy juices as they flow onto your tongue. Even after cumming on your tongue, she didn’t want this to end. She tells you how good it felt when you were tongue fucking her twat, but her pussy is still hot, wet, and now she wants your cock.

    She tells you that she wants you to stand up, and pull out your hard throbbing cock for her. She immediately went to her knees and started kissing the tip of it. She put the head of your cock in her warm wet mouth and twirled her tongue around it, as she wrapped her hand around the base. She sucked the rest of it in, while moving her head back and forth slowly at first, and then more quickly.

    As she sucked your cock, she looked up at you with a mischievous glint in her eye, as she listened to your continuous moaning, and you telling her “That’s my good girl, you suck my cock so well.” While she’s was sucking your cock you were thinking, Wow! She’s so young and such a good cocksucker already, she’s only 18 and sucks cock better than my wife, and wondering how many cocks has she sucked before.

    While still marveling at the sight of this young slutty girl sucking your cock, you tell her how much you want to fuck her. Next, she then gets down on the living room floor on her hands and knees, sticking her ass and pussy out for you, ready and waiting for your cock. Without hesitation, you join her on the floor, and start pushing your rock hard cock into that pretty young cunt.

    She begins moaning as soon as you do, feeling how big it is, and feeling it throbbing inside her. She looks back at you over her shoulder, and she sees you looking down at her young tight little bum, while watching your hard cock as you begin slowly sliding it in and out of her pussy.

    After working up some momentum, you start thrusting, pumping, and fucking her harder. You then ask her, “Do you like that cock?” “Do you like being a naughty Little girl?” “do you want me to fuck you harder? She yells yes a little louder after each time you ask, as her pussy is cumming and creaming all over your cock.

    Wave after wave of intense pleasure coarse through her body, as she keeps screaming for you to fuck her. After repeatedly hearing the words, “fuck me baby, fuck me harder,” you quickly cum, shooting your sweet creamy seed deep inside her young hot cunt. She tells you that she loves having your hard dick inside her, and she can’t wait to feel it inside her again. She says “You just made my pussy feel so fucking good, so I definitely want to be your young little slut from now on.”

    Now you know that the sweet innocent girl that you always knew, isn’t so sweet and innocent any more. You never would have guessed that she was going to grow up to be such a little slut, and after fantasizing about her for so long, you never thought that you’d actually get the chance to fuck her. Just like they say, those are the ones that you never suspect. So you never know, a slutty young girl like this could be living next door to you too.

    Kayla Ex: 807
    Call me at (415) 765-4321 or visit me at uslove.com

  • My son sniffs mommies panties



    I was washing clothes one morning and I noticed that all my panties I wore this week were grouped together. Hmmmm, how did they end up all together? I did the laundry as usual and didn’t think about it any more. Around noon, I took a quick shower and I dropped my panties into the hamper and the towel followed. Later into the night, I checked the hamper and sure enough, panties were on top of my towel. The next morning I paid more attention. Pretended to go outside and listened as my son went into the bathroom. I followed him. There he was, smelling my dirty panties with a huge massive boner. I took him to my room, and showed him what the real thing smelled and tasted like. After that day, I moved the hamper into his bedroom. Where it still is today.

  • Threesome w/ Hot Friend & Wife

    He invites me over to meet his wife. She’s 5’7″, blonde, fit body with luscious curves. She’s got beautiful C-cup tits, red pouty lips, and a perfectly round, soft ass. She wants to feel me before we start. I’m almost her opposite. I’m brunette and slender, with small pert tits. My ass is nice and bouncy though, like hers. She unbuttons my blouse and moves her hands over my soft, horny tits. She rubs my nipples till they’re hard between her fingers. We make out and he watches, his dick getting hard. It turns him on to watch his buxom wife play with a pretty, young thing like me, 10 years younger than both of them. She doesn’t stop pinching my sensitive nipples, my pussy getting wetter and wetter. She slips off her dress and I lick her sweet, flesh-tone nipples. I start to suck on one, while playing with the other. I can feel his huge cock against my ass as he comes up behind me and unbuttons my shorts.

    As they drop to the floor, he gets on his knees and puts his mouth to my soft, perfect ass, biting and licking it. He spreads my legs and buries his face into my pussy, pulling the lacy panties to the side. In nothing but my black panties and thigh-high socks, she sucks on my taut nipples and he thrusts his tongue deep into my tight, young pussy. She sucks on me and he tongue-fucks me till my body convulses, I let out a girlish scream of pleasure, and come into his mouth.

    We take things to the bedroom. I ride his cock rough and wild, as she grinds her pink pussy on his face. She opens my mouth and pushes her tongue in. I lick her all the way up her soft neck. She leans forward and eats my tits. I bounce super hard on his thick cock and I know I’m about to burst. I come uncontrollably all over his cock.

    He pulls out of me, still hard. His wife lies on her back and I climb on top. We put our lips and tongues all over each other as he gets behind me and starts to fuck her. I’m pressed between the two of them, her and my nipples rubbing together as he savagely fucks her. My clit grinds against hers and together, we all come. He lets out a full, hard yell in my ear as he shoots his load deep into her. He pulls out and collapses onto the other side of the bed, exhausted. I’m covered in wetness and collapse next to him, between them. I fall asleep exhausted and happily knowing I have not one but two new playmates to fulfill my sexual desires with. I know next time will be hotter and raunchier.

  • Are you Real?

    “Are you Real?”

    I know the clients that call me are asking this in their mind. Why? Because they have told me. Anyone can be told a fantasy or a story that they would like to hear. I write erotica for pay, so I can make up a good story! The truth is that I am REAL. I try to keep my blog posts, information and even chats as real as possible without detracting from the fun! Why? Because I don’t have to pretend. I also want my clients to be happy, this is their time and I am here for them, so I always ask, what would YOU like to talk about.

    So, to make it easier, I thought I would put out my list of fetishes for all to see (you can see them at the bottom of this post). Yes, fetishes, I have them. In real life I consider myself a member of the BDSM community and have a continuing list of things that are considered fetishes.

    noun fe·tish \ˈfe-tish

    : a strong and unusual need or desire for something

    : a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement

    : an object that is believed to have magical powers

    I love the fact that part of the definition is that the object is believed to have magical powers, not because I think that applies literally to sexual fetishes, but because it is a sort of magic that happens when you are experiencing the thing that turns you on the most.

    Probably my biggest fetish is exhibitionism. I am an attention whore! I love it. How I identify in the BDSM community is as a Polyamorous Switch with natural Dominant tendencies. I am bisexual, truly, not just for play, I love women, especially voluptuous women. I also love men, men who can Dominate me because it takes a special man to do so.

    I like younger women and also younger men, I like them to be submissive and I also like a Dominant male figure in my life, so a true Switch. You must be an intelligent and strong man to be my Dominant and I don’t just mean physically strong, but you must be able to tame me emotionally and mentally, which is not so easy to do. I love Daddy figures and being Daddy’s good girl. That is not a line, it’s a fact, but if Daddy is not careful, I will be running circles around him in no time. I can be won over however. A novice Dominant might think discipline was the way to win my heart, but the truth of the matter is that I respond so much better to kindness and generosity. I love presents! No, I am not out to get someone’s money, a present could be a flower picked or a poem written. I am a true romantic at heart. Of course, if you want to take me on a shopping spree and then to dinner and a weekend get-away, I would never refuse such lavish affection. You may use this body to your liking, and I will love you for it, but when you give me after care and shower me with love and tokens of your affection, I think that is when I am truly the horniest! Surprises thrill me! It also thrills me when you take what you need from me and make me your own. Then again, if I see weakness in you, I just may find a way to manipulate you into being the man I need after all. With love, of course. 😉

    accents, art erotica, bare bottom spanking, big tits, biting, blow jobs, body paint, breast spanking, breast worship, caressing, chakra energy play, chocolate, collar and lead/leash, collars, creampie cuddles, cum in my mouth, cum on my tits, d/s, daddy, daddy/girl, dildos, fingering, geeks, hand-jobs, humor, intelligence, kilts, kissing, light bondage, mfm , mmfm , muscles , mutual masturbation , mutual respect, trust and communication, obedience, oral , queening, sex , sexual objectification, sleepy sex, being spoiled, squirting, strong, confident submissives and slaves who know they are not worthless, sybian, talking dirty, tattoos, tit fucking, uncut cock, waking daddy up by grinding my ass against his cock so he’ll wake up and take what belongs to him, writing erotica

  • Cuckoldress Phone Sex

    laurenI totally love cuckolding my sub bitch bois and they love it too. It’s a mutual lust we share and I adore it. Here’s a little fantasy I shared with a fave hope it makes you throb.

    We heard “last call” and I found myself stumbling out of the club a bit tipsy with three huge studs. Of course, cuck hubbie was home waiting patiently like a good boy.

    I barely remember the car ride home in the back seat with hands all over my sexy little body and hungry, wet tongues ravishing me. I fucked the biggest stud right in then and there. Taking his throbbing,black cock deep and hard in my hot pussy. Mmmm I do love my big black studs nothing like raging hard chocolate in all my honey holes.

    We made it in the house,somehow, and there was hubby with his little dick tucked between his legs looking into my eyes so submissively. He quietly led us back to the bedroom where he had prepared it just the way I like it. Porn in the background, candles lit and his cage on my vanity. Yes, I keep my husband in chastity and only once in awhile do I allow him to masturbate while I fuck my studs.

    On your knees like a good boy…I pushed him down in front of us and started to guide a luscious,thick cock head into his mouth. Fluffing..he’s so good at it after a little training and I use his cuck skills  to the fullest. His mouth opened wide for my big black studs each one of them taking turns,fucking his face like a pussy. I made myself comfortable slipping out of my sexy little red dress down to my black lace bra & panties with satin garter belt and thigh high suntan stockings with the seam up the back. I positioned myself in the middle of mine and hubbies king size bed gently playing with my swollen clit.

    Mmmm…that’s it cuckie suck those throbbing dicks for me like a good bitch. I teased and somewhat tormented the naughty slut until my studs got were satisfied then I instructed hubbie to go to the corner and watch. “Don’t touch yourself” I sternly told him, you may only watch. He knows to obey because I will when necessary inflict much needed punishment.

    He bowed his head and slipped into the pretty pink panties I had laid out for him and went to his spot. I laughed loudly along with my studs as they crawled on to our bed with dicks so hard and so big I dripped sex honey just by looking at them.

    Minutes turned into hours of hardcore fucking and my all my hot holes were so completely satisfied I forgot all about cuck hubbie in the corner. That is until I heard him whimper something to me. “Please Ma’am, may I please clean you now?” Again we all laughed together and I shook my head motioning with my finger to come to the bed. Pushing him down on his back I slid right up,spreading my legs wide to face sit him. OMG my sweet pussy and hot asshole were both  so dripping wet from the multiple,massive cum loads I had just taken. I listened to him moan out load and then his tongue and mouth devoured me just like a good boy he licked every single drop of hot,creamy cum from me. I turned around to look over my shoulder and noticed his tiny dick standing straight up. I giggled so much I thought I would cry. It’s just so tiny and so well insignificant. Of course, he knows this and knows it’s why I have many lovers. He knows his place well and continued to lick until I told him to stop. Again he whimpered. “Please ma’am may I now play with my pathetic clit stick?” Well, hmmm how long has it been? I honestly can’t remember the last time I allowed this…but in my generous mood and freshly fucked state of mind I gave him permission to stroke the little thing.

    Awww…it really is so cute and you really are such a good boy. Stroke it for your cuckoldress and tell me how it belongs to me along with your cum. I own you darling,you know this to be true. He shook his head in agreement huffing,puffing and moaning and started to chant “My cum belongs to you Miss Lauren…it’s all yours…I am your bitch.” Uh huh, I know you are and you will cum when I command and do with it as I see fit. So on your back you go, I pushed him hard and shoved a pillow under his ass so that he was slightly tilted upward. There this should make it easier to shoot it on your face.

    He looked at me like a horny cum slut opening wide, stroking furiously and fast urging the cum from his tiny balls until all the sudden it shot all over his face. I guess that’s one of the reasons I enjoy caging him. The tease and denial of course is priceless, but the build up is ever so worth it. I simply love when he gives himself a facial for me.

    I’m always looking for a new cuck boy to play with after all a sexy cuckoldress can never have too many.

    Cum filled kisses,

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 ext# 508

    NO Taboos. No limits.

    ~Specializing in sensual domination~

  • The Truth, The Whole Truth

    I like my job. I really love talking to the men that call me. When I say I’m touching myself, I am. When I say I
    am coming, I am. So, here is how I see it. I love sex, I love men, I love women, I love being a multi-orgasmic squirter! I love being wanted or needed and even objectified. Yes, I want you to be my Daddy, yes, tell me you love me, want me, need me, show me with more than words. Call me your good girl as you think about pounding my tender pussy for hours. I can take it and I like it.

    I’m never going to stop liking it and why should I?

  • How many…

    I had an idea recently, or maybe not so recently, perhaps this has been on my mind for a long time and it just seems to continue to evolve. How many men could I have sex with at once? It started as a fantasy of just a threesome. Two men and myself. I often find that having just one man in the bedroom doesn’t completely satisfy my needs. I like sex, no, I LOVE sex and I am often looking for round 3 or 4 and my partner is ready for a nap. So, I began fantasizing about having a threesome. Two men taking turns. One filling me from behind and one enjoying my mouth. They could switch places, positions, actions. Then I thought of how I really love my titties worked and sucked during sex and wouldn’t it be great to have each one of them sucked by someone entirely different? Typically during this part of the fantasy, my tittie suckers are women, but then they need to be filled, don’t they? MORE MEN!

    Often, I consider how I really like to be the center of attention sexually and then the women fade away some and even though they are out of my fantasy, the men remain. How much fucking can I take? What about being blindfolded, tied, feeling helpless to stop them from coming at me over and over again. Now we are talking! I want it all. My mouth, my pussy, my tits, my ass my body covered in cum. I imagine being so filled with cum that it runs down my inner thighs and that it drips from my erect nipples, a cock pulsing its load into my mouth while a thumb wriggles deeper into my bottom. I watch my fantasy in my mind and see the men and their cocks thrusting into and fucking me. I can taste them in my mouth. My nipples are tight with anticipation of the next cock and where it will be placed, how I will be positioned and I think if I have six men and they take turns and breaks, I could be fucked eighteen times. Somehow, my mind screams ONLY EIGHTEEN ??!!

    I want more….I… WANT…. MORE!

    As I sit here writing my fantasy, I am dying to have my nipples sucked, played with, twisted. My pussy aches to be filled. How many? How many can I take? I want them all!

  • Just a little Phone Sex Diva~

    lauren for blogYou know I’m not such a sweet young thing after all I have been using my skills in seduction to get what I want from men (and women) for years now. Oh yes, I started young and learned from the best. My Aunt Maggie taught me well how to use my natural assets along with some mentoring from one of the hottest fucking cougars on the planet. 

    I’m naturally super open and very well-versed when it comes to the bedroom, from slow,sensual love making, to down and dirty oral,fetish play or extreme taboo fantasy‘s. And of course,I do love my strap-on and bringing it out to play.

    I totally get hot role playing with you all here and yes I enjoy 2-girl calls every chance I get. For me it’s not a competition thing I genuinely think the models here are uber hot and it’s fun to flirt, tease, be sexy together, get you off double hard baby.  After all sharing  is caring…and I love it. So, always remember even if you are with your fave model if you are looking to find another hottie to play with I’m open,willing and excited to join you. No limits or taboos like ever. Bring your wildest most wicked 2-girl fantasy to me and let’s make it happen.

    I enjoy lot’s of phone sex calls here and look forward to yours. Most of the time I am dominating or training a sissy or submissive toy. But I also enjoy all kids of taboo role playing and will do my best to accommodate your needs.

    Yes, I love making you come hard.  OMG yes I do and I absolutely get totally wet bringing you to that point of intense explosion. Mutual masturbation,guided masturbation are def among my faves especially when we talk really dirty to each other. I don’t mind switch play though I do not consider myself to be submissive . But I have the hottest and most delicious calls with some very dominant men who know exactly what the want and how to get it from me.

    My fetish clients appreciate the fact I am very well-versed and truly love indulge in all the many fetishes out there. It’s sorta kinky hot for me to get into a fetish role play with you or even just talk about it. So many places to go and I genuinely enjoy the exploration of it all.

    My contact Info:


    949-999-5979 Ext 508

    Follow me on Twitter @MistressLaurenZ

    I’m normally available days after 6am -Afternoonish PST, however I do accept appointments to better accommodate you.

    Also, feel free to send a text through UsLove to me if you wish to check my availability,chat or set up your hottest fantasy.

    Kisses to you…can’t wait to play.

    Miss Lauren

  • Want to hear a secret….

    When I get home from a long day at work I undress and hop in a nice warm soapy shower paying good attention to my big breasts, that have just been released from a tight bra, and I wash myself good and clean which gets me very excited. I head to my bedroom, get on the bed and then reach over to my nightstand and grab Violet. Violet is my trusty vibrator. She and I have great fun together! With my body still very wet I rub Violet across my nipples, making one hard and then the other. I then have her follow my hand down to my clean and eager pussy. I have her tease my clit while I pinch my hard nipples. As I feel the vibration coursing through me I notice my hips moving up and down. I want more!!
    I want to be a dirty girl tonight. I grab my 12in double sided dildo and slide one side of it into my mouth and get it nice and wet, just like my pussy. I put Violet aside for the moment and focus on my juicy, hungry kitty. I slide the dildo between my eager wet lips and push it inside me. I take a second to enjoy it filling me up then I grab Violet. As I spread my legs wide open, with the dildo in me, I press the vibrator to my throbbing joy button. I start slamming that cock in and out of my tight pussy taking more and more of it each time. My hips moving faster and higher trying to hit my G-spot, waiting for the moment of release. It does not come, yet….
    Dirty , sexy slut feelings are consuming me! I need to take the other side of the dildo, lube it up and shove it in my ass. The only thing that would make this better is if someone was watching me. My kitty is being fed, my clit is being kissed and now my ass is full. I NEED to cum!! I keep pounding away. So close, so close. I start fucking my ass harder and then it happens. I cum so hard I push the dildo out of my ass and my pussy squirts everywhere. My body goes limp and I lay here with a smile on my face thinking I need another shower.
    I am going to say dirty until tomorrow’s shower. Maybe you can stop by and watch me be a dirty slut.

  • My younger neighbor

    p5841-1Buying my own home was a dream I’d had for such a long time. But, all these repairs were getting harder to do. One day my neighbor saw me outside trying to work on my sprinkler. He was laughing at me. Which I didn’t appreciate. He asked if I needed some help. I said yes, if you know anything about sprinklers. He came right over, went down to my basement and shut off my water source. Oh my, I should have thought of that. He was at least 20 years younger than me. He was handsome and well tanned. Damn, his ass alone was a work of art. He saw me checking out his ass. He smiled  and said I looked like his momma. I smiled back and said ” do I “? He said yes, you’re pretty just like her and she had a round curvy ass just like you. Did he really just say that to me????
    He said he always loved his momma but she passed away a few years ago.
    I felt bad for him he looked sad.
    He walked towards me and kissed me. He said, may I call  you mom? I said , sure, it’s fine. He lead me upstairs to my bedroom.
    He laid his head on my chest and hugged me like a son hugs a momma. He called me mom over and over as we made love. His cock was so fine and had a massive head. He licked my pussy, getting it so wet. His tongue was thick and meaty. I moaned repeatedly. His strong fingers were so deep in this momma pussy. I’d never had anyone be so loving and giving during love making before. He held me so tight, as though he was afraid I’d leave him. Love making went on for hours. A few times I saw a tear drop from his eye. His kisses were soft and passionate.
    His cock slipped in and out so many times. Each insertion was fantastic and erotic.
    So, this is how sons love their moms!! Made me wish I had a son.
    We slept after our love making. I slept like a baby. When I woke up my sprinkler was fixed and running just fine.
    After that day my New Neighbor Son did all my repairs and kept me safe and warm for many years to come.

  • Are you my good boy?

    lauren 1
    I talk to a lot of sexy men both on and off the phone. Sensual,seductive,hot lil Mistress I am and proud of it. In fact I have so much naughty fun seeing just how many big,strong,older of course and usually married men I can turn into my “good boys.” Oh yes, I like no I love the challenge and find that I am quiet successful-fair warning I am also extremely addictive. 

    I use all my skills to mold you my good boys into the purrrfect lil play toys,pets for me. Whimpering lil slut puppies following behind me absolutely panting and throbbing to serve. My good boy does just as I say and never questions me. He wants to please his Miss Lauren in every way and has no limits to what he will do if I command it. The way it should be!

    Just like my good boy that calls me almost daily and begs for what he says only I can give him. Sometimes he even hides in his car in the parking lot at work to call his Mistress. I’m like his very own personal heroin his drug and if he doesn’t get his fix well…it’s just not pretty. 😉 Plus he has to hide from wifey so things can get kind of crazy. Like the time she walked in on him screaming my name and begging permission to cum for me. “Mistress Lauren‘s cum, Mistress Lauren‘s cum, he emotionally chants over and over again….smile.

    I love that his wife caught him and saw the pathetic,submissive state I seduced him into after hours of dominating him. Yes, I do truly adore controlling men,cock,orgasms and turning as many of you big,bad men into my good boys. 

    Dare to indulge? I hope so…

    ~Join me in my bedroom~

    949-999-5979 (Ext) 508

    Available most days 7am-7pm PST

    or by Appointment/Request 

  • Foot Job

    DreamFootjobG8 (2)

    Wow!!!  You will never believe the mood that I woke up in…  So last night my “lover” was here and we were messing around. ( of course he loves feet ) Well, at least mine !! Hehe!! Anyway, I had him worshiping my feet. He started by massaging them and making them feel really really good. He then got my foot and started to lick the bottom of it and suck on every single toe. Man o man it felt sooooo good, but I wanted him to suffer and crave it so I made him stop and go home. I guess I really wanted it because I woke up so horny and craving to have a nice big cock in between my feet to jack off. There is nothing better than having a cock between your feet and stroking it till all those juices cum out. I want the feeling of warm juice on my cute little toes. So call me..


    Call me @ 949-999-5900 ext 584 or text me !! <3

  • My first dominatrix experience…

    p5460-8I was looking up ads one day, and there was a section that said domination/ fetishes. I clicked on it not knowing that it would blow my mind completely. The first guy I saw was wearing a full leather suit, skin tight. I could see his cock just dying to burst out.. Hard and throbbing like ha hasn’t came in weeks.. Later on I found out that he was a sex slave… Kinda twisted I thought, but very different. Different enough to definitely want to try it. So I went on a hunt to find the perfect little sex you. One I can play with and use over and over again. And I did, he was this cute with a body I can take,lay,play with… Kinda had a thing for spanking a nice round firm ass.. The thing we did to each other were unimaginable, and indescribable but I will try my best to do tell… It stared off with just a finger, and then two fingers, and then three 🙂

    After all the commotion and fooling around we moved on to toys… His ass was so tight and yeah he was loving the way I fucked him with my strap on.It made me feel so in control, him begging me to fuck him harder and deeper. Until his load came squirting out of him.Thick white cum all over my lavender satin sheets.So creamy I wanted him to lick it off slowly… So he could see what mess he has created…

  • Join me won’t you ?

    I was thinking of you looking at me as i drove, as i spilled, as i tried to clean or dry up all the residue. wetness……….now thats a strong word, powerful, has meaning, depending on where you are looking at. also depends on how thirsty you are. your throat all dry, and parched. lips cracked and peeling. words all raspy as you try to find the right words. i am waiting for your lips…….taste me……..nice and wet.
    I’ve been waiting for this for a good while. Are you ready for it ?
    Coffee. It serves so many in so many ways.
    I love the coffee as it runs over my tongue to the back of my throat. Watch me sip it nice and slow. You’ll enjoy it when I swallow one gulp at a time.
    I especially like to drink it from my pink cup. The rim has a lip like a mushroom. My mouth feels so comfortable as I press my lips on it.
    I like its warm hard feeling as my hands grasps it tightly. Oh yea, I’m at home and very comfortable here in this position. It hits the sweet spot of thirst.
    Join me won’t you ?
    coffee #3
    i was sitting by the fireplace, minding myself. when the overwhelming flush of warmness swept over my soft sweet body. i smiled and continued to slip slowly from my pink cup. my favorite one. the coffee was dark and hot. thick sweet cream swirled invitingly around the rim. i lean slightly forward, place my red moist lips on the edge, i part my lips. i allow it to slowly slide across my tongue. i close my eyes and hold firmly with my hands.i feel the warm thick cream run down my throat. i smile, and repeat the process. when there is nothing left to swallow, i smile with pleasure. want to share a cup of coffee with me?

  • Aunt Maggie’s 4th of July Gang Bang!

    laurenI go to lot of 4th of July parties but there is “that one” that I will never,ever forget. Auntie Maggie loved to play (sexy) hostess and did it well. Of course, her hubbie never seemed to mind pitching in and made it obvious he would do whatever it took to please her.  She also had a a serious stable of eager young boy toy’s raging and ready to assist at her beckoning call. I really didn’t get all of this back then, but I see it all very clearly now. Oh my, Auntie Maggie you were and still are a very sexy cougar indeed… 

    I still have such a vivid image in my mind.

    Auntie’s smooth,tan,perfectly shaped legs,  strappy red stilettos,faded daisy duke shorts hugging her perfectly round bubble butt. The tiny lil,white string bikini top barely containing her huge,round,tanned breasts. And the bling-bling necklace  (gift from subbie hubbie)  dangling ever so sensually between her swollen ,honey caramel toned cleavage. No one, and I mean nobody could keep from staring. Bleach blond beach hair and plenty of it stacked high on her head with wavy,teasing curls framing her face,big blue eyes and red glossed pouty lips. All the men always tripped over themselves panting after her like lil puppies. I giggled at how easily she got exactly what she wanted from each of them. How she totally controlled and dominated them well that part I figured out a little later in the eve.

    Fireworks exploded in the most vibrant colors,booming and banging while Auntie Maggie got gang banged in the cabana by a few of her studs. *giggles* It’s not like I was intentionally spying I just happened to walk over by the pool house and well it was kind of like in my face. I gasped as I watched not believing my own eyes. The way she was…well…taking them, those big, hard boy toy dicks and so many at once.  I knew that I should not be seeing this but was way to curious to turn away. But what surprised me the very most was seeing her lil subbie hubbie stroking away in the corner telling her how beautiful she was getting fucked by real men. Enjoying her every moan,telling her how she can have anything she want’s and how he would take her shopping the next day. Begging her to allow him to cum and that it belonged to her. 

    Maybe this is why I fantasize about a cuckold hubbie. I mean how delicious does that sound? Mmmm who knows maybe someday I will be just like Auntie Maggie and have a stable of hard,eager cocks of my own. 

    I love fantasy’s,role playing and naughty story telling so cum join me. Never any limits or taboos in fantasy play.   Kisses & sexy licks…cum play & explode with me soon.

    Lauren 949-999-5979 EXT. 508


  • Two Girl Shower Fun

    shower2Hi guys it’s Kayla, the tall sexy brunette that most of you know and love. One thing some of you may not know, is that I have an equally sexy roommate named Amanda. I’d like to tell you about her, and one of the sexiest times that we had together. She has long golden blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes, and a super hot body any girl would kill for. One of our favorite things to do is called “Shower Time.” Let’s just say that most people take a shower to get clean, but not us, we take a shower to get dirty. Read on, and I’ll tell you all about it.

    It was on a warm summer evening, we were on our way home from spending a day at the beach, and both of us were feeling really frisky. Throughout the day, we definitely felt a continuous buildup of sexual tension in the air. It began back at the beach when we had been wearing our skimpy bikinis while playfully splashing each other with water, taking turns rubbing down each other’s bodies with lotion, and drinking shots from each other’s belly buttons.

    Constant back and forth flirting took place during the car ride home. For example, she would whisper something dirty in my ear, I would reach over and play with her tits, then she would rub her hands up my leg, and so on and so on. While all of this was happening, our eyes suddenly locked, a lustful look was exchanged, and then with excitement, we simultaneously said “Shower Time!” Right away, I pressed the accelerator, and the little red Corvette briskly vroomed through the night.

    When we finally arrived home, we anxiously made our way up to the front door. We entered into the apartment, and as we quickly went into the bathroom, I tossed the keys onto the dining room table, and Amanda dropped our bags by the front door.

    Not wasting one moment, we started to get each other undressed. She helped me out of my red bikini top, then took off my blue jean booty shorts. When she bent forward to take down my red bikini bottoms, I started taking off her lavender bikini top. I tugged down her tight white booty shorts, then peeled off her lavender bikini bottoms.

    Now that we were both naked, the sense of excitement was heightened as the moment we had been waiting for was fast approaching. We gave each other a mischievous grin, then with Amanda leading, we walked towards the shower. I stood behind her as she turned on the water, and while she leaned into the shower stall to adjust the water temperature, I couldn’t stop staring at the two perfectly round hemispheres that formed her gorgeous ass. When getting the temperature just right, she got in first, then I followed right after.

    The warm soothing water sprayed down on us, as we stood there for a moment admiring each other’s hot naked bodies. When I gently pushed her hair back from her face, I could see that she displayed great anticipation. I let my hands slowly slide down the sides of her slippery wet body, eventually resting at her waist. My arms then wrapped around her as I gradually pulled her in closer toward me for a kiss.

    Our lips met, and at that very instant, it felt like we completely melted into each other. We were totally lost in the moment, like nothing else in the world mattered, and the only thing we wanted was the other one’s pleasure. As I kissed her sweet tender lips, I began to feel the warm rush of exhilaration spreading throughout my entire body. From the way she kissed me back, I knew that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

    As the water trickled down our bodies, our tongues did a dance of lust, passion and desire. A continuous arc of sensual energy passed between us that had our lips locked for several minutes. Our tight embrace caused our breast to be pressed against each other, which as a result, I could feel all of the rubbing and touching of our fully erect nipples. This further turned me on, making me want her even more.

    Gradually breaking the kiss, I started licking down her neck until I reached her breasts. The beauty of her breasts was accentuated with the water shimmering and glistening off of them. Her delicious nipples looked like two juicy ripe cherrys, and I couldn’t wait to taste them. I saw her shoulders become lax, her head swayed back, and she let out a long sigh as I sucked and swirled my tongue around each one. Knowing that she was loving the pleasure thus far, I couldn’t wait to give her

    Now finding it impossible to contain my craving to taste her, I slowly went to my knees, while sensually kissing my way down the front of her sexy wet body. As soon as I reached her pussy, it felt like I had just found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The minute my lips met her clit, her body went limp, and she began uncontrollably moaning.

    It felt so perfect when I took her clit between my lips, then quickly flicked my tongue across it in every direction. Her moaning got louder as my tongue painted a masterpiece on her clit. At the same time my fingers had slipped into her already wet pussy, and I slowly started moving them in and out. She was thoroughly enjoying each inward push, and each inward push was occurring increasingly quicker than the last.

    When the pace became too much for her to bear, her eyes closed tightly, her mouth gaped open, and her whole body started quaking. I could tell she was about to cum, and I didn’t want to miss a single drop. I quickly put my tongue inside her, extended it out, and let all of her pussy juice run down into my mouth. She tasted like a fine wine, loving the flavor, and wanting to savor every drop.

    Now having quenched my thirst for her, I could see that she was ready to equally please me. She got down on her knees to join me, and gave me another passionate kiss. While still kissing me, she wrapped her arms around me, and gently guided me back. My head and shoulders were resting against the back wall of the shower stall, while the rest of my body was lying on the shower floor. Suddenly, she pulled away, gave me a deep seductive look, and said with a sensuous whisper, “I’m gonna rock your world.”

    She started by using the tip of her tongue to tickle and tease my clit, then sensually kissed her way up and down the slit. She alternated, going back and forth sucking and licking each of my pussy lips, then she started darting her tongue in and out of the slit. I watched her hands spread my pussy open, and it looked like a pretty pink rose blooming on a beautiful spring afternoon.

    Wasting no time, she dove right in, face first into my pussy. She devoured me with her mouth, showing me that she wanted me in every way. I felt her tongue fully extended and stiffened inside me, as I grinded back against it. As she fucked me with her tongue, she firmly pressed her mouth against my pussy and started moaning. This created major vibrations, sending seismic waves of pleasure throughout my entire body.

    Deeply lost in a lustful world of pleasure, I couldn’t contain my composure any longer. My cunt started gushing and flooding her mouth, releasing a complete feeling of euphoria that I had never felt before. After sucking every last convulsion out of me, she raised her head up with a look of satisfaction on her face.

    Now with both of us physically spent, she slowly moved forward and let her body rest on top of mine. All we could do was lay there in each other’s clutch on the floor of the shower, while we listened to the water make a crackling sound as it hit the shower tile around us. This felt like heaven, and there was nowhere else I would have rather been, and no one else I would have rather been with than Amanda. Even though I was still feeling the afterglow from one of the best orgasms ever, I
    couldn’t help but crave more, and think about how great our next shower time would be.

    Kayla Ex: 807
    Call me at (415) 765-4321 Or visit me at uslove.com

  • A little more about me!

    p4955-7My name is Ali, my extension number is 503. I am a very submissive, young, sweet little girl. I love to do age play, role-playing, incest, like daddy daughter. I love to be the younger girl to older man. I will do anything I can to please my daddy. There’s nothing that I like more than hearing you c**, knowing that I did a good job. I love listening to you scream in pleasure, knowing that you exploded and theres c** everywhere. I love to suduce Daddy, getting you to play with your little girl. I want to be the girl of your fantasies, the innocent girl next door. I want to hear that you watch me through my bedroom window while I’m changing. That you like to see my bathing suit clinging to my tight little body after I get out of the pool. You like to watch me when I sleep, you like to watch My t-shirt riding up my thighs exposing my panties. I want to play with you, I want you to come have fun with me. Just one time, then I’m sure you’ll be hooked.


  • Phone sex tip #2

    p4955-9Participation is key- if you want to have great phone sex then you have to participate and be involved in the conversation. You have to let her know that what she’s saying and what she’s doing is what you want to hear. If you don’t tell her then it becomes really hard for the girl on the other end to know if she’s doing a good job. Even if you don’t get actively involved in the phone sex and just want to hear her talk, your moans are still greatly appreciated. She wants to make you c**, she wants to know that you’re having a fantastic time but she’s not going to know unless you tell her. It’s the same if she’s not doing a good job and you want to go in a different, you need to say that. You are in charge of the conversation, and she is following your lead.

  • phone sex tip #1

    p4955-1Don’t be shy! Tell the model exactly what you want. If you are embarrassed and think she wouldn’t want to do it, ask her if she has any taboos.

    Remember it’s not as weird as you think and you’re not the only one that likes it. She might be really into it too, you never know. It’s a lot harder for her to give you what you want if you don’t say anything. If you’re really really shy about it maybe you could just lead into it, but you have to help her figure out what you’re calling for.

    It’ll make it easier for her to satisfy you if she knows exactly what you want, which will also make it more fun for her. I have no taboos, and I’m up for anything. If you want we could take it slow or we can jump right into it, it’s all about what you want.

    There’s nothing I won’t do, the kinkier the better, right! I want you to be as dirty, nasty, kinky, and rough with me, or be kind, sweet, loving, caring. Maybe you don’t even want to talk about sex, maybe you just want to have a decent conversation, and we’re here for that too. If it’s your first time say so, we will walk you through it. Don’t be shy about that either it, might be her first time too.

  • How Will I Ever Pay My Bills?

    OMG, the rent is due and I don’t have the money to pay him. My children and I will be thrown out in the streets unless I come up with a way to pay him. Want to be him in landlord tenant phone sex. I have had to do this in real life so I know how it goes. I will tell you of my story. My landlord who is an older man and I can tell he is kinky by his reactions to me every month that he came by. I could feel him staring me up and down and wondered what could be possibly going through his old perverted mind. His gestures show quite a bit when he looks at me and nonchalantly licks his lips. The way he looks at me sometimes is a little scary but I know he is harmless and probably doesn’t get any attention from a female. Anyway, I had lost my job and barely had enough to cover most of the bills from what I had saved. Rent was the only thing I didn’t have money for. When  knew he would be by for the rent I got dressed very provocatively and was sure to turn him on. Well, he did come by and I let him in for a cool drink and made small talk while he ogled at me. I harmlessly flirted with him while explaining my situation. I finally broke down and asked him if there was anything I could do to get the rent paid that month. He was speechless for a moment while I reached out for his hand and placed it on my breast. I thought he would explode right there in his pants. He agreed to a landlord tenant transaction by being his little perverted slave. I grabbed his hand and led him to my bedroom which was all made up for a hot sex session. I slowly undressed for him giving him the best look he could have. He fumbled with his pants until I took over and undid them for him. I slid them down and found myself face to face with a wrinkly, gray haired cock about 6 1/2 inches long and fully hard already leaking precum. I took it in my hands and gently stroked on it while sitting myself on the side of the bed. I then took my lips and wrapped them around that swollen head and began sucking it down the shaft. I went all the way down to pushing my lips against his hairy balls. He was moaning really loudly as I slid back and forth on it. He reached down fondling my breasts before pushing me back on the bed. He spread my legs apart and began his landlord tenant relationship. I felt so cheap but kinky too. I watched as he went down and began licking my lips and tonguing my pussy. If you want more you should call me and let me give you all the rest of the very perverted details.

    Eleanor Ext. 579

  • First Times

    p5138-1What a great time for my first blog. I had another first today, too:my first threesome! I know, it’s sad, I’m 25 and am only now doing something as vanilla as a threesome! I had a great time, though? Wanna know the dirty details?

    I thought so.

    My friend Bridget and her boyfriend John have been trying to convince me to have a threesome with them for a while. I’ve been apprehensive, I mean, they’re HOT, but that seems like something with a high risk of ruining a friendship. Well they wore me down finally…and then wore me out!

    We planned the threesome for today. I decided to make it fun, so I wore a french maid outfit. If you’re going to do the thing, you have to do it right, right? The outfit was, of course, complete with garter and feather duster. I walked in, my bulging cleavage leading the way, and could feel John’s eyes on me as he looked me up and down. I leaned forward to adjust my garter and give John just a peek at the tiny black thong I was wearing under my short maid’s skirt. Apparently, it didn’t take much to turn him on, he came up behind me and pressed his rock hard cock against my tight ass. Well that was something Bridget had never mentioned; how large a package John was carrying. That was a pleasant surprise.

    Bridget walked in and eyed us holding each other. “Starting without me are we?” She smiled, walked over and placed her warm, wet mouth on mine. Mmm she tasted like strawberries. I felt John’s hands slide down between my hot thighs to find my hard clit. These guys weren’t playing around. Bridget slid my top down to reveal my large breasts, she lowered her mouth to my right nipple and began to flick her tongue over it. I felt the rush of warmth between my thighs where John was still caressing my clit. He slid a large finger inside me and said “Damn, you’re already so wet! I think it’s time we take these panties off, don’t you?” I agreed and off they slid over my black stilettos.

    John picked me up and carried me to the bed. He pushed up my skirt and started to lick my wet pussy. A moan escaped my lips, but was quickly silenced as Bridget put her wet pussy on my face. I sucked her clit as John sucked mine, we moaned nearly in unison. I reached up and played with Bridget’s nipples as her wet cunt dripped into my mouth. I could feel the pleasure building in my own dripping wet cunt as John skillfully used that tongue of his. I could tell Bridget was close to cumming, too. I flicked my tongue in and out of her pussy as she grinded on my face faster willing her orgasm to come. And come it did, almost in unison, Bridget and I yelled out in pleasure. She lifted her wetness from my face as John stuck his fat cock into my still shuddering pussy.

    “Oh!” I called out in pleasure and surprise. he thrust in me hard a few times then switched to Bridget’s sopping wet cunt. He did this for a few minutes of excruciatingly torturous pleasure. He thrust in me just enough to excite my desire and then switched. The tease. I loved it Bridget and I began to make out as he switched between our fuckholes. We moaned against each other’s lips, our hot breath coming fast as our pleasure increased.

    “I want you both on all fours,” John said. He entered me from behind and yelled out in pleasure. I heard Bridget moaning beside me. He was using his fingers on her while he was fucking me. Multi-talented man you have there, Bridge.

    I could feel his hard cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy as I could feel myself about to cum again. i felt his balls slap against my clit as he quickened his pace and pounded into me. I moaned with desire as my joyride continued. When my orgasm finally came, it was an explosion. I screamed in pure joy of the moment. John and Bridget laughed at my enthusiasm.

    I turned around to see John enter Bridget for her turn. I couldn’t just watch, so I began to suck on John’s balls as he entered her. I could taste both of us on him: it was delicious. As he began to pound her pussy harder, I moved up to Bridget’s hard nipples and started to suck and play. This was one hot woman. Why had I waited so long?

    They both cried out as they came and then collapsed on either side of me on the bed.

    Yep. It was a good day for firsts…

  • Are You A Phone Sex Virgin?

    p4930-7Hi, I’m Lulu, I have a question for you. Are you a phone sex virgin? Do you call USLove at (415) 765-4321 and listen to my sexy voice message over and over. Do you wonder how I would sound talking about your nasty, dirty fantasies in your ear? Do you imagine hearing me tell you that there is nothing perverted about wanting to suck your mommy’s nipple or a man’s big cock?

    Do you go to USLove.com and check out my naked pictures, read my naughty blogs, dirty jokes and random sexual thoughts? Deep down you know reading the words “luscious breasts”, “very wet, warm pussy” and “throbbing cock” are not as arousing as hearing me say them in your ear.

    Unfortunately, you always wimp out when it comes to actually calling me. You end up berating yourself for being such a wuss. You remain a sexually frustrated man.

    Maybe you are worried you might get caught by a nosey wife, girlfriend or mother. Yes, that can be a very scary thing.

    USLove have solved that problem, you just need to buy a Visa or Master Card gift card from your local store. You can use it to purchase a wonderfully arousing, stimulating call with me. After you orgasm, you can simply toss the spent gift card in the trash. No one will ever need to know about the ways you gratify your sexual needs. I promise won’t tell anyone.

    I’m very nurturing and supportive with my first time callers. I’m a teacher during the day so I have skills that will make your first phone sex call very special. I provide you the opportunity to get aroused at the pace you are comfortable with.

    I will introduce topics you may think you can’t handle, but trust me, I am very good at evaluating your ability and knowing when to challenge you to take risks. I even give first time callers an extra 15 minutes free if they purchase a 30 minute call.

    So, no more excuses. You know what you need to do. Do it!!!! You will be so excited and relieved that you finally took the big step to sexual freedom and gratification. You won’t need to thank me. Being brave enough to finally call me, Lulu, at (415) 765-4321, extension 806, will be all the thanks I need.

  • Anal Phone Sex with Eleanor

    I walk into the room wearing a very sexy black teddy with red lace. You can see how good my garter and nylons look hugging my sexy toned legs. You are sitting by the bed in your favorite chair waiting on me for your piece of anal phone sex. I walk around to the other side of the bed and crawl across it looking at you so seductively. As I reach the other side where you are, you stand up to meet me. I sit up and back on my heels pulling at your belt and pants. Pulling you closer and unbuttoning them. I want that cock and I want it now, but you hesitate while I pull it from your pants. Rushing to slip my moist red lips on it and devouring your cock. You look down and watch as my lips slide back and forth and my ass in the air rocking back and forth. I know how much you want it. You lick your lips every time you get a look at it. Once that cock is throbbing hard, I take my mouth off of it sort of teasing you. You watch as I turn around and push my ass in the air for you. You reach forward and slip my panties off exposing my plump round bottom. I look back as you lean forward and taste my puckered wet asshole. I feel your tongue licking me and having a taste of your anal phone sex. I know it pleases you to taste such sweetness. That’s it, lick and lick. Isn’t it yummy? Go on stick your tongue deep inside that hole and make it ready for your cock. I love looking in the mirror and seeing your face covered in my ass. I wiggle it ever so often and push it against your face. I feel your strong hands gripping my waist as you stand and rub your cock against my puckered hole. You start to push it against that sweet hole and I feel the pleasurable pressure as you break the threshold of my tight sweet ass. Deeper and deeper you go inside. I feel every bit of tingling throughout my body. My ass grabs your cock and sucks it in more. Your grasp of my waist gets tighter as you thrust and thrust. Feel the wetness of my pussy against your balls. Hear it? You are making my pussy even wetter as my ass tightens on your cock. Faster and faster you thrust, deeper and deeper as you feel my orgasm explode and my pussy squirt all over your balls. It makes it more intense as you go. I feel your cock swell as the ridges of my ass are stretched. Harder and harder it gets until I feel the massive eruption of sperm deep inside me. I feel my walls being splashed with juicy sweet cum. You push your cock all the way in to balls deep and I feel the cum being pushed out the sides and running down over my clit. Aren’t you glad you have anal phone sex with Eleanor.

    Eleanor Ext. 579

  • Summer is getting wetter and hotter – Client Special

    Hey Gentlemen , 

    Summer is here and its my favorite time to get naughtier , With each receipt you buy you get 10 mins free on me  Starting June 1st , 2015  mention the word ” Summer ”  When you connect with me  . Thats right I want to spoil you as much as you spoiled me with your naughty thoughts . If you have NEVER connected with me i just want to warn you i am the kinkiest girl you’ll ever meet here at US LOVE . My thought and ways will blow you away so let me prove it to you . Let me make your Fantasy cum true i do have NO Taboos nothing can scare me or turn me away !!!. 


    Chat Soon 

    – Bianca xox

    Ext #782

  • I need you now daddy call me

    My every thought consumed by you, in day or darkest night,and every thought it sends me soaring to the highest height.Walking through the park one morn and suddenly there you are,appearing in my mind as if you’re here and not so far.My body is aflame for you, burning with desire,each time I wonder when we meet, what passion will transpire.My knees go weak, my heart begins to drum a faster beat,all my strength goes into staying upright on my feet.I gasp a little and groan a bit as blood rushes down below,my underwear rubs against me and my juices start to flow.People pass me by, oblivous to what is on my mind,in my imagination you are taking me from behind.A copse of trees, there, to my left, would be the perfect place,for us to hide and send each other into outer space.Towards me now, here comes a man, smiling at me,stranger sex could scratch this itch and set my passion free.I tremble as I picture him, naked between my thighs,but I cast my eyes to the ground and carefully avoid the strangers eyes.It’s you I want to push my bare back up against a tree,and hook my leg behind you as your hardness enters me.Oh God, the thought is sending pulses through my sweetest spot,I slip behind the trees alone, feeling oh so hot.In my mind my legs are wrapped so tightly round your back,you fill me up and pump so hard, my vision’s turning black.Waves of pleasure wash through me, it feels so fucking good,the orgasm you give me as I pulse around your manhood.My breathing calms I look around and remember where am,my hand stuffed down my knickers and I don’t give a damn.Hurry home to me baby, I need to talk you soon,I’ve got a special present I’ve been saving up for you!

  • College Woman Phone Sex~ uslove.com/eleanor

    Well guys in the fall which the semester will start in August, yours truly will be an official college girl. That does not mean that I am quitting here it just means I’m bettering myself and following my dreams. Think about it, me around all those young hard cocks and the stories I will have as I become the campus tease. Yes, I will be attending some of the frat parties just to get in on the action. So you guys be ready to hear about just how kinky Eleanor can get. As far as my studies go, I’m going for a Bachelor of Science in biology. Some of you know that I have lots of dogs that I have rescued over the years and help them find new good homes, so I want a degree in biology so I can go on to studying and dealing will all types of animals. No matter what or where I go I will always have a phone with me to get nasty and kinky with you guys on the phone. And I do hope some of you want to hear about all the young females on campus and those cute outfits with pantyhose. I am excited about school and I will have so much fun. I will be available for you guys anytime after 1PM Est, which is 10 AM for you Wast Coast guys. Imagine all the short skirts and nylons I will be wearing in a long white lab coat :). I hope to be one of the sexy ones on campus and believe you me a few professors will know who I am all to well. So don’t fret, I will still be available for you guys after classes and I will be sure to have some good stories for you. So have a great day and enjoy the sunshine, I know I will.

    Eleanor Ext. 579

  • Kinky Fetish Play Rocks

    blog 2

    I truly do love exploring hot,taboo, kinky fetish play with you open-minded naughty men & women.  Sexually driven,deep,lustful,urgent desire for something only you & I understand. Oh, I have a few fetish desires of my own or should I say sex addictions? Hmmm…we should talk about this lol.

    So to all  you sweet darling AB/DL’s, you feet obsessed,hair fetish dears,panty wearing,pee pee loving, muscle worshiping,giantess wanting,leather lusting,high heel sissy’s,spanking,breasts & booty lovers. Miss Lauren is here…and I totally get you. Not only that I truly want to indulge with you and help take your fantasy or fetish to the next level.

    I learn something new almost everyday when speaking with fetish minded callers. Do I judge? NEVER. And I mean NEVER. I totally get off to it in fact. Do I laugh? Hell yes I laugh until I literally cry sometimes but never at you…with you sexy, only with you. Unless of course, you are a silly lil sissy pet or subbie that enjoys the humiliation and teasing.

     I like knowing what makes your dick throb so incredibly hard and help take you to that awesome point of explosion. Mmmm…I do love making you cum and in a way it is a sort of fetish for me. A deep desire,need to hear you stroking your hard shaft. Talking dirty to you, masturbating with you,indulging in kinky ass fetish play or a twisted role play with all sorts of hidden perversions. Oh yes…I do have a few of my own dirty lil secrets that I may or may not share. *giggles*

    Please know you are welcum & wanted in my bedroom…I have no limits or taboos in fantasy fetish play.

    Sexy kisses,



    EXT 508

  • Rowan’s Game Begins May 2!

    tall games


    My game is open to all of my callers, although it originally began as a game to play with my submissive friends.

    There will be one prize set that can be won by anyone who cums during a phone call with me during May, and another prize set that will be won by the sub who shows me the greatest devotion during May.

    Part one of the prize is a free phone call with yours truly.

    Part two is the pair of luscious panties I’ll wear during the phone call..

    …which I will then mail to you via the lovely office ladies at USLove. FYI,Unlike some models, I am not in the habit of selling my panties to anyone who asks to buy them.

     If you want the right to play with my panties,

    you have to earn it.

    How can a sub prove his devotion?

    Through obedience and proper worship.

    As all my good boys know, when a man orgasms and empties himself before me, it is a kind of worship.  Besides unwavering obedience, a man’s seed is his greatest gift. It holds his DNA, the essence of his life, and it represents his chance for immortality through his children.

    If the sub is a pathetic, tiny, limp-dicked excuse for a male, then absolute obedience and orgasmic worship are his only ways to get me to even notice he’s alive.

    In order to make this a proper game, I will be giving points for obedience, acts of worship and for meeting certain goals or beating other subs. Just cumming for me will not be enough to win, I’ll be having mini competitions during the month to amuse myself. I’ll track things like how much the players cum and how far they shoot.

    What things are worth points?

    I’ll be adding things that to this list when the fancy strikes me. But for right now, here are some things that will earn points:

    • Cumming on the phone when talking to me.
    • Winning a cum-petition during the month
    • Following me on Twitter (very important as I will Tweet tasks that earn extra points & I’ll tell you when I am signing on.)
    • Introducing someone new to USLove and having them give my name as a referral. (Huge points for this, plus I’ll enter your friend and give him some points.)
    • Photos of your cum—-either posted as Tweets, sent to me in a private Twitter message or emailed to me via USLove.
    • Be the first caller when I sign on— after any time when I have been signed off.
    • I’ll be giving you instructions on things you can do to increase how hard you cum and how much you cum. The more you follow these instructions, the more points you will get.


    How to begin in one easy step: Call me & tell me you want to play 

    I’ll give you a new pet name and add you to my spreadsheet where I’ll track points. (At the end of the first week, I’ll post a leaderboard on my USLove webpage so you can keep track of the standings.)

    At the end of the month, I’ll announce who has the most points and use the internet random number generator to choose the other winner.

    Because I want only your VERY best, I’ll be posting instructions this weekend for how to increase how hard you cum and how much you cum. 

    Let the Games Begin!!!

  • Following Her Lead

    She told him to get on his knees and put the leather collar around his neck to symbolize his willingness to do all she said. She didn’t need to look to know he had done as she had told. There was no question in it, a simple demand and he would comply. She led, he followed. Each step on this path was her choice, each step he took with her was a gift given and a gift received.

    She said to pull down his pants and the panties he had worn all day, light baby pink, and show her his cock. He did so with ragged breath coming faster and she knew his desire was at a peak as his hands trembled to do as she demanded. The others that come before her had tried to lead, had him dance and play and spin in circles round and round until he was dizzy. She could too direct this dance, this reel of give and take, and like a trained pet he would jump through every hoop she put there for him should she wish to play those games. But she wanted more, she wanted it real, tonight she wanted complete surrender. Not games and parlor tricks, but pure lust and wanting for this moment. All of it under her control.

    When she tied his hands behind his back he moaned. When she put the blindfold over his eyes he began to shake. When the clamps went on his nipples the moans grew louder, and seemed beyond his control. She knew this, she always knew. When she pushed him back onto the cushions laid there behind him the suddeness of it and the total power she felt made her want to offer her own moans of pleasure.

    She stood over him now and took the point of her shoe, the shiny black patent leather four inch heeled shoe he had picked out for just this occasion, and with ever increasing pressure she pressed that shiny point into the base of his cock. He moaned again and she shifted. She moved her foot up so that the sole was against the hard length of him and the sharp point of the stiletto pressed deeper and deeper into the vulnerable softness of his balls. He gasped at this. She smiled at this.

    She knew at this moment he hated and craved the blindfold. She knew he wanted to see her as she made him ache. But she also knew he wanted to be lost and just be everything she wanted. She twisted her foot ever so slightly and his breathing came faster now. She eased up a bit and used the side of her foot to rub against the length of him. His swollen cock twitched in response. Then the other side of his cock with the other side of her shoe created a mirrored effect. The precum glistened at the tip of his ridged cock. This too made her smile.

    “Please,” was the one word whispered by him. The only word she had allowed this night.

    She slipped her silk and lace panties off bringing them out from under her tight pencil straight skirt. They were damp with her own arousal that his gift of submission had done for her. She bent down and held them to his nose and mouth. He breathed in deep, then deeper still. His tongue came out reaching for the bit of silk confection. She let him breath and taste for just the briefest moments, but she knew it was more than enough. Every synapses was firing in his head under her terms. No job, no boss, no right or wrong. No bills, or long commutes or any other mundane detail from that world of worries and responsibilities. None of that mattered any little bit in this moment she knew with certainty. He was lost in this cocoon that she had made. All lust, all desire, all wanting and craving was here and now. He did not have to beg for mercy or for anything more. That one please was all she required.

    Panties still in her hand she moved her foot away and wrapped his cock in the silk and lace squeezing tightly. And she stroked, and she stroked… and one last stroke before he gave up all the control she knew he thought he still held on to. He gave it all to her in total surrender there in her hand. And as he did he gave her one more, “Please.” She was so proud he uttered no other words, for punishment in this moment would steal her own pleasure away.

    Wet and sticky with all that he had to offer the panties went from cock to mouth. She knew now that passion was spent, this moment was the real test. Not that bound and blindfolded he had many choices, but that he knew to open his mouth and accept this with no hesitation made her beyond aroused.

    And she left him like that, and that was when he let the tears fall. Would it be brief moments before she returned, or many long minutes, or maybe even hours? He did not know, he couldn’t even begin to care. He was hers. She led, he followed. It was how it was always meant to be.

  • Waking up to you…

    p5716-1I slowly awoke this morning, much later than usual. The sunlight was peeking through my satin curtains grazing my skin, warming my face. I kept my eyes closed as my brain awoke, clinging to that dream I was having. My body felt unusually warm and the cotton sheets grazed my skin as I rolled over onto my side.

    I reached out my right hand, and it traveled through the folds of the cotton sheets into the empty bed space next to me. It felt cool in comparison to where I lay, untouched and unoccupied.

    It was then that I realized how much I wanted you there. I wanted to feel the warmth of your body next to me. I wanted to run my tiny fingers along your naked skin, your chest, your hard morning wood, slowly bringing you out of your slumber into an instant state of arousal.

    I wanted to guide your hand and let you feel how juicy I was. As you awoke from your sleep, cock hard, and feeling the urgency of my own arousal on your hand, you tell me, “Sweetie, I need you”

    I reply, “Daddy, I need you too”.

  • *~Natural Born Cock Tease~*

    lauren 4 blog

    Just how long have I been teasing cock with my hot lil body and naturally sexy flirtatious ways? Since I was seriously taboo young. Maybe I like didn’t know it but I was simply a natural born cock tease.

    Don’t get me wrong though sexy lovers I gotta get my fuck on and love every hot,kinky,lustful second. But the thrill I get when I tease hard married dick is absolutely beyond hot and yeah the control is awesome too. Mmmm control. I must admit controlling your cock,balls and orgasm even is very desirable to me at this moment. 

    I wanna pull you into my bedroom right now by your swollen shaft. Not to roughly darling, just enough to guide you to my bed and totally have my way with you. Sensually seducing you into a complete state of erotica with my sexy body and young,smooth,soft voice talking dirty in your ear. Oh, and be warned,I do love to talk dirty to you.

    Edging your cock to the very brink of hot,hard much needed explosion and the backing away. Smiling so sexy,licking my lips. Teasing you once again until you think your throbbing shaft can take no more. 

    Maybe it’s the begging I like the most the surrender and ultimate submission. “OMG Lauren oh please Miss Lauren allow me to cum all for you. Just for you. You own my cum,you own my cock and balls.” Oh indeed in that very sultry,XXX moment yes I do. I own them completely and I command as I wish. 

    Do I allow you to cum or do I tease you unmercifully over and over again? Let’s indulge in some naughtyness and found out.

    *sexy giggles*

    So much kinky fun to be had…so little time. Don’t wait to long cum play with me. 

    ~XXX Fetish Play Welcome~

    Wet,sexy licks~ Call my bedroom @ 949-999-5979 EXT. 508

    Please request me if I am not available and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

  • I May Look Classy But Thats To Fool You

    Hi There ,

    Yes I mean YOU …. Reading this you handsome thing you 😉 , I am Bianca if you don’t know me I am a model with US Love .


    First thing . I cook naked i love to cook italian , asian , american style .. you name it ! .

    Second . My Location is in Miami I am blessed to have pure sunshine on my tan body every day .

    Third . I am Italian decent ( Nationality ) .

    Fourth . For all you men out there that want to know if I am in a relationship or married or SINGLE …. Well , Surprise I AM SINGLE 😉 … Ready to mingle with you !!!!. I became out of a relationship and i am just dating around ( naughty fun )  .

    AND Last the Fifth Fact . I love to Laugh besides being the kinkiest girl i can be with NO Taboos I love to tell jokes and listen to them as well .


    I hope you enjoyed these Facts and I would love to get to know you as much as i am hoping you’d love to get to know me 😉 .

    My extension is #782 i am ALWAYS ON if not request me i promise i won’t deny ….


    See you soon

    Bianca xx

    Ext #782

    I can't wait to talk to you

  • I’m in the mood to dominate TWO men.– MJ


    I woke up this morning and realized that I was in the mood to dominate not one but TWO men at the same time.. I want to be able to control two men and have them both worship me as I deserve to be. To treat me like the princess that I really am. I would love to sit them both right infront of me and strip them of their clothing. Make fun of them and humiliate them.  Then I would lay down and have them worship my body from head to toe and everything in between. Let me get lost in euphoria. I also have this craving of getting really rough with them, I want to tie them up, gag them and spank them.. I am guessing I woke up in a BITCHY mood.. so who is going to call me and deal with me???


    Call me 949-999-5900 ext 584 or TEXT me –MJ

  • It is that time of the year when I catch you foot fetish guys looking at my pretty little feet-MJ

    uslove feet

    So it is spring time and all the ladies are getting their feet nice and pretty to show off those cute little toes…  I always have my feet done, but now that its spring, I can wear all those cute small heels  and get your attention with my pretty sexy feet. One of my favorite things to do is get one of my little pet slaves and get them on his knees and have him just worship my feet. There is no better feeling than kicking back in a chair, in bed, or the couch and having someone massage and lick your feet. Not to mention hearing how beautiful they are. I can’t wait to get my feet worshiped. I see you guys out in public trying to be slick about looking at our feet. I see it all the time, but guess what your secret is out in the open… I KNOW YOUR SECRET…. Call me and lets talk about how good of a foot slave you would really be. 


    Call me, MJ 949-999-5979 or send me a text… xoxo

  • My Pillow Princess Experience — MJ

    princesspillow2We as we ALL know I am young, bratty and very self absorbed.. So when I go see my ORAL SLAVE, Bill, which keep in mind he is 54 years old and I am a young tight 21 years old.

    So Bill is always eager to please me and serve me as I please. He makes sure that before I go over to his house he has everything prepared for me, meaning everything that I like, love and enjoy. He knows that he needs to have my favorite bottle of red wine chilled to perfection, something for me to snack on ( usually fruits ) and the bedroom full of lit tea light candles. He knows that if these things are not done and waiting for me that there is punishment that will await him…

    Anyway, I always like to go back and think of the very first time that I went over to his house and the experience that I had. Now keep in mind that I love to have someones face in-between my legs at all times ( I believe thats where a slaves face belongs, don’t you? ).

    So when I am at his house he has to follow me around like a pathetic little puppy dog and have his face in my young sweet love box.. If I am sitting down watching TV he is to have his face where it belongs and his tongue busy. So basically he is to have his face in my love box when I am in bed till I  fall asleep, eating or anything at all in his house.

    The very first time that I was there I swear I was a total REAL PILLOW PRINCESS.. I laid my pretty little head on the fluffy pillow let him spread my legs open and let him have at it for 5 hours.. Yes you read right, 5 whole hours… I came, gushed, and squirted at least 9 times or more..

    If you wanna hear more about this, or even be my little ORAL PET call me ..

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  • Confession Phone Sex~ uslove.com/eleanor

    Here I am waiting for your call and desiring to hear your confession phone sex. I love hearing all those deep seated secrets and sometimes hearing you squirm while trying to tell me. Come on, you know you want to tell me. You feel that fire in your belly just waiting to come out. I want to hear all about it and get just as wet as I am thinking about it. Does it involve a young girl, an older woman, a relative, the naughty neighbor, or the guy you saw at the local adult book store? I bet it is something that is really naughty and it makes you really really hard or may even make you drip precum a little. I am the person who can listen to your every word and masturbate right along with you to your confession phone sex. Be it steamy or a little innocent it makes no difference I love them all. I am the one who can put the mental picture in your head and make you really get off. I want to hear how loud and hard you explode while we discuss it or role play it out. Masturbation makes it more fun and intense especially when you have someone else who is enjoying it with you. Let me know how naughty you can really be or how aroused it makes you to feel or dress like a woman. I’ve got plenty of those guys in my everyday life. I can share some of my secrets with you as well. Did you have a secret rendezvous you want to tell someone about, then let me be your girl. I want to hear all the kinky details and we can discuss it further about what your significant other might think if she found out. I am here for you when you are ready.

    Confession Phone Sex

    el4Eleanor Ext. 579

  • My summer with Auntie “Mistress” Maggie

    laurenIt may very well have been the summer that changed my life forever…my naughty Aunt Maggie has a way of changing things to her liking. I was only a young lil teen the summer I packed my bags for a visit with my hot,naughty, Cougar Aunt. Oh it was no secret that she totally cuckolded my Uncle but I didn’t really understand all that just yet. Auntie Maggie with the sexy bleach blonde hair, bursting double D’s,long,slender tan legs,round booty and always provocatively dressed. She welcomed me with open arms that summer and smiled as she looked me up and down though I wasn’t sure why.

    We spent a lot of time together as my Uncle would spend extremely long days at his office or out of town. I watched her young boy toys doing yard work for her and they way she would seductively walk around in her string or thong bikini. They panted like lil puppies watching her every move, following her around with their tales tucked between their legs and hard cocks throbbing. Oh yes, even then I noticed the bulging grow and would giggle to myself at how easily they would get hard. Aunt Maggie had them eating right out of the palm of her hands but it wasn’t until later that summer I realized that wasn’t all they were eating~

    It was a sultry,stormy,humid afternoon, the thunder was so loud I felt like the house would crumble at any moment. I knew that Auntie was working on something in her bedroom, as she often would. But I never knew exactly what that was. She had been in there most of the morning and I got a lil curious. Plus it was storming I could sneak around with out getting heard as easily. When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed her door was cracked a lil so I peeked around to see what I could see. My mouth dropped and I quickly covered with my hand in sheer amazement of what I saw.

    My Auntie was standing in front of the two young guys that do yard work for her. She wore only black stockings,strappy black very tall stilettos, no bra her tits so round,nipples so hard and big and out right in front of them. Then I realized her young  studs were in panties as they started licking the bottoms of her heels all the way up her long legs to her naughty cougar cunt. She moaned and started to grind them one at a time. Grabbing handfuls of hair using them hard and for all her pleasure.Back and forth she went riding her boy toys faces like lil fuck pets. They begged for more hard in their panties aching for anything she would give. I heard one of them call her Mistress and I got chills up and down my spine. Mistress. I want to be a Mistress I thought.

    Her slave bois then started to beg for her cock and I gasped. Cock? Auntie Maggie has a ….cock….? I watched as she pulled a very large dildo and then made her pets put her leather harness on.  Still on their knees begging for Mistress to fuck them she started shoving that big dildo into their mouths and started to humilate them. “You lil sluts,you pathetic nasty whores,why would I fuck you so easily when you have done very little to earn it?” They whimpered maybe even cried and started again to worship Mistress but this time they begged to take her golden.  I wasn’t sure what that meant but I found out later. She instead denied them and said NO YOU MAY NOT. You are not worthy of my champagne.  But I will fuck your mouths until I’m satisfied with my huge,hard dick until I get ready to own your slutty boi pussy’s.  Mistress Maggie used them for a very long time and in the end I watched her make them eat their cum. Telling them it was to be worshiped and not to expect it every time.

    Sigh~My first of many memories of a Mistress, My Auntie the Mistress and it’s all I ever wanted to be since. I would love to tell you more…


    I have no limits or taboos in fantasy and am well-versed in most ALL fetish play.

    Call my bedroom now or please call one of our sexy operators to request me.

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  • Being a Good Little Slut!

    My boyfriend came over last night and I had a surprise waiting for him. I was wearing a pair of knee high socks, panties and a crop top that showed a part of my huge DDD breasts. I smelt of coconut with a hint of cherry lip gloss and had my hair in two curled ponytails.
    He knocked and I told him to come in. As he did I came around the corner with a lollipop in my mouth and my curls (and tits) bouncing. I could tell by his wide eyes that he liked this look. I noticed a large bulge in his pants and as I walked by him I gently brushed my hand across it.
    I made my way to the couch and sat down. Before I could say anything he was kneeling in front of me waiting to lick my freshly shaved kitty. He removed my panties and dove in between my legs licking and sucking with such force I thought I would cum right then. Once I was dripping wet he picked me up and tossed me on the bed. He pinched my pink nipples getting them nice and hard. That is when I told him of his surprise.
    “I want you to treat me like a proper little slut!”, I said rolling over on my tummy with my hand resting on my round pale ass cheek. I raised my bum higher and grasped each cheek and spread them apart so he could see his prize. He began to lick my ass up and down getting it ever so wet. I then felt the head of his rock hard cock slapping my crack. He was teasing my hole by pushing on it with his tip. “I want more, please!, I cried with excitement. Guess what this girly got!!! I got fucked in the ass for the first time! Once the head was in he moved back and forth slowly making sure he filled my ass up completely. With his big cock all the way in me I could feel my pussy throbbing so he shoved a large dildo in it and made me moan in pleasure as well as in pain. I had NEVER felt anything so awesome in my life. I reached down and began rubbing my clit in quick circles. I felt his strong cock pounding my ass with no sign of letting up so I gave into the dirty side and shoved that dildo inside my kitty at the same rate he was pumping my ass. Every part of me was on the edge of exploding. I screamed as I orgasmed an then felt him shoot his hot load in my no longer virgin ass and then we both collapsed.
    He looked at me and said, “You truly are a good little slut!”

  • I’ll Give You My Dirty Little Secret

        Whats my secret you ask ? How am i such a naughty little vixen ? . Well I can’t give you all my secrets away but I can tell you this much that once i hear a man cum or about to explode my mind goes into another world. I met this guy recently at a local Starbucks and he asked me ” Why are you so beautiful ? ” I said its a treatment !!!. He looked puzzled and he asked what treatment ? I responded ALL men have this special hot creamy treatment that cums in all different sizes . I brought this gentlemen back to my place to talk more about my secrets and how he finds me so appealing . Boy he didn’t know he had it coming or what I had in store for him . We sat on my couch and talked for a bit I grabbed his hand put it on my inner thigh and said its ” okay ” he gently smiled and said ” So Bianca whats this treatment again ? ” . I smiled and said ”Let me show you ”. I unbuttoned his pants grabbed his hard knob and slowly sucked on his cock looking up at him with a smile he already was eating out of my hands . I kept  his hands on the back of my head and deep throated his large gifted shaft . He was moaning for more and more and more and I just kept going , Oh how i love to tease and please my men that is my dirty little secret . As soon as He orgasmed the large hot sticky treatment released right onto my face and I thought ” mission accomplished ” . I hope you enjoyed my short story of one of my dirty little secrets . Manly all of my Fantasies have NO taboos . This is my first blog post i would LOVE to get to know you and share many more of my Fantasies and thoughts and I would love to hear yours as well 🙂 . Dial my Ext#782 I am always on if i am not you can request me through the Operator , Talk to you soon!.



    -Bianca xx 

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