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  • Making my Sugar Daddy POP his Creamy Candy!

    I always do my best to please my sugar daddy and give him what he wants. I mean my VERY BEST. He does take such care of me and has been like training me to be his sugar baby for awhile now. And like o.k. how I can resist him? He’s so fucking fine and has like OMG a massively Huge, the Biggest, Best sugar stick EVAHHHH. hahha It pops candy!!! It does just ask Apple. *wicked grin*

    Seriously, when my girlfriends see his big black cock they like automatically drool and can’t stop staring. It’s all we talk about. I’m so in love with it and yes, I do give my sugar daddy whatevahhh he wants. I mean what’s a sugar baby to do when I walk in the room and I see him all bulging,throbbing,aching to drain his swollen big balls?

    I call his  new lil sexy fuck toys in the room dressed in hot pink glitter, micro-mini skirts and pink fringed halter tops with black patton leather Mary Jane cum-fuck-me heels.  Pink glitter lipstick and of course, eager to please.Just the way daddy likes them.

    Then here they come swaying those sexy booty’s across the room like “real girls”. Already trained and ready to give my daddy anything he likes. ANYTHING. 

    I look over and note his growing  HUGE bulge and obvious approval of my latest treats for him. I lick my lips, wink and then nod to his sex toys and instruct them to get down on their knees like slutty sex kittens and  crawl to my daddy.

    Pleased, I sit back and watch as sugar daddy’s BIG cock is devoured by his naughty cum starved kittens. Every once in awhile I walk over to him, perch over his shoulder and whisper dirty things in his ear. Coaxing,purrrrring all the things I know make him shoot hardcore. See, I like making sugar daddy pop extra hard all over his slutty little fuck toys but sometimes I need it also.

    Yes, I admit I crave it. And who better to get him off the way he really likes it than me? Pushing his little pets out of the way I nuzzle right between his legs looking right at him with my big blue eyes begging for my fix.  I pull my blonde locks from my face and tell him “Go ahead daddy jizz all over my sexy tits and face.” You know you wanna like pop daddy…so do it”. Give me all your candy I say in the most seductive, valley girl voice. Just like he likes.

    It truly is an addiction and the pay off…wow…is HUGE. Guess what he gave to me? Oh yes, he did and I still savor the flavor until next time…

    ~Call my bedroom for your extreme,hardcore,fetish or fantasy role play.~

    This naughty little Phone Sex Mistress happens to love a little of it all…

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 Ext. 508

    Twitter: MistressLaurenZ

    Text 24/7-Through USLOVE




  • Naughty or Nice List? Holiday Phone Sex


    What do you think? Have I been a good girl or a bad, bad girl? Am on the naughty or nice list? Well, I will say this Santa better be good to me because I am always so good to him. *giggles*

    What do you think it will take for him to cum down my chimney and give me lot’s of kinky treats? Maybe we can practice. I mean practice does make perfect and I’m all about doing things right.

    Wonder if Santa will like how I played really naughty games in the hot tub with my bff? Maybe he wishes he could of joined the two of us naughty girls. Kissing,teasing each others hot little twats under the water. Pressing our hard nipps against together and finger fucking like two hot lil sluts. Damn right I own it and love it. And well Mr. Santa if you don’t like naughty girls then I guess you will miss all the naughty fun.

    Or I wonder if he will like me training all my slutty sissy’s this year. Bet ya there are lot’s of panties,stockings,bras, wigs,high heels and tons of make up on a lot of pretty sissy’s lists. Not to mention toys…lot’s of kinky toys like anal beads,butt plugs,chastity devices,nipple clamps strap on dildos,french ticklers. Oh wait some of those are actually on my list. 😉

    Perhaps Santa will think me a good girl for taking care of all you naughty men with your raging hard cocks. All you fetish loving guys who rely on Miss Lauren to embrace your most secret desires and fantasies.  Or you men who just enjoy a creative,sensual, well-versed sex kitten to spend some time with.

    Naughty or nice doesn’t matter to me because it’s all the same. I think to be a good girl you have to be a little bit bad. That’s why I truly,genuinely adore my clients here at UsLove.com. Thank you all for making this another really great year. I look forward to so much more and welcome newbies to give me a call. Mention this blog post and I will even give you a few free mins during the holiday season.

    Soft sensual kisses,

    Hoping to play NAUGHTY really soon with you.

    Miss Lauren

    Phone direct or by request: 949-999-5979 Ext. 508

    Twitter: @MistressLaurenZ

    Text: Through UsLove direct to my cell 24/7


  • Just a little Phone Sex Diva~

    lauren for blogYou know I’m not such a sweet young thing after all I have been using my skills in seduction to get what I want from men (and women) for years now. Oh yes, I started young and learned from the best. My Aunt Maggie taught me well how to use my natural assets along with some mentoring from one of the hottest fucking cougars on the planet. 

    I’m naturally super open and very well-versed when it comes to the bedroom, from slow,sensual love making, to down and dirty oral,fetish play or extreme taboo fantasy‘s. And of course,I do love my strap-on and bringing it out to play.

    I totally get hot role playing with you all here and yes I enjoy 2-girl calls every chance I get. For me it’s not a competition thing I genuinely think the models here are uber hot and it’s fun to flirt, tease, be sexy together, get you off double hard baby.  After all sharing  is caring…and I love it. So, always remember even if you are with your fave model if you are looking to find another hottie to play with I’m open,willing and excited to join you. No limits or taboos like ever. Bring your wildest most wicked 2-girl fantasy to me and let’s make it happen.

    I enjoy lot’s of phone sex calls here and look forward to yours. Most of the time I am dominating or training a sissy or submissive toy. But I also enjoy all kids of taboo role playing and will do my best to accommodate your needs.

    Yes, I love making you come hard.  OMG yes I do and I absolutely get totally wet bringing you to that point of intense explosion. Mutual masturbation,guided masturbation are def among my faves especially when we talk really dirty to each other. I don’t mind switch play though I do not consider myself to be submissive . But I have the hottest and most delicious calls with some very dominant men who know exactly what the want and how to get it from me.

    My fetish clients appreciate the fact I am very well-versed and truly love indulge in all the many fetishes out there. It’s sorta kinky hot for me to get into a fetish role play with you or even just talk about it. So many places to go and I genuinely enjoy the exploration of it all.

    My contact Info:


    949-999-5979 Ext 508

    Follow me on Twitter @MistressLaurenZ

    I’m normally available days after 6am -Afternoonish PST, however I do accept appointments to better accommodate you.

    Also, feel free to send a text through UsLove to me if you wish to check my availability,chat or set up your hottest fantasy.

    Kisses to you…can’t wait to play.

    Miss Lauren

  • Foot Job

    DreamFootjobG8 (2)

    Wow!!!  You will never believe the mood that I woke up in…  So last night my “lover” was here and we were messing around. ( of course he loves feet ) Well, at least mine !! Hehe!! Anyway, I had him worshiping my feet. He started by massaging them and making them feel really really good. He then got my foot and started to lick the bottom of it and suck on every single toe. Man o man it felt sooooo good, but I wanted him to suffer and crave it so I made him stop and go home. I guess I really wanted it because I woke up so horny and craving to have a nice big cock in between my feet to jack off. There is nothing better than having a cock between your feet and stroking it till all those juices cum out. I want the feeling of warm juice on my cute little toes. So call me..


    Call me @ 949-999-5900 ext 584 or text me !! <3

  • My first dominatrix experience…

    p5460-8I was looking up ads one day, and there was a section that said domination/ fetishes. I clicked on it not knowing that it would blow my mind completely. The first guy I saw was wearing a full leather suit, skin tight. I could see his cock just dying to burst out.. Hard and throbbing like ha hasn’t came in weeks.. Later on I found out that he was a sex slave… Kinda twisted I thought, but very different. Different enough to definitely want to try it. So I went on a hunt to find the perfect little sex you. One I can play with and use over and over again. And I did, he was this cute with a body I can take,lay,play with… Kinda had a thing for spanking a nice round firm ass.. The thing we did to each other were unimaginable, and indescribable but I will try my best to do tell… It stared off with just a finger, and then two fingers, and then three 🙂

    After all the commotion and fooling around we moved on to toys… His ass was so tight and yeah he was loving the way I fucked him with my strap on.It made me feel so in control, him begging me to fuck him harder and deeper. Until his load came squirting out of him.Thick white cum all over my lavender satin sheets.So creamy I wanted him to lick it off slowly… So he could see what mess he has created…

  • Kinky Fetish Play Rocks

    blog 2

    I truly do love exploring hot,taboo, kinky fetish play with you open-minded naughty men & women.  Sexually driven,deep,lustful,urgent desire for something only you & I understand. Oh, I have a few fetish desires of my own or should I say sex addictions? Hmmm…we should talk about this lol.

    So to all  you sweet darling AB/DL’s, you feet obsessed,hair fetish dears,panty wearing,pee pee loving, muscle worshiping,giantess wanting,leather lusting,high heel sissy’s,spanking,breasts & booty lovers. Miss Lauren is here…and I totally get you. Not only that I truly want to indulge with you and help take your fantasy or fetish to the next level.

    I learn something new almost everyday when speaking with fetish minded callers. Do I judge? NEVER. And I mean NEVER. I totally get off to it in fact. Do I laugh? Hell yes I laugh until I literally cry sometimes but never at you…with you sexy, only with you. Unless of course, you are a silly lil sissy pet or subbie that enjoys the humiliation and teasing.

     I like knowing what makes your dick throb so incredibly hard and help take you to that awesome point of explosion. Mmmm…I do love making you cum and in a way it is a sort of fetish for me. A deep desire,need to hear you stroking your hard shaft. Talking dirty to you, masturbating with you,indulging in kinky ass fetish play or a twisted role play with all sorts of hidden perversions. Oh yes…I do have a few of my own dirty lil secrets that I may or may not share. *giggles*

    Please know you are welcum & wanted in my bedroom…I have no limits or taboos in fantasy fetish play.

    Sexy kisses,



    EXT 508

  • I’m in the mood to dominate TWO men.– MJ


    I woke up this morning and realized that I was in the mood to dominate not one but TWO men at the same time.. I want to be able to control two men and have them both worship me as I deserve to be. To treat me like the princess that I really am. I would love to sit them both right infront of me and strip them of their clothing. Make fun of them and humiliate them.  Then I would lay down and have them worship my body from head to toe and everything in between. Let me get lost in euphoria. I also have this craving of getting really rough with them, I want to tie them up, gag them and spank them.. I am guessing I woke up in a BITCHY mood.. so who is going to call me and deal with me???


    Call me 949-999-5900 ext 584 or TEXT me –MJ

  • It is that time of the year when I catch you foot fetish guys looking at my pretty little feet-MJ

    uslove feet

    So it is spring time and all the ladies are getting their feet nice and pretty to show off those cute little toes…  I always have my feet done, but now that its spring, I can wear all those cute small heels  and get your attention with my pretty sexy feet. One of my favorite things to do is get one of my little pet slaves and get them on his knees and have him just worship my feet. There is no better feeling than kicking back in a chair, in bed, or the couch and having someone massage and lick your feet. Not to mention hearing how beautiful they are. I can’t wait to get my feet worshiped. I see you guys out in public trying to be slick about looking at our feet. I see it all the time, but guess what your secret is out in the open… I KNOW YOUR SECRET…. Call me and lets talk about how good of a foot slave you would really be. 


    Call me, MJ 949-999-5979 or send me a text… xoxo

  • My Pillow Princess Experience — MJ

    princesspillow2We as we ALL know I am young, bratty and very self absorbed.. So when I go see my ORAL SLAVE, Bill, which keep in mind he is 54 years old and I am a young tight 21 years old.

    So Bill is always eager to please me and serve me as I please. He makes sure that before I go over to his house he has everything prepared for me, meaning everything that I like, love and enjoy. He knows that he needs to have my favorite bottle of red wine chilled to perfection, something for me to snack on ( usually fruits ) and the bedroom full of lit tea light candles. He knows that if these things are not done and waiting for me that there is punishment that will await him…

    Anyway, I always like to go back and think of the very first time that I went over to his house and the experience that I had. Now keep in mind that I love to have someones face in-between my legs at all times ( I believe thats where a slaves face belongs, don’t you? ).

    So when I am at his house he has to follow me around like a pathetic little puppy dog and have his face in my young sweet love box.. If I am sitting down watching TV he is to have his face where it belongs and his tongue busy. So basically he is to have his face in my love box when I am in bed till I  fall asleep, eating or anything at all in his house.

    The very first time that I was there I swear I was a total REAL PILLOW PRINCESS.. I laid my pretty little head on the fluffy pillow let him spread my legs open and let him have at it for 5 hours.. Yes you read right, 5 whole hours… I came, gushed, and squirted at least 9 times or more..

    If you wanna hear more about this, or even be my little ORAL PET call me ..

    Call MJ at 949-999-5979 Ext 584

  • My summer with Auntie “Mistress” Maggie

    laurenIt may very well have been the summer that changed my life forever…my naughty Aunt Maggie has a way of changing things to her liking. I was only a young lil teen the summer I packed my bags for a visit with my hot,naughty, Cougar Aunt. Oh it was no secret that she totally cuckolded my Uncle but I didn’t really understand all that just yet. Auntie Maggie with the sexy bleach blonde hair, bursting double D’s,long,slender tan legs,round booty and always provocatively dressed. She welcomed me with open arms that summer and smiled as she looked me up and down though I wasn’t sure why.

    We spent a lot of time together as my Uncle would spend extremely long days at his office or out of town. I watched her young boy toys doing yard work for her and they way she would seductively walk around in her string or thong bikini. They panted like lil puppies watching her every move, following her around with their tales tucked between their legs and hard cocks throbbing. Oh yes, even then I noticed the bulging grow and would giggle to myself at how easily they would get hard. Aunt Maggie had them eating right out of the palm of her hands but it wasn’t until later that summer I realized that wasn’t all they were eating~

    It was a sultry,stormy,humid afternoon, the thunder was so loud I felt like the house would crumble at any moment. I knew that Auntie was working on something in her bedroom, as she often would. But I never knew exactly what that was. She had been in there most of the morning and I got a lil curious. Plus it was storming I could sneak around with out getting heard as easily. When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed her door was cracked a lil so I peeked around to see what I could see. My mouth dropped and I quickly covered with my hand in sheer amazement of what I saw.

    My Auntie was standing in front of the two young guys that do yard work for her. She wore only black stockings,strappy black very tall stilettos, no bra her tits so round,nipples so hard and big and out right in front of them. Then I realized her young  studs were in panties as they started licking the bottoms of her heels all the way up her long legs to her naughty cougar cunt. She moaned and started to grind them one at a time. Grabbing handfuls of hair using them hard and for all her pleasure.Back and forth she went riding her boy toys faces like lil fuck pets. They begged for more hard in their panties aching for anything she would give. I heard one of them call her Mistress and I got chills up and down my spine. Mistress. I want to be a Mistress I thought.

    Her slave bois then started to beg for her cock and I gasped. Cock? Auntie Maggie has a ….cock….? I watched as she pulled a very large dildo and then made her pets put her leather harness on.  Still on their knees begging for Mistress to fuck them she started shoving that big dildo into their mouths and started to humilate them. “You lil sluts,you pathetic nasty whores,why would I fuck you so easily when you have done very little to earn it?” They whimpered maybe even cried and started again to worship Mistress but this time they begged to take her golden.  I wasn’t sure what that meant but I found out later. She instead denied them and said NO YOU MAY NOT. You are not worthy of my champagne.  But I will fuck your mouths until I’m satisfied with my huge,hard dick until I get ready to own your slutty boi pussy’s.  Mistress Maggie used them for a very long time and in the end I watched her make them eat their cum. Telling them it was to be worshiped and not to expect it every time.

    Sigh~My first of many memories of a Mistress, My Auntie the Mistress and it’s all I ever wanted to be since. I would love to tell you more…


    I have no limits or taboos in fantasy and am well-versed in most ALL fetish play.

    Call my bedroom now or please call one of our sexy operators to request me.

    949*999*5979 Ext. 508

  • Dress you up in my Love

    What is it about you naughty,sexy,kinky,hot lil panty boi/sissy bitches that Miss Lauren adores the most? Hmmm…I would have to consider this one very,very deeply. Perhaps it’s the cheap thrill of dressing you to my delight and using you like the lil girly~girl sluts you are. Training you to be the purrrrfect lil sissy whores. Or maybe it’s bending you over for much needed anal training. You know it’s true…Miss Lauren most certainly  will own your sissy pussy before it’s all said & done.


    My lil whore Sissy Mary Jane can tell you just how much I love to pull her pink panties down and spank that booty’ good. Sometimes I use my hand or belt but other times I enjoy using my paddles or whip. Mmmm…I do get so very,very wet and hot when I spank my sissy’s for misbehaving.

    I’m a sensual Mistress a very seducitve,saucy lil vixen and I love every fucking second. Dressing you up,talking dirty in your ear,teasing your sissy clitty,humiliating you,breaking you to the point of no return. Delish~ simply fucking Delish~

    Sometimes my sissy’s beg to watch Miss Lauren with a real man and perform their duties. Oh yes, my sissy Barbie absolutely loves sucking  yummy big black dick for me. And when I’ve had my fill she also loves to lick her Mistress clean with that naughty sissy tongue. A very big reward, I know, and one that must be earned.

    For all you lil darling sissy sluts that are in need of a sexy,sensual,young Mistress cum find me if you dare love.

    Sensual licks & kisses,

    Ciao for now my loves…

    I can be reached at 949-999-5979  EXT. 508 and welcome requests!

    No taboos. No limits. All fetish play welcome.

  • I Love Panties

    Main Entry: fe·tish
    Variant(s): also fe·tich \fe-tish also fē-\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French & Portuguese; French fétiche, from Portuguese feitiço, from feitiço artificial, false, from Latin facticius factitious
    Date: 1613

    1 a: an object (as a small stone carving of an animal) believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly: a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence b: an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion: prepossession c: an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression
    2: a rite or cult of fetish worshipers
    3: fixation


    I love a sub in panties. Okay… this might be pushing towards a fetish for me. Well… not technically since I don’t find it necessary for sexual gratification. But really I find a sub in just a pair of pretty panties so very… stimulating.

    A man who will put them on for me. That is nice. A man who finds it arousing to put a pair of cute girly panties on for me more than just willingly, that is very, very nice. Pink, white, black… silk, cotton, satin, lace, so many choices and I do like them all. To do something that is so simple yet so instantaneously erotic is powerful for me to share. A man in girly panties is to me a perfect picture of submission. A cock straining again a small scrap of lace, a thong slipping up between lovely ready to be used ass cheeks, I enjoy this. A picture offered, “This is for you Saffron, because I know you want to see me this way.” Oh… such a beautiful thing. It isn’t so much about cross-dressing as submitting to me something that you would never do without me. Or if he likes to wear them then it is sharing that excitement of the naughtiness.

    I love a woman ready to show me how sexy she is in nothing but a pair of panties. So exposed, so vulnerable, yet often there is a certain innocence to wearing just a pair of panties that I really find exciting. I love the curves of a woman and a nice pair of panties enhances those curves so perfectly. Thin straps up over hips, small bits of cotton and lace covering the treasure that is a pussy. A pair of full bottomed panties snug against the swell of ass, or a g-string sliding tightly down and under and covering nothing, but keeping everything perfectly sexy. Every cut has its advantages, I love boy cut, g-string, thong, even full cut white cotton everyday are sexy. Fancy, whimsical, plain… I want those I share with to have a variety and share with me all their favorites.

    Oh, and then there is the pulling of them down. Just below that curve of a bottom. Whether it is my hands pulling a pair of panties down or he or she who is sharing with me doing the slipping to just there for me… either way is enticing. Standing there with their back to me, on kneeling with knees spread wide, or on all fours ready… all are exquisitely submissive and so perfectly lovely. Waiting, anticipating, exposed and available for anything I desire to offer. Pain, pleasure… all of it is so deliciously wonderful.

    What is your sexiest pair of panties? What do you love to see on your partner… and nothing else?

    Let’s talk about your fetish.  Call me, Saffron at EXT 499

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 499 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Forced Feminization Phone Sex~ uslove.com/eleanor

    I know you don’t want to put that bra and panties on but I don’t care you are going to do it anyway because I said so. Now put them on. I have company coming and want you to be dressed and on your best behavior. You will occupy and entertain my guests however you have too. You are going to enjoy forced feminization phone sex tonight. Now put on this dress, nylons, and heels. I will go get the make up and curling iron. We are going to have you looking so pretty. I hear the doorbell so you finish getting ready and you better hurry. You come out of the bathroom and into the living room to see a couple of my girlfriends and one of them brought a guy friend. You feel so embarrassed that your wife is dominating enough to make you dress up like a woman. You come in and I politely introduce everyone to my sissy boy. Everyone looks at you and my girlfriends smirk a little and the guy just smiles. I tell you to go get us some drinks and they watch as you walk out the room and then begin laughing. They can’t believe how a masculine man can be made to dress up as a woman. But I told them it is part of my forced feminization phone sex for you. You are going to be my bitch for a night and do what I tell you. When you come back into the room, one of my girlfriends ask you to lift up your dress. You look at me confused and I tell you to do what she tells you, so you walk over in front of her and lift your dress up exposing those cute pink panties which are hiding the semi hard erection you have. I guess you like wearing women’s clothing because you are getting turned on. Well, you are going to do everything you are told whether you like it or not. I am in control and will command you. You know what happens when you disobey. But I don’t care whether you disobey or not because if I want to punish you I will at my pleasure. For right now, you will take care of my guests and I do mean take care of them by going over to the guy and being a lady. I want, or rather we want you to flirt with him as a woman would. go over and flirt with him. Show off your body to him and make him want you. Be a good little sissy boy. So you go over and begin flirting with him as he sits there smiling and smirking a little. You feel it is hopeless because you aren’t doing anything for him. All of a sudden he stands up and pulls out his cock. I walk over and push you down on your knees where you are face to face with his sexy cock waving in your face. Go on you know what we want. You hesitate and then feel my hand on the back of your head pushing you closer to it until it penetrates your lips and down into your throat it goes. We hear you gag on it but that doesn’t stop me from pumping your mouth back and forth on it. It amuses us to watch you have your forced feminization phone sex. Pumping your mouth back and forth until he shoots a nice load of creamy cum into your throat. Now swallow. That is what I do with my sissy boys like you.

    Eleanor Ext. 579

  • Ménage à trois mix

    p5554-1I have often been asked if I enjoy girl-on-girl action.  Of course, this comes as no surprise seeing as how it’s one of the more prosaic, garden-variety male fantasies. Sure, it’s understandably hot to an extent and I’m not knocking it one bit. However…. do you know what I find really intriguing?  

    One of my personal peccadilloes is watching two guys that may typically (or at least overtly) identify as straight, as they explore and tease each other to appease and entertain me. I’d of course want to eventually join in and create a ménage à trois mix (after all, the visuals would be sure to whet my appetite). 
    I love being treated like a Sex-Goddess or reincarnated Freya, perusing my minstrels, and subjects as I see fit to fulfill all my salacious desires and wanton whims. To see a man go out of his comfort zone for me is intoxicatingly appealing. And seeing him expose his more vulnerable side, while braving new experiences in never before charted territories makes my pulse pirouette.  I’d be sure to gently coax him into soft surrender and hold his hand as our hot male companion plunders him thoroughly.
    Ultimately, I’d hope he’d, on some secret level, enjoy his first foray being taken by a man. And then in turn, take me next; all the while being mindful and careful though as there is only a petite five feet of me to go around for both men’s demands making sharing imperative. Although fighting it out would be another option I suppose….  gladiator against gladiator, with little old me being the prize.  
    To delve into and indulge in more details of some of my fave decadent experiences call me at ex. 829

    Would you like to be one of my boy toys/dolls/royal subjects? I’m currently accepting applications to see if you fit the “position”…

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 829 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Do you love to be WATCHED???

    photo (1)       I always wonder if anyone else has the same little kinky fantasy that I have.  I think about it every time I start to enjoy my own body.  When I lay there in bed feeling how soft my body feels and how good I can make myself feel. Meanwhile I always imagine someone, maybe Daddy standing in the corner watching me pleasure myself. The thought of being watched and almost coached intoORwhat I am suppose to do with either my fingers or my huge dildo. 

    Just the thought of having him there pleasing himself watching every little thing that I do and every little sexy moan that comes from my mouth just turns me on more and more. Knowing that he is watching me pleasure myself makes me so moist and just wanting more and more and making me ready for that huge creamy explosion that my body will have. Once I have reached that point then I will call him over to come and clean me all up. Now you tell me don’t you ever have a fantasy like too.. I just think it’s HOT.  So if you do think of stuff like that call me and we can have some fun.. I can’t wait to hear from you..


    CALL MJ @ 949-722-2222 EXT. 584 OR  LOOK FOR ME ON WWW.USLOVE.COM

  • Sissy Training Phone Sex with Dakota

    Sissy Training Phone Sex is a discreet way to learn everything about being a good sissy….
    John visited me last week.  He wanted to see me after he had discreetly ordered (very skimpy and naughty) designer lingerie, and an assortment of panties and pantyhose.   He was so excited, that his big, blue eyes sparkled as he clutched his big, red, shopping bag (that also contained a pair of super sexy, black, 6 inch heels, and a couple of  risqué  little black dresses (low-cut, super short, and very sheer)).  A week beforehand,  I had texted him and told him that I would order his wigs and make-up, and I told him to make sure that he brought a pink, 6 inch dildo.  I told him that I had a bottle of  bubble gum scented, lubrication gel, a strap-on harness and 6 inch, realistic, flesh-like dong (that sprays creamy jizz).  My thighs became really moist, as I thought about how naughty it would be to break-in an older, married man.  I told him that (we would work up to larger sizes, after I felt that he could handle it).  I had him get undressed and slip into the strawberry scented bubble bath, that I had prepared for him.  While he was in his bath, I shaved his underarms, pubic area, chest, and legs.  I passed him a glass of sparkling champagne (that I bought the bottle earlier that day, using my fake id).  After his bath, I had him and slip on a pink, silk robe and pink, faux fur slippers.  We walked into the bedroom where he was instructed to disrobe and lay on his stomach.  He leaped onto the bed that was covered with pink, silk sheets and matching fluffy pillows.  During our first  training session, I wanted him to know what it was like to  be pampered, as I rubbed his smooth body with strawberry scented, warming lotion.  I gave him the name of ‘Joanelle’ (to use when he felt sexy and naughty)……he was ready to start learning how to be a ‘real sissy’.  Are you?
    Dakota, ext. 733

  • Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy–Help Wanted


    Submissive male slaves to service male clients.

    You must be willing to be feminized.  This will include makeup, wigs, women’s lingerie, corset training,  voice training,  possible breast enhancement surgery, and using tucking restraint devices at times.

    Men with pathetically small penises preferred.

    Job expectations include: Cocksucking, Rimming, Receiving anal by multiple partners (with and without condoms), Fisting (receiving), Eating cum,  Being restrained for extended lengths of time.   Any and all request by my client’s must be honored.

    Benefits: NONE!!!  You will be my whore and do as I say.

    If interested, Call Madame Desiree at (415)765-4321

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 802 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Finding your G

    lauren black 1Your crazy hot G spot that is. Yes, guys have one. Well, I can for sure tell you my darling sissy bois,ass whores and subbies have a G spot and I am always more than willing to help you find yours.

    Shall I use my sexy,smooth long fingers and linger in all the right places? Or maybe tease you with my naughty wet tongue until I find it. Sometimes I get out my bad boy strappy and explore your hot,tight man pussy until you squirt hard for me. “Yes,Mistress yes,that’s my G spot.” You will be positively screaming out in sheer ecstasy. Just ask my sissy Mary Jane. She is trained to get on her back,spread her slutty legs as far as she can and show me where it is. Sliding over her frilly,girly-girl panties I take a peek at what lurks below. That little bit of skin and nothing else just above her sissy hole. I instruct her to rub it gently while she tells me how to properly curtsy upon entering a room. Yes, my training can be somewhat kinky and always erotic but I do love the little whores.

    For you real men out there that may be a tad curious about anal play my bedroom door is wide open. Mmmm and I do mean wide. I ask only for you to keep an open mind and raging cock for me. I do love hard,thick raging man cock. What a fun fuck toy you would make indeed.

    Explore with me soon sexy lover…deep,sensual kisses,

    Miss Lauren

    Find me most days 7am-5ish pm PST. Or by appointment or request

    via the operator.


    Visit my profile and drool over my sexy Goddess pics at www.uslove.com

  • Are you a panty sniffer?


    Are you a SECRET panty sniffer? Well, don’t think that you are all alone. I know so many men that love to sniff and lick panties. Do you catch yourself going thru dirty laundry baskets at your friends house or even your girlfriends house to see if you can get a quick sniff of those yummy creamy panties? I know how you crave those sexy, slinky pair with the unmistakeable aroma and tell tale signs that they have been worn pretty recently.


    I love me a little panty sniffer, one that I can sit infront of me, take off my warm, hot and wet panties and smoother his face with them. There is nothing better than watching a man lick the crotch of my worn panties and hearing him inhale the scent and aroma my beautiful body has left. I know you panty sniffers are out there , come play….

    So call me ” MJ ” @ (949) 999-5979 ext. 584



  • Be My Bitch!!!



    This is a 2 hour of fantasy full of oral sex, forced feminization, toilet training, slut training, rim jobs, and extreme canning. 

    Do as I say and bring your hands over your head. Let take these cuffs and fasten them around your wrists. Show me your cum-filled panties, slut!!!!! I pick up up a large 2″ by 8″ dildo. I bring it to your mouth and slide it it in between your pretty and painted red mouth. Suck it, bitch!!! You are now my bitch forever.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 832 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Sensual Edge Play…Goddess may I please?


    Sensual seduction,erotic teasing,edge play,guiding you to orgasm,so damn hot.Domination in the bedroom with an erotic,sensual twist that’s what I am all about. But sometimes you have to earn your hot release and I absolutely get wet taking you there. I think a little light,kinky bondage might be in order mmmm yeah and sensual teasing. You ache to touch, taste, worship my delicious young Goddess booty. But you know I think I would rather watch you grow hard,throb and ache right in front of me.  I want your balls(MY BALLS) to be swollen baby and blue,aching even. Just imagine being tied up to my bed unable to rub your swollen shaft that is aching to be touched. Well, ok maybe if you are a really good boy I might allow you some  Unable to touch my hot, lucious body.  Just suffering and begging for mercy. Maybe I shall cage your cock and show you who is in total control. It is I my love and I want to violate you in the most sensual ways.

    I will totally own your cock & balls,your man pussy too and you know this to be true.Make them mine all mine and you know a young,blonde Goddess is just what you need. Teasing you beyond all measure then denying you all that you want is so hot for me. CONTROL I love it! Making you submit to me,earn your release and beg for me to own your cum. *sexy giggles* I do love my play pretty’s.

    If ever you care to indulge in a very sexy,sensual edge play phone sex session or any other fetish,role play or domination fantasy I’m wide open with no taboos or limits. I specialize in creative,hot,kinky, real phone sex and would love to know what turns you on the very most. Don’t be shy this hottie does a little of it all~

    Just FYI:-

    *I am available most days 7am-5pm PST. You can also contact the operator and “request” me,send me a naughty text 😉 or set up an appointment if this doesn’t work for you. I truly enjoy doing what I do and love sharing the experience with you no matter what your fantasy or fetish needs.

    Visit my page at www.uslove.com

    Call me @ 1-949-999-5979 EXT. 508

    Sensual kisses,



  • Watching and observing, the ultimate voyeurism

    p4065-1I want to fuck another man with a huge dick while you watch.
    I want you to hide in the closet before he arrives and simply watch and observe. You can masturbate away while you are seeing and listening.
    You will be able to hear the sounds of my juicy creamy vagina being fucked and enjoyed by another man. You are going to see my hands all over his dick, jerking him off. You’re going to watch us do all of the sexiest things.
    And after he and I are done. He will leave and then, it’s your time to come out of the closet. Then, it’s your turn to fuck me, to bring me lots and lots of pleasure.
    Is your penis all the way up? Are you ready?

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 322 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • Sissy Training Phone Sex Eleanor Style

    sissy phone sexI just love the thought of a man dressing up and being the best slut he can be. I am all for sissy training phone sex and helping them out on their endeavor. First thing is to do what girls love doing and that is shopping. We get together and go shopping to get those perfect little outfits for you to wear. You know the ones who will entice a man to come home with you or even slip into one of the bathrooms with you. Picking out and trying on some of the most gorgeous outfits and giving me the pleasure of a fashion show until we find what suits you. We mustn’t forget that matching sexy bra and panties or even that lacey teddy to go with our superb outfit. After getting you all dressed up and ready for the next level we venture over to the makeup department for a freshening up of our face and complexion. While getting that facial done I sit and watch as you get an awesome manicure and pedicure. We want our sissies to look their best. This is only the first part of our sissy training phone sex. There is always more. Once you are beautiful and sexy we go next to the adult store to pick up a few items needed for your training. But a quick stop in the shoe department is on the way. You know a girl has to look her best and having the shoes to match the person is important. You want your male counterpart to find everything about you arousing. So we pick out the sluttiest heels and nylon to go with them. Caressing those legs is an important thing a man loves doing. But the look takes first place. Now on to the adult store. We browse through items until we find the perfect butt plug for our training needs. I think a large one would be sufficient. We need to make sure you are prepared for those huge cocks you encounter. A nice glass one is what I choose. I want to be able to see through it into the darkness of your hole. Once picking out several items we adjourn back at my place for the second step in your training. Isn’t sissy training phone sex fun so far? Now let’s get down to business. We have you dressed up and feeling sexy. Now let’s start you out by being submissive to me and getting down on your knees while I get dressed into something a little more comfortable. A nice big strap on is what I call getting comfortable for my little sissies. Now that you are on your knees in your little panties, lets get them off and unwrap that butt plug. Once ready you will insert that butt plug deep inside you, of course using a little lubricant. While on your knees with that butt plug deep inside you, I will train you how to pleasure a cock. A man’s balls are very sensitive to touch so that will be where you start. Taking your tongue and licking around them and gently sucking on them. Pulling both into your mouth as allowed. Your main goal is to pleasure him and make him want you. Turning him around and spreading those cheeks to lick his puckered hole is another way to tease him and make his cock throb. Being a good ass licker takes practice. Knowing how much of your tongue to slide inside him without making him cum is an art. Once aroused you go back to his cock where you trace his shaft with the tip of your tongue. Make sure you trace each vein silhouette up the shaft before tickling and teasing his head. You want him to produce a good amount of precum at the pee hole. Once that tasty precum puddle is there, you want to tease him more by allowing your tongue to play with it. Strand it from your tongue to the tip of his cock. Lace your lips with it. But don’t forget to moan a little to let him know you are enjoying the taste of his precum. Then, you allow him to see your mouth slip over his head. You always want to make eye contact while pleasuring his cock. Stroking his cock gently but sensuously with your mouth. That is the next level of your sissy training phone sex. Once it is hard, you will begin the next level by turning around and offering yourself up to him. So, remove the butt plug from your asshole so we can begin. You should be nice and stretched for him. He can see how well you are lubricated for him at this point because while you suck his cock you yourself are getting aroused and self lubricating. Then you reach back and spread those cheeks nice and wide. You feel his cock sliding up and down your ass crack getting it lubed up before you feel the pressure of his penetration inside you. Feel the very existence of your man pussy being stretched open wide. You can’t help but moan out in pleasure as you feel that firm thick cock sliding inside you. Stroke after stroke brings your clitty to oozing and his cock to throbbing. You feel the swelling of his head inside you before he delivers a huge load of thick creamy cum deep within you. That is not the final level because any good slut would lick and suck his cock and balls clean. But remember that a whore spits but a slut swallows. That is the final level in your sissy training phone sex. You will find that when a man is pleased he will be back. Now that you are done with training it is time to go out and find you a man. Let’s begin…..


    949 381-3733 Ext 579

  • Girl Talk and Cum



    I love dressing up, even on a bad day a bitch needs to feel as sexy as she looks. Satin,silk or nylon I wear them all! Oh yes, don’t even get me started on leggings or shoes, everything about being a woman turns me the fuck on!! I bet some of you sissy’s wish you could relate. Are you ready to be the prettiest slut in town?  Don’t be shy girly boy, your secret fetish is safe with me!

    Cum and girl talk!! Xoxo

    Call me 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 723 or visit me at USLove.com


  • Hot Ass Fucking…Yours or Mine?

    lauren 3

    I must admit hot,dirty,rough even,uncensored,ass fucking is at the top of my faves. And I love giving just as much as I love to receive it. I bought my very first strap on when I was just a curious teen at an adult fetish store with my Aunt. I can remember going back to her house that night taking a shower,slipping into my sexy stockings and nothing else but my awesome new cock. I totally got off to the power of it all. Petite,young, naughty blonde bombshell stroking this massively huge cock eager to fuck. And fuck I did. Though my Auntie had a few kinky desires of her own and well the erotic collaboration was amazing,even now I masturbate my hot,little pussy thinking about that first night with my strappy.

    Maybe it’s the way you moan when I tease your man pussy with the tip of my thick cock. Looking deeply into your eyes as I slowly penetrate your hot,tight hole.Licking my lips,tracing my finger nails around your nipples slipping my sexed up finger into your mouth while I fuck you deep,slow and in perfect rhythm.Sensual ass fucking at it’s very best but there is always more…

    Bitch boy’s,sissy sluts,panty lovers of mine enjoy a more dominating kind of strap on play. Using,abusing,humiliating,raping each and every slut until I am satisfied and my luscious,tight pussy is dripping wet. Mmm…Mistress does love to take,take and take some more. After all, I deserve my fill. And when you finally explode and give my cum to me the reward is just so sweet.

    I invite you to gather up your favorite toys,lube and call my bedroom for an intensely hot and erotic strap on session. I seriously love making you cum so hard you have to moan and scream.Fucking delicious sexy.

    Join me soon lover,

    Visit my page ,read my bio,see more pics at www.uslove.com

    Lauren Ext. 508

  • Stockings and Heels-Empowering Indeed!

    When I was younger, I had a developed a “serial dating” habit.  Back in the late ‘90’s, there were a number of phone dating sites that a female could join for free.  Being single, and open-minded, I eagerly signed up for one. Looking back, I suppose that was the seed that would launch my phone career 15 years later. Within no time, I was talking to lots of men on this line, and there were many that I would connect with in real life.  I have always loved one night stands.  The thrill of sex with a stranger is intoxicating to me.  One I recall in particular was a man that lived about 3 hours away in another state.  After a series of conversations, we agreed to meet at a hotel that was equidistant for us both.  Before we met, he requested I bring stockings and high heels. I had them, but no man had ever asked that of me before. I brought thigh high stockings and 4 inch black patent heels.  We met at the designated place and time.  He was nice looking, and I felt like I knew him from our long conversation.   He kissed me; his hands were all over my body.  My hands were rubbing and squeezing his hard cock. He stepped back, and said, “Go dress up for me”.  Knowing exactly what he meant, I grabbed my bag and went to the bathroom.  I had been with men, but no man had ever specifically asked me to wear just that for him.  I put on a black pushup bra that accentuated my 36 DD tits; black bikini panties, the stockings and heels.  When I came out of the bathroom, he was nude and sitting in a chair, stroking his 8 inch cock.  “Come stand in front of me”, he said.  I walked over, not sure how to act.  Seeing his reaction to me, I felt a surge of power, and knew I was in control. Control of his emotions. Control of him. I walked around him, and leaned in pressing my tits into his back.  I nibbled his ear. “Do you like that, baby”? I whispered.  His moan was my answer.  I walked around to his front, and took his hand, and placed it on my stocking thigh.  “Feel my stocking”, I ordered.  He obeyed.  I put my foot on his leg, and his hand traveled down to my shoe.  He fingered my shoe, rubbing the heel.  His other hand rubbed his cock. Precum was coming out. I rubbed the toe of my shoe against his cock.  I then stepped back, and ordered him, “Now, masturbate for me-I want you to cum”.  “Where do you want it”? He said. “I want you to cum in your hand” was my reply. He was stroking hard and fast. Within two minutes, he was done.  I spent the rest of the night giddy with newfound knowledge and power over men that I had never experienced.  We did other things that night, but that’s another story for another time.


    Ashleigh #436

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 436 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Sissy Training with Miss Lauren

    laurenI simply adore sissy training and love molding my darlings into perfect ladies. Sissy training isn’t for all but for those of you that may be harboring secret panty wearing desires or have fantasized about becoming a sissy maid for a Mistress then I invite you to join me for a session.

    Training with Miss Lauren can be a bit taxing I will warn you now.Daily assignments are given and I expect obedient well behaved ladies in my class,nothing less. Sometimes, I can be very strict and I do not hesitate to use one of my paddles on your naughty girl bum. In fact there are even times when Miss Lauren does it just for fun. *smile*Most of all I want you to know that I have a true passion for sissy training and love to meet new ladies whom are interested in blossoming into sissy hood.

    Some of the things I go over in sissy training;subject to change:

    1. How to Curtsey

    2. How to dress En femme

    3. Head to toe make over with Miss Lauren

    4. Finding your inner woman via Erotic Hypnosis with Miss Lauren

    5. Speaking like a lady or en femme

    6. New Namesake (only applies if you are still using a Male gender name.)

    7.  Toy training ie: dildo,butt plug.

    8. Cock sucking training

    Just a few of the things I enjoy teaching my sissy’s but I am constantly updating,adding too my training list as well as daily assignments! And daily assignments are a MUST!! I do encourage you to have a pen and paper when you first contact Miss Lauren so that you may take any needed notes.I do recommend specific toys,dress,training props etc,for each session. If you are serious about your training and would benefit from an open minded,well-versed Mistress please contact me soon to begin your transforming journey into true sissy hood.

    Ciao for now darlings be well,

    1-949-999-5979 Ext. 508 or visit me at uslove.com


  • My First Time with Samantha,A Shemale Tale

    p5152-7The human body is an amazingly beautiful work of art. Whether it be the male or female body that you are looking at, however when you are lucky enough to find someone that is both, well that is not only beautiful,but fascinating as well .

    I am lucky enough that I know someone like this. Her name is Samantha. She and I grew up together and she is also my best friend.

    Now to look at Samantha you would have no clue that she was transgender. She looks like a female. She always has.

    No plastic surgery needed on her face at all, just a touch of makeup. She did get breast implants,but that and a few hormone shots was all she needed. She is Angelina Jolie hot, she just happens to have a very long thick cock between her thighs.

    She was and still is one of the best sexual partners that I have ever had . I wish that I could say that she was my first lover,but we didn’t get together until college, when we moved into an apartment together on campus.

    She was however my first shemale .

    One night both of us were sitting at home watching a movie and talking about the people that we’d been seeing, when I confessed to her that I’d never been with a woman like her, but that it was my ultimate sexual fantasy.

    She was all to eager to help me live out this fantasy and I was all to eager to allow her. I had been crushing on her for years .

    Admittedly there were some nervous giggles at first as we started making out on the sofa and clothes began coming off. By this time she had her thirty-six D cup implants and I was in awe of how beautiful her body was .

    She is very tall and lean, with great muscle tone,her skin is soft and completely smooth and her cock. It is long and beautiful,about eight inches,nice helmet shaped head and delicate balls.

    I practically came just looking at her .

    She pushed me back on the sofa and she started kissing me. Her lips quickly found my neck and then my breasts She suckled them gently at first and then began nibbling them. I moaned and arched my back as she made her way down my stomach to my achingly wet and soaking pussy.

    I leaned up on my elbows and watched as she parted my pussy lips with her tongue and began licking and suckling on my clit, sliding a finger inside of me and touching a part of me that had never been touched before.

    I threw my head back and came harder than I thought that I could .

    She lapped at my pussy and made me cum yet again .

    Samantha told me how good I tasted and then leaned forward and kissed me passionately,shoving her tongue into my mouth and allowing me the pleasure of tasting my own cum.

    This just turned me on even more. I moved my hands over her breasts, pinching her hard pink nipples. She moaned as I moved my lips to her earlobe and neck and finally don to those beautiful breasts of hers.

    I flicked my tongue over them and suckled them hard, spending a bit of time on them. Her cock was so fucking hard. I reached down and began stroking it, there was pre cum on the tip. I told her that I wanted to suck her cock and then I did.

    I crawled between her thighs and began licking and sucking on her thick beautiful shaft, moving my tongue upward and around the beautiful head.

    She was so hard and my pussy was positively throbbing.

    I guided her cock in and out of my mouth, pushing the head up against the roof of my mouth and against the back of my throat. I had to see how much I could take . I wanted to take it all . I wanted to swallow her cock whole, all the while I reached underneath and I massaged her smooth sack and rubbed her taint, and fingered her ass.

    She pushed herself further into my throat.

    Her balls were against my chin now and I was on fire. Turned on like never before ! I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to have her cock in my pussy !

    I stood up and squatted over her lap, one hand on her shoulders,the other on her cock and I guided that beautiful dick inside of my throbbing wet pussy ! She grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me hard and deep,our breasts touching as I rode her hard cock, milking it with my pussy. Her hands on my ass, hips thrusting.

    I lifted my head and arched my back and looked at my beautiful lover. Her breasts bouncing in sync with my own.

    Samantha grabbed my hips and dove in a little deeper and within moments she came inside of me, forcing me to orgasm as well .

    That was the beginning of our sexual relationship. One that is still very strong even now.

    We have had some very interesting encounters over the years. Perhaps you’d like to hear about them…

    Bridgette ext 519

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at USLove.com


  • The Bet 4

    p5152-5It would seem that  my friend Jimmie Jam James has decided to finally take me on again ! For those of you that haven’t read The Bet and The Bet 2, he made a deal with me and his friend Jennifer that if he lost a bet. He would be our bitch . He lost another bet with Jennifer and now it is time to pay up !

    She told me that I could use all kinds of toys on him. Nipples clamps,dildo’s, butt plugs, anal beads, ball gags,whips and chains. She even has some other mechanical devices in mind.

    He is going to be dressed up in full drag this time . I’m not sure how she is going to do this, but he will be wearing a wig, full face makeup, acrylic nails and a bra with panties, stockings and heels.

    She has even promised to send me photo’s of this.

    Personally, I can’t wait to have James in my grasp again and humiliate him like the little bitch faggot we all know that he is .

    As soon as we have the call I will be coming right back here to tell you all about it .

    Until then…I hope to be playing with some more little sissy bitches !


    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at USLove.com


  • Panty Persuasion

    zapPanty Persuasion By Electra, EXT. 614

    He was a victim of fate. On this day it just so happened that his wife had a headache (which she hadn’t had in over 5 yrs) she came home early. He had finished his meeting early and was able to come home  and have some ‘alone’ time. Or so he thought. Against all odds she arrived home to find him walking around the house totally naked except for a pink ribbon around his neck and matching lace panties, stockings, garter belt and pink kitten heels.

    If only his meeting hadn’t ended early….. if only he had just gone back to work……..if only…. if only……..

    I remember the day that he called me, saying his life was fucked up, that something happened and he just didn’t know what to do. He told me he felt so alone with no one to talk to that he’d been plunged into a pretty dark place. He was struggling and needed someone to talk to.

    He came later that night. He wouldn’t tell me about the dreaded ‘incident’. he was afraid I would react in the same way that his wife had. All he would say is that she didn’t understand him.

    I was literally dying of curiosity and I had all sorts of images and scenarios running through my brain, and the way my mind works it really went down to the depths of depravity. We talked, he cried. He was so afraid I wouldn’t understand him either.

    I began to lose patience and said bluntly, in prime Electra fashion, “Let’s stop with the foreplay, ok? fucking tell me what it is. Out with it. You know me. You know whatever it is I will not judge you.”

    He finally found the words to tell me what had happened . Him being at home. His wife arriving soon after. What she discovered and what she said. She had been very shocked and not too understanding of her findings. She couldn’t accept, understand or tolerate it and ended the marriage then and there. No discussion, resolution. no nothing.

    As far as she was concerned, he was sick, perverted and everything else under the sun. Recriminations and accusations had him feeling so low. He felt even more ashamed of his feelings and desires that he had subjugated so long in order to  not rock the boat.

    I spent a long time reassuring him that there was nothing wrong with his desires and that there were many women out there who not only understood  it, but found it a great turn on.

    I reassured him it was nothing to be ashamed of, and that there were far more “shocking” things . . .and it was from this point that he shared his inner needs, his desires, his longing to submit.  And it was from this point that he became aware of my own interests, my own feelings, my need to dominate.

    We talked for hours that night.

    It brought us closer.

    We sat curled on the sofa for some time, my hand stroking his hair and head while we talked. It was as if someone had opened up a floodgate and all of his pent up emotions and longings held back for years came pouring out of him in waves.

    I watched his reactions, I watched the pain in his eyes, I watched the desire in his eyes for the things that he longed for.  And I wanted him to know that there wasn’t anything wrong with him, that he wasn’t wrong, that his feelings weren’t wrong.  He struggled with what people would think if they knew.  He struggled with his own feelings of shame, the feelings that he wasn’t “normal”, that he was all the things he wife had called him.

    “I want to do something for you. If you’ll trust me. Do you trust me?” I asked him just as the sky started lightening. He hesitated, but nodded his head. He was unsure, you could see the fear in his eyes, the fear of the unkown.

    I went to my room quickly to retrieve something and asked him to stand up when I came back in. I told him to close his eyes and put out his hand. He did what I asked, questions unasked in his eyes as he closed them. I could see how nervous he was, but I could also see that his cock was hardening and twitching in his pants. His arousal from the fear, the unkown, the whole situation was turning him, and me on. His reactions touched me, hit me hard. They filled me with my own feelings of arousal, sadism….everything that being who I am brings to me.

    I put the white lace panties in his hand. I knew they would be tight on him, but this is what I wanted. This was what he needed.

    I whispered into his ear, “open your eyes and put these on for me.”

    His face filled with confusion at first, and then near panic.

    “I….I…I can’t” he said, shaking his head. He started to cry. I told him it was ok if he couldn’t….. but I knew that he could. I told him that he needed it. He needed to wash away the disgust he saw in her eyes and see the appreciation in mine.

    I saw the internal battle going on raging in his mind. The battle was being won by his ever hardening dick. I reached down at that moment and trailed the edge of my nail against him through his pants. He gasped, becoming aware of how hard his prick was.

    “You see . . .it is ok to feel this way. It is ok to want it. It is ok to need it.  Not everyone will run. Not everyone will think it is disgusting, that you are disgusting.  You aren’t. You just need it.”

    He turned to walk away from me, the panties tightly clutched in his hand.

    “Put them on here. Take off your clothes and put them on here”

    “I . . .I  . . .can’t”

    “Yes you can. Of course you can.  Be a good boy and put them on. You know that you want to, need to.”

    He stood there.

    He looked so afraid, vulnerable lost and dorwning in longing. I felt my pussy twitch at his predicament. My pussylips were getting wetter by the second. My body was reacting to the battle he was facing. I was enjoying his struggle…. I knew that he…. and I would ultimately win.

    I knew he could do it.. he just needed permission to do it. To know it was ok.

    He slowly undid the belt on his trousers and allowed them to drop to the floor.

    He was shaking at this point, a mixture of nerves, arousal, excitement, longing, fear. I had taken his hand and helped him to step out of them, he bent down, picked them up and held them out to me as if he was presenting them to me.  I took them and placed them over the back of the chair.

    I helped him out of his boxers.  He was only semi naked, but he was trying to hide his cock now that it was erect.

    “It’s ok, you don’t need to hide”

    Instead I had reached up, undone the buttons on his shirt and he had stood there allowing me to undress him.  I did so slowly, making sure he was ok with what I was doing.  He couldn’t speak. His mouth was dry, his breathing long, slow, ragged.  I gently ran my fingers down the length of his arm.

    “Put them on for me”

    I know that he was struggling with this part because of the reaction he had received from his wife.  The fact that this was the first time he would have worn anything like this in front of someone else.  I know that he feared that I would judge him, that I would think less of him.  I didn’t. Far, far from it.

    He slowly bent forward and placed each leg into the panties. And hesitated before pulling them up.

    “Come on, you’re nearly there.  It’s ok”

    I had touched his skin at that time and he shivered, his cock stood to attention even more so.  He had laughed at that point and said that he didn’t know how he would get them on with his cock so hard.

    “That’s ok.  We’ll find some way to force those fuckers on.”  I said.

    There was a drop of precum on the end of his cock, I touched it with my finger and took it up to his mouth, pushing my fingers in between his lips, he recoiled at first with the shock of it, the taste of it, but then hungrily sucked on my finger.

    I reached down at that point with my other hand and began masturbating his already hard cock, reaching between his legs to feel his heavy cum filled balls.

    “Put them on”

    I stopped what I was doing and stood away from him.  Watching him as he slowly bent down and pulled up the lace panties over his erect cock.  When  he had managed to get them on, and his cock arranged behind the lace, he was bulging out of them more by the minute.  But I will never forget that look as he felt at home.  That he felt accepted.

    “There we go. It wasn’t that hard now was it . . .unlike you, you sexy fucker” I had smiled at him.

    He  blushed and lowered his gaze.

    “How do you feel?”

    “I . . .I . . .I can’t describe how I feel.  I cannot express how I feel”

    It was clear from his reactions that there were emotions of varying degrees and strengths coursing through his body.  He shed another few tears from relief. From the release he was feeling.  I had comforted him, held him, accepted him.

    Those lace panties were the first pair he had not had to buy himself, the first pair he had been given, that he had been gifted.  They were the pair that in many ways signified his desires and longings and that he was accepted for those.

    I had massaged his cock through the lace, he hardened even more, the lace being stretched to its full capacity.

    “My god . . .I need to cum. Please may I cum” He had whispered.

    “Yes of course you may”

    He hadn’t needed to ask.

    I hadn’t needed to give permission.

    But sometimes these things are just “right” they just “fit”.  And I reached down and continued to touch his cock through the lace, rubbing, playing, teasing him.

    And he came.

    The hot liquid spurting from his cock and through the  lace panties.  He had commented on the mess he had made after he shot his load. He looked at me with a look that said “please tell me I am ok”

    “It’s ok. It really is ok. YOU are ok.”

    And we had gone back to where we had been a time earlier, curled up on the sofa, my stroking his hair with his head in my lap, him naked apart from the pair of panties stained with his own cum.  A whole range of emotions pouring out from his body.

    And that was when our own friendship changed.

    He was a very intriguing person.  His need to be subservient was very clear.  He was a warm, open and deliciously kinky when he fought past the internal battles in his head which would tell him he wasn’t normal.

    But time passed and just as we all do, he discovered more about the type of dynamic that he wanted and needed, and my own life went down a different path.

    We were friends. We still are.

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  • Men in panties !!!


    Oh how I love guys in panties, It’s such a turn on when I see a guy putting on a sexy pair of girl panties. Thank goodness my friend Frank called last night and said he had wanted to come over and show me his latest girl panties that he had bought. He showed up at the door holding a Victorias Secret bag in his hand and a bottle of wine. I knew at that moment that I was going to have a great night. So he came in and started to take out 3 panties that he had bought and was ready to model them for me. I was in heaven.


    I am not too sure what it is about a man putting these on and modeling them for me.. But I think its totally HOT. Hell Boy The one thing that I love more is when i make him get on his knees and and worship what I have between my legs for hours and hours. (giggle) What a fucking turn on. After many hours of watching him in his latest panties I finally allowed him to hop on my leg and HUMP my leg till he came. Now that was hot.. Making him a little puppy boy and watching hump my leg over and over and over.. (giggle) 

    Call me and lets have some fun!!

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  • Q&A With CoCo!

    Hey, Sexy. Yes, you! I see you looking. You’re curious about CoCo. You’ve got questions and I’m more than happy to answer them! Go ahead…ask me anything.

    Q: Where are you from, CoCo?

    A: I was born and raised in the Midwest. I currently reside in the Windy City!

    Q: How tall are you?

    A: I’m five feet seven inches.

    Q: How much do you weigh?

    A: How much can you lift? -giggling- Seriously, don’t you know you should never ask that question? I’m curvy. If you wrap your arms around me you’ll feel a woman’s body melt against yours.

    Q: Favorite food?

    A: Mmmm…I love Asian.

    Q: Red wine or white?

    A: Depends on the occasion. I enjoy both!

    Q: What characteristics do you find sexy in a man?

    A: Intelligence. Humor. Confidence. Inhibited sexuality…same goes for a woman! 😉

    Q: What turns you off?

    A: Rudeness and racial slurs.

    Q: So, I can’t call you names?

    A: You can. I love name calling in the proper context. Pull my hair and call me your black bitch, slut or whore. You’ll make my chocolate cunt wetter.  Just don’t call me the ‘N’ word.

    Q: So, you prefer rougher sex over gentle lovemaking?

    A: Not necessarily. I crave good sex…sweaty, intense, orgasmic SEX.

    Q: Do you like giving blow jobs?

    A: I do. I enjoy watching a man come undone with my full lips wrapped around his cock. Ultimate power trip!

    Q: Do you like anal sex?

    A: Yes! This juicy round ass was made for lovin’…don’t make me beg, unless that’s what you prefer. I’ll admit I’ll get super wet begging for you to put your cock in my ass.

    Q: What do you enjoy the most about talking on the line?

    A: I love chatting with so many interesting men and women! Like I said, I adore sex…and I make it my mission to please whomever is on the other end of the line when it rings. I love role-play, guided masturbation, dominance, submission, panty boys, bisexuals, lesbians and two-girl calls! I also enjoy plain ole good conversation.

    Had a bad day? Call me. I’ll make you smile before I make you come…I promise!

    Yes, come talk to CoCo…I promise it’ll be the best damn time you’ve ever had!

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  • Strap-on Phone Sex

    Strap-on Phone SexThe other day one of my guys came over and it was so unexpectedly that I wasn’t prepared for any company. He said that he was having bad urges for cock and needed some right away. Well, after several attempts, none of my studs could be reached or were unavailable. I decided to take matters in my own hands by giving him strap-on phone sex. He had never had sex with me before so it was going to be a new experience. He was one of those who always had the real thing but my oldest daughter was here so we made it a family affair. She went into my toy room and grabbed two of my strap-on’s and brought them out. I had him go into my slut closet and change clothes for us. He went in and put on one of the sluttiest outfits I had. When he came out, my daughter and I were waiting in nothing but thigh highs and heels with two nice big cocks on. He shuddered at first sight but got very horny after that. He immediately dropped to his knees but we weren’t ready for that just yet. See my daughter also brought out a hair brush with her. We made him lean over our laps and take 20 spankings from each of us for showing up at my door unannounced. After making his tight ass sore from the spankings, we then had him on his knees sucking our huge cocks like the slut we knew him to be. He went from one to the other before grabbing him and shoving my cock deep inside him making him holler out. He yelled out loudly as I stretched his asshole completely open. My daughter and I took turns fucking him at both ends with strap-on phone sex until he had had his fill. We let him walk out with his ass so stretched out that he was walking funny and very sore. Does that sound like you too? Are you in need of a cock that bad?

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  • Sweet Seduction

    Hey guys, I know a few of you have been looking for another blog from me. It’s been crazy with school but I’m just about done for the summer so I promise to keep you guys updated. I’ve been taking as many calls as I can lately when I am free. I love talking with you about fantasies, doing role plays, being a seductress, and even just enjoying the casual conversations. I am really enjoying each one of you and I just wanted to share that with you guys. And plus it’s really hot because I am always thinking about sex, and the fact that I get to talk about it is a bonus! 🙂 I also wanted to let you know that I am “taboo friendly” many things are new to me, but I so enjoy exploring all things sexual! Like I said in my greeting, I really have a thing for older men, but all are welcome to call…can’t wait to talk to you XO



  • Hey Sissies..cum and play!

    I had fun playing with a little sissy boy cock sucker last night. He was ever so much fun and all ready to take a big cock right down his throat and one right up his ass. I had to laugh when he told me that he is a fireman and that when he spends the whole 48 hrs locked up with these big studs he just wants to be on his knees getting fucked and sucking cock the whole time. Whenever he calls me while he is wearing his panties he jerks his cock off while I laugh at him and remind him of what a little sissy faggot he is.

    I love that fact that he is so big and strong and yet he is one of the biggest fucking sissies I talk to. He loves to ram big fucking dildos in his ass.I love fucking faggot sissy boys like that.   I made him pull up the facebook pages of all his Big,strong friends and jerk off looking at them. Needless to say with a big didlo shoved in his ass and me callling him a faggot he shot a nice big load like a good little sissy fag should.

    Cum and be my little sissy faggot! Sexy little Holly ex 767, you know you crave me.

  • soft skin and I got to cum !

    p646-1Some Fridays I get a massage. The woman who normally does me, called in sick. So I got a guy named Nick. We went into the room we laughed about our simular names.

    Nick and Nikki. As he was about to leave the room,so I could undress I whispered,you know Nikki is a female version of Nick, have you noticed? Even in the dim  room, I could see him blush. I took off all my clothes,except for my panties. Thats the rules.

    He entered I was on my stomach,making sure to lean up alittle as he adjusted the headpiece for me. Showing alittle side boob.Soon ,his hands were working on my back. The lotion feeling so good, his touch pushing away all my tension.

    Pushing down toward my tailbone,omg that’s the best. As he rubbed,pushing my panties down,letting my ass show alittle. The side boob was my idea, but I know this action,was his idea. Soon he was carressing my thighs,as I parted my legs alittle more. Hoping his hands would glide between my legs,touching my now throbbing pussy lips.

    He brushed against my pussy lips,with the panties on. I think he was testing me,see how I would react? I moaned and whispered please Nick,please. Then he pulled the panties off and laid his palm under my pussy. Holding my pussy in place with his left hand,he sliped one finger in. I thought he was going to bang me. No, his way was better. As he massaged my ass with his right hand,it pushed my pussy down letting his finger stimulate me so gently but so fucking amazingly. Letting me cum over and over onto his hand. Then he asked me to roll onto my back. As I rolled over he was massaging my tits and stomach,that silly blanket was on the floor,as he pleasured my pussy again. This time pampering my body and pussy lips with his touch and that lotion. His calming way of feeling me up,finger fucking me. I was so relaxed and felt him roll me onto my right side. He traced my hips,tits and face,lips with his hands,then his cock went for your mouth. I started to suck his cock,he whispered no Nikki. This is your time to relax,I will do all the work. Open your mouth,ohhh I did. He then started to fuck my mouth. Long, slow strokes Touching my tits and face,reminding me to relax. Soon he shot a hot load into my mouth. After he cam,he stood me up,leaning against the massage table. Cleaning my face,holding on to me,til I felt I could stand alone and dress. He left the room,as I dressed. He came back into the room,with water and to let me know,next time it’s no charge,if you will allow me to take you out to dinner Nikki?

    I couldn’t say yes quick enough.

    Slipping him my number and a kiss!

    Nasty Naughty Nikki ext 523

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  • Help Wanted

    p4894-4Oftentimes when I’m shopping with my friends or hanging out, we’ll unblushingly try on clothes, model skimpy bikinis, or relax and chatter in our lacy underwear.

    A few nights ago, several friends and I decided we’d go out and have fun in the city. To ensure a great night, we all purchased tight lacy dresses and removed the inner lining with scissors so they’d be see-thru. After we slipped on our dresses, all of us were giggling with delight. We started squeezing one another’s braless nipples to make them perkier in our dresses. We all looked so damn hot.

    One friend, Méliz from Puerto Rico, looked ‘muy caliente’ in her white see-thru lacy mini dress. Her toasted caramel colored nipples were pressed firmly against the delicate fabric while her white sparkly thong panties were tightly hugging her perfect curves. She wore white open toe high heels, which made her legs go on for days. I tried to giggle away my budding girl-crush and turn my head as my pulse quickened. I suggested we all start applying lip gloss and perfume before heading out to the River District.

    Girls tend to complement one another openly, and that night as the compliments flew around the room, we started getting friskier. We began rubbing on one another’s legs to feel how silky they were, and performing playful make-out sessions to start our evening.  It was supposed to be innocent fun.

    Méliz kissed me so passionately and soft with her tongue during our play make-out session. She grabbed me gently by the back of my neck and rubbed my nipples through my dress. She even slipped her hand underneath my dress and massaged my butt until I was wet through my panties.  I grabbed her voluptuous booty and grinded into her until we were both breathless as we pulled apart.

    We stood there for what seemed forever. I wanted her caramel kissed Latina body intertwined with mine. I was imagining how she looked and sounded while getting fucked. I just couldn’t let her know in front of everybody.   Everyone grabbed their purses and I told them I’d be there in about 30-45 minutes. As they left, I gently grabbed Méliz by her arm and asked her to keep an eye out for my text, and she said she would with a big smile on her face.

    I started pacing in my room wondering how I was going to pull this night off. I couldn’t imagine concentrating the whole time with Méliz next to me in the River District. I needed her now. I touched my bottom lip with my forefinger and still tasted her on my tongue. My sexual zones were overwhelming me with sensations and desire for her touch. Somehow I knew she lusted for me too; the way she massaged my nipples and pressed her body towards mine.

    I’d tortured myself enough thinking about it and took my fingers to my wet panties. I slid my hand inside and rubbed two fingers over my clit slowly until I screamed out her name. It was a wonderful hot orgasm, but not completely fulfilling. I texted her after a while and mentioned I was on my way.

    I went out and completed the night of fun with the girls at the River District and we drove everyone mad with lust.

    Méliz and I progressively get closer every day. In fact, she just texted me ‘Hola’…she’s so damn hot!

    -Now, here’s where YOU come in. I need your help…

    Wouldn’t it be fun if Méliz was hanging out one day and you were here with me? I could strip her down piece by piece and lick her taut nipples while she’s breathless with passion. Then, I‘d spread her legs ever so slowly. We both know she’d be so wet. Her sweet bald slippery pussy would be so perfect for licking.

    I’d be so excited and hot looking at her beautiful body. I’ve seen her body when she tries on clothes. She’s such a delight; bald pussy, perfect tiny landing strip, soft breasts, long legs, sun-kissed skin, long dark brown hair, and hypnotic grey eyes.

    I can just imagine her accented voice saying, “Cogerme!” while I dive my hot tongue into her sweet creamy slit. I’ll slowly reach up take your cock in my hand while fingering her with the other. As Méliz lays there with her legs spread and her body writhing in anticipation, I’ll turn my face toward the head of your erect cock. Méliz begins to erotically rub her clit. With my tongue out, I take one hot lick before plunging my face all the way down your shaft.

    As I hungrily suck your cock, Méliz sits up and starts to kiss and lick your balls. I tongue her and suck her nipples before we start to share your cock; enjoying your delicious dick equally. Still on her knees, Méliz starts to deep throat your cock and I spread her legs from below to make room for my tongue on her clit while she’s servicing you.

    After a few minutes, you remove your cock, dripping with pre-cum. I whisper to Méliz to lie down. I look over to you. You know what I want.


    I guide your hard cock to her vulnerable glistening pussy and rub your fat mushroom head to her delicate lips until she moans loudly. Finally, I guide your cock in her tight hole and she screams out in delight.

    I’m bent over in front of you; licking her sweet tits and tonguing her while you fuck her for me. You start to finger my wet pussy.  I’m already soaking wet from licking on her tits and rubbing her clit while you plunge that dick in her petite Latina body. You realize I get wetter when you fuck Méliz harder because she moans and I love her accented voice.

    Just as she starts to cum, you feel yourself start to climax and the whole room is in frenzy. You pull out and pump all that wonderful hot creamy cum on our breathless heaving tits. We’re all so happy, so satisfied…and it’s because you let me use your cock to fuck my friend.

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  • Magical adventures of the Sari

    p4065-1As you may know, the traditional garment for women in India is the sari. I myself love to wear it and, where it quite frequently. I always feel extra sexy and horny when I am wearing it. The sari Has been worn in India for over 5000 years. It has never gone out of fashion. There are countless different ways to put it on and where it in order to achieve a variety of different looks and appearances. It’s just a matter of how it is rapped and folded. I can tell you it is so much fun to put it on. However, it is the most pleasure to take it off. There is nothing in the world like the joy of unwrapping a sari. It is so much fun to unwrap it and unwind until the beautiful naked body is revealed. Won’t you please come and unwrap my sorry and pleasure my beautiful natural hairy vagina?

    Sparkle 322

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  • Feminization Phone Sex

    feminization phone sex

    Every woman knows how sexy we feel when dressing up to go out and show off what we got. I think every man should experience feminization phone sex at least once. They should be made to wear sexy panties and bras, nylons with heels, and even some erotic lingerie just so they can feel what we feel. Let’s get our men and make them up as pretty as we can and take them out to show off. Feminizing phone sex with a man makes him no less of a man, it just gives them the sense of what a woman goes through or feels. When going out, we should let them see what it’s like to be a woman around a group of men who think only with the smaller head and want what we have. Bringing a man home with us to share and let us sit back and watch how our men react to having that same cock they push on us in their face ready to be sucked on. I love to watch my man suck on that throbbing piece of meat. It makes me very wet to see his lips slide over that cock and his tongue lick those balls. My man being a little slut for me is enough to make me orgasm. Watching or helping him spread those tight ass cheeks and accepting that cock penetration is so hot. Hearing his moans and panting’s while feeling that cock driving deeper inside his little fuck hole. It reminds me of several sissy boys who come see me only to beg me to get them a hung stud. They realize what it is like to be a woman and be fucked like one and they love it. Dressing up like a woman and being a woman are two totally different things but it does give a man a closer look or sense of what a woman experiences as far as feelings, desire, self worth, and arousal. If more men would experience what we go through there would not be so many bad relationships because it would give men the opportunity to stop and think about it before responding so hastily. Me, personally, I love my little sluts who dress up for me and having feminization phone sex with them is the ultimate orgasm. Sitting around talking about clothing, manicures, and cock always brightens my day. So, if you are one of those men who want to talk about it or share some of your experiences I’m all ears and can tell you of some of mine too. I can’t wait to hear from you and have you model those sexy panties and camisole’s for me.

    Eleanor – Ext 579

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  • Every boy wants Sexy little Holly, you know you do…

    There isn’t a boy I can’t have. Every boy I meet wants to fuck me. They think about me, sit around jerking off to thoughts of me and fuck their wives and girlfriends wishing that it was me they were fucking. I am used to it. I mean when you are such a perfect little Goddess like me it’s expected that every boy is going to lust after you. I expect it and accept it. I also kinda love it.

    I have never had a problem getting boys to do whatever I want. They love me ,lust after me and want to please me. I mean really look at you…..you sit there with your cock in hand looking at pictures of me and listening to my voice. I do have the hottest,sweetest and sexiest voice around don’t I? I am so tempting and tasty, just ever so yummy. You crave me,desire me, become addicted because I know what lurks in your darkest of dark hearts. Your naughtiest thoughts and strongest cravings are brought to life by me.

    Play with me, become addicted to me, crave me. There are others but none can really get deep into your psyche like I can. Only I can truly own your heart,cock and mind. Give in and surrender to Sexy Little Holly..

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, the one true addiction you crave again and again and again…..

  • Philip Is my sweet little panty boy and he loves it.

    p5164-3Philip Is my sweet little panty boy and he loves it.

    We’ve been roommates for almost a year now. I dress him up in my sexy lacy panties and he parades around for me.

    It’s quite a change from his usual routine him being a personal trainer for a living. Shhh , don’t tell on him.

    The first time I discovered Phillips love for my panties I caught him red handed. I could tell he had a fetish because I had caught him on numerous occasions running his hands across the top of the laundry.

    It was apparent from the look in his eyes that he wanted to do so much more. He wanted to pick them up. to hold them. feel them between his fingers. press them to his face and smell them.

    So one day I laid my favorite set out on the bed and told Philip I would be gone for the weekend.

    He took the bate just as I knew he would and upon entering the apartment unexpectedly I found him rubbing my favorite panties all over his stiff cock.

    He was startled and embarrassed but I could see that he was also aroused. Something about being caught and really gotten him. I knew from the moment I saw that shame in his eyes that this would be altogether too much fun.

    I ordered him to remove his clothing and he complied. There he stood before me. Naked. vulnerable. Hard.

    He trembled. I laughed. I ordered him to put my panties on and he did. He loved it. His body quivered with anticipation and I giggled at him.

    “Rub your cock through my panties”,  I yelled at him with a smile on my face. His cock leaked all over the lace and I told him it was time for a bra.

    He strapped it on like a pro and I could tell he had always wanted to.

    “Now bend over!” I yelled and he complied. So I swatted him on the ass several times and he squealed with excitement.

    “I knew you loved my panties! Don’t you ?! Aren’t you my little panty boy?!”

    “YES October!” He shuttered with anticipation.

    “Tell me! Tell me your my little panty boy!”

    “I’m your little panty boy October!”

    That’s right he sure was.He still is. He danced for me as I giggled and I love every moment of his subservience.

    He was dripping so profusely I had to finish him off so I ordered him to cum in my panties and he did.

    And when he was done cuming he ate it all up for me like a good little panty boy.

    We had so much fun! Philip is a dominant, alpha male with a chauvinists outlook.

    But every friday, when no one’s around. I dress him up in my prettiest lacy panties and delight in ordering him around.

    And that is how Philip became my sweet little panty boy….


    OCTOBER 327

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  • Cuckold play and cock sucking fun

    Hey little micro dick, are you ready to be my cuckold bitch? I know you are completely. I bet you want to put on a pair of sissy boy frilly pink panties and be my little fluffer bitch! I mean with that tiny little dick what else can you do? I think it would be really fun to see you on your knees sucking on your best friend’s big hard cock. I have known for a long time that you have been wanting suck his huge fucking dick. Ever since you saw it at the gym. You couldn’t wait to come home and tell me all about it. Well now is your chance your worthless little loser.

    The moment I saw how small your micro prick is that I was going to have to find some real men to fuck. I also knew you wanted to be a pathetic little cuckold as soon as I laughed at you and told you that I would be looking for real men to fuck. That if you want to be with a Goddess like me you had to accept the fact that I need real cock. If you wanted to cum I would let you watch and sometimes let you eat all the cream out of my well fucked pussy! Then and only then would you be allowed to jerk off. Now that we have his huge fucking cock suck it for me, get it all nice and hard so I can fuck all 10 inches. I fucking love the way his huge fucking cock feels slamming into me. Fucking me like the Goddess I am. Get underneath and lick his huge cock as it slams into me and if you are really good you fucking loser I will allow to lick every drop of cum out of my pussy. Good little cuckie.

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, you know you crave me again and again and again….

  • The Tranny Transformation

    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kayla, and I am a transformation artist. I’m an expert at transforming boys into girls, and today is the day I will transform you into my very own shemale creation. So, you have to be ready, willing, and able to except all of the changes that await you. Now then, if you’re ready, follow me into the world of your complete tranny transformation.

    First you will enter my transformation room. As soon as you are there, I begin by filling a syringe with powerful female hormones that will take affect immediately. Right after injecting you with the hormones, you can feel the changes begin to take place. You start growing boobs, your ass is getting rounder, and the pitch of your voice becomes much, much higher. As you feel your cock and balls start to shrink, you also feel your hair, nails, and eyelashes become longer.

    Next, I need you to remove your clothes and lay on the table. I will perform a full body waxing, which will completely remove any hair on your body, including your cock, balls, and under arms. After waxing, I have you stand up in front of me, so that I can make sure that all of the hair is gone from your beautiful, smooth, glistening skin.

    Now, I need you to come over to the hairdresser chair so I can shape and sculpt your eyebrows into a beautiful arch. Then, I add some color and highlights to your hair, and while the color is setting in, I start to work on your manicure and pedicure. I take extra care on your hands and feet, sculpting and shaping each nail individually with delicate perfection. Each nail is painted with a lustrous glittery pink polish. When finally finished, your nails are spectacular, and absolutely gorgeous. By the time the coloring is complete, I begin preparing my tools to style your hair. I use scissors, combs, brushes, and a curling iron, to make sure your hair looks it’s absolute best.

    Now it’s time to get your makeup done. I reach into the makeup bag, and then begin carefully applying all the makeup you’ll need, like eyeliner, mascara, blush, etc. And now, for the finishing touch, I use lipstick on your lips that is the same beautiful feminine pink color that matches your nails.

    With most of your transformation complete, it is now time to get you all dressed up. I first give you a lacy little set of matching bra and panties. Then, to prevent any flopping out or bulging, your cock must be tucked and taped down inside your panties. I then help you slip into a sexy, backless red silk mini dress. After your dress is on, I hand you a pair of glittery gold stilettos, along with a gold garter belt to match.

    Your accessories are next. I give you a velvet pouch with the most phenomenal diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet imaginable. I then use my piercing gun to pierce each of your ears. After putting them on, the drop earrings dangle like miniature chandeliers, and the bracelet perfectly fits around your delicate wrist. Then finally, I place the necklace around your neck to hang between your new voluptuous boobs. After you’re completely dressed, I take you over to the full-length mirror, so you can finally see your new beautiful body that I’ve just made for you.

    While you’re facing the mirror, admiring your new feminine physique, you hear me tell you that everything that we’ve done so far today is very special, but there is just one more step left in the process. This next step is the most important in your transformation, because now that you look like a woman, it’s time to make you feel like a woman too. When you turn back around to look at me, your eyes are immediately drawn down to see the huge, hard strapon cock that I’m now wearing. You are my beautiful creation, my stunning work of art, and now it’s time to take your little cherry, and fuck you as a woman for the very first time.

    As I’m standing in front of you, you go down to your knees, wrapping your pink painted lips around the shaft, as I begin working my hard throbbing cock into your mouth, and down your throat. I love looking down at your pretty face, as your head bobs up and down while you suck it. It really turns me on when you look back up at me, and I can see in your eyes how much you like it too. After using your mouth to put a nice shiny polish on my cock, I take you over to the big black leather couch. I get you doggy style up on the couch, as I get into position behind you. I want to fuck you wearing everything that I dressed you in, so I just lift up the back of your dress, and pull your little panties to the side.

    Next, I’m spreading your ass open, exposing your pretty little pink puckered pussy to my huge cock, as I begin to push it in. You then feel the wetness on the tip of my cock touch your hole that has just been moistened by your mouth. You feel me slowly entering and going deeper, exploring your tight, tender, virgin hole. I can tell that the sensation of having your pussy filled is incredible for you, as I hear you moan and look over at the mirror on the other side of the room, to watch yourself being fucked by me.

    The other end of the strapon is in my pussy, hitting just the right spot as you push your ass back into each thrust that I give you. While still fucking you, I lean forward for a moment, draping myself over your back and pulling your hair slightly behind your ear, whispering into your ear and making you tell me that I own your hot little hole. The more you say it, the harder I fuck you. I start smacking your ass and making you say it louder. I love hearing it As you begin panting faster and breathing harder, while I look down at my hard cock pumping in and out of your sweet boy pussy.

    I then begin grinding up against you, pressing up and down in order to cause the end of the dildo inside my pussy to hit my G-spot, while the other end that’s in your ass is nudging and rubbing repeatedly against your prostate gland with a perfected technique that is guaranteed to make both of us cum like crazy.

    As I start cumming on my end of the dildo, I feel your body begin shuddering. So I tighten my grip on your hips, drill the strapon deep and hold it there. You then squeeze your eyes shut, and let out a feminine squeal as I make you cream in your little panties. It feels good to have just fucked the pussy that I made, the pussy that I own, and now you are my perfect little shemale sex doll.


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  • Hey panty boy lets have some cock sucking fun!

    Lets go shopping for some new panties for  you. I think we should bring my friend Brody with us. I know how much you love sucking cock and how much you love wearing panties so I think we should just do both! We can walk around and I will hold various pairs of panties up against you trying to find just the right pair for you. I love how people giggle as I ask you if you feel like you are in the mood for hot pink panties or maybe little zebra print? I think today we are feeling a little wild and lets go with the zebra panties.

    I grab yours and Brody’s hands and lead you both into the dressing room. I sit down on the bench all ready for my show. I can’t help but pull my little skirt up and start to play with my pussy. It’s so hot watching as you try on the zebra panties and drop to your knees. Your cock so hard,stretching out your panties.I just love seeing boys in pretty little panties and what do I love even more? A boy in panties on his knees pulling out a big,hard,fat cock. You are such a good little cock sucking slut. Come on and show me how much you have been craqving Brody’s big, hard cock. The sound of the people walking around the store making it even hotter. Brody lets out a loud moan as you wrap your his cock and start to kiss,lick and suck it. “Come on you dirty little bitch, suck that fucking cock nice and hard. Make him cum where everyone can hear it.” I moan rubbing my little clitty harder and faster. I know I am going to cum just as Brody suirts his load all over your face and you cream your little panties like the dirty little panty slut you are.


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  • Holly’s Sissy Phone Sex With Surprises!

    Frank called me for some sissy fun from a house he was sitting tonight. He loves to call me from all kinds of different places so he can dress up in one of his sexy outfits. Tonight he was dressed up like a sweet, sexy cheerleader. He was wearing his blond pigtails wig and hot little sexy pink panties under his short pink and black cheerleader uniform. I always love to call him Francessca and play with him.

    He wants to be the ultimate girl and i have so much fun making him my perfect sissy girl. I love to make him be my little slut and pull out my big strap on. Me and my girlfriends always fuck him like the dirty little cheerleader slut that he is. Tonight he told me that he wanted me to blindfold him and surprise him. I knew what that meant! It was time to bring out a real cock to surprise him with! He wrapped his little slut lips around that big cock and just started sucking. You would think he had been sucking cock his whole life! It must have been all the strap on cocks and dildos he has been sucking but he sure wasgood. Before he knew it cum was squirting into his mouth and right down his throat!

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  • Shhhh…Forbidden Addiction, It’s Our Secret…

    Shhhhh…don’t worry, I promise to keep it our little secret. I won’t tell on you, I won’t let your wife know how you call me night after night with your dirtiest fantasies. I promise not to tell anyone where all that extra money goes. We know it goes to me…your addiction, your obsession, your only desire. I know what lurks in your darkest heart and I make it happen don’t I? We all know that there are all sorts of addictions out there but in reality I am the only real one, true one. I am the one you really crave. The one you wait for and call back for again and again…

    Remember how you called me yesterday? Cock so hard, mind full of the nastiest thoughts possible and I made them happen didn’t I? The best part of it was that you didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt afterwards did you? It felt too good, too right. I know how to make even the most forbidden things feel right don’t I? Call your Goddess, your forbidden addiction and I will make it all real,all right..Get your fix, fulfill your craving. 

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  • Bobby is a bad boy….

    october2I didn’t know I could dominate until I met Bobby. Bobby is 47 years old, a sexy and sophisticated man and a naughty naughty one too. So every Friday evening when I drive home from my office I bring a new friend along with me. I call Bobby on the phone and I tell him what a bad little boy he’s been….
    “Bobby you’d better be naked and in the corner when I get home. You’ve been a bad boy and I’m bringing my friend diane with me so she can watch while I spank you!”
    “Yes, Mistress October!” He says to me.
    I delight in the tremble of his voice when he knows he’s in trouble.
    “You’d better be naked. And you’d better not touch it until I tell you you can.”
    “O boy I’m in trouble aren’t I?!“ He exclaims nervously.
    “YES you are. And now your going to be punished right in front of Diane while she laughs at you.”
    Bobby Lives next door to me and he knows just what corner to put himself in. I pull in the drive and I know he begins to tremble.
    I walk in the door and Bobby cringes at the sound of my voice.
    “Are you in the corner like I told you?!”
    SLAP When he doesn’t answer correctly I smack him on his ass and ask him- “YES WHAT?!”
    To which he always replies “YES, Mistress October”
    “That’s better.”
    “Now stand in that corner and stroke cock you bad boy!”
    “Yes Ma’am!”
    Bobby stands pitifully in the corner and strokes his meat. I can see how excited he is. So I take out my paddle.
    I strike bobby on the backs of his legs and he cries out.
    I get a huge kick out of making him squeal. And once I get a squeal out of him I know he is ready for the long switch. He knows what’s coming.
    By this time Diane has settled in with her wine. She watched with anticipation for what I’ve promised her.
    “Get down on your knees and don’t you dare stop stroking your cock!”
    “Yes Mistress!”
    He can’t even finish my name. I instruct diane to come closer and stand before him. Now it’s time for the switch.
    “Lick her pussy!” I scream at him and he complies. Lapping away at her twat while I strike him on his bare ass with my switch.
    Diane moans and sips her wine and tears almost always run down Bobby’s cheeks.
    I switch him until diane cums in his mouth and I put him over my lap and spank him with my bare hand while he continues to stroke. I squeeze his balls and Diane pinches at his nipples.
    “Tell diane what a bad boy you’ve been. Tell her!”
    “I’ve been such a bad boy” He says, “ I deserve this!”
    “What did you do you bad little boy?! Tell her what you did!”
    “I touched myself without permission!”
    “Now say your sorry!!!”
    “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”
    I love to make him sorry.
    I force him to his feet and order him to cum in diane’s empty wine glass. His great big cock get longer and harder and when it moves on it’s own I know it’s gonna be a big one. He pulsates violently spitting his load into diane’s glass and she swallows the whole thing.
    Then I throw Bobby out and turn my attention toward Diane… But that’s another story. 😉

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  • ~*Are You A Panty Boy?

    Are you a Panty Boy? I sure hope so because I love sissy panty boy’s ever so much. If you love to dress up then I am your Princess! I want to dress you up in a pair of yellow panties with pretty pink hearts all over them. Let’s put you in a pretty little white sundress and lots and lots of candy pink lip gloss!

    Now that your all dressed up what should I do with you? I could bring out my big, fat strap on and make you suck it and then own your ass! Bend you over and fuck you just the way you need to be. I love it when you look back at me and beg me for more while I give you the best strap on phone sex you will ever have. A princess like me loves to be in charge of sissies like you!

    It’s so fun to fuck you over and over! Are you going to cum in your little panties for me? that’s right, slam back against me hard so I can get all ten inches in! Your such a good little sissy slut. Cum for me now sissy slut, now! Mmmmm….that was fun! Call me so we can play.

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  • This is Me – This is what I love…

    p4911-1I’m waiting, knowing he will be here shortly. We go to dinner on his boat, and dine on deck. We drink our wine, his favorite, Sancerre, and gaze up at the moon. It’s so beautiful. He is just so sex on legs.

    He stares at me and I find myself stirred, short of breath, my heart beating against my chest. My blood is coursing through my veins like fire. He stands and takes my hand and says lets go down to my cabin below..

    As he looks into my eyes, he tells me that he wants raw sex, he wants to blow my mind, rock my worlds and burn me up in passion. Oh yes I think to myself as I stare back at him unable to speak.

    He smiles and starts undressing me and then pushes me down on the bed, with a smile on his rugged face. As he leans down I start to unbutton his shirt and watch as off it goes and I get full view of his masculine chest.

    Our passion erupts between us and soon our tongues are entwined. He stares at me and says I want you wet and wild baby! Hot, sweaty, and grinding sex is what I’m going to give you. I want to feel the bite of your teeth and touch of your nails down my back when I pleasure you so much that it becomes unbearable and so great, you are no longer able to be gentle!

    He starts kissing my eyes, my cheeks, my mouth again, my jaw and down to my neck. He then takes both hands and pushes up my breasts so he can suck them and nibble on my tight nipples, not stopping until he can see that I am starting to feel the passion all the way from my toes to my stomach. He smiles and then starts kissing my stomach and down between my thighs as he uses his masculine hands to spread my legs apart.

    His touch and mouth are making me come undone inside. He continues to kiss my legs and back up to my stomach and nipples with his tongue dragging making me wet in each place he licks. He looks into my eyes and then I watch as he dips his head and sucks on my nipples and then kisses his way down to the top of my pussy and then without warning he starts sucking and stroking my clit with his mouth and tongue. It feels so good and shocked at the feeling, I nearly buck off the bed, his tongue feels like fire and ice on me…

    I am laying there as he puts his large masculine hand on my stomach to keep me from moving and then slides one finger into my tight and wet pussy. As I moan, he slides in another, moving them around and around while still sucking on my clit and keeping a smile on his face..

    I am burning up and my nails are ripping across his back just as he said they would. I’m breathing so hard and he looks into my eyes and stops for a second to tell me to just breathe deeply and let it happen. Demanding that I give it to him and not being able to control myself, I have an earth shattering climax and I am spinning, flying high to the moon and back. Oh Yeah, I’m burning alive from his hands, his words and his tongue…

    He leans over me and kisses me hard on my lips. I can taste myself on his mouth and feel how hard his cock is. He spreads my legs wider, unzips his pants, pushes them down and before I could move he pushes himself inside me. I feel so full and he moves in and out and over and over. Then he pushes in deeper while moving his hips around, and around. I’m holding his ass with each hand and squeezing and then I feel that tension building and building and I cry out and cum all around him and he stills and then climaxes so hard, he screams out Oh Lavette! And falls over me and tells me how hot I am and how responsive I am and he loved how he felt me clinching all around him.

    We lay there and he says that was a great appetizer. I laugh and say Oh yeah, this was my magic time. He then tells me my voice is like hot melted caramel and how it turns him on. Grrrrr is what I say as he looks and I know he is ready for more…

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  • Time to Punish Daddy

    I think you have been a very naughty Daddy and I have to punish you don’t I? You were sniffing my dirty little panties again weren’t you? I caught your red handed or should I say cock in hand! You were jerking off in my room when I come home from my last class. You were waiting for me weren’t you? You had to know I was going to punish you Daddy. You had to know that you are not allowed to sniff my panties unless I give them to you.

    I find you in my room your face buried in my panties, hand around your Daddy cock. “Alright Daddy, take off all your clothes and put on those panties right now!” I demand as I stand there in my little school girl uniform. I giggle as you slip on the panties and drop to your knees. You crawl over to me like a good Daddy.  I have to laugh at you Daddy. I just can’t help it but laugh as you kneel there my pink little panties stretched out so tight around your hard cock. “Go on Daddy and get up on that bed right now Daddy!” I love the way you say “Yes, Goddess!” and crawl up on the bed just like I wanted.  I am going to come and sit right down on your chest and pull my little thigh high socks off and grab your wrists. “You have been a very naughty Daddy and I have to punish you!”

     It’s so cute how you look up at me surprised as I wrap my socks tight around your wrists and tie you to the bed. I giggle as I stand above you on the bed holding on to the bed posts giving you the perfect view of my little panties.” You want to smell my panties Daddy? Here you go!” I laugh as I sit right down on your face and begin to grind against your face. “Oh Daddy, you are such a pervert…”I moan as I start to fuck your face, using you as my fuck toy, getting my cream all over your face. I squeeze your head tight with my little thighs as I cum all over you. I can see your cock straining hard in my panties, a little wet spot from your pre cum. “Well, Daddy that was really fun. I have to go and meet Lila at the mall. You just stay here and be good. I hope no one comes home and finds you here!” I giggle and bounce out of the room leaving you tied up….bad Daddy!

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