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  • Creamy Goodness

    p6089-8I just adore whip cream and chocolate, the way it tastes the way whip cream is so fluffy and how chocolate can be used for more then just eating. I like to roll a bar of chocolate against my tongue and lick and slurp on it like its a big throbbing cock in my mouth it really gets me going. I also love to put whip cream on my nipples and watch them get hard while my boyfriend licks the whip cream off my nipples.

    My boyfriend has a big nine and half inch uncut cock that just throbs when I put that whip cream against the head of his tan cock, I then roll my tongue on it and slurp and lick it off, he moans like crazy and pushes my head further down and makes me gag while the whip cream is still floating in my mouth.

    Then he lays me back and puts the creamy whip right on my clit and slurps it off I cum so hard into his mouth when he does this, I just can’t help it I love a good creamy licking.


    Do you like to play with food too?

    I’m Ivy at EXT 860.

  • Hot Wet Summer

    It is so hot outside, my air is doing all it can to cool me down, the air is hot and humid. But it’s not the only thing that is hot and sticky….nope my panties are wet and sticky from the mess I made! I just can’t stop thinking about licking your lollipop and getting the sweet cream out of it. I will admit summer makes me very aroused, I just love dressing up in my sexy outfits this time of the year.

    My boyfriend loves to steal my panties because he knows I’m playing with myself so much this summer, he even gives my panties to his friends because he loves to share me, and knows his friends will appreciate my wet, sticky cream. I just can’t get enough of playing with myself, but I’d rather you play with me too!

    I’m thinking of how I can make your cock throbbing hard and our bodies next to each other, were kissing and exploding with pleasure together. Your hands feeling every part of me, my tongue and lips just tracing your body all the way to your balls. Were moaning in ecstasy, and then we reach our final climax and we lay in each others arms.

    So lets have some fun together… I’m Gypsy at EXT 860

  • I love this more and more every day…

    I am new to working on the phone. I have been working in the sex industry for about two months now through US Love.

    I have been asked how I came to work in this field. It was merely by chance after reading the testimonies of other women who work in the industry. I have a young child and I love that working from home allows me the flexibility I need to be an attentive mother, while my commision allows me a reasonable source of income. I also absolutely love that I get to talk about my favorite thing in the whole world, SEX.

    Seriously, what is better than sex? I often masturbate because I have never had a partner that can keep up with my libido. My time as a newly single mother has me pressed to find a suitable partner. Except now, I can share it with you. In the short period of time that I have been working with US Love, I have had all wonderful experiences. I was nervous at first, but all my callers have been so wonderful. I am learning about things I didn’t even know I enjoyed. I especially love listening to stories and imagining myself into the roles. I am generally submissive with men and dominate with women, but as a pansexual, it doesn’t always play out that way.

    I am also asked quite frequently if I am real. Yes, I am a 100% real woman, talking to you from the comfort of my home, usually my bed. Typically I am watching videos on porn hub in between calls, however I have had callers that ask me to watch with them. This is an exciting connection because we are sharing an experience and it gives me a chance to describe what I like. It also gives me a chance to understand what my client likes so we can go deeper when the videos are off.

    The number one thing I’ve come to love in the last few weeks is getting to know my callers. Actually getting to know. Hearing about their lives, wives, jobs, or even just a good joke. The connection is so real that we’ve really gotten to know each other in a way that I did not think possible before I started this work. So, keep calling. Keep teaching me. I love this more and more every day.

  • The Naughty Neighbor Next door

    p1181-8She’s the sweet innocent girl next door that you always knew and watched grow up. Now she’s finally 18, and has developed into an absolutely beautiful young bombshell. you find her utterly irresistible, and constantly feel your dick twitching and getting hard at just the thought of her. Her father has been one of your best friends for over twenty years, your daughter is the same age as her, they had grown up together, and had spent many weekends and holidays
    sleeping over at each other’s house. Even though this is your best friend’s daughter, and your daughter’s best friend too, you still can’t help the way you feel.

    Early one evening about 6:30pm, your wife had just finished making some of her famous lasagna, and had asked you to take a pan of it over to her because her parents were out of town for the next couple of days, and she could eat some of it while they were gone. It was a big heavy pan full, so she told you that it would be best for you to take it. Of course you were more than eager to do so, you immediately grab the pan, and walk out the door.

    You arrive at her house, ring the doorbell, and wait for her to answer. She takes longer than usual to answer the door, but when she finally does, you get an unexpected surprise. She’s standing there in the doorway wearing nothing but a short little white silk robe. The robe hugged the form of her hot provocative body, while her beautiful long hair is in a wet tangled mess.

    The top part of the robe gaped opened allowing a nice triangle of well-tanned skin to be exposed, showing part of her delicious tits and the deep valley of cleavage between them. You stand there trying all you could do not to stare and block the erotic thoughts that were surging into your head. She smiles and says that she just got out of the shower, apologizes for not being dressed, and invites you in.

    You come in and ask, “Where should I put the lasagna?” She says “you can just put it on the kitchen counter right over there.” As you walk away to place the lasagna on the kitchen counter, she waits in the living room while the two of you make idle chatter about how great your wife’s lasagna is. When you walk out of the kitchen and turn the corner back into the living room, you get the biggest surprise of your life

    She’s taking off the robe, and is completely naked in front of you, letting the robe fall to her feet on the floor. You stand there stunned as she says “I bet your wife’s lasagna isn’t half as good as my pussy.” You’re still in complete shock, with your mouth gaping, and heart racing. She says “don’t look so surprised, I can tell by the way you look at me that you’ve always wanted to fuck me.” “Right?”

    While slowly walking closer towards you, her eyes lock with yours, and she continues to say, “I know what you need, you get sick of fucking your wife’s old and boring pussy, and you need to fuck something young, hot, and fresh.” By this time, she’s got her tits in your face, and telling you “I know you’re married, but it won’t hurt for you to taste them.”

    No matter how much you try to remind yourself that this is your best friend’s daughter, and you shouldn’t do it, with her standing fully naked in front of you, you can’t help but admire her sweet innocent face, plump perky tits, and smooth little shaven pussy. All the lustful thoughts from the past of tasting, touching, and fucking her are now running wildly through your mind. With the girl that you’ve always wanted to fuck, wanting and ready to fuck you too, you can’t resist any more.

    You lean forward to put your mouth on her boobs. You suck and swirl your tongue around each one of her pink puffy nipples, before kissing and licking your way down her stomach. As you work your way down her stomach, you inhale the sweet teen fragrance of the perfume she’s wearing. Finally reaching her pussy, you begin to lick with an intensity that makes her cum very hard and quickly.

    The more you lick, the more her pussy cums. You’re really enjoying tasting the flavor of her warm pussy juices as they flow onto your tongue. Even after cumming on your tongue, she didn’t want this to end. She tells you how good it felt when you were tongue fucking her twat, but her pussy is still hot, wet, and now she wants your cock.

    She tells you that she wants you to stand up, and pull out your hard throbbing cock for her. She immediately went to her knees and started kissing the tip of it. She put the head of your cock in her warm wet mouth and twirled her tongue around it, as she wrapped her hand around the base. She sucked the rest of it in, while moving her head back and forth slowly at first, and then more quickly.

    As she sucked your cock, she looked up at you with a mischievous glint in her eye, as she listened to your continuous moaning, and you telling her “That’s my good girl, you suck my cock so well.” While she’s was sucking your cock you were thinking, Wow! She’s so young and such a good cocksucker already, she’s only 18 and sucks cock better than my wife, and wondering how many cocks has she sucked before.

    While still marveling at the sight of this young slutty girl sucking your cock, you tell her how much you want to fuck her. Next, she then gets down on the living room floor on her hands and knees, sticking her ass and pussy out for you, ready and waiting for your cock. Without hesitation, you join her on the floor, and start pushing your rock hard cock into that pretty young cunt.

    She begins moaning as soon as you do, feeling how big it is, and feeling it throbbing inside her. She looks back at you over her shoulder, and she sees you looking down at her young tight little bum, while watching your hard cock as you begin slowly sliding it in and out of her pussy.

    After working up some momentum, you start thrusting, pumping, and fucking her harder. You then ask her, “Do you like that cock?” “Do you like being a naughty Little girl?” “do you want me to fuck you harder? She yells yes a little louder after each time you ask, as her pussy is cumming and creaming all over your cock.

    Wave after wave of intense pleasure coarse through her body, as she keeps screaming for you to fuck her. After repeatedly hearing the words, “fuck me baby, fuck me harder,” you quickly cum, shooting your sweet creamy seed deep inside her young hot cunt. She tells you that she loves having your hard dick inside her, and she can’t wait to feel it inside her again. She says “You just made my pussy feel so fucking good, so I definitely want to be your young little slut from now on.”

    Now you know that the sweet innocent girl that you always knew, isn’t so sweet and innocent any more. You never would have guessed that she was going to grow up to be such a little slut, and after fantasizing about her for so long, you never thought that you’d actually get the chance to fuck her. Just like they say, those are the ones that you never suspect. So you never know, a slutty young girl like this could be living next door to you too.

    Kayla Ex: 807
    Call me at (415) 765-4321 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Foot Job

    DreamFootjobG8 (2)

    Wow!!!  You will never believe the mood that I woke up in…  So last night my “lover” was here and we were messing around. ( of course he loves feet ) Well, at least mine !! Hehe!! Anyway, I had him worshiping my feet. He started by massaging them and making them feel really really good. He then got my foot and started to lick the bottom of it and suck on every single toe. Man o man it felt sooooo good, but I wanted him to suffer and crave it so I made him stop and go home. I guess I really wanted it because I woke up so horny and craving to have a nice big cock in between my feet to jack off. There is nothing better than having a cock between your feet and stroking it till all those juices cum out. I want the feeling of warm juice on my cute little toes. So call me..


    Call me @ 949-999-5900 ext 584 or text me !! <3

  • I’m in the mood to dominate TWO men.– MJ


    I woke up this morning and realized that I was in the mood to dominate not one but TWO men at the same time.. I want to be able to control two men and have them both worship me as I deserve to be. To treat me like the princess that I really am. I would love to sit them both right infront of me and strip them of their clothing. Make fun of them and humiliate them.  Then I would lay down and have them worship my body from head to toe and everything in between. Let me get lost in euphoria. I also have this craving of getting really rough with them, I want to tie them up, gag them and spank them.. I am guessing I woke up in a BITCHY mood.. so who is going to call me and deal with me???


    Call me 949-999-5900 ext 584 or TEXT me –MJ

  • It is that time of the year when I catch you foot fetish guys looking at my pretty little feet-MJ

    uslove feet

    So it is spring time and all the ladies are getting their feet nice and pretty to show off those cute little toes…  I always have my feet done, but now that its spring, I can wear all those cute small heels  and get your attention with my pretty sexy feet. One of my favorite things to do is get one of my little pet slaves and get them on his knees and have him just worship my feet. There is no better feeling than kicking back in a chair, in bed, or the couch and having someone massage and lick your feet. Not to mention hearing how beautiful they are. I can’t wait to get my feet worshiped. I see you guys out in public trying to be slick about looking at our feet. I see it all the time, but guess what your secret is out in the open… I KNOW YOUR SECRET…. Call me and lets talk about how good of a foot slave you would really be. 


    Call me, MJ 949-999-5979 or send me a text… xoxo

  • My Pillow Princess Experience — MJ

    princesspillow2We as we ALL know I am young, bratty and very self absorbed.. So when I go see my ORAL SLAVE, Bill, which keep in mind he is 54 years old and I am a young tight 21 years old.

    So Bill is always eager to please me and serve me as I please. He makes sure that before I go over to his house he has everything prepared for me, meaning everything that I like, love and enjoy. He knows that he needs to have my favorite bottle of red wine chilled to perfection, something for me to snack on ( usually fruits ) and the bedroom full of lit tea light candles. He knows that if these things are not done and waiting for me that there is punishment that will await him…

    Anyway, I always like to go back and think of the very first time that I went over to his house and the experience that I had. Now keep in mind that I love to have someones face in-between my legs at all times ( I believe thats where a slaves face belongs, don’t you? ).

    So when I am at his house he has to follow me around like a pathetic little puppy dog and have his face in my young sweet love box.. If I am sitting down watching TV he is to have his face where it belongs and his tongue busy. So basically he is to have his face in my love box when I am in bed till I  fall asleep, eating or anything at all in his house.

    The very first time that I was there I swear I was a total REAL PILLOW PRINCESS.. I laid my pretty little head on the fluffy pillow let him spread my legs open and let him have at it for 5 hours.. Yes you read right, 5 whole hours… I came, gushed, and squirted at least 9 times or more..

    If you wanna hear more about this, or even be my little ORAL PET call me ..

    Call MJ at 949-999-5979 Ext 584

  • Tools of the Trade for a Mistress


    You may call them sex toys.  Toys are only for play.  I don’t play with my slaves, I break them down and rebuild them into the image that they are meant to be.  Creating anything from material, such as woodworking, or sculpting requires tools.  Not toys.

    As a few of you know, I use to work in a dungeon as a professional Dominatrix.  Though my time there was far too brief, due to moving to another state, I was able to collect several “gifts” from my clients, slaves, and a few sister Dommes.  But I needed a more honored location for all of my tools, other than a cheap foot locker at the bottom of my closet. Last year, I decided my little cottage needed some more furniture and I hit up a few flea markets and antique fairs.  I was able to find this beautiful corner Armoire, that the seller insisted would be perfect for a small television or stereo system (little did he know what my real plans were!)

    When I got it home, I took this antique beauty and sanded her down, and applied a dark cherry stain giving it an almost “dried blood on wood” look.  I then added a couple shelves and several hooks.  When I was done I had created the perfect “Tool Shed” for all my crops, canes, slappers, whips, floggers, one large wooden paddle (that I stole from a Frat boy!), and a couple feather ticklers all hanging from those hooks. 

    One drawer contained all my strapons, plugs, vibrators, eggs and beads, one acrylic chastity device, and one ball crusher.  The second was all restraints from various cuffs and collars, ropes, jute, leashes, and two five foot chain links. 

    No, it’s not the well-stocked dungeon I started out in, but between the callers on USLove and this Armoire it was my small fiefdom where I am the cruel, beautiful, and terrible Mistress of the land!  It’s in my blood to rule and dominate; I could see no other way to live.  Using all my wits and measure to either gently, but firmly guide my slave’s and their pleasure, or to quickly mete out quick punishment and complete control. 


  • “I’m your new Masturbation Manager” (Electra)

    I hope you enjoy listening just as much as I’ve enjoyed recording it! I had so much fun in fact, that I’m thinking about posting audios for your aural stimulation and gratification at least once a week!!

  • Amy’s Wonderland

    p4894-1I was going about my daily routine: classes, jogging, flirting, drinking, and working (barely giving myself a break). That nagging voice in the back of my head kept telling me that I needed to reevaluate priorities lest things implode. I’d wonder how anyone would get to know the real Amy in spite of the daily chaos. At the time, only one person was intuitive enough to break through my polished exterior and find out. For a while, it was just enough to keep me sane.

    A sledgehammer hit me one Sunday morning after my mid-day break at symphony rehearsal. During break, I scrambled to my car and played a naughty audio for a kind and submissive man who initially thought he could handle listening to it. He too wanted something raw and different, so I let the recording play. –It hurt him. He was speechless. Broken and stunned, he said that although he begged to hear it, he felt differently and would never be the same.

    Having returned to the auditorium, I sank into my chair onstage; the sound of his breaking heart was all I could hear in spite of our beautiful rendition of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I played a measure as a tear ran down my cheek. I was in real emotional pain too. Until that moment, I was having fun pushing everyone’s limits. I just never thought I’d truly hurt anyone. I was lost with nobody to turn to for advice.

    I remembered how Alice was given sage advice from the Cheshire Cat when she was lost:  “…if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” (Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll)

    It made perfect sense to follow advice written well over a century ago. I began reinventing my tried-and-true routine to fit what everyone wanted. I wouldn’t dare risk hurting anyone again. “Be everything for everyone” is what I told myself. My only problem was that it was an impossible charge to give myself; nobody can be everybody’s everything. It’s simply not reality.

    The situation began affecting my routines. I was malfunctioning. I was a short-circuiting mainframe and nothing would stop the inevitable explosion. As I tried to work my way through classes, the drinking and sobbing increased. I didn’t want to ‘feel’ the pain of knowing I couldn’t be there for everyone. It was time for an ‘Amy break’.

    I took time to focus and revisit who I am: sweet, caring, funny, smart, sexy, and carefree. I soon realized the characteristic I loved most about myself was my free-spirited nature. I never wanted to be confused for an undependable person…..just wild and free.

    When I began to take time away for myself, I knew I’d risk a few friendships. I knew that the real friends would understand and embrace me with open arms when I found ME again.

    Having been lost taught me how to stop and retrace my steps along the way. I went back to the beginning of my journey and realized that it was the QUALITY, not the quantity, which mattered most to me.

    Sometimes we all have to put on masks to get through parts of life…oh how I understand. My mask became a burden because I never took it off. Now that I give myself permission to breathe…I’m happy…oh so happy.

    I thank everyone who can relate to my personal revelation. I truly appreciate those who gave me the opportunity to grow and find myself again, while keeping faith in me. I don’t care to be the best at everything anymore; I care to be the best ME. When I’m ME, I rock it!

    -Submitted with so much love and appreciation,
    Aimz ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Do you love to be WATCHED???

    photo (1)       I always wonder if anyone else has the same little kinky fantasy that I have.  I think about it every time I start to enjoy my own body.  When I lay there in bed feeling how soft my body feels and how good I can make myself feel. Meanwhile I always imagine someone, maybe Daddy standing in the corner watching me pleasure myself. The thought of being watched and almost coached intoORwhat I am suppose to do with either my fingers or my huge dildo. 

    Just the thought of having him there pleasing himself watching every little thing that I do and every little sexy moan that comes from my mouth just turns me on more and more. Knowing that he is watching me pleasure myself makes me so moist and just wanting more and more and making me ready for that huge creamy explosion that my body will have. Once I have reached that point then I will call him over to come and clean me all up. Now you tell me don’t you ever have a fantasy like too.. I just think it’s HOT.  So if you do think of stuff like that call me and we can have some fun.. I can’t wait to hear from you..


    CALL MJ @ 949-722-2222 EXT. 584 OR  LOOK FOR ME ON WWW.USLOVE.COM

  • Are you a panty sniffer?


    Are you a SECRET panty sniffer? Well, don’t think that you are all alone. I know so many men that love to sniff and lick panties. Do you catch yourself going thru dirty laundry baskets at your friends house or even your girlfriends house to see if you can get a quick sniff of those yummy creamy panties? I know how you crave those sexy, slinky pair with the unmistakeable aroma and tell tale signs that they have been worn pretty recently.


    I love me a little panty sniffer, one that I can sit infront of me, take off my warm, hot and wet panties and smoother his face with them. There is nothing better than watching a man lick the crotch of my worn panties and hearing him inhale the scent and aroma my beautiful body has left. I know you panty sniffers are out there , come play….

    So call me ” MJ ” @ (949) 999-5979 ext. 584



  • A Sexy Older Man…

    p5260-6I decided to cut school the other day and go shopping with my friends.  I walked to the bus stop, carrying my books and a bag containing a change of sexy clothes.  Once I had gotten out of my parents view and at the bus stop, I stood and waited, hoping that the hot older neighbor whom lived near my bus stop would come outside for his morning walk.  Thankfully, I saw him, as scheduled.  Now it was time for me to use my plan…..When I saw my hot neighbor, I asked him if I could come into his house to change my clothes, because I had not planned on going to school.  He was hesitant at first, but then he finally said yes. Once invited inside, I went into his bathroom to change.  I came out,10 minutes later, wearing a red mini dress, red high heels, a lot of make up, and rose scented body spray.  I could not help but notice the lustful way that he was staring me.  I flirted with him, because I like older men and I was hoping to earn some extra spending money for my shopping trip.  I asked him for money to go shopping.  He asked me what I was willing to do to earn it.  I told him that I would put on a strip-tease for him.  I seductively danced around him, teasing, and stripping off my clothes, except for my white thong.  While I danced, he pulled out his hard tool, and started masturbating in front of me.  I knelt down in between his legs and opened my mouth, waiting for a ‘special treat’.  A few moments later, I felt a hot surprise.  It splattered all over my nipples and in my face.  I eagerly licked up every drop and sucked him clean.  I never made it shopping that day, but I did wind up being a very satisfied ‘barely legal’ sex toy.

    Dakota, Extension 733.

    Call me 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 733 or visit me at USLove.com

  • words to spill on to the keyboard

    p5061-8Today a caller inspired me to write once again. He didn’t call to talk about sex, he didn’t call to ask me what i look like, he called to talk. just talk.

    Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE what i do. I get to meet (even if its over the phone) new interesting people. Some of which make me laugh, others make me wet, and some just seem lame. I indulge all of you none the less. When you listen to my tape, i know the first thing that comes to your mind is, “this is different” or, “this is new” or maybe you think, “interesting.” My tape is an open invitation on anyone willing to take a change on me. It gives you a glimpse of the things i like and also provides no real distinction of my sexual preferences. (trust me, thats a good thing) This way, you will be curious and want to know the “real” me.

    I wish i could share these thoughts with the rest of the people in my life, but unfortunately this is my secret. I talk to politicians, teachers, scientist, journalist, CEO’s and regular john does. We all have one thing in common. We need an escape from the norms. I encourage all of you to give in to your wild side, weather it is being mommy’s little boy, or that Professor who needs to make my semester grade an A (because a A+ would be to obvious something was up). Fuck society. For the next 15 minutes, this role i am playing is real.

    Call me- Lets Talk Quinn- x632

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 632 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Men in panties !!!


    Oh how I love guys in panties, It’s such a turn on when I see a guy putting on a sexy pair of girl panties. Thank goodness my friend Frank called last night and said he had wanted to come over and show me his latest girl panties that he had bought. He showed up at the door holding a Victorias Secret bag in his hand and a bottle of wine. I knew at that moment that I was going to have a great night. So he came in and started to take out 3 panties that he had bought and was ready to model them for me. I was in heaven.


    I am not too sure what it is about a man putting these on and modeling them for me.. But I think its totally HOT. Hell Boy The one thing that I love more is when i make him get on his knees and and worship what I have between my legs for hours and hours. (giggle) What a fucking turn on. After many hours of watching him in his latest panties I finally allowed him to hop on my leg and HUMP my leg till he came. Now that was hot.. Making him a little puppy boy and watching hump my leg over and over and over.. (giggle) 

    Call me and lets have some fun!!

    MJ @ Ext. 584 

  • Every boy wants Sexy little Holly, you know you do…

    There isn’t a boy I can’t have. Every boy I meet wants to fuck me. They think about me, sit around jerking off to thoughts of me and fuck their wives and girlfriends wishing that it was me they were fucking. I am used to it. I mean when you are such a perfect little Goddess like me it’s expected that every boy is going to lust after you. I expect it and accept it. I also kinda love it.

    I have never had a problem getting boys to do whatever I want. They love me ,lust after me and want to please me. I mean really look at you…..you sit there with your cock in hand looking at pictures of me and listening to my voice. I do have the hottest,sweetest and sexiest voice around don’t I? I am so tempting and tasty, just ever so yummy. You crave me,desire me, become addicted because I know what lurks in your darkest of dark hearts. Your naughtiest thoughts and strongest cravings are brought to life by me.

    Play with me, become addicted to me, crave me. There are others but none can really get deep into your psyche like I can. Only I can truly own your heart,cock and mind. Give in and surrender to Sexy Little Holly..

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, the one true addiction you crave again and again and again…..

  • Morning quickies are Heaven….

    You wake up with a big, fat hard on and I am waiting for you. I have been pulling an all nighter and I am in such a need of a break. I think you need to come and fuck your hot, little teen slut. What a better way to start out the day than with your cock buried in my tight,wet little cunt.  I am not wearing any panties right now, just my short ND t-shirt and little ankle socks. Just perfect for you to bend me over and fuck me. Who doesn’t want to start the day fucking a little teen queen? I want it and you so need it Daddy so come and fuck me and make me cum all over your fat cock. Let me take you to Heaven ex 882! I am just a phone fuck away and so wet and hot for you!

    I am Heaven sent 882

  • Where Did That Toy Disappear to??

    p5060-1I went to a Passion Party that a great girlfriend of mine had a few weeks back…I’ve always loved toys, and have quite a lot of them, so I didn’t imagine I’d be so inspired to buy more, but buy I did. There were close to 20 women there, all laughing and giggling and passing around toys….anal beads, double vibrators, cock rings, …we were dipping our tongues into flavored lube, imagining how our pussies might taste, or our boyfriends cocks. Yummy.

    And it got me so excited, talking about some of the toys I already have; I love telling women the secrets to g-spot orgasms, and how to squirt, but it rarely comes up in most social situations.  I hope they are now all squirting all over their guys faces all weekend!

    I do know of one lucky guy who is probably right now on  his hands and knees being reamed by his gorgeous wife with a butt plug and anal beads. She figures she’s going to have to get him up to 9 beads, but hopes it won’t take long…

    I found a vibrator that I used to have that I loved more than all the others…it was the one I was using while having phone sex with my boy friend at the time, when I suddenly began squirting all over my sofa! When it conked out, it was worse than breaking up with my actual boyfriend! I had never replaced it, but when I saw it again, it was like a long lost love….

    It’s only been a day since my order was delivered, but I have spent pretty much the whole day coming and squirting all over my new toy…I like to imagine I’m squirting my juices into the mouth of a guy who just can’t get enough of it….could that be you? Call me and let’s see what kind of dirty , kinky fun we can have with all my new toys….

    Love and Come,

    Leonna, Ext 426

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 426 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • Daddy Helps October with the laundry…..

    p5164-8The first time I felt my step dad’s big hard cock rub against my panties I became so wet I literally dripped juices from my virgin 18 year old pussy. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I did not understand why it felt so good, or why my nipples tingled. My tight little cunt became very hot and plump and all I remember was that it felt ravenous. Like it burned for something more, but I did not yet know what that something more was.Daddy had caught me from behind while I leaned down to empty the clothing from the washer. I was still in my nighty and he could see my bald little twat right through my pink cotton panties. It had excited him so much he could no longer bare to deny how hard I made his cock. He knew it was wrong, but his dick sure didn’t care. Mommy wasn’t home so even if I had wanted to cry out no one would have heard me. I don’t know why in the world that made me hotter but it did.He approached me while the water ran and I never heard him coming. I felt first his hand on my ass moving up and over my hole and caressing my mound. I was startled and I gasped so daddy put his hand over my mouth and, held me tightly, he used his acting hand to thrust out his whopping dick. I wanted to struggle so it seemed like I didn’t want it. That way I wouldn’t get in trouble if we got caught. So I tried to get away but daddy had a firm grip. He push the head of his dick against my panties and rubbed back and forth.I became swollen and wet and that’s when he said it right in my ear, The one thing that to this very day makes me hotter than anything. “Looks like baby wants to be daddy’s little fuck toy.”

    YES! I wanna be daddy’s little play thing. Ooh that’s one of my favorite things in the whole world. Daddy moved my panties aside and played with my button. It felt magical and tingly all over as he kissed my neck and licked me. Then daddy told me, “Just relax Tobe. This is gonna hurt for a minute but I promise it’ll feel good after a while.” I was afraid and excited as daddy worked his big cock into my tiny little virgin pussy. He lined it up and tried so hard to go slowly but instead jammed it in desperately and I felt a pop.

    Omg it hurt on the outside, but the deeper he pushed into my hole the better it felt.

    I could hear his labored grunts over the washing machine as he crammed his giant rod into my newly de flowered hole. He squeezed my supple breasts, pinching my tender nipples. He was right, after the first few minutes it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I could feel it building and building up. As it did his actions became more rigid. I could feel his cock get bigger and harder and his breathing became erratic. He let out a load moan and his manhood twitched inside me. I felt a hot burst of cum and that’s when the orgasm hit. My tight little pussy muscles became even tighter and let loose with an explosion of contractions that followed one after another.

    When daddy was done he pulled himself out of me and commanded me to squat down and push. As I did he put his still sensitive cock in my mouth and rubbed it gingerly in and out. As if to clean himself with my tongue. His cum poured out of my pussy and onto the laundry room floor and he instructed me to lick it all up and eat it or we would get in trouble. So I did. I licked it all up and swallowed it like  daddy’s  good little girl.

    When he had finished with me he took all his clothes off and told me to wash them in the next load. Then he grabbed me by my lips and, squeezing, gave me a kiss…

    “… Next time daddy is gonna put it in your sweet little ass”

    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 327 or visit me at uslove.com

  • To The Winner Goes The Spoils

    So I have a Lit Professor that I decided I was going to fuck. I knew about how he picks a girl each and every semester to fuck and I decided I wanted to be that girl. I figured why not? I love older men and I have always wanted to fuck a teacher but most of my life my teachers have been Priests and Nuns.

    When he invited me to his place one day I was extremely excited by the prospect of having some real fun! He is really that Prof type too if you know what I mean. Graying at the temples, clear blue eyes peering out of sexy steel frame glasses. You know, the whole thing.  I dressed in a sweet little crochet sweater with no bra,a short little skirt with sheer pink panties underneath and white little above the knee socks. My long, pale blonde hair up in a pony tail looking as sweet and tasty as pecan pie.

    Professor Hottie as he will hereby be known as looked ready to eat me up! He made me a yummy dinner of steak,potatoes and a salad with a big ol’ slab of chocolate cake. He knows how to feed a Texas girl! We believe in a big dinner! After dinner and a conversation where he spent most of the time looking at my perfect tits we got around to talking about chess. I love chess and am a very good player. He set a challenge telling me that to the winner goes the spoils. I loved that and accepted. I of course lost on purpose because I wanted to see what he wanted to do to me.  Professor Hottie surprised me! He told me to come over and lie over his lap, that he had been thinking about spanking my sweet little ass from the moment he saw me on campus!

    My pussy was already dripping just from the looks he gave me as we played but when he told me he wanted to spank me I was his! I of course put up a little bit of a fight so he would pull me over and toss me onto his lap! When his hand slammed down on my ass I let out the loudest moan possible. I had heard many things about Professor Hottie but I had not heard what a dirty fucker he is. He spanked my ass until I was crying and then ripped my little panties off and fucked me right there on his study floor. It was the best fuck I had in a long time and I can’t wait until next time. My ass may be throbbing still but my pussy has not stopped dripping…

    Heaven is waiting….ex 882 I’m Heaven sent!

  • My neighbor ate my pussy

    p3808-9My name is Devon, I am a cougar (ask me my age and I will tell you)  I am 5′ 6”, I have dark brown hair, hazel eyes, my measurements are 38DD-30-38, still have a hairy pussy with large lips and a clit I call my third nipple cause its so large. Better to feed you with. I am a squirter and multi orgasmic. I thought I would start my blog by telling you about a fun filled afternoon many years ago and I remember very well to this day. I think about it a lot when I am playing with my special toy thats makes me feel as if you or anyone is eating my pussy.

    When I was 20 yrs old, and single, I loved to have my pussy eaten. Hell, lets get real here, I still do. Whether it be by a male or female, I love the feeling of a warm tongue licking at my clit and all over my cunt.

    One Saturday afternoon while I was at the beach sunbathing, I started daydreaming about someone giving me oral sex and got quite horny. My pussy became quite wet and I had to stop myself from rubbing it as there was quite a crowd on the beach. Although it was getting late it was still rather warm so I decided to head back to my apartment just two blocks back from the beach.

    As I stood unlocking my front door I spotted my neighbour watering his garden, he was about 45yrs old, tall and still great looking for his age. He glanced over as I struggled with the key; I gave a wave and a smile and went inside. As soon as I went inside I stripped off and flopped down in the lounge spread my legs apart and commenced rubbing myself; not realising I had left the door slightly open. With my eyes closed and my fingers working in and out of my tingling pussy I was unaware that my neighbour was standing at the open door trying to get my attention. With a short cough from him I sat up suddenly, quickly crossing my legs and covering my tits with my arms.

    He smiled and said that my mail had been accidently put in his box and he thought he would bring it over for me. Although I was a bit embarrassed about what he might have seen I got quite aroused knowing now that he was watching me, I thanked him and asked him inside. Brazenly he walked across the room and knelt on the floor in front of me and asked if I needed a hand. Shocked but turned on, I asked what sort of hand would he like to lend me and as he stared me in the eyes he slid his hands between my legs and pushed them apart and said “Will these hands do”.

    Before I could answer he started kissing the inside of my thighs, so gently, that it almost tickled. But that quickly passed as the feeling of his lips on my skin drove me wild, I closed my eyes and spread my legs and placed my hands on his head. I could feel his hot breath on my pussy lips as he moved closer still kissing his way up to my aching snatch. I could feel pussy juice running down to my ass and my clit was swelling as his lips found my cunt. He ran his tongue up my pussy and over my clit, I moaned in ecstasy as he took my hardened clit between his lips and sucked it slowly. I arched my back and pushed my pussy into his face and started grinding away on his mouth.

    It didn’t take me long to cum but he didn’t stop there, he took my clit in his mouth and sucked it hard while his tongue was flicking wildly around it, I came again and again and again. Each time the orgasms lasting longer than before. My body shook each time I came and my screams became louder as well. After about 6 orgasms he stuck his tongue inside my pussy and licked up my juices, it felt so good inside me that it made me cum once more.

    I asked him to lie on the floor and I quickly sat on his face. I rocked back and forth fucking his mouth as I reached around to find his already hard and throbbing cock, pulling it out of his shorts I tugged away on it as I slid back and forth on his face. I spun around and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him hard and deep as he continued to pleasure my pussy with his tongue.

    I came over and over as I writhed wildly on his face. His cock pulsated in my mouth and suddenly he shot a huge load of cum down my throat which made me cum hard and long. I lapped up all of his cum from his cock and balls and licked it from my lips. He stood up and put his cock back in his shorts and walked towards the door, he turned and said anytime you need a hand just let me know. I thought to myself as he closed the door, ”I think I’m going to  need a hand more often now”, because that man could sure eat pussy.

    Give me a call and listen to me cum in your mouth as you suck my hot wet pussy. As you already know I am multi orgasmic. If you love eating pussy, then don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and call me for a tasty delight. All the pussy juice you can handle. I’ll leave you sopping wet and drenched in juice. You’ll call again begging for more.

    Devon ext. #874

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  • Vice Grip

    p4894-3I can be as obsessive about the things I love as the next person, I know. Actually my vices can suck me in deep if I let them. I pride myself on my willpower, knowing that if I hold on long enough this tough little cookie won’t crumble unless she chooses to.

    There’s one little thing I can’t fight. It’s not as cliché as many think. I don’t even fit the mold for being captivated by such a vice. Try as I may and try as I might, this one little thing instantaneously captivates my mind and tingles my pussy without one single touch.

    Whenever a guy calls me to confess his desire and urgency to take a good and H-A-R-D cock for ME by another dominant man, it sends my soul soaring into the stratosphere. I know I’m going to have a sloppy cum-swapping 3 or 4-some good time and my heart starts racing uncontrollably because at that very moment I know it’s “Go Time”.

    These call fantasies play out endlessly and are perfectly cream-filled. I love forcing a sexy subbie between my cum-drenched creamy thighs so he can wash me with his damp hot tongue as he takes it slow and steady from a hard and heavily hung pussy-fiend. I love the moans that come out of my sissy boy caller, as if his clit is uncontrollably aroused and his slut hole is being stretched beyond its capacity. I celebrate when a huge cock is slowly extracted from my subbie’s gaping wet black pussy hole. Those mixed juices of cum, spit, and pussy, are so deliciously bad. I feed those juices to my cum-craver pussy boy so he can milk even more of that hot creamy goodness for me. Sometimes I throw their legs over my shoulders and fuck them with wild abandon wearing my strap-on while they’re busy cleaning that dribbling big dick for me. A skilled cock-slinger myself; I’m deep in those guts while slapping that dirty swollen pussy hole with my heavy synthetic ball sack.

    I like to grab the back of a cum slut’s head and force him to gag on coated dripping cock flesh while it stands at full mast during our 3-some. I don’t care if I push my sissy sluts to exhaustion.  I love wiping the floor with them and making sure I take them beyond their limits with every cock pump. I usually masturbate my damp slit and watch my bitch boy takes spurts of cum down his throat while a little cum dribbles down the sides of his face. I’ll lick that pearly dribbly glob and tongue kiss my ‘good little slut’ as our hung dom guy empties the rest of his balls on our lips and nipples while using his fat oversized mushroom head to smear the rest of that fresh cum in our sweaty flesh like a paintbrush.

    What’s even hotter is when I insist on a sex-crazed repressed orgasm. This sends so many sissies into fits upon fits of ecstasy. I manhandle these bitches and throw them on their backs, spreading their legs like the slutty whores they are while tag team fucking their gaping pussy holes with a huge heavy man cock. It’s heaven hearing sissy bitches pant and beg to cum, even while I’m feeding them my strap-on or sharing cum shots with them from a heavy man dick. Their clits need to explode, but I won’t give permission yet. Those slutty little moans just fuel my thrusts to go even harder and deeper.

    It feels so good to mark my territory on these sissy sluts. I remove my soaked panties and rub my cunt juices on their clitty and face as I scratch their nipples or finger-blast their glory holes. Whatever I do is my choice, but we’re ALWAYS gonna get sloppy and filthy.

    It’s my vice. It’s gripping and I love it.

    Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com


  • The Ladies Room

    octoberThere are times when I so delight in the most naughty of pastimes that even I look back and think to myself how deliciously inappropriate my own sexual appetite can get.

    A few years ago I was invited on a night out with a friend of mine from work. He and his adorable girlfriend, Katelyne, were going to walk the Las Vegas strip and they invited me to join them.

    When I met Katelyne the first time at the company Christmas party I remember thinking how much I’d would love to see her pussy. She was simply lovely. Natural deep red hair, long and thick, big blue eyes,  Ivory skin and these amazing full lips I would love to kiss. I remember imagining sharing a nice hard cock with her and watching as some anonymous stud shoved it so far down into her throat that she gagged. How amazing she would look with his hot white cum dripping off that mouth. How tasty and fun it would be to share that load with her in a kiss.

    After slurping down several strong and fruity drinks It was time for a bathroom break. Katelyne decided it was time for her too and she followed me. She didn’t use the facilities though, only stood outside listening to my stream of pee hit the toilet water. She stood right in the crack. When I came out to wash my hands she stood closely behind me and began to run both her hands up from my hips to my waist and all the way to my tits. She cupped them softly pinching my hard and sensitive nipples between her fingers. I moaned and could feel my pussy warming between my thighs. She began to kiss and lick at my neck and that was when I turned to press my lips to hers. They were so soft, and so warm and as they parted to deliver her hot wet tongue into my mouth I developed butterflies in my stomach.

    She propped me up onto the counter and spread my legs. I ran my hands up her shirt to her soft pale breasts, moved aside her lacy bra and played with her nipples. she moaned in my mouth. I lifted her shirt up and off, she took down my dress and shoved her hand down my pink panties rubbing her fingers over the crack of my tight little twat. She played with my clit until I felt like I was going to go up in fire. So I shoved my hand down her blue jeans and began to do the same. Katelyne then removed my panties, I opened my eyes to look around and she put her face between my legs pressing those soft bautiful lips onto my pussy and sucking my tender clit. I found, to my surprise, that we were not alone in this public bathroom. There were other women there. Watching, smiling and sipping their drinks. I couldn’t move. I was lost in euphoria moaning and gasping for air while katelyne ate me out like a pro. I ran one hand through her red mane and held myself up with the other.  I began to quiver as one of our observers began rubbing her pussy too. I wanted to scream when another walked over to me to play with my exposed nipples. She kissed me too and I was in heaven. The entire ladies room seemed to erupt in female orgy. Girls were moaning and kissing eachother. Other quiet gals took the side lines and watched avidly. The sight was enough to drive me over the edge and I came, squirting my juices right into katelynes pretty little mouth. She happily slurped them down and came up to share them with me in a kiss.

    When we were done we helped each other dress. The other girls continued as we walked out into the casino. We had been gone an awfully long time and her man demanded to know why. Katelyne dipped her dirty finger into her his Long Island Iced Tea and licked it as she looked into my eyes… “There was a long line” she said with a smile.

    such a dirty little girl…



    October EXT 327

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  • A night to remember

    p5055-9I work very hard during my day job as an Administrative Assistant.  But my boss keeps flirting with me in a shy way.  I think its because he is married and his wife comes to the office all the time.  I am all business at my day job but on the other hand I am attracted to him.  So I laid low for awhile and thought out a plan to seduce him.  I knew his wife was going out of town and I knew he would be working late.  I deliberately left my purse at the office on my desk.  I Knew I had to return for it.  I rushed home and put on an outfit and brought my bag full of goodies.  I knew tonight would the night for ecstasy.

    As I pulled up to the office, I was a little nervous.  I had to pull myself together because it was show time.  I knew I had to show him another world that I was involved in.  I love to be dominate and have a man worship my body.     I finally got out of my car and said its time.  I put on my coat to hide my outfit.

    I walked into the office and he saw me.  He called for me and asked what I was doing there.  I told him I left my purse on my desk which he already knew was true.  I knew by the way he was watching me I knew he would be game tonight.  I knew he liked my leather high heel boots and I kept watching him and thinking only if you knew what was underneath my coat he wouldn’t be so smug looking.  Because tonight I knew I would show him a darker side that he could not resist…


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  • My Hot Night With A Much Much Younger Guy

    p4395-9Being an older, experienced woman, I have come to find that I absolutely adore younger men, especially college-age men.  I have found that younger men are so eager, willing and all-so-able to keep up with me sexually.  I have had a few encounters with guys in their early to mid twenties, and I swear, the things they did to me blew my mind!

    Take for instance the time I was at a party a friend was throwing.  Now my friend is my age, but has other friends of all ages. That particular night I was feeling very daring (and yes, horny).   I decided to wear my sexiest “little black dress” which was very short, thigh high stockings and a pretty pair of black open-toed stiletto heels with a platform sole.  I have to admit that not only did I feel sexier after I got ready to go, I looked pretty damn hot, too.  I was there about 30 minutes talking to others and holding my drink, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a young, great looking guy with Italian looking features staring at me.  Now he couldn’t have been over 20 years old, but man, did he ever make my panties wet!

    He didn’t take my eyes off me for a long while, so I turned my head to him, smiled, and nodded.  He smiled back with the sexiest, slyest smile I think I’ve ever seen on a man, and right then I swear I could feel my panties get just a bit wetter.  After the person I was talking to left and I was alone, he got up, came over to me and introduced himself.  His name was Antonio, was very tall and broad-shouldered, with a slight Italian accent.  We went to a slightly less crowded corner, and I found myself flirting madly with him.  I hadn’t done that in quite some time, and was rather surprised at myself for doing so.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about what his body and especially his cock looked like.  He brought me in closer to him, said he thought I was the hottest woman there and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else.  Who was I to say no, right?  Haha!

    I took him back to my place.  As soon as we got in the door he backed me up against the wall, started tongue kissing me, and put my hand on his now-hard bulge in his pants.  As I rubbed that bulge, he pulled down the top of my dress, revealing my black lace bra.  He unhooked it from the front and stared in amazement at my still-perky 36DDs.  As he started sucking my hard, pink nipples, I was thinking I hadn’t felt so fucking horny in a long time!  Finally I just couldn’t help myself.  I sunk down to my knees, unzipped his pants, and pulled out the most luscious, uncut, thick and hard cock I think I have ever seen.  I stuck out my tongue and licked it like a popcicle from the tip to the base, before plunging my mouth down on it and feeling it hit the back of my throat.  I sucked that throbbing cock and massaged his full, shaved balls with my hand until he blew a huge, thick load into my mouth.  I swallowed it all and cleaned the tip with my tongue before standing up.  As I was standing, his cock was still rock hard!  He said he wanted to do some things to ME now…

    We hurried and undressed each other the rest of the way, before heading into my bedroom.  What happened next was absolutely mind-blowing, to both of us alike!  I’ll never forget that one hot night with Antonio.  I could only hope to have another night like that very soon.  What happened next, you ask?  Well you will have to call me and find out!  It’ll be worth it, I promise.  I’m Donna, at ext. 682.  A cougar, MILF, or “mommy” who will make all your fantasies, no matter how deviant or nasty they are, come true!

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  • Sissy Boy

    p5055-3Oh what a wonderful  web I weave.  I cannot contain myself any longer.  I just had to laugh to think this sissy boy thought he could handle me.  I made him parade in my pretty panties as my friends feasted off of his humiliation.  I just cannot seem to find a sissy boy that can handle my rules and hardcore punishment.  I know I am a spoiled brat but still rules are rules and punishment is punishment.  Next time I should dress him up as a doll.

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 618 or visit me at uslove.com


  • Happy New Year!

    p413-6Hmmmm… This year I resolve to live out ALL my fantasies – no holding back, not me!  Let’s see… I’ve explored my bisexuality and love to be with guys and girls, threesomes and more.  I’ve played around with bondage and blindfolds….

    Oh! Wait until you hear how my girlfriend Erica surprised me for my birthday in December!  We’ve been playing with bondage and dominance since the summer.  Erica is gorgeous – tall, busty, redhead – and she loves to take charge. She took me out for brunch on my birthday.  She told me her surprise would take up the afternoon and evening so I was not to plan anything else. So, after our lite brunch she hands me a small box. Inside was a keycard for a suite in one of the nicest hotels in San Francisco. There is also a card with a note that if I accept the gift than I am her slut, her sex slave for the rest of the day – Well, YES, MADAM!!!

    As we walk across the hotel lobby I can feel my panties getting moist as I anticipate the bare bottom spanking and sex toy play awaiting me.  I notice the men noticing Erica and me: knowing what they are thinking, wondering if they have a clue what we are about to get into – each others’ hot pussies! In the elevator I notice her nipples are hard and so are mine.

    In the suite there are several wrapped gift boxes on the coffee table.  Erica tells me to strip and get on my knees. I do so. She hands me a present.  I open it.  A blindfold – she knows what I like!  Before blindfolding me she tells me that I must keep it on for three full hours while I am in submission.  Do I agree?  Yes, Madam! She sets a clock and tells me that I am hers and I will do exactly as she wishes until I hear the alarm.  She has me unwrap more of the gifts while blindfolded: dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, paddle, rope, and other toys I can’t quite make out without vision  Still on my knees she ties me hands behind my back, attaches the nipple clamps.  Then she starts kissing me and stroking me all over. Two fingers slip into my wet cunt, then a third as she finger fucks me hard but doesn’t let me cum. Then she kisses me, mounting my mouth with her tongue.  Suddenly she moves away.  She turns up the background music and I get even more excited knowing it’s to drown out noise. But to my surprise she goes into the bedroom.  OK, I guess she wants to change into leather or something, Meanwhile she knows my passion is building as I wait blindfolded and on my knees in cunt aching arousal – clit throbbing, nipples hard, pussy wet – every inch of me craving to be touched, spanked, bitten, teased and tormented for her pleasure. Hers and mine.

    Then – OMG!  I hear her talking to someone!  OK, at first I think she is on the phone but then I hear his voice!   The door to the bedroom had been open but I had not checked it out. I later learn he was watching from the moment I had been blindfolded!!! I had to fight the impulse to jump up, take off the blindfold, cover my nakedness – but I am a good submissive and I trust Erica. So I forced myself to stay put, on my knees, hands tied behind me, nipples clamped and throbbing hard, head bowed in complete submissive attitude.

    They both come in and he sits on the sofa.  He asks her to have me stand, to collar me and lead me around the room on a leash.  She does.  He tells her where to lead me, when to stop, to have me bend over, spread my legs.  He asks her to spread my checks, to smack my ass with her hand.  I realize that he is actually mildly dominating her – or at least she is obedient to him in a way I have never known her to be. He tells her to lead me to him and have me on my knees in front of him. She sits beside him and they kiss. I smell her sweet pussy and surmise that he is bringing her  to orgasm with his hands.  He has yet to touch me.

    It was unnerving to hear her apologizing to him that she does not submit anymore but that she had recruited me and trained me for him when she learned he was coming back to San Francisco.  he thanked her for the gift – ME! She stood up.  All the while she had been holding the leash.  She rubs the leather against her pussy then had me lick her juice off the end of the leash.  She asks me who I serve.  I reply that I serve her for her pleasure.  She tells me it is her pleasure that I serve her master.  She gives him the leash and tells me I am Gregory’s slut until she returns.  Then she leaves!  So I am left  alone, nude, on my knees, hands tied behind my back and in total submissive mode with a complete stranger.  Never in my life have I been so aroused!

    Gregory didn’t touch me until after Erica had gone.  Then he took his time – his hand exploring every curve and contour of my body.  In the bedroom he tied me bottoms up over pillows on the bed and thoroughly enjoyed himself with paddles, whips, toys, his quick tongue and magnificent cock. As I had agreed the blindfold stayed on until the alarm clock rang – but I asked if I could leave it on until Erica came back.  He agreed and the wicked fun continued.  When Erica got back and the blindfold came off I was even more excited because he was “not my type” – which made it so delicious, so perfect!  He took us out to a fine restaurant — ooooh so hard to sit down!  Then back to the hotel for more.  BTW – turns out Erica can too still submit!

    Now, here’s the hard part of my New year’s resolution to live out all my fantasies – trying to think of something I haven’t tired yet!  Maybe you have some ideas?  I’d love to hear your thoughts – so, call me, Sage @ 863.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 863 or visit me at USLove.com

  • I Heart Veggies

    p4894-7I can’t keep this one to myself. I was on vacay with my parents and while they’re upstairs watching CSPAN, I’m hanging out in the Plaza Hotel lobby because I can’t stand another minute of the mind-numbing boredom. It’s inescapable. I look into the fitness center and sauna. Nothing. I peek in the pool area. No signs of life.

    Just when I was about to throw my arms up in utter defeat and wave the white flag for the evening, a stretch limo H2 rolls in. My attention fully revitalized, I decided to stay put a while longer. I start to text and return emails on my iPhone as a precession of women in their mid-30s gathers in the lobby. I knew immediately they were out celebrating and painting the town red. They were wild, dressed to kill, and full of life. All of them were still dancing and singing; dancing that new silly “Gangnam Style” dance I see everywhere. I smiled and tried unsuccessfully to catch a laugh that escaped my lips.

    While girl-gazing, I quickly realized I was notably dressed down in comparison to these strikingly beautiful women. I was wearing a simple turquoise Juicy Couture stretch pant and pink tee outfit with sandals; no bra. Yikes! Self-conscious, I slinked over to the bar area and ordered an Alabama Slammer. I had a feeling in my tits something was about to happen worth watching or waiting for. I wasn’t wrong.

    “Did we run you out?” chimed a strong melodic voice. The woman standing behind me looked like Naomi Watt’s twin sister. I could only tell it wasn’t the actress because her eyes are slightly rounder and light brown in color. She was stunning.

    “No…” I replied as I turned around to face her. “I’m Amy” and I extended my hand as I smiled warmly.

    She grabbed my hand, leading me to a more comfortable seating area away from the bar. I liked her style and my heart was racing. This girl was fun from the start!

    “So I’m Reen, short for Maureen, and that’s my crew.” she giggled as she side glanced into the lobby. “I just finished throwing my kid sister the nastiest bachelorette bash in history. We got Dirty in the Big D!”

    A few minutes went by and Reen was the last left from her ‘crew’. More comfortable, I relaxed and we spoke and drank for hours.  Before I knew it, her freshly manicured hands were squeezing my upper thigh as I was facing her. We moved closer in, started breathing in sync, and no words were exchanged. Before either of us realized it, we were kissing in the bar and tonging one another down as if our last breath depended on it.

    I was still dizzy from the make-out session when she motioned for us to go up to her room for privacy. This 38-year-old siren was going to take me up to her sexual lair and have her way with me and I was going to willingly let her.

    We made out heavily all the way up to the 8th floor. Once in her room, she took my hand and guided me to the bed where we peeled off our clothing. Our lips explored every part of one another’s beautiful bodies, starting from the tops of our ears to the bottoms of our toes. It was ecstasy.

    I started to finger Reen, tongue her erect nipples, and tell her dirty little stories of things I do while back at campus. She gently kissed my dirty mouth and walked over to the refrigerator. She smiled like a sly fox as she returned with a tray full of cold garden vegetables.

    “We’re going to have fun now, Nasty Little Amy”

    My heart was racing. Reen grabbed the largest cold carrot from the tray, lubed it up to the base, and slid it into my tight little pink asshole. I threw my head backwards and arched my back as I fingered my clit uncontrollably.

    “That’s right, sexy girl…finger that clit for me” she pumped and twisted that cold carrot into my tight ass with precision that sent me into a fit of ecstasy.

    The heat of passion continued to build in my erogenous zones. My slippery pussy lips were hotter and wetter. Reen began to lick my clit as I moaned and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair.

    My sopping wet pussy made her face glisten, “I have more for you Amy, don’t cum…hold it FOR ME!”

    I tried so hard, the veggie tray was full of cold goodies, she had so many toys from the party earlier, I knew this sexual beast wanted to take me and turn me out….

    Want to know more? Find out how veggies do MY body good 😉

    Amy ext. 418

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  • …Come to me… Ven a Mi…

    mini skirt1

    Hi There ;),

    My Name is Camila and I have 18 years old. My dad is from Spain and my mom is from Cuba. I am a current student living with my sister now…  I always have been daddy’s favorite because I am the youngest daughter and I am use to be spoiled…but even he thinks I am his little girl…I looove being dirty just he doesn’t  have a little idea about this face of his little girl lol bcuz I usually look so sweet like an innocent angel Innocent… I don’t have lately too much time to go out because I have too much school stuff to get done almost every day…but I like to maintain this secret dirty life…even to my parents back…  I am hungry of life and new experiences so I joined USLOVE  to have great fun! I can just talk to you and share experiences being you sweet girlfriend, I can be dirty and naughty; I can be sweet and innocent like a little girl, I can be bad and dominant and perverse like a little devil that suck your soul and your sexual strength … I enjoy everything you can ask and give me!! bcuz with my 18 years old I am starting to live!  Also we can have a great time together because this is actually my biggest sexual relief…if you want to make feel sexual pleasure to this young goddess come and show me what you have…I am …STARVING… play with me…make me live… we can do it together…

    Camila, Call me at 9499995900 ,you can also ask for me or send me a message, even if I’m not on, If I am at home, I will sign in just for you,  Ext 836, English or Spanish… welcome…  😉 

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  • The Walking Dead


    Until a few  months ago, I was blissfully unaware of this series called The Walking Dead when my neighbor introduced me to it.  He couldn’t believe I had never seen this show and he quickly got Netflix online and we began watching the first season, which turned into a 24 hour marathon of catching up!  I ended up buying season 2 on www.amazon.com and as we were closing into the last show of season 2 I learned that my satellite Dish no longer carried AMC and therefore I wasn’t going to watch season 3 and like a spoilt child in a candy store not getting everything that she wanted, I  called and threw a temper tantrum and before I knew it had credit that gave me enough to purchase the series again through www.amazon.com ! Needless to say, I no longer miss the show, but also my carrier got a contract with AMC and I now have what we call date night every Sunday night that begins at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, lol, because they play last weeks program and then the new one!  This Sunday, tomorrow, December 2, 2012 is going to be an exciting one and one that I hope my neighbor makes it back in time for; there is a a raid on this crazy guy they call the governor and all hell is about to break loose! This weekend, he had to go to Charleston to play in a couple of gigs as both a harmonica and bass player.

    I love it when he goes to Charleston!  He plays in a couple of bands down there and is really hot with the harmonica.  Hell BoyHe is totally devilish with those lips of his! Sweet Kiss  S0metimes he brings me back pretty little play things and I really hope he brings me something to play with tomorrow and if so, well, I might have to share the experience with you!  They are usually so fucking hot that you will have an orgasmism just from reading a little bit about it!

    Any ways, I love the series if you haven’t figured that out yet, lets just set the record straight, it is freaking awesome!  I am a freak for technology and last year got an IPad2 and I love it!  I love it for its mobility and ease in handling this technology!  I love games and have a ton on there!  I of course also love my ability to Facetime with my family and friends all over the world.  Matter of fact, I have coffee every morning with my mom down in Florida and I share a lay now and again with a truck driver in Montana Oh Really?  Its amazing what you can do with an IPad!

    The other day, matter of fact, officially at the time of this writing 32 hours 47 minutes and a few seconds ago I discovered The Walking Dead Game for IPad!  I was so freaking hot by my discovery, that I made my musician neighbor get on his knees and reward me for my discovery by making me cum like eight times all over his bearded, but balded face and head (I love a bald headed man between my legs!  Its like having your personal good luck Buddha that you get to rub!).

    After I came multiple times, I decided that he was a worthless little shit and didn’t deserve to cum since I only came eight times, come on guys!  An hour and a half of face is not enough time to make a girl cum a dozen times and I enjoy a baker’s dozen, its my lucky number!  Give me what I want and I will give you what you want!

    So, after my great disappointment, I decided that I would purchase every episode of the game (5 to be exact) and that I would have someone eating me during my gaming session!  For surely I thought I would be done within five or six hours, so I began to make calls requesting some friends to come over and give me the ultimate gaming experience!  And boy did they!  At first I thought I would make it an all girls night out, but then I couldn’t help but desire some big hard cocks to go along with all those wet little twats!  I invited over four of my best girlfriends and since my lucky number is 13, I had to invite over 8 of my best looking and biggest cocked man friends that I know, with a couple of cuckolds to boot!  I knew from my choices that this was going to be a great gaming session!

    I began with episode 1, which this game is based upon the comic book series, which I don’t have and I want so freaking bad now!  Yes I know, I am getting a little obsessed with this stuff, but hell I can’t help it!  Its original and so is the game!  I love it!  It sometimes appears a little slow, but that is due to your choices, which influence how the game is played.  Your choices change the game and some of them are really creepy choices, things that make  you feel weird at the time you are doing it, but at the end of each episode it gives you a percentage of how many other people have made the same choice as you and sometimes that number is a little creepy!

    Know now that it will take you a lot longer than 5 or 6 hours to finish these 5 episodes!  I am almost finished with episode 4 and my little body cant take any more orgasmisms!  My clit is so swollen as well as every hole and even my mouth feels like it might have TMJ right this moment!  I think it might lock right open!  OMFG!  On top of all of the real action, I have been taking calls as well!

    One of my callers asked me to pull out a vibrator that was both a clitoris stimulator and had a cock to ride on it!  He tipped me $20 to boot so of course I eagerly appeased his fantasy!  As I talked my half an hour with my phone friend, my gaming friends watched in awe as they listened in by speaker phone and silently licked, kissed and writhed all over each other and by the end of the call there was 14 of us having an orgasmism at the same time!  We are all so exhausted from trying to play this game!

    This game is so awesome that I had to give everyone a short break by writing this!  I think I will go and crawl up with everyone shortly and take a small, much needed break!

    I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the television series, The Walking Dead!  I also highly recommend that for each episode, that you take a day for each one to thoroughly savor and to enjoy, but also invite over some gaming friends to help make your experience the ultimate gaming experience!  It is very violent, but the friends takes away the freaky feelings of the violence and give you a whole new funny feeling right between your legs.  I can assure you that you won’t have nightmares if you do it my way!

    The only down side I see to this game is that there is no sex involved in it and I can’t figure that part out!  In episode 4 they are in a location called Crawford where children aren’t allowed and there are video tapes of examinations determining that women were pregnant and were either being forced to have an abortion or forced to leave the community.  Now, if there are women pregnant, you know people are having sex, but when and by damn it, who are they and why can’t we watch them!  I swear if we can watch them kill the living and dead and be a part of that, for surely we are mature enough to watch a few characters get a little piece of ass whether it be from the opposite sex or the same sex!  I want to see all the action and if it is about the choices you make and figure out how to be there during sex, let me know!  Would love to have some friends over and see if we cant do just like them!  That would be hot!  To be playing as a character that was getting laid, mmmm, I would make that episode last a long time and who knows, maybe have a zombie grab my partner right after I was finished with them!  Yummy!

    Speaking of yummy, I need to go take that nap so I can get back to feeding my cuckolds!  Goddess, you got to love a good cuckold!  Sucking on that little clit, watching that cock slide in and out and hearing those balls slap them as they fuck you like you were never fucked before!  Dang, I keep thinking along those lines, I may not get a nap!

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 879 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Sorry Mr. J, but my dreams belong to Batman.

    If it is not already obvious, i’d like to take this time to go deeper into the relationship I have with the vigilante hero, Batman. Although I love Mr. J with all my heart, the man I really want to have, but can’t is Batman. He doesn’t know it, but I am on to him. I know his secret identity  I know all if his weaknesses, his strengths, I know how his mind works. I know the history of his heartbreaks and playboy lifestyle.  He wants to save the world, all I want to do is save him.

    Every night I dream about the endless conversations that could be had if I maintained a secret friendship with Mr. Wayne. I would imagine giving him advice on his companies financial dealings, on his friendships and relationships. I would invite him to sleepovers with Poison Ivy and Cat Woman and we would talk shit about Bat Girl. I would wear my tightest leotard, in the hopes that he would want to touch my breast and thighs.  I would look into his eyes, I would hold his arms and hands and tell him how much I need him. I would promise to be a good girl just for him.

    But it’s just a dream. He needs me, but not like I need him. In my dreams, I push my body close to his, I tell him to teach me a lesson, to lay down the law. To take his hands, pick me up, and let me feel his body touching mine. I long to straddle him in his new batmobile, his pride and joy, I want to kiss those lips that give away his smile once in a while.

    In my dreams, he helps me out of my suit, takes my jester headdress off, pulls off my underwear and bra, he embraces my body, kisses me ever so gently and tells me he loves me. Even though I am naked, I feel covered in his whispered worship.

    In those impossible dreams, he leaves the safety of Batman and becomes Bruce Wayne for me, takes his clothes off. Inserts his Dick with suck a passion into my pussy, that I know he means no harm. The deeper he goes, the more I want/need him. For him, I am no longer Harley Quinn, I am Dr. Harlene Quinzzel. I was good once, and he brings out the best of me. There, wrapped around his body, connecting at the hips, his mouth on my breasts, like a lost boy who found warmth, Just as he is about to pump his giant load of cum inside my pussy, he tells me he doesn’t belong to me. The pleasure I feel inside me goes away…

    I wake up.

    As I make my way through town from day to day, I purposely make a mess in the hopes that I get his attention. He comes to Gothams rescue, our eyes meet and I just want to tell him how our night go in my dreams. He doesn’t know… Sadly, this masked hero’s heart belongs to someone else… And the pain of being without is worse than the pain of having him close but not be mine to keep.

    In the mean time, all I can do, is dream of the nights we could have had and find other ways to console this thirst I have for sex and love.

    I love you Batman.

    Sorry Joker…

    Call me, lets talk Quinn ext. 632


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  • The Inner Workings of a Comic Book Villain-Miss Harley Quinn

    I just want to let you know a  little bit about me. <3

    I have been very very busy and now I just want to have fun. My appetite to full my Sapiosexual (sexual attraction and gratification from intellect) needs is getting bigger and bigger. I am a very nerdy graduate student always looking to learn something new. I have a soft spot for comic book villains, I especially like The Joker (hence my name  Harley QUINN).     I am fascinated by the forever expanding universe and the lack of gravity at a subatomic particle level. I enjoy discussing topics that get my mind going for example: Novels like- Crime and Punishment, the Brothers Karamazov, 1984, Native Son, Brave New World etc. Interestng music from different genres, good television shows like -The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, American Horror Story and much mor. I love cartoons like Batman(the original animated series) freakazoid, the Tick, TMNT, and anime like Pokemon, High School of The Dead, Rosario Vampire, Hellsing, and Sailor Moon. i also enjoy good documentaries on a variety of topics. Also, I am a huge Star Wars fan girl. Huge!

    The men I enjoy talking to know what they want, they are two types. The ones who are complete pussies and want to submit to me ONE HUNDRED PERCENT and willingly do as I say or they are real men with specific desires and love to tell me what to do. The devil is always in the detail.    I am not your typical raunchy girl looking to just get you off, and that’s it, I actually enjoy having conversations with you, talking excites me. I do this because It is a sexual release for me, not just another notch on my pole. Call me if you need a smart intellectual girl who can hold a great conversation and get dirty when the time is right, or if you just want to have a pleasant chat. Trust me luv, nothing is off topic. “I’m your Huckleberry” (-props to you if you know where that’s from, one of my favorite films)

    Remember my name, Quinn. Ext 632.


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