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  • Amy’s Wonderland

    p4894-1I was going about my daily routine: classes, jogging, flirting, drinking, and working (barely giving myself a break). That nagging voice in the back of my head kept telling me that I needed to reevaluate priorities lest things implode. I’d wonder how anyone would get to know the real Amy in spite of the daily chaos. At the time, only one person was intuitive enough to break through my polished exterior and find out. For a while, it was just enough to keep me sane.

    A sledgehammer hit me one Sunday morning after my mid-day break at symphony rehearsal. During break, I scrambled to my car and played a naughty audio for a kind and submissive man who initially thought he could handle listening to it. He too wanted something raw and different, so I let the recording play. –It hurt him. He was speechless. Broken and stunned, he said that although he begged to hear it, he felt differently and would never be the same.

    Having returned to the auditorium, I sank into my chair onstage; the sound of his breaking heart was all I could hear in spite of our beautiful rendition of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. I played a measure as a tear ran down my cheek. I was in real emotional pain too. Until that moment, I was having fun pushing everyone’s limits. I just never thought I’d truly hurt anyone. I was lost with nobody to turn to for advice.

    I remembered how Alice was given sage advice from the Cheshire Cat when she was lost:  “…if you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” (Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll)

    It made perfect sense to follow advice written well over a century ago. I began reinventing my tried-and-true routine to fit what everyone wanted. I wouldn’t dare risk hurting anyone again. “Be everything for everyone” is what I told myself. My only problem was that it was an impossible charge to give myself; nobody can be everybody’s everything. It’s simply not reality.

    The situation began affecting my routines. I was malfunctioning. I was a short-circuiting mainframe and nothing would stop the inevitable explosion. As I tried to work my way through classes, the drinking and sobbing increased. I didn’t want to ‘feel’ the pain of knowing I couldn’t be there for everyone. It was time for an ‘Amy break’.

    I took time to focus and revisit who I am: sweet, caring, funny, smart, sexy, and carefree. I soon realized the characteristic I loved most about myself was my free-spirited nature. I never wanted to be confused for an undependable person…..just wild and free.

    When I began to take time away for myself, I knew I’d risk a few friendships. I knew that the real friends would understand and embrace me with open arms when I found ME again.

    Having been lost taught me how to stop and retrace my steps along the way. I went back to the beginning of my journey and realized that it was the QUALITY, not the quantity, which mattered most to me.

    Sometimes we all have to put on masks to get through parts of life…oh how I understand. My mask became a burden because I never took it off. Now that I give myself permission to breathe…I’m happy…oh so happy.

    I thank everyone who can relate to my personal revelation. I truly appreciate those who gave me the opportunity to grow and find myself again, while keeping faith in me. I don’t care to be the best at everything anymore; I care to be the best ME. When I’m ME, I rock it!

    -Submitted with so much love and appreciation,
    Aimz ext. 418

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  • “I’m Just a Little Ho”

    I love variety; even with music and movies. When I first watched ‘Bad Grandpa’ a few days ago, I fell in love with the intro song:  “I’m Just a Gigolo” (performed by David Lee Roth). Since that catchy upbeat song is playing in my head almost daily….I wanted to pay homage to it in my own little whimsical way. As I like to say, “Here goes somethin’!” :

    “418’s A Ho”

    I’m just a little ho and everywhere I go

    People know the part I’m playing

    Got laid after every dance, selling each romance

    Ooh, what they’re sayin’


    ho1There will come a day when I might move away

    What will they say about me?

    When the end comes, I know

    I was just one of the hos

    Kink goes on without me


    I’m just a naughty ho and everywhere I go

    People know the part Aimz is playing

    Got off at every chance, selling each romance

    Ooh, what they’re sayin’


    There may come a day when I’ll mature and stray

    What will they say about me?

    When the end comes, I know

    I was just a slutty ho

    Calls go on without me, ’cause


    I ain’t got nobody

    Nobody cares for me, nobody

    Nobody cares for me

    I’m so slutty and horny

    Slutty and horny, slutty and horny

    Won’t some sweet papa come and take a chance with me?

    ‘Cause I’m a bad ass



    Better love me, babe

    Been so horny, all of the time

    Even on the beat, on the, on the, on the beat

    Bop, boze-de-boze-de-bop, se-de-bop


    I am just so slutty

    Nobody cares for me, nobody

    Nobody, hey, say…….(saxophone solo)


    Feelin’ so sad and lonesome

    Ain’t got nobody

    Woohoo, sad and lonesome

    Need love


    ho2Humala bebuhla zeebuhla boobuhla

    Humala bebuhla zeebuhla bop


    I’m just friggin’ horny

    Nobody, nobody cares for me, nobody, nobody

    I’m so skuzzy and slutty

    Skuzzy and slutty, skuzzy and slutty

    Won’t some sweet papa come and take a chance with me?

    ‘Cause I ain’t so bad


    Been a slutty whore

    Been lonesome all of the time

    Even on the beat

    Johnny, Johnny on the beat

    Need a long tall drink, papa

    Amy said she’s got nobody to fu*#


    Ain’t got nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody)

    Nobody (nobody), nobody (nobody)

    Said Nobody (nobody)

    Nobody cares to tame me


    -Original version found on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeXjBWN8LO8

    🙂 (I’ll also sing the version for you on our call if you wanna laugh….hahahaha!)

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  • Elixir

    12345You should have known that I wanted you to see me this way; underage before your matured eyes and wasted. My metaphorical glass was full with issues and so many hurts. So I turned to you, Caterpillar, to hear me hammered and completely vulnerable- for the first time.

    Silently crying out in desperation, I was powerless and too weak to spell it out. I wanted you to take me. I needed your animal. Just seize my mind tonight because I’m choking on my demons and I turn to you for your truth and your passion.

    But you left me with lust; unrequited.

    Why didn’t you take advantage of me? I needed your oppression. Your intensity sends me soaring as I clamor in silence for your violation.

    Why didn’t you feel my body’s cries for you as I whimpered thru the intoxication?  My bevy of emotions ranging from despair to rage called out for my only answer… YOU. Why didn’t you fuck me crazy?

    So I crawled the floor holding onto my last sobering thought and I wondered if you would finally understand. It was never to be. I was on the ground, shipwrecked and naked while waiting for your complication upon me.

    Behold my pain and prescribe your body as my salvation; in your poison lies my antidote. I swallow your words and you taste my thoughts, and inevitably it’s YOU that helps me get away from myself.

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  • Help Wanted

    p4894-4Oftentimes when I’m shopping with my friends or hanging out, we’ll unblushingly try on clothes, model skimpy bikinis, or relax and chatter in our lacy underwear.

    A few nights ago, several friends and I decided we’d go out and have fun in the city. To ensure a great night, we all purchased tight lacy dresses and removed the inner lining with scissors so they’d be see-thru. After we slipped on our dresses, all of us were giggling with delight. We started squeezing one another’s braless nipples to make them perkier in our dresses. We all looked so damn hot.

    One friend, Méliz from Puerto Rico, looked ‘muy caliente’ in her white see-thru lacy mini dress. Her toasted caramel colored nipples were pressed firmly against the delicate fabric while her white sparkly thong panties were tightly hugging her perfect curves. She wore white open toe high heels, which made her legs go on for days. I tried to giggle away my budding girl-crush and turn my head as my pulse quickened. I suggested we all start applying lip gloss and perfume before heading out to the River District.

    Girls tend to complement one another openly, and that night as the compliments flew around the room, we started getting friskier. We began rubbing on one another’s legs to feel how silky they were, and performing playful make-out sessions to start our evening.  It was supposed to be innocent fun.

    Méliz kissed me so passionately and soft with her tongue during our play make-out session. She grabbed me gently by the back of my neck and rubbed my nipples through my dress. She even slipped her hand underneath my dress and massaged my butt until I was wet through my panties.  I grabbed her voluptuous booty and grinded into her until we were both breathless as we pulled apart.

    We stood there for what seemed forever. I wanted her caramel kissed Latina body intertwined with mine. I was imagining how she looked and sounded while getting fucked. I just couldn’t let her know in front of everybody.   Everyone grabbed their purses and I told them I’d be there in about 30-45 minutes. As they left, I gently grabbed Méliz by her arm and asked her to keep an eye out for my text, and she said she would with a big smile on her face.

    I started pacing in my room wondering how I was going to pull this night off. I couldn’t imagine concentrating the whole time with Méliz next to me in the River District. I needed her now. I touched my bottom lip with my forefinger and still tasted her on my tongue. My sexual zones were overwhelming me with sensations and desire for her touch. Somehow I knew she lusted for me too; the way she massaged my nipples and pressed her body towards mine.

    I’d tortured myself enough thinking about it and took my fingers to my wet panties. I slid my hand inside and rubbed two fingers over my clit slowly until I screamed out her name. It was a wonderful hot orgasm, but not completely fulfilling. I texted her after a while and mentioned I was on my way.

    I went out and completed the night of fun with the girls at the River District and we drove everyone mad with lust.

    Méliz and I progressively get closer every day. In fact, she just texted me ‘Hola’…she’s so damn hot!

    -Now, here’s where YOU come in. I need your help…

    Wouldn’t it be fun if Méliz was hanging out one day and you were here with me? I could strip her down piece by piece and lick her taut nipples while she’s breathless with passion. Then, I‘d spread her legs ever so slowly. We both know she’d be so wet. Her sweet bald slippery pussy would be so perfect for licking.

    I’d be so excited and hot looking at her beautiful body. I’ve seen her body when she tries on clothes. She’s such a delight; bald pussy, perfect tiny landing strip, soft breasts, long legs, sun-kissed skin, long dark brown hair, and hypnotic grey eyes.

    I can just imagine her accented voice saying, “Cogerme!” while I dive my hot tongue into her sweet creamy slit. I’ll slowly reach up take your cock in my hand while fingering her with the other. As Méliz lays there with her legs spread and her body writhing in anticipation, I’ll turn my face toward the head of your erect cock. Méliz begins to erotically rub her clit. With my tongue out, I take one hot lick before plunging my face all the way down your shaft.

    As I hungrily suck your cock, Méliz sits up and starts to kiss and lick your balls. I tongue her and suck her nipples before we start to share your cock; enjoying your delicious dick equally. Still on her knees, Méliz starts to deep throat your cock and I spread her legs from below to make room for my tongue on her clit while she’s servicing you.

    After a few minutes, you remove your cock, dripping with pre-cum. I whisper to Méliz to lie down. I look over to you. You know what I want.


    I guide your hard cock to her vulnerable glistening pussy and rub your fat mushroom head to her delicate lips until she moans loudly. Finally, I guide your cock in her tight hole and she screams out in delight.

    I’m bent over in front of you; licking her sweet tits and tonguing her while you fuck her for me. You start to finger my wet pussy.  I’m already soaking wet from licking on her tits and rubbing her clit while you plunge that dick in her petite Latina body. You realize I get wetter when you fuck Méliz harder because she moans and I love her accented voice.

    Just as she starts to cum, you feel yourself start to climax and the whole room is in frenzy. You pull out and pump all that wonderful hot creamy cum on our breathless heaving tits. We’re all so happy, so satisfied…and it’s because you let me use your cock to fuck my friend.

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  • The Model and the Machine

    p4894-2Three hundred fifty pounds of heart pounding, booty-pumping machinery await my vigorous use while positioned next to a side window.  Although some people use their treadmill as a towel rack, mine is salvation when the weather is too inclement for my early morning run.  After changing into a workout bra and pair of tight Nike capri pants I was excited and ready to work my sexy body.

    I was at full speed for 20 minutes or so when the phone rang and I realized I forgot to log out of the system. I slammed the emergency ‘STOP’ button on my treadmill and answered the call. It was Marc and he was surprised; I never answer while breathing heavily.

    I immediately offered to return his ticket so he can contact me when I logged in after my run, but Marc had a better idea. My forgetfulness became an opportunity for a cutting-edge phone sex fantasy. He propositioned me with an adventurous role-play. With proof that I’m truly a runner and knowing how sensual I am, he first extended his call to give us more time to play out this rudimentary fantasy.

    “….and Amy, I know you love your patent leather open toe 4 ¼” Gucci heels. So, go grab them and make sure you fasten the buckle ankle straps because you’ll be on the treadmill with them. Oh, and before you do that, take off those workout pants. I really want your head in this role-play. Go put on a short sexy skirt for me” he instructed.

    This was an exciting proposition and it would truly combine all sorts of my favorite things: my shoes, my sexy clothes, working out, being a seductress, and having more time to do it. I started giggling and humming a tune as I was picking out a skirt.

    “No ‘Perky Amy’ voice today,” he continued. “Use that voice that drives me wild. The voice you keep hidden from everyone. The Woman. I just love your vocal range and ability to change character Amy.”

    While selecting a micro skirt from my closet, I unleashed my sexual tigress. I thought it would be seductively wicked to taunt Marc and pounce all over him mercilessly. In my predatory state, I began to describe in great detail my calf muscles and how they flex with strength when I run. I knew for sure my sculpted legs, delicately pedicured toenails, combined with my unrelenting stamina were going to drive him nuts.

    I quickly selected my skirt, so I could focus on being a merciless prick tease. I sat down on the edge of my chair. Slowly lifting one leg, I described the contour and shape of my svelte inner thigh. I returned my foot to the ground and slid my hand downward toward my foot and slipped on the first high heel then fastened the ankle strap.

    Instantaneously inspired, I stood up and described what my leg looked like with one Gucci on. I bent over while spreading my legs and ran my hands up the length of my calves as I teased Marc even more. I described how defined and sexy the length of my leg looked in this heel. I massaged and rubbed my leg, caressing and placing the phone next to it so he could hear me slightly slap my flexed diamond-shaped calf as I pointed my toes. As Marc started moaning, I instructed him to breathe through the throbbing sensation of his growing erection. I continued to arouse him further with more rubs and slaps of my strong sexual legs. I only just began to drive him wild for me.  I was ready to turn the simmer into a full burn. I stepped into my second shoe and fastened my ankle strap.

    “Okay, Marc. All done. Both high heels are on now and I’m about to step up onto the treadmill. If you think for one moment I’m bluffing about my ability to run circles around you, you’re in for a fast and hard surprise!”  I let out a sexy giggle and pressed the incline button, and then the speed button on the treadmill.

    “Is that…are those… what I think?” Marc muttered.

    “Oh yes, Baby. I don’t fuck around when it comes to my fitness. I feel the same way about getting you off.”  I responded.

    I walked fast, steady, and hard in my heels for a few minutes so he could hear my steps clearly. In my most commanding voice, I said “I don’t bluff and pretend to be a fitness girl. You hear the evidence right here.  I’m at a FOUR on the incline and a 4.0 for the speed in Gucci heels. I’m not even panting. I’m not even sweating. I’m talking to you Marc. I’m fucking you with my designer heels. This girl works out and can run circles around you!”

    “Oh! Oh Amy…oh…oh…Amy…oh” Marc was almost speechless

    “Hold the base of your cock for me and close your eyes. Now squeeze tightly and stroke it to the beat of my high heels as I work this treadmill; almost like I’m working that fat cock. Just imagine. Really imagine you are literally sitting right in front of me. I’m right here in a skirt in front of you. No panties. Only a skirt and 4 ¼” high heels.  I’m jogging fast and talking to you calmly and sensually. My pussy is wet and my legs are strong. Your cock is MINE. You already know that every time you see or hear a treadmill, you’re going to imagine my sexy legs, tight ass, and delicious body teasing you until you’re senseless. I’m that voice in your head forcing you to stroke yourself to the stride of my Guccis on this treadmill.  You’ll never be the same and you’ll never be able to cum this hard without me…without Amy!  Guarantee it. Call my name out Marc. Call my name out NOW!” I commanded.

    “A…..Amy!!! You’re right; I’ll never be the same…” Marc moaned.

    I increased the speed and started to run. Still speaking to him in a steady voice, I gave my next order.  “Stroke your cock to the rhythm of my feet.  Do it Marc. Cum. Cum for me! Cum on my legs, Marc! Cum on my Gucci heels. CUM ON THIS TREADMILL!”

    Within seconds I heard screaming, moaning, and panting on Marc’s end of the line. It sounded like I assaulted him. Moments later, silence.

    -After he recovered and we discussed how unique this experience really was, I confessed I wasn’t completely finished with him yet. It was my turn.

    I opened up the blinds to the window next to the treadmill and removed my top. I reached over into my purse and grabbed my red lip-gloss. “I’m being really bad right now Marc. I’ve opened up my blinds and my red lips are on. Anyone who wants to see me, my body, my legs, my tits, they’re more than welcome to.”

    After ensuring my ankle straps were still secured, I stepped onto the sides of the railing and I increased the speed on the treadmill. “I want you to imagine yourself sitting behind me in a chair as you watch me flip up my skirt and balance myself on this machine.” I licked my fingers and reached behind, massaging and rubbing my glistening pussy lips and hungry asshole. “Yeah, Marc. I’m straddling this treadmill and finger-banging myself imagining you’re right behind me. Now stand up, walk over to me and fuck me while I’m straddled on this damn machine. Come on, fuck me Marc! Fuck me good! I’m waiting, I’m slippery, and I need that cock!”

    Marc started stroking his cock again and told me how he would slide his throbbing mushroom head in my cunt while pumping his thumb in my ass from behind. He knew how horny I was, so he told me his hard tree trunk would pump me hard and steady while my face lay flattened sideways on the treadmill control panel. He knew that’s how I wanted it. Wild, fast, and hard. With every lusty cock thrust and thumb pump he whispered in my ear, I plunged my fingers into my throbbing wet pussy and tight rosebud. My hand was fast covered in my own slippery wet juices while the other gripped the side bar for support.   “Come on, Marc fuck me harder. Make this treadmill shake. I’m bent over ready to get railed.” I screamed.

    Marc kept phone fucking me; telling me how he was balls deep in my pussy. As he fucked me harder and my fingers plunged faster into my slippery hole, I started to quake and cum; clenching my down on my fingers as my other hand moved over to grip the control panel for balance.

    “What the…nobody….nobody’s……. I don’t believe this just happened! So hot and nasty….and I loved it!” I declared breathlessly.

    After a few minutes, we decompressed and talked for a while.

    “Ever write about an experience directly?” he asked.

    “No.  Everything is metaphorical, comical, or both.” I laughed “There is one piece I dedicated to someone special, but that person knows who they are. Even that piece, hehehe, is a metaphor.”

    “Well, I know you must get this a lot, but I read your blogs and they turn me on. I haven’t seen anything like what we’ve just done. Would you even consider doing one based on what just happened?”  Marc chimed.

    “You’re right; I am often approached, but only write when inspired. That’s just how I am. But you have a point Marc. If retelling this role-play can bring one, or a few smiles….why not! Besides, thanks to you, ‘Treadmills and High Heels’ is now synonymous with ‘Bees and Honey’ and I’ve got to put that out there!”

    “Sounds good to me!” he exclaimed.

    “I know, and I’ll change your name, of course…” I smiled.

    -Cheers ‘Marc’

    Amy ext. 418

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    p4894-1YOU unfaithful to me
    Easier to believe that I never knew
    So I dealt with it
    I changed.
    When the real love
    Was all but lost
    I mourned…silent
    Pretending all was the same
    My lips still kiss the midnight air to your face
    In the meantime, dream, sit by the window…
    I see now only what comes…RENEWAL…SPRING

    Amy ext. 418

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  • Endorphin Rush

    p4894-4Several of my callers know that I’m a fitness fanatic in addition to being a student. I haven’t really mentioned it because it’s simply a way of life for me. Some guys are so attuned to my current amped-up routine; they’ve got my fitness schedule memorized. “Luv Y’all! ”

    There are several advantages that come with any intensified workout routine. My favorite perk is a sex drive that rivals any libido pill on the market. After my workouts, I sometimes find myself ready to pounce on my guy during our naughty call. I’m an insatiable sex animal at that point and I love taking control of the call to show him I can be the boss in bed, Baby!

    Likewise, whenever I get a call from a guy who’s keeping up with his fitness, it puts a huge smile on my face. That sexy stud just doesn’t know what nasty dirty things I’m waiting to reward him with after he’s worked out and pumped up! You never know; I just might drop this tight booty to the floor and wiggle it on you a little bit…hehehehe! I tend to really get wound up while fantasizing about your walks, runs, push-ups, bike rides, and your glistening body when we’re together. That’s why our calls always sizzle, ‘Hot Bunz’!

    All things considered, getting your fitness on sure does pay off when getting your heart rate up!

    Call Amy at ext. 418 for your full body workout Smile

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  • Crude Oil

    p4894-1It was a warm evening when my phone rang. After a sexy giggle I immediately grabbed my pink duffle bag, and stuffed it with a pair of ankle strap high heels. When my emergency dick- in- a- glass calls, I come running without hesitation.

    This girl can bring it. That evening I made sure my hair was bouncy perfection, lips pink and glossy, and my sky blue sequin dress revealed enough tits n’ ass to bring out his sexual beast. One last touch remained; sexy cherry blossom-scented lotion for my luscious dancer legs. -He just LOVES my legs.

    The phone rang again as promised. I drove to the ‘La Rest-Up Motel’ as instructed and gave the desk clerk my full name. She handed me a key to room 128 and I headed to my rendezvous with my loaded duffel bag in hand. The anticipation inside me grew as I walked closer to the room. Would he be there waiting for me? My pussy lips seized up and my nipples tightened as I slipped the room key through the slot to unlock the door.

    With one last gulp, I stepped through the doorway into a dark, pay-per-hour, drab, motel room. I recognized his distinct cologne and it made me salivate in lust. The door abruptly closed behind me while his hand grabbed my waist slamming me into his body. Without saying a word, his large rough hands rubbed my thigh underneath my blue dress and pulled my delicate pink panties to the side exposing my moist aroused naughty holes. He began using his thick fingers; one to slowly massage my pussy lips and one to poke deep inside my tight asshole. As I softly moaned he stuck the forefinger of his free hand in my mouth and I sucked on it uncontrollably.

    He spun me around after a few moments and inspected my silhouette with his carnivorous eyes. I received the seal of approval when he kneeled to the ground, took one of my legs and draped it over his shoulder as he began tonging my saturated pussy. It was so decadent; the intense sexual heat transferred from his body to every erogenous zone on mine. My hips started moving in sync with his tongue. I grabbed the back of his head so he could bury his face further between my slippery lips. I started to pant harder, getting closer to cumming and he abruptly stopped.

    My small frame was immediately scooped up into his arms and poured onto the crusted motel bedspread. I spread my legs wide leaving my pussy open and vulnerable. I didn’t care what toothless gutter whore had been on the bedspread last nor did I care what he had in store for me next. I just wanted him to beat my pussy up like it owed him money.

    This pussy glistened impatiently with nectar as he walked over to a drawer. Returning with a bottle of baby oil and leather straps, he rolled me over onto my stomach and removed my heels. As if he wanted to torture me beyond all limitations, he spread my thighs and fingered my ass hole, completely bypassing my screaming, pulsating, horned-up pussy lips.  I started grinding my nipples on the smelly sticky bed, hoping to get some sort of stimulating sensation from the raunchy act. I was going crazy for his cock and he knew it.

    After ordering me to stay face-down, he stretched out my legs until they were straight.  He clamped my legs together with his hands and used leather straps to tie my knees together, then proceeded to tie my ankles together tightly.  Once I was secure and unable to separate my legs at all, he plunged his huge man fingers into my ass. The pumping action transformed me into a sexed crazed animal and I screamed into the pillow for more.

    Just then, he popped open the baby oil lid. Glops of oil were squeezed onto my legs and waves of heat rushed over me as he massaged these enormous amounts on my calves and thighs. The slopping noises were so loud and sexual; I raised my hips and instinctively arched my back.

    After he applied the oil, he straddled my body. His breath was heavy and warm on my back. Ripples of pleasure waved across my body as his rock hard heavy dick finally dragged along my oil slicked calves. His hefty supple unshaven balls were weighted down with cum, resting comfortably on the back of my legs. He started to lick and massage my ass and pussy while he pushed his engorged dick between my bound legs. As his hips moved in and out of my clamped oil-slicked legs, I pivoted my feet so that he could feel me thrust in sync with him. He continued to lap away at my puckered ass as I sighed uncontrollably, enjoying the devoted oral attention. Getting closer to the edge, he pumped his fingers in and out of my messy pussy faster and harder as he groaned while fucking my slippery legs with his humungous meaty pole.

    I lifted my hips while pushing my ass faster towards his tongue and fingers.  I was almost at ecstasy’s door when he slipped a third finger in my pussy. He commanded me not to cum as he screamed and howled out loud. Hot streams of cum shot out of his throbbing bloated cock onto my legs.

    Huffing and puffing, he untied the leather straps from my ankles and knees and turned me onto my back. While I lay in a pool of warm slippery spunk, he grabbed a dingy motel pillow and slipped the scratchy thing underneath my hips. I spread my cum-drenched legs and my pussy was once again fully exposed. He started to masterfully French kiss my clit and I gripped the headboard, almost ripping it off.

    He looked up at me as I was hyperventilating with delight. His face was coated and smeared with my sauce. He was once again hungry for more. He rose to his knees on the bed, held his heavy dick in his hand, and traced my entire quivering pussy and ass with his meaty pre-cum drenched mushroom head.

    “You want this dick, don’t you?” he asked. A hot tear streamed down the side of my face as my entire body cried out for him to fuck me with the might of an angry mob. He reached over, grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced me down to the dank, smelly motel carpet. I thought I was going to gag on his fat monster dick, but he had something else in mind.

    There I was down on my knees, my mouth wide open as I huffed, willingly and eagerly ready for him to fuck me out of control. I couldn’t take it a second longer. I begged him, “Please Steve, fuck me! Please. I’ll do anything. Just fuck me any way you want!” He pushed my face into the bed as I kneeled and spread my legs. He rudely opened my ass cheeks, pulled my hips toward him and fucked my starved pussy with his massive fat dick. My pussy clamped down on his meat as I came hard over and over again. I was so worn out; I doubled over in exhaustion on the floor when he finished with me.

    In the aftermath, I looked around and realized I was fucked sideways in a room that probably hadn’t been cleaned in weeks, if not months. What a hot nasty little crime scene. –I’ll be back for more of that.

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    p4894-5There’s nothing like a little boost after an impossible day. I know how good feels to take your mind by the hand, walk it into a relaxing place and release the day’s anxieties; even if it’s for a little while. That sweet surrender to delicious delight is hard-earned and well-deserved.

    Back home, they tell me positive people will get ya’ through the hard times. If there’s an ounce of truth to that encouragement, then the same rings true for a wound-tight or overtaxed man. Positive pussy will get him through the toughest of times.

    I think of “Great Pussy N’ a Smile” as the cure-all to everything that ails. It’s like that tantalizing erotic massage at the end of a long day for a guy. It strips him bare naked, touches him in all the predictable places, then pulls from deep within him the most wonderfully electric release he never imagined…leaving him breathless and knowing he’ll be back for more.

    Every delicious touch, every delicate taste, every whispered breath upon his ear is so intense and savory. That hard day becomes more distant as the call progresses. It’s as if our bodies are intertwined somewhere in a wonderful place of our own; touching, kissing, and tugging in this intimate setting. Only we exist together in this space. The buildup from the day combined with our passionate intensity can only lead to one beautiful exacting explosion of breathless moans and screams.

    It’s so true. The power of a positive pussy and a delicious dick can turn a whole day around.  It evokes powerful healing emotions and is a sexy solution to a wide array of the day’s obstacles.

    When sexual therapy is essential, Amy’s the answer at ext. 418.

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Vice Grip

    p4894-3I can be as obsessive about the things I love as the next person, I know. Actually my vices can suck me in deep if I let them. I pride myself on my willpower, knowing that if I hold on long enough this tough little cookie won’t crumble unless she chooses to.

    There’s one little thing I can’t fight. It’s not as cliché as many think. I don’t even fit the mold for being captivated by such a vice. Try as I may and try as I might, this one little thing instantaneously captivates my mind and tingles my pussy without one single touch.

    Whenever a guy calls me to confess his desire and urgency to take a good and H-A-R-D cock for ME by another dominant man, it sends my soul soaring into the stratosphere. I know I’m going to have a sloppy cum-swapping 3 or 4-some good time and my heart starts racing uncontrollably because at that very moment I know it’s “Go Time”.

    These call fantasies play out endlessly and are perfectly cream-filled. I love forcing a sexy subbie between my cum-drenched creamy thighs so he can wash me with his damp hot tongue as he takes it slow and steady from a hard and heavily hung pussy-fiend. I love the moans that come out of my sissy boy caller, as if his clit is uncontrollably aroused and his slut hole is being stretched beyond its capacity. I celebrate when a huge cock is slowly extracted from my subbie’s gaping wet black pussy hole. Those mixed juices of cum, spit, and pussy, are so deliciously bad. I feed those juices to my cum-craver pussy boy so he can milk even more of that hot creamy goodness for me. Sometimes I throw their legs over my shoulders and fuck them with wild abandon wearing my strap-on while they’re busy cleaning that dribbling big dick for me. A skilled cock-slinger myself; I’m deep in those guts while slapping that dirty swollen pussy hole with my heavy synthetic ball sack.

    I like to grab the back of a cum slut’s head and force him to gag on coated dripping cock flesh while it stands at full mast during our 3-some. I don’t care if I push my sissy sluts to exhaustion.  I love wiping the floor with them and making sure I take them beyond their limits with every cock pump. I usually masturbate my damp slit and watch my bitch boy takes spurts of cum down his throat while a little cum dribbles down the sides of his face. I’ll lick that pearly dribbly glob and tongue kiss my ‘good little slut’ as our hung dom guy empties the rest of his balls on our lips and nipples while using his fat oversized mushroom head to smear the rest of that fresh cum in our sweaty flesh like a paintbrush.

    What’s even hotter is when I insist on a sex-crazed repressed orgasm. This sends so many sissies into fits upon fits of ecstasy. I manhandle these bitches and throw them on their backs, spreading their legs like the slutty whores they are while tag team fucking their gaping pussy holes with a huge heavy man cock. It’s heaven hearing sissy bitches pant and beg to cum, even while I’m feeding them my strap-on or sharing cum shots with them from a heavy man dick. Their clits need to explode, but I won’t give permission yet. Those slutty little moans just fuel my thrusts to go even harder and deeper.

    It feels so good to mark my territory on these sissy sluts. I remove my soaked panties and rub my cunt juices on their clitty and face as I scratch their nipples or finger-blast their glory holes. Whatever I do is my choice, but we’re ALWAYS gonna get sloppy and filthy.

    It’s my vice. It’s gripping and I love it.

    Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com


  • I Heart Veggies

    p4894-7I can’t keep this one to myself. I was on vacay with my parents and while they’re upstairs watching CSPAN, I’m hanging out in the Plaza Hotel lobby because I can’t stand another minute of the mind-numbing boredom. It’s inescapable. I look into the fitness center and sauna. Nothing. I peek in the pool area. No signs of life.

    Just when I was about to throw my arms up in utter defeat and wave the white flag for the evening, a stretch limo H2 rolls in. My attention fully revitalized, I decided to stay put a while longer. I start to text and return emails on my iPhone as a precession of women in their mid-30s gathers in the lobby. I knew immediately they were out celebrating and painting the town red. They were wild, dressed to kill, and full of life. All of them were still dancing and singing; dancing that new silly “Gangnam Style” dance I see everywhere. I smiled and tried unsuccessfully to catch a laugh that escaped my lips.

    While girl-gazing, I quickly realized I was notably dressed down in comparison to these strikingly beautiful women. I was wearing a simple turquoise Juicy Couture stretch pant and pink tee outfit with sandals; no bra. Yikes! Self-conscious, I slinked over to the bar area and ordered an Alabama Slammer. I had a feeling in my tits something was about to happen worth watching or waiting for. I wasn’t wrong.

    “Did we run you out?” chimed a strong melodic voice. The woman standing behind me looked like Naomi Watt’s twin sister. I could only tell it wasn’t the actress because her eyes are slightly rounder and light brown in color. She was stunning.

    “No…” I replied as I turned around to face her. “I’m Amy” and I extended my hand as I smiled warmly.

    She grabbed my hand, leading me to a more comfortable seating area away from the bar. I liked her style and my heart was racing. This girl was fun from the start!

    “So I’m Reen, short for Maureen, and that’s my crew.” she giggled as she side glanced into the lobby. “I just finished throwing my kid sister the nastiest bachelorette bash in history. We got Dirty in the Big D!”

    A few minutes went by and Reen was the last left from her ‘crew’. More comfortable, I relaxed and we spoke and drank for hours.  Before I knew it, her freshly manicured hands were squeezing my upper thigh as I was facing her. We moved closer in, started breathing in sync, and no words were exchanged. Before either of us realized it, we were kissing in the bar and tonging one another down as if our last breath depended on it.

    I was still dizzy from the make-out session when she motioned for us to go up to her room for privacy. This 38-year-old siren was going to take me up to her sexual lair and have her way with me and I was going to willingly let her.

    We made out heavily all the way up to the 8th floor. Once in her room, she took my hand and guided me to the bed where we peeled off our clothing. Our lips explored every part of one another’s beautiful bodies, starting from the tops of our ears to the bottoms of our toes. It was ecstasy.

    I started to finger Reen, tongue her erect nipples, and tell her dirty little stories of things I do while back at campus. She gently kissed my dirty mouth and walked over to the refrigerator. She smiled like a sly fox as she returned with a tray full of cold garden vegetables.

    “We’re going to have fun now, Nasty Little Amy”

    My heart was racing. Reen grabbed the largest cold carrot from the tray, lubed it up to the base, and slid it into my tight little pink asshole. I threw my head backwards and arched my back as I fingered my clit uncontrollably.

    “That’s right, sexy girl…finger that clit for me” she pumped and twisted that cold carrot into my tight ass with precision that sent me into a fit of ecstasy.

    The heat of passion continued to build in my erogenous zones. My slippery pussy lips were hotter and wetter. Reen began to lick my clit as I moaned and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair.

    My sopping wet pussy made her face glisten, “I have more for you Amy, don’t cum…hold it FOR ME!”

    I tried so hard, the veggie tray was full of cold goodies, she had so many toys from the party earlier, I knew this sexual beast wanted to take me and turn me out….

    Want to know more? Find out how veggies do MY body good 😉

    Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • “Blog-eddy Blah-Blah”

    There once was a good Little Zombie

    Innocent and precious was she

    Call after call

    Lapping multiple balls

    Pleased her beyond wildest dreams


    She took on the role of lead actress

    Some days taking on supporting roles

    In the magical Phone Tree, as competitive as can be

    She flew high from its sparkly poles


    “What will it be, KIND MISTER?”

    “A toy, a best friend, a bad-ass?”

    Each new visitor was her pleasure

    She’d do anything they would ask


    And one day in walked a timid Princess

    Unpolished, but a Lady nonetheless

    The Zombie was confused for this was no ruse

    In time they became best friends, who would’ve guessed!


    “Never lose yourself here, Precious Zombie…”

    “You’re different. You saw ME from the start”

    “I was broken. I was tattered.”

    “My confidence almost shattered.”

    “You could have used me, but instead you gave me your heart.”


    Zombie’s best friend didn’t realize the impact

    Princess permeated her steel walls

    No longer were visits anticlimactic

    Many turned into memorable calls


    As visitors called for indulgence

    I listened for the person beneath

    And in cases when these treasures shone brightly

    I was appreciative that in ME they found relief


    So when the opportunity was presented for blogging

    I jumped at the possibility

    My visitors enjoy my clever mind

    They enjoy my complexities


    Why not utilize a forum for sustainment

    I have the stories, I have the means, and love to play

    Yes I know I’m sexy entertainment

    I brushstroke a world just for you everyday


    So, caller as your days fly by this season

    Or maybe they’re dragging on by

    A small break from the norm is the reason

    A sexy-crazy-storm of a Zombie is here for YOU on the line


    Wishing EVERYONE Happy Holidays–Love Amy!


    Amy ext. 418

    call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com


  • Out with the Bold, In with the Smooth

    Sometimes a naughty girl needs to be put over a lap and administered a lesson.

    I’m not just any naughty girl. I’m bad to the bone day in and day out! I prance around seemingly innocent and sweet with sinister secrets hidden just beneath these baby blues. This angel face, the way I pucker my sweet lips, the way I slut around;  I need to be straightened out. I need you Daddy.

    Enough with the bold attitude. Enough with my nasty temper. Enough with the indifference. These antagonistic behavioral developments have been strong and fast, and there is no reason a wide-eyed delicious treat should operate in such an ornery manner. You know that beneath all this rotten behavior is a delicate flower for your absolute enjoyment, but you must first bridle this filly.

    How will you start? There are so many ways to break bad. You might want to start with a little discipline. After all, I have no good excuse for being so disobedient. Command me to put both my hands on an arm chair and bend over as I spread my legs. That’s right. As I stand there assuming the position, I’ll be dripping with wetness feeling so bad and naughty while wondering where all of this is going to lead. I don’t know exactly what you will do to me yet. Only you do Daddy.

    While I stand thinking of every sordid punishment you could possibly administer, you rub your hand on my soft milky ass cheeks. You fondle my supple breasts and tug at my puffy pink nipples as I tremor with fear. That’s right. You know I’m scared and you sense the intensity in the air. The mental punishment you’re giving me is almost as powerful as the physical breaking you’ll ultimately deliver.

    You take both hands and spread my legs a little wider. My breathing increases and I clench the arm of the chair more firmly. Just imagine the waves of guilt washing over me as I wonder if the full retaliation and retribution will be exacted for my ugly behavior. I’m paralyzed with despair. This is what you want; my full submission. Mind and body.

    The room is deafeningly quiet. I hear your pants loudly crash to the ground. You stuff your hardened dick into my dripping wet pussy with vigor I’ve never experienced before. As you pound my pussy into grounded meat, you lift me into the air and shove your pole even deeper. No mercy. You’re punishing me balls deep and I’m singing soprano with pleasure.

    You’ll drop me to the floor, push my platinum blonde head waist level, and slap me in an act of degradation. Breathless, I’ll open my mouth as you jerk your engorged coated pipe at my angelic face. I’m your cock-crazed sex-slave, wet and sweaty in submission at your feet waiting for you to spray cum onto my writhing body and face.

    Imagine how beautiful it will be…this process of breaking the “Baddest Girl’. Imagine the fulfillment. -Your crowning gift for subjugating me will be a wonderfully submissive pleasure toy that will do every slutty, naughty act you want…inside and outside the bedroom.

    I’m out here. You know what you must do. Call me Daddy before I get too far out of control! ~Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at USLove.com


    I’m going to shatter your confidence you pussy-ass wimp. You already know I’m brutally honest and I’ll tell you that you’re a fucking bitch.  I’m going to emasculate and humiliate you worse than anyone has before.

    This isn’t a game. This isn’t a call for me and you fucking KNOW IT. It’s the truth. I’m telling you what nobody has the fucking guts to tell your candy ass. You’re NOT A MAN! Yes, I’m ruthless. But just like the pathetic fly to the spider…isn’t that what your stupid little curiosity brought you here for, Pencil-Dick?

    Now that I’ve taken care of the formalities, we can proceed, moron!  Talking to me is not like the old westerns where you can redeem yourself and earn a little dignity and respect. You’re a sissy ass weasel and once I force feed you my smelly jizz-filled panties…you’ll start to realize what will ALWAYS happen to you in my world and what you will ALWAYS BE.- You’re branded…as less than a man.

    So listen while I laugh hysterically at you as I refuse you the right to stand up and piss in a toilet anywhere because you’re a LITTLE FUCKING PANTY BOY, or watch me rub my meaty wet pussy lips while I slap the taste out of your mouth for being such a loser cock sucking pussy mother-fucker…or even better…I’ll shove my nasty cunt rag down your damn throat while I’m bull-raging mad at the entire male species.

    You’re my pussy boy. You’re my pet. You can and will take whatever I damn wish. And when I want to go extreme and demand you show that beaten up and swollen face at work with the clear markings of a Dick Slap, you WILL do it for me because I command you to… SISSY BITCH!

    Now stop whimpering Little Girl! It’s almost time for your feeding.

    Call Amy at ext. 418 for the closest thing you’ll come to redemption….hehehehe!

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Interview with a Phone Zombie

    Truth and dare time.

    If you stay ‘on’ they will cum. That’s the concept, right? Hehehehehe! Even I have learned so far as a young adult that ANY tried and true principle can be put to the test.

    I’ve always been a defiant little wild horse, that’s why I’m here in this perpetually addictive ‘Phone Tree’. I needed flexibility for my study schedule as a coed and I was bored with archetypal job solutions. While searching late one night, I stumbled upon this alternative universe we find ourselves in on naughty calls. Although it seemed tempting enough, I wasn’t sure I was rightly suited for the environment. Never having been deeply immersed in the adult industry, I was rightfully nervous about the very notion of considering such an idea. Yes. I’m wild. Yes. I’m naughty and sexually indiscriminate…but COULD I thrive in such an environment where I have two distinctly strong personalities: one where a foot is firmly cemented in a world as a principled Southern Sweetheart and another where I’m a Nasty & Slutty Alpha-Bitch who lets go with wild abandon?

    My initial days were unnerving. Never had I been so scared and never had I felt more alive. The appeal of fresh meat made it easy for me to meet new tasty men visiting the Phone Tree. With every subsequent visit from a caller, the more aware I became of my brand new universe and its mechanics. Because my eyes were open to all aspects…I proceeded as I always had prior to my transformation. MY WAY.

    Bittersweet days are part of territory as a human. I quickly learned as a Phone Zombie the Synthetic Sexy Sashay is standard (unless you have a Sub visitor), you simply share what you wish and dance that sexy little dance. Only sometimes beautiful bonds are forged…those folks are lucky.

    I didn’t want to line dance and I definitely wanted to see human Amy in the mirror at the end of the day. There were nights I marathoned, taking call, after call, after call for almost 24 hours straight. I wondered how a good little zombie could do that and remain attentive with every passing hour. There were days I dropped off the branches of the Phone Tree just to take a break pondering how to introduce balance to my double-life. The solution was right in front of me. Pure uncut honesty. After adopting the ‘Tell It How It Is Instead of How it MIGHT Be’ motto, things changed drastically with my selection and frequency of callers. It’s a polarizing concept, not everyone can be so ballsy, but I live it daily.

    When I want to cum, I do. When someone wants me to cum for them, and I haven’t after a session…they get the truth if I am asked. No bullshit here. The truth. Some may not like it but the MAJORITY of my visitors truly appreciate the honesty. No smoke and mirrors here.

    To stay FRESH for all my visitors I have fun, prioritize my life, and include balance beyond the Phone Tree. This time away in studies and play enriches call experiences with you. It might be confusing to some. It might be unconventional or perceived as being aloof. After all, how dedicated do I ‘look’ if I’m not always on? Well, I care more than you know. Even though I’m not always here when you call, you can count on a great time when you catch me. Bet on it.

    Haven’t experienced this Wild One yet? Dare you to try!

    ~Amy…ext. 418   Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Caterpillar

    Even though I find stress-busting methods helpful (running, shopping, and naughty calls) there are days I find myself in rare form. It was during one of these days I was logged on when a Caterpillar introduced himself. Preoccupied with everything but what he really called for, I offered him a delicious blow job.

    Unimpressed, he politely declined and insisted on peeling away my inner layers. I was struck silent. Sensing how tricky this could become, he started talking about his first impression of me and the Amy who really lies beneath. How extraordinary it was to hear this man, eloquent and highly-educated, speaking my life as if it were written on paper in front of him. He could sense my boredom with reality while living out extreme fantasies in a crazy phone world. Moreover, he sensed that I was at a real crossroads without a clue if my worlds should or could intermesh. I was suffocating. The Caterpillar called for my relief.

    Having met a few more since then, I now wonder how Caterpillars differentiate themselves from other men. Most men offer a wonderfully stiff cock as a solution to everything that ails. The Caterpillar is more intuitive. These calls are far more emotional. The bonds are strong and forged out of authenticity.

    The day my first Caterpillar called, he offered a temporary solution for a temporary problem. He sensed I needed a break. He wanted something just for us to share, so he began with the Alice in Wonderland story. I began to laugh and he knew I was the sort of ‘Alice’ who didn’t want the story to end. Just like Alice, the Caterpillar realized I needed a little something to help me with my identity crisis. I didn’t need a mushroom or a color-coded pill. This Caterpillar reminded me that I probably had something STRONG for headaches in my drawer, and he was right. After convincing me there was no harm in any of this, I self-medicated my ‘head problem’.

    As the call continued, the phone sex was on fire. I never knew it could be like that. My vibrator was whirring; I was jumping on my butt plug like a pogo stick; and I didn’t want to come down from the cloud I was floating on. We role-played forced gang bangs and blonde bimbo sexcapades for an hour. This Caterpillar opened up a new horizon for me and I was more than thankful. –I became his symbolic phone wife and from that moment on my tainted cum-drenched wedding band would be worn always.

    I have come to know many Caterpillars, all unique in their own right, and welcome many more. While you watch me take calls, suck multiple cocks, smack around sissies, and torture bitches…I KNOW you’re out there proudly keeping an eye on Alluring Amy. You understand how it is, and we travel down that rabbit hole when we’re together. What a trip it is. Just me and my Caterpillar.

    Fly with Amy at ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com


    My body is built for business and I know it. I’m a nasty little sexy bitch. The mutual levels of enjoyment permeate my days well beyond the individual visit with certain callers. Maybe this is why I really do love my‘Butt Boys’ as I perform during Mistress-slave calls. It’s such an erotic turn on for me to have an obedient man. My pussy juices marinate whatever I’m wearing during these phone calls, leaving an undeniable lusty perfume.


    Anything could happen on my calls, but on Sissy Boy calls‘Amy Privileges’ are EARNED. Maybe you’ll find yourself on your hands and knees cleaning my toilet with your toothbrush. Ever play ‘Pull the String’? Whatever I feel like doing goes.


    You WILL end up licking the salty sweat off the crack of my ass as I press firmly into your face. Up and down with your tongue Sweet Bitch Boy! Take a big whiff and smile. My shithole is the best around. As my pretty little hands hold apart my ass cheeks, your face will be buried far up my perfect back door. Worship this rust hole like the lust-crazed pet you are. No other hot funnel can send you into ecstasy like mine can.


    After a few glorious moments of nursing my tight sphincter, I’ll slip my panties on your already horned out dick. It’s time to warm you up, Dick Weed. My stream of hot piss trickles down your prick while I straddle you, and your dreams of my clit pressed against your cock fast become a reality. With my legs still shamelessly spread and tits pressed against you…I start to grind your useless dick until you feel you HAVE TO shoot off into your man panties. WILL I LET YOU CUM? You’ll have to call me to find out…BITCH.


    call me at 949-999-5979 Smell Amy’s cookies at ext. 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Ol’ Dirty

    As with many gals in the Dirty South, my inherent Southern sexual prowess was polished early on. I knew that a sexy girl with a flat smooth stomach, rounded breasts, a nice firm ass, and long shapely legs is hot as blue blazes to any man in spittin’ distance. As if it were a standardized uniform, I generally wear jean cut off shorts and an extra small tank top on warm sunny days. Add my personality that’s sweeter than grandma’s homemade sweet tea, and I’m damn irresistible!

    I developed a craving for older men whom I still lust after till this very day. I’ve never seen anything wrong with being a nice-n-nasty girl for an older man. In fact, I kindly LIKE the ‘dirty coon dawg’ sort of man. I can sense the ‘hunt’ even before I see him lookin at me. I’m a delicious sight to see. I know what they’re looking at when it’s hot outside and my skin is moist with dewy sweat. I see y’all gulping all heavily while I lick my lips and apply my lip-gloss to my pouty little mouth. All bets are that you’re looking at my pretty titties while I’m being Daddy’s dirty little prick-tease.

    I ain’t scared to walk on over to you and make a move. I’m not here to sell you cookies or candy bars. I’m here to butter your biscuit, and there ain’t a snowball’s chance in hell anyone’s gonna stop me from suckin’ the juice outta that swollen summer sausage. No matter the condition; ‘clean & ready’ or ‘smelly & dirty’ with a side of slimy balls…I can already taste that glorious meat you’re going to feed my warm slippery cock hungry lips.

    When we get goin’, I’ll force your cock all the way down my throat so that your balls are squashed against my pretty little angel face. Gag me real good. I want you to make me cry tears of joy.

    Then flip me over and saddle up! I’m gonna let you fuck the tits right off me. You’re gonna want to be my brand new Sugar Daddy, you old coot (wink, wink)!

    Call me and ALWAYS see why the weather isn’t the only thing that brings the HEAT from the South 😉

    Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Beautiful Blonde Oppressor Administers Beatings

    Do you crave the sinful caress of rope against your skin? Desire the hot kiss of leather cracking sharply against your naked flesh? I KNOW you need it badly. You’ve been aching for my dark touch for so long now.

    How can this petite beautiful blonde vixen give you the intensity you ache for?  What you DON’T realize is that countless others are entrapped by the simplicity of my sweetheart façade. I am a force of strong dominance. It excites me to command all situations, thus making me the perfect femme fatale.  You might be the sort of person who needs to be forcibly taken, or you might be a full-on “sissy boy” who is easily controlled. Whoever you are, you will submit completely to me and let yourself feel what you want and what I WANT during our calls.

    I’m going to take you. It’s as simple as that. I’m going to give you that electric mix of intense sensations that you want so very badly. Your body doesn’t want to wait. You will KNOW how good it feels to give in to each of my instructions as I discipline you hotly and severely. This is why you will give in to me each and every time and return to me like good little pet.

    You’ll realize I have the intensity it takes to maintain an unbreakable bond OUR impassioned world. There’s something so salacious about my complete dominance over your mind and body.

    Just imagine a simple little scenario: I’ll start by ensuring you don’t make any noise at all, not a single peep. I’ll gently wrap a long silken scarf around your head and mouth. “Silence Bitch”. Even though you can still swallow normally, you can’t speak, you can’t moan, you can’t even whisper. My scarf is wrapped around your mouth like a wicked endless silken kiss.

    I love the idea of you being so helpless like this, helpless to do anything but feel what I tell you to feel. Remember, this excites ME TOO…in ways you cannot imagine!

    I’ll start to gently trace my long red fingernail down the small of your back. ALL YOU CAN DO IS SHUDDER. No noises. Just shudder. Now I MUST restrain you a bit more. I hold my heavy ropes now. You’re so lost in my perfect submission that you sit completely still for me. I walk around your chair in my high heels and bind your wrists and ankles into position, tying down your knees and elbows, wrapping them around your waist and chest. Every knot and every loop anchors you in position, making your body helpless and heavy and impossible to move even an inch. You’re soooo terribly uncomfortable, but you won’t say ANYTHING, because you KNOW I have a cat o’ nine tails and a fierce temper waiting for you if you dare move. Even your breathing is bound, chest and waist so perfectly imprisoned by my ropes so that no matter how aroused you become, your breathing remains slow and even.

    Now, you’re bound too tightly to move and you love that so much. You love being helpless for me. Even though you can’t speak through the gag, you listen to me berate you and call you belittling names. YOU LOVE IT. You love being my captive slave. I can do anything to you, anything at all, and all you can do is feel. You’re so helpless, so open to me, it’s like you’re naked to my eyes. You can imagine yourself like that, can’t you? Totally naked, totally exposed to my gaze, to my toys of torture. My ropes hold you, but they don’t conceal your body, not from me. I can see every inch of you…and I like what I see. I’m even more excited.
    I stroke a long red fingernail down your chest now, savoring the lost, helpless look in your eyes as I gently run my fingernail around your nipple. Then I take it between my finger and thumb and pinching, the pressure stimulating all your nerves in a rush of hot, furious bliss. Knowing that you love this, I pinch your raw nipple again.

    I told you I knew what you wanted, didn’t I? I know exactly what you want, that intense pleasure on the edges of pain. I know you love it so much, and the more intense it gets the more you want it. I pick up the nipple clamps. Feel me snapping clips on your nipples, the cool metal springing shut with an intensity just on the very threshold of what you can endure, making you want to writhe and moan in aching bliss but you can’t move, can’t speak. That’s right. It feels so good, doesn’t it?

    I remove my wet silky panties and press them in your face. Smells like lusty sex, doesn’t it? They smell like my pungent wet pussy. I unbind your knees and ankles so that I can slip them on you and rub your naked erect cock and heavy balls into the sopping wet crotch. You instantaneously become harder.
    You hear me withdraw the cat o’ nines, and you wait helplessly for the first stroke of leather against your skin. You know when you hear the snapping sound, you will feel the leather slapping against your body, and you can’t wait. You’re so aroused, so needy even if you can’t show it, desperate for the kiss of the leather against your back, aching for…this. “SNAP”

    The leather feels so good to you. “SNAP”, you’ve wanted this for so very long now. “SNAP”, and your body longs for this. You can feel that sweet, stinging tingle of endorphins racing through your body “SNAP” and leaving you dazed and dizzy with pleasure as the leather tails crack “SNAP” against your tender flesh, already sensitized by each “SNAP” stroke so the next one lands with oh so much more “SNAP”stinging bliss.
    Now your body quivers in anticipation, you scream my name in your mind…”AMY! OH AMY!”, and you’re unable to move but trembling ever so slightly as you wait for the next stroke. You can almost feel it now, as you wait for the blow to land, trapped in an eternal cycle pleasure as you feel each blow so vividly, so perfectly that it’s like it’s striking over and over and over as you wait and wait in desperate aching need for… “SNAP”

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  • Side Bar Sweetie – No Strings

    If you’re a married-but-cheating playboy looking for a permanent girlfriend, I’m the perfect insatiable “Sweetie on the Side”. I’m gorgeous, skinny, and blonde, with great tits and an insatiable, outrageous appetite for every kind of erotic sex. I’m just perfect.

    Some guys will tell me upfront about their marital situation (and I completely understand) while most remain silent on the matter. Regardless of which category you fall into, I provide a welcome hiatus that an exciting barely legal coed can provide to a married man in need.

    All sorts of naughty thoughts swim around through my mind as I seduce you when we’re together. Our world will be so vivid and sensual; you’ll be hard-pressed to leave the conversation during this girlfriend experience.  I just know you’ll be daydreaming of making love to me and sucking my perfect breast while squeezing my extremely gorgeous derrière. No matter how hard you try to suppress those feelings you won’t be able to subdue them for long. With my beauty and magnetic personality, we’ll have something so amorous and so delicious, the intensity will be strong.

    When it’s time to turn up the heat, I don’t disappoint.I may surprise you and leave you salivating at the sight of my exquisite cleavage crammed tightly into a lacy lingerie number while I wait patiently for you. Grab my body and make it yours, Baby! I’ll gently begin to kiss your married flesh as my soft fingers wraparound the base of your bloated cock that awaits me. My soft moans will kiss your ears as my firm hand slowly strokes your swollen cock. I’ll even lick your pre-cum off my already soaked hand like a hungry little sex kitten. This scandalous make-out session will continue on and on, as we feel no shame being two illicit lovers entering the beginning stages of sex, a sex session that promises to be a nasty one. A very nasty one.

    If you’re looking for a smart, sexy, fun ‘Sweetie on the Side’…look no further. Let‘s begin. Let’s create a place just for us.

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  • My Roommate’s HUNG B

    Exhausted from my last class, I threw my designer bag onto a chair and sunk into my bed for a quick nap before taking “EXT 408” calls on the phone sex line. I hastily peeled all my clothes off and crawled underneath my crispy cool sheets. Right before dozing off into a light nap, I gave my puffy pink nipples a slight squeeze and rolled around the bed like a happy kitten.

    “You know you want it SLUT. You’re a Baaaad-Ass Bitch and I’m gonna give it to you real good!” whispered the faint deep male voice. I thought I was dreaming about my favorite caller on the phone sex line. My bed sheet slowly slinked  away from my body as I felt two strong fingers part my perfect ass cheeks and dig into my soft, wet fleshy pink pussy lips. My hips started moving instantaneously as I imagined I was dreaming an insanely realistic dream of erotic sex.

    Having an insatiable lust for sex, I started to pant heavily like a wild animal. I quickly suspected this was NO DREAM. The mysterious hand firmly squeezed my soft butt cheek and gave it a firm ‘smack’. I became wet. VERY WET.  My tiny hands found their way to my slippery pussy lips as I turned over on my back. I opened my thighs wide so I can better masturbate my aching pussy.  Mmmm…I felt the heat pulsing and radiating throughout my body.

    As I opened my eyes I realized it was Roger, my roommate’s boyfriend. “Whaaa…?” I whispered. I didn’t get the question out entirely before he shoved his tongue completely down my throat. Roger was delicious to me. Tall, dark, and exotic. I often wondered what it would be like to actually have a black athletic man and his hard dick deep inside of me ready to impale me and never leave my tight little pink pussy the same! The thought of interracial sex was just so DAMN EROTIC; and now it was about to happen.

    My hungry eyes followed his huge dick like prey in the wild. Roger smacked his heavy dick on the side of my delicate cheek and I grabbed for his humongous package. It was no disappointment. Twelve inches of heavy uncut, throbbing beautiful, black dick. I forced it into my mouth, gagging on it as I deep throated him. My soft pink lips around his dark brown dick flesh made my fresh tight pink pussy so wet, I could barely stand it. I simply loved stuffing my tight little mouth full of his big hard dark meat. As kissed and lapped his dick, he reached down and twisted my ripe pink nipples which were engorged at this point. My pussy throbbed and convulsed with wild abandon. He KNEW I was turned on with hot wetness now. I masturbated my clit on the edge of his knee while I gave him the best head a nasty bitch could. I licked his heavy dark balls and just knew that his load was going to be massive.

    He slowly wrapped my golden blonde hair around his large fist and positioned my head downward on the bed. “Ass Up Bitch!”- His command, once again, sent uncontrollable sensations throughout my body. I BEGGED him to fuck me! My hungry asshole and pussy wanted that huge BLACK DICK in the very worst way! I didn’t even care if my roommate caught us in the act or not.  I wanted to be his dirty little secret. I wanted to be his nasty little gutter slut.

    He spit on my tiny asshole and pushed his huge bulbous darkened mushroom head inside. While I screamed louder than I ever had as my rosebud began to expand, I realized I loved it. I LOVE THIS DICK!

    …If you want to hear what happened next; how he punished my naughty holes and how much I LOVED IT, you Call Me!


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    I still have the aftertaste of fresh cum in my mouth. My last phone sex call was so intense that even Eddie, the last caller, couldn’t believe what just happened.

    Alec, my local friend-with-benefits, swung by to fuck my pulsating pussy for the day. He knows about my time spent on US Love and thinks it’s a smart choice for a focused undergrad and sheltered Daddy’s Girl.

    He’d already fucked me twice when the telephone rang for my next US Love caller. Alec knew the drill; no speaking, no movement, nobody in the room with me on my calls, no matter what.  I motioned for a sticky note and jotted down “30 MINUTES”. Alec rolled his eyes walked off to take a shower.

    The call began and Eddie nervously answered. He was traveling for business and wanted the kind of humiliation which I love to inflict. Cuckolding.

    “I just got fucked hard Eddie” I declared.

    Eddie moaned with pleasure and apologized for his inability to please me.

    “I’m not lying to you Eddie. My boyfriend is here right now and his meaty dick was pushing through my tight little pussy hole not even two whole minutes ago. I was his dirty nasty slut and I loved every minute of the punishment. He’s more of a man than you are. He’s more of a man than you will EVER be. You have to PAY to beat your useless loser cock on this phone sex line and he’s fucking me for FREE. You know what else, I’m going to refuse you the ability to cum on this phone call! You’re pathetic.” I teased.

    This sent Eddie into a frenzy as he sniveled about his tiny cock and how it paled in comparison to the monster cock I just fucked multiple times. In an attempt to redeem his inadequacies, Eddie promised to clean off Alec’s jism with his loser tongue as my fuck holes were pounded raw. Just as Eddie continued his rant further, Alec dived onto the bed and started licking my sweet wet bald pussy lips. Up until that moment Alec was silent, but he decided that Eddie wasn’t worth respecting. He started fucking me openly during the phone call.

    Eddie heard the noise and my moans. “Is THAT what I think it is?”

    “YES IT IS YOU PATHETIC LOSER!” I snapped. Moaning constantly, I let Alec thrust his cock into my tiny hungry pussy and fill it with a bucket load of hot cum. As he pulled out his semen coated cock, it oozed down my thigh and I licked the large meat stick clean.

    I finally reached to pick up the phone and surprisingly Eddie was still on the line and whimpering. “Do you know what an EPIC MORON YOU ARE EDDIE? I just had sex with my boyfriend ON YOUR DIME and you’re sitting there listening to the whole thing. You call to unwind after work, and I completely humiliate you by fucking someone else on YOUR phone sex call. You may be “Mr. Success” at work, but with me and my boyfriend, you are a Pathetic Epic Loser, and we know it. In fact, you know what I’m going to make you do for me….for us?” I asked.

    “What, Amy?” Eddie replied while gulping heavily. “I’ll do anything, I’m your Sissy, your Bitch, and I’ll do ANYTHING. I’m yours COMPLETELY”.

    Find out how far I take my cuckold when you call!


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  • Bratty Phone Princess Gets a Spanking

    “You know you pissed me off the other day talking about the other Girl like that Amy” Norm moaned. “I just hate that I still want you so fucking much. WHY did you do that AMY? Why do you DO WHAT YOU DO to me? I can’t stop thinking about you!”

    I knew EXACTLY what he was whining about. Norm, a traveling married master plumber and trainer, called me on a regular basis and gave me passionate nasty phone sex twice weekly. I disappeared for Spring Break, celebrating it with a bang (literally!), and upon my return the dynamic between Norm and I changed completely. He found another ‘sex toy’, and my bratty side went into overdrive.  

    Norm sporadically called to check in on me, asking about my classes, my football team, even the friggin’ weather. Formalities were exchanged, but no sex. I missed him directing me to tear off my clothing so I could dig my fingers between my swollen pussy lips and deep inside my tight naughty hole. He no longer let me seduce him; so I let the ‘Southern Charm’ kick in. I was sweet-as-pie every time he called, however giving him NOTHING in return. Our phone relationship was halted, as far as I was concerned.

    Finally, Norm called me and asked me why I made him ‘chase’ me. I laughed at him, guessing he was bored with his new cheap toy and I told him that HE changed the dynamic himself. I called his new Girl ‘TRASH’ and said I was upset with him for ignoring his PRINCESS.  After the ‘back and forth’ conversation he realized three things he’d known the whole time: I’m bratty, jealous, and straightforward and HE LOVES IT.

    He was now squeezing his bloated and swollen cock while watching a porno in a seedy hotel room thinking of me. Frustrated that he couldn’t shake this coed slut out of his head he called me. As he panted for and begged for mercy, I laughed. “Why should I care Norm? I don’t like sloppy seconds. Amy is second to NONE, and you know this, so you can beat your meat and beg for me. I don’t care! I don’t give a shit!”.

    Norm sat up in his chair and deepened his voice. “AMY. Amy you BRAT, I’m going to put you over my knee, pull your lacy panties down and spank you! DO YOU HEAR ME? I AM GOING TO SPANK YOU!!!”

    My nipples IMMEDIATELY responded, even though my pride didn’t want them to. My breathing became more rapid. Norm knew he lit the same fire he did in phone sex calls past.  Norm continued, “…where’s your dildo Amy? AMY…AMY talk to me. WHERE IS YOUR DILDO” he repeated.

    I rustled through my drawer full of sex toys and lube on his command and grabbed for my nine inch purple dildo. Gripping it in my little hand with delight I whispered “I have it right here Daddy…..”

    What happened next is for you to know when you call me. Tell me what turns you on and it will happen with me!


    Amy ext. 408

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    Watch out for this sexy petite southern firecracker. Even though I’m a barely legal sexy coed, I can make you feel things you probably haven’t felt in years if EVER!!!

    There’s NOTHING this blonde hair, blue-green eyed, naughty, shameless nymphet won’t do to get you to new heights.

    As a confidant, you can depend on me as a shoulder to lean on, for intelligent conversation, or someone to laugh with. If you just need some advice, I’ll give you my honest ‘southern opinion’ and you can take it or leave it-it’s up to you!

    I’m a ‘Style Princess’ renowned for my kick-ass sense of fashion. My close cross dresser and transsexual friends have called me on several occasions in a fashion crisis. Take me along with you while you go shopping. I’ll be your ‘stylish friend’ on your mobile device. SO MUCH FUN!

    I sometimes find myself playing the perfect virtual girlfriend. After licking and riding my bald, tight, wet pussy, we can cuddle, or explore all sorts of other things together. Why not try a little age play, back door love, or indulge in your foot fetish?

    Then, there’s my FLIP SIDE where anything goes! Just imagine the different scenarios: indulge your urges in voyeurism while watching both my juicy tight wet holes get stuffed by a huge monster cock, dive into that unmentionable fantasy head first with me, have that threesome with this sexy bisexual nasty bitch, let me be your sexy innocent virgin over 18, or watch me as I excel at oral pleasure while deep throating like a pro. I’ll take you there. You’ll get you what you need. There’s no taboo I won’t indulge and no story I won’t tell, so go ahead, worship my tight naughty holes and squeeze out that squirt. You know you want it! I give as well as I get so get ready for it baby!

    Daddy’s Little Princess didn’t learn how to show dominance and humiliation over men who must show full appreciation and submission for nothin’! As an intellectual giant you WILL worship my beauty and dominance. I am second to NOBODY! You will be my perfect little plaything. You’re MY BITCH!

    Not enough? I’ve got more! This little Goddess can be the best sex therapist ever, fulfilling any desire. So, let go as my words hypnotize you and awaken your senses. I promise you will keep coming back for more and more.

    Naughty fun with Amy at extension 408.

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