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  • Innuendos and The Beatles

    I have a radio voice. I in used do radio at a local oldies station in Southern California. I worked the graveyard shift. More than once I had guys calling me telling me how much my voice turned them on. I will admit, I very much enjoyed saying things that I knew drove them crazy like “mouth” and “lips” and “listen.” These are full mouth words and anytime my mouth makes a pretty O shape and sound, it is music to a man’s ears. I used to love to play The Beatles “Come Together” at the radio station, and start it by saying softly “Shhh. It’s time for us to COME together now.”

    I once had a guy, Eddie, that used to pay me to watch me mouth words from a portable mp3 player. It was when I worked as a dancer. He told me he had a mouth fetish. Every time I’d arch my eyebrows trying to sound radio savvy, then purse my lips out in an O-shape, he said “I can only think about sticking my cock in your mouth!”

    I think I like having that kind of control over men. Now shhhh, let’s CUM together…

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  • Nothing Beats a Sexy Booty!

    My favorite body part is my nice round bubble butt. My clients love it
    too. I like that butts have become the “it” body part on celebrities.
    There’s Kim Kardashian, with her fat, plump rear end that Kanye West
    is enjoying! ūüėČ Beyonce, with that luscious rump that Jay-Z gets to
    massage every night. And Ice-T’s wife Coco has one that you could
    literally set a serving tray on!

    My rear end is more like Jennifer Lopez, due to the Mexican blood in
    me. It’s plump and round. The cheeks pop out ever so nicely on the
    sides of my cotton panties. When I worked as a stripper in San
    Francisco, I’d wear satin bikini bottoms in red, black and pink. They
    could barely contain my heavy, round cheeks. I’d dance a little,
    flaunting my chest and belly, then make eye contact with a guy sitting
    down to see if he’d want a dance. As his eyes made their way down my
    36C chest, 36C and belly (I’m not rail thin, but I do 100 situps a day
    and look great!), I’d turn around, stick that J Lo butt out and arch
    my back. I’d hold it there for about 10 seconds, licking my lips in
    anticipation. By the time I faced him again, he’d be waving me over
    with a $20 bill in his hand.

    It’s just as much fun playing with my J Lo booty on the phone too.
    That way you can hear my sexy moans as I cum. Having an orgasm for you
    is one thing I wasn’t allowed to do on the dance floor in San Fran!
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  • The Girlfriend

    Rick was one of my favorite callers. I gave him The Girlfriend Experience. He’d talk to me for 30 minutes at a time, always whispering to me how beautiful and sexy I was. When I’d answer the phone, the first thing he’d say to me is “How about a kiss baby?” I’d kiss the phone sweetly, moaning just a bit. Then we would cuddle and spoon on the bed, the phone pressed tightly against our faces as our hands roamed our own bodies.

    He’d always talk of touching every part of my body. He knew my most sensitive spot was the curve at the end of my back just above my ass. Anytime a man touches me there, I get moist and giggly. Rick would trace my neckline, blowing the strands of hair away and move his hand down to my big areolas, slowly circling them and making them hard. He’d say things like “You are so special to me, baby” and “I could live inside any part of your body,” as I moaned in ecstasy on the phone. By the time his hand crept down to my moist pussy, I ached for the feel of his fingers probing every part of me.

    I told Rick everything, like where my G-spot is. It’s high and to the left. Rick would walk me through how he’d finger fuck me and I’d stimulate my luscious g-spot into the phone. Rick was never satisfied with exploring my body until I came first. Once he heard those soft, sweet moans, he’d ask me to service him. I’d always be willing. More than once, he’d have me suck him off, then turn me over and finger my ass. Before our time was up, I’d be begging him to stick his thick cock inside any of my holes. Can you guess which one he chose?

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  • Kathy’s Orgasm Machine

    Kathy is my little pet. I am Mistress to this indecisive man-girl. You see, Kathy wishes to give up her male gender, but can only do so under
    my complete control. So when she calls, I call the shots, which¬†excites her. I give her chores, such as going to the department store¬†and asking the saleslady to fit her for a bra. Lately we have been¬†talking about buying a chastity cage that she can wear it under her¬†skirt and nylons so she wont be able to touch herself as she grows¬†excited. It’s a reminder of the loss of that pesky organ once we¬†complete her transformation.

    I feel deliciously evil when Kathy calls. It’s fun to indulge her fantasies.

    Kathy’s favorite fantasy involves a women scientist and a regular man.¬†This scientist invents a machine, sort of like a Scientology E-meter,¬†with handles that that man holds on to that slowly brings him to
    orgasm. The only catch is, the longer the man holds onto the Orgasm Machine, the more he changes into a woman. His hair grows long and shiny, his jawline softens, breasts start to grow under his shirt, his
    penis shrinks between his legs… and all the while he is being¬†brought to one of the most intense orgasms he may ever have. The woman¬†scientist warns him, telling him he should stop, that he will not be
    able to go back to being a man if he ejaculates. The man continues¬†holding on. As his breathing intensifies, the scientist’s urging¬†become softer and less forceful. She smiles too, knowing that men are
    biologically horny creatures who cannot resist reaching orgasm. Eventually the man climaxes, and every part of him completes transformation, turning him into a woman with soft skin, perky
    breasts, and a vagina.

    The scientist laughs at him, seeing his distress, and says “I told you¬†to let go! Now you are trapped this way! You’ll have to relearn how to¬†live life as a woman.”

    I enjoy doing this fantasy for Kathy. Let me know if you would like to be hooked up to an Orgasm Machine, too.

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  • Dominant or Submissive Mistress: To Be or Not to Be?

    If I had to be honest, I’d tell you that I much prefer being submissive. It makes me feel pretty and cute, like the obedient mistress to married guys I am. But… my mistress talents go both ways. Because there’s a flip side to being a Mistress, one that begins with a Capital M. When I’m *that* Mistress, I call the shots. And during these times, the guy are begging at my pretty little feet.

    Once, I even had a budding musician write a song just for me. He paid an operator for my time, just for the pleasure of singing it to me!

    Either way, as a dom or sub, it’ all about being worshiped. At 5’2″, a bust of 36C and a gorgeous J Lo butt, I have a petite and curvy figure that men crave. I also have that seductive voice of an intelligent woman. You know the one you work with? The one with the great ass and smile who likes to tell dirty jokes with the boys?

    That’s me! ūüôā

    So if you are looking for that “good girl” to please you while your wife’s away, watch me get on my knees for you!

    And if you are looking to be my “good little boy,” you’d better get on yours!

    Try me; I like it both ways!


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  • Sam, the married man

    I get a lot of questions from my clients about the married man I had an affair with in Australia. I call him Sam. Sam was the one who ruined me and made me ache to be a mistress for every married man. The sex was incredible and always done while his wife was at work, and whenever I’d hear his sexy Aussie accent, I’d melt and get ready for him! To this day I can’t resist married men OR Australian accents.

    I had met Sam on Skype in a completely random way; just talking about my future trip to Australia. I loved his voice and he loved mine! We got so hot for each other talking dirty on the phone and exchanging naked pictures. By the time I laid my eyes on his sexy broad shouldered body at the airport, I knew he would own every part of me.

    The first time we had sex was at a hostel I was staying at in Melbourne. I told him to bring me a mobile phone (so he could contact me for the rest of my trip when he wanted me) and a bottle of wine.

    He loved my cute bubble butt the most and I loved his thick member. He was so impressed with my oral abilities, telling me no one, not even his wife, had taken him that deep in their mouths before. And of course, I swallowed like a good girl! I loved that part…

    The thing I loved most about having an affair was being seen as the sexiest thing on two legs. Every time we’d talk or spend time together, it was always fun and exciting. No burdens from bills, kids, or home. I got addicted to that feeling of being a prized possession.

    I was his favorite toy!

    I later realized I had a talent for being a mistress. I think of myself as a sexual counselor, helping married men or men in relationships feel a little pleasure in their otherwise stressful days. Give me a try! I’ll be an open ear and an open mouth…


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