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  • The Neighbor

    My neighbors son was so good looking, but, a little bit shy. He was mowing lawns to earn money for college. He mowed my lawn every Saturday morning. On very warm days he’d remove his shirt. I was so turned on by him. I always kept ice water on my table for him. Today I will surprise him. He came in for his water and walked in on me naked in my living room. He could barely speak. Come here I said. He walked over to me and I tossed my panties onto his face. He took deep breaths to smell them. I lowered his face onto my pussy. He tasted my lips with his young tongue. Then, we fucked for hours. His cock was so juicy and plump. I just love having young neighbors so friendly and playful. This went on every time he came home to visit. He even calls me MOMMY!! Oh yea, I love this neighborhood.

  • My son sniffs mommies panties



    I was washing clothes one morning and I noticed that all my panties I wore this week were grouped together. Hmmmm, how did they end up all together? I did the laundry as usual and didn’t think about it any more. Around noon, I took a quick shower and I dropped my panties into the hamper and the towel followed. Later into the night, I checked the hamper and sure enough, panties were on top of my towel. The next morning I paid more attention. Pretended to go outside and listened as my son went into the bathroom. I followed him. There he was, smelling my dirty panties with a huge massive boner. I took him to my room, and showed him what the real thing smelled and tasted like. After that day, I moved the hamper into his bedroom. Where it still is today.

  • My younger neighbor

    p5841-1Buying my own home was a dream I’d had for such a long time. But, all these repairs were getting harder to do. One day my neighbor saw me outside trying to work on my sprinkler. He was laughing at me. Which I didn’t appreciate. He asked if I needed some help. I said yes, if you know anything about sprinklers. He came right over, went down to my basement and shut off my water source. Oh my, I should have thought of that. He was at least 20 years younger than me. He was handsome and well tanned. Damn, his ass alone was a work of art. He saw me checking out his ass. He smiled  and said I looked like his momma. I smiled back and said ” do I “? He said yes, you’re pretty just like her and she had a round curvy ass just like you. Did he really just say that to me????
    He said he always loved his momma but she passed away a few years ago.
    I felt bad for him he looked sad.
    He walked towards me and kissed me. He said, may I call  you mom? I said , sure, it’s fine. He lead me upstairs to my bedroom.
    He laid his head on my chest and hugged me like a son hugs a momma. He called me mom over and over as we made love. His cock was so fine and had a massive head. He licked my pussy, getting it so wet. His tongue was thick and meaty. I moaned repeatedly. His strong fingers were so deep in this momma pussy. I’d never had anyone be so loving and giving during love making before. He held me so tight, as though he was afraid I’d leave him. Love making went on for hours. A few times I saw a tear drop from his eye. His kisses were soft and passionate.
    His cock slipped in and out so many times. Each insertion was fantastic and erotic.
    So, this is how sons love their moms!! Made me wish I had a son.
    We slept after our love making. I slept like a baby. When I woke up my sprinkler was fixed and running just fine.
    After that day my New Neighbor Son did all my repairs and kept me safe and warm for many years to come.

  • Join me won’t you ?

    I was thinking of you looking at me as i drove, as i spilled, as i tried to clean or dry up all the residue. wetness……….now thats a strong word, powerful, has meaning, depending on where you are looking at. also depends on how thirsty you are. your throat all dry, and parched. lips cracked and peeling. words all raspy as you try to find the right words. i am waiting for your lips…….taste me……..nice and wet.
    I’ve been waiting for this for a good while. Are you ready for it ?
    Coffee. It serves so many in so many ways.
    I love the coffee as it runs over my tongue to the back of my throat. Watch me sip it nice and slow. You’ll enjoy it when I swallow one gulp at a time.
    I especially like to drink it from my pink cup. The rim has a lip like a mushroom. My mouth feels so comfortable as I press my lips on it.
    I like its warm hard feeling as my hands grasps it tightly. Oh yea, I’m at home and very comfortable here in this position. It hits the sweet spot of thirst.
    Join me won’t you ?
    coffee #3
    i was sitting by the fireplace, minding myself. when the overwhelming flush of warmness swept over my soft sweet body. i smiled and continued to slip slowly from my pink cup. my favorite one. the coffee was dark and hot. thick sweet cream swirled invitingly around the rim. i lean slightly forward, place my red moist lips on the edge, i part my lips. i allow it to slowly slide across my tongue. i close my eyes and hold firmly with my hands.i feel the warm thick cream run down my throat. i smile, and repeat the process. when there is nothing left to swallow, i smile with pleasure. want to share a cup of coffee with me?