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  • Masturbation Keeps me sane… How often do you Masturbate?

    Guys serious question … If you do not get your weekly amount of “me time”  aka either sex or masturbation are you hard to get along with? Do you feel that masturbation is something you have to have like most people are about coffee?

    Do you enjoy beating your meat morning , noon ,night or all of the above? Do you have trouble sleeping when you haven’t blown a load in a few days? Then when you finally get to at least rub one out you feel rejuvenated?

    When I was a girl masturbation was my step dad #6’s way of keeping me calm when the doctors wanted to give me kiddie crack. The drug companies make a killing off of poor people on government assistance getting the kids all doped up. My mom says that kiddie crack made me the trailer park slut and sued the county for damages when I was but a wee girl. After I started taking it I was doing very naughty things. So Rudy (Sept. daddy #6) made me masturbate to control my urges. I would cry to suck cock and get my tiny twat licked.  So to calm me down he would make me play with myself. ( His ideal of natural healing… so I guess he was addicted to kiddie crack too because he jacked his big black cock while watching me diddle my tiny twat)He said Mutual masturbation was like group therapy. I wondered if Momma was ever gonna come to therapy with us.

    So I was raised that masturbation had healing powers and Big Black Daddy was around longer than most till he started to profit from my sickness Momma said ” I made that little slut so any profit from that pussy will be mine!”

    Want to hear more tail’s from the trailer park .. give me a call.

    Tata for now lover… Sunny ext 602

    Happy Easter Bunny Day

  • Sex Therapist Phone Sex

    Tell me your deepest darkest and let me help you….

    Sometimes all you really need is a sex therapist…. and phone sex is the best sex therapy in the world be whomever you want and need to be.

    You have dark secrets that you really need to explore? Tell me where they spark from? Did you hear someone doing phone sex when you were younger? Where and how did you learn about sex? Was it vanilla or Ordinary?  Was it taboo? Were you ashamed? Did it make you horny?

    I want to help you.  I want to be what heals you I want to be your drug of choice. Are you a sex addict? Let me help you.. the Dr. is in.


    ext 602

  • Bring out my Slut Phone sex

    Living in a new city is sometimes a blessing and a curse.. bring out my inner slut…

    I moved away from the trailer park hoping to leave my slut side in my pass. I know I look sweet and very innocent so at first it was so easy to leave my slut self in the trailer park. I attended my classes dressed neatly like the preppy non slut girls. I even tried to cover up my curvy sexy body.

    ” I guess what they say is true you can take the girl out of the trailer park…. Giggles you know the rest.” It didn’t take long for  my true inner slut to come out. About three months into the year I lost my sugar daddy. There went my financing and fucking.

    The first couple weeks I masturbated and I fucked  the dyke chick I had rented one of the rooms to. I had money saved from my phone sex slut work and My sugar daddy had paid  my rent up for a few months. So for a few weeks I just had some slutty secret fun.  Then My car broke down and I need it fixed. “Oh No  I hadn’t replaced my financial fuck buddy.”

    That night I told my little dyke girlfriend slash roommate I need to find a new sugar daddy. She said I have a friend for you.  He likes young filthy sluts and he will bank roll us both if you let him watch me dominate you. He will Jack off while watching us his live porn sluts. “Can you handle that?”

    Hummmm I get to be slutty with this chick while he watches wacks off and bank rolls our kinky fuckery? Hell yeah I am in….

    NOTE: This is my role play of the week…. who wants to be my demanding vulgar new sugar daddy.My ro0m mate would so love to make me her little slut puppet for her and her kinky best friend and the money just makes it filthier .

    What do you thing?


    Ext. 602

  • Super bowl Gang bang Phone sex

    Whats a super bowl Party without a gang bang?

    That’s exactly what is going to happen super bowl Sunday at my place I am going to throw a gang bang the trailer trash party.  Would you like to be in line to gang bang my pretty pink pussy? Tell me what is your dream gang bang position?

    Are you the guy who wants to be the first? You want to start the gang bang? The guy who shoots his first hot thick load into my tight trashy twat? Is that who you are?

    Are you the gang bang phone sex sloppy seconds guy? How hard does it make you feeling someone else sticky good all inside me already. I am already stretched out a but so you feel like your getting swallowed.

    How about your the guy coming up last? no pun intended … maybe your the guy who is too tiny to even get in on the gang bang. Maybe phone sex is the only way your going to be the loop.

    So Call me soon and tell me where you want to be in line on super bowl gang bang day.

    xoxo Sunny ext 602

  • Can’t beat a good phone sex Blowjob

    Where I come from there are two kinds of girls…

    Those who give blowjobs and those who don’t. Can you guess which one I am?  There’s nothing hotter than  the feel of a fat  cock in my sweet soft velvety lips. feel my warm wet mouth. Feel my breath on you as you fuck my pretty face.. Hands wrapped in my hair. Me looking up at you with a face full of your cock.

    I am your little blowjob trailer park princess and I sport the title proudly. There are so many blowjob phone sex fantasies that we could role play . Trailer sluts first blowjob phone sex where you teach me how to suck cock perfectly. We could do teach the little slut to watch my smart sassy mouth by shoving 3 cocks in my  suck hole blowjob mouth.  Also we could do blowjob gang bang face fuck phone sex fantasy.

    I really love to be used for the filthiest of fantasies. I am a good obedient little cum dump phone sex  blow job princess I promise you that. I will suck anyone’s cock. I like Family cock, neighbors cock,teacher cock even the daddies I babysit for can get a wet sloppy slurps blow just from me.

    Give me a try and let me suck you to a blow job happy ending…

    Sunny ext 602

  • Tis the season for Phone Sex

    This time of year is hard without a family to keep me company that’s why I really enjoy  my phone sex gig here at USlove. I can log on and chat with some of my favorite guys on a cold lonely night during the holidays.  Its the time of the year I really like my GFE guys I get to feel like a girlfriend. I love to giggle flirt  and share then end with some sexy phone sex cuddles.

    You know I love all that filthy kinky phone sex on the other end of the phone  but a girl can not live by smut alone. I mean I do love to bent over and broke down like a shot gun with a cock or two stretching out my every hole I really do but sometimes a girl like to talk about how life is treating her and hear how pretty her voice is and how a man looks forward to hearing my voice. Yes the secret is out This Nasty little trailer tramp has a soft side too and sometimes just some sweet talk is the only thing that is gonna satisfy her especially now when the season is upon us.

    So if your looking for a Girlfriend for the holidays why don’t you give me a try

    Sunny ext 602


  • Let’s play Dress up for Mr. K young Sunny it will be fun…. age play phone sex

    My favorite role play is probably age play, I love to steer my phone sex cs towards the taboo. Like today’s  “naughtiest call I had today” winner. Mr. K  I got home to find a note…. Will be gone  for a few days take care of yourself.  I was sitting there thinking okay I can have cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner and stay up late and sleep in the big bed  instead of the pull out. I wasn’t scared or anything because this wasn’t the first time… in fact that is why my brothers were all at their different grandmothers my Mamma didn’t know how to raise youngons. I had just finsihed dishes and was in my T Shirt and Panties when someone knocked at the door. I open it and it was Mr. K I threw my arms around him..”I bet he’d buy me a happy meal.” I thought to myself. I let him in he sat down in the chair and I crawled up into his lap. “So what ya doing here  Mr. K?”

    “Where your Mamma young Sunny?” I hand him the note .  He pushes me off his lap and tells me to get dressed.  I  go to my mothers room and put on her sheer stockings Black heels and a her sexy undies. I come out and purred ” How Do I look?”  I notice that your  dick is throbbing and there’s a little wet spot where I was sitting earlier.. The look in your eyes was like a fat kid who just saw cake. It was lust …. a wicked little smile crossed my lips as  I sauntered across the room, climb into the chair a stride you like I was mounting a horse I  lean over and press my full round tits into your shoulder and whisper as I place your hands on my stocking covered thighs…” How about you treat me like you do Mommy?” ……. I’d  love to tell you the rest so how about you call me and tell me how much you like this Blog

    Hope you enjoy my little tease so much that you think about me all day? Or maybe your at work and need get off.

    Sunny ext. 602


  • Do you Like cream pie?


      I am not sure  what the holidays are like at your house but in my family cream pie is a must have for the holidays.  I asked my  new step daddy what kind of pie he liked and he grinned slyly and said “cream pie little girl you got any of that? ”  I told him ” not yet new step  Daddy  but give me a little bit and I will whip you up the most ooey gooey  creamy cream pie you ever ate.  Then I went off with a few of my favorite male cousins for some family fun and made the creamiest cream pie you ever put in your mouth.  My new Daddy said my cream pie was the best he ever had. I smiled  and said thanks  and maybe next time my new step Daddy could have a little family fun with us.

    Hope I can share some cream pie with ya’ll real soon… Cuz thats how we do it in the trailer park *wink*

    xoxo Sunny

    Call me at ext. 602

  • You left me on the edge of a nut… call me back….. My Favorite Phone Fuck Fantasy

    fucktoyI just  had the hottest call ever…And you have left me on the edge. You start out with  One of  my favorite most vulgar phone fuck fantasy. Thanks Baby you know who you are.. If not you will by the end of this entry… grin.. I love being the innocent victim when the boys  decided to gang bang the babysitter…. OH my god I was so turned on and so excited and mortified at how much I couldn’t wait for that moment when the boys said you’re gonna be a real bitch for us tonight and OMG what comes next is shocking… does it make me a total whore that my cunt gets dripping wet replaying it in my head hoping to get a call back because you want to keep going… my twisted vulgar explosion is waiting to finish what you started …. I stopped when you hung up…  you gonna call me back or are you gonna let the next guy get this nut I got brewing in my little cotton panties??

    If you’re reading this and you want to fill in the kinky nasty vulgar cracks in my twisted phone fuck  fantasies come on baby I dare you…. Finish my story your way and see if you can get this big explosion I am holding back…. Make me pop like the cum dump whore I am .

    Sunny ext 602

  • Dear Diary: Confessions of A phone sex cum dump the Southern Trailer Trash way

    Dear Diary,

           I have to confess I am a sex addict I like being a cum dump and a tease. My favorite fuck buddy is  my brothers best friend its been going on for years and we started this cat and  mouse game when I was still full of sugar and spice and everything nice I would flirt and tease thinking I was a big girl then I would back off when I started to tingle in my pretty girl… I’d just giggle and scoot off to my room….  It all started off so innocent and like a true addiction it got more and more Naughty… dirty ….. Vulgar.

      Is there was something wrong with me…  I should confess to an older man I trust…. So he can show me that there was nothing wrong with me and that I needed to explore and grow…. He would be willing to help be  my sex therapist listening to my confessions of lust ….  He’d  love telling me how I should take care of Dante my brothers best friend like a woman with my mouth … he’d teach me how to take my time tease with my tongue slow a hungry teaching me oral pleasures .  Feeding my addiction my need for the control the dominance to feed my submission and most of all the sex. I love sex I get so hot talking sex and if I don’t have sex for 3 days I’d explode and not in a good way… so I need phone sex to feel my addiction … dear diary whatever will I do? Maybe I should get an extension at US.love.com and self medicate with kinky naughty real kinky girlfriend experience kinda phone sex. Wow thats the best Idea I have had yet….

    Find me @ext.602

    Sunny not your squeaky clean girlfriend experience next door


  • Dirty Secrets Phone Sex

    p6029-7My favorite way to start a phone sex call is for my caller to tell me their dirtiest secret fantasy… Dirty Secret Phone sex  twenty vulgar  questions is my favorite game to play.  I like so many different kinks it’s hard to pick my favorite. I will tell you its always got to be wicked, vulgar and gives me a big fat lady boner when I hear myself saying it aloud. Ninety Percent of my turn ons is totally unrated to dark and too lusty for print. That’s  what makes phone sex such a turn on for me. I get off on talking like we are best friends sharing our dirty little secrets . When you share with me things you can’t imagine telling people you will have to look at on a regular. But telling a hot little trailer tramp who is no more than a reformed cum dump  wanna be.

    Call me your Favorite Trailer Trash Slut Sunny

    Tell me your Dirtiest Secret….

    I am waiting….

    Turn me on….

    Sunny ext.602

  • I’ll get him…. Cheating Husband Phone sex…. I fuck Married cock

    I am the  girl your mother warned you about… But youd never know it  by looking at me I look like the sweet girl next door. But I am really kinda a slut and a bit of a bitch. For example: I have stole  quit a few guys from other girls… Especially married ones.

      Last week one of  my sisters brought her new guy around to meet me. He was very cute and she had already bragged about how hung he was and how  much he liked to fuck.

      As a good sister I see it as  my duty to make sure he is the right guy for her. If I can steal him  he may not be such a good choice. I also never take  my sisters opinion of how good a guy is in bed because she is not nearly as kinky as me. If a guy is boring  in bed I will tech him a bit more and send him back to his woman.

      Back to my story… My sister brought Tony over he was cute in that nerd average Joe kinda way.We were drinking wine and laughing I was refilling  my sisters glass as she drank so she got a little tipsy. She got sleepy and I put her to bed and I had Tony all to myself.

      I sat down next to him in my short skirt and let the skirt ride up and show of my fit tanned thighs. I kept touching him as we talked leaning in so he got a great view of my cleavage, I saw him getting hard and knew he ws as well endowed as I was told. I asked him if he had a fun sex life with my sister. he blushed and I guess being a bit tipsy he admitted she was scared to do anal with him. I smiled and said awww what a shame I loved anal: cock in ass action.

      His eyes lit up… “Really?… Sara won’t even consider it.”

      Oh yes I do it makes me so wet and I have the best orgasm during anal. The more we talked the  more I touched him… I knew it wouldn’t be long and he would be ripe for the picking. I grabbed him  by the shirt and kissed him hard on the lips and whispered this conversation has me so fucking horny… I took his hand and slid it into my panties while whispering feel how wet I am. How about you help a girl out?

      He then pulled me to my feet and bent me over the couch pushing my skirt up over my tight ass … I heard his zipper and got wetter instantly.. “Your such a bad sister” he whispered as he pulled my lace panties over to the side and pushed his cock into my wet cunt. I moaned mmmm he knew what he ws doing as he dipped  his thumb into my cunt before sliding it into my ass. “Ohh Yes” I moaned.. “I am fixing to fuck your ass you slutty sister.” ” Yes Please.. fuck my ass Tony” He took his time and I heard that low moan as he felt my anal muscles give way to his cock.. he pumped in and out of me like a porn star actually. We fucked hard… I was loving every throbbing minute… Then I heard that low growl in his throat and I knew he wqs fixing to blow his load.. “Pull out and shoot it across my ass Tony” I am cumming… “

      Tony and I had fun but I think I will let my sister have him.. and I will just borrow his cock from time to time.

    Hope you enjoied my story… now why not give me a call and message or text me your favorite roleplay.


    Sunny ext.602