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  • Phone Sex With The Ski Instructor

    I respond to this ad placed on a online message board, I call the number listed. I am anxious and nervous, especially going thru a divorce recently. I’m reluctant but eager to meet new people and explore. I call Mr. Rk on the phone, and immediately his voice soothed me but yet turned me on at the same time. I couldn’t wait to to see what he looked like. We arrange a time for Fri lessons, But before getting on the slopes he has me go to his Cabin, where he instructs me on some moves and also on wardrobe to be worn while on the slopes!!! As I am standing there he says I hope you don’t mind but I could show you more easier, By getting behind you holding your hips, in guiding you on how to take the slopes. I have to tell you the moment he stood behind me I could feel my nipples get so hard and I was getting so turned on I can feel my panties get wet.

    This was not how I thought this was going to play out. I thought I’d meet up with a frumpy old fart, But instead I find myself wanting to turn around and Woman handle Mr Rk. I have longed for so much to be touched, But in a different setting. It took everything I had not to turn around and rip his clothes off and drop to my knees. And as soon as I felt his heart beating fast behind me and his breath getting hotter, I knew he was getting aroused too. “I was saying to myself damn drop to your knees and lick me, taste me and feel me”. I knew he was thinking the same so polite asked could I kiss you, I couldn’t turn around fast enough, his lips were so kissable, soft and I felt a surge between my legs. Like I never felt before, maybe it was the excitement of being touched by a stranger, I don’t know but I wanted to jump on him and take that hard cock for a ride. But I knew that would be too aggressive, But that’s my nature, full speed or nothing. Then he touched me and kisses me, he put his hands on my hips, pulled me close to him and said I need to taste you. I could feel his cock pulsating thru his jeans.

    He lays me back lays his mouth between my sweet thighs and the juices start to flow. He’s moaning like I have never heard a Man moan as he was pleasuring me, licking his fingers. Puts his large hands under my ass cheeks, picks me up and eats me like a fucking Buffet. I know I started squirting juices running down my ass, I feel his warm tongue enter my cookie hole and he feasted on my heaven Va Jay Jay!!! In No time he was using all those moves, as he thrust-ed himself in and out of me for a good 45 Mins. I must say there was no critiquing here. This Man made all the right moves. I gushed and screamed and he exploded like a erupted Volcano. And that’s how a real Man satisfies a Woman!

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 827 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • Erotic Phone Sex Gym Fantasy

    p4302-2Now that we are connected I would Love to have some one on one, erotic phone sex fun. Sounds really hot to me. shall we? I would love to role play a fantasy where I am your Your personal trainer . Wouldn�t it be sexy if you and I did some over time training? I�ll  teach you to be sinfully bad too.  Let Ms. Gretchen teach You how to hold those weights properly.work those machines, like a well oiled tool.

    I know that during our call that it will be a very erotic phone sex fantasy can be steamy, hot and even a little tabooI am not afraid are You?.I  Love sexual stimulation and fantasy play.You will be surprised how much fun phone sex is can be when You just turned 18 and I 32. Let me be your fantasy instructor, your hands will glide over mine as I help You to the bench press. The sweat is dripping down Your chest , Your Young muscles are starting to form. One sniff of my womanly sweat, as I work out and guide You, I can tell You are erect. I have You use me , my body to press up and down with. Hey sweetie I can tell that having your yound body up against mine, with all those reitions is getting me hot. I tell You we are alone I get You in the locker room. I begin to show You how hot you have made my fuck hole. Remember You are in training., touch it, get Me and wet� I want to teach you how to finger me, maybe even fist me, so I can get offon Your hard body. Mmmmm, let me reach down and touch your well chisled man muscle. MMM I can see how hard I made it. Let me help make it feel even better? I could stroke it or maybe even suck it, making you feel so good honey. You�re such an amazing learner! I am sure You realized that I had motives, after all I am lonely, and You are eager to learn and please.

    Let’s work Your main muscle, during some erotic phone sex fantasy call.  And I really can�t wait to taste your cum too!   But you must remember honey, you can�t tell husband. I am sure You dont want him as Your trainer, Now do You?

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 827 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • I Met a Poacher Today

    March 31, 2016

    Dear Diary,

    I met a poacher today.

    I was hiking along the river. It wasn’t too cold so I wore leggings, a long turtleneck sweater and my tall rubber boots. Little signs of spring everywhere: buds on trees, birds building nests, ice floating downriver. Saw some guy in a small inflatable boat, fishing. Decided to bust his chops about it.

    I pull out my phone and yell, “I’m calling the Fish Cops!”

    “C’mon!” He says, “It’s the first sunny day of the week and the season opens tomorrow!”

    “Tomorrow isn’t today!” I sass back, waggling my phone and stepping down the bank.


    The next thing I know, there’s a fish hook in my favorite sweater and he’s reeling me in. I grab the monofilament but it’s thin and slippery. I drop my phone and grab with both hands. He’s being pulled towards the bank and I’m laughing. As the inflatable bumps the bank, he whips out a knife, cuts the line, and I’m flat on my back in the mud. Now he’s laughing.

    He jumps to the bank as I’m pushing myself up and (sonovabitch!) he pushes me back down. I squelch in the mud and I am mad; I hook my boot behind his knee and bring him down right next to me. Who’s squelching now?


    Both of us.

    A very handsome guy and I are squelching on our asses in the mud. He’s a very handsome and, I finally notice, handsy guy, but I’m not complaining as I’m pushing on his (oooh, firm!) chest, too, trying to leverage myself out of the mud. He digs his heels in and scoots up the bank, dragging me after him by my collar.

    “Look what I’ve caught,” he chuckles as he pulls out his hook. 

    Yarn rips away with it, unraveling a chunk of sweater.

    “Yummy. Salmon!”

    It’s the color of my bra.

    “Not in season!” I remind him.

    “Then I’ll throw you back.”

    He scoops me up as if to toss me in but I’ll never know if he really would have because his feet slip out from under him and I’m back in the mud and he’s on top of me with his nose in my cleavage. I feel warm breath.

    “Nope. Those are too big to throw back.”

    His voice is husky with lust and I feel chilly fingers probing and unraveling more yarn, until his lips fit through the hole. 

    “Sweet. Your tits taste sweet,” he breathes.

    I shiver, but not from the cold.

    “Mmmm, more.”

    Wait. Was that me?

    He licks and nibbles the swelling of my 34-DDs as the incredible disappearing sweater reveals their full size. My nipples have popped and he hasn’t even…

    “Aaaaah, yes, yes…,” I groan as he pinches them through the net and lace. 

    He latches on to one with his teeth and rubs the other with his thumb and forefinger. I grind my pussy against his bulge; he hisses and sucks my tit until the cup is soaked. His cool fingers scoops the other warm, round breast from its cup.

    His teeth release my now pink and tender teat and he tugs it free of the salmon lace. He stares at the booby banquet held high above my bra and he jiggles them before diving in for the feast. His cheeks chap my flesh and he laps and nips, playing,

    “…a little game to see if I can keep them equally hard.”

    His voice is muffled but his hands are shouting his need; he’s pulled his jeans to his ankles and his rock-hard cock from his y-fronts. He sits back slightly with a gleeful, lusty grin that makes my pussy tingle and twitch. He yanks a handful of the stretch fabric away from my crotch and cuts across with his fishing blade. The leggings snap back and a large hole gives him access to all my goodies.

    He groans appreciatively at my exposed, bare lips. He pulls at them with his own, tickling my clit with a relaxed tongue, then taunting it with the muscles tightened to a point. I squirm and hear the soft squish of pussy juice as he flicks his tongue in and out. He presses his whole mouth over my pussy; I feel hot breath. His tongue lashes me. I writhe up to meet the pressure and I’m rewarded; the vibrations intensify and harden my clit.

    He pulls my fingers out of his hair and raises his head. His shiny grin makes me gasp with desire. He pulls himself up my torso until I can smell myself on his face and feel his thick cock twitching against my sensitive clit. He mashes his mouth to mine and we nearly swallow each other’s tongues in a frenzy. Our fingers tangle as we both reach for his thick, heavy cock. I let him guide himself in and I tip my pelvis up to meet him.

    The mud frosting my ass is forgotten as a molten sensation of fierce want is filled; his cock is in my cunt. My cunt is full. No, better, just a little more than full. And the pumping begins, and builds up in force, and then speed. My ass is slamming the mud, his cock is slamming my cunt, and I can’t tell which is squelching more loudly. All I know is that I feel hot and wet and well-fucked and I don’t want it to stop.

    He doesn’t either, but all that tease of full-in/pull-out is making me crazy. I don’t care about the sucking mud beneath me, just about squeezing the spunk out of the dick that’s in me. An arching, panting, squealing, writhing woman with a tight, wet pussy is gonna get fucked hard and a moaning, pumping man with a firm, fat cock is gonna cum.

    The tingle starts at my clit. The shivers swell and swirl through my nervous system and the spasms move beyond my control. I can’t hear or see or think; I can only feel and feel and feel. I’m aware of an accelerating pulse in his cock that synchs wth his groans and thrusts. And then I cum. That moment is stretched and suspended until I think I might snap if it lasts any longer (please, make it last longer!).

    Then his body is a delightful dead weight on mine. I’m drained and glassy-eyed beneath him. The sights and the sounds of the world return to me and I’m shockingly aware that it took only about fifteen minutes to meet and fuck this stranger, although “fuck” really isn’t the best word for what just happened. 

    “Hey,” I say to the muddy, nameless man on top of me, ” wanna come to my place for a shower? I’ll let you poach me again.”

  • Hitching a ride

    p5280-1I have this fantasy that I can’t seem to get out of my head, lately. I’m travelling from Arizona to California when my black SUV runs out of gas, in the middle of the hot desert, along a winding dirt road. I’m wearing jean cut offs, and a black tank top, with leather cowgirl boots. I decided, hitchhiking was my only hope of reaching civilization, and with any luck, acquire some gasoline. After hours of standing on the side of the road, I finally see a blue car coming my way. I start waving my hands, and jumping up and down. My plump, perky breasts jiggling, the sweat dripping from my back, and down the front of my tank top. The blue car stops along side of me.

    A handsome dark haired man rolls down his window, and says “Looks like you could use a bit of help here, need a lift?”

    “Yes, please help me. My SUV is out of gas, and I’m stranded alone in this heat.” I gasped.

    The man looks at me, raises his eyebrow, and says “Get in the car.”

    I was a bit hesitant at first, as I know how dangerous it is to be hitching a ride with a stranger, but despite the risk, I climb into his compact blue car.

    “I’m Derrick.” he says, in a low sexy voice.

    He starts pulling back onto the road….

    “Hi Derrick, I’m Daisy” I reply.

    About a mile down the dirt path, suddenly, he makes a sharp right turn, onto another deserted road. In my mind, I’m thinking… This isn’t the direction we should be traveling.

    I say to him, “Are we going the right way?”

    “Shut up, bitch” He says in a growling, scratchy tone.

    Immediately, and almost instinctively, I didn’t utter a sound.

    He pulls over, and puts the car into park. I look over at him, and say. “What are you doing?”

    Derrick opens up his glove compartment, and pulls out a red ball gag. He grabs me, by the back of my hair, rams the  red ball into my mouth, and fastens it tight. My eyes start to water, and I realize, he’s about to do ALOT more than give me a ride to the gas station.

    “Don’t you make one fucken sound, do you understand me, cunt?”

    Derrick demanded. Yes, I nodded. “That’s a good girl.” Derrick whispers.


    Want to hear the rest of my fantasy?

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 883 or visit me at USLove.com


  • “No Ticket for Me!”

    p5574-1          Last Saturday I had to stay home and study while my roommates went out and partied. About 3 am I got a call from my roommate Ashley saying her and my other roommate needed a ride home.  Sunday is laundry day for me. All I had to wear was a tight pink tank top and a cutoff pair of jeans. I hurried to my car, about a ½ mile down the road I saw blue lights. I just noticed I did not have my head lights on. I pulled over and a cop in his mid-40’s came over to my window. I rolled down the window and he asked for my information. When I handed him my things, I noticed he was fixated on my chest. I looked down my nipples were hard. I knew exactly how to get out of this, and have some fun. The cop went back to his car, he came back with his partner. The partner looked at me and said “Mam we are going have to take you in.”  “You don’t look like the girl in this picture.” I realized I gave them my fake id! The girl did look like me (kind of), but now I knew they wanted me. I told the cops I was going to pick up my drunk roommates.  The officer to me “they could wait.”  The cop told me about “identity theft.” He told me I could go to jail. I thought about it, he may have been right.

                The police men asked me step out the car. Suddenly the cop forced me up against my car, and cuffed me. I could feel his hard cock up against my ass. My pussy was sizzling and getting wet. They tossed me in the back of the car. I asked them what they were doing? I also asked what were my rights. According to the officer I had the right to remain silent, open my mouth wide, and get prepared to get double penetrated. He said I had been a bad little bitch princess, and I would get what I deserved. “What about my friends?” I asked, “After you we are going looking for them.” The cops high -fived each other.

                We took a left about 10 miles down the highway, it was a dirt road. “Are you ready sweat thing?” The cop asked. I nodded. “Then get down on your knees bitch!” the cop yelled at me. His partner looked at me and said “open wide baby.”  I opened my mouth and he put his big cock right inside my mouth. He was pushing the back of my head on his cock. He was going hard and fast. I could feel his head on the back of my throat. I liked the way it tasted. Just then I felt some one grab my hips. It was the other officer. “Are you ready for this princess.” He asked me that as began to run his fingers all through my hair. Then he charged his cock into my pussy. They were running a train on me. I liked it, I liked being submissive to these older cops. I came so hard, as the police man’s cum exploded in my mouth. The other cop came all over my ass. The police men took me back to my car.  I heard on the scanner my friends had been arrested for drunk driving. Should the bad little princess in me get them back? I memorized their badge numbers. Or should I make another deal with a judge to get my friends out of trouble?

  • Aunt Maggie’s 4th of July Gang Bang!

    laurenI go to lot of 4th of July parties but there is “that one” that I will never,ever forget. Auntie Maggie loved to play (sexy) hostess and did it well. Of course, her hubbie never seemed to mind pitching in and made it obvious he would do whatever it took to please her.  She also had a a serious stable of eager young boy toy’s raging and ready to assist at her beckoning call. I really didn’t get all of this back then, but I see it all very clearly now. Oh my, Auntie Maggie you were and still are a very sexy cougar indeed… 

    I still have such a vivid image in my mind.

    Auntie’s smooth,tan,perfectly shaped legs,  strappy red stilettos,faded daisy duke shorts hugging her perfectly round bubble butt. The tiny lil,white string bikini top barely containing her huge,round,tanned breasts. And the bling-bling necklace  (gift from subbie hubbie)  dangling ever so sensually between her swollen ,honey caramel toned cleavage. No one, and I mean nobody could keep from staring. Bleach blond beach hair and plenty of it stacked high on her head with wavy,teasing curls framing her face,big blue eyes and red glossed pouty lips. All the men always tripped over themselves panting after her like lil puppies. I giggled at how easily she got exactly what she wanted from each of them. How she totally controlled and dominated them well that part I figured out a little later in the eve.

    Fireworks exploded in the most vibrant colors,booming and banging while Auntie Maggie got gang banged in the cabana by a few of her studs. *giggles* It’s not like I was intentionally spying I just happened to walk over by the pool house and well it was kind of like in my face. I gasped as I watched not believing my own eyes. The way she was…well…taking them, those big, hard boy toy dicks and so many at once.  I knew that I should not be seeing this but was way to curious to turn away. But what surprised me the very most was seeing her lil subbie hubbie stroking away in the corner telling her how beautiful she was getting fucked by real men. Enjoying her every moan,telling her how she can have anything she want’s and how he would take her shopping the next day. Begging her to allow him to cum and that it belonged to her. 

    Maybe this is why I fantasize about a cuckold hubbie. I mean how delicious does that sound? Mmmm who knows maybe someday I will be just like Auntie Maggie and have a stable of hard,eager cocks of my own. 

    I love fantasy’s,role playing and naughty story telling so cum join me. Never any limits or taboos in fantasy play.   Kisses & sexy licks…cum play & explode with me soon.

    Lauren 949-999-5979 EXT. 508


  • I’m Yours….


    Usually my men are the ones on their knees begging for release….

    Here is my fantasy of what I think it would be like if a powerful man dominated ME instead.


    It started with a stupid, jealous argument. 

    We were on a camping trip and supposed to be sharing hot, sweaty sex in a sleeping bag but we were fighting instead. We both said things we didn’t mean and I got so angry, I took off running through the woods. I needed space. I needed to get away from you before I said something I couldn’t take back.

    I didn’t count on you following me. Catching me.

    Your hands lifted me and we surged through the air. You spun with animal grace so your body hit the ground first, cushioning me.

    Then you flipped us. You pinned me to the ground. I tried to shove you away and you laughed. You had a foot of height and more than 100 pounds on me. You grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. You leaned your face close to mine. Your eyes were hot, dark with lust and anger.

    “You.  Are.  Mine.”

    You crushed your mouth against my lips. You were brutal, rough and fierce. You wouldn’t let me resist. You forced my lips open and plunged your tongue inside my mouth. Claiming it. Fucking it with your tongue.

    Your free hand gripped my hip. Held me down so you could separate my legs and thrust against me. You were so hard it almost hurt to feel your stiff cock grinding against my clit.

    Your hand moved, pulling at my shirt, pulling it to the side, yanking it. I heard a seam rip. I tried to pull my mouth away, but you wouldn’t let me. Calloused fingers pinched my bare nipple. My clit throbbed in helpless response.

    But I didn’t want to be helpless. Did I? Some wild feminine part of me rose up. I wanted to challenge you. To push you to the point where you lost all control.

    I bit your lip. You grunted and bit my lip harder, drawing blood.

    You drew back to look at me again.

    “Rowan, you are mine. Admit it.”

    “This,” a vicious thrust of your hips “is MINE.”

    “This,” a hard squeeze of my nipple “is MINE.”

    “And even this is MINE.” You bent your mouth and sucked at my bloody lower lip. “Every part of you is MINE. Say it.”

    I wanted to say it, but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t give you what you wanted. You could read the indecision on my face. “Holding back? When I’m done with you, you’ll BEG me to let you say it.”

    In one swift move, you lifted me and pulled my ripped shirt free. You wrapped it around my wrists before I could react.You looped the rest of it around a young tree just behind my head and pulled the binding tight. I was tied to the tree!

    Equal parts anger and excitement raced through me. You knew it and I almost hated you for it. You reached for my shorts, started dragging them down my legs and I tried to pull away. I kicked. One big hand gripped my hips and the other slapped my ass HARD. I froze. “Don’t do that again,” you growled.

    My legs bare, I tried to clamp them together, but you were too strong for me. Holding one slim ankle in each hand, you spread me wide, smiling and looking at my pussy. “You’re so sweet there Ro. So sweet and all MINE.”

    With that, you slid between my legs, mouth heading unerringly toward my pussy. I squirmed and bucked, and you cupped my ass in your hands and held me down. Then you gave my pussy the lightest kiss.

    Then a lick along the side of one pussy lip, close but not touching…and then the other. 

    Long slow licks, short fast licks, tiny nips and love bites. You nibbled and suckled every inch of skin around my mound, but never touching my swollen pussy lips or my aching clit. I tried to move my hips, to get your mouth where I wanted it. Where I needed it. Once finger grazed lower, closer and closer to the mouth of my pussy.

    I moaned. I whimpered. But I didn’t speak and you kept torturing me. I tried closing my legs, wanting to squeeze myself, aching for some kind of touch. But you wouldn’t let me. Instead you drove me wild with your mouth for what seemed like hours.

    I needed you so bad it ached. I hurt inside. I needed to be filled.

    “Please,” I finally said. “It hurts so bad. Please. I need you. I need you to touch me. Please.”

    “Say it,”

    “Say it?” I was confused for a minute. “Say please?  I said please.”

    You laughed again. “Say you’re mine.”

    That’s it? Suddenly it seemed stupid to refuse you. “I’m yours, I belong to you and only you. Okay?”

    You lunged up over me. “No, not okay, I want you to say it like you mean it.”

    Your hard cock thrust between my aching pussy lips and I let out a happy scream. You were so hard. You filled me and stretched me. You always did.

    You started long, rough strokes, setting a fast pace. I gasped and quivered. I was so close. 

    “Say it again. Say it.”

    “I’m yours “ I sighed as you built me up.  I was so close to peaking. 


    “I’m yours, I’m yours,” I chanted as each stroke pushed me higher and higher. Then you stopped.  I whined. “No, keep going.”

    You were breathing hard, your eyes intent on mine. I knew what you wanted. “I’m yours.”

    You grinned and started pounding me again. Building me up, getting me so close to that peak that I nearly screamed with frustration when you stopped.

    You did it over and over again, bringing me to the brink, then holding me so I couldn’t crash over.

    I began openly sobbing now,  “I’m yours, I’m yours. Oh please, I’m yours.”

    This time when you stopped, you bent and gently kissed away a tear. “Almost there Ro, I promise.”

    Then you untied me and lifted me, walking a few steps to a huge tree that must have fallen during the last storm. You stripped off your shirt and spread it over the tree and then gently laid me face down over the trunk, keeping the soft shirt between the rough bark and my tender skin.

    My head and shoulders hung down over one side of the trunk and my legs dangled on the other side, toes not able to touch the ground. I felt you move close behind me. Your bare chest rubbed against my back and your cock slid inside me.

    I whimpered again as you started with those long slow strokes that drove me wild.

    “Do you understand now, Rowan? Do you understand what I’m doing here? I’m mounting you Ro. I’m mounting you and fucking you and taking you because you’re mine. You’re my mate and I’ll take you anywhere, any time I want. You’ll always be open and ready for me because you are mine. I’m going to fuck you now and spray inside you and give you my son. You want that don’t you?“

    “I’m yours” I whispered weakly as the fever built.

    “That’s not good enough anymore Rowan.” Your thrusts grew stronger, your breathing was ragged. “You have to ask for it. Beg for it.”

    I could feel you swelling inside me and I started to sob again. I needed to orgasm so bad. I’d do whatever you wanted. Say whatever you wanted.

    “Please, please,” I breathed. “Please get me off.”

    “Ask me. Ask me to fuck you. To breed you. To own you. Beg me to take you and keep you.”

    “Please, please. Fuck me. Breed me. Own me. Please take me. Keep me. I need you so fucking bad. Please, fuck me harder. Give me your seed, give me your baby. Please. Please.”

    You stopped. I drew a breath to curse you and froze when you placed a gentle kiss on my neck. “Good girl.”

    Then you went wild. You fucked me with a vengeance, driving into me over and over in piston-like strokes, your hands biting into my hips. I knew this time you wouldn’t stop and I screamed my release, shaking and squirting onto you. Your pounding was relentless, your breathing harsh in my ears as you built me up again.

    This time as I felt the wave crest, I knew what you needed and I gave it to you. As my orgasm washed over me I screamed your name, begging you to take me. Screaming that I was yours and pleading for your seed.

    I felt your thick tip swell and bulge. Then I felt you pulsing inside me, spraying me with hot, sweet jets.  You throbbed and pulsed, filling me.  You drew back for a moment and I could feel it dripping down my thighs. You rested against me, breathing hard.

    Then you slid out and lifted me into your arms. I was half asleep as you carried me back to the tent site. You laid me gently in a sleeping bag and  climbed in beside me, drawing me close. Cuddling me. Stroking my hair. You murmured “Good girl.” Kissed my head and I fell asleep.




    As you’ve probably guessed, my fantasy life is very rich. Some days I’m a Domme, sometimes a sub, sometimes something in between. My roles change constantly.  I’m the Girl Next Door, Ruthless Goddess, MILF,  the Hot Neighbor You Watch,  Cheating Wife, Sex Kitten,  Kinky Girlfriend, or a Stranger in the Rain. Why don’t you give me a call and we can share a fantasy together?

    Rowan ext. 490



  • Summer’s Naughty Country Gangbang

    p5578-5I want to tell you a story about something that happened to me last summer I’m still a little amazed by it all and look back on it every so often when I’m feeling extra naughty. I was invited to what I thought was a cook- out by my friend on a beautiful day last summer out at her friend’s farm in the country.

    I was excited about going and wearing a cute little sexy red sun dress I had just bought. I made sure to paint my pretty little feet the same shade of red to match and I wore sexy white high heels sandals for the occasion and even a flower in my beautiful platinum blonde hair. Everyone compliments me on my hair! This was probably not the right outfit for a trip to the country but give me a break I’m a city girl and glamour is in my blood.Hey at least I would look cute when I sprained an ankle in the mud I told myself.

    We drove out into the countryside through rolling hills our hair blowing in the breeze through the open window singing along to the radio. We were just two carefree girls out for a day in the country excited for what it held for us. We finally arrived at a long winding gravel road and a rustic looking barn that looked just like the pictures you see in classic Americana books.

    Chickens ran in circles in the yard and the air smelled like hay and dirt. I had the sudden feeling of anticipation as I got out of the car and of course nearly tripped in the dirt on my pretty little high heels. We approached the barn where I could see the large red doors just partially open and I could hear music faintly wafting from the doorway on the summer breeze. There was also a slightly musky odor I couldn’t quite identify hanging in the air. We approached the barn and slid the doors open revealing lithe bodies moving in impossible sexual combinations in the early evening light. I think my jaw hit the ground! What I was witnessing in the rustic red barn was a full on orgy I felt my pussy suddenly start throbbing along with my pulse racing. There were women hanging over hay bales being fucked up their cute little assholes while sucking the biggest cocks I had ever seen in my life. And Men Sucking and fucking cocks so big I didn’t think I could even get half of one inside me but I sure would like to try! The air was thick with the smell of cum and sex and at this point I was standing in the door way fingering my dripping wet pussy for all I was worth. I knew I had to be fucked and fucked hard or I would go crazy!

    I walked into the barn stripping my clothes from my hot sticky body. I approached a man with a giant hard cock with a glistening mushroom head and got down on my knees and started sucking the most delectable cock I had ever tasted. I could taste the pussy juices and cum on him like a bouquet of flavors in my mouth. I looked up at him wanting him to fuck my face deep and hard and let me taste his cum. He groaned and grabbed the back of my head shoving his cock deeper back in my throat almost gagging me. Suddenly I felt myself being taken from behind a stranger’s cock being shoved in my dripping wet pussy as I was still having my mouth fucked. I shivered with excitement at being filled with cock from either end. I could feel the strange cock being slammed into my pussy harder and harder and I knew I was about to be filled with creamy cum loads from both ends. They slammed those big hard cocks into my moist tight wet mouth and pussy until finally I got two of the biggest loads of cum shot deep into my greedy mouth and nasty wet creamy pussy.I stood up and felt hot wet cum running down my smooth thighs and started rubbing my clit instantly cumming so hard it almost knocked me off my feet. I looked to see where my friend was and saw her with her face buried deep in a beautiful redhead’s pussy while she was being done hard from behind by a large black cock.

    We didn’t speak much on the drive home stunned by the experience to this day I look back on the memory of my “day in the country” and I instantly get a wet spot in my satin panties. I would love to tell you all about my other adventures and share a little nasty fun feel free to chat with me I’m at Ext 555 Summer XOXO Bye for now

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 555 or visit me at USLove.com


  • BDSM Phone Sex: Mr. Davidson (an erotic, short story)…….


    The day after I had turned 18, my high school history teacher, Mr. Davidson invited my parents and I over for dinner with he and his wife.  I was Mr. Davidson’s favorite student because I had a 4.5 GPA and I assisted him throughout the year by tutoring my classmates who were struggling.  Mr. Davidson was a very attractive, physically fit, well spoken man.  He had recently gotten married to his wife Diane,  a hot and sexy woman with a perfect body.  From the beginning to the end of my family’s visit, Mr. Davidson conducted himself as a complete gentleman and he thoroughly impressed my parents.

    The following day, once I had taken my seat in my history class, I had found a gift box within my desk.  I discreetly slipped the gift into my purse and opened it at home that night.  Inside of the box was a very pretty, pink, collar.  The note attached, asked the following:  “Will you accept?”  “From: Mr. Davidson.”  I went into my bedroom, closed the door and put on my new collar, as I looked into the mirror with admiration.  It was so pretty and looked so nice against my skin. 

    The next day, I woke up eager to wear my new accessory to school.  I wore a matching pink mini-skirt, pink heeled, platform sandals, and a pink, low cut, sleeveless, skin-tight shirt. When I arrived to history class, Mr. Davidson smiled with pride as he looked at me wearing my collar.  After class, Mr. Davidson discreetly slipped me his cell phone number.  I took it, smiled and left……

    The next day was the last day of school before summer vacation. I called out sick from school the following day, early in the morning I texted Mr. Davidson, thanking him for my gift.  He texted me back that evening and asked me to meet him for a walk at the pier.  We each drove our own cars and parked them far away from one another.  As soon as we exited our cars we held each other in a passionate embrace.  Mr. Davidson brought his flashlight because the pier was dimly lit.  I showed Mr. Davidson that I was wearing my collar and he immediately shoved me down on the ground, onto my knees and unzipped his pants:   freeing a cock that was rock-hard and massive.  He grabbed me by the head and began fucking my throat; forcing me to deep-throat his manhood.  After seeing tears fall down my cheeks, he released his grip on my hair, tore my shirt open and began devouring my hardened nipples.  I moaned as my nipples grew and Mr. Davidson pulled my mini-skirt up, my panties to the side, and forced his massive tool into my dripping wet, but super tight, secret place.  He then tore my panties off and shoved them in my mouth to prevent me from screaming.  While he forced  his steel-like cock inside of me, he shoved the end of his flashlight inside of my tight,warm asshole. I was going crazy as I was being forcibly fucked at both ends.  My screams were not stopped by the panty that was gagging my mouth.  Mr. Davidson stopped, all of a sudden and ran to the trunk of his car to get a roll of duct tape.  He taped my mouth and then continued to force himself into my swelling pussy and asshole.  He pulled-out before cumming, and shot his thick, creamy load into my hair and told me that I looked beautiful like that.  He then pulled out a but plug (from his pocket) and told me to insert it into my asshole. Once it was inside, he handed me a pair of nipple clamps, told me to attach them to my nipples and then he picked me up and carried me over to the trunk of his car and put me inside of the trunk.  He gathered my clothing and took them to the passenger seat of his car.  He returned, locked the trunk with me of it, naked, gagged, clamped and plugged.  About an hour later we arrived at his vacation home, upstate.  He carried me into his house, removed the tape, clamps, and plug and took me into his bathroom and bathed me.  After which, we went into his bedroom where he gave me a blanket and pillow and instructed me to sleep on the floor, at his feet.

     *Mr. Davidson is a ‘fictional’ character; a random name that was selected for the purpose of sharing this fantasy story.


  • Girl’s Best Friend

    p4930-4When I was younger and single, my mom asked if I could come over and dog-sit her precious little Yorkshire Terrier, “Baby Girl”, while my parents were on vacation. I gladly volunteered anticipating lying around their pool and maybe even having a pool party.

    After my parents left I decided to take a skinny dip in the pool. I came inside to watch some TV while I dried off lying on the floor on a towel. “Baby Girl” joined me and started licking my feet. My mom hated when she would do that but I didn’t mind, it actually felt good. She moved her tongue up to my ankles, calves and behind my knees. It felt so good. I could hear my mom’s voice telling me to stop her, but I was enjoying it too much.

    As “Baby Girl” reached the inside of my thighs with her long thin tongue, I protectively closed my thighs and pushed her away and strongly told her “No!!!”. She was persistent with her want to lick the wetness off my body.

    I found out that day that my mom’s sweet “Baby Girl” was a lesbian. Of course, I never mentioned it to my mom, but I made sure she knew I was always available for dog-sitting.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 806 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Just went to the store wow what fun!

    p3937-1I went to the store I was leaving I thought this stud of a man with a great hard body.  How lucky could I get if I could lick his throbbing hard cock . To my surprise he was flowing me and my pussy was getting wet I could feel my pussy lips laced with wet cum already he was hot I wanted him bad . As I turned around to say hi I push out my tongue and slowly starting moving the tongue from side to the other side (hoping he would like and want more ) Then I walk to my VAN and he walk to his so I thought mmmmm but to my surprise he block me from backing out of the parking space. So before I got out of the Van I took of my panties and felt my wet pussy. MMMM tasted good to me Then I got out of my Van pulled my dress open for him to see between my legs. He did I walked up to his Van look at him he said can you give me directions well I walked up to him door and put my large tits on  his windows  said do you need directions would like to play with these. He touch them and I moaned softly my nipples got so hard when he touched then I said do u have the time to have some licking and sucking fun so we went to the hotel he paid for the room.
    I went to the rest room and took off my dress and put on a teddy I had with me with thigh highs also . I walked over to him he reached out and pulled me to his face and smelled sweet Wet pussy he push his large finger in me  wow your wet he said  then went in two fingers while I was still standing there I moan with pleasure, I spread my legs so he could start his way deeper in  my soaking wet pussy  as he stared to eat me out  I could not stand no longer as I layed down on the bed and I saw his thick hard throbbing  cock I reach for his cock I starting stroking it as my mouth watered at the thought of getting in my lips around that thick cock. He shoved it in and pushed in and out a few times for me to have so fun caged me I loved it them he asked me had I ever had a black cock before I said well not like his he shot his first load on my face as I told him that. wow a lot of cum but he was not done with me yet he slide down in to my wet pussy and said I would not for get his cock when he was done with me hi was right wow we fuck and fuck and then he eat me out and lick his own cum and kissed me and them fuck my ass. we stayed there for hours having fun

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 834 or visit me at USLove.com

  • I’m so lonely and need some company and some DIRTY TALKING ALSO

    p4915-4Hey BOYS,

    This is your HOTT SEXY FLIGHT ATTENDANT CELINE EXT 872. I’m so lonely right now that I sure could use some company and some dirty talking also. Every time I am out of the country I get so turned on and need some dirty talking to get me through the day afternoon, and night. I enjoy talking to all of you so much, and I  hope y’all enjoy talking to me. So give me a call at 1 415 765 4321 Celine EXT 872. Talk to y’all real soon.


    Celine EXT 872

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 872 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Getting ready for the weekend

    p4915-5Hello Boys,

    This is your Hott Sexy Flight Attendant Celine Ext 872. I’ll be flying home tomorrow to Tampa,FL and can’t wait. I’ve been so busy flying all over the place that I now have time to blog before I have to get on board and get all of the passengers settled in for the long flight back. I’m looking forward to having a nice pool party with my friends and a cookout. I’m also in the mood to have a lot of fun as well. Give me a call and we can make our own fun and I know you would like that as well. I would love to talk dirty and nasty and see what kind of mess or trouble we both can get into. Who knows I might just make my pool party and cookout as a clothing is optional kinda party. If this sounds like somnething you would love or like to do give me a call at 1 415 765 4321 ask for Celine at EXT 872.  Give me a call I want to make your fantasies come TRUE.

    Love, Celine EXT 872

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 872 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Men in panties !!!


    Oh how I love guys in panties, It’s such a turn on when I see a guy putting on a sexy pair of girl panties. Thank goodness my friend Frank called last night and said he had wanted to come over and show me his latest girl panties that he had bought. He showed up at the door holding a Victorias Secret bag in his hand and a bottle of wine. I knew at that moment that I was going to have a great night. So he came in and started to take out 3 panties that he had bought and was ready to model them for me. I was in heaven.


    I am not too sure what it is about a man putting these on and modeling them for me.. But I think its totally HOT. Hell Boy The one thing that I love more is when i make him get on his knees and and worship what I have between my legs for hours and hours. (giggle) What a fucking turn on. After many hours of watching him in his latest panties I finally allowed him to hop on my leg and HUMP my leg till he came. Now that was hot.. Making him a little puppy boy and watching hump my leg over and over and over.. (giggle) 

    Call me and lets have some fun!!

    MJ @ Ext. 584 

  • Wild Lullaby

    p5289-3Hello guys, this is Autumn @ ext. 569.  I want you to enter my realm and lay upon my bed of clouds as I sing you a lullaby, to get your cock hard and ready to enter me.

    This is a lullaby story about a dream that I had a couple of nights ago.  I was lying in a bed of straw and raised myself to look around.  I saw rough wooden walls that rose up around me.  I looked straight ahead and saw two big, tall, muscular men standing with their backs to me.  They were wearing tight black leather pants that showed off their wonderfully, tight muscular asses.  I hummed in appreciation at my view and they turned their heads, glanced at me, and then turned back around.

    A moment later I heard loud footsteps and a man dressed in a black leather suit walked into view with more eye candy guards and stopped about a foot or so away from the eye candy that was framing my view.  This new guy had an unruly white beard and mustache. He didn’t look as appealing as the other yummy men that surrounded him so I ignored him and let my eyes wander over the bulging pecks, muscular arms and well hung codpieces.

    Suddenly I was yanked upright. I looked around but no one was holding me.  I looked back at Whitebeard and he scowled at me and said, “You have defied my will.”

    I shook my head and tried to speak but no sound came out.  I started to feel afraid and wondered what was going on.  I felt a slight pressure on my back and my ass as my halter top and mini skirt seemed to pull tight against my skin, then were ripped off of my body with a hard enough force that I cried out soundlessly in pain.  A moment later, my bra and panties followed and then the force holding me let go and I dropped down into the straw, which immediately started to itch.

    I started to push myself back up, then froze as Whitebeard said, “Bring the Rot.”  I looked back at him and saw one of the yummy guards leave, one second later I heard a dog barking in excitement.  I looked up at Whitebeard.  He smiled cruelly and said, “You must be punished.  No one defies my will and gets away with it.”

    The guard returned holding a straining rottweiler on a leash.  It was one of the most massive rottweilers I’d ever seen and I wondered what Whitebeard was going to do with the dog?  The guard handed Whitebeard the leash.  Whitebeard crouched down, petting the dog’s head and speaking in a language I did not understand.  When he finished speaking he stood up and unclipped the leash from the dog’s collar.

    The dog jumped forward and ran towards me, I felt a jolt of adrenalin rush through me.  I turned to push myself up and run, but instead that force which had held me when my clothes were ripped off gripped me again.  My body was turned over onto the straw and my legs were spread wide and then held there.

    To hear me tell you the rest of the story call me….

    Call me 949-999-5979 Ext: 569 or visit me at USLove.com


  • Sweet Seduction

    Hey guys, I know a few of you have been looking for another blog from me. It’s been crazy with school but I’m just about done for the summer so I promise to keep you guys updated. I’ve been taking as many calls as I can lately when I am free. I love talking with you about fantasies, doing role plays, being a seductress, and even just enjoying the casual conversations. I am really enjoying each one of you and I just wanted to share that with you guys. And plus it’s really hot because I am always thinking about sex, and the fact that I get to talk about it is a bonus! 🙂 I also wanted to let you know that I am “taboo friendly” many things are new to me, but I so enjoy exploring all things sexual! Like I said in my greeting, I really have a thing for older men, but all are welcome to call…can’t wait to talk to you XO



  • Celine would love to talk to all of her Callers


    This is Celine at EXT 872. Just wanted to say hi and hope yall are going to have a good weekend. Don’t forget to tell your mom’s or wives HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!!! I sure would love to talk to yall this weekend since I’m in town for a few days then I’m off flying once again. I really enjoy talking to all of you and I must say that we do have a lot of fun. So if your looking to have some fun this weekend or even tonight just give me a call and we can have some really NASTY NAUGHTY FUN!!!!!!!!!!! You can reach me at 1-415-765-4321 and my EXT is 872 and my name is Celine. Don’t worry if it’s to late or early in the morning I will always take your calls. Don’t keep me waiting.


    CELINE EXT 872

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 872 or visit me at uslove.com

  • The Model and the Machine

    p4894-2Three hundred fifty pounds of heart pounding, booty-pumping machinery await my vigorous use while positioned next to a side window.  Although some people use their treadmill as a towel rack, mine is salvation when the weather is too inclement for my early morning run.  After changing into a workout bra and pair of tight Nike capri pants I was excited and ready to work my sexy body.

    I was at full speed for 20 minutes or so when the phone rang and I realized I forgot to log out of the system. I slammed the emergency ‘STOP’ button on my treadmill and answered the call. It was Marc and he was surprised; I never answer while breathing heavily.

    I immediately offered to return his ticket so he can contact me when I logged in after my run, but Marc had a better idea. My forgetfulness became an opportunity for a cutting-edge phone sex fantasy. He propositioned me with an adventurous role-play. With proof that I’m truly a runner and knowing how sensual I am, he first extended his call to give us more time to play out this rudimentary fantasy.

    “….and Amy, I know you love your patent leather open toe 4 ¼” Gucci heels. So, go grab them and make sure you fasten the buckle ankle straps because you’ll be on the treadmill with them. Oh, and before you do that, take off those workout pants. I really want your head in this role-play. Go put on a short sexy skirt for me” he instructed.

    This was an exciting proposition and it would truly combine all sorts of my favorite things: my shoes, my sexy clothes, working out, being a seductress, and having more time to do it. I started giggling and humming a tune as I was picking out a skirt.

    “No ‘Perky Amy’ voice today,” he continued. “Use that voice that drives me wild. The voice you keep hidden from everyone. The Woman. I just love your vocal range and ability to change character Amy.”

    While selecting a micro skirt from my closet, I unleashed my sexual tigress. I thought it would be seductively wicked to taunt Marc and pounce all over him mercilessly. In my predatory state, I began to describe in great detail my calf muscles and how they flex with strength when I run. I knew for sure my sculpted legs, delicately pedicured toenails, combined with my unrelenting stamina were going to drive him nuts.

    I quickly selected my skirt, so I could focus on being a merciless prick tease. I sat down on the edge of my chair. Slowly lifting one leg, I described the contour and shape of my svelte inner thigh. I returned my foot to the ground and slid my hand downward toward my foot and slipped on the first high heel then fastened the ankle strap.

    Instantaneously inspired, I stood up and described what my leg looked like with one Gucci on. I bent over while spreading my legs and ran my hands up the length of my calves as I teased Marc even more. I described how defined and sexy the length of my leg looked in this heel. I massaged and rubbed my leg, caressing and placing the phone next to it so he could hear me slightly slap my flexed diamond-shaped calf as I pointed my toes. As Marc started moaning, I instructed him to breathe through the throbbing sensation of his growing erection. I continued to arouse him further with more rubs and slaps of my strong sexual legs. I only just began to drive him wild for me.  I was ready to turn the simmer into a full burn. I stepped into my second shoe and fastened my ankle strap.

    “Okay, Marc. All done. Both high heels are on now and I’m about to step up onto the treadmill. If you think for one moment I’m bluffing about my ability to run circles around you, you’re in for a fast and hard surprise!”  I let out a sexy giggle and pressed the incline button, and then the speed button on the treadmill.

    “Is that…are those… what I think?” Marc muttered.

    “Oh yes, Baby. I don’t fuck around when it comes to my fitness. I feel the same way about getting you off.”  I responded.

    I walked fast, steady, and hard in my heels for a few minutes so he could hear my steps clearly. In my most commanding voice, I said “I don’t bluff and pretend to be a fitness girl. You hear the evidence right here.  I’m at a FOUR on the incline and a 4.0 for the speed in Gucci heels. I’m not even panting. I’m not even sweating. I’m talking to you Marc. I’m fucking you with my designer heels. This girl works out and can run circles around you!”

    “Oh! Oh Amy…oh…oh…Amy…oh” Marc was almost speechless

    “Hold the base of your cock for me and close your eyes. Now squeeze tightly and stroke it to the beat of my high heels as I work this treadmill; almost like I’m working that fat cock. Just imagine. Really imagine you are literally sitting right in front of me. I’m right here in a skirt in front of you. No panties. Only a skirt and 4 ¼” high heels.  I’m jogging fast and talking to you calmly and sensually. My pussy is wet and my legs are strong. Your cock is MINE. You already know that every time you see or hear a treadmill, you’re going to imagine my sexy legs, tight ass, and delicious body teasing you until you’re senseless. I’m that voice in your head forcing you to stroke yourself to the stride of my Guccis on this treadmill.  You’ll never be the same and you’ll never be able to cum this hard without me…without Amy!  Guarantee it. Call my name out Marc. Call my name out NOW!” I commanded.

    “A…..Amy!!! You’re right; I’ll never be the same…” Marc moaned.

    I increased the speed and started to run. Still speaking to him in a steady voice, I gave my next order.  “Stroke your cock to the rhythm of my feet.  Do it Marc. Cum. Cum for me! Cum on my legs, Marc! Cum on my Gucci heels. CUM ON THIS TREADMILL!”

    Within seconds I heard screaming, moaning, and panting on Marc’s end of the line. It sounded like I assaulted him. Moments later, silence.

    -After he recovered and we discussed how unique this experience really was, I confessed I wasn’t completely finished with him yet. It was my turn.

    I opened up the blinds to the window next to the treadmill and removed my top. I reached over into my purse and grabbed my red lip-gloss. “I’m being really bad right now Marc. I’ve opened up my blinds and my red lips are on. Anyone who wants to see me, my body, my legs, my tits, they’re more than welcome to.”

    After ensuring my ankle straps were still secured, I stepped onto the sides of the railing and I increased the speed on the treadmill. “I want you to imagine yourself sitting behind me in a chair as you watch me flip up my skirt and balance myself on this machine.” I licked my fingers and reached behind, massaging and rubbing my glistening pussy lips and hungry asshole. “Yeah, Marc. I’m straddling this treadmill and finger-banging myself imagining you’re right behind me. Now stand up, walk over to me and fuck me while I’m straddled on this damn machine. Come on, fuck me Marc! Fuck me good! I’m waiting, I’m slippery, and I need that cock!”

    Marc started stroking his cock again and told me how he would slide his throbbing mushroom head in my cunt while pumping his thumb in my ass from behind. He knew how horny I was, so he told me his hard tree trunk would pump me hard and steady while my face lay flattened sideways on the treadmill control panel. He knew that’s how I wanted it. Wild, fast, and hard. With every lusty cock thrust and thumb pump he whispered in my ear, I plunged my fingers into my throbbing wet pussy and tight rosebud. My hand was fast covered in my own slippery wet juices while the other gripped the side bar for support.   “Come on, Marc fuck me harder. Make this treadmill shake. I’m bent over ready to get railed.” I screamed.

    Marc kept phone fucking me; telling me how he was balls deep in my pussy. As he fucked me harder and my fingers plunged faster into my slippery hole, I started to quake and cum; clenching my down on my fingers as my other hand moved over to grip the control panel for balance.

    “What the…nobody….nobody’s……. I don’t believe this just happened! So hot and nasty….and I loved it!” I declared breathlessly.

    After a few minutes, we decompressed and talked for a while.

    “Ever write about an experience directly?” he asked.

    “No.  Everything is metaphorical, comical, or both.” I laughed “There is one piece I dedicated to someone special, but that person knows who they are. Even that piece, hehehe, is a metaphor.”

    “Well, I know you must get this a lot, but I read your blogs and they turn me on. I haven’t seen anything like what we’ve just done. Would you even consider doing one based on what just happened?”  Marc chimed.

    “You’re right; I am often approached, but only write when inspired. That’s just how I am. But you have a point Marc. If retelling this role-play can bring one, or a few smiles….why not! Besides, thanks to you, ‘Treadmills and High Heels’ is now synonymous with ‘Bees and Honey’ and I’ve got to put that out there!”

    “Sounds good to me!” he exclaimed.

    “I know, and I’ll change your name, of course…” I smiled.

    -Cheers ‘Marc’

    Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Every boy wants Sexy little Holly, you know you do…

    There isn’t a boy I can’t have. Every boy I meet wants to fuck me. They think about me, sit around jerking off to thoughts of me and fuck their wives and girlfriends wishing that it was me they were fucking. I am used to it. I mean when you are such a perfect little Goddess like me it’s expected that every boy is going to lust after you. I expect it and accept it. I also kinda love it.

    I have never had a problem getting boys to do whatever I want. They love me ,lust after me and want to please me. I mean really look at you…..you sit there with your cock in hand looking at pictures of me and listening to my voice. I do have the hottest,sweetest and sexiest voice around don’t I? I am so tempting and tasty, just ever so yummy. You crave me,desire me, become addicted because I know what lurks in your darkest of dark hearts. Your naughtiest thoughts and strongest cravings are brought to life by me.

    Play with me, become addicted to me, crave me. There are others but none can really get deep into your psyche like I can. Only I can truly own your heart,cock and mind. Give in and surrender to Sexy Little Holly..

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, the one true addiction you crave again and again and again…..

  • A Fun Easter Sunday In The Park

    Today Daddy and I went to the park. The park we went to was kinda out in the country so I knew we would be all alone together. I was wearing this pretty,lacy pink Easter dress Daddy bought me with the smallest pair of lacey yellow panties. The dress Daddy bought me was really low cut and my full,young tits were just popping out of the top.
    I swung high on the swings as Daddy sat on the ground looking up my dress as it flew up in the air. The site of my little panties was making Daddy ever so hard. He had to pull his cock out and start stroking it right there. He got up and sat on the swing next to me, his hard,fat Daddy cock in his hand. I laughed and pulled the top of my dress down so my perfect tits popped out. “Come on Daddy! If you jerk it had enough for me I may come and sit on it and fuck you right here.”
    Daddy really stated jerking in then so what could I do? I had to stop the swing,pull off my panties and come and sit on his cock facing him on the swing. I wrapped my legs tight ariound Daddy’s waist and slid my tight,wet,little pussy right down on Daddy’s waiting cock. Daddy slowly moved the swing back and forth and I started to grind on Daddy’s cock. Looking over Daddy’s shoulders I noticed a man standing on the path his cock in hand watching. I whispered to my Daddy that we had company and then started to really ride his huge cock. “Fuck me Daddy,Fuck me! “I yelled as the man began to jerk it faster. The harder the stranger jerked off the harder I fucked my Daddy until all 3 of us were coming nice and hard. I kissed Daddy and lay my head on Daddy’s shoulder as the stranger smiled at me put his now satiated cock away and walked back down the path. It was a fun Easter afternoon at the park.

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, you know you crave me Daddy…again and again and again..

  • So Happy The Weekend is HERE!!!!!!!!

    p4915-3Hey Yall,

    This is Celine at EXT. 872. I just wanted to say that I am so HAPPY the weekend is here, and I can have some fun. As yall know I m a Flight Attendant with United Airlines and I have been flying all over. Well guess what yall? I actually get a weekend off. I’m so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just wondering if any of yall would like to have some fun with me this weekend. I’m thinking of having a BBQ and inviting some of my friends over and just getting crazy and having lots and lots of fun. The kind of fun I’m talking about is having a pool party and just kicking back and relaxing, but I know that won’t last for long, so if yall want to have some fun with your FAVORITE FLIGHT ATTENDANT give me a call at 1-415-765-4321 and enter EXT 872 which is my extension and you will be connected to CELINE.  So don’t wait just give me a call. I can’t wait to see what kind of fun we can get into.


    CELINE EXT 872

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 872 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Sorry it’s been a while since I last blogged

    p4915-9Hey Boys,   This is your SEXXY FLIGHT ATTENDENT Celine. Sorry I haven’t blogged since January of this year, but work has been keeping me pretty busy. I’ve got some down time right now before I leave again. I’m going to be going outside in a little bit to lay out in the sun. The weather is so BEAUTIFUL here in TAMPA, FL that I just want to be outside enjoying the fresh air. I bought myself a really SEXXY BIKINI while I was in GERMANY and I must say it looks really good on me. I’m going to lay out by the pool put on my suntan oil put on some music and just relax for a change. Sometimes I find it hard for me to relax but once I am relaxed I feel pretty good.

    I would love to talk to all of my HOTT BOYS that put a smile on my face, and I’m always excited to hear about what you have been up to. I enjoy our talks as well. So please don’t wait call me CELINE at EXT 872. I’ll be waiting for your call. I would also love to have a little fun as well. So remember you can reach me at 1-415-765-4321 at EXT 872 CELINE your HOTT SEXXY FLIGHT ATTENDENT.

    HUGS and KISSES,

    CELINE EXT 872

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 872 or visit me at uslove.com


  • Shhhh…Forbidden Addiction, It’s Our Secret…

    Shhhhh…don’t worry, I promise to keep it our little secret. I won’t tell on you, I won’t let your wife know how you call me night after night with your dirtiest fantasies. I promise not to tell anyone where all that extra money goes. We know it goes to me…your addiction, your obsession, your only desire. I know what lurks in your darkest heart and I make it happen don’t I? We all know that there are all sorts of addictions out there but in reality I am the only real one, true one. I am the one you really crave. The one you wait for and call back for again and again…

    Remember how you called me yesterday? Cock so hard, mind full of the nastiest thoughts possible and I made them happen didn’t I? The best part of it was that you didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt afterwards did you? It felt too good, too right. I know how to make even the most forbidden things feel right don’t I? Call your Goddess, your forbidden addiction and I will make it all real,all right..Get your fix, fulfill your craving. 

    Sexy Little Holly is your only drug @ ex 767…you know you crave me..

  • Every girl loves a good ass fucking…..

    I have such a tight little ass and I love to take a nice hard cock rammed right up into it. The first time I got fucked in the ass I could not believe how fucking hot it was. It was a few years ago and he worked at the stables where I kept my horse Sugar Cube. He was this older big cowboy type. You know the kind super hot and sexy with not much brain but a huge cock. Many mornings after I would take my horse out I would go out to his truck and fuck him before school.

    One morning I was so fucking horny I didn’t even bother to take Sugar Cube out. I just took Booby out to his truck pulled down my riding pants and rode his huge cock long and hard. We had fuck so hard and so much my pussy juice was everywhere and I was still fucking hot. I had been teasing him, pulling off his cock just when he was about to come because I wanted to keep coming. Well, Bobby had enough of that and as I was leaning over his steering wheel his cock sliding up and down between my ass cheeks , me teasing him he just spread my cheeks wider and pulled my ass right down on his cock. I let out a little “Oh!” Because it hurt but God did it feel good!He just grabbed my waist and pulled me up and down on his cock, thrusting it into my ass nice and deep. I had never cum as hard as I did with his cock in my ass and I must admit it was really hot walking around school with his cum in my ass all day. Thank you Bobby for showing me how much fun ass fucking can be!

    Heaven 882 let me take you to Heaven

  • The pool hall gang 4on1

    p3808-7Another fantastic memory from when I was younger and happily married. Yes we had a fantastic sex life and this was one of those orgasmic endings. This is just one of many times we did something way out there in our even more way out there sex life. It had been a really bad week, and I was ready to go out and cut loose. I was  feeling a little slutty and dressed accordingly. I put on my red  leather bustier, which shoved my tits up and put them well on display  and I wore my black leather jacket over the top. My black leather mini skirt  came to mid thigh and I added knee high spiked heels boots to complete  my look.

    I asked my husband, Jack, how I looked and he slapped my ass and kissed me hard. I knew I had liked what he saw. We headed out with no special  destination in mind , just that we wanted to have some fun. As we passed a pool  hall, I told Jack it looked like the perfect place to stop. He turned  around and pulled into the parking lot.

    We went in, ordered drinks and found a table. The music was putting me in the mood  to dance, but Jack wasn’t. I decided to just dance  on my own. I don’t know if it’s the way I was dressed or the fact that I was dancing alone, but a couple of guys joined me. We were doing a  little bit of dirty dancing and having some fun. Jack came out and  danced a dance or two with me, then asked me if I felt like playing  pool.

    We played a few games, each of us winning a couple of times. The guys  that I had been dancing with asked if we wanted to play against them. They said that the losers would buy the winners a round of shots. Jack and I were game and racked the balls.  They easily took the first game. We bought shots for our opponents, Jerry and Lee..

    We took the next game and I ordered my usual tequila shot. Jerry and Lee  were whooping it up as I did the shot without the salt and lime. I was  loosening up a little bit and beginning to have some fun. I decided to  play with the guys a little bit. With each shot I took, I made sure to  bend a little bit more than necessary so they either got a good look at  my tits or so that my skirt slid up a little bit more. Jerry missed an  easy shot, and we took the third game. Again, I did my tequila shot to  more cheers.

    When we started the fourth game, I bent over and my skirt rode up just  enough to expose the bottom of my ass cheeks. Jack came up behind me  and told me I was getting the guys excited and might want to think about what I was doing. I told him that I knew full well what I was doing and that he could enjoy the show if he liked. As he walked away, I sank  another shot. With the next one, I asked Jerry if he would help me line  it up. He stood in front of me to show me where to hit the ball and I  gave him a good look at my tits, while stretching a bit too much to make my skirt ride up further. Lee came up behind me and offered to help me. I could feel his bulge pressing into me and I was getting really turned  on.

    I looked over at Jack and saw the bulge in his pants. I think he liked  the show more than he was letting on. I saw him put his hand to his  crotch and start to rub. I missed the last shot and the game went to  guys. Another shot of tequila and I was feeling no pain. These  guys had me so horny and ready for action.

    As we started the next game the owner, Calvin, locked the door. He said  there wasn’t much business so he was going to close up, but we were  welcome to stay and keep playing if we wanted. He came over and sat near us, watching us play. As I continued my wiggling and jiggling, Jerry  and Lee couldn’t make a shot if they had to. When it came time for them  to  do their shots, I told them that they would be body shots and they’d  have to  lick them off my stomach. They eagerly agreed. Feeling their tongues on  my skin set me on fucking fire.

    They proposed a new challenge to me. They bet that I couldn’t pick my  husband’s cock out of the four of them using only my mouth. This was one bet I was ready for. I asked what happened if I won. They said that  they would each eat my pussy until I came. And if I lost? I would get  fucked by whatever cock I mistakenly chose. I looked at Jack to see if  he was game and he was already undoing his pants.

    Calvin went into the storeroom to find something to use as my blindfold.  They put me on my knees and I was to suck to each cock for two minutes, and then tell them what number my husband was. I was so wet and we hadn’t even started yet. The thought of four cocks in my mouth, combined with the  sensation of the blindfold had me horney as hell.

    The first man in my mouth was slightly larger than Jack, but definitely thicker. I could barely get my mouth around his cock, but  I quickly  slid my mouth up and down, taking him all the way to the base. Soon I  heard that the two minutes were up. The next guy was in front of me and  pushed into my mouth. I felt fairly certain this was Jack and the  rhythm that he used to fuck my face made me even more certain. I sucked  on him in a way that I knew he liked. The two minute time limit was  up. The third guy wasted no time in getting into my mouth. He was longer than Jack but not as thick. I was struggling to take him all the way  in, but I did it. I had to work him slowly but he seemed to enjoy it. It was time for the last one. As soon as he started into my mouth, I knew  for sure it wasn’t Jack. He was very thick and quite long. There was no way I could take all of him into my mouth without gagging, but it sure  was fun trying. I took him as deep as I could and worked hard on sucking him with hunger.

    One of the guys announced that I had now sampled all of them and it was  time to tell them which one was Jack. I knew he was number two, but the thought of getting fucked by number four was getting me even hotter. If I said number four, they would know I lied, but I didn’t care. I wanted to fuck him.

    I told them I knew without a doubt that number four was Jack. They all  laughed and removed my blindfold. They told me it looked like I was  getting fucked by Jerry. I looked to Jack  to see what he was thinking  and he didn’t give any indication that we weren’t continuing.

    Jerry picked me up and laid me on the pool table, then climbed up  himself. He pushed my skirt up and then my legs as he slid into my hot wet  pussy. Jack had no clue I had left the house without panties on. He had just found out. He told me  how hot I looked and climbed up on the pool table as well, mounting my  face and giving me his cock to suck on. He fucked my face as Jerry drove  further and further into my hot wet cunt. He stretched me to what I had to  believe was my limit. I wasn’t sure he was all the way in, but he  settled into a slow rhythm and each stroke sent jolts straight to my  clit.

    I felt hands on both of my tits. All five of us were on the pool  table and every single one of them was giving attention to my body. I  shivered with lust and pleasure. I had my first orgasm just from  the thought of having four men working on me all at once.

    I reached out and took hold of Calvin and Lee’s cocks. They continued to  work on my tits as I stroked them. Jerry reached down and started to  finger my clit as he pumped me. It felt so damn good. I  worked Jack’s cock faster, taking him as deep into my mouth as I could  get him. I heard him say he was getting ready to cum and I felt him  spurt into my  mouth. I swallowed as much as I could. He pulled out and shot the rest  on my face. I licked off what I could reach with my tongue and then he  gave me a deep kiss. He whispered into my ear, “You are so fucking  sexy.” Lee quickly took his place. He was not about to be left out. Jack stood by and watched as I worked on Lee, and Jerry continued to give  my pussy one hell of a fucking. I had never had a man who could last  this long and I was glad he could. I didn’t know if I’d ever get a  chance to have a cock like this again and I was going to enjoy it while I could.

    Calvin was still in my hand and getting impatient. He told Jerry he needed to hurry up and cum, because he wanted a chance to fuck me. Jerry said  he wasn’t even close, but Calvin could take his turn. They changed places and Calvin slid in. Jerry moved up to my tits and worked them while I  furiously stroked his cock. Even in my hand he felt good. I felt him  move one hand to my clit and he began to work it again. I came hard and  gripped Calvin’s cock with my pussy muscles. I moaned loudly as I came,  bringing Lee to his limit. I pulled him out of my mouth and told him to  cum on my tits. He happily covered them with his cum. Calvin followed  suit and his cum joined Lee’s on my tits. I rubbed it into my skin,  across my nipples and licked it off my fingers, much to the delight of  everyone watching.

    Jerry was not done yet and I was ready to take more of him. He got on top of me, putting his cock into my mouth again and lowered his mouth over  my pussy. The mere touch of his tongue to me made me shiver with  delight. I had sucked four different cocks, but none of the guys had  licked me. Nothing makes me cum faster or gets me hornier than getting  my pussy licked, and Jerry  was good at it. Jack knows just where to lick me, with what speed and how much pressure to use. He can make me cum  quickly. Jerry wasn’t familiar with my preferences, but he certainly  tried. Jack  began to guide him and tell him what I liked. Hearing my  husband tell another man how to work my pussy was exciting.  With Jack’s help, Jerry brought me to an incredible orgasm. I came hard  and I was dripping wet..

    I told Jerry to get on his back. I straddled him and slowly lowered  myself onto him. I felt hands on me and looked up to see Jack guiding  me and helping me to take Jerry deeper and deeper. I felt so full, I thought I’d cum again. This different position was creating a  different sensation. I slowly worked my way up and down his shaft,  taking him as deep as I could. Jack came behind me and I could feel his cock pressing into my ass. He was rock hard. I thought I knew what he  wanted and I was having so much fun, there was no way I was refusing him.  He knelt in front of me and told me to suck his cock. I greedily took  him in worked him to make sure he was good and hard. He asked me to get  off Jerry for a few seconds. As I did, he rubbed my clit quickly to get  my wetness and spread it onto my ass and stroked some onto his cock.

    Jack told me to bend over so that I was almost lying on top of Jerry.. He fingered my ass, inserting his fingers in to loosen me up. He had  fucked my ass many  times before, so he knew how to get me loosened up. It didn’t  take as much tonight since I was already so fucking  horny. He slid into my ass  and I heard him as he groaned, “You’re so fucking tight. It feels so  good.” As he slid deeper into me I couldn’t believe it could feel  better, but each inch further he went in brought new sensations. The  feeling of two cocks in me was one I had  experienced many times before, and it   was bringing me the most pleasure I had felt all night. Jack said he could feel Jerry’s cock because he had me stretched pretty far. They were able to  match their rhythm and it caused me to have another orgasm. This one the most intense. It caused both my pussy and ass to  contract and tighten around both Jerry and Jack. This was what they both needed. I could feel Jack grow larger and harder and I knew this was  what happened when he was about to cum. I climbed off both of them and  grabbed both cocks into my hands, stroking hard and fast. They both came at the same time, shooting onto my face. I was exhausted and lay down  on the pool table next to Jerry with Jack on the other side of me. Calvin and Lee had apparently enjoyed the show since I saw them furiously  stroking their cocks. Lee asked me if he could cum on my face. Before I  could answer he was on the pool table with Calvin following him right  behind me. They both knelt near my head and unloaded onto my face.

    I was exhausted, sticky with cum, but completely satisfied. I had just  taken four cocks and fulfilled what I knew was my husband’s greatest  fantasy; to have me fucked by him and several other guys at the same time. I no longer felt any stress. Anytime I am having a bad day now, Jack always asks  me if I need to go play some pool. Hummm I wonder what he had in mind?

    Keep coming back to my blogs and I will be posting more of our adventures in our sex life and some I ventured off on my own with out my hubby. He always new about them afterward though and loved them as much as I hope you will also.

    Devon 874

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 874 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Mans 2 favorite toys-together !

    p646-9I want to share what happened to me a week ago.

    I was on a date,with a man I have known for awhile. He was un-employed for about 9 months and 6 months ago he got a great paying job. So to celebrate, he bought himself a new car. After dinner,we were going to drive to his house for dessert. I was teasing him,that we really was in love with this new car of his.

    He drove off the freeway,onto a side road. Soon we were parked in the middle of nowhere. Inside his car we were soon making out. He had my tits out of the dress,sucking and squeezing them. He is a nipple man,loves my nipples.I was french kissing him and teasing my cock with my finger tips. Just lightly touching him thru his pants. Hearing him beg me to fuck him as he slide his hands up my dress and into my moist pussy. I pushed his head down and threw my left leg over his shoulders,laying back my seat, all the way now. Enjoying his begging and eating out my now,pretty pink juicy pussy. Just as he was taking out his throbbing cock I said wait,wait ! I have a idea. Moaning he said,Nikkkkkkkk Your killing me Nikki.

    I rolled on top of him,whispered relax baby,I know just what you need. Come on,get out of the car.

    Outside I pulled off that dress that was already halfway off. Threw off my heels and sat on his hood naked. Laying back onto this new car he loved so much,I spread my arms out,holding onto the sides of the car. I spread my legs open, bald pussy waiting for him. Phil, Think of me as your sexy hood ornament. I didnt even finish that sentence before his pants were off and I was staring up into the sky, while he traced my body with his hands,taking his time, allowing me to tempt him and then feeling him slowly moving me down alittle,towards him. Using his hips to hold me in place while touched my face and started fucking me, using long slow strokes,wanting it to last. Admiring a beautiful woman on his beautiful car. Smiling as he fucked me. Slipping his hands over my titties and tummy. Enjoying the view and the feel of my tight  pussy submitting to his cock. Then,pulling me up into him,holding me… as he shot a long nasty load of cum,into his Nasty, Naughty, Nikki. Smiling from ear to ear,he  got back into the car. His hand on the stick. My hand on his cock.

    Nikki @ ext 523

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  • Center Stage

    p5164-1The crowd surrounded you, music was loud and then I knew
    Just what I wanted
    And so I slipped on through-locked eyes of green with eyes of blue
    And then I knew right then you knew what you wanted from me too…

    Approach the stage the message rang straight though your microphone
    Kneel before me let me glory don’t forget we’re not alone

    We’re being watched by crowds of those
    Who do demand remove your clothes you little slut your bodies mine
    And I am taking
    Your every breath will be my solace
    Took your hard dick and said now hold this
    In your mouth make sure you open wide for daddy

    You smacked my face grabbed at my lacey panties wrapped them round my neck and gave a squeeze
    You jammed it in as deep as sin while others watched your such a tease

    You used my throat just like a cloak to coat your manhood
    Grabbed at my hair made my eyes tear and I Oh whimpered for you good

    I gasped for air locked In your stare and begged you please for your permission
    Daddy give to me my mission, use my body for your vision, show the whole world
    How you own my tender sweet and tasty ass.

    How could a dirty little slut who likes it rough
    And in the butt
    Be such a perfect little lady with such class

    But get me up on center stage turn up the lust turn down the age
    And I will beg you for direction, public sex and harsh affection
    Your erection used to penetrate my hot delicious holes

    You held me tight and did me right and right in front of perfect strangers
    Oh the pleasures oh the dangers

    I submitted to your cock
    was done with dreaming, I’d been creaming in my panties
    Done with fantasies and was done with fancy talk

    You spun me round face to the ground my little skirt ripped up around me
    As you pounded crowd surrounded us and everyone could see

    Just how you used me Grabbed and bruised me twisted my body like a naughty fleshly mangled servant cage

    U blew your load inside my ass for all my class It’s nearly crass
    The things you did to me for everyone to see

    on center stage…

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  • Pheromones – The Sexy Scent Of A Man…And What It Did To Me

    singleHave you ever heard of pheromones?  Pheromones are the chemicals in a person’s body that can attract a woman to a man and vice-versa.  It’s the “natural” scent of a person.  Now I wasn’t really a believer of “attraction by scent” until I met Mark.  But now I’m a big believer, haha!

    After being married a few years and feeling unappreciated and very bored, I decided to spice up my relationship with another man whom I met online.  We talked several times on the phone.  Mark was a few years younger than me, and had the sexiest phone voice a girl could imagine.  He lived about an hour away, but after talking I decided I would meet him.  We would meet at a public place, see if we liked each other and if we did, we would go back to my house for a weekend of fun.  My hubby was out of town on business for two weeks.

    Mark and I met at a local restaurant, had a nice dinner, and eventually decided to go back to my house.  As we were walking out of the restaurant, him beside me, that’s when it hit me.  I got a sniff of his natural scent and I couldn’t believe how sexy it was!  My husband’s scent didn’t do that to me, and I couldn’t figure out why the scent of this stranger was making me so horny.  Could it just be because I knew I was going to get laid by this sexy man?  Whatever it was, I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had to. He followed me home in his car, and I know I broke the speed limit getting home, but damnit, I was super horny!

    When we got back to my house I took him on a tour which eventually led to the master bedroom.  As I looked into those big dark brown eyes, I could smell his scent and it was driving me absolutely crazy.  He bent down and kissed me with a long, deep kiss and I was wondering why my husband’s scent didn’t do this to me.  My mind didn’t stay on him long though.  We started slowly undressing each other and I got my first look at his 8 1/2 inch and very thick cock.  Needless to say that made me even hornier.

    Now Mark knew I was into anal sex big time, because you could say our phone calls got very hot at times.  And I wanted to be filled to the brim with that huge cock.  I got some lube from a night stand drawer, gave it to him, and while standing in the floor, bent over the bed and spread my legs.  He lubed up his cock and stood right behind me.  It felt so good when he put his cockhead on my puckered asshole.  It felt even better when he pushed it inside me!  My ass had never felt so full in my life.  He started with long, slow strokes and later sped up those strokes.  I reached down and started rubbing my clit, as he started fucking my ass harder and deeper.  Soon enough he was pounding my ass, making me scream out in pure animal lust and pleasure.  I couldn’t help myself!  And soon after that he yelled, “I’m cumming!” and shot a huge load of cum inside my ass.  And as soon as I felt that load shoot into me, I came like crazy!  After a little rest to recoup, we took a hot, steamy shower together and spent the rest of the night talking, giving each other sexy massages, and sleeping.  And yes, those pheromones of his were still working their magic on me, lol!

    Want to know what else happened that weekend?  Call me and I’ll tell you…you won’t regret it!  I’m Donna at ext. 682, a cougar, MILF or “mommy” who will talk about all fantasies, fetishes and role plays…from the mild to the wild!

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  • Kayla’s Dirty Little Dance

    p4238-9If you’ve ever had a chance to meet me, then you already know that stripteasing is just one of my many specialties. If we’ve never had a session together, then I hope you enjoy this sample experience.

    Imagine yourself sitting on a soft comfortable couch, the lights are dim, and sensual music is playing in the background. You see me wearing a sexy red mini dress, and 6 inch stiletto heels. I slowly approach you with my hips seductively swaying to the music. I place my hands on your knees, pushing them apart so that I’m dancing between your legs. I roll back my shoulders, straiten my back, and rotate my hips, allowing you to see all my sexy curves and cleavage. Then facing away, you see me slowly lifting my dress, and gradually revealing a nice, tight, heart shaped ass.

    Now turning back around facing you, I reach for my right shoulder strap and let it slowly slink down my arm. I then reach for my left shoulder strap and let it slide down just like the right one. I slip out of the dress revealing the hottest little set of black bra and panties. My hands then began sensually gliding up and down my body, and seductively tugging at the edges of my bra and panties with my fingertips. I see you watching, waiting, an getting lost in my movements as I seductively dance to the music.

    I give a lustful look down to the bulge I see in your pants, as I use my hands to rub along your inner thighs. I use my hips and ass to grind on your bulge, while moving up, down, and around between your legs. I slowly remove my bra, and let it fall to the floor. My hair brushes against your face as I lean forward to bury your face between my breasts. You smell the sensual sent of my perfume, as I take your wrists and guide your hands to feel all over my tits, hips, and ass. As you enjoy the soft, cool, smoothness of my skin, I also move your hands in my panties to feel my smooth, freshly shaven pussy.

    Next, I slowly undo the buttons on your shirt, and start gently kissing and teasing your neck and chest with the tip of my tongue. I unbuckle your belt, and unzip your zipper while gradually working my way lower and lower down to your stomach. When finally working all the way down to your cock, I slide down to my knees, as I begin kissing and licking around the shaft, and taking your pants completely off. You then feel the soft warm touch of my lips wrapped around your cock, as I suck with long, smooth rhythmic strokes up and down the shaft, loving the taste and feeling every little twitch of having your hard cock in my mouth. As I suck and slurp on your cock, I can feel my skimpy thong is already dampening in anticipation of what I’m about to do next.

    I stand up, seductively step out of my shoes, and slowly slide off my thong. Now you have a full view of my completely naked body in front of you. I straddle your lap facing you, place your hands on my hips, and I raise myself enough to reach down and take the tip of your cock in one hand, and guide it so that it’s lined up with the lips of my pink wet pussy. Now sliding myself back down, I see the look of pleasure in your eyes as you feel the warm wetness of my pussy envelop your cock. I start to ride you, slowly at first, but then faster and harder. I arch my back and press my pussy harder against you as I start to buck and grind on your cock. I love the sensation of having your hard cock penetrating deep inside me, as you watch my boobs bounce up and down just inches away from your face.

    Unable to resist the temptation, I start cumming on your cock with an intensity that keeps me moaning in continuous bliss. Soon after, I feel the first burst of your hot cum squirting inside me, as you’re also groaning and writhing with great pleasure. Even a few moments after filling my hot, little taut pussy with cum, I still feel your hard cock quivering inside me. As I lay my bare chest against yours, I finish with a nice sentual kiss, and while our mouths consume each other’s, I still feel our chests heaving and our hearts racing from the hot, sexy experience that we just had.


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    p4894-5There’s nothing like a little boost after an impossible day. I know how good feels to take your mind by the hand, walk it into a relaxing place and release the day’s anxieties; even if it’s for a little while. That sweet surrender to delicious delight is hard-earned and well-deserved.

    Back home, they tell me positive people will get ya’ through the hard times. If there’s an ounce of truth to that encouragement, then the same rings true for a wound-tight or overtaxed man. Positive pussy will get him through the toughest of times.

    I think of “Great Pussy N’ a Smile” as the cure-all to everything that ails. It’s like that tantalizing erotic massage at the end of a long day for a guy. It strips him bare naked, touches him in all the predictable places, then pulls from deep within him the most wonderfully electric release he never imagined…leaving him breathless and knowing he’ll be back for more.

    Every delicious touch, every delicate taste, every whispered breath upon his ear is so intense and savory. That hard day becomes more distant as the call progresses. It’s as if our bodies are intertwined somewhere in a wonderful place of our own; touching, kissing, and tugging in this intimate setting. Only we exist together in this space. The buildup from the day combined with our passionate intensity can only lead to one beautiful exacting explosion of breathless moans and screams.

    It’s so true. The power of a positive pussy and a delicious dick can turn a whole day around.  It evokes powerful healing emotions and is a sexy solution to a wide array of the day’s obstacles.

    When sexual therapy is essential, Amy’s the answer at ext. 418.

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • He Calls me and Tells me a story about what a Cocksucking Whore he is!

    p4108-2You Call me and you are all dressed up in your pink Satin panties, matching bra, garter, and black stockings and heels!  All dressed up like a little cock sucking pantie whore! Once you tell me what you are wearing,I make you grab your pink lip gloss and put it all over your Cock Sucking lips!

    You then start telling me stories about when you were at movie theater and it was so dark and the stranger next to you saw you with your pants down in your panties.  I got so hot hearing you tell me how the stranger reached out and grabbed hold of your hard cock and started to stroke it for you.

    I am imagining your panties pulled down around your ankles and you being jacked off by the stranger.  He is getting turned on by your sexy pink panties and sexy stockings!  He pulls his cock out and you get on your knees and start Sucking the strangers big hard cock!  Your sexy pink lip gloss smearing all over his throbbing Cock! You end your story with the Stranger Shooting his load all over your pretty pink lips and down your throat!

    This story gets me so hot I decide its time for you to eat your cum load!  I make you get on your back legs up in the air and Cock pointing at your face!  I make the pantie boy jerk it until he shoots his load all over his face and in his mouth!  OPEN WIDE!!!!!!

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  • The Bet 3

    p5152-8It seems that my pathetic little bitch James,didn’t learn his lesson last time…

    Just as I suspected James  is cumming back for more ! Didn’t I tell you that he would ? I knew that once would not be enough for him. Perhaps he is a pain slut ! I do love  a pain slut ! They are just so much damn fun ! I should really write a blog about them .

    Anyways we made another bet on football games. Same rules as last time and just like last time James lost. We will be getting together for the call this weekend .

    Jen is going to do her magic again. Hooking up the toys for me, so I can control them from my phone. We will be using some of the same ones and some different ones . She is setting them up to be even stronger this time, for maximum pain. Of course I am going to have her dress him up like the bitch he is again . This time James will be wearing lip gloss and blush, a wig, a bra with fake breasts, a thong, skirt, thigh highs and heels. I am going to tell her to take some photos and pass those around to all of his friends for maximum humiliation ! Tell me what would you like for me to do to James this time ? I would love to hear all of your suggestions and of course I will update you with The Bet 4 as soon as it happens.

    Bridgette Ext:519

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at uslove.com

  • I’m feeling very playful

    p4915-5Hello to all my callers,

    I’m feeling very playful this morning. I just got back into town a few days ago and I’ve been playing catch up with all of my e-mails. Just sitting here in my livingroom in a very nice RED LACY TEDDY and am feeling very HORNY. I’m trying to get adjusted to the New Year and its taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things like it normally does when its a New Year. I hope yall had a very nice Christmas as well as a very Nice New Year. I was actually flying back when everybody was celebrating in the states. It takes me a few days to get adjusted to the time zone as yall know I am a Flight Attendant and I fly International. I’m hoping to talk to all of my favorite callers. I’ll be online later today. I’ve moved so I have the task of unpacking boxes and putting everything away and getting the house cleaned as well. My work is never done but hey at least I have about a week to 2 weeks off and can just relax and talk to all of yall. When I talk to yall you make my day and I hope I make your day as well. Well I’m going to go for now but like I said I will be online later.


    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 872 or visit me at uslove.com

  • The Bet Part 2


    So I had my phone call with James last night.

    He is the person that I made the bet with and he lost.

    He had to do whatever I wanted.

    Apparently if I’d lost he was going to get to do whatever he wanted to too me or his girl friend dressed as me.   He was quite shocked at what she and I had planned for him. She’d tucked him away in a motel and blind folded him,not wanting him to know just how severe his punishment was going to be.

    Once she had his arms and legs tethered to the bed. I instructed her dress him like a girl and she happily obliged !   She dressed him in a long wig,applied red lipstick,and dressed him in a lace bra and panties and a skirt .

    So I could talk to him,she’d placed a headset on his head.

    He was totally at our mercy.


    I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to do this .

    Even though and let me make this clear James did give me permission to do all of this too him .

    I’d never had a call like this before .   All of the devices that we were going to use on him were set up by remote and I was controlling them through my phone.

    Don’t know how she arranged it,but then I am not very tech savvy.

    She texted me how everything would work and what devices we were using and when .


    Here is how the night played out .

    Once Jen had him tied to the bed and dressed like the little bitch whore he was.

    She helped him place the call.

    He was scared,but gave me his permission anyway.   You could tell that he was concerned about what we had in store for him.

    I wanted to start out slow,so I had her attach nipple clamps with some wires to his nipples.

    I toyed with the keypad of my phone going from mild to very severe pain.   He was screaming like a little girl,but I’d just gotten started my favorite part hadn’t even happened yet. She arranged for a boot to drop from the ceiling with a fifteen pound weight inside, using my key pad I had it lower and kick James right where he deserved it, in his balls.   You should have heard him sniffling and crying like the little bitch he was, begging me to stop.

    His balls really hurt !lol

    Next, she set up the next three items, a curling iron and the  steel whip.   You must remember James was not thrilled with the idea of having anything in his ass.

    He told me that he was very homophobic !

    Some of the best people I know are gay !

    Yeah that pissed me off even more .   It was like he was determined to make me want to hurt him.

    A part of me wondered if he was just a pain slut .

    I turned on the curling iron and let it warm up and then made it go from warm to hot.   He was whimpering and begging for mercy .

    I didn’t let up.

    As part of the bet Jen made him call me and tell me what he would have done to her as me for a week if I’d lost.

    He told me .   He would have locked me away in the hotel room and have his way with me whether I liked it or not. He wanted to make me cry and to beg him to stop, he wanted to hurt me.

    After I heard this using the next toys made it quite easy   Jen had placed his balls in a torture chamber called The Humbler and had set up a dildo machine called The Plow and a steel whip as well.

    I controlled how hard and fast the plow entered him.

    He was not happy at all !   Apparently James like to dish it out,but can’t take it !

    Pathetic little bitch.

    He couldn’t take it when the shoe was on the other foot .

    Finally on the last call I could tell how tired he was.   He’d nearly had it,but I wasn’t finished .

    I had Jen hook the boot back up with the same weight as before, this time since his balls were in The Humbler he was in even more pain .

    Jen texted me today and told me that when she finally untied the little bitch that he could barely stand and had his panties around his ankles and was clutching his balls.   Poor little James.

    I hope he learned his lesson.

    You should dish it out if you can’t take,but something tells me he didn’t learn a damned thing and I will be called upon once again to teach the little sissy bitch another lesson.




    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at uslove.com


  • Cheating Wife Cuckold Fun? Call Holly!

    I know you would love to have me as your Cheating wife wouldn’t you? You could be my perfect Cuckold  husband. I mean I was very young and innocent when we started dating and didn’t know what was out there. I was under the impression that your micro dick was normal and that it was my fault that I couldn’t cum while being fucked by you. That is until my sister started telling me about her ex boy friend and his huge fucking cock. How she missed being fucked by him every day. I kinda knew then and there that I was being robbed and I wanted to find out what it was like to be fucked by a real man.

    So I had to sit you down and set you straight about what I wanted, needed and deserved. I mean we both know you married waaaaay out of your league so you just sat back and listened when I told you I was going to find a big cock to fuck because I needed to get fucked by a real man and you were not a real man. I had to know what it was like to really be fucked. I don’t think beinng a cuckold  was what you expected but oh well. I decided to go with my sister’s ex because he was a proven stud with a big cock. 

    It was so easy to get him to come over while you were at work because he has had the hots for me forever. Since he is a landscaper I just told him that I needed his thoughts on the back yard. I wore nothing but a tiny little white sundress and sheer pink panties and made sure I bent over a lot, making sure to press against him. His cock was so big through his jeans I was scared and excited. Before I knew it I was on my knees in the back yard shaking as he rammed his huge fucking cock into my tight fucking pussy. He made me scream so fucking hard and cum so much I squirted again and again. You know how turned on you were when you found me in bed dripping, with a cream pie just waiting for you. You really jerked your tiny, little cuckie dick nice and hard while I told you about how he came in me again and again. Who knew you loved to eat a real man’s cum as much as I loved fucking one? Can’t wait until the next time can you?

    Be Sexy Little Holly’s cuckie @ ex 767, you know you crave me.


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  • A Poem For JOJO…

    p3132-4A poem written for JOJO

    Of course Im touched by the love he feels for me… Ive spoken to him a handful of times for I guess about 5 years now..  Now he calls me as often as he can… I give back to him all that I can… Its not always easy for him in his personal world that he’s shared with me.. I listen and I care… We share and he knows Im here for him, I give him a release from his world… We have a strong relationship over the phone, and its good.. Its real good…  His fantasies are dark and intense..  They’re so extreme it brings us close when he opens up and shares them with me..  Some things in life you just can’t tell anyone…  I do for him what no other in his world can do… Thank you for letting me in your world…

    Let me be a part of your world too.. Open up and feel free you can tell it all to me… I’m just a phone call away…

    I am JOJO call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 623 or visit me at uslove.com

    *I love doing for you what she won’t, Mmmmm…*

    P.S. Don’t forget to ask me about my return caller specials…


  • …Come to me… Ven a Mi…

    mini skirt1

    Hi There ;),

    My Name is Camila and I have 18 years old. My dad is from Spain and my mom is from Cuba. I am a current student living with my sister now…  I always have been daddy’s favorite because I am the youngest daughter and I am use to be spoiled…but even he thinks I am his little girl…I looove being dirty just he doesn’t  have a little idea about this face of his little girl lol bcuz I usually look so sweet like an innocent angel Innocent… I don’t have lately too much time to go out because I have too much school stuff to get done almost every day…but I like to maintain this secret dirty life…even to my parents back…  I am hungry of life and new experiences so I joined USLOVE  to have great fun! I can just talk to you and share experiences being you sweet girlfriend, I can be dirty and naughty; I can be sweet and innocent like a little girl, I can be bad and dominant and perverse like a little devil that suck your soul and your sexual strength … I enjoy everything you can ask and give me!! bcuz with my 18 years old I am starting to live!  Also we can have a great time together because this is actually my biggest sexual relief…if you want to make feel sexual pleasure to this young goddess come and show me what you have…I am …STARVING… play with me…make me live… we can do it together…

    Camila, Call me at 9499995900 ,you can also ask for me or send me a message, even if I’m not on, If I am at home, I will sign in just for you,  Ext 836, English or Spanish… welcome…  😉 

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  • I was a Naughty Girl Last night!

    Last night I went out with some girlfriends for a ladies night! Dressed to kill in a  very short gemsilver sequined skirt, matching halter top (No bra), with black thigh highs, and silver 6 inch open toe heels! I wore my long Red hair down.

    Lots of holiday parties going on and I was feeling very festive as I put my Cock sucking Red lipstick on and headed out for a night on the town with my girls.  We stopped at this quaint little karaoke bar that makes the best Slutty Sex on the beach I have ever had and sat back to watch the entertainment.

    Guys kept sending drinks over to the table which of course we always smile pretty flirt and graciously give our thanks for.  Well after 4 of those  Slutty drinks I was feeling pretty hot and horny!  I started flirting with this tall Dark handsome 6″4 guy who was packing a mighty fine bulge in his jeans!  He got up and Sang Gold Digger which was so funny and Hot at the same time and when he was done, I pulled him off into a corner and started making out with him.  His hands were right up my skirt and I knew I needed his Big Black Cock tonight!

    We quickly got out of the bar and into his car where I wrapped my red lips around his huge and I mean HUGE cock. It was fat and it was long 10inches, with a throbbing mushroom head oozing pre-cum YUMMY) all the way to his place!

    Once we got there we barely made it through the door and he had me up against the wall my panties were ripped off me and my top was torn off and he had me wrap my legs around him as he drove that monster cock deep inside me!  I came hard with the first thrust driving my nails deep into his shoulders as he held me up and pounded me into the wall! I came over and over!  It felt so good to have him shoot that huge load of cum up inside me!

    Afterward we just kind of looked at each other and smiled and headed to his bedroom for another round!

    He called me this afternoon wanting to know if I would to see him again for dinner tomorrow night and yes I do and I plan on having Chocolate Cock for Dessert!

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  • Oh Daddy, Your Such A Perv….

    I sometimes babysit for a couple and this weekend they took me with them up to their cabin in the woods. I love nature and it was unseasonably warm so I got to go for long walks through the forest. Mr. Rollins is very buff and very hot and I have had the hots for him for like, forever. Whenever they would leave the house I would lie in his bed and play with my little pussy for hours thinking about him fucking me with his big, hard cock. I knew it was big because last summer he came early while I was out by the pool and his kids were taking their naps. When he saw me in my little yellow bikini there was no way he could hide that fat cock stretching his shorts out. I know after watching me for a good 20 mins he went in a jerked off. He came back out with a big, happy, sleepy smile on his sexy face.

    This weekend  it was driving me crazy being so close to him. He was just so fucking hot and he even smelled yummy! My pussy was swollen and wet the whole time. His wife spends all her time on the phone for work and I got to spend lots of time alone with him. I made sure to rub up against him a lot. After bending over showing him my ass in my tight little jeans and accidently brushing my hand against his cock over and over I knew I had pushed him over the edge so I decided to set a little trap. I put on my little white boots and my little white puffy jacket and headed out to the forest waiting for the yummy big bad wolf to follow and of course he did.

    “Come and get me Mr. Rollin’s!” I called running away. I heard him laugh as he chased after me! I love the thrill of being chased and being chased by big, strong Mr. Rollins was the best!  He caught up with me and pushed my back up against a tree.”You know you have been a very naughty little girl teasing me all the time.” He said pushing up my jacket and shirt and crushing his mouth down on mine. I reached down and grabbed his cock hard through his jeans. “Well, you are always the one walking around with a big hard on!”  I panted and nipped his lip.”That’s because you are a dirty little bitch!” He popped the buttons on my jeans and yanked them down, ripping my panties as he turned me around and threw me up against the tree. I loved the way the rough bark scratched at my nipples. “I am going to fuck you like you deserve to be fucked you dirty little slut.” I could hear him unzipping is pants through the sound of his heavy breathing.  I couldn’t help but scream out as he rammed into me! His cock was even bigger than I imagined it to be.
    His hand wrapped tight around my throat sent me into such a frenzy that I began to cum all over his cock bucking back against him hard.”That’s right you naughty little slut, you come on Daddy’s cock nice and hard. I knew you fucking liked it rough!” “Oh God yeah Daddy! Harder Daddy harder!” “So fucking tight..” My new Daddy moaned as he came inside me. His hot cum dripped down my thighs as he pulled out and whispered in my ear “You call me Daddy from now on when we are alone understand?” I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. “Oh Daddy, your such a perv…”

    Cum and play rough with Sexy Little Holly at ex 767! You know you crave me…

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  • I’m Now Known As The Town Slut!

    As long as I can remember, I have had an insatiable need to seek out local men to give a blow job or hand job to, or even to have a quickie fuck with.  I love cum…the feel of it, the taste of it, and I get so horny just watching a man cum.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I’ve met men at the local bar, park, and even a sporting venue just for the thrill of a man’s cock shooting onto my face, into my mouth, or into my pussy or ass.  A local park I’ve gone to even has a strategically-placed glory hole that I’ve gotten lots of cum in my face and in my mouth from!  I know I’m taking a risk, but you only live once, right?

    One time recently at the park I met a very high-ranking official of a nearby city.  He was at the park giving a campaign speech just before election day.  While we were talking, I noticed he kept looking down at my 36DD tits.  I looked down and saw a boner forming in his pants.  Well, by that time the crowd had thinned out enough that he leaned over and whispered to me to meet him in one of the maintenance buildings.  I did.  Unfortunately for me as we were entering the building,  an older neighborhood busybody saw us.  Now the word has gotten around and I’m now labeled as the town slut, haha!  I don’t really care though.  I enjoy living on the edge sexually.  And oh yes, if you want to know what happened in that building, you’ll have to call me to find out.  I promise it will be worth your while!  I’m Donna, ext. 682…a cougar who loves younger, barely legal and older men alike.

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  • I Love Performing For an Audience

    I love being the center of attention and I love putting on a good performance, which is why I always have sex with the lights on and the drapes wide open. The thought of someone peaking in just makes my pussy even wetter. I suppose this all goes back to how I lost my virginity.

    When I was younger I was dating this guy that had this vintage corvette. It was sleek and black and it was just so sexy. I told him when the time came that I wanted him to take me on the hood of that car. So one hot summer day, after some boating with friends, we found what we thought was a secluded spot out of the way. He hoisted me up onto the hood of that car and started kissing me. I wrapped my legs around him and pretty soon, clothes were coming off and I was using my sundress as a pillow behind my head as he went down on me. I was so wet. The way he was sucking on my clit and fingering my pussy, I was moaning so hard and so loud.

    I glanced over and noticed a couple of his friends watching behind some trees and instead of freaking me out, like it probably should have, I just got more turned on and I said nothing to my boyfriend. I just stared at them and pinched my nipples, while he continued to eat my pussy and made me cum very hard. I’m sure that I squealed a little louder than I needed too, but I was more aroused than I’d ever been at that point. My boyfriend raised his head and he kissed me passionately. Mmm…I loved the taste of my pussy on his lips. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes. I told him not to bother with a condom, because I wanted to feel him and I was on the pill anyway. He spread my legs even wider and brought them up over his shoulders and rubbed his big cock over my swollen, wet pussy and then he eased it in. I grabbed onto my tits and arched my back and begged him to slide more in, this time he took my cherry with him.

    I’d heard horror stories from my girlfriends about how bad the first time was, but I just wanted more and I pleaded with him to enter me all the way. He asked if I was sure and I told him yes. I reached down between us and began rubbing my clit and squeezing my slippery pussy walls around him as he began thrusting a little faster. I glanced over and his friends were still watching. I smiled at thim and closed my eyes and in demanded that he take me harder. With in minutes I was having my first orgasm with his cock inside of me. It didn’t take him long to shoot is load in me. He leaned forward and kissed me again.

    A short time later we waded in the nearby creek to clean up. A few days later I ran into my boyfriends best friend Jeff and he thanked me for the show that I put on. He said that he and the other guys enjoyed it a lot and wondered if I would be up for an encore performance, sans my boyfriend.

    My panties were wet just thinking about it, so of course I said yes!

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Peeping Tom

    I see him around the apartment complex all the time, he lives in unit 12 we  have never talked but he’s pretty cute, i dont know his name but he has a sexy way about him, and when he speaks to me his voice gives me chills, he’s so hot.

    Well i went on my way with my day i got a call from one of my friends who i have plans with later on that night we talked for a minute after that  i decided to go out and pick up a few things for later, im wearing my tight little jean shorts that hug my firm round butt really nicely, my boobs are sitting up so pretty, i get alot of winks, whistles, and  hay babie when i go out dressed real sexy, but i don’t mind i love the attention.

    Its about 3:00pm. And i still have to get everything and myself ready at home, i dash home to prepare for my date run me a bubble bath and soak in it, i love to just sit in a nice hot tub with candles but no time for that now dinner has to be made, now that thats done time to get dressed. I  found the most sexiest dress i could find the other day very low cut, short and it wraps around all of my curves, pretty pink thong panties with no bra, dab on some sweet smelling perfume behind each ear in between my legs. The doorbell rings and its my friend James, with a bottle of wine and flowers.

    He comes in and gets comfortable on the sofa while i pour us a drink it not long before James has his hands all over me and it feels good. He’s tall dark and handsome, now i know i said james was my friend and he is, just with benefits thats right we have an understanding we fuck who we want when we want just like that, besides he has some good dick! 9inch of hard man meat curves slightly to the right that i love to suck, and when he fucks me he knows how to hit my spot. So i guess dinner will have to wait for now im going in for dessert, ummmm!

    So the next morning i have a note on my door kinda strange but okay, i open it and it reads you are a very naughty girl unit 9 i watched you last night and the way you moved your body and used your lips made me crazy, and i just cant take it anymore. You see it’s not the first time that I’ve watched you my love and every time you drive me wild, so wrote you this note to let you know that i think you are the most beautiful woman I’ve seen in a long time and when i watch you do the things you do I’ve got to have you, i go home and grab my hard cock and jerk it and think of how much i want and need you.

    Signed Tom unit 12.

    Are you my peeping Tom? call me, Unique

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 411 or visit me at uslove.com

  • The Hot Night

    In bed windows wide open, i wake up due to the nights heat, not being able to go back to sleep my hands start to glide over the sweat on my body, its so hot i remember saying to myself at that moment i realize that my hands are down between my wet pussy slowly rubbing my lips and moving to my clit. I cant help it i spread my legs and finger my hot hole i slide my fingers in and out in pleasure until i explode in ecstasy.

    As i gain my composure i look out the window i see you there with your hard dick dripping cum, i look again and your gone, was it a dream? I hope not i want that strange man to come back…….

    NIjae…Are you that strange man?


    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 729 or visit me at uslove.com



  • A Private Beach


    Written By Kinky  Brooke

    She breezed down the highway with  the top down on her little black Miata, hair blowing in reckless abandon. It was  one of those glorious southern California mornings that could so easily seduce  her into dropping everything for a day at the beach. There was a steady hot wind  blowing and she welcomed it by holding her head high as she drove, as if  sacrificing her face to the Gods. Bad for the skin, so what. She could still  hold her own quite well thank you, regardless of her  age.

    The freeway ended and she wound her  way toward Balboa Island. She glanced at all the unique shops and cafe’s en  route. She had always loved this area and had been going to her little private  beach for 20 some odd years. It was tucked away at the end of the coast highway  in a residential section and was generally only used by those who were lucky  enough to own summer homes there. It was a weekday so the streets were quiet and  cars were scarce. The summer had not quite begun so many of the houses were  still vacant, preparing for their owners to grace them with their seasonal  presence.

    She studied the quaint cottages and  homes as she passed and wondered what it must be like to live in a house where  all one had to do was walk out a french door to see ocean waves splashing and  yachts lazily making their way to the nearby harbor. What a sweet  life.

    She arrived at the familiar little side  street that dead ended at a private walkway and parked. There wasn’t a soul in  sight as she gathered her things and began the short trek down the hot cement to  the mound of sand that had been her secluded little spot all these many years.  The salty ocean breeze and the sound of crashing waves assaulted her senses, and  she felt a sudden stirring between her tanned legs. It always affected her like  this, making her crave these solitary beach days on a weekly basis… beginning  in the spring, throughout the summer and even into the fall.

    She spread her large turquoise cotton  blanket between the two small dunes, setting the radio on the right and the  cooler to her left. She slipped off her thongs and T-shirt and, after adjusting  her skimpy suit, sat like an Indian taking in the tranquility of the sea before  her. Soft, seductive music played from the radio and a sense of complete privacy  with the planet swept over her. She smiled as she massaged Bain De Soliel into  her skin, watching a man far off in the distance romp with his small son at the  waters edge. She stretched out and began to daydream.

    Two hours passed quickly as the soft  music from her radio accompanied the surf, and her mind traveled to far off  places. They were places she would never visit, but their decadent and exotic  allure raped her senses as the noon day sun beat down upon her sun-drenched  body. Her clitoris was throbbing and she could feel the sticky wetness in the  crotch of her bikini by the time the scenario inside her head peaked. Had a  dozen men surrounded her at that moment, she would have spread her tanned legs  as wide as possible and begged them to fuck any oriface they wanted. The hot  brisk wind didn’t help. Before turning over she sat up and breathed deeply. She  hungrily devoured chunks of watermelon, cold and crisp from the cooler, savoring  the sweetness as she looked out upon the ocean. After she finished, she  discreetly created a small mound in the damp sand beneath her blanket. Position  was everything. She stretched out on her stomach and rested her head on a small  pillow. She stared at the magnificent homes now facing her… mansion  cottages… yes, that’s exactly what they reminded her of, and she pondered the  faceless windows and empty patios with a certain curiosity. She closed her eyes and continued to  drift.

    He had been watching for hours with his  usual intense curiosity. He had seen her periodically throughout the years,  always choosing the same spot to bask in the sun, right between those two small  sand dunes. Her routine never failed to give him an erection. He slowly rubbed  himself as he peered at her through his telescope through the french door on his  upper balcony. The glass was tinted so he knew she was unaware of his presence.  He wondered where she came from and where her thoughts took her as she baked on  his beach. Four hours in all, and it never varied. From 10:00 am. until 2:00 pm.  every damn time. He smiled as his cock stiffened. He knew her routine so very  well.

    His telescope was state of the art, so  he didn’t miss a beat. She made her small mound beneath her blanket and glanced  around to make certain no people were close by. And as always, she stretched out  like a sneaky feline anticipating something tasty nearby. It was merely a  question of patience.

    He watched intently as she began to  grind slowly, mound against mound. His pulse quickened and he began to stroke.  She was getting close, and he could sense the beginning of her crescendo . He  looked down and saw pre-cum glistening on the head of his engorged cock and  imagined himself down there on the sand, grabbing her hair and forcing it down  her throat to quench her thirst.

    She knew she was almost there. It never  took very long once she turned over. Her hand slid inside her satchel and  running her long fingers over the contents, located the metal cigar case she  knew so well. Her glazed eyes quickly scanned the beach, making certain no one  had invaded her space. She slid the cold metal into the panty of her skimpy suit  with one smooth movement, placing it perfectly between her swollen lips. The  moment the hard metal touched her raging and moist clit she let out a soft moan  and began to slowly undulate. She was so close.

    He was about to explode when he saw her  slide the cigar casing between her legs. There was something so nasty about it.  He wondered if she ever smoked them. He could see the beautiful wild flowers and  beach foliage that surrounded his open patio swaying to and fro from the hot  summer winds, and he began to stroke like a wild man lost within an insatiable,  decadent dream. She always had this affect on him. He gripped the telescope with  his left hand, keeping it close against one eye as he masturbated to her sexual  frenzy. He was almost there.

    The hot, sultry beach winds came at her  from every angle, and her mind reeled. The cold metal was hot and slippery  against her hard and aching clitoris. Her eyes were closed and she could hear  the ocean waves crashing onto the shore as she began to grind at a faster pace.  She heard the lone cry of a seagull overhead as the sun beat down upon her back.  When her explosion began, she arched her body for that one final thrust against  her secret mound, metal against clit and, staring directly into those french  doors in the distance, she unleashed her sexual soul without making a sound. Her  climax had lasted one full minute, but it took her ten to  recover.

    His orgasm had been intense,  and coincided with hers as if it had been rehearsed. He supposed it had, in a  way. He thought about her quite often and, when the winters gave way to spring,  he always anticipated her return to his beach. He felt connected to her in some  way. He didn’t understand why, and he never questioned it.

    She casually gathered her things  and prepared to leave the beach. He watched as she calmly made her way from the  hot sand to the secluded concrete walkway, leaving the ocean and her private  little sand dune behind. And as she passed by, she slowly looked up toward his  balcony. His eyes fastened on hers, and he wondered what she would think had she  known he had been watching her through this tinted glass, masturbating along  with her for more summers than he cared to admit. He looked at his watch and  smiled. It was precisely 2:00 pm.

    The winds had died down and the  temperature began to drop. She felt relaxed and energized at the same time. Her  reclusive hours at the beach always did that to her. She started her car and as  she drove away, she turned to look at the front of that beautiful cottage  mansion she loved so much. She smiled and wondered what he would do if her  awareness of his presence ever came to light. She slid two fingers into her  vagina as she sped away, then pulled them out and took in her sweet, musky aroma  as the wind blew against her hair. She laughed softly to herself in amusement.  Another beautiful day at the beach and she could never get enough. A seagull  flew overhead, bidding her adieu as her car quickly disappeared into the  speeding  traffic.

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