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  • Making my Sugar Daddy POP his Creamy Candy!

    I always do my best to please my sugar daddy and give him what he wants. I mean my VERY BEST. He does take such care of me and has been like training me to be his sugar baby for awhile now. And like o.k. how I can resist him? He’s so fucking fine and has like OMG a massively Huge, the Biggest, Best sugar stick EVAHHHH. hahha It pops candy!!! It does just ask Apple. *wicked grin*

    Seriously, when my girlfriends see his big black cock they like automatically drool and can’t stop staring. It’s all we talk about. I’m so in love with it and yes, I do give my sugar daddy whatevahhh he wants. I mean what’s a sugar baby to do when I walk in the room and I see him all bulging,throbbing,aching to drain his swollen big balls?

    I call his  new lil sexy fuck toys in the room dressed in hot pink glitter, micro-mini skirts and pink fringed halter tops with black patton leather Mary Jane cum-fuck-me heels.  Pink glitter lipstick and of course, eager to please.Just the way daddy likes them.

    Then here they come swaying those sexy booty’s across the room like “real girls”. Already trained and ready to give my daddy anything he likes. ANYTHING. 

    I look over and note his growing  HUGE bulge and obvious approval of my latest treats for him. I lick my lips, wink and then nod to his sex toys and instruct them to get down on their knees like slutty sex kittens and  crawl to my daddy.

    Pleased, I sit back and watch as sugar daddy’s BIG cock is devoured by his naughty cum starved kittens. Every once in awhile I walk over to him, perch over his shoulder and whisper dirty things in his ear. Coaxing,purrrrring all the things I know make him shoot hardcore. See, I like making sugar daddy pop extra hard all over his slutty little fuck toys but sometimes I need it also.

    Yes, I admit I crave it. And who better to get him off the way he really likes it than me? Pushing his little pets out of the way I nuzzle right between his legs looking right at him with my big blue eyes begging for my fix.  I pull my blonde locks from my face and tell him “Go ahead daddy jizz all over my sexy tits and face.” You know you wanna like pop daddy…so do it”. Give me all your candy I say in the most seductive, valley girl voice. Just like he likes.

    It truly is an addiction and the pay off…wow…is HUGE. Guess what he gave to me? Oh yes, he did and I still savor the flavor until next time…

    ~Call my bedroom for your extreme,hardcore,fetish or fantasy role play.~

    This naughty little Phone Sex Mistress happens to love a little of it all…

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 Ext. 508

    Twitter: MistressLaurenZ

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  • Naughty or Nice List? Holiday Phone Sex


    What do you think? Have I been a good girl or a bad, bad girl? Am on the naughty or nice list? Well, I will say this Santa better be good to me because I am always so good to him. *giggles*

    What do you think it will take for him to cum down my chimney and give me lot’s of kinky treats? Maybe we can practice. I mean practice does make perfect and I’m all about doing things right.

    Wonder if Santa will like how I played really naughty games in the hot tub with my bff? Maybe he wishes he could of joined the two of us naughty girls. Kissing,teasing each others hot little twats under the water. Pressing our hard nipps against together and finger fucking like two hot lil sluts. Damn right I own it and love it. And well Mr. Santa if you don’t like naughty girls then I guess you will miss all the naughty fun.

    Or I wonder if he will like me training all my slutty sissy’s this year. Bet ya there are lot’s of panties,stockings,bras, wigs,high heels and tons of make up on a lot of pretty sissy’s lists. Not to mention toys…lot’s of kinky toys like anal beads,butt plugs,chastity devices,nipple clamps strap on dildos,french ticklers. Oh wait some of those are actually on my list. 😉

    Perhaps Santa will think me a good girl for taking care of all you naughty men with your raging hard cocks. All you fetish loving guys who rely on Miss Lauren to embrace your most secret desires and fantasies.  Or you men who just enjoy a creative,sensual, well-versed sex kitten to spend some time with.

    Naughty or nice doesn’t matter to me because it’s all the same. I think to be a good girl you have to be a little bit bad. That’s why I truly,genuinely adore my clients here at UsLove.com. Thank you all for making this another really great year. I look forward to so much more and welcome newbies to give me a call. Mention this blog post and I will even give you a few free mins during the holiday season.

    Soft sensual kisses,

    Hoping to play NAUGHTY really soon with you.

    Miss Lauren

    Phone direct or by request: 949-999-5979 Ext. 508

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  • Sissy Training Phone Sex with Dakota

    Sissy Training Phone Sex is a discreet way to learn everything about being a good sissy….
    John visited me last week.  He wanted to see me after he had discreetly ordered (very skimpy and naughty) designer lingerie, and an assortment of panties and pantyhose.   He was so excited, that his big, blue eyes sparkled as he clutched his big, red, shopping bag (that also contained a pair of super sexy, black, 6 inch heels, and a couple of  risqué  little black dresses (low-cut, super short, and very sheer)).  A week beforehand,  I had texted him and told him that I would order his wigs and make-up, and I told him to make sure that he brought a pink, 6 inch dildo.  I told him that I had a bottle of  bubble gum scented, lubrication gel, a strap-on harness and 6 inch, realistic, flesh-like dong (that sprays creamy jizz).  My thighs became really moist, as I thought about how naughty it would be to break-in an older, married man.  I told him that (we would work up to larger sizes, after I felt that he could handle it).  I had him get undressed and slip into the strawberry scented bubble bath, that I had prepared for him.  While he was in his bath, I shaved his underarms, pubic area, chest, and legs.  I passed him a glass of sparkling champagne (that I bought the bottle earlier that day, using my fake id).  After his bath, I had him and slip on a pink, silk robe and pink, faux fur slippers.  We walked into the bedroom where he was instructed to disrobe and lay on his stomach.  He leaped onto the bed that was covered with pink, silk sheets and matching fluffy pillows.  During our first  training session, I wanted him to know what it was like to  be pampered, as I rubbed his smooth body with strawberry scented, warming lotion.  I gave him the name of ‘Joanelle’ (to use when he felt sexy and naughty)……he was ready to start learning how to be a ‘real sissy’.  Are you?
    Dakota, ext. 733

  • Girl Talk and Cum



    I love dressing up, even on a bad day a bitch needs to feel as sexy as she looks. Satin,silk or nylon I wear them all! Oh yes, don’t even get me started on leggings or shoes, everything about being a woman turns me the fuck on!! I bet some of you sissy’s wish you could relate. Are you ready to be the prettiest slut in town?  Don’t be shy girly boy, your secret fetish is safe with me!

    Cum and girl talk!! Xoxo

    Call me 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 723 or visit me at USLove.com


  • My First Time with Samantha,A Shemale Tale

    p5152-7The human body is an amazingly beautiful work of art. Whether it be the male or female body that you are looking at, however when you are lucky enough to find someone that is both, well that is not only beautiful,but fascinating as well .

    I am lucky enough that I know someone like this. Her name is Samantha. She and I grew up together and she is also my best friend.

    Now to look at Samantha you would have no clue that she was transgender. She looks like a female. She always has.

    No plastic surgery needed on her face at all, just a touch of makeup. She did get breast implants,but that and a few hormone shots was all she needed. She is Angelina Jolie hot, she just happens to have a very long thick cock between her thighs.

    She was and still is one of the best sexual partners that I have ever had . I wish that I could say that she was my first lover,but we didn’t get together until college, when we moved into an apartment together on campus.

    She was however my first shemale .

    One night both of us were sitting at home watching a movie and talking about the people that we’d been seeing, when I confessed to her that I’d never been with a woman like her, but that it was my ultimate sexual fantasy.

    She was all to eager to help me live out this fantasy and I was all to eager to allow her. I had been crushing on her for years .

    Admittedly there were some nervous giggles at first as we started making out on the sofa and clothes began coming off. By this time she had her thirty-six D cup implants and I was in awe of how beautiful her body was .

    She is very tall and lean, with great muscle tone,her skin is soft and completely smooth and her cock. It is long and beautiful,about eight inches,nice helmet shaped head and delicate balls.

    I practically came just looking at her .

    She pushed me back on the sofa and she started kissing me. Her lips quickly found my neck and then my breasts She suckled them gently at first and then began nibbling them. I moaned and arched my back as she made her way down my stomach to my achingly wet and soaking pussy.

    I leaned up on my elbows and watched as she parted my pussy lips with her tongue and began licking and suckling on my clit, sliding a finger inside of me and touching a part of me that had never been touched before.

    I threw my head back and came harder than I thought that I could .

    She lapped at my pussy and made me cum yet again .

    Samantha told me how good I tasted and then leaned forward and kissed me passionately,shoving her tongue into my mouth and allowing me the pleasure of tasting my own cum.

    This just turned me on even more. I moved my hands over her breasts, pinching her hard pink nipples. She moaned as I moved my lips to her earlobe and neck and finally don to those beautiful breasts of hers.

    I flicked my tongue over them and suckled them hard, spending a bit of time on them. Her cock was so fucking hard. I reached down and began stroking it, there was pre cum on the tip. I told her that I wanted to suck her cock and then I did.

    I crawled between her thighs and began licking and sucking on her thick beautiful shaft, moving my tongue upward and around the beautiful head.

    She was so hard and my pussy was positively throbbing.

    I guided her cock in and out of my mouth, pushing the head up against the roof of my mouth and against the back of my throat. I had to see how much I could take . I wanted to take it all . I wanted to swallow her cock whole, all the while I reached underneath and I massaged her smooth sack and rubbed her taint, and fingered her ass.

    She pushed herself further into my throat.

    Her balls were against my chin now and I was on fire. Turned on like never before ! I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to have her cock in my pussy !

    I stood up and squatted over her lap, one hand on her shoulders,the other on her cock and I guided that beautiful dick inside of my throbbing wet pussy ! She grabbed me by the back of my head and kissed me hard and deep,our breasts touching as I rode her hard cock, milking it with my pussy. Her hands on my ass, hips thrusting.

    I lifted my head and arched my back and looked at my beautiful lover. Her breasts bouncing in sync with my own.

    Samantha grabbed my hips and dove in a little deeper and within moments she came inside of me, forcing me to orgasm as well .

    That was the beginning of our sexual relationship. One that is still very strong even now.

    We have had some very interesting encounters over the years. Perhaps you’d like to hear about them…

    Bridgette ext 519

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at USLove.com


  • Men in panties !!!


    Oh how I love guys in panties, It’s such a turn on when I see a guy putting on a sexy pair of girl panties. Thank goodness my friend Frank called last night and said he had wanted to come over and show me his latest girl panties that he had bought. He showed up at the door holding a Victorias Secret bag in his hand and a bottle of wine. I knew at that moment that I was going to have a great night. So he came in and started to take out 3 panties that he had bought and was ready to model them for me. I was in heaven.


    I am not too sure what it is about a man putting these on and modeling them for me.. But I think its totally HOT. Hell Boy The one thing that I love more is when i make him get on his knees and and worship what I have between my legs for hours and hours. (giggle) What a fucking turn on. After many hours of watching him in his latest panties I finally allowed him to hop on my leg and HUMP my leg till he came. Now that was hot.. Making him a little puppy boy and watching hump my leg over and over and over.. (giggle) 

    Call me and lets have some fun!!

    MJ @ Ext. 584 


    charlene1David was hot, and obsessed with Charlene.  Who wouldn’t be.  Damn, Charlene:  36dd; 24;38.  Caramel skin, and an ass that would make a man cry to lick it once. Tits that were natural and so delicious looking, you didn’t need to see them completely naked to know they were dick fuckable.  One on fire bitch; even a few of the females in the office wanted to suck on that sweet pussy of hers.  Charlene, the cunt that David was determined to plough deep.

    Charlene knew what she had and who she was:  one sexy ass bitch with the power over men that made them bow down–she owned who ever she fucked.  No man owned her, nor commanded her to do anything–she was the master, and she alone was served.  But she kept this on the down low; she wasn’t overt.  she found displays of lust and arousal cheap and disgusting.   She knew David wanted her, and he was a hunk, but he was like a big dog in heat:  lumbering, too aggressive, and slobbery.  He may have gotten some hot Charlene pussy had it not been for his acting like a clod.

    David had came on to Charlene every way he knew how, and he was growing impatient and bolder.  He decided, after his masturbation-in-the-shower session, that he would ramp up his seduction of the hot fuck tease and show her what happens when you think you are too good to fuck “The Man”.

    It was Saturday, and a few personnel had to report to the office to meet a deadline.  David purposely waited till midday when he knew most of the weekenders would be done and out of there.  All except “Ms.- I’m too good to fuck- Charlene”, bitch.  I’m going to fuck her so hard, right on her fucking desk, she’s going to cry for more,” he mused to himself, causing an erection that throbbed hard and painfully.  “Yeah, she’s going to pay for this too.”

    Once at the office, David quietly eased in the main door, locked it behind him, and headed for Charlene’s office.  She wasn’t there.  FUCK!  She’s got to be here! Where the fuck did she go?! The pounding in his head matched the pounding in pants.  His dick was a brick.  All of a sudden, from the door of his office, a voice sultry and deep directed him, “Are you looking for me?” He jerked around, stunned, as if paralyzed.  There she was, dressed in black lingerie with black thigh high boots, standing in the doorway to David’s office, with the look of fucking in her eyes.  David took big strides to get to his office.  He was pulling off his polo jersey, and undoing his belt and pants all in one masterful move.  “Oh fuck YEAH!  The Fucking’s happening!!!” I’m going to destroy that hole!!!”  He thought.

    When he reached Charlene, he was naked and ready.  He grabbed for her to rip those lacy distractions completely off and get right ramming his meat in her cunt.  But he was in for a surprise.  Before he could, Charlene spun him around and gripped him with such force and strength that he did not realize what had happened.  Confused, David turned his head to see Charlene’s face–to see if this was her.  The person that just grabbed him seemed to have the strength of a muscular man; the person holding him against his desk, rendering him unable to move didn’t seem to be a female–not Charlene at all.  But it was.  He saw her, and she hadn’t changed; it was still her.  But not the Charlene he had dreamed nights on end of taking advantage of.  This was a different woman, a predatory female, and she intended to “Take” from him.  “David”, she said in a commanding tone,  “Just relax.  I’m going to fuck you, and if you calm down and relax your ass, I will make it quite enjoyable for you.”  “And thank you for taking all of your clothing off; I hate the bother.”

    She held him with one hand, nails digging in his back, and with the other hand she pulled out her 10 inch cock from beneath the frilly, feminine black nightie.  She put it against his small white, ass.  David gasped and tried to move, but it was as if he was locked against the edge of his desk.  “SHE’S GOT A COCK AND SHE’S GOING TO FUCK ME!!!!!”  His mind screamed over and over!  “Relax, clod, and you will soon feel ecstasy; keep struggling and it will just be unpleasant for you for a long while.”  “Oh, and incase you are wondering, I am a female, I just have the best of both worlds.  Right now, you will experience the man in me.”  And she laughed a most wicked laugh.  She opened his ass cheeks with her huge mushroom head and spit on his asshole.  “You see, I don’t really want to inflict pain on you, but unfortunately this will hurt, maybe a little.”

    Charlene began to push her dickhead in David’s asshole.  He screamed, FUCK!  This shit hurts! Owwwwwwwww!!!  Let me go, fucking black bitch.”  “Relax David, I’m not letting you go, I am going to put my cock deep in your white ass, so just let it happen, baby.”  “I said let me go!”, David screamed.  “Shut your fucking mouth!  It is NOT what you want!  It is  what I WANT.  And I want your wet ass on my hard cock, and I mean to shoot my hot jizz in this tight white ass of yours.”  Charlene rammed her cockhead in David’s ass to show him who was in control.    He decided he was going to be fucked by this black bitch and he may like it. like she said.  Charlene could feel David beginning to submit and she rewarded him by changing the mood from punishing to just fucking. She held still to let David’s asshole muscle throb on her mushroom head.

    ww“Oh damn, your ass feels so good.  I’m going to ease it in, just relax and it wont hurt much.  If you continue to resist, I will ram you, again.  Do you want that?”  “No”, he said.  “Good.  Just take it, and I will fuck you with such pleasure you’ve never felt before.”  David relaxed as much as he could.  It hurt like a mutherfucker, but soon, like Charlene said, it began to feel good.  David could feel his ass open up; he could feel it getting wetter and wetter.  The more open and the wetter his asshole got, the more Charlene pushed her dick in his ass.

    Soon, David’s whole upper body was laying on his desk and Charlene’s cock was in his ass completely.  Once in, Charlene rested her large, hot titties on David’s back and she put both hands on his hard cock.  She moved his foreskin back and forth slowly at first, and then she sped up.  She pumped his dick with her hands while she pumped her dick in his ass.  When David began to buck his ass, she held onto his hips to keep her cock in his ass.  Damn!!!, he said to himself.  She was so fucking right, this shit is so fucking good.  Mutherfuck!!!  I feel like my whole fucking body wants to come.  Charlene could feel David’s asshole clench, with force on her hard as steel cock.  She knew he was ready to explode.  She was too but she wanted to hold on till he shot off.  She didn’t have to wait too long; he screamed OH GOD!!!! and shot a stream, hot and long.

    At that moment, Charlene exploded in David’s throbbing asshole, deep in his ass and it was a hot, full load that he could feel oozing from his asshole.  Their climaxes lasted roughly about 3 minutes.  Both were spent.  David couldn’t believe what just happened, and Charlene was surprised David’s ass was as delicious as it was.  He belongs to me now; I own this delicious asshole, and I am going to have more of this and often.  I may even let him fuck me.

    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 725 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Feminization Phone Sex

    feminization phone sex

    Every woman knows how sexy we feel when dressing up to go out and show off what we got. I think every man should experience feminization phone sex at least once. They should be made to wear sexy panties and bras, nylons with heels, and even some erotic lingerie just so they can feel what we feel. Let’s get our men and make them up as pretty as we can and take them out to show off. Feminizing phone sex with a man makes him no less of a man, it just gives them the sense of what a woman goes through or feels. When going out, we should let them see what it’s like to be a woman around a group of men who think only with the smaller head and want what we have. Bringing a man home with us to share and let us sit back and watch how our men react to having that same cock they push on us in their face ready to be sucked on. I love to watch my man suck on that throbbing piece of meat. It makes me very wet to see his lips slide over that cock and his tongue lick those balls. My man being a little slut for me is enough to make me orgasm. Watching or helping him spread those tight ass cheeks and accepting that cock penetration is so hot. Hearing his moans and panting’s while feeling that cock driving deeper inside his little fuck hole. It reminds me of several sissy boys who come see me only to beg me to get them a hung stud. They realize what it is like to be a woman and be fucked like one and they love it. Dressing up like a woman and being a woman are two totally different things but it does give a man a closer look or sense of what a woman experiences as far as feelings, desire, self worth, and arousal. If more men would experience what we go through there would not be so many bad relationships because it would give men the opportunity to stop and think about it before responding so hastily. Me, personally, I love my little sluts who dress up for me and having feminization phone sex with them is the ultimate orgasm. Sitting around talking about clothing, manicures, and cock always brightens my day. So, if you are one of those men who want to talk about it or share some of your experiences I’m all ears and can tell you of some of mine too. I can’t wait to hear from you and have you model those sexy panties and camisole’s for me.

    Eleanor – Ext 579

    Call me at 949-381-3733  Ext: 579 or visit my page at http://uslove.com/eleanor

  • Every boy wants Sexy little Holly, you know you do…

    There isn’t a boy I can’t have. Every boy I meet wants to fuck me. They think about me, sit around jerking off to thoughts of me and fuck their wives and girlfriends wishing that it was me they were fucking. I am used to it. I mean when you are such a perfect little Goddess like me it’s expected that every boy is going to lust after you. I expect it and accept it. I also kinda love it.

    I have never had a problem getting boys to do whatever I want. They love me ,lust after me and want to please me. I mean really look at you…..you sit there with your cock in hand looking at pictures of me and listening to my voice. I do have the hottest,sweetest and sexiest voice around don’t I? I am so tempting and tasty, just ever so yummy. You crave me,desire me, become addicted because I know what lurks in your darkest of dark hearts. Your naughtiest thoughts and strongest cravings are brought to life by me.

    Play with me, become addicted to me, crave me. There are others but none can really get deep into your psyche like I can. Only I can truly own your heart,cock and mind. Give in and surrender to Sexy Little Holly..

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, the one true addiction you crave again and again and again…..

  • The Tranny Transformation

    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kayla, and I am a transformation artist. I’m an expert at transforming boys into girls, and today is the day I will transform you into my very own shemale creation. So, you have to be ready, willing, and able to except all of the changes that await you. Now then, if you’re ready, follow me into the world of your complete tranny transformation.

    First you will enter my transformation room. As soon as you are there, I begin by filling a syringe with powerful female hormones that will take affect immediately. Right after injecting you with the hormones, you can feel the changes begin to take place. You start growing boobs, your ass is getting rounder, and the pitch of your voice becomes much, much higher. As you feel your cock and balls start to shrink, you also feel your hair, nails, and eyelashes become longer.

    Next, I need you to remove your clothes and lay on the table. I will perform a full body waxing, which will completely remove any hair on your body, including your cock, balls, and under arms. After waxing, I have you stand up in front of me, so that I can make sure that all of the hair is gone from your beautiful, smooth, glistening skin.

    Now, I need you to come over to the hairdresser chair so I can shape and sculpt your eyebrows into a beautiful arch. Then, I add some color and highlights to your hair, and while the color is setting in, I start to work on your manicure and pedicure. I take extra care on your hands and feet, sculpting and shaping each nail individually with delicate perfection. Each nail is painted with a lustrous glittery pink polish. When finally finished, your nails are spectacular, and absolutely gorgeous. By the time the coloring is complete, I begin preparing my tools to style your hair. I use scissors, combs, brushes, and a curling iron, to make sure your hair looks it’s absolute best.

    Now it’s time to get your makeup done. I reach into the makeup bag, and then begin carefully applying all the makeup you’ll need, like eyeliner, mascara, blush, etc. And now, for the finishing touch, I use lipstick on your lips that is the same beautiful feminine pink color that matches your nails.

    With most of your transformation complete, it is now time to get you all dressed up. I first give you a lacy little set of matching bra and panties. Then, to prevent any flopping out or bulging, your cock must be tucked and taped down inside your panties. I then help you slip into a sexy, backless red silk mini dress. After your dress is on, I hand you a pair of glittery gold stilettos, along with a gold garter belt to match.

    Your accessories are next. I give you a velvet pouch with the most phenomenal diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet imaginable. I then use my piercing gun to pierce each of your ears. After putting them on, the drop earrings dangle like miniature chandeliers, and the bracelet perfectly fits around your delicate wrist. Then finally, I place the necklace around your neck to hang between your new voluptuous boobs. After you’re completely dressed, I take you over to the full-length mirror, so you can finally see your new beautiful body that I’ve just made for you.

    While you’re facing the mirror, admiring your new feminine physique, you hear me tell you that everything that we’ve done so far today is very special, but there is just one more step left in the process. This next step is the most important in your transformation, because now that you look like a woman, it’s time to make you feel like a woman too. When you turn back around to look at me, your eyes are immediately drawn down to see the huge, hard strapon cock that I’m now wearing. You are my beautiful creation, my stunning work of art, and now it’s time to take your little cherry, and fuck you as a woman for the very first time.

    As I’m standing in front of you, you go down to your knees, wrapping your pink painted lips around the shaft, as I begin working my hard throbbing cock into your mouth, and down your throat. I love looking down at your pretty face, as your head bobs up and down while you suck it. It really turns me on when you look back up at me, and I can see in your eyes how much you like it too. After using your mouth to put a nice shiny polish on my cock, I take you over to the big black leather couch. I get you doggy style up on the couch, as I get into position behind you. I want to fuck you wearing everything that I dressed you in, so I just lift up the back of your dress, and pull your little panties to the side.

    Next, I’m spreading your ass open, exposing your pretty little pink puckered pussy to my huge cock, as I begin to push it in. You then feel the wetness on the tip of my cock touch your hole that has just been moistened by your mouth. You feel me slowly entering and going deeper, exploring your tight, tender, virgin hole. I can tell that the sensation of having your pussy filled is incredible for you, as I hear you moan and look over at the mirror on the other side of the room, to watch yourself being fucked by me.

    The other end of the strapon is in my pussy, hitting just the right spot as you push your ass back into each thrust that I give you. While still fucking you, I lean forward for a moment, draping myself over your back and pulling your hair slightly behind your ear, whispering into your ear and making you tell me that I own your hot little hole. The more you say it, the harder I fuck you. I start smacking your ass and making you say it louder. I love hearing it As you begin panting faster and breathing harder, while I look down at my hard cock pumping in and out of your sweet boy pussy.

    I then begin grinding up against you, pressing up and down in order to cause the end of the dildo inside my pussy to hit my G-spot, while the other end that’s in your ass is nudging and rubbing repeatedly against your prostate gland with a perfected technique that is guaranteed to make both of us cum like crazy.

    As I start cumming on my end of the dildo, I feel your body begin shuddering. So I tighten my grip on your hips, drill the strapon deep and hold it there. You then squeeze your eyes shut, and let out a feminine squeal as I make you cream in your little panties. It feels good to have just fucked the pussy that I made, the pussy that I own, and now you are my perfect little shemale sex doll.


    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 807 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Shhhh…Forbidden Addiction, It’s Our Secret…

    Shhhhh…don’t worry, I promise to keep it our little secret. I won’t tell on you, I won’t let your wife know how you call me night after night with your dirtiest fantasies. I promise not to tell anyone where all that extra money goes. We know it goes to me…your addiction, your obsession, your only desire. I know what lurks in your darkest heart and I make it happen don’t I? We all know that there are all sorts of addictions out there but in reality I am the only real one, true one. I am the one you really crave. The one you wait for and call back for again and again…

    Remember how you called me yesterday? Cock so hard, mind full of the nastiest thoughts possible and I made them happen didn’t I? The best part of it was that you didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt afterwards did you? It felt too good, too right. I know how to make even the most forbidden things feel right don’t I? Call your Goddess, your forbidden addiction and I will make it all real,all right..Get your fix, fulfill your craving. 

    Sexy Little Holly is your only drug @ ex 767…you know you crave me..

  • This is Me – This is what I love…

    p4911-1I’m waiting, knowing he will be here shortly. We go to dinner on his boat, and dine on deck. We drink our wine, his favorite, Sancerre, and gaze up at the moon. It’s so beautiful. He is just so sex on legs.

    He stares at me and I find myself stirred, short of breath, my heart beating against my chest. My blood is coursing through my veins like fire. He stands and takes my hand and says lets go down to my cabin below..

    As he looks into my eyes, he tells me that he wants raw sex, he wants to blow my mind, rock my worlds and burn me up in passion. Oh yes I think to myself as I stare back at him unable to speak.

    He smiles and starts undressing me and then pushes me down on the bed, with a smile on his rugged face. As he leans down I start to unbutton his shirt and watch as off it goes and I get full view of his masculine chest.

    Our passion erupts between us and soon our tongues are entwined. He stares at me and says I want you wet and wild baby! Hot, sweaty, and grinding sex is what I’m going to give you. I want to feel the bite of your teeth and touch of your nails down my back when I pleasure you so much that it becomes unbearable and so great, you are no longer able to be gentle!

    He starts kissing my eyes, my cheeks, my mouth again, my jaw and down to my neck. He then takes both hands and pushes up my breasts so he can suck them and nibble on my tight nipples, not stopping until he can see that I am starting to feel the passion all the way from my toes to my stomach. He smiles and then starts kissing my stomach and down between my thighs as he uses his masculine hands to spread my legs apart.

    His touch and mouth are making me come undone inside. He continues to kiss my legs and back up to my stomach and nipples with his tongue dragging making me wet in each place he licks. He looks into my eyes and then I watch as he dips his head and sucks on my nipples and then kisses his way down to the top of my pussy and then without warning he starts sucking and stroking my clit with his mouth and tongue. It feels so good and shocked at the feeling, I nearly buck off the bed, his tongue feels like fire and ice on me…

    I am laying there as he puts his large masculine hand on my stomach to keep me from moving and then slides one finger into my tight and wet pussy. As I moan, he slides in another, moving them around and around while still sucking on my clit and keeping a smile on his face..

    I am burning up and my nails are ripping across his back just as he said they would. I’m breathing so hard and he looks into my eyes and stops for a second to tell me to just breathe deeply and let it happen. Demanding that I give it to him and not being able to control myself, I have an earth shattering climax and I am spinning, flying high to the moon and back. Oh Yeah, I’m burning alive from his hands, his words and his tongue…

    He leans over me and kisses me hard on my lips. I can taste myself on his mouth and feel how hard his cock is. He spreads my legs wider, unzips his pants, pushes them down and before I could move he pushes himself inside me. I feel so full and he moves in and out and over and over. Then he pushes in deeper while moving his hips around, and around. I’m holding his ass with each hand and squeezing and then I feel that tension building and building and I cry out and cum all around him and he stills and then climaxes so hard, he screams out Oh Lavette! And falls over me and tells me how hot I am and how responsive I am and he loved how he felt me clinching all around him.

    We lay there and he says that was a great appetizer. I laugh and say Oh yeah, this was my magic time. He then tells me my voice is like hot melted caramel and how it turns him on. Grrrrr is what I say as he looks and I know he is ready for more…

    Now visit me and lets pleasure one another…Lavette ext 849

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 849 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Mans 2 favorite toys-together !

    p646-9I want to share what happened to me a week ago.

    I was on a date,with a man I have known for awhile. He was un-employed for about 9 months and 6 months ago he got a great paying job. So to celebrate, he bought himself a new car. After dinner,we were going to drive to his house for dessert. I was teasing him,that we really was in love with this new car of his.

    He drove off the freeway,onto a side road. Soon we were parked in the middle of nowhere. Inside his car we were soon making out. He had my tits out of the dress,sucking and squeezing them. He is a nipple man,loves my nipples.I was french kissing him and teasing my cock with my finger tips. Just lightly touching him thru his pants. Hearing him beg me to fuck him as he slide his hands up my dress and into my moist pussy. I pushed his head down and threw my left leg over his shoulders,laying back my seat, all the way now. Enjoying his begging and eating out my now,pretty pink juicy pussy. Just as he was taking out his throbbing cock I said wait,wait ! I have a idea. Moaning he said,Nikkkkkkkk Your killing me Nikki.

    I rolled on top of him,whispered relax baby,I know just what you need. Come on,get out of the car.

    Outside I pulled off that dress that was already halfway off. Threw off my heels and sat on his hood naked. Laying back onto this new car he loved so much,I spread my arms out,holding onto the sides of the car. I spread my legs open, bald pussy waiting for him. Phil, Think of me as your sexy hood ornament. I didnt even finish that sentence before his pants were off and I was staring up into the sky, while he traced my body with his hands,taking his time, allowing me to tempt him and then feeling him slowly moving me down alittle,towards him. Using his hips to hold me in place while touched my face and started fucking me, using long slow strokes,wanting it to last. Admiring a beautiful woman on his beautiful car. Smiling as he fucked me. Slipping his hands over my titties and tummy. Enjoying the view and the feel of my tight  pussy submitting to his cock. Then,pulling me up into him,holding me… as he shot a long nasty load of cum,into his Nasty, Naughty, Nikki. Smiling from ear to ear,he  got back into the car. His hand on the stick. My hand on his cock.

    Nikki @ ext 523

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 523 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Center Stage

    p5164-1The crowd surrounded you, music was loud and then I knew
    Just what I wanted
    And so I slipped on through-locked eyes of green with eyes of blue
    And then I knew right then you knew what you wanted from me too…

    Approach the stage the message rang straight though your microphone
    Kneel before me let me glory don’t forget we’re not alone

    We’re being watched by crowds of those
    Who do demand remove your clothes you little slut your bodies mine
    And I am taking
    Your every breath will be my solace
    Took your hard dick and said now hold this
    In your mouth make sure you open wide for daddy

    You smacked my face grabbed at my lacey panties wrapped them round my neck and gave a squeeze
    You jammed it in as deep as sin while others watched your such a tease

    You used my throat just like a cloak to coat your manhood
    Grabbed at my hair made my eyes tear and I Oh whimpered for you good

    I gasped for air locked In your stare and begged you please for your permission
    Daddy give to me my mission, use my body for your vision, show the whole world
    How you own my tender sweet and tasty ass.

    How could a dirty little slut who likes it rough
    And in the butt
    Be such a perfect little lady with such class

    But get me up on center stage turn up the lust turn down the age
    And I will beg you for direction, public sex and harsh affection
    Your erection used to penetrate my hot delicious holes

    You held me tight and did me right and right in front of perfect strangers
    Oh the pleasures oh the dangers

    I submitted to your cock
    was done with dreaming, I’d been creaming in my panties
    Done with fantasies and was done with fancy talk

    You spun me round face to the ground my little skirt ripped up around me
    As you pounded crowd surrounded us and everyone could see

    Just how you used me Grabbed and bruised me twisted my body like a naughty fleshly mangled servant cage

    U blew your load inside my ass for all my class It’s nearly crass
    The things you did to me for everyone to see

    on center stage…

    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 327 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Crude Oil

    p4894-1It was a warm evening when my phone rang. After a sexy giggle I immediately grabbed my pink duffle bag, and stuffed it with a pair of ankle strap high heels. When my emergency dick- in- a- glass calls, I come running without hesitation.

    This girl can bring it. That evening I made sure my hair was bouncy perfection, lips pink and glossy, and my sky blue sequin dress revealed enough tits n’ ass to bring out his sexual beast. One last touch remained; sexy cherry blossom-scented lotion for my luscious dancer legs. -He just LOVES my legs.

    The phone rang again as promised. I drove to the ‘La Rest-Up Motel’ as instructed and gave the desk clerk my full name. She handed me a key to room 128 and I headed to my rendezvous with my loaded duffel bag in hand. The anticipation inside me grew as I walked closer to the room. Would he be there waiting for me? My pussy lips seized up and my nipples tightened as I slipped the room key through the slot to unlock the door.

    With one last gulp, I stepped through the doorway into a dark, pay-per-hour, drab, motel room. I recognized his distinct cologne and it made me salivate in lust. The door abruptly closed behind me while his hand grabbed my waist slamming me into his body. Without saying a word, his large rough hands rubbed my thigh underneath my blue dress and pulled my delicate pink panties to the side exposing my moist aroused naughty holes. He began using his thick fingers; one to slowly massage my pussy lips and one to poke deep inside my tight asshole. As I softly moaned he stuck the forefinger of his free hand in my mouth and I sucked on it uncontrollably.

    He spun me around after a few moments and inspected my silhouette with his carnivorous eyes. I received the seal of approval when he kneeled to the ground, took one of my legs and draped it over his shoulder as he began tonging my saturated pussy. It was so decadent; the intense sexual heat transferred from his body to every erogenous zone on mine. My hips started moving in sync with his tongue. I grabbed the back of his head so he could bury his face further between my slippery lips. I started to pant harder, getting closer to cumming and he abruptly stopped.

    My small frame was immediately scooped up into his arms and poured onto the crusted motel bedspread. I spread my legs wide leaving my pussy open and vulnerable. I didn’t care what toothless gutter whore had been on the bedspread last nor did I care what he had in store for me next. I just wanted him to beat my pussy up like it owed him money.

    This pussy glistened impatiently with nectar as he walked over to a drawer. Returning with a bottle of baby oil and leather straps, he rolled me over onto my stomach and removed my heels. As if he wanted to torture me beyond all limitations, he spread my thighs and fingered my ass hole, completely bypassing my screaming, pulsating, horned-up pussy lips.  I started grinding my nipples on the smelly sticky bed, hoping to get some sort of stimulating sensation from the raunchy act. I was going crazy for his cock and he knew it.

    After ordering me to stay face-down, he stretched out my legs until they were straight.  He clamped my legs together with his hands and used leather straps to tie my knees together, then proceeded to tie my ankles together tightly.  Once I was secure and unable to separate my legs at all, he plunged his huge man fingers into my ass. The pumping action transformed me into a sexed crazed animal and I screamed into the pillow for more.

    Just then, he popped open the baby oil lid. Glops of oil were squeezed onto my legs and waves of heat rushed over me as he massaged these enormous amounts on my calves and thighs. The slopping noises were so loud and sexual; I raised my hips and instinctively arched my back.

    After he applied the oil, he straddled my body. His breath was heavy and warm on my back. Ripples of pleasure waved across my body as his rock hard heavy dick finally dragged along my oil slicked calves. His hefty supple unshaven balls were weighted down with cum, resting comfortably on the back of my legs. He started to lick and massage my ass and pussy while he pushed his engorged dick between my bound legs. As his hips moved in and out of my clamped oil-slicked legs, I pivoted my feet so that he could feel me thrust in sync with him. He continued to lap away at my puckered ass as I sighed uncontrollably, enjoying the devoted oral attention. Getting closer to the edge, he pumped his fingers in and out of my messy pussy faster and harder as he groaned while fucking my slippery legs with his humungous meaty pole.

    I lifted my hips while pushing my ass faster towards his tongue and fingers.  I was almost at ecstasy’s door when he slipped a third finger in my pussy. He commanded me not to cum as he screamed and howled out loud. Hot streams of cum shot out of his throbbing bloated cock onto my legs.

    Huffing and puffing, he untied the leather straps from my ankles and knees and turned me onto my back. While I lay in a pool of warm slippery spunk, he grabbed a dingy motel pillow and slipped the scratchy thing underneath my hips. I spread my cum-drenched legs and my pussy was once again fully exposed. He started to masterfully French kiss my clit and I gripped the headboard, almost ripping it off.

    He looked up at me as I was hyperventilating with delight. His face was coated and smeared with my sauce. He was once again hungry for more. He rose to his knees on the bed, held his heavy dick in his hand, and traced my entire quivering pussy and ass with his meaty pre-cum drenched mushroom head.

    “You want this dick, don’t you?” he asked. A hot tear streamed down the side of my face as my entire body cried out for him to fuck me with the might of an angry mob. He reached over, grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced me down to the dank, smelly motel carpet. I thought I was going to gag on his fat monster dick, but he had something else in mind.

    There I was down on my knees, my mouth wide open as I huffed, willingly and eagerly ready for him to fuck me out of control. I couldn’t take it a second longer. I begged him, “Please Steve, fuck me! Please. I’ll do anything. Just fuck me any way you want!” He pushed my face into the bed as I kneeled and spread my legs. He rudely opened my ass cheeks, pulled my hips toward him and fucked my starved pussy with his massive fat dick. My pussy clamped down on his meat as I came hard over and over again. I was so worn out; I doubled over in exhaustion on the floor when he finished with me.

    In the aftermath, I looked around and realized I was fucked sideways in a room that probably hadn’t been cleaned in weeks, if not months. What a hot nasty little crime scene. –I’ll be back for more of that.

    Want more of this? Call Amy at ext. 418.


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  • Pheromones – The Sexy Scent Of A Man…And What It Did To Me

    singleHave you ever heard of pheromones?  Pheromones are the chemicals in a person’s body that can attract a woman to a man and vice-versa.  It’s the “natural” scent of a person.  Now I wasn’t really a believer of “attraction by scent” until I met Mark.  But now I’m a big believer, haha!

    After being married a few years and feeling unappreciated and very bored, I decided to spice up my relationship with another man whom I met online.  We talked several times on the phone.  Mark was a few years younger than me, and had the sexiest phone voice a girl could imagine.  He lived about an hour away, but after talking I decided I would meet him.  We would meet at a public place, see if we liked each other and if we did, we would go back to my house for a weekend of fun.  My hubby was out of town on business for two weeks.

    Mark and I met at a local restaurant, had a nice dinner, and eventually decided to go back to my house.  As we were walking out of the restaurant, him beside me, that’s when it hit me.  I got a sniff of his natural scent and I couldn’t believe how sexy it was!  My husband’s scent didn’t do that to me, and I couldn’t figure out why the scent of this stranger was making me so horny.  Could it just be because I knew I was going to get laid by this sexy man?  Whatever it was, I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had to. He followed me home in his car, and I know I broke the speed limit getting home, but damnit, I was super horny!

    When we got back to my house I took him on a tour which eventually led to the master bedroom.  As I looked into those big dark brown eyes, I could smell his scent and it was driving me absolutely crazy.  He bent down and kissed me with a long, deep kiss and I was wondering why my husband’s scent didn’t do this to me.  My mind didn’t stay on him long though.  We started slowly undressing each other and I got my first look at his 8 1/2 inch and very thick cock.  Needless to say that made me even hornier.

    Now Mark knew I was into anal sex big time, because you could say our phone calls got very hot at times.  And I wanted to be filled to the brim with that huge cock.  I got some lube from a night stand drawer, gave it to him, and while standing in the floor, bent over the bed and spread my legs.  He lubed up his cock and stood right behind me.  It felt so good when he put his cockhead on my puckered asshole.  It felt even better when he pushed it inside me!  My ass had never felt so full in my life.  He started with long, slow strokes and later sped up those strokes.  I reached down and started rubbing my clit, as he started fucking my ass harder and deeper.  Soon enough he was pounding my ass, making me scream out in pure animal lust and pleasure.  I couldn’t help myself!  And soon after that he yelled, “I’m cumming!” and shot a huge load of cum inside my ass.  And as soon as I felt that load shoot into me, I came like crazy!  After a little rest to recoup, we took a hot, steamy shower together and spent the rest of the night talking, giving each other sexy massages, and sleeping.  And yes, those pheromones of his were still working their magic on me, lol!

    Want to know what else happened that weekend?  Call me and I’ll tell you…you won’t regret it!  I’m Donna at ext. 682, a cougar, MILF or “mommy” who will talk about all fantasies, fetishes and role plays…from the mild to the wild!

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    p4894-5There’s nothing like a little boost after an impossible day. I know how good feels to take your mind by the hand, walk it into a relaxing place and release the day’s anxieties; even if it’s for a little while. That sweet surrender to delicious delight is hard-earned and well-deserved.

    Back home, they tell me positive people will get ya’ through the hard times. If there’s an ounce of truth to that encouragement, then the same rings true for a wound-tight or overtaxed man. Positive pussy will get him through the toughest of times.

    I think of “Great Pussy N’ a Smile” as the cure-all to everything that ails. It’s like that tantalizing erotic massage at the end of a long day for a guy. It strips him bare naked, touches him in all the predictable places, then pulls from deep within him the most wonderfully electric release he never imagined…leaving him breathless and knowing he’ll be back for more.

    Every delicious touch, every delicate taste, every whispered breath upon his ear is so intense and savory. That hard day becomes more distant as the call progresses. It’s as if our bodies are intertwined somewhere in a wonderful place of our own; touching, kissing, and tugging in this intimate setting. Only we exist together in this space. The buildup from the day combined with our passionate intensity can only lead to one beautiful exacting explosion of breathless moans and screams.

    It’s so true. The power of a positive pussy and a delicious dick can turn a whole day around.  It evokes powerful healing emotions and is a sexy solution to a wide array of the day’s obstacles.

    When sexual therapy is essential, Amy’s the answer at ext. 418.

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  • He Calls me and Tells me a story about what a Cocksucking Whore he is!

    p4108-2You Call me and you are all dressed up in your pink Satin panties, matching bra, garter, and black stockings and heels!  All dressed up like a little cock sucking pantie whore! Once you tell me what you are wearing,I make you grab your pink lip gloss and put it all over your Cock Sucking lips!

    You then start telling me stories about when you were at movie theater and it was so dark and the stranger next to you saw you with your pants down in your panties.  I got so hot hearing you tell me how the stranger reached out and grabbed hold of your hard cock and started to stroke it for you.

    I am imagining your panties pulled down around your ankles and you being jacked off by the stranger.  He is getting turned on by your sexy pink panties and sexy stockings!  He pulls his cock out and you get on your knees and start Sucking the strangers big hard cock!  Your sexy pink lip gloss smearing all over his throbbing Cock! You end your story with the Stranger Shooting his load all over your pretty pink lips and down your throat!

    This story gets me so hot I decide its time for you to eat your cum load!  I make you get on your back legs up in the air and Cock pointing at your face!  I make the pantie boy jerk it until he shoots his load all over his face and in his mouth!  OPEN WIDE!!!!!!

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 861 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Birthday She Male fun!

    I have a special friend of mine who loves kinky three way phone sex. Every time I use my strap on he begs me to find him a real she male. More than anything he wants to be in a three way with me and a really hot she male. Since his birthday was coming up I decided to surprise him with the best birthday present ever!

    I happen to have a friend who is a superhot chick with a dick who was down for some kinky three way fun. Lisa had told me before that she had been wanting to have some fun with a really hot boy who would do whatever we wanted. I told her he was certainly the boy for that. Just talking about our plan made us so hot we had to fuck then and there. I had never fucked her before but it was great and I was ready for seconds right away! Luckily so was she. She has a beautiful and big cock. I couldn’t wait to share the fun with my special friend.

    After a great dinner and cake I took him back to my bedroom where Lisa was waiting on the bed wearing nothing but thigh highs, a garter and a huge hard on. I don’t even think it took him 30 seconds to get undressed! We had him on his hands and knees sucking my strap on while Lisa slipped her cock into his tight ass. I knew what he really wanted so I had Lisa stand in front of him so he could wrap his lips around her cock. He was a little nervous and barely had his mouth around the head so I decided to give him a little push. I got behind and rammed my strap on right on pushing him forward. He had no choice but to swallow Lisa’s cock! As Lisa slammed her cock down his throat her tits bounced. She looked so fucking hot fucking his face. I reached around, grabbed his cock and started jerking it as I fucked him. As she pulled out and came all over his face he came in my hand. I of course had to join them and came really hard.

    After a full night of fucking he thanked me for the best birthday he has ever had!

    Sexy Little Holly @ ex 767  is here to make your dreams cum true! 


    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 767 or visit my site at uslove.com

  • The Bet 3

    p5152-8It seems that my pathetic little bitch James,didn’t learn his lesson last time…

    Just as I suspected James  is cumming back for more ! Didn’t I tell you that he would ? I knew that once would not be enough for him. Perhaps he is a pain slut ! I do love  a pain slut ! They are just so much damn fun ! I should really write a blog about them .

    Anyways we made another bet on football games. Same rules as last time and just like last time James lost. We will be getting together for the call this weekend .

    Jen is going to do her magic again. Hooking up the toys for me, so I can control them from my phone. We will be using some of the same ones and some different ones . She is setting them up to be even stronger this time, for maximum pain. Of course I am going to have her dress him up like the bitch he is again . This time James will be wearing lip gloss and blush, a wig, a bra with fake breasts, a thong, skirt, thigh highs and heels. I am going to tell her to take some photos and pass those around to all of his friends for maximum humiliation ! Tell me what would you like for me to do to James this time ? I would love to hear all of your suggestions and of course I will update you with The Bet 4 as soon as it happens.

    Bridgette Ext:519

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  • I’m feeling very playful

    p4915-5Hello to all my callers,

    I’m feeling very playful this morning. I just got back into town a few days ago and I’ve been playing catch up with all of my e-mails. Just sitting here in my livingroom in a very nice RED LACY TEDDY and am feeling very HORNY. I’m trying to get adjusted to the New Year and its taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things like it normally does when its a New Year. I hope yall had a very nice Christmas as well as a very Nice New Year. I was actually flying back when everybody was celebrating in the states. It takes me a few days to get adjusted to the time zone as yall know I am a Flight Attendant and I fly International. I’m hoping to talk to all of my favorite callers. I’ll be online later today. I’ve moved so I have the task of unpacking boxes and putting everything away and getting the house cleaned as well. My work is never done but hey at least I have about a week to 2 weeks off and can just relax and talk to all of yall. When I talk to yall you make my day and I hope I make your day as well. Well I’m going to go for now but like I said I will be online later.


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  • The Bet Part 2


    So I had my phone call with James last night.

    He is the person that I made the bet with and he lost.

    He had to do whatever I wanted.

    Apparently if I’d lost he was going to get to do whatever he wanted to too me or his girl friend dressed as me.   He was quite shocked at what she and I had planned for him. She’d tucked him away in a motel and blind folded him,not wanting him to know just how severe his punishment was going to be.

    Once she had his arms and legs tethered to the bed. I instructed her dress him like a girl and she happily obliged !   She dressed him in a long wig,applied red lipstick,and dressed him in a lace bra and panties and a skirt .

    So I could talk to him,she’d placed a headset on his head.

    He was totally at our mercy.


    I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to do this .

    Even though and let me make this clear James did give me permission to do all of this too him .

    I’d never had a call like this before .   All of the devices that we were going to use on him were set up by remote and I was controlling them through my phone.

    Don’t know how she arranged it,but then I am not very tech savvy.

    She texted me how everything would work and what devices we were using and when .


    Here is how the night played out .

    Once Jen had him tied to the bed and dressed like the little bitch whore he was.

    She helped him place the call.

    He was scared,but gave me his permission anyway.   You could tell that he was concerned about what we had in store for him.

    I wanted to start out slow,so I had her attach nipple clamps with some wires to his nipples.

    I toyed with the keypad of my phone going from mild to very severe pain.   He was screaming like a little girl,but I’d just gotten started my favorite part hadn’t even happened yet. She arranged for a boot to drop from the ceiling with a fifteen pound weight inside, using my key pad I had it lower and kick James right where he deserved it, in his balls.   You should have heard him sniffling and crying like the little bitch he was, begging me to stop.

    His balls really hurt !lol

    Next, she set up the next three items, a curling iron and the  steel whip.   You must remember James was not thrilled with the idea of having anything in his ass.

    He told me that he was very homophobic !

    Some of the best people I know are gay !

    Yeah that pissed me off even more .   It was like he was determined to make me want to hurt him.

    A part of me wondered if he was just a pain slut .

    I turned on the curling iron and let it warm up and then made it go from warm to hot.   He was whimpering and begging for mercy .

    I didn’t let up.

    As part of the bet Jen made him call me and tell me what he would have done to her as me for a week if I’d lost.

    He told me .   He would have locked me away in the hotel room and have his way with me whether I liked it or not. He wanted to make me cry and to beg him to stop, he wanted to hurt me.

    After I heard this using the next toys made it quite easy   Jen had placed his balls in a torture chamber called The Humbler and had set up a dildo machine called The Plow and a steel whip as well.

    I controlled how hard and fast the plow entered him.

    He was not happy at all !   Apparently James like to dish it out,but can’t take it !

    Pathetic little bitch.

    He couldn’t take it when the shoe was on the other foot .

    Finally on the last call I could tell how tired he was.   He’d nearly had it,but I wasn’t finished .

    I had Jen hook the boot back up with the same weight as before, this time since his balls were in The Humbler he was in even more pain .

    Jen texted me today and told me that when she finally untied the little bitch that he could barely stand and had his panties around his ankles and was clutching his balls.   Poor little James.

    I hope he learned his lesson.

    You should dish it out if you can’t take,but something tells me he didn’t learn a damned thing and I will be called upon once again to teach the little sissy bitch another lesson.




    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at uslove.com


  • A Poem For JOJO…

    p3132-4A poem written for JOJO

    Of course Im touched by the love he feels for me… Ive spoken to him a handful of times for I guess about 5 years now..  Now he calls me as often as he can… I give back to him all that I can… Its not always easy for him in his personal world that he’s shared with me.. I listen and I care… We share and he knows Im here for him, I give him a release from his world… We have a strong relationship over the phone, and its good.. Its real good…  His fantasies are dark and intense..  They’re so extreme it brings us close when he opens up and shares them with me..  Some things in life you just can’t tell anyone…  I do for him what no other in his world can do… Thank you for letting me in your world…

    Let me be a part of your world too.. Open up and feel free you can tell it all to me… I’m just a phone call away…

    I am JOJO call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 623 or visit me at uslove.com

    *I love doing for you what she won’t, Mmmmm…*

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  • …Come to me… Ven a Mi…

    mini skirt1

    Hi There ;),

    My Name is Camila and I have 18 years old. My dad is from Spain and my mom is from Cuba. I am a current student living with my sister now…  I always have been daddy’s favorite because I am the youngest daughter and I am use to be spoiled…but even he thinks I am his little girl…I looove being dirty just he doesn’t  have a little idea about this face of his little girl lol bcuz I usually look so sweet like an innocent angel Innocent… I don’t have lately too much time to go out because I have too much school stuff to get done almost every day…but I like to maintain this secret dirty life…even to my parents back…  I am hungry of life and new experiences so I joined USLOVE  to have great fun! I can just talk to you and share experiences being you sweet girlfriend, I can be dirty and naughty; I can be sweet and innocent like a little girl, I can be bad and dominant and perverse like a little devil that suck your soul and your sexual strength … I enjoy everything you can ask and give me!! bcuz with my 18 years old I am starting to live!  Also we can have a great time together because this is actually my biggest sexual relief…if you want to make feel sexual pleasure to this young goddess come and show me what you have…I am …STARVING… play with me…make me live… we can do it together…

    Camila, Call me at 9499995900 ,you can also ask for me or send me a message, even if I’m not on, If I am at home, I will sign in just for you,  Ext 836, English or Spanish… welcome…  😉 

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  • The Hot Night

    In bed windows wide open, i wake up due to the nights heat, not being able to go back to sleep my hands start to glide over the sweat on my body, its so hot i remember saying to myself at that moment i realize that my hands are down between my wet pussy slowly rubbing my lips and moving to my clit. I cant help it i spread my legs and finger my hot hole i slide my fingers in and out in pleasure until i explode in ecstasy.

    As i gain my composure i look out the window i see you there with your hard dick dripping cum, i look again and your gone, was it a dream? I hope not i want that strange man to come back…….

    NIjae…Are you that strange man?


    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 729 or visit me at uslove.com



  • There is something so erotic about being on Santa’s Naughty List!

    I want to be a good little girl and please Santa.
    I do not want to disappoint him and end up on his Naughty List,( or do I???)

    As a little Girl my Daddy would threaten “BE A GOOD GIRL OR SANTA WILL PUT YOU ON HIS NAUGHTY LIST”
    This would always make me straiten up and be on my best behavior! No little girl wants coal in her stocking!
    I would try and be extra good from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Knowing that this mystical Santa Was watching me and knew everything I was doing Good or Bad!!!

    Now I think yes it is very good to be on Santa’s Good list!  I love the presents!
    But there is something in me that thinks hmmm What if I was on his Naughty list!
    I picture this Man in his Red suit Coming up to me on my knees. I am  Dressed in White thigh highs with red bows , a little red baby doll nightie, with red and white sheer thong panties.
    Santa Tells me “Gem you have been a very naughty girl! You must pay the consequences!”
    Santa then pulls down his pants and pulls out his North pole.
    It is so big i instantly go to grab for it but he smacks my hand a way with his white gloved hand!

    Santa  then tells me open your mouth and Suck my pole!  I start to suck and it grows longer and longer! “This is why you’re on my naughty list!
    You are such a dirty little slut!  Bend over you naughty little HO HO HO!
    He then comes up behind me and slides my drenched thong down my thigh and tells me to leave it around my ankles.  I do as Santa says!  My body is shaking my pussy is throbbing in hopes of that long hard North Pole sliding up inside me!

    Santa Stands behind me and says I am going to have to spank you naughty girl for all the bad slutty things you have done all year long!
    He proceeds to smack my ass over and over!
    I feel his white gloved hand  making my ass cheeks sting!
    Santa then comes closer and I feel his hot breath is smells like gingerbread on my neck!
    He grabs me by the hips and rams his big hard long North Pole all the way up inside me!

    If you would like to hear the rest of the story give me a call me!
    Santa’s Naughty Ho ho ho Gem @ ext 861

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 861 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Sweet Southern Sunday Surprise

    I went to bed somewhat disappointed and anxious all at the same time.  The evening had been slow with calls, which it seems like it should have been appreciated after my marathon gaming with sex session, but for some reason I was missing my callers and wanted to hear them, have them lull me to sleep with their moans of passion and orgasm. 

    I was anxious anticipating my neighbor the musician’s return from Charleston in the hopes he would bring me one of his little sweet groupies!  The “Z” man as I like to call him, often brings me a groupie and sometimes two or three!

    My friends were exhausted from our long weekend, which started about midweek last week were slowly either disappearing into the wee hours of the morning or into deep hard sleeps.  A few managed to get up and go home and others went to a different room so that they could have more room to sleep.  It’s kind of crowded sleeping with 13 in a queen size bed, no matter how comfortable that mattress is!

    About 6:30 a.m. I heard my alarm foretelling the shut off of its system and I barely woke, but instantly knew it was the Z man returning from Charleston and he had to have a toy for me or he wouldn’t be waking me so early on a Sunday morning!  I lay there as still as possible trying to pretend like I was asleep and I have to admit, that was the longest and hardest five minutes of my life!

    I wanted to jump up and log in, in the hopes that one of my favorite callers would call and catch us all fooling around.  Sometimes it is so hot knowing that someone that I will never meet will hear a very intimate moment and when I think this, I often get instantly wet, but instead I can’t move in anticipation of the Z man surprising me with my Sunday toy!  Sorry boys, I wanted my surprise to much to risk surprising them!

    I could hear the dogs all excited about his arrival and a couple of sweet voices giggling.  There was more than one!  The dogs must have been putting their noses in between their legs because on occasion I would hear a “whoa” along with giggling and the voices sounded somewhat strange, not extremely feminine or masculine.  My curiosity was about to get the best of me, when I heard them walking on down the hall way and my bedroom slowly squeaking as it opened.

    I could hear the Z man telling them to undress quietly but to leave their stockings and garters on and damn I about exploded at the idea of smooth nylon legs sliding up mine!  I felt the covers slightly lift and Z[s slim body scoop mine instantly onto his long, slim cock.   He went right in my ass and I couldn’t help but to moan as he reached around with his lips and bit my left ear.  He held me tight as he rolled over onto his back and when he did I felt rather large lips begin to suckle on my neck as the covers were tore from my body.  Surprised, I couldn’t help but to open my eyes and that is when I saw my two beautiful Sunday surprises!

    They weren’t either, male or female or maybe they were a little of both because they were men dressed as women and beautiful women they were as well as beautiful men!  I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were as women and yet both were so freaking well endowed!

    The one that was sucking on my neck when I reached down to feel what they had between their legs, I almost gasped when my fingers didn’t touch!  It wasn’t as long as the other, but my goodness, it was so thick and already had pre-cum dripping from its head.  It had to of been about six or seven inches long and about 4 to 4.5 inches in diameter!  And beautiful, OMFG!  As a woman, he was so beautiful!  His hair was naturally a soft brown and his skin was tanned to almost an olive color.  He has been taking hormones and his breasts were growing and he was naturally a c-cup.  His breasts were the most perfect breasts I had ever seen and those lips, so freaking smooth and gentle!  I must have cum 20 times because of that beautiful mouth!

    As my neck, lips and breasts were being devoured the other, immediately got on his knees and slip right between mine and the Z man’s legs and straight into my wet dripping little nookie.  I almost screamed as he slid deep into me!  I thought he was going to rip me apart and the other must have known the pain I was experiencing with my pleasure and immediately bent over my stomach and began to lick and suck on my clit.  My little nookie was becoming instantly lubricated with my juices and the pain was no longer my main focus, matter of fact, I don’t remember feeling anything but filled up to the brim and in pure ecstasy!

    I began to writhe on both pulsating cocks and moan deeply and loud enough to where people were being woken by my pleasure and I could feel eyes all upon me as well as hands rubbing, caressing and pulling at my pierced nipples. The more I became aware of people watching and others touching me, I began to get even more excited!  I love being watched and began to instantly feel like I needed to put on an erotic show; a private porn show.

    I arched my back, wrapped my legs around the nylon body in front of men, dug my claws into the Z man’s chest to make him moan loud for me and pushed my beauty queen harder onto my clit as I pumped both throbbing cocks and mouth!  I fucked them like a pro and enjoyed every moment of it and made it known I wanted more cock and wanted a sweet little nookie on my face.

    It was such a wonderful Sunday morning.  My gift lasted physically for about three hours and was such an enjoyable way to wake up.  I hated for it to end, but my new found friends as well as my other friends all needed to get the week started and after a quick breakfast we had to say our good byes, but we all knew that at the first opportunity we had, we were going to do it all over again!

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 879 or visit me at uslove.com


  • iLust: Sticky Fingers

    Here I lay in my huge Heirloom Iron, antiqued silver 4 poster bed, nestled between two magnificent 1,200 thread count Itlaian— oh so solft and weighty— sheets. I have the softest blanket in the world and a fire raging in the fireplace. I have on a tight little pale pink La Perla T-shirt and matching panties. My Hitachi vibrator is quiet now, yet warm against my thigh from over use. I had a crashing huge orgasm in the wee small hours this morning and now I shall have to change these panties as I could feel that the crotch was warm and sticky as my cum had soaked them thru and thru. My mind wandered as the waves lapped hungrily at the new shoreline. I thought about my ruined yard and was so grateful I still had my house. The back gate which leads to my beautiful beach is gone, all my roses and teak decking around the pool. My barbeque and food prep island in the patio was cement and stonework so it was solid enough to survive and when all the sand and debris is cleared of my pool cover and the power is back we’ll see if if was worth all that money and really protected the pool. Gosh, I came so hard I released my Kundilini energy and I throbbed and pulsed in a wicked sexual convulsion for hours. Crystal clear cum came in buckets and surely I am on a wet spot on the bed. I am such an animal sometimes only thinking of sex, sex, sex. Yet, here I am writing to you on my iPad, thinking sexy-dirty-sersuous -thoughts about me callers and all the wicked ways I can entice them to call me to keep my voraceous sexual appitite fed.

    So I think I’l have a sale so I keep busy and clear my mind of everything…no storms…no politics just tranquility.

    OK, here’s the deal. Call me between now and Tuesday at 6 am. and I’ll match your first receipt with a free one. Keep me busy guys, and I’ll stay here and talk and write to you all weekend. And, on your third call I’ll send you a picture that nobody’s seen of me at home here in bed, or out on my deck, with all of me on display! I’ll give you my private e-mail on your third call and you can email me and I’ll return it with an awesome pic. Now that’s a deal.

    I have to go for a while but I am online right now so call me….xoxoMadeline Ext 721

    PS—amuse yourselves at my website http://telegoddess.wix.com/madeline721 Call me this morning or text me for an appointment. I promise our time together will blow your mind. I am lovely, twisted and fun I’m told, see for yourselves!

    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 721 or visit my page at uslove.com


  • Raven – I’m a shemale, need I say more…

    Raven x-404

    Watch me as I walk into the club…
    All eyes will be on me…
    Im told I have a addictively attractive personality that causes men to want me..

    Just ask Richard he’s addicted to…….. Raven…

    He says I’m very powerful how I put men under my spell…

    Richard you know you just wanna put your mouth around my 8 inchs of prime meat!!

    My name is Raven, my extension is 404 . I’m a shemale, need I say more.. I didn’t think so.

    Call me and lets explore (949) 999-5979 x-404 Raven