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  • The Neighbor

    My neighbors son was so good looking, but, a little bit shy. He was mowing lawns to earn money for college. He mowed my lawn every Saturday morning. On very warm days he’d remove his shirt. I was so turned on by him. I always kept ice water on my table for him. Today I will surprise him. He came in for his water and walked in on me naked in my living room. He could barely speak. Come here I said. He walked over to me and I tossed my panties onto his face. He took deep breaths to smell them. I lowered his face onto my pussy. He tasted my lips with his young tongue. Then, we fucked for hours. His cock was so juicy and plump. I just love having young neighbors so friendly and playful. This went on every time he came home to visit. He even calls me MOMMY!! Oh yea, I love this neighborhood.

  • Reintroduction

    Hi there! I am Miss Fiona, and I am a naughty school teacher that would love to teach you a thing or two. I am 27 years old, and I teach 6th grade. I have an extremely wild sex drive and would love to discuss all our deepest, darkest fantasies. I have no limits and am into some really kinky stuff. I am always horny and ready for some action. Call me and let’s discuss our deepest desires.

    Fiona ext 319

  • I need you to help me with this girl……..

    I went to the gym today and met a 21 year old girl. She is absolutely gorgeous. Five feet, six inches, long blonde hair, even longer legs, nice perky tits.

    I brought her home with me and we made out as we walked in the door. I took her top off and bra off and licked and sucked on her sweet, pink nipples. They got so hard as I rolled my tongue over them. I then got on my knees and pulled her pants and panties down. She is completely shaved. I ran my tongue over her juicy little clit while she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

    I then grabbed her hand and brought her into my bedroom. Her eyes got wide as she saw the restraints that are attached to my four poster bed. I pushed her onto my bed and started securing her arms and legs, spread eagle. I proceeded to slide my tongue into her tight little pussy, getting her nice and wet. I ate her pussy for 20 minutes and got her right on the brink of ecstasy and then took away all the pleasure, watching her squirm.

    She is still tied to my bed, aching with desire. Call me and let’s use her together. I am going to tell you exactly what to do with her……

    Fiona ext 319

  • Foot Job Phone Sex

    Foot Job Phone Sex With Gretchen

    As far back as I can remember I have always had a fascination with my Feet. I find them Sexy, Soft and beautiful. I love the feeling You get from head to Toe, during a nice Pedicure, the warm water the , hands that run up and down Your Legs, and the soft lotion. I find it so erotic. I was seated next to this handsome guy and I could see him in the mirror , just in front of us squirming, as he was getting turned on, when she pulls my leg up and stat massages my feet, he gasped, I can hear him breathing heavier. I over hear him talking to his buddy, that he only came in to see Woman’s feet, and to see if he can meet someone. The Lady is now asking me what else I want done, I pick out my Toenail polish, bright Red, as men see it very sexual , and can show a sign of  Dominance. He’s about done with his Pedicure, and I get a phone call as they are  taking me to the dryer. He then sits down in front of me, and over hears me talking to a submissive, that pays for my Pedicures on a weekly basis. He says to Me sorry, but I couldn’t help but over hear Your conversation. I said what is it You  thought You heard. He describes I say that’s correct. I tell him in great detail I love a Man that Loves my feet and wants to worship them. I tell him I live down the street 2 miles. He asks can come over just to chat with me. On the T.V.  I had a recorded show that was just about to end. And after on the screen pops up myself in my hot tub, Legs over the side and my subs mouth wrapped around my Toes, he was licking them and sucking them. I can tell, he’s getting turned on Richard, is his name. He gets down on the floor removes my sandals and starts licking everyone of my toes. I try to act like I don’t want it, but it felt so good. Richard is so talented with his Tongue, I can tell his cock becomes  so erect, he start thrusting himself up against me. I was so turned on watching him devour my Feet. As if the were something savory. I Tel  him if You keep doing it like that, and smelling and taasting them, I may reward him. I sit him on the couch tell him don’t move. Take down Your pants, and sit on ur hands.  He didn’t listen well so I take my pink padded handcuffs and put them on his wrist, his cock is bouncing all over the place. He tells me how much he loves stockings. I put on this video, and it’s myself and Danny my other sub…… I am laid back on the bed and  Danny’s cock is so hard its pulsating. I begin to slowly masturbate him with my stockings, Richard says Ma’am, can I do that? So lay back tell him to watch the tape,  Richard see’s how submissive Danny is. He removes , my stocking and I lube him up, teasing and denying him every time he would get so close, I begin to start doing the same with Richard, I take my Hands and point with my Fingers move your cock , right here. He starts going faster , faster, and I can tell he wants to cum so bad. But I deny him. I tell him think about how privileged You are and come back in a week. He pays me for my superiority and leaves Hopefully all the way home he  thinks about me and wanting to serve Me.

    So why don’t You pick up the phone and let’s see how submissive You really are.

    Gretchen, Ext 827

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  • Bring out my Slut Phone sex

    Living in a new city is sometimes a blessing and a curse.. bring out my inner slut…

    I moved away from the trailer park hoping to leave my slut side in my pass. I know I look sweet and very innocent so at first it was so easy to leave my slut self in the trailer park. I attended my classes dressed neatly like the preppy non slut girls. I even tried to cover up my curvy sexy body.

    ” I guess what they say is true you can take the girl out of the trailer park…. Giggles you know the rest.” It didn’t take long for  my true inner slut to come out. About three months into the year I lost my sugar daddy. There went my financing and fucking.

    The first couple weeks I masturbated and I fucked  the dyke chick I had rented one of the rooms to. I had money saved from my phone sex slut work and My sugar daddy had paid  my rent up for a few months. So for a few weeks I just had some slutty secret fun.  Then My car broke down and I need it fixed. “Oh No  I hadn’t replaced my financial fuck buddy.”

    That night I told my little dyke girlfriend slash roommate I need to find a new sugar daddy. She said I have a friend for you.  He likes young filthy sluts and he will bank roll us both if you let him watch me dominate you. He will Jack off while watching us his live porn sluts. “Can you handle that?”

    Hummmm I get to be slutty with this chick while he watches wacks off and bank rolls our kinky fuckery? Hell yeah I am in….

    NOTE: This is my role play of the week…. who wants to be my demanding vulgar new sugar daddy.My ro0m mate would so love to make me her little slut puppet for her and her kinky best friend and the money just makes it filthier .

    What do you thing?


    Ext. 602

  • Cup of Sugar part 3

    “oh my, he does have a long, and from the looks of it, very talented, tongue Kittie, you’ve definitely trained him well” leyda said as she watched Carlos licking all around his huge, engorged cock head, and then in an up and down motion about three inches down the shaft, while he gripped it’s thickness and held it in place. A long, thin clear line of precum was forming as he was increasingly aroused from his own stimulations, as well as watching us look at him while he was doing it. “may I lick it too? I’m embarrassed to ask, I’m not sure if you’re just showing him off like a new toy, or if he is supposed to be the answer to our conversation from earlier…It’s kind of unexpected, but watching him lick that big thing has turned me on so much, and I want to taste that precum dripping out too” leyda added, squeezing her legs together, her flushed face and body language already telling me she was getting horny, but was a little timid about it.
    “you can, but on one condition. you have to let me put you on my bar set, you’ll be tied up. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you leyda, and you’ll definitely enjoy it.” I said as I played with her long blonde hair, pushing a few strands from her forehead. I could tell she was nervous about the prospect, but was having trouble resisting the possibility of gaining pleasure from such a well endowed and handsome guy as Carlos. “he’s quite yummy to look at, isn’t he leyda?” I said, as she moved closer and I started rubbing her shoulders, then put my hand over the thin satin fabric of her shirt, giving her large boob a gentle squeeze, and stroking the nipple, which had already been hard and poking out. she moaned slightly at my touch, and when I reached down between her legs, and ran my fingers back and forth over the crotch seam of her skin tight jeans, I could feel the wetness already dampening it. “Oh leyda, you poor thing, this pussy is hungry, isn’t she? I bet she’d love to be filled and fucked by a big dick like we have here with Carlos, wouldn’t she?” I whispered in her ear.

  • My New Year !

    p5574-6As most of you sexy guys know – I pick up men at a gentleman’s  club. I enjoy being a little slut. New Year’s eve was a little different. I have lots of female friends at the club. I am not old enough to dance yet…next year. I just turned 20. I like the club and am trying to meet some of the men there. I like watching them look at the dancers and imaging having a threesome. I love threesomes and licking pussy. I like finding men that are in their mid years. Middle aged men have so much experience. I really like it when the men say “I am old enough to be your dad.”  I saw a sexy Italian man looking at my dancer friend, Jaz. She was half black half white. She was very sexy and had perfect round tits. Watching her dance made my pussy so wet. When Jaz took her break the man bought her a drink. I saw them looking at me and smiling as she was talking to him. Jaz walked over to me she was so sexy in her thongs and her tits so perfect. She told me the man’s name was Richie. He wanted us to join his friends in the VIP Room. Of course I did. I thought that was so hot. I really like gang bangs. She said there were about 6 men and they wanted to watch us fuck each other. I have always wanted to fuck Jaz I always imagined her pussy tasted  sweet. We walked to the back and there was a sofa for us. Jaz and I started kissing. She ran her fingers threw my long blonde hair. She unzipped my dress and pulled down my thong,she started rubbing right on my clit. It felt so good. Then I started kissing her nipples and licking all around them. The men were all cheering for us. She slipped her hand in between my pussy lips. Her hand felt so good. I started licking from her nipple to her stomach and then her pussy and I was right it was sweet like honey.

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  • The Coworker

    p5773-1I knew I was in trouble the first time we shook hands, those sultry eyes looked up at me from his desk chair as his strong hand lingered a little longer than usual on mine.  Later that night when I was leaving, he was outside taking a break, talking on the phone in a language I didn’t recognize.  As soon as he saw me, he got off his phone quickly, and asked me if I was leaving for the night?  I couldn’t stop looking at his coal black hair, sexy big brown eyes, light tan skin, and the most intriguing chin dimple I had ever seen.  He was shorter than what I was usually attracted to, but his muscular body and handsome face made me wonder what he’d feel like, and how quickly he’d respond if we were pressed up against each other, all of our sensitive parts touching each other in exactly the right places….

    As we talked about his goals, background, etc. I couldn’t help but notice he’d slide his hand in his pocket, keep it there for a few minutes, very slowly moving it back and forth, all the while he would glance a little at my boobs, not able to stop looking at how the chilly air had made my already large and perky nipples more pronounced through my thin satin blouse.  We were getting closer to each other without even realizing it, almost touching, and I could feel a slow ache starting in my swollen pussy lips, and the thin crotch of my panties already wet and clinging to me….

    To be continued……

  • Lisa’s third wonder of the world

    p5574-5She was sitting a table, I was sitting at the bar. A beautiful  Latin women was making eyes at me and smiling. She was in her mid 30’s, she had an erotic body. She had a perfect hour glass shape, long dark hair down her back, and the greenest eyes you have ever seen. She was sitting at the table with a man in his mid 50’s. The man was in perfect shape he had a sexy body and crystal blue eyes. He had salt and pepper hair. They looked like they could be the perfect celebrity couple. They were whispering in each others ears. Finally, the women approached me and asked me if I was into threesomes. I told her yes. She asked how much money? See I pick up guys and girls in the bar and charge them money to do WHATEVER THEY WANT TO DO TO ME!   I told her the price did not matter because you and your friend are a sexy couple. My pussy was getting wet just looking at them. She asked me if I was submissive. Of course I told her I was. The couple took me up to their hotel room. On the bed I saw a pair a handcuffs and a  14 inch strap on! My pussy instantly got wet, I hoped they were going to use those fun toys on me!    To find out if they did call me Lisa at 949-722-2222 extension 613 XXX Trust me this story has a crazy twist. Remember buy 15 minutes to talk to  me and I will give you 5 minutes free!  And maybe you can use the same toys on me too….or maybe your big cock!  xoxoxo

  • Jordyn and Her sub (part2)

    I hang up the phone, then speed-dial 12.

    A deep and sensuous voice picks up. “Hello?”

    “Hey you. What do your next few hours look like?” I ask as I back out of the near empty parking lot and head towards home.

    “Mmmm, no hard plans. What do you have in mind?” I can hear the smile creeping across his lips. I reply, “Come to my place. My sub will make you feel like a king worthy of a queen like me.”


    “One hour.”

    “See you then.”

    Twenty minutes later, I pull into my garage and turn off the car’s ignition. No sooner than I insert my key into my front door do I hear the sub scurrying towards the door.

    “Welcome home, Goddess Jordyn,” he says to me in his sweet and quiet voice. It looks and smells like he’s been cleaning all day, and vanilla and lavender wafts in the air. He kisses my cheek softly, takes my coat and briefcase from me and puts them away in the nearby coat closet. I wait patiently near the threshold and he kneels before me to take off my pumps, kissing my feet lovingly one by one as I unbutton my blouse. Rising, he takes my hand and leads me to the back of the house where a candle-lit bathroom and warm bathtub awaits.

    Since I know how thrilling it is for him, I allow him to remove my clothing. He slides my skirt and panties off and slips his hands in the spaces between my skin and my blouse, landing with his arms around me to remove my black lace bra. His face lights up as I settle into the luxurious bath he’s prepared for me.

    “We will be having company in about a half hour.”

    “Oh?” my loyal pet says as he collects my clothes, sneaking sniffs of my panties and bra.

    “Yes. We’ll work on your reflexes and test your limits tonight.” Even in the dimly-lit bathroom, I can see his eyes delightfully twinkling. “You will refer to our guest as Sir. You will greet him as such, take his coat and offer him a drink. Get him ready while you wait for me.”

    “Thank you, Goddess!”

    “Oh, and I saw you,” I say, looking out of the corner of my eye. The sissy just stands there, petrified as I sink deeper into the tub. “You’ll pay for that later. You’re dismissed.”

    “Thank you, Goddess,” he says as he leaves dejected.
    The day melts off of my shoulders as I soak, bubbles gathering around my breasts and hot & milky water seeping into every pore. As much as work wore me down, this soak is infusing new energy into my body.

    The doorbell reverberates throughout the house. Mmm Micah.

    In no particular rush, I continue to soak, enjoying the way the bath invigorates my senses. I hear the front door open and shut, the sissy’s soft murmurs of hospitality, silence, and a little later, the clinks of ice in a lowball glass. I imagine Micah’s strong frame sitting on my couch, cooled scotch in hand, relaxing as the sub kneels in front of him and gets his permission to unbuckle and remove his pants. If I know my boys, Micah is all too happy to be serviced by a right and proper sub, and the sissy loves nothing more than to feel a cock harden down his throat.

    The energy in the space changes so rapidly, I can feel the shift all the way in my bathroom. Listening closely, I can hear soft puffs of breath and smooth, deep-throated moans, and my nipples harden under water. I can’t help but reach my hand down between my thighs as I hear my sub’s wet mouth conjure Micah’s groans and bated breaths. The warm water between my parted lips relaxes the lingering tension in my back and shoulders. I imagine my sub running a hand up and down Micah’s 10-inch cock and duplicate the rhythm against my sensitive clit. As I hear the sissy slurp and suck Micah to near climax, I stick two fingers inside and feel a slippery wetness. Smoothly back out, I rub up and down past my clit, with the V of my fingers stroking the inside of my lips and teasing my clit. Fingers back inside me now, the water is displaced by my hips thrusting as my pleasurable sighs echo around the bathroom, lining up with Micah’s moans in the other room.

    to be continued. . . 

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  • Dear Diary-I Was A Naughty Babysitter

    p5588-8I went to babysit again for George and MaryAnn.  I really like going over there when they go out-they have a gigantic home theater…And they always go out when it’s right around Sabrina’s bedtime, so I get to hang out in their place alone and sometimes I snoop.

    Tonight, I went into the study and a computer was on the desk. It looked like it was shut, but it wasn’t. When I opened it-there was a video paused and it was porn.

    It was an older man with a young girl, I could tell that when it was paused, but it wasn’t until I played it that I saw it.

    She looked exactly like me!

    There she was, getting her pussy licked, and sucked on by that older guy…And she was so wet…Almost as wet as I get. Looking at her pussy getting eaten and oh so wet made my pussy tingle, I had to touch myself-it would have been hot anyway, but thinking about George watching this…How did he find this girl that looks just like me? He was watching it right before I came over, I know it.

    And he was sitting right here. Right here in this chair stroking his cock-just a little bit ago-thinking of me while he watched this guy lick and suck and fuck her pussy…Oh yes he was…Did he cum? Did he have time? I did get dropped of way earlier than expected…The computer wasn’t shut all the way, he got up in a rush and that’s why he looked all out of sorts and happy but not so happy to see me, and me mentioned how he didn’t expect me for at least 30 minutes. Nope, I bet he didn’t cum.

    But he will.

    (I decided that I was on a mission.)

    As usual, they came home, she paid me and asked him to drive me home. All of that was very standard…Until we were just down the street from his house and I kinda turned in my seat and bent my leg so my skirt pulled up and my panties were totally exposed. He didn’t notice at first, but one look at me and his mouth hung open.

    George: “Um, Felina your skirt is not…Covering you…”

    “I know.”

    “Well, you should close your legs.” He was licking his lips as he said this to me.

    “Should I, Georgie? Is that what you want?”

    “Well, shouldn’t you? I mean, you wouldn’t want to give me the wrong idea, would you Felina?”

    “Would the wrong idea be you thinking that I want you to do to me what that guy was doing to my look-a-like in the porn you were watching that I found on your computer???”

    “What?! Oh no, you saw that???”

    “Yes, Georgie. I know what you think of me, how you think of me. You want me, don’t you?”

    And right then I reached over and I rubbed his cock through his pants and it was so fucking hard.

    “You’re so hard Georgie.”

    “Oh Felina, you can’t tease me like that. Stop it.”

    “Stop telling me to stop it when I know you want me so bad. Look right here-”

    And I pulled my panties away from my pussy as I reached in to his pants and grabbed his hard cock and pulled it out. It was hard, long, thick, swollen and hot.

    “Fuck! Felina! Oh God!” He nearly drove off the road and into a tree.

    “Be careful, Georgie. I know you probably didn’t get to cum earlier since I showed up early, interrupting your jack off session with ME. Is that right? Was your cock aching and throbbing all night?”



     FELINA EXT 770

  • Jordyn and Her sub (part1)

    2:45 pm. My bladder’s like clockwork and so is Mark.

    “Jordyn! I hope you don’t have any plans….” I already hate whatever’s at the end of that sentence. I worked 58 hours this week and want nothing more than to go home and recharge. Even when I don’t have plans, I plan to be anywhere but here.

    “Goddamnit Mark, why do you have to stop me on the way to the bathroom? I’m about to burst, sooo what’s up?” I urgently ask, mid-stride.

    “Ooh, I’ll make it quick,” Mark says. “We found some errors with the Mills case and we need a few people to work overtime this weekend. Can you come in tomorrow?”

    “Actually, I do have plans,” I respond, “but I can stay a couple hours extra tonight and get it started. How’s that?” Mark nods enthusiastically, wishes me a good weekend and is off to his next unassuming victim.

    I text [don’t pick up, roll to voicemail] to my sub as I rush off to the bathroom, my heels tapping on the tile.

    I make it to the stall, place a seat cover down and lift up my skirt, clenching my muscles tight.

    As I push my panties down and sit, I dial my little bitch’s number and wait, my clit throbbing with every ring. Pressure builds and warmth encompasses me as I tighten even more to hold back the flow.

    As the automated voicemail picks up, I release ever so slightly while I wait for the beep.

    Finally, I hear my cue and place the speakerphone close to the space between my thighs. The slow trickle becomes a little stronger, creating a 47-second soundbite of powerful stream. As I finish expelling the final drops, I bring the receiver near my mouth and say in staccato fashion, “Don’t. Even. Touch. My. Cock,” and quickly end the call.


    Back in my office, I watch people get antsy with their eyes fixed on the clock and the door. The first wave of workers slither out of the office at 3:30. *buzz-buzz* [should I expect you home, Goddess?]

    Then the mass exodus happens at 5. *buzz-buzz* [i can’t wait to kiss Goddess’ feet.]

    Some paralegals and I stay past 6. *buzz-buzz* [Goddess’ cock is so hard.]

    By 6:45, most of the cleaning crew’s tasks are completed, and by 7:30, the lights automatically lower with me and one other person still inside. The last of the paralegals says, “See ya Monday, Jordyn,” as they walk past my desk at 8 pm. *buzz-buzz* “Yeah, see ya Monday!”  

    I come to a stopping point and rub my tired eyes. I gotta stop doing this to myself. I need to take care of me.

    When I’ve done as much as I can with the Mills case and everyone’s gone home for the night, I reach for my phone and read my sub’s last text: [the bathroom is clean in anticipation of you]

    I gather my things and head to the car. I dial again, and on the first ring, “Goddess!”

    “Have you been good?” I ask my little bitch boy as I start my car. His breath releases in short spurts. “Yes, Goddess. I’ve been good. I-I-I didn’t touch it!”

    “Good boy. Now, what’s mama’s favorite thing after a long, hard day?”

    “A h-h-ot bath with lavender, m-m-milk and honey?” he excitedly replies.

    “Mmm yes. And what else?” I quiz.

    “A-a-and me?”

    “Yes. Have both ready when I walk in the door.”


    to be continued. . . 

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  • Creamy Goodness

    p6089-8I just adore whip cream and chocolate, the way it tastes the way whip cream is so fluffy and how chocolate can be used for more then just eating. I like to roll a bar of chocolate against my tongue and lick and slurp on it like its a big throbbing cock in my mouth it really gets me going. I also love to put whip cream on my nipples and watch them get hard while my boyfriend licks the whip cream off my nipples.

    My boyfriend has a big nine and half inch uncut cock that just throbs when I put that whip cream against the head of his tan cock, I then roll my tongue on it and slurp and lick it off, he moans like crazy and pushes my head further down and makes me gag while the whip cream is still floating in my mouth.

    Then he lays me back and puts the creamy whip right on my clit and slurps it off I cum so hard into his mouth when he does this, I just can’t help it I love a good creamy licking.


    Do you like to play with food too?

    I’m Ivy at EXT 860.

  • Loving you

    You come to bed,  laying there naked with only a candle light for me to see your beautiful body, I move closer to you my finger tips tracing your body from chest, to thighs. I look into your eyes and slowly lean in for a kiss, my long golden hair touching your chest, you wrap your arms around me as we kiss. Our tongues are tracing and dancing with each other and I touch your soft cheek as we embrace and passionately kiss.

    Your hands explore my body, feeling my soft breasts and my swollen wet clit you move in between my thighs now and start to lick my clit. Your tongue moving back and forth feeling my sweet juices going into your mouth. I’m now wet as can be, you slide your tongue into my tight little hole feeling how tight and wet I am for you taking me to wonderland.

    But I want to taste you too, I get you to lay on your back I go between your legs and look at how swollen your throbbing cock is! I take it in my soft petite hands and stroking it feeling how sensitive you are. I take my thumb and rub it on the head you’re pre-cumming I lick it off my thumbs. Then I open my mouth my  tongue licks every vein, and every part of your shaft. Then you grab my hair tightening on it, and push it down my throat. You feel how tight my little mouth hole is, and how you’re fucking my throat so hard.

    We both can’t help it we wanna feel each other, you get on top and look me into the eyes and slowly push the head into my hot little pussy you’re so big and thick I cant help but to scream out in pleasure. Our body’s thrust together, you feel how wet I am and how my pussy lips are rubbing on your shaft coating it in sweet juices. And how each time your cock pumps in my pussy it coats it with another of my love juices.

    You bite my lip and your cock spurts how a load of creamy goodness in my wet pussy, we kiss and embrace going to dreamland.

    Gypsy EXT 860

  • My son sniffs mommies panties



    I was washing clothes one morning and I noticed that all my panties I wore this week were grouped together. Hmmmm, how did they end up all together? I did the laundry as usual and didn’t think about it any more. Around noon, I took a quick shower and I dropped my panties into the hamper and the towel followed. Later into the night, I checked the hamper and sure enough, panties were on top of my towel. The next morning I paid more attention. Pretended to go outside and listened as my son went into the bathroom. I followed him. There he was, smelling my dirty panties with a huge massive boner. I took him to my room, and showed him what the real thing smelled and tasted like. After that day, I moved the hamper into his bedroom. Where it still is today.

  • Threesome w/ Hot Friend & Wife

    He invites me over to meet his wife. She’s 5’7″, blonde, fit body with luscious curves. She’s got beautiful C-cup tits, red pouty lips, and a perfectly round, soft ass. She wants to feel me before we start. I’m almost her opposite. I’m brunette and slender, with small pert tits. My ass is nice and bouncy though, like hers. She unbuttons my blouse and moves her hands over my soft, horny tits. She rubs my nipples till they’re hard between her fingers. We make out and he watches, his dick getting hard. It turns him on to watch his buxom wife play with a pretty, young thing like me, 10 years younger than both of them. She doesn’t stop pinching my sensitive nipples, my pussy getting wetter and wetter. She slips off her dress and I lick her sweet, flesh-tone nipples. I start to suck on one, while playing with the other. I can feel his huge cock against my ass as he comes up behind me and unbuttons my shorts.

    As they drop to the floor, he gets on his knees and puts his mouth to my soft, perfect ass, biting and licking it. He spreads my legs and buries his face into my pussy, pulling the lacy panties to the side. In nothing but my black panties and thigh-high socks, she sucks on my taut nipples and he thrusts his tongue deep into my tight, young pussy. She sucks on me and he tongue-fucks me till my body convulses, I let out a girlish scream of pleasure, and come into his mouth.

    We take things to the bedroom. I ride his cock rough and wild, as she grinds her pink pussy on his face. She opens my mouth and pushes her tongue in. I lick her all the way up her soft neck. She leans forward and eats my tits. I bounce super hard on his thick cock and I know I’m about to burst. I come uncontrollably all over his cock.

    He pulls out of me, still hard. His wife lies on her back and I climb on top. We put our lips and tongues all over each other as he gets behind me and starts to fuck her. I’m pressed between the two of them, her and my nipples rubbing together as he savagely fucks her. My clit grinds against hers and together, we all come. He lets out a full, hard yell in my ear as he shoots his load deep into her. He pulls out and collapses onto the other side of the bed, exhausted. I’m covered in wetness and collapse next to him, between them. I fall asleep exhausted and happily knowing I have not one but two new playmates to fulfill my sexual desires with. I know next time will be hotter and raunchier.

  • The Truth, The Whole Truth

    I like my job. I really love talking to the men that call me. When I say I’m touching myself, I am. When I say I
    am coming, I am. So, here is how I see it. I love sex, I love men, I love women, I love being a multi-orgasmic squirter! I love being wanted or needed and even objectified. Yes, I want you to be my Daddy, yes, tell me you love me, want me, need me, show me with more than words. Call me your good girl as you think about pounding my tender pussy for hours. I can take it and I like it.

    I’m never going to stop liking it and why should I?

  • How many…

    I had an idea recently, or maybe not so recently, perhaps this has been on my mind for a long time and it just seems to continue to evolve. How many men could I have sex with at once? It started as a fantasy of just a threesome. Two men and myself. I often find that having just one man in the bedroom doesn’t completely satisfy my needs. I like sex, no, I LOVE sex and I am often looking for round 3 or 4 and my partner is ready for a nap. So, I began fantasizing about having a threesome. Two men taking turns. One filling me from behind and one enjoying my mouth. They could switch places, positions, actions. Then I thought of how I really love my titties worked and sucked during sex and wouldn’t it be great to have each one of them sucked by someone entirely different? Typically during this part of the fantasy, my tittie suckers are women, but then they need to be filled, don’t they? MORE MEN!

    Often, I consider how I really like to be the center of attention sexually and then the women fade away some and even though they are out of my fantasy, the men remain. How much fucking can I take? What about being blindfolded, tied, feeling helpless to stop them from coming at me over and over again. Now we are talking! I want it all. My mouth, my pussy, my tits, my ass my body covered in cum. I imagine being so filled with cum that it runs down my inner thighs and that it drips from my erect nipples, a cock pulsing its load into my mouth while a thumb wriggles deeper into my bottom. I watch my fantasy in my mind and see the men and their cocks thrusting into and fucking me. I can taste them in my mouth. My nipples are tight with anticipation of the next cock and where it will be placed, how I will be positioned and I think if I have six men and they take turns and breaks, I could be fucked eighteen times. Somehow, my mind screams ONLY EIGHTEEN ??!!

    I want more….I… WANT…. MORE!

    As I sit here writing my fantasy, I am dying to have my nipples sucked, played with, twisted. My pussy aches to be filled. How many? How many can I take? I want them all!

  • Want to hear a secret….

    When I get home from a long day at work I undress and hop in a nice warm soapy shower paying good attention to my big breasts, that have just been released from a tight bra, and I wash myself good and clean which gets me very excited. I head to my bedroom, get on the bed and then reach over to my nightstand and grab Violet. Violet is my trusty vibrator. She and I have great fun together! With my body still very wet I rub Violet across my nipples, making one hard and then the other. I then have her follow my hand down to my clean and eager pussy. I have her tease my clit while I pinch my hard nipples. As I feel the vibration coursing through me I notice my hips moving up and down. I want more!!
    I want to be a dirty girl tonight. I grab my 12in double sided dildo and slide one side of it into my mouth and get it nice and wet, just like my pussy. I put Violet aside for the moment and focus on my juicy, hungry kitty. I slide the dildo between my eager wet lips and push it inside me. I take a second to enjoy it filling me up then I grab Violet. As I spread my legs wide open, with the dildo in me, I press the vibrator to my throbbing joy button. I start slamming that cock in and out of my tight pussy taking more and more of it each time. My hips moving faster and higher trying to hit my G-spot, waiting for the moment of release. It does not come, yet….
    Dirty , sexy slut feelings are consuming me! I need to take the other side of the dildo, lube it up and shove it in my ass. The only thing that would make this better is if someone was watching me. My kitty is being fed, my clit is being kissed and now my ass is full. I NEED to cum!! I keep pounding away. So close, so close. I start fucking my ass harder and then it happens. I cum so hard I push the dildo out of my ass and my pussy squirts everywhere. My body goes limp and I lay here with a smile on my face thinking I need another shower.
    I am going to say dirty until tomorrow’s shower. Maybe you can stop by and watch me be a dirty slut.

  • Are you my good boy?

    lauren 1
    I talk to a lot of sexy men both on and off the phone. Sensual,seductive,hot lil Mistress I am and proud of it. In fact I have so much naughty fun seeing just how many big,strong,older of course and usually married men I can turn into my “good boys.” Oh yes, I like no I love the challenge and find that I am quiet successful-fair warning I am also extremely addictive. 

    I use all my skills to mold you my good boys into the purrrfect lil play toys,pets for me. Whimpering lil slut puppies following behind me absolutely panting and throbbing to serve. My good boy does just as I say and never questions me. He wants to please his Miss Lauren in every way and has no limits to what he will do if I command it. The way it should be!

    Just like my good boy that calls me almost daily and begs for what he says only I can give him. Sometimes he even hides in his car in the parking lot at work to call his Mistress. I’m like his very own personal heroin his drug and if he doesn’t get his fix well…it’s just not pretty. 😉 Plus he has to hide from wifey so things can get kind of crazy. Like the time she walked in on him screaming my name and begging permission to cum for me. “Mistress Lauren‘s cum, Mistress Lauren‘s cum, he emotionally chants over and over again….smile.

    I love that his wife caught him and saw the pathetic,submissive state I seduced him into after hours of dominating him. Yes, I do truly adore controlling men,cock,orgasms and turning as many of you big,bad men into my good boys. 

    Dare to indulge? I hope so…

    ~Join me in my bedroom~

    949-999-5979 (Ext) 508

    Available most days 7am-7pm PST

    or by Appointment/Request 

  • My first dominatrix experience…

    p5460-8I was looking up ads one day, and there was a section that said domination/ fetishes. I clicked on it not knowing that it would blow my mind completely. The first guy I saw was wearing a full leather suit, skin tight. I could see his cock just dying to burst out.. Hard and throbbing like ha hasn’t came in weeks.. Later on I found out that he was a sex slave… Kinda twisted I thought, but very different. Different enough to definitely want to try it. So I went on a hunt to find the perfect little sex you. One I can play with and use over and over again. And I did, he was this cute with a body I can take,lay,play with… Kinda had a thing for spanking a nice round firm ass.. The thing we did to each other were unimaginable, and indescribable but I will try my best to do tell… It stared off with just a finger, and then two fingers, and then three 🙂

    After all the commotion and fooling around we moved on to toys… His ass was so tight and yeah he was loving the way I fucked him with my strap on.It made me feel so in control, him begging me to fuck him harder and deeper. Until his load came squirting out of him.Thick white cum all over my lavender satin sheets.So creamy I wanted him to lick it off slowly… So he could see what mess he has created…

  • phone sex tip #1

    p4955-1Don’t be shy! Tell the model exactly what you want. If you are embarrassed and think she wouldn’t want to do it, ask her if she has any taboos.

    Remember it’s not as weird as you think and you’re not the only one that likes it. She might be really into it too, you never know. It’s a lot harder for her to give you what you want if you don’t say anything. If you’re really really shy about it maybe you could just lead into it, but you have to help her figure out what you’re calling for.

    It’ll make it easier for her to satisfy you if she knows exactly what you want, which will also make it more fun for her. I have no taboos, and I’m up for anything. If you want we could take it slow or we can jump right into it, it’s all about what you want.

    There’s nothing I won’t do, the kinkier the better, right! I want you to be as dirty, nasty, kinky, and rough with me, or be kind, sweet, loving, caring. Maybe you don’t even want to talk about sex, maybe you just want to have a decent conversation, and we’re here for that too. If it’s your first time say so, we will walk you through it. Don’t be shy about that either it, might be her first time too.

  • First Times

    p5138-1What a great time for my first blog. I had another first today, too:my first threesome! I know, it’s sad, I’m 25 and am only now doing something as vanilla as a threesome! I had a great time, though? Wanna know the dirty details?

    I thought so.

    My friend Bridget and her boyfriend John have been trying to convince me to have a threesome with them for a while. I’ve been apprehensive, I mean, they’re HOT, but that seems like something with a high risk of ruining a friendship. Well they wore me down finally…and then wore me out!

    We planned the threesome for today. I decided to make it fun, so I wore a french maid outfit. If you’re going to do the thing, you have to do it right, right? The outfit was, of course, complete with garter and feather duster. I walked in, my bulging cleavage leading the way, and could feel John’s eyes on me as he looked me up and down. I leaned forward to adjust my garter and give John just a peek at the tiny black thong I was wearing under my short maid’s skirt. Apparently, it didn’t take much to turn him on, he came up behind me and pressed his rock hard cock against my tight ass. Well that was something Bridget had never mentioned; how large a package John was carrying. That was a pleasant surprise.

    Bridget walked in and eyed us holding each other. “Starting without me are we?” She smiled, walked over and placed her warm, wet mouth on mine. Mmm she tasted like strawberries. I felt John’s hands slide down between my hot thighs to find my hard clit. These guys weren’t playing around. Bridget slid my top down to reveal my large breasts, she lowered her mouth to my right nipple and began to flick her tongue over it. I felt the rush of warmth between my thighs where John was still caressing my clit. He slid a large finger inside me and said “Damn, you’re already so wet! I think it’s time we take these panties off, don’t you?” I agreed and off they slid over my black stilettos.

    John picked me up and carried me to the bed. He pushed up my skirt and started to lick my wet pussy. A moan escaped my lips, but was quickly silenced as Bridget put her wet pussy on my face. I sucked her clit as John sucked mine, we moaned nearly in unison. I reached up and played with Bridget’s nipples as her wet cunt dripped into my mouth. I could feel the pleasure building in my own dripping wet cunt as John skillfully used that tongue of his. I could tell Bridget was close to cumming, too. I flicked my tongue in and out of her pussy as she grinded on my face faster willing her orgasm to come. And come it did, almost in unison, Bridget and I yelled out in pleasure. She lifted her wetness from my face as John stuck his fat cock into my still shuddering pussy.

    “Oh!” I called out in pleasure and surprise. he thrust in me hard a few times then switched to Bridget’s sopping wet cunt. He did this for a few minutes of excruciatingly torturous pleasure. He thrust in me just enough to excite my desire and then switched. The tease. I loved it Bridget and I began to make out as he switched between our fuckholes. We moaned against each other’s lips, our hot breath coming fast as our pleasure increased.

    “I want you both on all fours,” John said. He entered me from behind and yelled out in pleasure. I heard Bridget moaning beside me. He was using his fingers on her while he was fucking me. Multi-talented man you have there, Bridge.

    I could feel his hard cock sliding in and out of my tight pussy as I could feel myself about to cum again. i felt his balls slap against my clit as he quickened his pace and pounded into me. I moaned with desire as my joyride continued. When my orgasm finally came, it was an explosion. I screamed in pure joy of the moment. John and Bridget laughed at my enthusiasm.

    I turned around to see John enter Bridget for her turn. I couldn’t just watch, so I began to suck on John’s balls as he entered her. I could taste both of us on him: it was delicious. As he began to pound her pussy harder, I moved up to Bridget’s hard nipples and started to suck and play. This was one hot woman. Why had I waited so long?

    They both cried out as they came and then collapsed on either side of me on the bed.

    Yep. It was a good day for firsts…

  • Summer is getting wetter and hotter – Client Special

    Hey Gentlemen , 

    Summer is here and its my favorite time to get naughtier , With each receipt you buy you get 10 mins free on me  Starting June 1st , 2015  mention the word ” Summer ”  When you connect with me  . Thats right I want to spoil you as much as you spoiled me with your naughty thoughts . If you have NEVER connected with me i just want to warn you i am the kinkiest girl you’ll ever meet here at US LOVE . My thought and ways will blow you away so let me prove it to you . Let me make your Fantasy cum true i do have NO Taboos nothing can scare me or turn me away !!!. 


    Chat Soon 

    – Bianca xox

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  • Following Her Lead

    She told him to get on his knees and put the leather collar around his neck to symbolize his willingness to do all she said. She didn’t need to look to know he had done as she had told. There was no question in it, a simple demand and he would comply. She led, he followed. Each step on this path was her choice, each step he took with her was a gift given and a gift received.

    She said to pull down his pants and the panties he had worn all day, light baby pink, and show her his cock. He did so with ragged breath coming faster and she knew his desire was at a peak as his hands trembled to do as she demanded. The others that come before her had tried to lead, had him dance and play and spin in circles round and round until he was dizzy. She could too direct this dance, this reel of give and take, and like a trained pet he would jump through every hoop she put there for him should she wish to play those games. But she wanted more, she wanted it real, tonight she wanted complete surrender. Not games and parlor tricks, but pure lust and wanting for this moment. All of it under her control.

    When she tied his hands behind his back he moaned. When she put the blindfold over his eyes he began to shake. When the clamps went on his nipples the moans grew louder, and seemed beyond his control. She knew this, she always knew. When she pushed him back onto the cushions laid there behind him the suddeness of it and the total power she felt made her want to offer her own moans of pleasure.

    She stood over him now and took the point of her shoe, the shiny black patent leather four inch heeled shoe he had picked out for just this occasion, and with ever increasing pressure she pressed that shiny point into the base of his cock. He moaned again and she shifted. She moved her foot up so that the sole was against the hard length of him and the sharp point of the stiletto pressed deeper and deeper into the vulnerable softness of his balls. He gasped at this. She smiled at this.

    She knew at this moment he hated and craved the blindfold. She knew he wanted to see her as she made him ache. But she also knew he wanted to be lost and just be everything she wanted. She twisted her foot ever so slightly and his breathing came faster now. She eased up a bit and used the side of her foot to rub against the length of him. His swollen cock twitched in response. Then the other side of his cock with the other side of her shoe created a mirrored effect. The precum glistened at the tip of his ridged cock. This too made her smile.

    “Please,” was the one word whispered by him. The only word she had allowed this night.

    She slipped her silk and lace panties off bringing them out from under her tight pencil straight skirt. They were damp with her own arousal that his gift of submission had done for her. She bent down and held them to his nose and mouth. He breathed in deep, then deeper still. His tongue came out reaching for the bit of silk confection. She let him breath and taste for just the briefest moments, but she knew it was more than enough. Every synapses was firing in his head under her terms. No job, no boss, no right or wrong. No bills, or long commutes or any other mundane detail from that world of worries and responsibilities. None of that mattered any little bit in this moment she knew with certainty. He was lost in this cocoon that she had made. All lust, all desire, all wanting and craving was here and now. He did not have to beg for mercy or for anything more. That one please was all she required.

    Panties still in her hand she moved her foot away and wrapped his cock in the silk and lace squeezing tightly. And she stroked, and she stroked… and one last stroke before he gave up all the control she knew he thought he still held on to. He gave it all to her in total surrender there in her hand. And as he did he gave her one more, “Please.” She was so proud he uttered no other words, for punishment in this moment would steal her own pleasure away.

    Wet and sticky with all that he had to offer the panties went from cock to mouth. She knew now that passion was spent, this moment was the real test. Not that bound and blindfolded he had many choices, but that he knew to open his mouth and accept this with no hesitation made her beyond aroused.

    And she left him like that, and that was when he let the tears fall. Would it be brief moments before she returned, or many long minutes, or maybe even hours? He did not know, he couldn’t even begin to care. He was hers. She led, he followed. It was how it was always meant to be.

  • Waking up to you…

    p5716-1I slowly awoke this morning, much later than usual. The sunlight was peeking through my satin curtains grazing my skin, warming my face. I kept my eyes closed as my brain awoke, clinging to that dream I was having. My body felt unusually warm and the cotton sheets grazed my skin as I rolled over onto my side.

    I reached out my right hand, and it traveled through the folds of the cotton sheets into the empty bed space next to me. It felt cool in comparison to where I lay, untouched and unoccupied.

    It was then that I realized how much I wanted you there. I wanted to feel the warmth of your body next to me. I wanted to run my tiny fingers along your naked skin, your chest, your hard morning wood, slowly bringing you out of your slumber into an instant state of arousal.

    I wanted to guide your hand and let you feel how juicy I was. As you awoke from your sleep, cock hard, and feeling the urgency of my own arousal on your hand, you tell me, “Sweetie, I need you”

    I reply, “Daddy, I need you too”.

  • *~Natural Born Cock Tease~*

    lauren 4 blog

    Just how long have I been teasing cock with my hot lil body and naturally sexy flirtatious ways? Since I was seriously taboo young. Maybe I like didn’t know it but I was simply a natural born cock tease.

    Don’t get me wrong though sexy lovers I gotta get my fuck on and love every hot,kinky,lustful second. But the thrill I get when I tease hard married dick is absolutely beyond hot and yeah the control is awesome too. Mmmm control. I must admit controlling your cock,balls and orgasm even is very desirable to me at this moment. 

    I wanna pull you into my bedroom right now by your swollen shaft. Not to roughly darling, just enough to guide you to my bed and totally have my way with you. Sensually seducing you into a complete state of erotica with my sexy body and young,smooth,soft voice talking dirty in your ear. Oh, and be warned,I do love to talk dirty to you.

    Edging your cock to the very brink of hot,hard much needed explosion and the backing away. Smiling so sexy,licking my lips. Teasing you once again until you think your throbbing shaft can take no more. 

    Maybe it’s the begging I like the most the surrender and ultimate submission. “OMG Lauren oh please Miss Lauren allow me to cum all for you. Just for you. You own my cum,you own my cock and balls.” Oh indeed in that very sultry,XXX moment yes I do. I own them completely and I command as I wish. 

    Do I allow you to cum or do I tease you unmercifully over and over again? Let’s indulge in some naughtyness and found out.

    *sexy giggles*

    So much kinky fun to be had…so little time. Don’t wait to long cum play with me. 

    ~XXX Fetish Play Welcome~

    Wet,sexy licks~ Call my bedroom @ 949-999-5979 EXT. 508

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  • I May Look Classy But Thats To Fool You

    Hi There ,

    Yes I mean YOU …. Reading this you handsome thing you 😉 , I am Bianca if you don’t know me I am a model with US Love .


    First thing . I cook naked i love to cook italian , asian , american style .. you name it ! .

    Second . My Location is in Miami I am blessed to have pure sunshine on my tan body every day .

    Third . I am Italian decent ( Nationality ) .

    Fourth . For all you men out there that want to know if I am in a relationship or married or SINGLE …. Well , Surprise I AM SINGLE 😉 … Ready to mingle with you !!!!. I became out of a relationship and i am just dating around ( naughty fun )  .

    AND Last the Fifth Fact . I love to Laugh besides being the kinkiest girl i can be with NO Taboos I love to tell jokes and listen to them as well .


    I hope you enjoyed these Facts and I would love to get to know you as much as i am hoping you’d love to get to know me 😉 .

    My extension is #782 i am ALWAYS ON if not request me i promise i won’t deny ….


    See you soon

    Bianca xx

    Ext #782

    I can't wait to talk to you

  • I’m in the mood to dominate TWO men.– MJ


    I woke up this morning and realized that I was in the mood to dominate not one but TWO men at the same time.. I want to be able to control two men and have them both worship me as I deserve to be. To treat me like the princess that I really am. I would love to sit them both right infront of me and strip them of their clothing. Make fun of them and humiliate them.  Then I would lay down and have them worship my body from head to toe and everything in between. Let me get lost in euphoria. I also have this craving of getting really rough with them, I want to tie them up, gag them and spank them.. I am guessing I woke up in a BITCHY mood.. so who is going to call me and deal with me???


    Call me 949-999-5900 ext 584 or TEXT me –MJ

  • It is that time of the year when I catch you foot fetish guys looking at my pretty little feet-MJ

    uslove feet

    So it is spring time and all the ladies are getting their feet nice and pretty to show off those cute little toes…  I always have my feet done, but now that its spring, I can wear all those cute small heels  and get your attention with my pretty sexy feet. One of my favorite things to do is get one of my little pet slaves and get them on his knees and have him just worship my feet. There is no better feeling than kicking back in a chair, in bed, or the couch and having someone massage and lick your feet. Not to mention hearing how beautiful they are. I can’t wait to get my feet worshiped. I see you guys out in public trying to be slick about looking at our feet. I see it all the time, but guess what your secret is out in the open… I KNOW YOUR SECRET…. Call me and lets talk about how good of a foot slave you would really be. 


    Call me, MJ 949-999-5979 or send me a text… xoxo

  • My Pillow Princess Experience — MJ

    princesspillow2We as we ALL know I am young, bratty and very self absorbed.. So when I go see my ORAL SLAVE, Bill, which keep in mind he is 54 years old and I am a young tight 21 years old.

    So Bill is always eager to please me and serve me as I please. He makes sure that before I go over to his house he has everything prepared for me, meaning everything that I like, love and enjoy. He knows that he needs to have my favorite bottle of red wine chilled to perfection, something for me to snack on ( usually fruits ) and the bedroom full of lit tea light candles. He knows that if these things are not done and waiting for me that there is punishment that will await him…

    Anyway, I always like to go back and think of the very first time that I went over to his house and the experience that I had. Now keep in mind that I love to have someones face in-between my legs at all times ( I believe thats where a slaves face belongs, don’t you? ).

    So when I am at his house he has to follow me around like a pathetic little puppy dog and have his face in my young sweet love box.. If I am sitting down watching TV he is to have his face where it belongs and his tongue busy. So basically he is to have his face in my love box when I am in bed till I  fall asleep, eating or anything at all in his house.

    The very first time that I was there I swear I was a total REAL PILLOW PRINCESS.. I laid my pretty little head on the fluffy pillow let him spread my legs open and let him have at it for 5 hours.. Yes you read right, 5 whole hours… I came, gushed, and squirted at least 9 times or more..

    If you wanna hear more about this, or even be my little ORAL PET call me ..

    Call MJ at 949-999-5979 Ext 584

  • Being a Good Little Slut!

    My boyfriend came over last night and I had a surprise waiting for him. I was wearing a pair of knee high socks, panties and a crop top that showed a part of my huge DDD breasts. I smelt of coconut with a hint of cherry lip gloss and had my hair in two curled ponytails.
    He knocked and I told him to come in. As he did I came around the corner with a lollipop in my mouth and my curls (and tits) bouncing. I could tell by his wide eyes that he liked this look. I noticed a large bulge in his pants and as I walked by him I gently brushed my hand across it.
    I made my way to the couch and sat down. Before I could say anything he was kneeling in front of me waiting to lick my freshly shaved kitty. He removed my panties and dove in between my legs licking and sucking with such force I thought I would cum right then. Once I was dripping wet he picked me up and tossed me on the bed. He pinched my pink nipples getting them nice and hard. That is when I told him of his surprise.
    “I want you to treat me like a proper little slut!”, I said rolling over on my tummy with my hand resting on my round pale ass cheek. I raised my bum higher and grasped each cheek and spread them apart so he could see his prize. He began to lick my ass up and down getting it ever so wet. I then felt the head of his rock hard cock slapping my crack. He was teasing my hole by pushing on it with his tip. “I want more, please!, I cried with excitement. Guess what this girly got!!! I got fucked in the ass for the first time! Once the head was in he moved back and forth slowly making sure he filled my ass up completely. With his big cock all the way in me I could feel my pussy throbbing so he shoved a large dildo in it and made me moan in pleasure as well as in pain. I had NEVER felt anything so awesome in my life. I reached down and began rubbing my clit in quick circles. I felt his strong cock pounding my ass with no sign of letting up so I gave into the dirty side and shoved that dildo inside my kitty at the same rate he was pumping my ass. Every part of me was on the edge of exploding. I screamed as I orgasmed an then felt him shoot his hot load in my no longer virgin ass and then we both collapsed.
    He looked at me and said, “You truly are a good little slut!”

  • I’ll Give You My Dirty Little Secret

        Whats my secret you ask ? How am i such a naughty little vixen ? . Well I can’t give you all my secrets away but I can tell you this much that once i hear a man cum or about to explode my mind goes into another world. I met this guy recently at a local Starbucks and he asked me ” Why are you so beautiful ? ” I said its a treatment !!!. He looked puzzled and he asked what treatment ? I responded ALL men have this special hot creamy treatment that cums in all different sizes . I brought this gentlemen back to my place to talk more about my secrets and how he finds me so appealing . Boy he didn’t know he had it coming or what I had in store for him . We sat on my couch and talked for a bit I grabbed his hand put it on my inner thigh and said its ” okay ” he gently smiled and said ” So Bianca whats this treatment again ? ” . I smiled and said ”Let me show you ”. I unbuttoned his pants grabbed his hard knob and slowly sucked on his cock looking up at him with a smile he already was eating out of my hands . I kept  his hands on the back of my head and deep throated his large gifted shaft . He was moaning for more and more and more and I just kept going , Oh how i love to tease and please my men that is my dirty little secret . As soon as He orgasmed the large hot sticky treatment released right onto my face and I thought ” mission accomplished ” . I hope you enjoyed my short story of one of my dirty little secrets . Manly all of my Fantasies have NO taboos . This is my first blog post i would LOVE to get to know you and share many more of my Fantasies and thoughts and I would love to hear yours as well 🙂 . Dial my Ext#782 I am always on if i am not you can request me through the Operator , Talk to you soon!.



    -Bianca xx 

    Ext 782 949-999-5900

  • Seducing My Stepdaddy

    I’d had my eye on my stepfather, Michael, since the moment Mom brought him home to meet me last year. Michael was tall, handsome, charming, and had a distractingly large bulge in his pants at all times. I’d known immediately that he was way too good for a prude like my mom; she wouldn’t be able to make him happy! But a few months after she’d introduced us, they’d gotten married. I guess I should have been upset about that, since just looking at Michael made my pussy so wet that I was changing my panties three times a day, but the truth is, I loved having him in the house.

    When Mom wasn’t home, I would put on my tiniest shorts and shortest mini skirts, with no panties, and do chores all over the house, making sure that he could get a very good look at my tight, young ass, and see what he was missing. Mom was so uptight! I knew that when she and my dad had still be married that she hated having sex; she’d told me about the “birds and the bees” by going on and on about how it was “only to make babies”.

    Little did she know, I’d lost my virginity years ago! I love getting fucked! Nothing made me happier than getting my pussy pounded hard and deep by a long, thick cock. And after Michael moved in, nothing fueled my orgasms faster than imagining his cock inside of me. I would imagine it was Michael when I fucked my boyfriends. I’d imagine licking the sweat off of his body when he finished his workouts. When we’d watch television together, I could barely concentrate on the movie, because all I wanted to do was get on my knees and suck his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I knew Michael wanted me, too; I could see it in his eyes whenever he looked at me. I could feel him staring when he thought I wouldn’t notice. My friends complained all the time about how frustrating their stepfathers were, and I agreed, although I was sure that my sexual frustration wasn’t what they meant. I wanted Michael so badly! But he and Mom had been married for a year already, and he never made a move. So one day, I decided to take matters into my own hands.



    Mom had gone to visit with my grandparents, because Grandma had had a stroke. I guess I should have felt bad, planning so seduce Mom’s husband while her mom was so sick, but not fucking Michael wouldn’t have made Grandma get better any faster, so what was the point?! Mom would be gone all weekend. I hadn’t been fucked in two weeks, and I knew with Mom being as frigid as she was,  had probably been even longer for Michael. After a night of watching scary movies (our favorite), it was time to go to bed. I went upstairs, took a shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs and pussy, and wrapped a towel around me before knocking on the door of the room that Michael and Mom shared.

    “Yes, Beth?” he called from inside.

    “Can I come in, Michael? I’m too scared to sleep alone.” I made sure to put a tremble in my voice.

    “Of course, dear. Come in,” he answered. And I did. I can in, closed the door, dropped my towel on the carpet and walked over to the bed.

    “Beth, what are you doing?” Michael asked. His voice was stern, but his eyes were shocked…and aroused.

    “I sleep nude. You don’t mind, do you?” I asked, crawling underneath the covers before he could respond.

    “Beth…I don’t think this is appropriate,” he hesitated. “Your mother wouldn’t approve.”

    “Mom’s not here.,” I whispered, leaning close, “and I’m seventeen. I’m not a baby anymore, Michael.” I kissed his softly, slowly on the lips, slipping my arms around his neck. “You know you want to,” I whispered against his mouth.

    As Michael leaned in to kiss me back, I took one of his hands and guided it to my dripping wet pussy. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long…”

    “This isn’t right,” he insisted, even as he kissed his way down my neck, stopping to bite my nipples.

    “You’re not my first, Michael; I just want you to be my last.” If he wouldn’t take initiative, I would. I rolled over so that I was on top and then kissed my way down his body. “Your mouth says ‘No’, but your cock…” With that, I slipped his diamond-hard cock into my greedy mouth and sucked him like I’d fantasized about for so long. His precum was as delicious as the moans escaping his mouth as my lips explored him. Just as he was close to cumming, I stopped, moved up and straddled him. I took his cock in my hand and slowly guided the head to the entrance of my desperately waiting pussy.

    “Beth, no! We can’t…!” he protested.

    “Too late,” I whispered as I pushed my hips down and forced his large cock deep inside of me. I moaned loudly as if filled and stretched my pussy. And that’s when Michael’s control snapped.

    “Is that what you wanted, you little slut?” He grabbed my hips and pushed upward, further into me. It almost hurt, it felt so fucking good.

    Michael rolled over, so that he was on top again, pushed my knees back with his strong hands, and began pushing deep and hard into my pussy. “Is this what you wanted, you little fucking whore?”

    “Yes!” I screamed while he punished my pussy. “Yes! Harder!”

    Micheal pulled out, flipped me over, and started fucking me even harder doggystyle. Pulling me back by my hair, he whispered in my ear, “Ask and you shall receive.” With that,he pushed my head into the bed and started fucking me even harder.

    I was moaning so loudly that I was sure the neighbors could hear, but I didn’t care. I was pushing back against Michael’s cock just as hard as he was pushing it into me. I screamed as I came on his cock, my pussy juice running down my bed and soaking the bed. Seconds later, I felt Michael’s hot cum poured into me and we collapsed with our arms and legs tangled on the bed. If this was what it was like to have a man in the house, I was never moving out!

  • a sweet sub for a naughty husband

    If I had to be honest, I’d tell you that I much prefer being submissive. a dirty slut.It makes me feel pretty and cute, like the obedient mistress to married guys I am. But… my mistress talents go both ways.dirty n pure . Because there’s a flip side to being a Mistress, one that begins with a Capital M. When I’m *that* Mistress, I call the shots. And during these times, the guy are begging at my pretty little feet.

    Once, I even had a budding poet write a sonet, just for me. He paid an operator for my time, just for the pleasure of singing it to me!

    Either way, as a dom or sub, it’ all about being worshiped. At 5’11?, a bust of 42DD and a gorgeous J Lo butt, I have a tall and curvy figure that men crave. I also have that seductive voice of an intelligent woman. You know the one you work with? The one with the great ass and smile who likes to tell dirty jokes with the boys?

    That’s me! :)

    So if you are looking for that “good girl” to please you while your wife’s away, watch me get on my knees for you!

    And if you are looking to be my “good little boy,” you’d better get on yours!

    Try me; I like it both ways!

  • I’m Yours….


    Usually my men are the ones on their knees begging for release….

    Here is my fantasy of what I think it would be like if a powerful man dominated ME instead.


    It started with a stupid, jealous argument. 

    We were on a camping trip and supposed to be sharing hot, sweaty sex in a sleeping bag but we were fighting instead. We both said things we didn’t mean and I got so angry, I took off running through the woods. I needed space. I needed to get away from you before I said something I couldn’t take back.

    I didn’t count on you following me. Catching me.

    Your hands lifted me and we surged through the air. You spun with animal grace so your body hit the ground first, cushioning me.

    Then you flipped us. You pinned me to the ground. I tried to shove you away and you laughed. You had a foot of height and more than 100 pounds on me. You grabbed my wrists and pinned them above my head. You leaned your face close to mine. Your eyes were hot, dark with lust and anger.

    “You.  Are.  Mine.”

    You crushed your mouth against my lips. You were brutal, rough and fierce. You wouldn’t let me resist. You forced my lips open and plunged your tongue inside my mouth. Claiming it. Fucking it with your tongue.

    Your free hand gripped my hip. Held me down so you could separate my legs and thrust against me. You were so hard it almost hurt to feel your stiff cock grinding against my clit.

    Your hand moved, pulling at my shirt, pulling it to the side, yanking it. I heard a seam rip. I tried to pull my mouth away, but you wouldn’t let me. Calloused fingers pinched my bare nipple. My clit throbbed in helpless response.

    But I didn’t want to be helpless. Did I? Some wild feminine part of me rose up. I wanted to challenge you. To push you to the point where you lost all control.

    I bit your lip. You grunted and bit my lip harder, drawing blood.

    You drew back to look at me again.

    “Rowan, you are mine. Admit it.”

    “This,” a vicious thrust of your hips “is MINE.”

    “This,” a hard squeeze of my nipple “is MINE.”

    “And even this is MINE.” You bent your mouth and sucked at my bloody lower lip. “Every part of you is MINE. Say it.”

    I wanted to say it, but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t give you what you wanted. You could read the indecision on my face. “Holding back? When I’m done with you, you’ll BEG me to let you say it.”

    In one swift move, you lifted me and pulled my ripped shirt free. You wrapped it around my wrists before I could react.You looped the rest of it around a young tree just behind my head and pulled the binding tight. I was tied to the tree!

    Equal parts anger and excitement raced through me. You knew it and I almost hated you for it. You reached for my shorts, started dragging them down my legs and I tried to pull away. I kicked. One big hand gripped my hips and the other slapped my ass HARD. I froze. “Don’t do that again,” you growled.

    My legs bare, I tried to clamp them together, but you were too strong for me. Holding one slim ankle in each hand, you spread me wide, smiling and looking at my pussy. “You’re so sweet there Ro. So sweet and all MINE.”

    With that, you slid between my legs, mouth heading unerringly toward my pussy. I squirmed and bucked, and you cupped my ass in your hands and held me down. Then you gave my pussy the lightest kiss.

    Then a lick along the side of one pussy lip, close but not touching…and then the other. 

    Long slow licks, short fast licks, tiny nips and love bites. You nibbled and suckled every inch of skin around my mound, but never touching my swollen pussy lips or my aching clit. I tried to move my hips, to get your mouth where I wanted it. Where I needed it. Once finger grazed lower, closer and closer to the mouth of my pussy.

    I moaned. I whimpered. But I didn’t speak and you kept torturing me. I tried closing my legs, wanting to squeeze myself, aching for some kind of touch. But you wouldn’t let me. Instead you drove me wild with your mouth for what seemed like hours.

    I needed you so bad it ached. I hurt inside. I needed to be filled.

    “Please,” I finally said. “It hurts so bad. Please. I need you. I need you to touch me. Please.”

    “Say it,”

    “Say it?” I was confused for a minute. “Say please?  I said please.”

    You laughed again. “Say you’re mine.”

    That’s it? Suddenly it seemed stupid to refuse you. “I’m yours, I belong to you and only you. Okay?”

    You lunged up over me. “No, not okay, I want you to say it like you mean it.”

    Your hard cock thrust between my aching pussy lips and I let out a happy scream. You were so hard. You filled me and stretched me. You always did.

    You started long, rough strokes, setting a fast pace. I gasped and quivered. I was so close. 

    “Say it again. Say it.”

    “I’m yours “ I sighed as you built me up.  I was so close to peaking. 


    “I’m yours, I’m yours,” I chanted as each stroke pushed me higher and higher. Then you stopped.  I whined. “No, keep going.”

    You were breathing hard, your eyes intent on mine. I knew what you wanted. “I’m yours.”

    You grinned and started pounding me again. Building me up, getting me so close to that peak that I nearly screamed with frustration when you stopped.

    You did it over and over again, bringing me to the brink, then holding me so I couldn’t crash over.

    I began openly sobbing now,  “I’m yours, I’m yours. Oh please, I’m yours.”

    This time when you stopped, you bent and gently kissed away a tear. “Almost there Ro, I promise.”

    Then you untied me and lifted me, walking a few steps to a huge tree that must have fallen during the last storm. You stripped off your shirt and spread it over the tree and then gently laid me face down over the trunk, keeping the soft shirt between the rough bark and my tender skin.

    My head and shoulders hung down over one side of the trunk and my legs dangled on the other side, toes not able to touch the ground. I felt you move close behind me. Your bare chest rubbed against my back and your cock slid inside me.

    I whimpered again as you started with those long slow strokes that drove me wild.

    “Do you understand now, Rowan? Do you understand what I’m doing here? I’m mounting you Ro. I’m mounting you and fucking you and taking you because you’re mine. You’re my mate and I’ll take you anywhere, any time I want. You’ll always be open and ready for me because you are mine. I’m going to fuck you now and spray inside you and give you my son. You want that don’t you?“

    “I’m yours” I whispered weakly as the fever built.

    “That’s not good enough anymore Rowan.” Your thrusts grew stronger, your breathing was ragged. “You have to ask for it. Beg for it.”

    I could feel you swelling inside me and I started to sob again. I needed to orgasm so bad. I’d do whatever you wanted. Say whatever you wanted.

    “Please, please,” I breathed. “Please get me off.”

    “Ask me. Ask me to fuck you. To breed you. To own you. Beg me to take you and keep you.”

    “Please, please. Fuck me. Breed me. Own me. Please take me. Keep me. I need you so fucking bad. Please, fuck me harder. Give me your seed, give me your baby. Please. Please.”

    You stopped. I drew a breath to curse you and froze when you placed a gentle kiss on my neck. “Good girl.”

    Then you went wild. You fucked me with a vengeance, driving into me over and over in piston-like strokes, your hands biting into my hips. I knew this time you wouldn’t stop and I screamed my release, shaking and squirting onto you. Your pounding was relentless, your breathing harsh in my ears as you built me up again.

    This time as I felt the wave crest, I knew what you needed and I gave it to you. As my orgasm washed over me I screamed your name, begging you to take me. Screaming that I was yours and pleading for your seed.

    I felt your thick tip swell and bulge. Then I felt you pulsing inside me, spraying me with hot, sweet jets.  You throbbed and pulsed, filling me.  You drew back for a moment and I could feel it dripping down my thighs. You rested against me, breathing hard.

    Then you slid out and lifted me into your arms. I was half asleep as you carried me back to the tent site. You laid me gently in a sleeping bag and  climbed in beside me, drawing me close. Cuddling me. Stroking my hair. You murmured “Good girl.” Kissed my head and I fell asleep.




    As you’ve probably guessed, my fantasy life is very rich. Some days I’m a Domme, sometimes a sub, sometimes something in between. My roles change constantly.  I’m the Girl Next Door, Ruthless Goddess, MILF,  the Hot Neighbor You Watch,  Cheating Wife, Sex Kitten,  Kinky Girlfriend, or a Stranger in the Rain. Why don’t you give me a call and we can share a fantasy together?

    Rowan ext. 490



  • Step Daddy’s Good Girl or am I?

    lauren 1I remember the first time I met step daddy even though I was tiny & taboo young. He always loved the way I squirmed and wiggled on his lap. His darling lil Lauren. I never really understood just how much until later. Prancing around in my tiny lil princess tee shirt with matching princess pantie in front of pervy step daddy for mall money. Constantly competing with my older sister for his attention and big,fat wallet. I guess you could say I would do anything, and yes I mean anything to be his fave.

    Like the weekend I stayed with him and it was just the two of us. I teased his big step daddy dick for hours and hours. Finally, I came downstairs with my sexy lil purple top he bought me for my birthday. Such a naughty lil hot teen tease I purposely left off my panties & matching skirt. I couldn’t resist. I wanted to watch my naughty step daddy drool and grow big and hard for me. I knew I had ultimate power, even then. Controlling his cock,cum and his wallet. I wanted more though. See, I started thinking about his throbbing daddy-dick stretching my tiny teen cunt open. I would masturbate for hours teasing my young lil clitty to the point of the most intense orgasm but it just wasn’t enough anymore.I wanted to seduce my step daddy and be his most favorite, good girl. Just the words “good girl” flowing sultry and stern from his lips made my tiny, hot clitty ache for his huge cock.

    Lauren baby,what’s going on sweetheart?” Why is your beautiful,young little pussy and ass showing baby? Does this mean that you are finished teasing your step daddy? I stared down between his legs at the growing bulge stretching his boxers forward. Mmm… a little peek of his cock head showed itself to me and instantly I felt the moistness build between my swollen pussy lips. I licked my lips and nodded. I didn’t care that I was giving up the tease this would only give me more power. Walking slowly up to him I leaned in for a sexy french kiss and whispered in my sweetest voice “how much daddy are you going to give me to fuck my teen pussy when you want?” He grabbed me roughly by my sweet ass cheeks gave a strong squeeze and bent me over his knees. “My darling Lauren baby doll, fuck doll, you can have it all as long as you take really good care of step daddy’s cock and balls baby.” He handed me his wallet, but not before spanking my hot,teen booty with it. I felt the leather sting my creamy white bubble butt and heard myself beg for more.

    I do want to be your good girl step daddy, I do. Let me show you just how much. Slowly and a bit reluctantly (his spankings felt kind of good)  I slipped down between his legs pulling his boxers to the floor. Looking up with my pretty baby blue eyes I opened my wet, pouty lips to suck on his cock head. It was already rock hard and I remember still the very first taste of step daddy’s pre cum dripping from my mouth. I don’t even know how I knew but I did and instinctively took his cock all the way down my tiny,wet throat. He did some mouth fucking before picking me up and shoving his huge,dripping wet dick deeply,roughly inside my young cunt.I moaned so loud I was sure the neighbors would hear and felt naughty step daddy cover my mouth and take me harder. He pumped me with his rock hard raging cock several good strokes but couldn’t hold back his seed. It came flowing like a river,hard and fast I felt his creamy,hot jizz fill me up and saw the satisfaction on his face. It was the first time of many….and the rewards well they just kept getting sweeter.

    To be continued,forever….



    EXT 508

    ~ Naughty Role Plays Welcum~

  • My dirty little fantasy…Are you game?

    My biggest fantasy starts with me and two men who are only concerned with pleasing my every desire, we have just gotten back to the hotel from a night on the town. We have drank and partied and prepared for a night of AMAZING adventures!! Now we are alone and you both are all mine 🙂 We continue to drink and relax. We put some porn in first starting with straight two men threesome porn to get the juices flowing..I notice the bulges in both of your pants and begin to caress you both from the outside of your jeans at the same time. Feeling you wanting me, needing my touch on your cocks… I wanna watch you touch each other is what is going on in my mind. Though I don’t say anything at first. My homemade porn changes the scene to a setting with two young guys with smooth skin and nothing but boxers on sitting together. I watch with anticipation as the scene makes you rise. You know its naughty but you both are getting so turned on by how hot its making me. We watch the two as they cannot help but touch themselves first through their boxers then under them. I again begin to stroke your cocks feeling them jump and leak from the steaminess of the film. I then take both of your hands and put them on my pussy at first so you can feel what it is doing to me 🙂 The warm wet sensation makes you both throb even more!! My breathing changes and i get sooo hot. I take each of your hands and put them on to each others hard throbbing cocks from the outside of your boxers so I can watch your reactions. Happily I see that both of you are willing to play and wanting to see how aroused I am going to get by this. You stroke each other softly from the outside and then slip inside under the concealment of clothes with a overwhelming curiosity of how each other really feels 🙂 This again makes my cunt soaking wet with desire…


               To hear the rest of my biggest fantasy give me a call and I will enlighten you to the very best time that you will have in your life 🙂 


  • “I’m your new Masturbation Manager” (Electra)

    I hope you enjoy listening just as much as I’ve enjoyed recording it! I had so much fun in fact, that I’m thinking about posting audios for your aural stimulation and gratification at least once a week!!

  • A fantasy to share with you

    I’ve gotten some nice comments on the little fantasy scene I wrote for my bio page at USLOVE, so I thought I would share it here….

    I hope you like it!

    Rowan X490

    I’m imagining you walking into my room right now… 

    You barely get through the door and I’m on my knees at your feet.

    My hands can’t move fast enough to get your pants down. To reach my prize: your hot, swollen cock.

    It’s free and I caress you with one gentle hand and bring you to my lips. I trace the tip of my tongue around the head of your shaft in teasing little circles and then suck it in deep, so deep. Deeper than you’ve ever been in a girl’s mouth.

    Now I’m sucking you. Stroking your shaft with my tongue as I greedily milk you. Your hands are tangled in my hair, clenching and unclenching as the pleasure builds. Your hips buck involuntarily as you get closer and closer to giving me what I want. Your cum in my mouth. Hot, sweet, jets of your cum.

    But then I stop and draw back, am I teasing you just a little? No, I take your hand and lead to my bed. I pull you down onto the crisp sheets. I know you want my mouth and I am desperate for yours.

    I climb over you, spreading my legs and lowering my aching clit to your mouth. A drip of pre-cum glistens at the tip of your shaft and I lick it off in one slow stroke. It feels so good when you moan with your lips pressed against my pussy.

    I slip your thick cock back between my lips with a happy sigh. I love sucking on you. Push you to the
    back of my throat and suckle you, stroke you with my tongue.

    One hand moves down to cup and stroke your heavy balls. My fingers are gentle but firm as they seek out and stroke all the most sensitive parts.

    My other hand joins in, and moves to cup you from below. Then I start to do something new that you taught me. I’ve only had one other lover, so you’ve been teaching me how to please a man.

    You’ve been teaching me how to excite you in ways I never knew existed, and this is one of those ways.

    My fingers reach down lower, below your balls to the rosebud that is the center of your ass. I press against it, rubbing in small, delicious circles. I feel you tensing as my finger moves a little harder, a little faster.

    You growl deep in your throat. The sound pushes me over the edge and I start to cum hard. My legs are shaking and my pussy juices are dripping onto your eager mouth. I slide my mouth up and down faster and faster on your cock as my orgasm rockets through me. Your shaft feels like it is swelling in my mouth and then you cum.

    I suck and suck, milking every last hot drop from your throbbing cock. Drinking you. Satisfying both of us.

    Sound like fun? Give me a call at ext. 490 and we can play.

  • Am I still a good girl?

    Hey there!

    It’s been a week since I started with USLOVE, and it has been amazing.  I knew it was going to be interesting talking to guys from all over the US, but I didn’t realize how much I’d learn about myself.

    I’ve always been a good girl who kept her naughty thoughts to herself…until last week. Now some amazing guys have let my tiger off her leash and there is NO going back. This girl next door likes to roar and play rough with the right fellas.

    Please bookmark my blog and come back to share my adventures as I explore just how naughty this good girl can become.


  • Q&A with Sexy Sami and Santa

    Well Hello there Santa,  I see you have been looking at me in my long white fur coat.  Well my secret  Santa brought me the coat, don’t you think it looks amazing on me?  Do you have anything you would like to ask me? I hope Mrs Clause does not see your long stick peeking out. =)

    Q.. Where does Sami live?

    A. Sami lives near a marina and there are tons of boats

    Q.  What color are your eye’s?

    A.  My eye’s are a dark sapphire blue and they sparkle in the moonlight.

    Q. Is Sami  Single

    A.  I am very single

    Q.  What does Sami do M-F

    A.  She attends a University where she is working on her MBA

    Q. Does sami have any favorite hobbies

    A. She loves to golf or go whale watching but she also loves to bake in her free time. So yes santa i would love a new kitchenaide stand mixer

    Q. What is your favorite cocktail

    A. A carmel apple martini with a sugar coated rim

    Q. what is your favorite food.

    A  I love me some black eyed peas ( yummm) and a thick frozen chocolate banana.

    Q. Do you swallow or spit

    A.  I love to swallow

    Q.  If you can have just 3 things you would like for xmas what would they be?

    A.  A coach purse, new outfit and a stuffed animal


    You know santa Ive been a good girl all year long.  You can always call me if you and the mrs are having a tiff.  I have a ear to.listen

    Need to new friend or pal? call Sami day or night I will ease your sorrow and put a smile on your face.

    Yes come chat with Sami I definitely need all the new friends. A person can never have enough friends in ones life

    Come by for a meet n greet I promise not to bite. And cause I am such a generous person I will give you FREE minutes.

  • Pussy licking Pet

    One of the many things I adore about being a kinky lil Phone Mistress is training new pets ,slave boi pets that is. *sexy giggles* I train,tease,use,abuse and humiliate lot’s of submissive,naughty bois daily to include numerous girly-girl sissys. But this one …hmmm he’s one of the dirtiest by far. New pet came to my chamber on all fours,naked,panting and begging to serve. I was undressing at my vanity after a very long day,sipping some Chardonnay, completely uninterested and not amused by this begging lil bitch. Motioning toward the sub without turning my head to look at him,I pointed two fingers toward him hushing his pathetic whimpering. “Enough.” My voice stern,sensual yet very commanding. Pet immediately obeyed and silenced itself.

    I stood in front of this diry boi tapping my sexy black peep-toe platforms with a sling back strap in front of him. Slowly, I raised my heel placed it on the back of his neck and gave a gentle push to the floor. “Dirty pets do not get to look at Mistress much less enter Her domain,private bed chamber even, without permission.” You will also address me appropriately and serve only when called upon or given permission. Is this crystal?

    You may speak … Pet’s pathetic lil voice whimpered a low “yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” as I slipped my heel under his chin to raise his eyes toward me.  It just so happens that Miss Lauren is taking on new pets and you just might be my new entertainment. But you must understand and respect your Mistress at all times. This means total obedience as Mistress has zero tolerance for anything less. Now, lower your eyes again while I put your collar on. All my slaves must be naked and collared in my presence it is simply a MUST. This collar has a lil slut bell on it that jingles as you move about so Mistress can find you when I please. I will most likely have you leashed at all times. So think of it as an added perk you can thank Mistress later with your tongue by using it to clean my dirty leather thigh high boots.

    Now,let me see that umm…insignificant,pathetic lil penis of yours. Or do you have one even? Laughing, I stared down at this new pet and his tiny,itty bitty, worm of a clit stick. hahahaha. OMFG that’s it?  That’s all you have pet? It’s just so pathetic, really.  You poor,poor lil thing- whore. -“Yes, Mistress, you are right as always Mistress.” pet eagerly agreed and tucked his head in shame. But…I heard his voice shake I may have good use yet, permission to ask a question ? I thought for a moment, then I nodded.  Pet’s voice low and submissive…”May I please be your dirty pet and worship your perfect pussy, Goddess?” I would do anything and I mean anything to taste ALL your juices Miss Lauren,a golden Goddess shower.”  OH , so now I”m starting to understand the kind of dirty pussy licking pet you are.. You do understand these things you speak of are rewards? And must be earned! Back on all fours while I get my paddle. Let’s just shove a ball gag in your mouth and punish your dirty booty hard. Pet moaned & moaned through the gag, wincing with each hard paddle against each slutty cheek. Pulling his hair and head back I continued to paddle him until satisfied. When lil pet was finally broken into place and gag was removed I gave pet what he  was so aching for. My lucious pussy dripping all over him, marking him like my property. Owning him all night, face sitting him like the whore he is is, training him to be my Pussy licking Pet.

    ~<3~Come join me loves,for no limits/no taboos phone fun~ I am very well versed in most fetish play,fantasies to include the extreme and welcome it all~<3~

    Sensual Kisses & Licks,

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 Ext 508

  • Scent of a Women

    What does a woman smell like? There are a few easy answers. Her shampoo, when you bury your face in her silky hair and inhale deep. You could pick that one out of a lineup. And the lotion on her legs and arms is so subtle but kiss her here or there and you can just make it out and it is so very nice. Her perfume, yes, you know that one too with your eyes closed. She took a long time finding just the one for her. Hints of citrus, or vanilla, or perhaps something more exotic like jasmine flowers. But she made it hers, it is her. There under her arms, does she like that powder fresh or shower clean? Do you really like better that scent there after all day that is more her than the chemicals she put on to mask her? Tell her so, tell her inhaling that smell is intoxicating.

    Ahhh, but speaking of intoxicating. What are the other smells of a woman? Her feet after a long day when you get on your knees and you take them in your hands, slowly remove those heels that have started to make her feet ache. As you rub each little toe you know you take an inhale and you know that smell is her and it is good. And if you lean down and rub your cheek along her delicate instep you know that scent of woman, your woman most basic there. And since you are down there you start at the bottom and work your way up. Up her long legs perhaps encased in gossamer silk stockings that she knows make you weak. And those too have a smell that is part of her and excites you. And up some more to knee and thigh and warm skin there where garters clip to lacy tops. Inhale the scent there just there. And just a little higher now. Can you smell her through those pretty panties she wears to cover that which you desire to inhale most of all?

    Can you describe the smell there? Sweet, musk, pure, sex. Give me a single word or a hundred and I know it still may not fully describe that which makes a woman’s pussy smell delicious. For it is wrapped in such pleasure that the cells needed in your brain to take it all in when you bury yourself there between her legs is near to overwhelming. It is her and your need for her that is as primal as anything. As you inhale there so close to everything you desire she is everything.

    What does a woman smell like? She smells like love and lust, her scent is that of comfort and beauty. She is infinitely erotic and at once simply her. And you would know the smell that is her anywhere. Go on now… breath deep.

    Call me… Saffron Xten 499… and share what scent of a women drives you a little crazy.  

  • Dress you up in my Love

    What is it about you naughty,sexy,kinky,hot lil panty boi/sissy bitches that Miss Lauren adores the most? Hmmm…I would have to consider this one very,very deeply. Perhaps it’s the cheap thrill of dressing you to my delight and using you like the lil girly~girl sluts you are. Training you to be the purrrrfect lil sissy whores. Or maybe it’s bending you over for much needed anal training. You know it’s true…Miss Lauren most certainly  will own your sissy pussy before it’s all said & done.


    My lil whore Sissy Mary Jane can tell you just how much I love to pull her pink panties down and spank that booty’ good. Sometimes I use my hand or belt but other times I enjoy using my paddles or whip. Mmmm…I do get so very,very wet and hot when I spank my sissy’s for misbehaving.

    I’m a sensual Mistress a very seducitve,saucy lil vixen and I love every fucking second. Dressing you up,talking dirty in your ear,teasing your sissy clitty,humiliating you,breaking you to the point of no return. Delish~ simply fucking Delish~

    Sometimes my sissy’s beg to watch Miss Lauren with a real man and perform their duties. Oh yes, my sissy Barbie absolutely loves sucking  yummy big black dick for me. And when I’ve had my fill she also loves to lick her Mistress clean with that naughty sissy tongue. A very big reward, I know, and one that must be earned.

    For all you lil darling sissy sluts that are in need of a sexy,sensual,young Mistress cum find me if you dare love.

    Sensual licks & kisses,

    Ciao for now my loves…

    I can be reached at 949-999-5979  EXT. 508 and welcome requests!

    No taboos. No limits. All fetish play welcome.

  • Stolen Time

    We were the only ones left. Just him and I at the office. Yes, there was more work to do, but really it could wait. He came to me and stood by the door and gave me… that look. You know the one. A look that says I want you. I need you to come here and be bad with me. It says please, and now, and hurry without begging but with just the perfect amount of silent pleading that makes a heart race.
    I got up and walked around my desk and pushed him up against the door that somehow got closed and locked in the time it took me to take those seven steps. The sigh of a kiss that has been too long waiting is a wicked rush. The coming together of bodies that know each other but are denied too many times is euphoria educing. His hands on my hips, my mouth on his mouth, our tongues tentative and exploring all at the same time. Explore, yes that is the word, hands explore, mouths explore, hips explore all the possibilities that this which is forbidden and taken allows.
    When did the pants come off? When did parts get slick and parts get hard? When did we allow all that we only fantasized become reality? In this moment. This moment when I was bent over the edge of the desk with legs spread just so and he murmured so nicely that my ass was the perfect ass. In this moment when tongue explored that slick and sweet part of me and my back arched allowing access and more access and more access. That was the moment of surrender or defeat or victory of battle we didn’t even know we were fighting but surely we were losing.
    And then one hard part slipped inside one slick, wet, hot aching part and the sigh came without even being called forth. It just was delicious. A perfect rhythm that was so easy and so wrong and so right. And then to the sofa, him there, me there. My thighs atop his thighs, his hands on hips, on breasts, squeezing, touching, pinching, pleasing. And I rocked and I raised and pushed up and down and back and forth. Oh, to be this sweet for this time when time was not even an option and was stolen.
    Then mouth finished what needed to be done because that really was for the best. And that moment came of no return and the pulse of life and surrender and victory was mine to control, mine to give and take and take I did. And give he did and sigh we did and one more kiss until the clock on the wall said that was all the time I will allow you to take from me. And so we parted as we came together with barely a glance for each had to hide the secret again.

    Come steal a bit time with me… Saffron ext. 499