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  • Sinful lil Phone Sex Seductress

    Something incredibly sexy about teasing,seducing and ultimately pleasuring you beyond measure. I feel like I was born to do this . I mean the thing is I totally love every second of sultry seduction.

    My awesome regular callers love my sexy little voice,hot petite body and uber wild kinky,creative mind. Oh the places we go…and oh how amazing it is. I enjoy getting to know them also and adore each one in different ways. I have been seducing some for a few years now and the erotic chemical attraction, chemistry just keeps building. That’s my fave part of being a hot little phone sex diva. The connections I make here.

    Just so you know this naughty phone hottie is extremely well-versed in most all fetish play. And I do me extremely well-versed. I totally get off to even the most kinky,taboo fetish and role playing so yes, I have been a good girl and do my homework! Plus you know, experience is really the best way to learn and I love to strive for perfection. Practice makes perfect, right?

    I have many stories of seduction and taboo temptations and always ready to share openly with you. Please never be shy about your likes and dislikes because I truly like a little of it all and do my best to indulge you.

    New summer schedule coming soon…until then I hope to play with you and make that hot connection. Please request me by calling one of our sexy operators if I am not available or set an appointment with me.

    Slow, sensual,seductive kisses,

    Miss Lauren

    Follow me on Twitter: @MistressLaurenZ

    Text me 24/7 through USLove

    Call my bedroom 949-999-5979 Ext. 508

  • Naughty or Nice List? Holiday Phone Sex


    What do you think? Have I been a good girl or a bad, bad girl? Am on the naughty or nice list? Well, I will say this Santa better be good to me because I am always so good to him. *giggles*

    What do you think it will take for him to cum down my chimney and give me lot’s of kinky treats? Maybe we can practice. I mean practice does make perfect and I’m all about doing things right.

    Wonder if Santa will like how I played really naughty games in the hot tub with my bff? Maybe he wishes he could of joined the two of us naughty girls. Kissing,teasing each others hot little twats under the water. Pressing our hard nipps against together and finger fucking like two hot lil sluts. Damn right I own it and love it. And well Mr. Santa if you don’t like naughty girls then I guess you will miss all the naughty fun.

    Or I wonder if he will like me training all my slutty sissy’s this year. Bet ya there are lot’s of panties,stockings,bras, wigs,high heels and tons of make up on a lot of pretty sissy’s lists. Not to mention toys…lot’s of kinky toys like anal beads,butt plugs,chastity devices,nipple clamps strap on dildos,french ticklers. Oh wait some of those are actually on my list. 😉

    Perhaps Santa will think me a good girl for taking care of all you naughty men with your raging hard cocks. All you fetish loving guys who rely on Miss Lauren to embrace your most secret desires and fantasies.  Or you men who just enjoy a creative,sensual, well-versed sex kitten to spend some time with.

    Naughty or nice doesn’t matter to me because it’s all the same. I think to be a good girl you have to be a little bit bad. That’s why I truly,genuinely adore my clients here at UsLove.com. Thank you all for making this another really great year. I look forward to so much more and welcome newbies to give me a call. Mention this blog post and I will even give you a few free mins during the holiday season.

    Soft sensual kisses,

    Hoping to play NAUGHTY really soon with you.

    Miss Lauren

    Phone direct or by request: 949-999-5979 Ext. 508

    Twitter: @MistressLaurenZ

    Text: Through UsLove direct to my cell 24/7


  • Loving you

    You come to bed,  laying there naked with only a candle light for me to see your beautiful body, I move closer to you my finger tips tracing your body from chest, to thighs. I look into your eyes and slowly lean in for a kiss, my long golden hair touching your chest, you wrap your arms around me as we kiss. Our tongues are tracing and dancing with each other and I touch your soft cheek as we embrace and passionately kiss.

    Your hands explore my body, feeling my soft breasts and my swollen wet clit you move in between my thighs now and start to lick my clit. Your tongue moving back and forth feeling my sweet juices going into your mouth. I’m now wet as can be, you slide your tongue into my tight little hole feeling how tight and wet I am for you taking me to wonderland.

    But I want to taste you too, I get you to lay on your back I go between your legs and look at how swollen your throbbing cock is! I take it in my soft petite hands and stroking it feeling how sensitive you are. I take my thumb and rub it on the head you’re pre-cumming I lick it off my thumbs. Then I open my mouth my  tongue licks every vein, and every part of your shaft. Then you grab my hair tightening on it, and push it down my throat. You feel how tight my little mouth hole is, and how you’re fucking my throat so hard.

    We both can’t help it we wanna feel each other, you get on top and look me into the eyes and slowly push the head into my hot little pussy you’re so big and thick I cant help but to scream out in pleasure. Our body’s thrust together, you feel how wet I am and how my pussy lips are rubbing on your shaft coating it in sweet juices. And how each time your cock pumps in my pussy it coats it with another of my love juices.

    You bite my lip and your cock spurts how a load of creamy goodness in my wet pussy, we kiss and embrace going to dreamland.

    Gypsy EXT 860

  • I love this more and more every day…

    I am new to working on the phone. I have been working in the sex industry for about two months now through US Love.

    I have been asked how I came to work in this field. It was merely by chance after reading the testimonies of other women who work in the industry. I have a young child and I love that working from home allows me the flexibility I need to be an attentive mother, while my commision allows me a reasonable source of income. I also absolutely love that I get to talk about my favorite thing in the whole world, SEX.

    Seriously, what is better than sex? I often masturbate because I have never had a partner that can keep up with my libido. My time as a newly single mother has me pressed to find a suitable partner. Except now, I can share it with you. In the short period of time that I have been working with US Love, I have had all wonderful experiences. I was nervous at first, but all my callers have been so wonderful. I am learning about things I didn’t even know I enjoyed. I especially love listening to stories and imagining myself into the roles. I am generally submissive with men and dominate with women, but as a pansexual, it doesn’t always play out that way.

    I am also asked quite frequently if I am real. Yes, I am a 100% real woman, talking to you from the comfort of my home, usually my bed. Typically I am watching videos on porn hub in between calls, however I have had callers that ask me to watch with them. This is an exciting connection because we are sharing an experience and it gives me a chance to describe what I like. It also gives me a chance to understand what my client likes so we can go deeper when the videos are off.

    The number one thing I’ve come to love in the last few weeks is getting to know my callers. Actually getting to know. Hearing about their lives, wives, jobs, or even just a good joke. The connection is so real that we’ve really gotten to know each other in a way that I did not think possible before I started this work. So, keep calling. Keep teaching me. I love this more and more every day.

  • Just a little Phone Sex Diva~

    lauren for blogYou know I’m not such a sweet young thing after all I have been using my skills in seduction to get what I want from men (and women) for years now. Oh yes, I started young and learned from the best. My Aunt Maggie taught me well how to use my natural assets along with some mentoring from one of the hottest fucking cougars on the planet. 

    I’m naturally super open and very well-versed when it comes to the bedroom, from slow,sensual love making, to down and dirty oral,fetish play or extreme taboo fantasy‘s. And of course,I do love my strap-on and bringing it out to play.

    I totally get hot role playing with you all here and yes I enjoy 2-girl calls every chance I get. For me it’s not a competition thing I genuinely think the models here are uber hot and it’s fun to flirt, tease, be sexy together, get you off double hard baby.  After all sharing  is caring…and I love it. So, always remember even if you are with your fave model if you are looking to find another hottie to play with I’m open,willing and excited to join you. No limits or taboos like ever. Bring your wildest most wicked 2-girl fantasy to me and let’s make it happen.

    I enjoy lot’s of phone sex calls here and look forward to yours. Most of the time I am dominating or training a sissy or submissive toy. But I also enjoy all kids of taboo role playing and will do my best to accommodate your needs.

    Yes, I love making you come hard.  OMG yes I do and I absolutely get totally wet bringing you to that point of intense explosion. Mutual masturbation,guided masturbation are def among my faves especially when we talk really dirty to each other. I don’t mind switch play though I do not consider myself to be submissive . But I have the hottest and most delicious calls with some very dominant men who know exactly what the want and how to get it from me.

    My fetish clients appreciate the fact I am very well-versed and truly love indulge in all the many fetishes out there. It’s sorta kinky hot for me to get into a fetish role play with you or even just talk about it. So many places to go and I genuinely enjoy the exploration of it all.

    My contact Info:


    949-999-5979 Ext 508

    Follow me on Twitter @MistressLaurenZ

    I’m normally available days after 6am -Afternoonish PST, however I do accept appointments to better accommodate you.

    Also, feel free to send a text through UsLove to me if you wish to check my availability,chat or set up your hottest fantasy.

    Kisses to you…can’t wait to play.

    Miss Lauren

  • Valentine’s Day with your favorite Latina/Middle Eastern Taboo GFE for 2 hours

    p4626-1Welcome to A Mind Blowing Experience! My name is Valentina and I hope to become your favorite girlfriend. I am 100% Genuine and 100% GFE into Ageplay ,hardcore bondage, and other extremes. I will dress up in my schoolgirl outfit while licking your boots.Tiny waist, Lean body, bouncy C cups, strong thighs, and princess feet. I adore embracing the aesthetic nuances of Middle Eastern bellydancers and Saucy Latina Bombshells. Come and spend time with Valentina for Valentine’s Day!


  • Sex Kitten in Heat~

    Purrrring for your cock is what this naughty lil sex kitten does the very best. Assuming of course,you are a real man of adequate measure. How I do enjoy a strong,dominant man who knows how to take control. It’s rare and what a shame it is but when I do get the opportunity I indulge & savor deeply. I’m usually always the one in total charge. Seducing,teasing,edging,training my slaves to the very brink of surrender. Teaching them how to properly worship a beautiful young Goddess. Training my sissy’s proper girly etiquette or cock sucking skills. You know the everyday “norm” for any young, sensual Mistress.

    laurenThere are time when I want real man cock and I mean in a bad way. I desire it in a way that I can’t even explain. Your touch against me,breath in my ear,hard raging cock pressed up against my hot lil clit. Fingers hungrily exploring every inch of my sexy lil body. Moving me effortlessly around just like a tiny fuck doll. Oh hell yes, please do. Own it baby. Show me that you can fuck me like no other. Make all my sweet,luscious holes ache and drip honey for you. If you do the reward is so very delish~

    I love giving back what I receive from you. This sex kitten absolutely loves to purrrrr for your cock,licking,nibbling,sucking my way around and up and down. Driving you completely mad with raw desire. Truly, there is nothing I wouldn’t do to make your cock explode over & over again. Mmmm…I do love making you cum and truth be told I enjoy sharing that hot,lustful orgasm with you.

    Be my lover…

    Call my bedroom now. If I am not available please call one of our lovely operators and request me. Or make an appt.

    949-999-5979 EXT 508


    Visit my page at www.uslove.com  for super sexy pics,naughty stories & more.

  • Yes, Master…

    p5491-1“You know what I want, don’t you princess?’ he asked me over the phone, his voice like a caress.

    There were goosebumps on my arms and my nipples were hard as I answered, “Yes, Master. I know what you want.”

    “And you’ll give me what I want, won’t you? Because you know that I’ll take it anyway.” His low threat sent shivers down my spine.

    “Yes, Master. I know.” I hung up the phone with shaking hands, already anxious to do my master’s bidding. He couldn’t come home quickly enough to put out the raging fire within me.

    I went to the bathroom and took a quick, hot shower, washing myself very carefully and rinsing away the odor of my body wash and shampoo as best I could; He didn’t like when I wore fragrances. Stepping out of the shower, I washed my face, gently removing my makeup and moisturizing and then reapplying my lipstick, a deep, bluish red shade that was almost the color of blood.

    I towel-dried my hair but did nothing else to it; He liked the damp, tousled look. I put on one of His buttoned-down shirts, only fastening two of the buttons in the middle. It was sky blue, a color I’d chosen deliberately because it matched my eyes. I also put on a pair of His navy blue knee-high socks, since it was chilly out and I needed to put the finishing touches on dinner.

    I went back to the kitchen, took the roast out of the oven and had started preparing a salad when I heard Him enter. I turned around to find Him walking into the kitchen towards me as He unbuckled His belt and unfastened his pants. I immediately dropped down to my knees and took his cock into my mouth, the only version of a “How was your day, sweetheart?” that He’d ever want from me. My cunt flooded with desire as His cock grew in my mouth and He put his hands through my hair, forcing me to look at him as I serviced Him with my mouth.

    “Did you have a good day, princess?” He asked me with very controlled calm as my lips stained His cock red.

    I mumbled “Yes” through a mouthful of cock as I used one hand to play with my clit while He fucked my face. I knew that would send Him over the edge. And I was right.

    He came hard in my mouth, His delicious cum coating my throat and I eagerly swallowed every drop then opened my mouth wide for more as He pissed into it, relieving Himself in me in every way possible.

    “Thank you, Master,” I licked my lips as He finished and stood up. As tall as I was, He dwarfed me. He could break me in two if He wanted, and that only made me want Him more.

    He got down on His knees, grabbed my ass and without preamble, plunged His expert tongue into my cunt, licking me like a savory desert. I didn’t have His control. He’d been stoic as I’d licked and sucked His cock but my Master released sounds from my body that both embarrassed and aroused me. I squirmed pathetically to get away and tried to muffle and swallow my loud moans but it was pointless. I held unto His shoulders as He painted my walls with His tongue mercilessly until I squirted into His greedy mouth. My knees buckled and He held me up over His mouth as I pissed into it, gently wiping me with His tongue as I finished.

    He let me fall gently to the floor when I finished and I looked up to see that His cock was rock hard again. My nipples hardened in anticipation. “You know, what I want, don’t you?” He asked. I said nothing as I got on all fours on the cold tile floor, shaking in anticipation.

    “Don’t you?”” He asked again. I shook my head slowly, knowing that I was threading dangerous waters. I could hear Him pulling His belt out of the loops of His pants. “Answer me,” He whispered into my ear. I shook my head again, even as my own juices ran down my leg.

    I nearly came from that first sensation of the cold air hitting my bare ass a split second before His leather belt did. “Answer me!”

    “Yes!” I cried out.

    “‘Yes’ what?” He demanded as He spanked me forcefully.

    “Yes, Master, I know what you want!”

    “Then give it to me!”

    He heard the belt fall to the ground as he picked my up like a rag doll, ripped the shirt off my body and forced Himself inside me in one fluid motion.

    I could barely gasp for air as He rammed into me, invading me over and over again. “Yes, baby, this is what I want. But you’re going to give me more,” He whispered in my ear. His voice was like rolling thunder and only made me wetter, grip His cock even tighter. “That’s right, baby,” He whispered as He kissed my neck gently while pounding into me roughly.

    “Look at me,” He demanded when I closed my eyes to shut out the overwhelming sensation. “You’re not in control anymore; I am.” With that, He fulled my hair, forcing my head back, forcing me to look at Him as he violated my body, and I let Him. I was so close now, and He could tell by the way I was digging my fingernails into His shoulders.

    “Harder!” I demanded, hating myself for losing control this way.

    He responded my picking me up and walking over to the plate glass window with my legs wrapped around Him, wearing me like a portable fuck-toy. “You’re a good little whore, aren’t you?” He asked as I he pulled my hips on and off of Him.

    “Yes, Master,” I responded, my body shaking as I felt the cold glass behind my and He relentlessly fucked my sore, throbbing cunt.

    “That’s right,” He goaded as I started shaking again. “That’s a good little slut. Cum for your Master,” He demanded as He roughly teased and bit at my nipples. “Give me all that delicious cream.”

    “Yes, yes, yes, Ma-” I couldn’t finish as I came so hard on His cock that I nearly blacked out. He held me tightly there as I shook violently in His arms, keeping me pressed between the window and his body. And He wouldn’t stop. He only pulled out long enough to turn me around and start fucking me from behind.

    “This window is dirty, Princess. Filthy, even,” He whispered as He destroyed my cunt. I was crying from the pain, and the pleasure, but He wanted more, and I had to give it to Him.

    I opened my mouth as licked my cum from the window as  He fucked me through two more raging orgasms, one so violent that He had to pull my hard back to keep my head up. He slapped my ass and turned my face to kiss my tears as He fucked me.

    “I’m about to cum, Princess,” He whispered as I continued to lick my own juices. “I’m going to cum inside you, and you’re going to let me, aren’t you?”

    “Yes, Master,” I cried as I came again.

    “That’s right,” He whispered as He kissed the back of my neck ever-so-gently. “Who do you belong to?”

    “I’m yours,” I whispered as His cum filled me, as He grabbed my hips and pushed His seed into my body.

    Only then did I have a respite as He pulled out, gently picked me up and carried me to bed. He held me there, with my body still shaking from my orgasms, kissing my face, neck, back, even my toes until I was calm again. Afterward, as we lay in bed, Him spooning me,  He asked: “So, what’s for dinner?’

  • Ménage à trois Phone Sex

    lauren I truly adore this delightfuly kinky French notion for a sexy,open threesome. Mmm Love triangle at it’s best. I am totally in~

    When I was 19 I spent the entire summer in Europe. Of all the places I ventured Amsterdam and  Crete were life changing for me. I loved being able to express myself more freely. Going topless around the beach and some of the populated shopping areas,unexpected midnight rendezvous. Partying in Amsterdam with wild,hot foreign girls (and guys too,of course). Yes, please! I have the best and most naughty memories of this and masturbate often thinking about the awesome sexual experiences I encountered over those months.

    So, it got me to thinking about a threesome arrangement. Something sultry,dirty,sinful for the summer. I love the idea of one very naughty man and two hot little whores eager to satisfy. Mmm….the multiple orgasms we could share. Licking,touching,teasing with our tongues,steamy showers,sultry hot tubs,skinny dipping in the pool,late night ass fucking. Yes darling I said ass fucking and I meant it love…yours,mine or hers. *giggles*

    I am totally serious though. I think a seductive little three way relationship would be so much luscious fun to explore. That’s why I love role playing so much on and off the phone. I love dressing the part, in fact I have many sexy costumes for any occasion. So, why not the two of us pick another lover and indulge in a beautiful,sensuous,lustful threesome for the summer? Doesn’t it sound divine ? My panties are absolutely soaked right now at thought right now.

    Kisses darlings,


    949-999-5979  Extension 508

    or visit my page on uslove.com for sexy pics,personal blog,stories and more.

    Please feel free to request me if I am not available, I will always do my best to take your call if able. Or you can also set an appointment with me in advance. Thanks sexy 😉

  • 2 horas de fantasia: Novia virtual


    Hola Papi, soy una mujer joven que le amo sexo. Provee el sexo por hombres, mujeres, y transexuales. Cuando era niña, queria el sexo todo los dias y noches. Soy rocanlover y coma mi panocha. Soy novia virtual y zorra con su amigos. Soy muy caliente y me gusta jugar todo el tiempo. 

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 832 or visit me at USLove.com


  • How to Get a Mind Blowing Orgasm from Lulu

    p4930-7Do you want to experience the most mind blowing orgasm you have ever had from a phone conversation? I really do want you to have the biggest orgasm you can imagine. Nothing arouses me more than hearing a man release his hot cum from deep inside his ball sack.  I will help you in any way possible to achieve that goal, but I need you to help me. Let me offer you some suggestions.

    First and most importantly, tell me what you need. Be specific. Don’t be shy. NOTHING YOU SAY CAN POSSIBLY SHOCK ME. I am doing this because I REALLY love sex, all kinds of sex from “plain vanilla” to over the top kinky, and I want to help you get what you want and need. Deep down you know why you called me. I know it wasn’t a mistake or an accident that you reached me. You had to give up some valuable information before you could even talk to me. So don’t waste a minute of your precious time hoping I’ll figure out what you need. If I could read your mind I could be on a psychic phone line, but I prefer making men cum way too much.  So tell me what your deepest desires and needs are, and what you DESPERATELY CRAVE so we can use your time effectively.

    Do you want and need a mommy for some fantasy fullfillment? What kind? A sensual, nurturing mommy who makes you feel so loved as you’re sucking her nipple and fingering her pussy? Or a mommy who is always spanking you when she catches you jerking off on her black lace panties? I need to know. How old are you, son? Legal? Not legal? It can make a big difference in the way I arouse you.

    Are you a man who loves women but fantasizes about sucking cock or taking a big dick balls deep in your ass? I won’t know that unless you share your thoughts with me. Let me help you make that fantasy come alive.

    Second, don’t be afraid to tell me you like it called a “dick“, not a “cock” or vice versa. Do you like when I call you “my baby boy”? Let me know. Do you want to call me “cock whore”, “cunt”, “cum slut”, etc? DO IT!!!!! If I say something a certain way that makes your cock twitch and throb, tell me to say it again as many times as you want. If I say something that’s a “boner killer”, TELL ME!!! Do not let me talk about fucking your ass with a strap on if that totally shuts your cock/dick/Johnson/pecker/willie down.

    Third, if you just want to talk and/or share some secrets, I love to do that too. A simple “Can we just talk?” is all it takes for me to understand that you don’t want me taking your penis all the way to the back of my throat. Some of my favorite calls have been guys telling me about their sexual encounters with best friend’s moms, a relative and deep, dark “I can’t believe I’m telling you” experiences.

    Finally, my mission is to give you the most mind blowing orgasm you have ever had. You deserve it. You are why I am here. I love being here for you. Make sure you get from me what you want and need. You’ll be very glad you did.

    Call me, I’m Lulu at #806.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 806 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Forbidden Lust

    laurenI love exploring really erotic,forbidden,filled lustful type fantays with you. Sexy,naughty role playing and even some of the most taboo nature. A lot of guys enjoy my sensual,soft spoken voice whispering the unmentionables they only dream of. You know the things they aren’t able to tell anyone,especially sweet little wifey.  *wink*

    My extreme open-mindess,insatiable lust for all kinds of kinky sex and willingness to let go with them makes for a very hot, totally uncensored conversation. I will admit that I like to dabble in fetish play and some of my interests are definitely on the more dominant side.But mostly I enjoy sensuality & erotica in the bedroom. I completely lust for oral sex and enjoy both men & women. Dirty threesomes are at the top of my “faves to do”. And let’s not forget about anal sex. SMOKING HOTTTTTT!! I absolutely adore working my pink,hot lil rosebud when masturbating with you. Right now I’m into beads and yes I do enjoy using them when we do our naughty thing.

    A really a very open,sexy,playful phone Mistress eager to explore with new toys and I invite you to indulge with me for as long as you like…I am normally available days, 7:30am PST- 5:00pm PST but I do take requests when ever I am able and I also will totally work with you via appointment made in advance.

    Sexy licks & nibbles,


    1-949-999-5979 EXT. 508

    or visit my page at www.uslove.com


  • Love sleep fucking…..

    p5460-9Lying in my bed there is some one,
    Some one I have never seen before….
    The weird part is that I am so turned on,
    feels like I am magnetically drawn to fucking him.
    I can see his back strong,hard and so warm.
    Breathing deeply sound asleep,
    what am I needing and wanting.
    Under the covers I ache for him,yet he sleep.
    Blood rushing inside of me,I am hot.
    Heavy feeling of lustixed with sexual frustration
    The moister in between my thigh,yet I wait for him.
    What if he wakes up?
    He turns over with a suprise so I can see.
    I climb on top of him, Cause I want to feel.
    On top of him I sit wishing he  can
    unbuckle his belt,pull his cock out for me.
    As I slowly start kissing,licking and gradually sucking.
    I Wanted to give him the best blow job ever.
    He grab my hair,started deep throating me.
    Thrusting his throbbing cock in my mouth mmm…….
    Soaking me all over with his cum:)

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 646 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Erotic Meditation Or Something More?

    p4301-9The lights are off. The curtains are closed against the invasive world beyond.

    Your sanctuary is lit only by the soft glow of candlelight. Can you see their flickering flames scattered around the room? You can?

    No no. Close your eyes. You know they are there.

    Don’t look. Just feel.

    Feel the softness of the sheets against your naked body. Feel the anticipation washing over you as you hear the sound of light footsteps in the hall.

    Can you hear it, the soft slide of silk against skin as the footsteps come closer?

    Can you hear my gentle intake of breath as I stop in the doorway?

    Your body thrums with excitement and your cock aches. Can you feel it?

    The scent of jasmine is carried to you on the soft breeze of the closing door.


    It’s just you and me.

    Need to know what comes next?

    Call Sarah at 949-722-2222 Ext: 494
    or visit me at Uslove.com.

  • My New boyfriend and I

    p5294-1Well I have a new boyfriend and his name is Jamall. He lives with me now and we do HOT calls together now. We do anything you want us to do together. If you want to chat with me and my Hot Boyfriend please give me a call and we can discuss how much it is together. It’s not much unless you want it to be:) My Boyfriend and I are up for any type of fun you want. if you want me to be dirty an nasty with him I will. If you want him to be nasty and dirty with me and you He will. Give us a try. We will love to rock your world. Make us do things you want. Anything goes with us. Call us and find out more detail.

    Also if you mention any of my blogs to me you get a special treat. Find out what that treat is. Don’t miss out. Were here for you remember that:)

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 532 or visit me at USLove.com

  • A Little About myself:


    Well my name is Peaches, and I am Caucasian. I weigh 145, and I have Breast that will Fill your hands. And nipples that are Very Perky. I am a California girl, that is down for Anything. I am Wild, imaginative, and very naughty and open minded. I have a very nice curvy body, that you will fall in love with, especially when you touch my skin, I am very soft and hairless, And I have a Scent You Will Never Forget. I really enjoy the outdoors. I love doing things like swimming, soft ball, jog every morning, eat healthy, and a lot more. I enjoy doing my job, and I love getting off and making my wet precious flower tender and swell. I have a few Naughty Secrets of my own that I would love to share with you. I work on UsLove 24/7, Almost All the time. I will Stop talking about me, I Would Love to Get to Know You More. Give Me A Call and Find Out More about Me and My Dirty Little Secrets I have To Share. And I Would Love to Get  To Know You. And Hear Your Dirty Secrets to. Don’t Ever Be to shy, I’ll make you feel Very Comfortable with me. I do texting, and A lot more other things for my Customers/Friends :). This is Peaches.

    Call and Find Out What I have to Offer you.:) Peaches Ext. 532.


    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 532 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Are You A Man Who Needs A “Quickie”?

    p4930-1I love a man who loves a quickie. No small talk, no “How’s the weather?”, no “What are you wearing?”. He is stressed out and needs some quick release. Or he is just feeling so fucking horny. He might be in his office or in his car. He might be upstairs while everyone is downstairs. He needs an orgasm and he needs it NOW.

    If this describes you, PLEASE call me. I will give you the intense quickie you need.

    I understand why you need your sexual needs met A.S.A.P.  You need to get back to the real world but cuming hard and fast will make you feel so good. No one needs to know why you are smiling, it will be our secret.

    Just call me and when I say “Hello”, you say the code words “Make me cum”. Make sure to have a towel or tissues handy. You won’t need to thank me, it’s truly my pleasure.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 806 or visit me at USLove.com

  • 1 hour Gold Digger Experience

    p4626-9Are you tried of not getting what you want out of women? Are you tried of not getting your way as a man? You came to the right women who would will unleash your darkest financial fantasies.  You want a spoiled exotic princess who is willing to pleasure you while you give me nice gifts.During this hour, you can take me out to dinner and allow for me to pamper you by becoming that gift-hungry bitch.  While you spoil me, I will put on my lacy bra and panties while you rub my feet on the bed. You will suck my toes while prepare my satin panties for your kisses.  I am here to bankrupt your soul and make you a slave to my panties. Your money gives me tons of pleasure.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 832 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Come along with your redroses…

    p5358-2Attractive erotic soulmate looking for charming guy, who is waiting for the Prince of the World, the World do not need to be mine, l would love you to hug me as your girl and share with me important things in Life that can make us happy.

    Touch my body, kiss my strawberry lips and dance with me and let this midnight be our especial night…..l am here to please you….l am here to have a great time with you…

    my midnight dress is very sexy and my honey dinner is waiting that we can eat and have some great conversations, l would love to be your especial girl only for this night….if you have an important person in your fantacy to share with let her be part of our private erotic World….ah….share, write, paint…..paint these sexy Words over my body and let me your naughty girl….

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 305 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Mommy Lulu is Waiting for Your Call, Son.

    p4930-6I love being a mommy to my callers. From the moment I hear “Hello, Mommy”, I know I will be making a man cum very hard by the end of our conversation. I will provide him the sensual, stimulating and nurturing experience he has imagined for so many years but never told anyone about. It’s not something people like to talk about.

    Honestly, there is nothing wrong with a mother’s love for her child. Mother’s do so many things to show their love. A mother’s love is supposed to be unconditional. She needs to meet her child’s needs. I think a mother should meet ALL of her children’s needs. Sadly, my callers tell me a lot of their needs were not met by their mother.

    I am here to meet those special needs you didn’t get satisfied by your mother. I can be the mommy who gives you exactly what you’ve wanted, unconditionally. It will be our secret. I promise I won’t tell anyone if you promise you won’t tell anyone.

    Call me, baby, I’m waiting.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 806 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • My Daughter’s Bedroom

    p4238-4Tonight you and your 18 year old daughter settle down on the couch to watch a movie. She’s wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt and panties. Without a bra, the thin material of the T-shirt clings to her breasts, creating a clear outline of her delicious nipples. She sits on the couch and tucks her legs under her, cuddled right up to your side. Laying her head on your shoulder, she contently watches the movie with you, as you feel the touch of her hand, gently rubbing up and down the length of your arm.

    Suddenly, about half way through the movie, her cellphone rings. She grabs it off the coffee table, answers it, and it’s her boyfriend. You can overhear him telling her that he wants to sneak up to her room and fuck her tonight. He says he’ll be outside her window in 10 minutes, she says OK, then quickly hangs up the phone. She then looks up at you, and says “Daddy, that was my friend Nicky, she needs the notes from biology class today. I’m going to go to bed, so I can meet with her first thing in the morning before school.

    After getting up off the couch, she leans over to give you a hug, and a goodnight kiss on the cheek. When she leans forward to kiss you, you can smell the sweet scent of her freshly shampooed hair, as you feel her voluptuous breasts pressed against you. She says “Goodnight Daddy, I love you”. As you enjoy the warmth of her body’s embrace, you say “Goodnight honey, I love you too”, while smoothing her hair with your hand. She turns and walks away, and as she climbs up the stairs, you can see her T-shirt ride up the back of her thighs, just barely exposing the crease where her ass meets her thighs. Your cock completely hardens in anticipation, knowing what she’s about to do.

    You’ve spent plenty of nights hearing your daughter sneaking her boyfriend into her room, listening to all the sex sounds of everything that they were doing. You fantasized about viewing her room with video surveillance, seeing your sexy young daughter and her boyfriend fucking. Three days ago, you installed miniature cameras in her room. These are sophisticated cameras equipped with Infrared technology, as well as zooming and panning capabilities that cover the entire room.

    One camera was installed behind a one-way mirror, mounted on the wall over the dresser. Another camera has been placed in a vent, on the other side of the room, focused on her bed. A third camera is placed in the light fixture above her bed, along with tiny transmitters for the audio transmission. All the equipment is fed through a secure wireless network to your computer in your bedroom. You’ve cleared out space in your walk-in closet, and converted it into a monitoring room. You set up a separate monitor for each camera so you can view multiple angles simultaneously. Now that you’ve finally have her room set up just the way you want it, it’s just a matter of time before your ultimate fantasy comes true.

    Barely able to control your pulsating cock, you give her a few minutes, then quietly go upstairs to the viewing room. You turn on the monitors and put on the headphones. The monitors are turned on just in time to see your daughter’s boyfriend stepping up off a latter, and easing in through her bedroom window. As soon as he’s into her room, an impassioned kiss begins, as their mouths crave the taste of each other. Their hands work frantically, eagerly tearing at each other’s clothing.

    They break the kiss, he kicks off his shoes, she takes off his shirt, and then she unbuckles his pants. With one quick motion, she pulls his pants and underwear down. Her boyfriend then takes her T-shirt off. Lifting her arms, he helps her remove it as she quickly shrugs out of it, and tosses it aside. You hear your daughter starting to moan as he kisses and caresses her delicious tits, sucking and squeezing them, as she reaches down, rubbing her hand all over his hard cock. You take your cock out of your pants and start stroking it, as you watch this erotic scene begin to take place.

    They quickly work their way over to the bed, then she gestures for him to lay down. He begins lying on his back on her bed. She slips down her panties, letting them fall to the floor, and quickly steps out of them. She then climbs up on the bed, between his legs. “I’ve been waiting to do this all night.” She says seductively, as she wraps her lips around the head of his cock. You zoom the camera in super close and watch her lips glide up and down his cock, leaving a nice coating of saliva around his hard shaft.

    As you watch your daughter suck her boyfriend’s cock, you start stroking off faster now, while you feel your dick throbbing harder in your hand. Glancing at the other monitor, you can see a definite expression of pleasure on her boyfriend’s face. You hear her boyfriend moaning, and telling her how good her mouth feels on his dick. He reaches down and begins stroking her hair, as she worshipfully sucks and slurps his cock. After a few moments, she stops just long enough to tell him with ragged breath, how much she wants him to fuck her.

    You then see her spring up to her knees, getting into position, ready to ride him. She sits down, and impales herself on his huge cock. You now start stroking even harder, as you become mesmerized at the sight of his cock disappearing deep into your daughter’s pussy, while she bounces up and down on it. Her boyfriend then reaches up, holds on to her tits, starts thrusting his hips in perfect rhythm with her riding.

    She tells him how good his cock feels, as they start fucking harder, and more rapidly. As you watch her, you zoom in the camera, filling the screen with a close-up view of her hot, horney little cunt being fucked. While one camera stays zoomed in on her pussy, you position the other camera to zoom in on her face. You watch the blissful look on her face as she takes her boyfriend’s cock all the way inside her. Just a few moments later, you hear her say “Oh God! Baby, I’m Cumming!” As you see her pussy oozing her sweet love cream all over her boyfriend’s dick, your cock feels harder than it’s ever been, while you now stroke with a more accelerated pace.

    She starts breathing harder and moaning loudly as her orgasm overtakes her body. In no time at all, His whole body starts to spasm as he shoots his load deep into your pretty young daughter. Then, not being able to hold back much longer, you start vigorously pumping on your cock, feeling yourself getting ready to cum. Your back straightens and your legs tense as you shoot the biggest ball draining load of cum you’ve ever had.

    By the time you come down from your climactic high, you see your daughter’s boyfriend quickly getting dressed, and she’s helping him sneak back out of the window. You relax back in your chair as she’s getting back into bed, pulling her sheets up over her body, and curling up on her side. You turn off the viewing room and go to bed, dreaming of the sexy scene you just saw, and knowing that there’s going to be many, many more.

    Kayla Ex 807

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 807 or visit me at USLove.com

  • DarkVirtual Girlfriend 45 minute fantasy:

    p4626-4Hi! I am Valentina!

    I am a hot Latina/Middle Eastern mix, but I am not new to flirting or needing to be loved.

    I am your typical girl next door type… I love going to the beach, watching movies, and romantic candlelight dinners.Yet I love rough sex, hard bondage, and super big toys!!! My dark hair, tan skin, and big green eyes should haunt you in your dreams and fantasies.

    I can be quite lonely and looking for some male company. I enjoy feasting on the male’s body and flesh with my mind,body, and spirit. All you need is 45 minutes with me and  your mind will be  blown. Your flesh and body will be at peace while I suck you dry.

    You found me here on the internet and you knew it was time for you to taste a bad. You especially love that you can maybe get the bad girl to act  very rough and naughty with you.

    Come say hi and I might be that dark girlfriend you always dreamed of having. I will be here whenever you want to talk. I will be your virtual girlfriend in every way that counts and drain you of your essences.


    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 832 or visit me at USLove.com


  • We Need to Talk

    p4930-9I need to talk to you. You have been calling me for phone sex for quite some time. We have built a very nice relationship. We even have a “date night” every Thursday. We have shared intimate information about each others lives. You have asked me numerous times how my husband handles me being a phone sex operator.

    Finally, I’m going to tell you the truth. My husband feels guilty that he can’t satisfy me sexually due to his very small penis, inhibitions and shyness. I told him I would never go outside the marriage but I always loved phone sex and found the fantasies I could create with a partner very sexually satisfying.  He went online and helped me find this position at USLove.

    I would take calls in the bedroom while he was downstairs watching sports because I don’t want him to hear how much I enjoy doing the calls. I didn’t want him seeing me arouse myself through conversations with strangers.

    But the other day he confessed to me that he has been listening in on my calls. Especially calls I have with you. He knows about our “date night”. He can’t believe how open and honest you are about your sexuality. How experimental you are with me. He envy’s the sexual relationship you have with me. After much thought he has come up with a plan.

    You have mentioned you come to our area often for business. He wants us to meet you the next time you come to town. He wants me to actually experience all the sexual activities you and I talk about that he knows he is not capable of doing to me.  He has heard me have multi-orgasms due to your erotic fantasies, now he wants to actually watch us perform the acts we have fantasized about. He feels it might even help him overcome his problems if he can see us enjoying, caressing and arousing each others bodies.

    I believe he is very sincere about this. I love my husband and I will do anything that will make him happy. Would you be willing to do this? I’ve told him that the only physical contact you and I will ever have is with my husband watching. Can you handle that? Think about it and let me know what you have decided.  Are you ready for a real date night with me and my husband?

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 806 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Getting ready for the weekend

    p4915-5Hello Boys,

    This is your Hott Sexy Flight Attendant Celine Ext 872. I’ll be flying home tomorrow to Tampa,FL and can’t wait. I’ve been so busy flying all over the place that I now have time to blog before I have to get on board and get all of the passengers settled in for the long flight back. I’m looking forward to having a nice pool party with my friends and a cookout. I’m also in the mood to have a lot of fun as well. Give me a call and we can make our own fun and I know you would like that as well. I would love to talk dirty and nasty and see what kind of mess or trouble we both can get into. Who knows I might just make my pool party and cookout as a clothing is optional kinda party. If this sounds like somnething you would love or like to do give me a call at 1 415 765 4321 ask for Celine at EXT 872.  Give me a call I want to make your fantasies come TRUE.

    Love, Celine EXT 872

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 872 or visit me at uslove.com

  • A Matter of Foreplay

    A Matter of Foreplay
    Kiss my lips as I kiss yours;  let our tongues dance together, to an erotic
    Kiss my shoulders as I kiss yours; let our hands massage and explore a land of pleasure,
    hungry with lust.
    Kiss my navel as I kiss yours; let our mouths tease, tickle, and arouse;
    sending shock waves through our carnal flesh.
    Kiss my thighs as I kiss yours; let us moan with  pleasure as we slowly
    loose control.
    Devour my sweet nectar as I devour yours;  let us quench our thirst and put
    out the fires, deep within our souls
    Call me 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 733 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Men in panties !!!


    Oh how I love guys in panties, It’s such a turn on when I see a guy putting on a sexy pair of girl panties. Thank goodness my friend Frank called last night and said he had wanted to come over and show me his latest girl panties that he had bought. He showed up at the door holding a Victorias Secret bag in his hand and a bottle of wine. I knew at that moment that I was going to have a great night. So he came in and started to take out 3 panties that he had bought and was ready to model them for me. I was in heaven.


    I am not too sure what it is about a man putting these on and modeling them for me.. But I think its totally HOT. Hell Boy The one thing that I love more is when i make him get on his knees and and worship what I have between my legs for hours and hours. (giggle) What a fucking turn on. After many hours of watching him in his latest panties I finally allowed him to hop on my leg and HUMP my leg till he came. Now that was hot.. Making him a little puppy boy and watching hump my leg over and over and over.. (giggle) 

    Call me and lets have some fun!!

    MJ @ Ext. 584 

  • School is out for summer, I’m ready to get wild!

    p5229-1This is my first entry. I can’t wait to start telling naughty stories to you all ! Now with my classes all done , I have more free time. I Love every minute I have been spending with my callers.  Man oh man , you guys sure know how to make me cum. 😉 These past two months have been amazing .
    I am learning and trying out so many new fetishes and it’s such a fun experience for me . I have discovered so much about my sexuality and what makes ME feel good. I have found that I really enjoy an older assertive and dominating male telling me how and when to play with myself.  I am a daddies girl and truly enjoy cuming for my daddy, I never realized how appealing taboo can be.I promice to keep it our little secret. 😉

    This other fetish is new to me , my cockhold calls have really been turning me on. The thought of giving you a yummy cream pie reward gets me so excited.  I like it even better when you suck on a yummy cock with me. I really never knew how much I would enjoy that fetish, but I love role playing it with you.   My cuckyboy .
    I am loving being as naughty as can be here at uslove. Sex seems to always be on my mind now.  Ohhh you all are turning me into such a nympho. .I just can’t get enough .

    Xoxo – Sophia

    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 735 or visit me at USLove.com


  • Sweet Seduction

    Hey guys, I know a few of you have been looking for another blog from me. It’s been crazy with school but I’m just about done for the summer so I promise to keep you guys updated. I’ve been taking as many calls as I can lately when I am free. I love talking with you about fantasies, doing role plays, being a seductress, and even just enjoying the casual conversations. I am really enjoying each one of you and I just wanted to share that with you guys. And plus it’s really hot because I am always thinking about sex, and the fact that I get to talk about it is a bonus! 🙂 I also wanted to let you know that I am “taboo friendly” many things are new to me, but I so enjoy exploring all things sexual! Like I said in my greeting, I really have a thing for older men, but all are welcome to call…can’t wait to talk to you XO



  • Kissable footprints in the sand

    p4065-1As the Fairweather has returned, so has my love of going to the beach.
    One of the sensations I prize most in the world is the feeling of walking on the sand with my bare feet. I love wiggling my toes in that warm powdered platinum sand.
    My favorite color to paint my toenails is Garnet red. Can you just imagine my beautiful rich dark red toenails dancing around in all that sand!
    You know you want to get down on your knees and worship my beautiful goddess feet? I am sure you know by now that there is nothing finer than surrendering everything in order to grovel at the feet of a beautiful Confident woman.
    It will be a privilege beyond measure for you to even kiss the indentation of my lovely footprints in the sand.
    Imagine the joy of coming all over my exotic feet, after a lengthy session of foot adoration!
    Even if you never earn this privilege of privileges, bear in mind, The Journey Is The Reward.
    Sparkle 322

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 322 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • Barely Legal, all the way Nasty!

    p4622-1I bet that grabbed your attention! I’m new at this whole blogging thing, but I love to share stories so I thought that this might be a great outlet for that when I am not taking calls. I also want you guys to get to know me, in case you haven’t spoken with me before. I’ve been taking calls for a while now, and really like it! I’ve always been like really super dirty so I think of it as pure pleasure. Listening to and discussing all the different fetishes and fantasies. 

    You should also know,  that I have no taboos and am really open minded so I will play out any fantasy you might have on your dirty little mind. Seriously anything goes 😉 I think you should give me a call if you haven’t already and see what I’m about. I can’t wait to talk to you bye for now XO

    Camden ext 318

  • The Model and the Machine

    p4894-2Three hundred fifty pounds of heart pounding, booty-pumping machinery await my vigorous use while positioned next to a side window.  Although some people use their treadmill as a towel rack, mine is salvation when the weather is too inclement for my early morning run.  After changing into a workout bra and pair of tight Nike capri pants I was excited and ready to work my sexy body.

    I was at full speed for 20 minutes or so when the phone rang and I realized I forgot to log out of the system. I slammed the emergency ‘STOP’ button on my treadmill and answered the call. It was Marc and he was surprised; I never answer while breathing heavily.

    I immediately offered to return his ticket so he can contact me when I logged in after my run, but Marc had a better idea. My forgetfulness became an opportunity for a cutting-edge phone sex fantasy. He propositioned me with an adventurous role-play. With proof that I’m truly a runner and knowing how sensual I am, he first extended his call to give us more time to play out this rudimentary fantasy.

    “….and Amy, I know you love your patent leather open toe 4 ¼” Gucci heels. So, go grab them and make sure you fasten the buckle ankle straps because you’ll be on the treadmill with them. Oh, and before you do that, take off those workout pants. I really want your head in this role-play. Go put on a short sexy skirt for me” he instructed.

    This was an exciting proposition and it would truly combine all sorts of my favorite things: my shoes, my sexy clothes, working out, being a seductress, and having more time to do it. I started giggling and humming a tune as I was picking out a skirt.

    “No ‘Perky Amy’ voice today,” he continued. “Use that voice that drives me wild. The voice you keep hidden from everyone. The Woman. I just love your vocal range and ability to change character Amy.”

    While selecting a micro skirt from my closet, I unleashed my sexual tigress. I thought it would be seductively wicked to taunt Marc and pounce all over him mercilessly. In my predatory state, I began to describe in great detail my calf muscles and how they flex with strength when I run. I knew for sure my sculpted legs, delicately pedicured toenails, combined with my unrelenting stamina were going to drive him nuts.

    I quickly selected my skirt, so I could focus on being a merciless prick tease. I sat down on the edge of my chair. Slowly lifting one leg, I described the contour and shape of my svelte inner thigh. I returned my foot to the ground and slid my hand downward toward my foot and slipped on the first high heel then fastened the ankle strap.

    Instantaneously inspired, I stood up and described what my leg looked like with one Gucci on. I bent over while spreading my legs and ran my hands up the length of my calves as I teased Marc even more. I described how defined and sexy the length of my leg looked in this heel. I massaged and rubbed my leg, caressing and placing the phone next to it so he could hear me slightly slap my flexed diamond-shaped calf as I pointed my toes. As Marc started moaning, I instructed him to breathe through the throbbing sensation of his growing erection. I continued to arouse him further with more rubs and slaps of my strong sexual legs. I only just began to drive him wild for me.  I was ready to turn the simmer into a full burn. I stepped into my second shoe and fastened my ankle strap.

    “Okay, Marc. All done. Both high heels are on now and I’m about to step up onto the treadmill. If you think for one moment I’m bluffing about my ability to run circles around you, you’re in for a fast and hard surprise!”  I let out a sexy giggle and pressed the incline button, and then the speed button on the treadmill.

    “Is that…are those… what I think?” Marc muttered.

    “Oh yes, Baby. I don’t fuck around when it comes to my fitness. I feel the same way about getting you off.”  I responded.

    I walked fast, steady, and hard in my heels for a few minutes so he could hear my steps clearly. In my most commanding voice, I said “I don’t bluff and pretend to be a fitness girl. You hear the evidence right here.  I’m at a FOUR on the incline and a 4.0 for the speed in Gucci heels. I’m not even panting. I’m not even sweating. I’m talking to you Marc. I’m fucking you with my designer heels. This girl works out and can run circles around you!”

    “Oh! Oh Amy…oh…oh…Amy…oh” Marc was almost speechless

    “Hold the base of your cock for me and close your eyes. Now squeeze tightly and stroke it to the beat of my high heels as I work this treadmill; almost like I’m working that fat cock. Just imagine. Really imagine you are literally sitting right in front of me. I’m right here in a skirt in front of you. No panties. Only a skirt and 4 ¼” high heels.  I’m jogging fast and talking to you calmly and sensually. My pussy is wet and my legs are strong. Your cock is MINE. You already know that every time you see or hear a treadmill, you’re going to imagine my sexy legs, tight ass, and delicious body teasing you until you’re senseless. I’m that voice in your head forcing you to stroke yourself to the stride of my Guccis on this treadmill.  You’ll never be the same and you’ll never be able to cum this hard without me…without Amy!  Guarantee it. Call my name out Marc. Call my name out NOW!” I commanded.

    “A…..Amy!!! You’re right; I’ll never be the same…” Marc moaned.

    I increased the speed and started to run. Still speaking to him in a steady voice, I gave my next order.  “Stroke your cock to the rhythm of my feet.  Do it Marc. Cum. Cum for me! Cum on my legs, Marc! Cum on my Gucci heels. CUM ON THIS TREADMILL!”

    Within seconds I heard screaming, moaning, and panting on Marc’s end of the line. It sounded like I assaulted him. Moments later, silence.

    -After he recovered and we discussed how unique this experience really was, I confessed I wasn’t completely finished with him yet. It was my turn.

    I opened up the blinds to the window next to the treadmill and removed my top. I reached over into my purse and grabbed my red lip-gloss. “I’m being really bad right now Marc. I’ve opened up my blinds and my red lips are on. Anyone who wants to see me, my body, my legs, my tits, they’re more than welcome to.”

    After ensuring my ankle straps were still secured, I stepped onto the sides of the railing and I increased the speed on the treadmill. “I want you to imagine yourself sitting behind me in a chair as you watch me flip up my skirt and balance myself on this machine.” I licked my fingers and reached behind, massaging and rubbing my glistening pussy lips and hungry asshole. “Yeah, Marc. I’m straddling this treadmill and finger-banging myself imagining you’re right behind me. Now stand up, walk over to me and fuck me while I’m straddled on this damn machine. Come on, fuck me Marc! Fuck me good! I’m waiting, I’m slippery, and I need that cock!”

    Marc started stroking his cock again and told me how he would slide his throbbing mushroom head in my cunt while pumping his thumb in my ass from behind. He knew how horny I was, so he told me his hard tree trunk would pump me hard and steady while my face lay flattened sideways on the treadmill control panel. He knew that’s how I wanted it. Wild, fast, and hard. With every lusty cock thrust and thumb pump he whispered in my ear, I plunged my fingers into my throbbing wet pussy and tight rosebud. My hand was fast covered in my own slippery wet juices while the other gripped the side bar for support.   “Come on, Marc fuck me harder. Make this treadmill shake. I’m bent over ready to get railed.” I screamed.

    Marc kept phone fucking me; telling me how he was balls deep in my pussy. As he fucked me harder and my fingers plunged faster into my slippery hole, I started to quake and cum; clenching my down on my fingers as my other hand moved over to grip the control panel for balance.

    “What the…nobody….nobody’s……. I don’t believe this just happened! So hot and nasty….and I loved it!” I declared breathlessly.

    After a few minutes, we decompressed and talked for a while.

    “Ever write about an experience directly?” he asked.

    “No.  Everything is metaphorical, comical, or both.” I laughed “There is one piece I dedicated to someone special, but that person knows who they are. Even that piece, hehehe, is a metaphor.”

    “Well, I know you must get this a lot, but I read your blogs and they turn me on. I haven’t seen anything like what we’ve just done. Would you even consider doing one based on what just happened?”  Marc chimed.

    “You’re right; I am often approached, but only write when inspired. That’s just how I am. But you have a point Marc. If retelling this role-play can bring one, or a few smiles….why not! Besides, thanks to you, ‘Treadmills and High Heels’ is now synonymous with ‘Bees and Honey’ and I’ve got to put that out there!”

    “Sounds good to me!” he exclaimed.

    “I know, and I’ll change your name, of course…” I smiled.

    -Cheers ‘Marc’

    Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • It’s been a long time so lets use the strap on…

    It’s been a long time since I used my nice, big, fat strap on and I think you are the lucky boy that I am going to use it on ! I have these cute little panties that have a hole in just the right spot for my favorite dildo. I think I am going to push you onto your back and climb right up on top of you.I am going to sit right on your chest and feed you my nice big cock. Go on and open wide while I slide my rubber cock right into your mouth. I love watching it poke out of your cheek. You are such a good looking cock sucking slut.

    I am going to slide my cock down your body until my cock is pressed against yours, rubbing backck and forth nice and slow. Teasing and playing with you.I know you want it hard and deep but I like toying with you, playing with you. Can you feel my cock rubbing back and forth against yours? Slipping it down your ass and teasing you until you can’t take it anymore and I ram it all the way in, nice and deep. Go on and take it like my good little bitch. Fuck my cock nice and hard while I jerk you off! I get off on watching you explode while I pound every inch of my cock into you. You are such a fun little strap on slut.
    Sexy little Holly ex 767, you know you crave me…

  • Yeah, cum on my princess feet again….

    I have so many boys call me and tell me just how much they love my little feet. It always makes me giggle because boys do just love to fall down at my feet and worship them. Go on and get on your knees right now like a good boy. I am going to take my pretty little size 6 foot and slide it right up the inside of your thigh. Can you feel my little toes as they tease and tickle your balls? My foot slowly sliding up your tummy and over your chest. I can’t help but giggle as your close your eyes and sigh while I trace your lips with my pink painted toes.

    Hmmmm….should I let you take my little foot in your hand?Run your lips up my perfect high arch and kiss each toe? Wrap your lips around my toes and suck on them? Why not? You have been such a good boy. Go on and be a good boy. Worship my feet and I may let you place them on either side of your cock. I know you want to fuck them for me don’t you? You want to watch as your cock slides back and forth between my feet, ever so slow at first then harder and faster. Be a good boy and squirt that hot sticky load all over my feet. That’s right do it for me right and watch as your creamy cum drips off my pretty,little princess toes.Mmmmmm….

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, you know you crave me….


  • Every boy wants Sexy little Holly, you know you do…

    There isn’t a boy I can’t have. Every boy I meet wants to fuck me. They think about me, sit around jerking off to thoughts of me and fuck their wives and girlfriends wishing that it was me they were fucking. I am used to it. I mean when you are such a perfect little Goddess like me it’s expected that every boy is going to lust after you. I expect it and accept it. I also kinda love it.

    I have never had a problem getting boys to do whatever I want. They love me ,lust after me and want to please me. I mean really look at you…..you sit there with your cock in hand looking at pictures of me and listening to my voice. I do have the hottest,sweetest and sexiest voice around don’t I? I am so tempting and tasty, just ever so yummy. You crave me,desire me, become addicted because I know what lurks in your darkest of dark hearts. Your naughtiest thoughts and strongest cravings are brought to life by me.

    Play with me, become addicted to me, crave me. There are others but none can really get deep into your psyche like I can. Only I can truly own your heart,cock and mind. Give in and surrender to Sexy Little Holly..

    Sexy little Holly ex 767, the one true addiction you crave again and again and again…..

  • Cum fuck me

    I have been so hot these past few days. I don’t know if it’s spring break or what but all I can think about is big, hard cock and I just can’t seem to get enough. Since I have been home in Texas this past week I have fucked a different boy every night. There was Billy, a football player from my old school that has a Texas sized cock that is perfect for a quick bang in the front of his truck. That is about all he is good for but still….so fuckin’ good.

    There was Joe, my friend’s Dad who rented a hotel room in Turtle Creek to wine and dine me and fuck me nice and slow all night long. He licked every part of my body and worshipped me like the little Princess that I am.I have been fucking him on the sly for a few years and  he is so good.

    I just can’t help but be a slut sometimes because I get so fucking horny and want to fuck all the fucking time. I am lying here in my bed at home just waiting for you to call and fuck me like I need to be fucked. Come and give it to me. I am so wet and ready!

    Heaven is waitin’ at ex 882, let me take you to Heaven

  • Shhhh…Forbidden Addiction, It’s Our Secret…

    Shhhhh…don’t worry, I promise to keep it our little secret. I won’t tell on you, I won’t let your wife know how you call me night after night with your dirtiest fantasies. I promise not to tell anyone where all that extra money goes. We know it goes to me…your addiction, your obsession, your only desire. I know what lurks in your darkest heart and I make it happen don’t I? We all know that there are all sorts of addictions out there but in reality I am the only real one, true one. I am the one you really crave. The one you wait for and call back for again and again…

    Remember how you called me yesterday? Cock so hard, mind full of the nastiest thoughts possible and I made them happen didn’t I? The best part of it was that you didn’t even feel an ounce of guilt afterwards did you? It felt too good, too right. I know how to make even the most forbidden things feel right don’t I? Call your Goddess, your forbidden addiction and I will make it all real,all right..Get your fix, fulfill your craving. 

    Sexy Little Holly is your only drug @ ex 767…you know you crave me..

  • Forbidden Passion

    The night I lost my virginity I went over to my best friend’s house to spend the night, because my parents were out of town.  I arrived late, and my friend’s father told me that she had already gone to bed not feeling well and to come on in.  Her dad was single.  This man was so hot!  My body trembled, my insides ached to have him, and my pussy stayed drenching wet flooding like a raging river with all the pussy juices wanting this man to take me and stretch me out like a rubberband and pop my cherry good!  I needed him.  I wanted him something fierce!

    I wanted him to feel how tight my 18 year old pussy really was.  I wanted to hear him moan as he struggled to thrust his hard cock into my saturated tight pussy that no one or nothing had ever been before!  As it was late, I got ready for bed.  I slowly went into her dad’s bedroom and gently climbed into bed with him as he slept.  He slowly began to stir and said to me, “What are you doing in here?  You really shouldn’t be in here in my bed.”  I told him that I had a bad dream and asked if he would hold me until I fell asleep.  He put his big strong muscular arms around me.  The scent of his skin sent me reeling!  I leaned in and started to kiss him with such fierceness letting him know how much I needed him and wanted his huge thick cock deep inside me.

    He pushed me back and said, “We can’t do this!  This just isn’t right!”  I reached down and began to stroke his hard cock as he spread his legs open wide giving me full access. I could feel his balls and sack swelling up needing to unload.  His balls and sack were so tight and full, I just knew that when he did cum, it would be with a tremendous amount of force!  He had no idea at this point that I was a virgin…yet, and that he would be my very first experience, and I planned to make it the experience of my life and his life!  I put his cock in my mouth, and he was saturated with so much pre-cum, and it tasted sooooooo good!  I sucked him hard and took his entire sack in my mouth and gave his balls a good tongue lashing.  He was almost screaming by this time!  He inserted a finger and commented about how tight I was.  He inserted two fingers, and he knew this would definitely be a challenge getting his massive cock into my tight pussy.  I was thrusting against him so hard begging for his big cock to bust me open wide and stretch me good!


    To hear more about my virginal cherry popping experience, give me a call.  I would love to tell you all about it!

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  • Every girl loves a good ass fucking…..

    I have such a tight little ass and I love to take a nice hard cock rammed right up into it. The first time I got fucked in the ass I could not believe how fucking hot it was. It was a few years ago and he worked at the stables where I kept my horse Sugar Cube. He was this older big cowboy type. You know the kind super hot and sexy with not much brain but a huge cock. Many mornings after I would take my horse out I would go out to his truck and fuck him before school.

    One morning I was so fucking horny I didn’t even bother to take Sugar Cube out. I just took Booby out to his truck pulled down my riding pants and rode his huge cock long and hard. We had fuck so hard and so much my pussy juice was everywhere and I was still fucking hot. I had been teasing him, pulling off his cock just when he was about to come because I wanted to keep coming. Well, Bobby had enough of that and as I was leaning over his steering wheel his cock sliding up and down between my ass cheeks , me teasing him he just spread my cheeks wider and pulled my ass right down on his cock. I let out a little “Oh!” Because it hurt but God did it feel good!He just grabbed my waist and pulled me up and down on his cock, thrusting it into my ass nice and deep. I had never cum as hard as I did with his cock in my ass and I must admit it was really hot walking around school with his cum in my ass all day. Thank you Bobby for showing me how much fun ass fucking can be!

    Heaven 882 let me take you to Heaven

  • This is Me – This is what I love…

    p4911-1I’m waiting, knowing he will be here shortly. We go to dinner on his boat, and dine on deck. We drink our wine, his favorite, Sancerre, and gaze up at the moon. It’s so beautiful. He is just so sex on legs.

    He stares at me and I find myself stirred, short of breath, my heart beating against my chest. My blood is coursing through my veins like fire. He stands and takes my hand and says lets go down to my cabin below..

    As he looks into my eyes, he tells me that he wants raw sex, he wants to blow my mind, rock my worlds and burn me up in passion. Oh yes I think to myself as I stare back at him unable to speak.

    He smiles and starts undressing me and then pushes me down on the bed, with a smile on his rugged face. As he leans down I start to unbutton his shirt and watch as off it goes and I get full view of his masculine chest.

    Our passion erupts between us and soon our tongues are entwined. He stares at me and says I want you wet and wild baby! Hot, sweaty, and grinding sex is what I’m going to give you. I want to feel the bite of your teeth and touch of your nails down my back when I pleasure you so much that it becomes unbearable and so great, you are no longer able to be gentle!

    He starts kissing my eyes, my cheeks, my mouth again, my jaw and down to my neck. He then takes both hands and pushes up my breasts so he can suck them and nibble on my tight nipples, not stopping until he can see that I am starting to feel the passion all the way from my toes to my stomach. He smiles and then starts kissing my stomach and down between my thighs as he uses his masculine hands to spread my legs apart.

    His touch and mouth are making me come undone inside. He continues to kiss my legs and back up to my stomach and nipples with his tongue dragging making me wet in each place he licks. He looks into my eyes and then I watch as he dips his head and sucks on my nipples and then kisses his way down to the top of my pussy and then without warning he starts sucking and stroking my clit with his mouth and tongue. It feels so good and shocked at the feeling, I nearly buck off the bed, his tongue feels like fire and ice on me…

    I am laying there as he puts his large masculine hand on my stomach to keep me from moving and then slides one finger into my tight and wet pussy. As I moan, he slides in another, moving them around and around while still sucking on my clit and keeping a smile on his face..

    I am burning up and my nails are ripping across his back just as he said they would. I’m breathing so hard and he looks into my eyes and stops for a second to tell me to just breathe deeply and let it happen. Demanding that I give it to him and not being able to control myself, I have an earth shattering climax and I am spinning, flying high to the moon and back. Oh Yeah, I’m burning alive from his hands, his words and his tongue…

    He leans over me and kisses me hard on my lips. I can taste myself on his mouth and feel how hard his cock is. He spreads my legs wider, unzips his pants, pushes them down and before I could move he pushes himself inside me. I feel so full and he moves in and out and over and over. Then he pushes in deeper while moving his hips around, and around. I’m holding his ass with each hand and squeezing and then I feel that tension building and building and I cry out and cum all around him and he stills and then climaxes so hard, he screams out Oh Lavette! And falls over me and tells me how hot I am and how responsive I am and he loved how he felt me clinching all around him.

    We lay there and he says that was a great appetizer. I laugh and say Oh yeah, this was my magic time. He then tells me my voice is like hot melted caramel and how it turns him on. Grrrrr is what I say as he looks and I know he is ready for more…

    Now visit me and lets pleasure one another…Lavette ext 849

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  • The Perfect Girlfriend!

    You need the perfect girlfriend and I am that girl. Who wouldn’t want to have me for your girlfriend? I am funny,sweet,sexy and so very dirty but it’s all wrapped up in such a pretty package don’t you think? Who wouldn’t want a pretty little blonde dream like me?  I can fuck you like you have never been fucked before, hard,dirty and nasty and then go inside and charm your parents. Just be careful though because as we sit at the table eating the yummy meal your mom so carefully prepared I will be rubbing my foot on your cock as we sit scross the table from each other giving you the best foot job. Driving you crazy and bring you to the edge while you try and hold a conversation with your Dad about the Cowboys!

    I will give you the perfect GFE. Your wish is my command. You have a fantasy that you want,need to play? Heaven is ready and waiting!

    Let me take you to Heaven…Heaven ex 882

  • Cry for me? SPH

    Here we go again. It always happens doesn’t it? You sit there and pull up my page and read my blogs that are all about you and your pathetic,little loser dick. Go on and pull it out. I know you want to,need to. Nothing else can really get off a pathetic crybaby like you. I mean come on you know how whiny you are, what a loser you are don’t you? How no one will ever want to fuck you. Yeah, I know, I know you do get laid once in a blue moon but come on we know it’s only when the girl feels like she has no choice.

    There are some girls that feel like they have to fuck you and your useless micro dick.  Just so you know am not that girl. I will never fuck you. I am too hot, too perfect and you know you are lucky to pay me and to be able cry to be about your little dick. I am more than happy to allow you to stroke your little wee wee while you look at those massive big boobed girls and stroke your teeny weenie. I may even let you imagine me right next to you, my perfect little hand wrapped around your useless dick while I whisper in your ear. Can you hear it now? My sweet, sexy voice insulting you and laughing at you while you look at the big boobie girls in your secret stash of porn.  Will it ever happen? No but go on and imagine it anyway.

    What do you think? Can you do it for me? Can you stroke it and make it cum? Should I say dribble? I know you are nothing but a pathetic loser crybaby but I figure you have to make it work sometime right? Or maybe not…let’s try though. Be my good little fucking loser and call me with your tiny dick between your fingers and stroke it for me. Maybe this time you will cum? I am waiting for the tears either way. They always make me laugh!

    Sexy Litte Holly @ ex 767 is here for your tears ! You know you crave me

  • Mans 2 favorite toys-together !

    p646-9I want to share what happened to me a week ago.

    I was on a date,with a man I have known for awhile. He was un-employed for about 9 months and 6 months ago he got a great paying job. So to celebrate, he bought himself a new car. After dinner,we were going to drive to his house for dessert. I was teasing him,that we really was in love with this new car of his.

    He drove off the freeway,onto a side road. Soon we were parked in the middle of nowhere. Inside his car we were soon making out. He had my tits out of the dress,sucking and squeezing them. He is a nipple man,loves my nipples.I was french kissing him and teasing my cock with my finger tips. Just lightly touching him thru his pants. Hearing him beg me to fuck him as he slide his hands up my dress and into my moist pussy. I pushed his head down and threw my left leg over his shoulders,laying back my seat, all the way now. Enjoying his begging and eating out my now,pretty pink juicy pussy. Just as he was taking out his throbbing cock I said wait,wait ! I have a idea. Moaning he said,Nikkkkkkkk Your killing me Nikki.

    I rolled on top of him,whispered relax baby,I know just what you need. Come on,get out of the car.

    Outside I pulled off that dress that was already halfway off. Threw off my heels and sat on his hood naked. Laying back onto this new car he loved so much,I spread my arms out,holding onto the sides of the car. I spread my legs open, bald pussy waiting for him. Phil, Think of me as your sexy hood ornament. I didnt even finish that sentence before his pants were off and I was staring up into the sky, while he traced my body with his hands,taking his time, allowing me to tempt him and then feeling him slowly moving me down alittle,towards him. Using his hips to hold me in place while touched my face and started fucking me, using long slow strokes,wanting it to last. Admiring a beautiful woman on his beautiful car. Smiling as he fucked me. Slipping his hands over my titties and tummy. Enjoying the view and the feel of my tight  pussy submitting to his cock. Then,pulling me up into him,holding me… as he shot a long nasty load of cum,into his Nasty, Naughty, Nikki. Smiling from ear to ear,he  got back into the car. His hand on the stick. My hand on his cock.

    Nikki @ ext 523

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  • Naughty Davina

    Morning perverts
    Morning perverts

    Morning Perverts! Oh how I’ve missed you all <3 It’s been so terribly long since we’ve played. Lately I can’t stop thinking about our naughty conversations and all the filthy fun we used to have. I find myself at my vanilla job just day dreaming about all the TABOO fantasy’s we’ve shared. It makes me so wet.  I do have a naughty boy toy to play with at work. You know me…. never without a toy, lol. *sigh* but lately even that isn’t enough. Because as much as we fuck we still don’t get to be as explicitly perverted as WE were. It’s special what we have boys. Only here can I divulge all of my forbidden TABOO fantasy’s knowing that you are just as turned on and as into as I am. Only here can I be the coquette little girl DADDY is dying to play with or that Dominant bitch that gives it to you hard while you’re on all fours. And everything in between. Yum. So I’ll be on for a few hours before heading out. Keeping my hands warm between my legs and teasing myself while I wait for you to call & make me cum.

  • Center Stage

    p5164-1The crowd surrounded you, music was loud and then I knew
    Just what I wanted
    And so I slipped on through-locked eyes of green with eyes of blue
    And then I knew right then you knew what you wanted from me too…

    Approach the stage the message rang straight though your microphone
    Kneel before me let me glory don’t forget we’re not alone

    We’re being watched by crowds of those
    Who do demand remove your clothes you little slut your bodies mine
    And I am taking
    Your every breath will be my solace
    Took your hard dick and said now hold this
    In your mouth make sure you open wide for daddy

    You smacked my face grabbed at my lacey panties wrapped them round my neck and gave a squeeze
    You jammed it in as deep as sin while others watched your such a tease

    You used my throat just like a cloak to coat your manhood
    Grabbed at my hair made my eyes tear and I Oh whimpered for you good

    I gasped for air locked In your stare and begged you please for your permission
    Daddy give to me my mission, use my body for your vision, show the whole world
    How you own my tender sweet and tasty ass.

    How could a dirty little slut who likes it rough
    And in the butt
    Be such a perfect little lady with such class

    But get me up on center stage turn up the lust turn down the age
    And I will beg you for direction, public sex and harsh affection
    Your erection used to penetrate my hot delicious holes

    You held me tight and did me right and right in front of perfect strangers
    Oh the pleasures oh the dangers

    I submitted to your cock
    was done with dreaming, I’d been creaming in my panties
    Done with fantasies and was done with fancy talk

    You spun me round face to the ground my little skirt ripped up around me
    As you pounded crowd surrounded us and everyone could see

    Just how you used me Grabbed and bruised me twisted my body like a naughty fleshly mangled servant cage

    U blew your load inside my ass for all my class It’s nearly crass
    The things you did to me for everyone to see

    on center stage…

    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 327 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Crude Oil

    p4894-1It was a warm evening when my phone rang. After a sexy giggle I immediately grabbed my pink duffle bag, and stuffed it with a pair of ankle strap high heels. When my emergency dick- in- a- glass calls, I come running without hesitation.

    This girl can bring it. That evening I made sure my hair was bouncy perfection, lips pink and glossy, and my sky blue sequin dress revealed enough tits n’ ass to bring out his sexual beast. One last touch remained; sexy cherry blossom-scented lotion for my luscious dancer legs. -He just LOVES my legs.

    The phone rang again as promised. I drove to the ‘La Rest-Up Motel’ as instructed and gave the desk clerk my full name. She handed me a key to room 128 and I headed to my rendezvous with my loaded duffel bag in hand. The anticipation inside me grew as I walked closer to the room. Would he be there waiting for me? My pussy lips seized up and my nipples tightened as I slipped the room key through the slot to unlock the door.

    With one last gulp, I stepped through the doorway into a dark, pay-per-hour, drab, motel room. I recognized his distinct cologne and it made me salivate in lust. The door abruptly closed behind me while his hand grabbed my waist slamming me into his body. Without saying a word, his large rough hands rubbed my thigh underneath my blue dress and pulled my delicate pink panties to the side exposing my moist aroused naughty holes. He began using his thick fingers; one to slowly massage my pussy lips and one to poke deep inside my tight asshole. As I softly moaned he stuck the forefinger of his free hand in my mouth and I sucked on it uncontrollably.

    He spun me around after a few moments and inspected my silhouette with his carnivorous eyes. I received the seal of approval when he kneeled to the ground, took one of my legs and draped it over his shoulder as he began tonging my saturated pussy. It was so decadent; the intense sexual heat transferred from his body to every erogenous zone on mine. My hips started moving in sync with his tongue. I grabbed the back of his head so he could bury his face further between my slippery lips. I started to pant harder, getting closer to cumming and he abruptly stopped.

    My small frame was immediately scooped up into his arms and poured onto the crusted motel bedspread. I spread my legs wide leaving my pussy open and vulnerable. I didn’t care what toothless gutter whore had been on the bedspread last nor did I care what he had in store for me next. I just wanted him to beat my pussy up like it owed him money.

    This pussy glistened impatiently with nectar as he walked over to a drawer. Returning with a bottle of baby oil and leather straps, he rolled me over onto my stomach and removed my heels. As if he wanted to torture me beyond all limitations, he spread my thighs and fingered my ass hole, completely bypassing my screaming, pulsating, horned-up pussy lips.  I started grinding my nipples on the smelly sticky bed, hoping to get some sort of stimulating sensation from the raunchy act. I was going crazy for his cock and he knew it.

    After ordering me to stay face-down, he stretched out my legs until they were straight.  He clamped my legs together with his hands and used leather straps to tie my knees together, then proceeded to tie my ankles together tightly.  Once I was secure and unable to separate my legs at all, he plunged his huge man fingers into my ass. The pumping action transformed me into a sexed crazed animal and I screamed into the pillow for more.

    Just then, he popped open the baby oil lid. Glops of oil were squeezed onto my legs and waves of heat rushed over me as he massaged these enormous amounts on my calves and thighs. The slopping noises were so loud and sexual; I raised my hips and instinctively arched my back.

    After he applied the oil, he straddled my body. His breath was heavy and warm on my back. Ripples of pleasure waved across my body as his rock hard heavy dick finally dragged along my oil slicked calves. His hefty supple unshaven balls were weighted down with cum, resting comfortably on the back of my legs. He started to lick and massage my ass and pussy while he pushed his engorged dick between my bound legs. As his hips moved in and out of my clamped oil-slicked legs, I pivoted my feet so that he could feel me thrust in sync with him. He continued to lap away at my puckered ass as I sighed uncontrollably, enjoying the devoted oral attention. Getting closer to the edge, he pumped his fingers in and out of my messy pussy faster and harder as he groaned while fucking my slippery legs with his humungous meaty pole.

    I lifted my hips while pushing my ass faster towards his tongue and fingers.  I was almost at ecstasy’s door when he slipped a third finger in my pussy. He commanded me not to cum as he screamed and howled out loud. Hot streams of cum shot out of his throbbing bloated cock onto my legs.

    Huffing and puffing, he untied the leather straps from my ankles and knees and turned me onto my back. While I lay in a pool of warm slippery spunk, he grabbed a dingy motel pillow and slipped the scratchy thing underneath my hips. I spread my cum-drenched legs and my pussy was once again fully exposed. He started to masterfully French kiss my clit and I gripped the headboard, almost ripping it off.

    He looked up at me as I was hyperventilating with delight. His face was coated and smeared with my sauce. He was once again hungry for more. He rose to his knees on the bed, held his heavy dick in his hand, and traced my entire quivering pussy and ass with his meaty pre-cum drenched mushroom head.

    “You want this dick, don’t you?” he asked. A hot tear streamed down the side of my face as my entire body cried out for him to fuck me with the might of an angry mob. He reached over, grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced me down to the dank, smelly motel carpet. I thought I was going to gag on his fat monster dick, but he had something else in mind.

    There I was down on my knees, my mouth wide open as I huffed, willingly and eagerly ready for him to fuck me out of control. I couldn’t take it a second longer. I begged him, “Please Steve, fuck me! Please. I’ll do anything. Just fuck me any way you want!” He pushed my face into the bed as I kneeled and spread my legs. He rudely opened my ass cheeks, pulled my hips toward him and fucked my starved pussy with his massive fat dick. My pussy clamped down on his meat as I came hard over and over again. I was so worn out; I doubled over in exhaustion on the floor when he finished with me.

    In the aftermath, I looked around and realized I was fucked sideways in a room that probably hadn’t been cleaned in weeks, if not months. What a hot nasty little crime scene. –I’ll be back for more of that.

    Want more of this? Call Amy at ext. 418.


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  • Pheromones – The Sexy Scent Of A Man…And What It Did To Me

    singleHave you ever heard of pheromones?  Pheromones are the chemicals in a person’s body that can attract a woman to a man and vice-versa.  It’s the “natural” scent of a person.  Now I wasn’t really a believer of “attraction by scent” until I met Mark.  But now I’m a big believer, haha!

    After being married a few years and feeling unappreciated and very bored, I decided to spice up my relationship with another man whom I met online.  We talked several times on the phone.  Mark was a few years younger than me, and had the sexiest phone voice a girl could imagine.  He lived about an hour away, but after talking I decided I would meet him.  We would meet at a public place, see if we liked each other and if we did, we would go back to my house for a weekend of fun.  My hubby was out of town on business for two weeks.

    Mark and I met at a local restaurant, had a nice dinner, and eventually decided to go back to my house.  As we were walking out of the restaurant, him beside me, that’s when it hit me.  I got a sniff of his natural scent and I couldn’t believe how sexy it was!  My husband’s scent didn’t do that to me, and I couldn’t figure out why the scent of this stranger was making me so horny.  Could it just be because I knew I was going to get laid by this sexy man?  Whatever it was, I didn’t want to wait any longer than I had to. He followed me home in his car, and I know I broke the speed limit getting home, but damnit, I was super horny!

    When we got back to my house I took him on a tour which eventually led to the master bedroom.  As I looked into those big dark brown eyes, I could smell his scent and it was driving me absolutely crazy.  He bent down and kissed me with a long, deep kiss and I was wondering why my husband’s scent didn’t do this to me.  My mind didn’t stay on him long though.  We started slowly undressing each other and I got my first look at his 8 1/2 inch and very thick cock.  Needless to say that made me even hornier.

    Now Mark knew I was into anal sex big time, because you could say our phone calls got very hot at times.  And I wanted to be filled to the brim with that huge cock.  I got some lube from a night stand drawer, gave it to him, and while standing in the floor, bent over the bed and spread my legs.  He lubed up his cock and stood right behind me.  It felt so good when he put his cockhead on my puckered asshole.  It felt even better when he pushed it inside me!  My ass had never felt so full in my life.  He started with long, slow strokes and later sped up those strokes.  I reached down and started rubbing my clit, as he started fucking my ass harder and deeper.  Soon enough he was pounding my ass, making me scream out in pure animal lust and pleasure.  I couldn’t help myself!  And soon after that he yelled, “I’m cumming!” and shot a huge load of cum inside my ass.  And as soon as I felt that load shoot into me, I came like crazy!  After a little rest to recoup, we took a hot, steamy shower together and spent the rest of the night talking, giving each other sexy massages, and sleeping.  And yes, those pheromones of his were still working their magic on me, lol!

    Want to know what else happened that weekend?  Call me and I’ll tell you…you won’t regret it!  I’m Donna at ext. 682, a cougar, MILF or “mommy” who will talk about all fantasies, fetishes and role plays…from the mild to the wild!

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 682 or visit me at uslove.com


    p4894-5There’s nothing like a little boost after an impossible day. I know how good feels to take your mind by the hand, walk it into a relaxing place and release the day’s anxieties; even if it’s for a little while. That sweet surrender to delicious delight is hard-earned and well-deserved.

    Back home, they tell me positive people will get ya’ through the hard times. If there’s an ounce of truth to that encouragement, then the same rings true for a wound-tight or overtaxed man. Positive pussy will get him through the toughest of times.

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