Dominant or Submissive Mistress: To Be or Not to Be?

If I had to be honest, I’d tell you that I much prefer being submissive. It makes me feel pretty and cute, like the obedient mistress to married guys I am. But… my mistress talents go both ways. Because there’s a flip side to being a Mistress, one that begins with a Capital M. When I’m *that* Mistress, I call the shots. And during these times, the guy are begging at my pretty little feet.

Once, I even had a budding musician write a song just for me. He paid an operator for my time, just for the pleasure of singing it to me!

Either way, as a dom or sub, it’ all about being worshiped. At 5’2″, a bust of 36C and a gorgeous J Lo butt, I have a petite and curvy figure that men crave. I also have that seductive voice of an intelligent woman. You know the one you work with? The one with the great ass and smile who likes to tell dirty jokes with the boys?

That’s me! 🙂

So if you are looking for that “good girl” to please you while your wife’s away, watch me get on my knees for you!

And if you are looking to be my “good little boy,” you’d better get on yours!

Try me; I like it both ways!


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