Help Wanted: Excellent Oral Skills a MUST

I guess it was meant to be from the start. As soon as I saw his luscious, swollen bulge my mouth started to water. I couldn’t help but stare I mean it was incredibly difficult not to look at anything else.  But here I was interviewing for a very prestigious position with a very reputable,high dollar firm. I quickly adjusted my eyes to meet his somewhat stern gaze.  With a sweet smile I thanked him for the opportunity to interview and handed him my resume.

Suddenly I felt very tiny noticing the size of his hands, how very tall he was and those thick broad shoulders. Wow…I couldn’t help but wonder how big he was everywhere. Yes, there. Trying to gain my professional composure I brushed my tiny black skirt into place and sat across from BIG Mr. Boss man with black stocking legs crossed, poised and at attention.

“Lauren, stand back up for a moment.” I didn’t question him vocally but was hesitant at first then my curiosity, as always go the best of me, and I stood quickly in place. “Turn around Lauren.” Like this sir? “Oh yes Lauren exactly like that.” Now walk over to my desk beside me and reach for the files to the left corner. I walked slowly to him maybe even seductively and felt the coolness of the shiny oak tickle my naked tummy as my little sheer top pulled up and I stretched far across his massively large desk. Hot bubble butt booty way up in the air I knew my garter belt was definitely showing as well as a damn good panty shot as the breeze from his fan blew up my little skirt.

Blushing a little I looked over my shoulder to see his reaction and he was already unzipping his black trousers. Gentle but very large hands reached around my tiny tummy and pulled me off the desk to my knees between him. Legs spread wide gliding gently toward me in his leather chair again I could not help but stare at his now naked,thick cock head peaking out from his pants. I licked my lips with great desire, one I could not even explain. He sternly reminded me of the ad he placed and emphasized “Excellent Oral Skills a MUST,  Lauren. Do you understand?” I shook my head yes and again licked my lips eager to demonstrate to him my level of expertise.

“You seem to be the perfect little blonde assistant I’ve been wanting lovely Lauren.” Let’s see if you perform as well as you look. I watched and opened my pouty, wet mouth up wide as he grabbed his long,thick cock and guided it gently to my hungry,hot mouth.  Sucking,licking,nibbling on the tip he instructed me exactly the way he wanted it. “Oh Lauren yes, that’s it sweetheart feed on me.” Deeper open up…good girl…deeper into your pretty little wet mouth relax and let me fill up your throat. Not knowing my level of expertise I guess it shocked him a bit when I didn’t even gag. Instead I welcomed his swollen mushroom head and took every inch balls deep. Up and down I sucked careful to not forget his huge,full balls. Licking my way up, drooling and then sucking my way back down again allowing him to pump and thrust like it was his very own mouth pussy. It wasn’t very long at all before Mr. Boss man could no longer hold back pouring his delicious cream down my throat I didn’t miss a drop…

Breathless and moaning he thanked me for my skills and proclaimed never had he ever experienced anything like it. “Now those are the oral skills I have been seeking pretty little Lauren and now my dear the position is yours for the taking.”

It’s true this sexy,sensual little Mistress enjoys and indulges in all kinds of role plays and fantasy’s here. You might be surprised at just how good I am with your fave.

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Miss Lauren  

3 Responses to Help Wanted: Excellent Oral Skills a MUST

  1. You naughty little slut 😉 That outfit your wearing sounds incredibly hot!! I would LOVE for you to interview for a position in my firm <3 Hopefully you're wearing some very sexy black heels as well. After a brief discussion of your experience I would ask you to go over and load some paper into the copier/printer that sits directly to the left of my desk. As you bend over to insert the paper into the tray I notice your sexy black garter and lace panties and wonder if you always dress like this for an interview. I can no longer restrain myself and I walk up behind you, lift your pretty little black skirt and revel the sexiest little as cheeks I have seen in a while. I cup your little butt with my huge masculine hands and slowly spread those cheeks watching your panties slide right in between those cheeks while your ample puffy pussy lips begin to show themselves, I say "you are very sexy Lauren and appear to be just what I am looking for in a new assistant"
    With that being said I reach around and slide my hands under your top and slide my hands under your bra and begin pinching those cute perky nipples…you moan with pleasure as I press hard against you with my now pulsating turgid member pressing against your ass crack…what happens next? Let's chat and find out xoxoxo

  2. OMG Paulie boiiiii!!!! You know how I need you sexy man and our hot kink baby. You know I always say “your ass or mine” and I mean it truly from the heart. Love our hot sex & chemistry I think it’s time to do something soon…

    Kisses Paulie,
    Call me soon~~

  3. Oh yess it is time to do something today my sexy little fox!! My sack is so full of cum and I want you to get between my legs and worship this nice thick fat cock…show me how much you LOVE to take it deep in your mouth pussy…no gagging baby as I bury my hot rod all the way in the back of that fucking hot wet throat ;~) until I spew a hot load of sweet cum in your mouth…but remember don’t swallow baby because I want to kiss those beautiful sexy lips and share that huge load of cum with you babe <3

    Licks and kisses Laurbear,
    I am calling you today baby get ready for a hot hard fucking 😉