~*How I got my fun new heels!

Yesterday I went to this little shoe boutique right before it was about to close and it worked out great for some foot fetish fun. Actually he had just closed but when he saw me knock on the glass door and pout he had to let me in. I had been there earlier and had seen the cutest pair of six inch stiletto sandals that were pink and sparkly and would be so cute with this tiny, little white lace sundress I have . I had to get them because I needed them for the weekend in Cali.

He let me in and I smiled and thanked him ever so much. He was a little shy and he blushed a little bit. He went off to get the shoes in a size 6 while I made myself comfortable in the plush purple chair. I totally felt like a princess I am when he knelt down in front of me. As I lifted up my foot for him to remove my little red ballet flat I noticed a huge bulge in his pants! I always knew shoe sales men were foot fetish perverts! Lucky for him I love that! Having my pretty feet worshipped is such fun!

 After he slipped the flat off my foot I stuck my toe right under his nose. “Sniff it for me.” I said then giggled. His hand was shaking as he held my foot and pushed it against his nose, breathing it in. How many times had he come home from work and beat off to this exact fantasy and now I was making it happen. “Lick it now.” I told him as I kicked off the other shoe and placed my foot over his cock. I began to move my foot up and down over his cock through his pants while he licked my other foot.

I slid my hand down my tight little spandex leggings and began to rub my pussy. “Pull your cock out now!” I moaned grinding against my hand. He had his cock out in seconds. A loud moan escaped his lips as I wrapped my feet around his cock. I Lifted up my hips and pulled my leggings down. The site of my perfect pussy drove him insane and he dove his face between my pale,creamy thighs. I ran my feet up and down harder and faster on his cock. “Cum on my feet now!” I moaned as I came all over his face!

Needless to say he gave me my pretty shoes for free and told me to come back anytime! I am sure I will because as I was leaving I saw the cutest pair of tie up leather boots that I want!

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