I Heart Veggies

p4894-7I can’t keep this one to myself. I was on vacay with my parents and while they’re upstairs watching CSPAN, I’m hanging out in the Plaza Hotel lobby because I can’t stand another minute of the mind-numbing boredom. It’s inescapable. I look into the fitness center and sauna. Nothing. I peek in the pool area. No signs of life.

Just when I was about to throw my arms up in utter defeat and wave the white flag for the evening, a stretch limo H2 rolls in. My attention fully revitalized, I decided to stay put a while longer. I start to text and return emails on my iPhone as a precession of women in their mid-30s gathers in the lobby. I knew immediately they were out celebrating and painting the town red. They were wild, dressed to kill, and full of life. All of them were still dancing and singing; dancing that new silly “Gangnam Style” dance I see everywhere. I smiled and tried unsuccessfully to catch a laugh that escaped my lips.

While girl-gazing, I quickly realized I was notably dressed down in comparison to these strikingly beautiful women. I was wearing a simple turquoise Juicy Couture stretch pant and pink tee outfit with sandals; no bra. Yikes! Self-conscious, I slinked over to the bar area and ordered an Alabama Slammer. I had a feeling in my tits something was about to happen worth watching or waiting for. I wasn’t wrong.

“Did we run you out?” chimed a strong melodic voice. The woman standing behind me looked like Naomi Watt’s twin sister. I could only tell it wasn’t the actress because her eyes are slightly rounder and light brown in color. She was stunning.

“No…” I replied as I turned around to face her. “I’m Amy” and I extended my hand as I smiled warmly.

She grabbed my hand, leading me to a more comfortable seating area away from the bar. I liked her style and my heart was racing. This girl was fun from the start!

“So I’m Reen, short for Maureen, and that’s my crew.” she giggled as she side glanced into the lobby. “I just finished throwing my kid sister the nastiest bachelorette bash in history. We got Dirty in the Big D!”

A few minutes went by and Reen was the last left from her ‘crew’. More comfortable, I relaxed and we spoke and drank for hours.  Before I knew it, her freshly manicured hands were squeezing my upper thigh as I was facing her. We moved closer in, started breathing in sync, and no words were exchanged. Before either of us realized it, we were kissing in the bar and tonging one another down as if our last breath depended on it.

I was still dizzy from the make-out session when she motioned for us to go up to her room for privacy. This 38-year-old siren was going to take me up to her sexual lair and have her way with me and I was going to willingly let her.

We made out heavily all the way up to the 8th floor. Once in her room, she took my hand and guided me to the bed where we peeled off our clothing. Our lips explored every part of one another’s beautiful bodies, starting from the tops of our ears to the bottoms of our toes. It was ecstasy.

I started to finger Reen, tongue her erect nipples, and tell her dirty little stories of things I do while back at campus. She gently kissed my dirty mouth and walked over to the refrigerator. She smiled like a sly fox as she returned with a tray full of cold garden vegetables.

“We’re going to have fun now, Nasty Little Amy”

My heart was racing. Reen grabbed the largest cold carrot from the tray, lubed it up to the base, and slid it into my tight little pink asshole. I threw my head backwards and arched my back as I fingered my clit uncontrollably.

“That’s right, sexy girl…finger that clit for me” she pumped and twisted that cold carrot into my tight ass with precision that sent me into a fit of ecstasy.

The heat of passion continued to build in my erogenous zones. My slippery pussy lips were hotter and wetter. Reen began to lick my clit as I moaned and grabbed a handful of her blonde hair.

My sopping wet pussy made her face glisten, “I have more for you Amy, don’t cum…hold it FOR ME!”

I tried so hard, the veggie tray was full of cold goodies, she had so many toys from the party earlier, I knew this sexual beast wanted to take me and turn me out….

Want to know more? Find out how veggies do MY body good 😉

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