I need you to help me with this girl……..

I went to the gym today and met a 21 year old girl. She is absolutely gorgeous. Five feet, six inches, long blonde hair, even longer legs, nice perky tits.

I brought her home with me and we made out as we walked in the door. I took her top off and bra off and licked and sucked on her sweet, pink nipples. They got so hard as I rolled my tongue over them. I then got on my knees and pulled her pants and panties down. She is completely shaved. I ran my tongue over her juicy little clit while she moaned and ran her fingers through my hair.

I then grabbed her hand and brought her into my bedroom. Her eyes got wide as she saw the restraints that are attached to my four poster bed. I pushed her onto my bed and started securing her arms and legs, spread eagle. I proceeded to slide my tongue into her tight little pussy, getting her nice and wet. I ate her pussy for 20 minutes and got her right on the brink of ecstasy and then took away all the pleasure, watching her squirm.

She is still tied to my bed, aching with desire. Call me and let’s use her together. I am going to tell you exactly what to do with her……

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