Kathy’s Orgasm Machine

Kathy is my little pet. I am Mistress to this indecisive man-girl. You see, Kathy wishes to give up her male gender, but can only do so under
my complete control. So when she calls, I call the shots, which excites her. I give her chores, such as going to the department store and asking the saleslady to fit her for a bra. Lately we have been talking about buying a chastity cage that she can wear it under her skirt and nylons so she wont be able to touch herself as she grows excited. It’s a reminder of the loss of that pesky organ once we complete her transformation.

I feel deliciously evil when Kathy calls. It’s fun to indulge her fantasies.

Kathy’s favorite fantasy involves a women scientist and a regular man. This scientist invents a machine, sort of like a Scientology E-meter, with handles that that man holds on to that slowly brings him to
orgasm. The only catch is, the longer the man holds onto the Orgasm Machine, the more he changes into a woman. His hair grows long and shiny, his jawline softens, breasts start to grow under his shirt, his
penis shrinks between his legs… and all the while he is being brought to one of the most intense orgasms he may ever have. The woman scientist warns him, telling him he should stop, that he will not be
able to go back to being a man if he ejaculates. The man continues holding on. As his breathing intensifies, the scientist’s urging become softer and less forceful. She smiles too, knowing that men are
biologically horny creatures who cannot resist reaching orgasm. Eventually the man climaxes, and every part of him completes transformation, turning him into a woman with soft skin, perky
breasts, and a vagina.

The scientist laughs at him, seeing his distress, and says “I told you to let go! Now you are trapped this way! You’ll have to relearn how to live life as a woman.”

I enjoy doing this fantasy for Kathy. Let me know if you would like to be hooked up to an Orgasm Machine, too.

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One Response to Kathy’s Orgasm Machine

  1. Interesting story. So if the guy cums a couple of times before the transformation is complete will his breasts grow bigger?