Making my Sugar Daddy POP his Creamy Candy!

I always do my best to please my sugar daddy and give him what he wants. I mean my VERY BEST. He does take such care of me and has been like training me to be his sugar baby for awhile now. And like o.k. how I can resist him? He’s so fucking fine and has like OMG a massively Huge, the Biggest, Best sugar stick EVAHHHH. hahha It pops candy!!! It does just ask Apple. *wicked grin*

Seriously, when my girlfriends see his big black cock they like automatically drool and can’t stop staring. It’s all we talk about. I’m so in love with it and yes, I do give my sugar daddy whatevahhh he wants. I mean what’s a sugar baby to do when I walk in the room and I see him all bulging,throbbing,aching to drain his swollen big balls?

I call his  new lil sexy fuck toys in the room dressed in hot pink glitter, micro-mini skirts and pink fringed halter tops with black patton leather Mary Jane cum-fuck-me heels.  Pink glitter lipstick and of course, eager to please.Just the way daddy likes them.

Then here they come swaying those sexy booty’s across the room like “real girls”. Already trained and ready to give my daddy anything he likes. ANYTHING. 

I look over and note his growing  HUGE bulge and obvious approval of my latest treats for him. I lick my lips, wink and then nod to his sex toys and instruct them to get down on their knees like slutty sex kittens and  crawl to my daddy.

Pleased, I sit back and watch as sugar daddy’s BIG cock is devoured by his naughty cum starved kittens. Every once in awhile I walk over to him, perch over his shoulder and whisper dirty things in his ear. Coaxing,purrrrring all the things I know make him shoot hardcore. See, I like making sugar daddy pop extra hard all over his slutty little fuck toys but sometimes I need it also.

Yes, I admit I crave it. And who better to get him off the way he really likes it than me? Pushing his little pets out of the way I nuzzle right between his legs looking right at him with my big blue eyes begging for my fix.  I pull my blonde locks from my face and tell him “Go ahead daddy jizz all over my sexy tits and face.” You know you wanna like pop daddy…so do it”. Give me all your candy I say in the most seductive, valley girl voice. Just like he likes.

It truly is an addiction and the pay off…wow…is HUGE. Guess what he gave to me? Oh yes, he did and I still savor the flavor until next time…

~Call my bedroom for your extreme,hardcore,fetish or fantasy role play.~

This naughty little Phone Sex Mistress happens to love a little of it all…

Miss Lauren

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2 Responses to Making my Sugar Daddy POP his Creamy Candy!

  1. Avatar SSugaDDaddEE
    SSugaDDaddEE says:

    in hope this is read by my babe of sugar. though much more could be said by this _slave of her sugar_.
    for words cannot express, the full talent possessed, may the gods bless my babe of sugar.
    a truly brave and thoughtful tamer of ambers and kimbers. lessons in fire-head set beyond simmer.
    with the _suns of jax_ as raw material only, she produces as a finished product, an _apple bottomed pony_.
    using pink as a _push button_, honey boxes lined of silk, her ease as if it’s nothing, coaxing candy laced milk.
    my manhood branded with her name at the base, her skill of making _suga-stiks_ vanish in her face.
    sibling ringleader, be it with _brother or sister_, i’m smitten as i kiss her, since she first called me “_mister_”.

  2. @SSugaDDaddEE

    OMG Mister 😉 I love this comment. Ummm…yeah you are like totally amazing and of course that luscious,HUGE well you know what I’m talking about don’t you? That one of a kind sugar stick that keeps me drooling and aching to please. I will always be the best sugar baby for you…why? Because that big stick deserves ONLY the best.

    kisses 2 you~