Midnight swim

I couldn’t sleep last night. Wandered out of my apartment,down the steps to the back pool area. Switching the lights off, in the pool area. Slipped off my shorts and t shirt. Slowly stepping into the pool I felt the crisp cold water,circling my bald pussy and then swallowing my pussy and tummy. Then,against my tits,the water teased my nipples. Soon my body was caressed in water. I found that spot,of the pool,where the water shoots out. Let it pound my pussy as I played with my tits.Letting the pulse masturbate me Soon I licked the water off my tits,enjoying my body,alone.

 I felt the water ripple. Felt a man’s breath on my neck and his hands roaming over my wet smooth body. I had my eyes closed, moaning as he turned me around to feel his tongue slide deep into my mouth. Oh my God,this man could kiss.

I opened my eyes to find it was my roommate’s boyfriend Eric. I thought he was sound asleep in her bed. He said,he was about to leave.When he saw me leave the apartment. Followed me here and he was now saying he dreamed about touching me,kissing me,licking me ,every night he dreamed I was the one ,in his bed. That,whenever I was around, all he wanted to do was fuck me feel my blonde hair in his hands as I sucked his throbbing cock! We continued kissing as he begged me to suck his cock. Before I could say anything, he was sucking my nipples and fingering my wet cunt, there in the water. I held on to him,as my wet pussy quivered over and over. He then sat on the 2nd step,as I sucked his hard 8 inch cock with pleasure. His hands in my hair,my mouth sucking his balls and cock like a pro. His fantasy happening!Swallowing all his hot load I crawled onto his lap and we made out some more. He was grinning from ear to ear and told me to get dressed. As I rose out of the water,off his lap. He said,wait.

He got on the lower step and soon I felt him parting my legs,slipping his tongue into my wet cunt. Then he whispered baby I gotta fuck you,please Nikki,please!

 On a tiny grass area he laid me down and entered me smooth like the pool water was before,but with the power of the ocean. This man could fuck too !!!!

His cock riding me, like the current cumming in and out of the shoreline. I watched him as he watched my body react to his. Him enjoying my tits bouncing under him.

He moaned so loud when cumming, I had to put my hand up to his mouth. Then he rolled me, on top of him and we both laid there for awhile.

I reminded him that my roommate was moving out next month.

So,I asked if he would still be coming by Eric,to see me ?

We both knew the answer…

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