Mr. Pete and I

Turning 18, I knew it was going to be an exciting day.  I am a grown up now, said to myself looking in the mirror in the bathroom.  I put some eye shadow on my eyelid and mascara on my lashes.  I had some lip-gloss on and put on my outfit.  A pale pink baby doll dress that was fitting at the bust.  I did not need a bra on.  The dress was short and I did not want to wear any panties, but hey, I am 18 now I can wear what I want.  I put on my strappy white sandals that were open toe showing off my white tip pedicure.  Now I am ready.

I looked out the window up the street, great his car is here.  I proceeded down the street, cautiously making sure that none of the neighbors see me and then tells my parents.  .  I knocked on the door.  Mr. Pete answered the door.  I asked if he was alone, great he was. This is my chance I thought to myself. Today is not only my 18 birthday but also the day that I will give myself to Mr. Pete.  He invited me inside his home and I complemented how lovely it was.  Mr. Pete offered a glass of water and we looked at some pictures from the photo album.  He asked me what was the reason for my visit and I told him that I was now 18 and a grown up and i was ready.  Ready for what he asked, then I lifted my leg to expose what was under the dress.  A nice tight wet vagina that needed  a pounding.

Mr. Pete smiled and the bulge from his pant grew.  He came over, gently started kissing the right side my neck, and then down my spine.  He unzipped the zipper, kissed lower, and lower.  This was the first time that I ever felt the sensation that I was feeling.  The aching between my legs my little sex, so moist as his kisses went lower down my back.  I groaned and let out a cry the second I felt his thumb press against my button.  I trembled and opened my legs wide begging Mr Pete to show me his budge . i wanted  it.  I was ready; this was why I came over.  Then he showed his cock, hard long and so beautiful.  I blushed and covered my eyes.  My mouth watered for it.  I yearned to taste it but I was afraid.  I knew I could do this.  Suck his cock and suck it good.  I opened my mouth as Mr. Pete straddled over me as I lied on my back on the couch and received his cock it was so warm and yummy as it slid back and forth on my tongue.  I put on my big girl face and sucked like   my mouth was a hose on the vacuum.  The thrusts were faster then I tasted a warm and gooey juice in my mouth.  I swallowed it and thought to myself, this is what semen taste like.  I was proud of myself.  I was able to pleasure Mr. Pete.

He caught his breath then sat on the couch.  He patted his hand on his lap instructing me to sit.  His cock was standing tall like a pole and it was thick.  I took my hand and rubbed my l tight cunt, wondering how it would fit.  I sat on his lap and he slapped   the head of his cock on my cunt.  He whispered in my ear how tight my cunt felt. Then it happened, first the big mushroom head  then his long shaft filling and opening my little sex up.  I arched my back as he teased my perky breast, then I bounced and bounced.  I wiggled to the left then to the right.  My hips were like a compass north, south east, and west.  I felt at ease, relaxed and in ecstasy.  I felt his hands grab my ass and pushed me down his shaft.  We both let out a loud yell and I knew what just happened.  It was amazing, fantastic; we both just had an orgasm.

I left Mr. Pete house smiling the whole way back home.  Who would have known that an older man would be able to make this 18-year-old feel so good?


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