Nothing Beats a Sexy Booty!

My favorite body part is my nice round bubble butt. My clients love it
too. I like that butts have become the “it” body part on celebrities.
There’s Kim Kardashian, with her fat, plump rear end that Kanye West
is enjoying! 😉 Beyonce, with that luscious rump that Jay-Z gets to
massage every night. And Ice-T’s wife Coco has one that you could
literally set a serving tray on!

My rear end is more like Jennifer Lopez, due to the Mexican blood in
me. It’s plump and round. The cheeks pop out ever so nicely on the
sides of my cotton panties. When I worked as a stripper in San
Francisco, I’d wear satin bikini bottoms in red, black and pink. They
could barely contain my heavy, round cheeks. I’d dance a little,
flaunting my chest and belly, then make eye contact with a guy sitting
down to see if he’d want a dance. As his eyes made their way down my
36C chest, 36C and belly (I’m not rail thin, but I do 100 situps a day
and look great!), I’d turn around, stick that J Lo butt out and arch
my back. I’d hold it there for about 10 seconds, licking my lips in
anticipation. By the time I faced him again, he’d be waving me over
with a $20 bill in his hand.

It’s just as much fun playing with my J Lo booty on the phone too.
That way you can hear my sexy moans as I cum. Having an orgasm for you
is one thing I wasn’t allowed to do on the dance floor in San Fran!
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