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“Can’t wait to be inside you,” he texted me. And I couldn’t wait to be inside him either. To put my horny little tits in his mouth. I couldn’t wait to feel his calloused hands squeeze my juicy breasts and pinch my hard nipples.

I looked at my naked body in the mirror and admired my freshly shaven pussy. He was married and craved my young tight pussy.

I went into the bedroom to put on some perfume and his favorite pink lingerie. Tiny lacy bra and panties, stockings with garters, and high heels.

I heard a knock at my apartment door. I opened it and there he was. 6 ft tall, white with black hair and dark blue eyes that looked down at me hungrily. I was so horny, I could no longer contain myself.

I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him in. He pushed me against a wall and put his hands all over me, owning me. He turned me around and spanked my perky ass. I moaned, loving it. He shoved his hand down my barely-there panties and started playing with my clit. He tore off my panties and spanked my ass again.

“Oh, thank you!” I moaned. He knew how much I love to be spanked. “Can I please have another?” I asked. He spanked me a few more times and teased my clit till I was wet and writhing.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I need your hot pussy on my face.”

We got on the bed and I pushed him onto his back. I sat my sweet, young pussy onto his face and started to ride his tongue.

“I am going to come. All. Over. Your. Face,”  I said, on the verge of losing it. And then all my juices flooded out of me and into his mouth.

Then I rode his huge cock till my tits were bouncing uncontrollably, and I screamed with pleasure. He was still hard but about to blow his load. I got on my knees, wrapped my pretty lips around his throbbing organ and sucked it deep into my mouth. I was hungry for his juicy cock. I loved tasting the salt off his pre-cum. I went up and down on his cock, till I could feel his balls slapping my chin. He suddenly grabbed the back of my head, screamed and shot all of his cum into the back of my throat.

I pulled my face off his cock and wiped my mouth. I kissed him deeply before he went home to the Mrs.


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