Many people do not know that deep down, I am a hopeless romantic.

Of course, I enjoy all the rough and wild fucking. However, I also find that having time for sweet romance is wonderful as well.

I am very gentle, sensual and caring. I love to be super romantic and passionate. I am very poetic at times. I Read lots of romantic novels and love poetry.

I enjoy a huge amount of hugging and kissing, as well as, massaging and caressing. I want to take lots of time and slowly make love, giving and receiving an endless supply of romantic pleasure.

I am the best of sweet talkers. Come and get lost in my sensual and Laura and delicate fragrance. Let us imagine that it is the time of the sunset and we are going to take a walk in the most beautiful Victorian gardens. Perhaps we will stop and make love on the perfumed lush grass while hearing the sound of the water fountain in the distance.

Come let me be your classic sweetheart.

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One Response to Romantic

  1. Do I want an elegant and beautiful wife that I can proudly take out to a 5-star establishment OR a slutty wife that I can share with all my friends?

    To have a sexy beautiful wife is nice– but sometimes I think a slutty wife is better. With you I could have both.

    I would definitely have you for my beautiful angelic wife. gracefully sitting next to me at the charity fundraiser; my naughty gangbang slutwife