Surrender and become my puppy.puppy cocksucker!

Holly2I love feeding boys cock. I love to see them on their knees looking up at me with the need to please me, to show me they would do anything I wanted them to and now they will. I don’t know how many times I am with a boy and I tell him I want him to be my little puppy,puppy cock suckerand at first they act all shocked.  It’s not like I always surprise them ,I mean I do sometimes but often they have a warning.I mean honsetly when I started to pull out my strap ons and make you suck them what did you think was going to happen? When I tell you stories about boys that have come before you and how they have all sucked cock for me at one time or another did you think I was just telling you this to entertain you? No, I was telling you what was in your future.

It turns me on to see a boy adore me so much, want me so much they are reduced to being my puppy,puppy cock suckers. Begging me with their eyes,pleading for more cock, bigger cock, harder cock. I see it as my duty as the one and only perfect,little Goddess to give them what they want and need so much. After they have surrendered to me I stand there looking down at them, stroking the cock,feeding them the cock inch by yummy inch until they are taking it all they way down, working the cock harder than they thought they would. The craving comes quick,fast and hard and they think of it all the time. When will I give them their next cock, when will they feel the hot cum squirt down their throats or cover their faces with ? They stroke their cocks just like you are right now, thinking of sucking cock for me and if you are a good little puppy I just may let you suck it for me too.

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