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  • Masturbation Keeps me sane… How often do you Masturbate?

    Guys serious question … If you do not get your weekly amount of “me time”  aka either sex or masturbation are you hard to get along with? Do you feel that masturbation is something you have to have like most people are about coffee?

    Do you enjoy beating your meat morning , noon ,night or all of the above? Do you have trouble sleeping when you haven’t blown a load in a few days? Then when you finally get to at least rub one out you feel rejuvenated?

    When I was a girl masturbation was my step dad #6’s way of keeping me calm when the doctors wanted to give me kiddie crack. The drug companies make a killing off of poor people on government assistance getting the kids all doped up. My mom says that kiddie crack made me the trailer park slut and sued the county for damages when I was but a wee girl. After I started taking it I was doing very naughty things. So Rudy (Sept. daddy #6) made me masturbate to control my urges. I would cry to suck cock and get my tiny twat licked.  So to calm me down he would make me play with myself. ( His ideal of natural healing… so I guess he was addicted to kiddie crack too because he jacked his big black cock while watching me diddle my tiny twat)He said Mutual masturbation was like group therapy. I wondered if Momma was ever gonna come to therapy with us.

    So I was raised that masturbation had healing powers and Big Black Daddy was around longer than most till he started to profit from my sickness Momma said ” I made that little slut so any profit from that pussy will be mine!”

    Want to hear more tail’s from the trailer park .. give me a call.

    Tata for now lover… Sunny ext 602

    Happy Easter Bunny Day

  • My Caribbean Cuckold II

    p5491-4I’d been begging Jim for months to take me to Trinidad. The country was beautiful, hospitable, and just teeming with gorgeous, well-hung Black guys to sate my taste for chocolate; dark, milk, and semi-sweet studs all ready, willing, and able to wear me out!

    Classes were over for the summer and I was sure that Jim would bring me to the Hamptons or Lake Tahoe; he loved quiet getaways, but when I got home from my last class, I found two round-trips to Trinidad waiting on the kitchen table, and Jim standing there with a smile on his face; he was taking me to Carnivale! It’d been such a long, exhausting semester, and a very long time since I’d had a hot stud to pacify my craving for cock. We both needed some rest and relaxation, and really hot sex!

    That first day on the beach was so incredible! It was warm and balmy, with blue waters and sexy bodies as far as the eye could see! I’d always heard how friendly Caribbean people where, but these really were the nicest folks I’d ever met. And gorgeous, too! People were dancing on the streets and on the beach of amazing, up-tempo music, gyrating their hips! The men made no secret of the fact that they were attracted to me, and once Jim made it clear that he didn’t mind their open admiration, they’d often come over to compliment me. Of course, I returned the favour, in awe of their wide, broad shoulders, their dark, deep skin, and the thick bulges in their swim trunks that practically had me salivating!

    It was after sunset, after most of the hotel guests had started to head back there, that it happened. Jim and I had been making light conversation with three of the locals when one of them, Marcus, got bold enough to put his hand on my right thigh, looking at me as he slid it upward. I turned to look at Jim, my eyes quickly falling to his cock growing hard in his trunks as Marcus fingers dipped inside of my pink string bikini bottoms and he started finger fucking my moist, tight little pussy. There were still many locals nearby, dancing, but I couldn’t help it;  I gave in, lay back, and spread my legs wider as Marcus untied my bikini bottoms. His friends, Ty and Ray, already had their bulging, big black cocks out and were stroking themselves slowly as they watched my pussy grow wetter and wetter. Jim was doing the same with his.

    I was starting to moan pretty loudly when Ty moved toward my face and stuck his cock in my mouth. His precum tasted so good as I maned louder while sucking him! Marcus open his swim trunks and replaced his fingers with his cock as he started fucking me hard. I screamed against Ty’s cock. Marcus’ cock was so much bigger than Jim’s. He was stretching me so good, holding me in place by my hips as he pounded me over and over again! I lost track of how long he was fucking me before he finally shot a huge load inside me. Ray came over to start fucking me next, but Jim moved him out of the way, eager to taste that fresh cum in my pussy. I moaned again as he started lapping at the cream between my legs, scoping it out bit by bit with his greedy tongue. Once I was all clean again, me moved out of the way so that Ray could fuck me.

    Instead of climbing on top, Ray lay down next to me and Ty took his cock out of my mouth long enough so that I could straddle Ray and impale myself on his thick, long, gorgeous cock. I held on to his shoulders, riding him hard as he dug his fingers into my aching pussy. He held on to my waist, slamming me down every time I rode up, licking and biting my nipples while I fucked him. Without warning, Ty came up behind me, pushed my head down on Ray’s chest, and pushed his huge cock deep inside my ass. They were stretching me so good! I lay there moaning like a whore, unable to move as I got fucked rhythmically in my pussy and my ass. In and out and in and out, over and over again. I came over and over, unable to do anything as they invaded me: Ray in my pussy, Ty in my ass, and Marcus fucking my face, all while Jim watched, his cock red and balls blue, watching me get fucked and soaked with cum and the shot hot, sticky loads into me over and over again.

    Finally, when they were all done with me, Jim hurriedly got between my legs again and ate copious amounts of cum out of my pussy. When he was done with that, I got on top and rode his face in reverse as he licked the heavy cream out of my ass, all while furiously stroking his cock, spraying his cum everywhere while I came in his mouth. As we lay there panting, staring up as the starry Caribbean sky

  • ~*BBC Cream Pie Cuckie?

    How about it cuckie? I know how much you love BBC and I am going to let you play with me and my newest big,black stud. I just love wrapping my hand around that huge fucking black cock and I know you love watching me stroke it. Look at how that big black cock just slams into my tight,white,creamy little pussy just spreading it wide open.
    You need to lie on your back underneath me as that big,black cock slams in and out of my pussy. Go on and lick it like you know you want to. You know deep down what you really want is to take that huge black cock right down your throat and suck it dry. All cuckolds have the secret desire to suck cock and you are just like the rest of them. Go on and do it. Take it right down your throat and feel it fuck your mouth like he fucks my pussy. Just when you are really starting to enjoy I am going to make him pull it out and slam that huge cock right back in my tight,white pussy. I can feel him getting ready to cum and guess who gets a cream pie for dessert?

    Sexy Little Holly ex 767, you know you crave me…

  • Creamy Chocolate Treats For Christmas

    I know you are sitting there reading this your cock in handing thinking about worshipping a big black cock. I don’t know how many times I talk to a boy and he asks me if I have ever been with a black guy and if his cock was big. I know what you really mean. I can read the subtext. You have a little dick and you want to know all about big, black cock because you want to suck it! Want to know my theory? All boys want to suck cock and if you are going to suck cock then you may as well suck the biggest cock around.

    If you want black cock worship phone sex Goddess Holly will be happy to serve up some yummy big chocolate cock for a Christmas treat! Get on your knees   and worship this huge black cock that I brought just for you. I bet this cock makes your tiny dick all hard. Men like you, with tiny little white dicks get off so good when you are on your knees worshipping big black dick. You know how bad you wanted it now suck that huge fucking cock for me like the dirty, little, cock sucking slut that you know you are. Suck it hard so that you can watch all that hot white creamy cum squirt out of that huge black cock all over your face

    Want to be fed BBC? Call sexy little Holly @ ex 767 because she has a treat for you. You know you crave me.


    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 767 or visit my site at uslove.com


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