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  • My best ASSets

    p4407-2I love my red teddy. It shows off all my best ASSets – don’t you think? I love dressing up like a sex kitten for you only to have you ravage me like a wild animal. Undress me with your teeth and put your face in my shaved pussy as I suck your dick. I want you to suck my clit and pump your fingers in me till I cum!!  Then for round two, bend me over and run your hands up the backs of my stockings as you grab hold of my ass and fuck me like an abused blow up doll. Kinky I know!! But I need and want your hard dick more than you know! So what’s it going to be bad boy? You want me to dress up sweet or slutty? Call Callie @ ext 788

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  • Trapped in the closet

    p4065-1I have recently happened on a new fantasy that I am burning and yearning to try out.
    I want to dominate a man, Tye him up and stick him in the closet. Then, I want another man with an enormous dick to come and fuck me into another universe while the guy in the closet is watching. I want him to be watching and observing all of my pleasures through a crack in the closet door. I want him to see my facial expressions as I come and come. I want to put on the ultimate kinky fuck show.
    My delicious pussy is getting wet just thinking about it.

    Do you want to watch me? Do you want to see me get off?
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  • Watching and observing, the ultimate voyeurism

    p4065-1I want to fuck another man with a huge dick while you watch.
    I want you to hide in the closet before he arrives and simply watch and observe. You can masturbate away while you are seeing and listening.
    You will be able to hear the sounds of my juicy creamy vagina being fucked and enjoyed by another man. You are going to see my hands all over his dick, jerking him off. You’re going to watch us do all of the sexiest things.
    And after he and I are done. He will leave and then, it’s your time to come out of the closet. Then, it’s your turn to fuck me, to bring me lots and lots of pleasure.
    Is your penis all the way up? Are you ready?

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  • Blow Your Mistress


    I’m tired of being the one to always have to put your pathetic little cock in my mouth! Times have changed and I see how much you show interest in sucking dick, I think it’s about that time to give you what you been waiting for. Have you ever sucked dick before? Have you wondered what it would be like to get on your knees and serve? Oh, that’s right girly boy my nice big strap-on is going down that throat of yours and I am going to make you filthy and obediant! This Mistress doesn’t understand LIMITS or the word NO by the time I get through with you, you will be a dick sucking, strap-on play pro!!

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  • Penis humiliation

    p4065-1Do you like to have your useless tiny penis completely humiliated integrated by a beautiful confident woman? Then, you are in the right place.
    I want to amuse myself by torturing and teasing that disgusting dick of yours.
    It’s so tiny and unattractive, it doesn’t even qualify as a dick.  I want to slap it, scratch it and spit on it.
    So, come and bring your loser dick over to me! And if you don’t do what I say, I will just Snapit in half.
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  • Champaign for Two Please

    p5318-8Now, Just a puff of powder on the nose and I’m done.

    I open the door into a room of well dressed ladies and gentlemen. I am wearing a long, elegant, body hugging dress. I walk toward the balcony picking up a glass of champaign from a tray as a waiter passes by. The cool ocean air and soft ocean breeze settle on my skin causing it to tingle. The temperature change hardens my nipples. I look out over the ocean and close my eyes. I feel a hand on mine. I look and I see a handsome man standing next to me. He smiles and we move into each other. Our lips meet.

    This man happens to be the host of this party and takes my hand in his, leading me to the master bedroom in the house. Our cloths are off in seconds. My pussy pulses with the anticipation of his dick penetrating me. We kiss as he runs his hand down my body and between my legs. He rubs his fingers up and down the sides of my lips while his other arm grips me from behind pressing my soft breasts to his warm bear chest. I wrap my hand around his shaft and start to slowly move up and down. He sticks a finger inside of me. I moan with pleasure. He moves it in and out spreading my juices all over my lips. I feel his dick throbbing in my hand. He sticks another finger inside me and my neck arches back slowly feeling the sliding sensation against the walls of my pussy. He moves over me and grasps his dick sliding it over my slit up and down until he finds the right place and then he slowly slides inside me. My back arches as I gasp from the intense pleasure of feeling him inside me. He moves deep inside then slowly pulls back. I feel every inch as he slides in and out of my wet pussy.

    My breath is heavy, I moan into the darkness. He has one hand massaging my breast as he moves faster and faster. My whole body is on fire. I am moaning loudly and his breath is audible. Deeper faster and harder he thrusts bringing us to climax in an orgasmic explosion of cum and sperm. I feel my pussy juices flowing down the cheeks of my firm round ass as his dick pulses inside of me filling my pussy up with sperm. We kiss before getting comfortable and falling asleep. After all morning sex takes energy too. 😉

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  • My Daughter’s Bedroom

    p4238-4Tonight you and your 18 year old daughter settle down on the couch to watch a movie. She’s wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt and panties. Without a bra, the thin material of the T-shirt clings to her breasts, creating a clear outline of her delicious nipples. She sits on the couch and tucks her legs under her, cuddled right up to your side. Laying her head on your shoulder, she contently watches the movie with you, as you feel the touch of her hand, gently rubbing up and down the length of your arm.

    Suddenly, about half way through the movie, her cellphone rings. She grabs it off the coffee table, answers it, and it’s her boyfriend. You can overhear him telling her that he wants to sneak up to her room and fuck her tonight. He says he’ll be outside her window in 10 minutes, she says OK, then quickly hangs up the phone. She then looks up at you, and says “Daddy, that was my friend Nicky, she needs the notes from biology class today. I’m going to go to bed, so I can meet with her first thing in the morning before school.

    After getting up off the couch, she leans over to give you a hug, and a goodnight kiss on the cheek. When she leans forward to kiss you, you can smell the sweet scent of her freshly shampooed hair, as you feel her voluptuous breasts pressed against you. She says “Goodnight Daddy, I love you”. As you enjoy the warmth of her body’s embrace, you say “Goodnight honey, I love you too”, while smoothing her hair with your hand. She turns and walks away, and as she climbs up the stairs, you can see her T-shirt ride up the back of her thighs, just barely exposing the crease where her ass meets her thighs. Your cock completely hardens in anticipation, knowing what she’s about to do.

    You’ve spent plenty of nights hearing your daughter sneaking her boyfriend into her room, listening to all the sex sounds of everything that they were doing. You fantasized about viewing her room with video surveillance, seeing your sexy young daughter and her boyfriend fucking. Three days ago, you installed miniature cameras in her room. These are sophisticated cameras equipped with Infrared technology, as well as zooming and panning capabilities that cover the entire room.

    One camera was installed behind a one-way mirror, mounted on the wall over the dresser. Another camera has been placed in a vent, on the other side of the room, focused on her bed. A third camera is placed in the light fixture above her bed, along with tiny transmitters for the audio transmission. All the equipment is fed through a secure wireless network to your computer in your bedroom. You’ve cleared out space in your walk-in closet, and converted it into a monitoring room. You set up a separate monitor for each camera so you can view multiple angles simultaneously. Now that you’ve finally have her room set up just the way you want it, it’s just a matter of time before your ultimate fantasy comes true.

    Barely able to control your pulsating cock, you give her a few minutes, then quietly go upstairs to the viewing room. You turn on the monitors and put on the headphones. The monitors are turned on just in time to see your daughter’s boyfriend stepping up off a latter, and easing in through her bedroom window. As soon as he’s into her room, an impassioned kiss begins, as their mouths crave the taste of each other. Their hands work frantically, eagerly tearing at each other’s clothing.

    They break the kiss, he kicks off his shoes, she takes off his shirt, and then she unbuckles his pants. With one quick motion, she pulls his pants and underwear down. Her boyfriend then takes her T-shirt off. Lifting her arms, he helps her remove it as she quickly shrugs out of it, and tosses it aside. You hear your daughter starting to moan as he kisses and caresses her delicious tits, sucking and squeezing them, as she reaches down, rubbing her hand all over his hard cock. You take your cock out of your pants and start stroking it, as you watch this erotic scene begin to take place.

    They quickly work their way over to the bed, then she gestures for him to lay down. He begins lying on his back on her bed. She slips down her panties, letting them fall to the floor, and quickly steps out of them. She then climbs up on the bed, between his legs. “I’ve been waiting to do this all night.” She says seductively, as she wraps her lips around the head of his cock. You zoom the camera in super close and watch her lips glide up and down his cock, leaving a nice coating of saliva around his hard shaft.

    As you watch your daughter suck her boyfriend’s cock, you start stroking off faster now, while you feel your dick throbbing harder in your hand. Glancing at the other monitor, you can see a definite expression of pleasure on her boyfriend’s face. You hear her boyfriend moaning, and telling her how good her mouth feels on his dick. He reaches down and begins stroking her hair, as she worshipfully sucks and slurps his cock. After a few moments, she stops just long enough to tell him with ragged breath, how much she wants him to fuck her.

    You then see her spring up to her knees, getting into position, ready to ride him. She sits down, and impales herself on his huge cock. You now start stroking even harder, as you become mesmerized at the sight of his cock disappearing deep into your daughter’s pussy, while she bounces up and down on it. Her boyfriend then reaches up, holds on to her tits, starts thrusting his hips in perfect rhythm with her riding.

    She tells him how good his cock feels, as they start fucking harder, and more rapidly. As you watch her, you zoom in the camera, filling the screen with a close-up view of her hot, horney little cunt being fucked. While one camera stays zoomed in on her pussy, you position the other camera to zoom in on her face. You watch the blissful look on her face as she takes her boyfriend’s cock all the way inside her. Just a few moments later, you hear her say “Oh God! Baby, I’m Cumming!” As you see her pussy oozing her sweet love cream all over her boyfriend’s dick, your cock feels harder than it’s ever been, while you now stroke with a more accelerated pace.

    She starts breathing harder and moaning loudly as her orgasm overtakes her body. In no time at all, His whole body starts to spasm as he shoots his load deep into your pretty young daughter. Then, not being able to hold back much longer, you start vigorously pumping on your cock, feeling yourself getting ready to cum. Your back straightens and your legs tense as you shoot the biggest ball draining load of cum you’ve ever had.

    By the time you come down from your climactic high, you see your daughter’s boyfriend quickly getting dressed, and she’s helping him sneak back out of the window. You relax back in your chair as she’s getting back into bed, pulling her sheets up over her body, and curling up on her side. You turn off the viewing room and go to bed, dreaming of the sexy scene you just saw, and knowing that there’s going to be many, many more.

    Kayla Ex 807

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    charlene1David was hot, and obsessed with Charlene.  Who wouldn’t be.  Damn, Charlene:  36dd; 24;38.  Caramel skin, and an ass that would make a man cry to lick it once. Tits that were natural and so delicious looking, you didn’t need to see them completely naked to know they were dick fuckable.  One on fire bitch; even a few of the females in the office wanted to suck on that sweet pussy of hers.  Charlene, the cunt that David was determined to plough deep.

    Charlene knew what she had and who she was:  one sexy ass bitch with the power over men that made them bow down–she owned who ever she fucked.  No man owned her, nor commanded her to do anything–she was the master, and she alone was served.  But she kept this on the down low; she wasn’t overt.  she found displays of lust and arousal cheap and disgusting.   She knew David wanted her, and he was a hunk, but he was like a big dog in heat:  lumbering, too aggressive, and slobbery.  He may have gotten some hot Charlene pussy had it not been for his acting like a clod.

    David had came on to Charlene every way he knew how, and he was growing impatient and bolder.  He decided, after his masturbation-in-the-shower session, that he would ramp up his seduction of the hot fuck tease and show her what happens when you think you are too good to fuck “The Man”.

    It was Saturday, and a few personnel had to report to the office to meet a deadline.  David purposely waited till midday when he knew most of the weekenders would be done and out of there.  All except “Ms.- I’m too good to fuck- Charlene”, bitch.  I’m going to fuck her so hard, right on her fucking desk, she’s going to cry for more,” he mused to himself, causing an erection that throbbed hard and painfully.  “Yeah, she’s going to pay for this too.”

    Once at the office, David quietly eased in the main door, locked it behind him, and headed for Charlene’s office.  She wasn’t there.  FUCK!  She’s got to be here! Where the fuck did she go?! The pounding in his head matched the pounding in pants.  His dick was a brick.  All of a sudden, from the door of his office, a voice sultry and deep directed him, “Are you looking for me?” He jerked around, stunned, as if paralyzed.  There she was, dressed in black lingerie with black thigh high boots, standing in the doorway to David’s office, with the look of fucking in her eyes.  David took big strides to get to his office.  He was pulling off his polo jersey, and undoing his belt and pants all in one masterful move.  “Oh fuck YEAH!  The Fucking’s happening!!!” I’m going to destroy that hole!!!”  He thought.

    When he reached Charlene, he was naked and ready.  He grabbed for her to rip those lacy distractions completely off and get right ramming his meat in her cunt.  But he was in for a surprise.  Before he could, Charlene spun him around and gripped him with such force and strength that he did not realize what had happened.  Confused, David turned his head to see Charlene’s face–to see if this was her.  The person that just grabbed him seemed to have the strength of a muscular man; the person holding him against his desk, rendering him unable to move didn’t seem to be a female–not Charlene at all.  But it was.  He saw her, and she hadn’t changed; it was still her.  But not the Charlene he had dreamed nights on end of taking advantage of.  This was a different woman, a predatory female, and she intended to “Take” from him.  “David”, she said in a commanding tone,  “Just relax.  I’m going to fuck you, and if you calm down and relax your ass, I will make it quite enjoyable for you.”  “And thank you for taking all of your clothing off; I hate the bother.”

    She held him with one hand, nails digging in his back, and with the other hand she pulled out her 10 inch cock from beneath the frilly, feminine black nightie.  She put it against his small white, ass.  David gasped and tried to move, but it was as if he was locked against the edge of his desk.  “SHE’S GOT A COCK AND SHE’S GOING TO FUCK ME!!!!!”  His mind screamed over and over!  “Relax, clod, and you will soon feel ecstasy; keep struggling and it will just be unpleasant for you for a long while.”  “Oh, and incase you are wondering, I am a female, I just have the best of both worlds.  Right now, you will experience the man in me.”  And she laughed a most wicked laugh.  She opened his ass cheeks with her huge mushroom head and spit on his asshole.  “You see, I don’t really want to inflict pain on you, but unfortunately this will hurt, maybe a little.”

    Charlene began to push her dickhead in David’s asshole.  He screamed, FUCK!  This shit hurts! Owwwwwwwww!!!  Let me go, fucking black bitch.”  “Relax David, I’m not letting you go, I am going to put my cock deep in your white ass, so just let it happen, baby.”  “I said let me go!”, David screamed.  “Shut your fucking mouth!  It is NOT what you want!  It is  what I WANT.  And I want your wet ass on my hard cock, and I mean to shoot my hot jizz in this tight white ass of yours.”  Charlene rammed her cockhead in David’s ass to show him who was in control.    He decided he was going to be fucked by this black bitch and he may like it. like she said.  Charlene could feel David beginning to submit and she rewarded him by changing the mood from punishing to just fucking. She held still to let David’s asshole muscle throb on her mushroom head.

    ww“Oh damn, your ass feels so good.  I’m going to ease it in, just relax and it wont hurt much.  If you continue to resist, I will ram you, again.  Do you want that?”  “No”, he said.  “Good.  Just take it, and I will fuck you with such pleasure you’ve never felt before.”  David relaxed as much as he could.  It hurt like a mutherfucker, but soon, like Charlene said, it began to feel good.  David could feel his ass open up; he could feel it getting wetter and wetter.  The more open and the wetter his asshole got, the more Charlene pushed her dick in his ass.

    Soon, David’s whole upper body was laying on his desk and Charlene’s cock was in his ass completely.  Once in, Charlene rested her large, hot titties on David’s back and she put both hands on his hard cock.  She moved his foreskin back and forth slowly at first, and then she sped up.  She pumped his dick with her hands while she pumped her dick in his ass.  When David began to buck his ass, she held onto his hips to keep her cock in his ass.  Damn!!!, he said to himself.  She was so fucking right, this shit is so fucking good.  Mutherfuck!!!  I feel like my whole fucking body wants to come.  Charlene could feel David’s asshole clench, with force on her hard as steel cock.  She knew he was ready to explode.  She was too but she wanted to hold on till he shot off.  She didn’t have to wait too long; he screamed OH GOD!!!! and shot a stream, hot and long.

    At that moment, Charlene exploded in David’s throbbing asshole, deep in his ass and it was a hot, full load that he could feel oozing from his asshole.  Their climaxes lasted roughly about 3 minutes.  Both were spent.  David couldn’t believe what just happened, and Charlene was surprised David’s ass was as delicious as it was.  He belongs to me now; I own this delicious asshole, and I am going to have more of this and often.  I may even let him fuck me.

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  • The Joke’s on Me!

    The Joke’s on Me!

    By Electra ext. 614

    cna1afC*Saturday nights w/ f*ckpet this past~Sat. 5/25/13 was  TOO much fun. My pussy is still sore. I like sharing my real life screw experiences because it gives you a window into how I really am in the sack. I have a great time showing you that I really do practice what I preach. I look forward to many more saturday nights w/ f*ckpet and You in the future.

    I have to share the aftermath of this past saturday night….. the irony was so delicious it seemed criminal not to. So- as we know, saturday night I got to experience my favorite position. It’s called the “Zombie” it’s where I lie back and get eaten to death while I take calls *evil grin*

    Well, f*ckslut ate it like a vulture and fingerbanged it til’ it gushed. I’m talking he went at my pussy with the same enthusiasm that Pooh-Bear uses to face fuck jars of honey. Off and on for 5 hours. Best session i’ve had in weeks. While we were playing on the phone/IRL we were also partying, so as you can guess f-pet’s cock wasn’t in tip top fucking shape. We ALL know about this phenomena! I call it “Party Dick” I could have cared less, though. His pussy-eating skills are unparalled and the knowledge that I would get the  vitamin-D in the morning kept me satisfied.

    So. We wake up. The fucking birds are chirping. It’s a beautiful morning. Then I smell bacon in the air, scratch beautiful, this morning is  Freaking Exquisitely lovely. It’s time to pay me what you owe me, my bitch. But first little Electra wants to play a little game of tease and denial. I took great delight in sliding him down my throat w/ slow, sensual strokes and then alternated by fucking his cock fast and nasty with my pretty lips and throat. When he started to really pick up the pace, I’d stop and just kiss his gorgeous, engorged mushroom  head and finger his taint. I was relentless. I brought him to the edge over and over and over. He begged me to let him cum and I just laughed. I couldn’t help it. His responses were so delicious I just had to keep pushing him. He was moaning, writhing and begging me to suck his cock and I kept granting him his wish like a benevolent goddess.

    And then- vaginal hubris strikes! Apparently I think that my cock control power is so absolute that this man is both Superman and a saint. He is neither. He’s only been under my cock control for a few months. Electra gets overeager and keeps sucking even after f-pet screams he can’t hold it any longer. It was so purple, angry and lucious looking, it just seemed like the right thing to do. It’s too much for him.  He simply hasn’t the kung-fu to fight my pussy-power, despite his training.

    So yeah, needless to say- I got a morning mouthful of cum that was SUPPOSED to have shot off inside of my pussy-to later be cleaned out by said f-pet.  I Had my pussy licked for 5 HOURS with no dicking. And when it’s time for me to satisfy the all consuming storm brewing in my cunt, I end up with a limp dick and not enough time to get him hard and get what I want. What I Need.

    The Jokes on me!! I did, however make lemonade out of the lemon-fuck my morning had become by snowballing my f-pet with nasty, cum-drenched french kisses. I patted him on the ass and left him in bed. I walked through the courtyard of his apartment complex feeling like I was hot-shit. The world was MINE. Full eye-contact w/ a sexy smile at ALL who are in my path. I got into my car, looked into the rearview mirrow and then saw the dried cum plastered to the lower half of my chin looking EXACTLY like what it was. Dried Fucking Cum. Fuuuuuuuck.

    Such is the life of a Sex Goddess.

    *rumors of f-pet’s fuck buddy (me) leaving the scene of the crime- face plastered in jizz whilst doing the Walk Of Shame has made the rounds @ his apt. complex. He now gets standing O’s every time he walks out his door. I do what i can to help, that’s just how I roll.

    I love to laugh, especially at myself.

    If YOU like to laugh AND blow an EPIC load of jizz whilst doing it, hit me up I’m Electra, @614

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  • My hubby, a male escort & my horney pussy

    p3808-6My husband Jack and I enjoyed a really healthy sex life and early in our marriage he  wanted to share an experience with me that I would never forget. We both love sex and had started to selectively engage in threesomes.We had been involved in two and found them great…well sort of.

    The first one was with a sexy younger friend, a co-worker of Jack’s (she was around 20 and we were  both in our late 20’s ) and it was awsome for both of us. The second time was with a guy we both knew from high school. We ran into him at a friends of ours who was  having a party. We exchanged numbers and hung out a few times.

    Later I told Jack I found the guy attractive and I wanted my turn with him, and another guy even if I could only give the other guy head while we fucked. He decided to set it up. When we got together I was so exited, He told me I could do whatever I wanted with him.

    As it turned out first,… he had an undersized cock (maybe 4″) and second….. he turned out to be a very lousy fuck!!!!!. Needless to say I felt a little cheated because Jack had a great experience? ….and……well… I didn’t .

    It was at this time Jack  thought to call an escort agency and order a male escort to join us hoping I would have a good time…. When he called he told them our situation and they said they had a male that was into threesomes. He instructed it that it must be discreet because he had a high profile job. They said no problem.? He asked for a description of  the guy and  they said he was attractive with a 6′ penis and came highly reccommended by other women clients.

    He told me and I liked what I heard (my penis preferences were 6-8 “). He told the service how his wife  was gorgeous , every guy at the gym, his work and his friends all wanted a turn with me and a hard on would not be a problem. He also said if the escort wanted me dressed in a certain outfit that I would love to wear it .? They called back and told us he is interested and always had a thing for tight black pants . We decided to do it and set it up for Sat…

    All week I was all fired up . I told Jack how the idea of a stranger with a decent size cock,  coming to our place was keeping me up at night and making me wet at work.

    Saturday night rolled around and we were awaiting the arrival of Marc, our escort. I was dressed how Marc asked and my husband said I looked amazing. I wore the tight black pants that hugged my curves perfect with a sexy red blouse. Underneath  the blouse I said  was a surprise and  both of them would  luv it. He could feel how exited I was when the door bell rang. I  was putting my hair up so Jack got the door.?

    At the door was A good looking guy about 30 years old and well dressed . He led him in and offered him a drink just as I came in . I liked his appearance to say the least . Marc was a well built , 6’2″tall guy in very clean looking. We introduced our selves and headed for the living-room. I kept Jack behind and said “He is so hot. I can’t wait to get him naked? , thank you honey”….

    We entered the living room and joined our guest and the drinks started flowing. Marc could not take his eyes of me and he took no more time waiting to make his move. As I passed by him to turn the music station on the radio Marc reached out and put his hand on my ass. This surprised me cause we thought we would have to be the aggressors and instead he was coming on to me instantly. It took my breath away.

    I straddled myself over Marc’s hardening cock and we began kissing and gropping, My hand went immediately for his cock and his hands straight to my ass cheeks. When he sqweezed them she just moaned and really started to grind back and forth. My hands left his cock briefly to pull off his shirt and then returned to unfasten his zipper. I then pulled his cock loose and began rubbing it. By now Jack’s hand was doing the same to his own cock as he watched us. Watching Marc remove my blouse and bra , sucking on my tits while I was telling him how much I wanted his cock was driving Jack crazy.

    Jack let out a moan as he stroked his cock when Marc turned to him  and told him to get naked, and then come over and unzip my pants. He did and then I turned to Marc and began kissing him with my ass towards Jack . I said to Marc “pull these fucking pants down” as I bent forward arching my ass out. Marc did just that and Jack had an incredible view of my ass in a white frilly looking thong.” Wow” was all he could say. I then sat back on Jack’s lap and grinded some more while I leaned forward and took Marc’s  rock hard cock into my mouth. I stroked and sucked him while grinding Jack. I give the best head Jack says and after a few minutes  he  knew I wanted to ride Jack. I led Jack over to the couch across from us , sat him down and continued while Marc removed his pants and stroked watching us with my ass up in the air towards him. I looked over as he pulled on his cock and it looked larger than 6″ , bigger than Jacks and he pack almost 8″.

    I  then stopped him , stood up peeled off my thong? and turned toward him  made reference to his penis. …….Nice ” I said and looked over my shoulder towards towards Jack as I went to service Marc. I lied sideways on the couch putting his cock into my mouth so I had a good view. I winked at Jack and then really went to work on Marcs ready to burst rod.

    I swallowed his piece up… slobbering all over his,,,, what I guessed to be 8″ cock. My head went up and down so rhythmically it drove my husband nuts. He came just watching me. I would periodically remove Marc’s cock and smack it on my cheek.

    I soon became greedy and needed some dick.”Do you want in my pussy “. His answer was “Oh please yes “. I said “How do you want me baby ” . Marc told me it was my fantasy he was just the equipment. I looked at Jack as I turned and slid my soaking wet box down onto Marc’s cock and began gliding up and down.

    I began moaning and riding him harder when his hands went to my ass cheeks and stopped me in mid stroke .Marc then turned it on and started firing his cock up in me at an intense pace. I could see why he came highly reccomended. I was going crazy screaming “fuck me fuck me fuck me, I luv your fucking cock “.

    Jack’s mouth was hanging open as he watched me enjoying myself, Marc would slow it down and I would yell ” DONT STOP”. Jack said later it was like I had forgotten he was there  but that he didn’t even care. He was enjoying it as much as I was. I got off Marcs impressive unit only long enough to put it in my mouth. Marc then let my hair down and put his hands on my head guiding it how he wanted it.”you are so fucking sexy ” he said while his eyes rolled up into his head.

    I  told Jack to come sit beside Marc so he did and I took turns sucking on both of them. “how do you want me” I said to Jack .

    Seeing how  slutty I could be was a real turn for Jack and he said “how bout you give Marc a view of your ass as you ride  me.  I smiled and leaned over and kissed his cheek “I owe you” I said.   I straddled his cock and went to town. I took every inch of Jack and  Marc was lovin the view . After what was probably 2 hard orgasms , I  was finally getting tired. Marc sensed this and took control.

    He lifted me off his cock and threw some cushions on the floor. “My turn” he said. He put me on the cushions and I put  sexy round ass up in the air and waited . Marc entered me from behind and began slamming away.  Again I got very foul and dirty as he worked me hard. Real hard . Smacking my ass as I begged him …”pound me with that fucking cock. Fuck me harder, fuck me fuck me.”  Jack said it was quite a site watching and listening to me as as I  took Marcs cock as hard as he could give it to me in front of him.

    This guy could fuck, no dissapointment. He’d pull it out , tap it off my cheeks and slide it in again. Marc pounding away was such a good feeling, that I came again. He was pounding away faster and faster until he withdrew his penis and shot a massive load all over my ass. Jack said he noticed Marc’s cock appeared even bigger, and thought “no wonder  Devon is so fired up.

    I laid there for a few minutes to collect myself and then excused myself to take a shower. I don’t know what  came over Jack but he asked Marc to go come in there and give it to me again. Marc did just that. Jack never came and watched but did walk by once with the door left open and saw Marc fucking me while standing in the shower. He said that it sounded like we were enjoying ourselves. After the shower we came out and Marc started to leave. When Jack tried to pay him he refused to take it? saying “it was the best time he’d ever had and I was an amazing fuck”.

    Afterwards I thanked Jack and told him I would plan something great for him.  I also told him the shower fuck was even better . When he asked about Marc’s cock I said that he told me it measured nearly 9″ and I  loved every inch of it.

    Devon 874

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  • Daddy Helps October with the laundry…..

    p5164-8The first time I felt my step dad’s big hard cock rub against my panties I became so wet I literally dripped juices from my virgin 18 year old pussy. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I did not understand why it felt so good, or why my nipples tingled. My tight little cunt became very hot and plump and all I remember was that it felt ravenous. Like it burned for something more, but I did not yet know what that something more was.Daddy had caught me from behind while I leaned down to empty the clothing from the washer. I was still in my nighty and he could see my bald little twat right through my pink cotton panties. It had excited him so much he could no longer bare to deny how hard I made his cock. He knew it was wrong, but his dick sure didn’t care. Mommy wasn’t home so even if I had wanted to cry out no one would have heard me. I don’t know why in the world that made me hotter but it did.He approached me while the water ran and I never heard him coming. I felt first his hand on my ass moving up and over my hole and caressing my mound. I was startled and I gasped so daddy put his hand over my mouth and, held me tightly, he used his acting hand to thrust out his whopping dick. I wanted to struggle so it seemed like I didn’t want it. That way I wouldn’t get in trouble if we got caught. So I tried to get away but daddy had a firm grip. He push the head of his dick against my panties and rubbed back and forth.I became swollen and wet and that’s when he said it right in my ear, The one thing that to this very day makes me hotter than anything. “Looks like baby wants to be daddy’s little fuck toy.”

    YES! I wanna be daddy’s little play thing. Ooh that’s one of my favorite things in the whole world. Daddy moved my panties aside and played with my button. It felt magical and tingly all over as he kissed my neck and licked me. Then daddy told me, “Just relax Tobe. This is gonna hurt for a minute but I promise it’ll feel good after a while.” I was afraid and excited as daddy worked his big cock into my tiny little virgin pussy. He lined it up and tried so hard to go slowly but instead jammed it in desperately and I felt a pop.

    Omg it hurt on the outside, but the deeper he pushed into my hole the better it felt.

    I could hear his labored grunts over the washing machine as he crammed his giant rod into my newly de flowered hole. He squeezed my supple breasts, pinching my tender nipples. He was right, after the first few minutes it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I could feel it building and building up. As it did his actions became more rigid. I could feel his cock get bigger and harder and his breathing became erratic. He let out a load moan and his manhood twitched inside me. I felt a hot burst of cum and that’s when the orgasm hit. My tight little pussy muscles became even tighter and let loose with an explosion of contractions that followed one after another.

    When daddy was done he pulled himself out of me and commanded me to squat down and push. As I did he put his still sensitive cock in my mouth and rubbed it gingerly in and out. As if to clean himself with my tongue. His cum poured out of my pussy and onto the laundry room floor and he instructed me to lick it all up and eat it or we would get in trouble. So I did. I licked it all up and swallowed it like  daddy’s  good little girl.

    When he had finished with me he took all his clothes off and told me to wash them in the next load. Then he grabbed me by my lips and, squeezing, gave me a kiss…

    “… Next time daddy is gonna put it in your sweet little ass”

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  • Center Stage

    p5164-1The crowd surrounded you, music was loud and then I knew
    Just what I wanted
    And so I slipped on through-locked eyes of green with eyes of blue
    And then I knew right then you knew what you wanted from me too…

    Approach the stage the message rang straight though your microphone
    Kneel before me let me glory don’t forget we’re not alone

    We’re being watched by crowds of those
    Who do demand remove your clothes you little slut your bodies mine
    And I am taking
    Your every breath will be my solace
    Took your hard dick and said now hold this
    In your mouth make sure you open wide for daddy

    You smacked my face grabbed at my lacey panties wrapped them round my neck and gave a squeeze
    You jammed it in as deep as sin while others watched your such a tease

    You used my throat just like a cloak to coat your manhood
    Grabbed at my hair made my eyes tear and I Oh whimpered for you good

    I gasped for air locked In your stare and begged you please for your permission
    Daddy give to me my mission, use my body for your vision, show the whole world
    How you own my tender sweet and tasty ass.

    How could a dirty little slut who likes it rough
    And in the butt
    Be such a perfect little lady with such class

    But get me up on center stage turn up the lust turn down the age
    And I will beg you for direction, public sex and harsh affection
    Your erection used to penetrate my hot delicious holes

    You held me tight and did me right and right in front of perfect strangers
    Oh the pleasures oh the dangers

    I submitted to your cock
    was done with dreaming, I’d been creaming in my panties
    Done with fantasies and was done with fancy talk

    You spun me round face to the ground my little skirt ripped up around me
    As you pounded crowd surrounded us and everyone could see

    Just how you used me Grabbed and bruised me twisted my body like a naughty fleshly mangled servant cage

    U blew your load inside my ass for all my class It’s nearly crass
    The things you did to me for everyone to see

    on center stage…

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  • Crude Oil

    p4894-1It was a warm evening when my phone rang. After a sexy giggle I immediately grabbed my pink duffle bag, and stuffed it with a pair of ankle strap high heels. When my emergency dick- in- a- glass calls, I come running without hesitation.

    This girl can bring it. That evening I made sure my hair was bouncy perfection, lips pink and glossy, and my sky blue sequin dress revealed enough tits n’ ass to bring out his sexual beast. One last touch remained; sexy cherry blossom-scented lotion for my luscious dancer legs. -He just LOVES my legs.

    The phone rang again as promised. I drove to the ‘La Rest-Up Motel’ as instructed and gave the desk clerk my full name. She handed me a key to room 128 and I headed to my rendezvous with my loaded duffel bag in hand. The anticipation inside me grew as I walked closer to the room. Would he be there waiting for me? My pussy lips seized up and my nipples tightened as I slipped the room key through the slot to unlock the door.

    With one last gulp, I stepped through the doorway into a dark, pay-per-hour, drab, motel room. I recognized his distinct cologne and it made me salivate in lust. The door abruptly closed behind me while his hand grabbed my waist slamming me into his body. Without saying a word, his large rough hands rubbed my thigh underneath my blue dress and pulled my delicate pink panties to the side exposing my moist aroused naughty holes. He began using his thick fingers; one to slowly massage my pussy lips and one to poke deep inside my tight asshole. As I softly moaned he stuck the forefinger of his free hand in my mouth and I sucked on it uncontrollably.

    He spun me around after a few moments and inspected my silhouette with his carnivorous eyes. I received the seal of approval when he kneeled to the ground, took one of my legs and draped it over his shoulder as he began tonging my saturated pussy. It was so decadent; the intense sexual heat transferred from his body to every erogenous zone on mine. My hips started moving in sync with his tongue. I grabbed the back of his head so he could bury his face further between my slippery lips. I started to pant harder, getting closer to cumming and he abruptly stopped.

    My small frame was immediately scooped up into his arms and poured onto the crusted motel bedspread. I spread my legs wide leaving my pussy open and vulnerable. I didn’t care what toothless gutter whore had been on the bedspread last nor did I care what he had in store for me next. I just wanted him to beat my pussy up like it owed him money.

    This pussy glistened impatiently with nectar as he walked over to a drawer. Returning with a bottle of baby oil and leather straps, he rolled me over onto my stomach and removed my heels. As if he wanted to torture me beyond all limitations, he spread my thighs and fingered my ass hole, completely bypassing my screaming, pulsating, horned-up pussy lips.  I started grinding my nipples on the smelly sticky bed, hoping to get some sort of stimulating sensation from the raunchy act. I was going crazy for his cock and he knew it.

    After ordering me to stay face-down, he stretched out my legs until they were straight.  He clamped my legs together with his hands and used leather straps to tie my knees together, then proceeded to tie my ankles together tightly.  Once I was secure and unable to separate my legs at all, he plunged his huge man fingers into my ass. The pumping action transformed me into a sexed crazed animal and I screamed into the pillow for more.

    Just then, he popped open the baby oil lid. Glops of oil were squeezed onto my legs and waves of heat rushed over me as he massaged these enormous amounts on my calves and thighs. The slopping noises were so loud and sexual; I raised my hips and instinctively arched my back.

    After he applied the oil, he straddled my body. His breath was heavy and warm on my back. Ripples of pleasure waved across my body as his rock hard heavy dick finally dragged along my oil slicked calves. His hefty supple unshaven balls were weighted down with cum, resting comfortably on the back of my legs. He started to lick and massage my ass and pussy while he pushed his engorged dick between my bound legs. As his hips moved in and out of my clamped oil-slicked legs, I pivoted my feet so that he could feel me thrust in sync with him. He continued to lap away at my puckered ass as I sighed uncontrollably, enjoying the devoted oral attention. Getting closer to the edge, he pumped his fingers in and out of my messy pussy faster and harder as he groaned while fucking my slippery legs with his humungous meaty pole.

    I lifted my hips while pushing my ass faster towards his tongue and fingers.  I was almost at ecstasy’s door when he slipped a third finger in my pussy. He commanded me not to cum as he screamed and howled out loud. Hot streams of cum shot out of his throbbing bloated cock onto my legs.

    Huffing and puffing, he untied the leather straps from my ankles and knees and turned me onto my back. While I lay in a pool of warm slippery spunk, he grabbed a dingy motel pillow and slipped the scratchy thing underneath my hips. I spread my cum-drenched legs and my pussy was once again fully exposed. He started to masterfully French kiss my clit and I gripped the headboard, almost ripping it off.

    He looked up at me as I was hyperventilating with delight. His face was coated and smeared with my sauce. He was once again hungry for more. He rose to his knees on the bed, held his heavy dick in his hand, and traced my entire quivering pussy and ass with his meaty pre-cum drenched mushroom head.

    “You want this dick, don’t you?” he asked. A hot tear streamed down the side of my face as my entire body cried out for him to fuck me with the might of an angry mob. He reached over, grabbed a fistful of my hair and forced me down to the dank, smelly motel carpet. I thought I was going to gag on his fat monster dick, but he had something else in mind.

    There I was down on my knees, my mouth wide open as I huffed, willingly and eagerly ready for him to fuck me out of control. I couldn’t take it a second longer. I begged him, “Please Steve, fuck me! Please. I’ll do anything. Just fuck me any way you want!” He pushed my face into the bed as I kneeled and spread my legs. He rudely opened my ass cheeks, pulled my hips toward him and fucked my starved pussy with his massive fat dick. My pussy clamped down on his meat as I came hard over and over again. I was so worn out; I doubled over in exhaustion on the floor when he finished with me.

    In the aftermath, I looked around and realized I was fucked sideways in a room that probably hadn’t been cleaned in weeks, if not months. What a hot nasty little crime scene. –I’ll be back for more of that.

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    p4894-5There’s nothing like a little boost after an impossible day. I know how good feels to take your mind by the hand, walk it into a relaxing place and release the day’s anxieties; even if it’s for a little while. That sweet surrender to delicious delight is hard-earned and well-deserved.

    Back home, they tell me positive people will get ya’ through the hard times. If there’s an ounce of truth to that encouragement, then the same rings true for a wound-tight or overtaxed man. Positive pussy will get him through the toughest of times.

    I think of “Great Pussy N’ a Smile” as the cure-all to everything that ails. It’s like that tantalizing erotic massage at the end of a long day for a guy. It strips him bare naked, touches him in all the predictable places, then pulls from deep within him the most wonderfully electric release he never imagined…leaving him breathless and knowing he’ll be back for more.

    Every delicious touch, every delicate taste, every whispered breath upon his ear is so intense and savory. That hard day becomes more distant as the call progresses. It’s as if our bodies are intertwined somewhere in a wonderful place of our own; touching, kissing, and tugging in this intimate setting. Only we exist together in this space. The buildup from the day combined with our passionate intensity can only lead to one beautiful exacting explosion of breathless moans and screams.

    It’s so true. The power of a positive pussy and a delicious dick can turn a whole day around.  It evokes powerful healing emotions and is a sexy solution to a wide array of the day’s obstacles.

    When sexual therapy is essential, Amy’s the answer at ext. 418.

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  • Vice Grip

    p4894-3I can be as obsessive about the things I love as the next person, I know. Actually my vices can suck me in deep if I let them. I pride myself on my willpower, knowing that if I hold on long enough this tough little cookie won’t crumble unless she chooses to.

    There’s one little thing I can’t fight. It’s not as cliché as many think. I don’t even fit the mold for being captivated by such a vice. Try as I may and try as I might, this one little thing instantaneously captivates my mind and tingles my pussy without one single touch.

    Whenever a guy calls me to confess his desire and urgency to take a good and H-A-R-D cock for ME by another dominant man, it sends my soul soaring into the stratosphere. I know I’m going to have a sloppy cum-swapping 3 or 4-some good time and my heart starts racing uncontrollably because at that very moment I know it’s “Go Time”.

    These call fantasies play out endlessly and are perfectly cream-filled. I love forcing a sexy subbie between my cum-drenched creamy thighs so he can wash me with his damp hot tongue as he takes it slow and steady from a hard and heavily hung pussy-fiend. I love the moans that come out of my sissy boy caller, as if his clit is uncontrollably aroused and his slut hole is being stretched beyond its capacity. I celebrate when a huge cock is slowly extracted from my subbie’s gaping wet black pussy hole. Those mixed juices of cum, spit, and pussy, are so deliciously bad. I feed those juices to my cum-craver pussy boy so he can milk even more of that hot creamy goodness for me. Sometimes I throw their legs over my shoulders and fuck them with wild abandon wearing my strap-on while they’re busy cleaning that dribbling big dick for me. A skilled cock-slinger myself; I’m deep in those guts while slapping that dirty swollen pussy hole with my heavy synthetic ball sack.

    I like to grab the back of a cum slut’s head and force him to gag on coated dripping cock flesh while it stands at full mast during our 3-some. I don’t care if I push my sissy sluts to exhaustion.  I love wiping the floor with them and making sure I take them beyond their limits with every cock pump. I usually masturbate my damp slit and watch my bitch boy takes spurts of cum down his throat while a little cum dribbles down the sides of his face. I’ll lick that pearly dribbly glob and tongue kiss my ‘good little slut’ as our hung dom guy empties the rest of his balls on our lips and nipples while using his fat oversized mushroom head to smear the rest of that fresh cum in our sweaty flesh like a paintbrush.

    What’s even hotter is when I insist on a sex-crazed repressed orgasm. This sends so many sissies into fits upon fits of ecstasy. I manhandle these bitches and throw them on their backs, spreading their legs like the slutty whores they are while tag team fucking their gaping pussy holes with a huge heavy man cock. It’s heaven hearing sissy bitches pant and beg to cum, even while I’m feeding them my strap-on or sharing cum shots with them from a heavy man dick. Their clits need to explode, but I won’t give permission yet. Those slutty little moans just fuel my thrusts to go even harder and deeper.

    It feels so good to mark my territory on these sissy sluts. I remove my soaked panties and rub my cunt juices on their clitty and face as I scratch their nipples or finger-blast their glory holes. Whatever I do is my choice, but we’re ALWAYS gonna get sloppy and filthy.

    It’s my vice. It’s gripping and I love it.

    Amy ext. 418

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  • The Hot Night

    In bed windows wide open, i wake up due to the nights heat, not being able to go back to sleep my hands start to glide over the sweat on my body, its so hot i remember saying to myself at that moment i realize that my hands are down between my wet pussy slowly rubbing my lips and moving to my clit. I cant help it i spread my legs and finger my hot hole i slide my fingers in and out in pleasure until i explode in ecstasy.

    As i gain my composure i look out the window i see you there with your hard dick dripping cum, i look again and your gone, was it a dream? I hope not i want that strange man to come back…….

    NIjae…Are you that strange man?


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  • Age Play Gets Me Wet

    Age play gets me wet.

    I love playing a naughty little girl that needs to be shown how to make a cock cum. You know you dream about my tight little tits and want to lick and suck my pink, puffy nipples. Reach your hand down my plaid schoolgirl skirt and feel my dampness through my white cotton panties. I look so innocent, but act so naughty. Grab my pigtails and guide my sweet pink mouth down to your throbbing shaft and give me a taste of what’s to cum. Pump it in and out of my little mouth until you cannot stand it a second longer. Pull those little white cotton panties down an push that giant cock into my tiny, wet, pink hole. Make me all yours until you cum hard all over my tight little body.


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  • ANAL: The Best Damn Orgasm Ever

    ANAL: The Best Damn Orgasm Ever
    by Deedee Bushy Pussy

    My name is Deedee.

    I’ve always been a nasty girl, just fucking oversexed really. I started fucking early. All it took was a dripping wet tongue on my hot cunt and all I wanted to do was fuck day and night. I fucked anybody: the boy next door, his dad, the aunt, and the…can’t mention that here.

    Anyway, I loved fucking and it didn’t matter where, or with whom. The only thing I didn’t want to do was take it in my ass. I heard the stories–that shit hurt, and it stretched your hole out of shape where you couldn’t keep your shit inside and it didn’t feel good at all. Oh no, not for me. Yeah, so many guys tried to convince me; you see, even early on I had a scrumptious looking ass. One guy said my ass was so beautiful it made him cry. Another guy told me my ass was so sweet looking, he could eat it. I never had my ass licked so I thought he was a nutty fuck.

    I did know that my ass, like the rest of me, was a gorgeous piece of work. I knew this delicious booty could make a dick shoot loads, and make a pussy sopping wet. I also knew that I wasn’t letting any cock fuck it. That’s where I was totally fucking wrong. You see, that guy, the one who said he could eat my ass up, well he knew that if he approached me the right way, he could get me to let him do what he wanted to my body. He not only wanted to eat my asshole, but to put that 9 and 1/2 inch cock of his in it deep. And he knew just how to do it.

    We went on a date, we go eat, and then to the movies. We then went to a few bars, shot some pool, threw some darts; shit like that. After, we ride around, (he’s got a cherry red corvette, my favorite car, it makes me horney, I don’t know why) and then we go to his place . He’s got a really nice spot, and that really turns me on. He goes upstairs, and I start dancing taking off my clothes. He comes back downstairs and puts his arms
    around me from behind. By now I am naked and he puts both his hands between my thighs.

    MMMM, his fingers feel so good in my pussy–he knows how to touch a girl, and his warm skin feels good up against my back and my ass. I feel his hard cock poking me in my butt cheeks. But even that feels damn good. His lips are on my neck and I am getting so wet that I can feel the juiciness running down my thighs. I feel him reaching for his cock and he runs that fat head up and down my ass crack. Even though I whisper “no”, I don’t want hime to stop; this all feels too good. He puts his hand on my titties, while still rubbing his dick head on my asshole. I feel the juice from my pussy on my titties and the pre cum from his dick on my asshole.

    He didn’t miss abeat; he is still passionately kissing me up and down my neck and shoulders. All this, mixed with the many drinks we had, I couldn’t resist anything he wanted to do to me. He pushed me up the stairs to his bedroom. By this time he had turned me around, facing him, and was kissing me deep, with hot tongue down my throat. He backed me to the bed. Down on his knees, in front of me, he pushed my legs up in the air and wide apart. He just stared at my pussy, my ass and said “mmm…mmm”, and then he went down. Damn! His tongue was so fucking hot and wet. He just went right to bathing my wet pussy with spit and long, hot tongue. He didn’t stop there of course. He started “eating” my asshole. At first I wanted to stop him, but it felt so fucking good, and he was licking my hole like he was licking my cunt. I had never had my asshole licked, and it was mind blowing. I felt this animal like arousal surge through me. I wanted to fuck any way and every way. I put both my hands on my ass and opened my cheeks wider so he could stick his tongue inside all the way. I started moving my ass, gyrating, fucking his tongue. I wanted something harder up inside. Something longer; something more powerful, and he knew it. He stood up, with his dick oozing pre cum, wrapped his hand around that rock hard shaft and guided right to my shit hole. His dick was so fucking hot and wet. He started pushing it in my butt. I had second thoughts, I wanted to stop, but it was too late. I couldn’t have stopped him no matter how much I protested. He was going for putting all of that 9 1/2inch meaty cock in my tight asshole and I had to take it, all.

    It hurt. For a moment, it hurt like hell, and then, that quick, the hurt turned to pleasure. Indescribable, delicious, nasty pleasure. My asshole opened up just enough to let him slide that fat prick inside. I took it all, and we started fucking–ass fucking. And it was juicy! My pussy didn’t feel neglected; it was throbbing like a dick was deep inside it! My clit was swelling like a hard little prick, and my titty nipples were hard and erect. Quickly, my whole body was responding to my ass being pounded, and I was loving every stroke. I grabbed my ass again with both hands and opened and closed my cheeks around his meat. I was bucking my ass to meet every stroke of his. This is some good shit I kept thinking or saying out loud; I can’t remember which.

    I do remember thinking that I was going to have my ass fucked regularly if it feels this good every time. And that was before my anal orgasm. I remember my cunt, my clit and my titties feeling a major rumble of an oncoming orgasm. He felt it too, and he let out a roar with a powerful explosion of jizz in my asshole. That triggered my asshole orgasm. As soon as I felt that pecker swell one last time and explode in my ass, my came fast and hard. I had a pussy orgasm first, and then my ass was lit up by a fucking electrical charge that was one of the most powerful climaxes I had ever had. I bucked so hard, I almost threw him up to the ceiling. My ass oozed fuck juice, from my orgasm, that was hotter than hell. I had just experienced multiple orgasms in one climax. From then on, I knew I would never forget my first anal fucking, and that I would never refuse to be fucked in the ass again.

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  • Raven – I’m a shemale, need I say more…

    Raven x-404

    Watch me as I walk into the club…
    All eyes will be on me…
    Im told I have a addictively attractive personality that causes men to want me..

    Just ask Richard he’s addicted to…….. Raven…

    He says I’m very powerful how I put men under my spell…

    Richard you know you just wanna put your mouth around my 8 inchs of prime meat!!

    My name is Raven, my extension is 404 . I’m a shemale, need I say more.. I didn’t think so.

    Call me and lets explore (949) 999-5979 x-404 Raven