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  • Professor Student Phone Sex

    I am called to the office feeling nervous and scared about my grades. I walk in all dressed to the 9’s. I have thisGretchen step dad, that treats me like his wife, then his own daughter. I’ll tell you why… He buys these outfits that should be worn by my Mom , but sadly my Mom looks like a  Wildabeast. I mean really what he see’s in her amazes me. I personally think he married her to get to me. He sends me off to School, like I am dressed as a escort for the evening. I am just about to the office I look in my hand held mirror, at the perfection that stands before it, making sure Lips are perfect, Hair is flowing perfect, Blonde straight down to my ass. and a smile that can knock any Man’s socks off. I know on the door, and standing in front of me is the new Principal, and my new Teacher, they are smiling ear to ear.

    They look as if they were in some deep conversation. I was in my class minding my own Business, trying to earn some extra credits. I am not doing so well in School, which made it even more terrfying. The door closes behind me and I am drilled, not by one of them ha, but by questions, one after another.  Mr Todd my new Teacher asks me do I know why I am here I say “Because of my bad grades Sir” he replies: yes. And the principal informs me if they aren’t brought up some how I will be removed from this school. I try to hold back the tears. Mr. Brooks the Principal. says well let’s figure something out.

    I have a dominating side to me spoiled, sweet, and bratty. I lock the door. And I sit back down I have on a push up red lace bra, and a aline skirt, that shapes this young body twirling my long blonde hair that rest at the tip of my Young Butt. Mr. Todd says to me a lovely name for a lovely girl. I stand up as I am ready to leave because  they aren’t saying much ,my long blonde hair drapes over Mr. Todd’s shoulder and He says I wish my wife has hair like Yours! I ask Mr. Todd.why are u breathing so hard, he tells me the outfit, I had on yesterday , and today is very teasing.. I answered, sorry my Dad gets these for me. He’s around both Your ages. Mr. Brooks gets up from behind me I feel these strong manly hands caress, my thighs pulling me against him. Mr’ Todd, I see a buidge in his pants he says it’s nothing. I tell both of them to sit side by side. I lean back in my sexy out fit long legs, and stockings, so silky I trace both of their cocks over the top of their Jeans. I lay back pull the White and Pink panties to the side as I insert my fingers and begin masturbating. I get up and run my fingers under each other their nosterils, I see a instant irection, I lick my lips, and they can see my long 4.5 inch tongue trace my lips and I say, If I do a really good job and make both of You cum in my mouth, will You pass Me? At that point their Jeans couldn’t cum off fast enough, I pull their erect heat seeing mositure missels out of their pants , and moving my wrist in this twisting motion, That I learned watching my Dad’s Porno’s. I take that long Tongue and trace it up and down their shafts taking turns… One has their hand on my breast the other inside of my Drenched Pussy. They pull me up and on the table and start eating my ass like it’s their last meal, I am so turned on . Mr.Todd ask’s me. “Piss down my Mouth” I replied oh I can’t do that, he says it’s part of Your grade.. I give him his request.  Mr. Brook’s the Principal is tall and well built Black Man, I have heard so many things about Black Men’s cock. Omg he sat in the chair started stroking. and said come here. Make me cum.. I sat down slowly he was so large and erect I can feel that heat seeking mositure missle about to exploe. Mr.Todd, comes up from behind me. And begins kissing my neck, my back, and ask if he can insert himself in my ass. I am scared, but I  wanted to please. their thrusting in and out of me, kissing me fondling me, consuming me… We all cum omg.. amazing… They hurry get dressed toss me my Clothes, as they put on thiers. They say: don’t say anything to anyone, students, other teachers or wives. You will pass grades. Now Leave.

  • Cup of Sugar Part 2

    “leyda, do you want to hold his leash?”I asked her, handing over the leash end to her.

    “Yes, I’ll try not to tug too hard” leyda said with a giggle, and took the leash handle from me.

    “Of course not, that ring is in a very sensitive place for a piercing, you wouldn’t want her to get too excited and pull on it too quickly either, now would you carlos?” I smiled down at him, stroking his soft hair as he knelt before us, which was his expected position when his cock leash was handed over to a different person.  His hands were behind his back, a tiny droplet of precum had formed around the ring that was inserted in his pee slit, his hard, long uncut cock jetting out in front of him.

    He licked his lips before answering, a gesture I knew meant he was getting excited at the prospect of leyda doing exactly that, pulling too hard and making him beg me to make her stop.  I also know that if I put my hand on his chest over his heart, I would feel the same pulse quickening, as I was feeling when I reached down and ran my fingers from base to tip along the huge vein that throbbed on his massive cock.  He sucked in his breath when I gave the swollen head a firm squeeze, followed by pinching the wet pee slit together tight around the metal of the ring.

    “No Ma’am, pulling on it too hard would hurt me very much, please don’t let her do that, the head is already so sensitive from all the edging and being engorged so often”. carlos said as he looked at me, and then down at my hand, as he watched it stroking slowly back and forth over his thick shaft.

    “carlos has a very long tongue too, leyda.  It comes in handy in many different ways.  For example, his dick is always dripping precum, and it can get quite messy leaking around the house all day, so he knows the way to ensure it stays clean, don’t you carlos? Why don’t you show leyda one way we put that long tongue to use…” I said.

    “Yes, Mistress.  It does have to be kept from making a mess everywhere.” leyda’s eyes widened as she watched carlos sit back on his butt, hold his long cock as close to his mouth as he could, bend over slightly, and start slowly licking his own dick head with his long, wet tongue.

    “Good boy, carlos, lick all around and under the foreskin as well, show her how you keep it very clean.” I said with a little smile, as carlos obeyed me and started to clean himself thoroughly.

    To be continued…..

    Kittie @ext 494 call or text Me and tell me what you think 😉

  • Cup of Sugar?

    Leyda had been a neighbor first, then a friend for a few years now.  We discussed everything from favorite recipes to the size of her husband’s (now ex-husband) cock, which happened to be quite large.  We laughed over coffee when she told me it was really the only thing about him she actually missed.  She had just finished telling me how he would lay over her, rubbing his huge cock head against her clit, bringing her to a quick and explosive orgasm at the beginning of their play, the way other couples would start with kissing, and that several more would come before they had finished.  She sighed, put her cup on the table, and said well that was before, I haven’t had anything good in at least six months, and things are a tad bit dry now. I told her I was sorry to hear that, and would she drop back by this evening for a cocktail to chat more, as I was going to have another friend over as well? She flipped her long blonde hair back behind her shoulders and said she’d love to, and would see me around 8.

    When Leyda arrived that night, she looked stunning in a white satin tank top that was cut in a V and showed off her double D size boobs.  I could see the faint outline of her nipples as well, wide and perky as they pushed braless against the thin fabric.  Her skin tight jeans were very tight between her legs, and I could see the seam pressing in, and wondered if she enjoyed the extra stimulation from it.  I was dressed in an all black from head to toe, black leather bustier, satin black pants, and black heals that glistened with the many diamond like rhinestones that made up the straps.

    Wow, you look great she said and smiled as she walked in, looking around.  She asked where my friend was?

    “Carlos!  We are waiting for you” I yelled toward the entryway.  “Yes Mistress Kittie, sorry for the delay, I was getting the things ready as you had asked me to” Carlos said.  Leyda looked over in astonishment as she saw the named, handsome guy in the doorway, with a silver tray and cocktails, ready to serve, his very long and uncut cock sticking straight out, fully erect, the swollen fat head had a Prince Albert loop in it that she could see from several feet away.  Her mouth stayed open as she watched me go over to him, and hook a small rhinestones cat leash about two feet long, onto the piercing’s loop, and lead him behind me into the room.  He set the tray down on the table, and kneeled in front of me.  He looked up at me with that handsome young face (he had just turned 21), and big brown eyes, waiting to see what I would do or ask of him next.  I hugged on the leash twice, his indication to stand and assume the position of legs spread at shoulder width, arms behind back.

    “Leyda, would you like to touch his dick, and feel how long and fat it is? He’s very responsive to touch, and he may start to drip precum, it doesn’t take much to cause that, and he’s been chaste for a month now” I cupped his big balls with both hands, massaged them gently, lightly squeezing them.

    “Thank you, Mistress Kittie, they are so sore” he whispered as he sucked in air at my touch.  “awww, are they very full, and needing to be emptied, after, I don’t know, maybe 60 edging sessions?” I smiled as I pushed back the darker foreskin to expose more of his sensitive pink cock head. He licked his lips, “yes, twice a day per your instructions, and then back in my chastity belt.”

    I turned to Leyda, “is he as big as your ex-husband?” She looked up at me, finally taking her eyes off Carlos. ” Oh my god,yes, he’s several inches more actually, and thicker too”.

    “Leyda I have a special room I’ve never showed you, but if you go in there, you have to leave your inhibitions at the door, and swear to secrecy at whatever goes on behind those doors as well, can you do that?”

    “Yes, of course, I’m so curious, please show me.” Leyda said.

    “You have to first agree to do whatever I ask, and comply with all and any of my rules or requests of you..Can you do that?” I asked her.

    “Yes, yes, Mistress Kittie, I promise I will, and agree.” She giggled.

    To be continued…….

  • Dear Diary-I Was A Naughty Babysitter

    p5588-8I went to babysit again for George and MaryAnn.  I really like going over there when they go out-they have a gigantic home theater…And they always go out when it’s right around Sabrina’s bedtime, so I get to hang out in their place alone and sometimes I snoop.

    Tonight, I went into the study and a computer was on the desk. It looked like it was shut, but it wasn’t. When I opened it-there was a video paused and it was porn.

    It was an older man with a young girl, I could tell that when it was paused, but it wasn’t until I played it that I saw it.

    She looked exactly like me!

    There she was, getting her pussy licked, and sucked on by that older guy…And she was so wet…Almost as wet as I get. Looking at her pussy getting eaten and oh so wet made my pussy tingle, I had to touch myself-it would have been hot anyway, but thinking about George watching this…How did he find this girl that looks just like me? He was watching it right before I came over, I know it.

    And he was sitting right here. Right here in this chair stroking his cock-just a little bit ago-thinking of me while he watched this guy lick and suck and fuck her pussy…Oh yes he was…Did he cum? Did he have time? I did get dropped of way earlier than expected…The computer wasn’t shut all the way, he got up in a rush and that’s why he looked all out of sorts and happy but not so happy to see me, and me mentioned how he didn’t expect me for at least 30 minutes. Nope, I bet he didn’t cum.

    But he will.

    (I decided that I was on a mission.)

    As usual, they came home, she paid me and asked him to drive me home. All of that was very standard…Until we were just down the street from his house and I kinda turned in my seat and bent my leg so my skirt pulled up and my panties were totally exposed. He didn’t notice at first, but one look at me and his mouth hung open.

    George: “Um, Felina your skirt is not…Covering you…”

    “I know.”

    “Well, you should close your legs.” He was licking his lips as he said this to me.

    “Should I, Georgie? Is that what you want?”

    “Well, shouldn’t you? I mean, you wouldn’t want to give me the wrong idea, would you Felina?”

    “Would the wrong idea be you thinking that I want you to do to me what that guy was doing to my look-a-like in the porn you were watching that I found on your computer???”

    “What?! Oh no, you saw that???”

    “Yes, Georgie. I know what you think of me, how you think of me. You want me, don’t you?”

    And right then I reached over and I rubbed his cock through his pants and it was so fucking hard.

    “You’re so hard Georgie.”

    “Oh Felina, you can’t tease me like that. Stop it.”

    “Stop telling me to stop it when I know you want me so bad. Look right here-”

    And I pulled my panties away from my pussy as I reached in to his pants and grabbed his hard cock and pulled it out. It was hard, long, thick, swollen and hot.

    “Fuck! Felina! Oh God!” He nearly drove off the road and into a tree.

    “Be careful, Georgie. I know you probably didn’t get to cum earlier since I showed up early, interrupting your jack off session with ME. Is that right? Was your cock aching and throbbing all night?”



     FELINA EXT 770

  • My summer with Auntie “Mistress” Maggie

    laurenIt may very well have been the summer that changed my life forever…my naughty Aunt Maggie has a way of changing things to her liking. I was only a young lil teen the summer I packed my bags for a visit with my hot,naughty, Cougar Aunt. Oh it was no secret that she totally cuckolded my Uncle but I didn’t really understand all that just yet. Auntie Maggie with the sexy bleach blonde hair, bursting double D’s,long,slender tan legs,round booty and always provocatively dressed. She welcomed me with open arms that summer and smiled as she looked me up and down though I wasn’t sure why.

    We spent a lot of time together as my Uncle would spend extremely long days at his office or out of town. I watched her young boy toys doing yard work for her and they way she would seductively walk around in her string or thong bikini. They panted like lil puppies watching her every move, following her around with their tales tucked between their legs and hard cocks throbbing. Oh yes, even then I noticed the bulging grow and would giggle to myself at how easily they would get hard. Aunt Maggie had them eating right out of the palm of her hands but it wasn’t until later that summer I realized that wasn’t all they were eating~

    It was a sultry,stormy,humid afternoon, the thunder was so loud I felt like the house would crumble at any moment. I knew that Auntie was working on something in her bedroom, as she often would. But I never knew exactly what that was. She had been in there most of the morning and I got a lil curious. Plus it was storming I could sneak around with out getting heard as easily. When I got to the top of the stairs I noticed her door was cracked a lil so I peeked around to see what I could see. My mouth dropped and I quickly covered with my hand in sheer amazement of what I saw.

    My Auntie was standing in front of the two young guys that do yard work for her. She wore only black stockings,strappy black very tall stilettos, no bra her tits so round,nipples so hard and big and out right in front of them. Then I realized her young  studs were in panties as they started licking the bottoms of her heels all the way up her long legs to her naughty cougar cunt. She moaned and started to grind them one at a time. Grabbing handfuls of hair using them hard and for all her pleasure.Back and forth she went riding her boy toys faces like lil fuck pets. They begged for more hard in their panties aching for anything she would give. I heard one of them call her Mistress and I got chills up and down my spine. Mistress. I want to be a Mistress I thought.

    Her slave bois then started to beg for her cock and I gasped. Cock? Auntie Maggie has a ….cock….? I watched as she pulled a very large dildo and then made her pets put her leather harness on.  Still on their knees begging for Mistress to fuck them she started shoving that big dildo into their mouths and started to humilate them. “You lil sluts,you pathetic nasty whores,why would I fuck you so easily when you have done very little to earn it?” They whimpered maybe even cried and started again to worship Mistress but this time they begged to take her golden.  I wasn’t sure what that meant but I found out later. She instead denied them and said NO YOU MAY NOT. You are not worthy of my champagne.  But I will fuck your mouths until I’m satisfied with my huge,hard dick until I get ready to own your slutty boi pussy’s.  Mistress Maggie used them for a very long time and in the end I watched her make them eat their cum. Telling them it was to be worshiped and not to expect it every time.

    Sigh~My first of many memories of a Mistress, My Auntie the Mistress and it’s all I ever wanted to be since. I would love to tell you more…


    I have no limits or taboos in fantasy and am well-versed in most ALL fetish play.

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  • Yes, Master: A Tale of Unexpected Submission

    p4301-5College orientation was the last place I wanted to be on a Friday morning. There were better things to be doing, like practicing a new dance routine or contorting my body into some strangely soothing yoga pose.

    But, like a good girl, I dragged my slender body into a pair of tight blue jeans, threw on a clingy white blouse and headed for the college. I left my hair loose, icy wind playing through the fiery locks.

    My black heeled boots clicked an imperious rhythm against the gleaming floor of the college corridors as I made my way toward the auditorium. Ahead of me, the door to a classroom opened. A figure stepped out and into my path, forcing me to slow my pace.

    Said pace was halted completely when I got a good look at the man before me. He was tall and darkly handsome. His eyes pierced me like lances and he moved with a predator’s easy grace.

    “Are you here for the student orientation, girl?”

    I shivered. Good god, his voice was sex given speech! It shot straight to my core and resonated there. My pussy clenched. I was suddenly wet and wanting this man I didn’t even know.

    “Yes,” I replied.

    My voice was low and breathy, a dead giveaway to just how his had affected me. I wanted to sound confident, but confidence had fled in the wake of raging desire.

    “You’re late.”

    His tone was flat and disapproving.

    I blinked.

    “No I’m not,” I said. “Orientation doesn’t start until 9:00 AM. It’s only 8:45.”

    He took a step forward and I had a sudden, irrational urge to take one back. His eyes had hardened and were full of a dark promise. The sight sent hot shivers through my body. My breasts tingled and my nipples tightened against the fabric of my blouse.

    “Orientation started at 8:15,” he all but purred. “The tour begins at 9:00.

    “Oh.” My voice was little more than a gasp.

    “Oh,” he replied.

    He moved with a suddenness that took me completely off guard. One minute I was being held spellbound by the dark intensity of his eyes, the next, his hand had closed around my upper arm and I was being propelled toward the door he had so recently stepped out of.

    Despite the cold of a New York winter, I’d worn a cap-sleeved, off-the-shoulder blouse. The touch of his fingers against my bare skin sent shockwaves of arousal spiking through me. As the office door slammed shut behind us, my thighs quivered. When I heard the lock turn, I gasped. My clit throbbed with relentless demand.

    I didn’t know what I expected after the door closed. For this sinfully dominant man to turn and pin me roughly to the smooth wood was an option that had not crossed my mind. It was exactly what happened.

    “Rule number one,” he growled, his face inches from mine. “Your Master is always right. Contradict me again and your ass will feel it. Understood?”

    My eyes flew wide with a mixture of shock and arousal.

    “But you’re not my—”

    “That sounds very much like a contradiction, little one.”

    My mouth snapped shut. I glared helplessly, angry, confused and so turned on I thought my clothes would burst into flames at any moment.

    “Understand?” he repeated, trailing a finger across my neck. He stopped at the hollow of my throat. His touch seemed to burn, a silent brand of ownership I could neither combat nor deny.

    “Y—” My voice cracked.

    The finger moved, trailing a blazing path across my chest until it settled, circling the taught peak of my right nipple through the thin fabric that clung to my breasts. My eyes fluttered shut and I moaned softly.

    “Yes?” he coaxed as his other hand found my hip. His fingers curled possessively around me, slipping beneath the hem of my blouse, searing the bare skin of my side with invisible tongues of flame.

    “Yes, Master.”

    Eager to find out what he did to me next?

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  • Pay Pig Phone Sex

    p4707-8Financial Domination Phone Sex is so much fun when you have a little loser that loves to give his money to his Royal Highness. When he knows that he is the lowest piece of nothing to her and has to listen to her every command. Taking my heels and pushing my peasant to the floor as he looks up at me begging and pleading for me to  let him worship me. I raise my foot to his face making him kiss my feet worshipping him. His little pathetic cock is throbbing, he reaches down to stroke. I grab him by the hair softly asking him what he is doing. He begs to please let him stroke it. Every stroke is two dollars I tell my inferior peon. Knowing he cannot resist he starts stroking slowly every stroke I count by twos starting off very slow. All the sudden I count faster and faster he grabs his cock tighter and strokes faster and faster knowing he is reaching his limit of being able to cum. We get up to one hundred before he is begging to cum. I stop counting; he knows he deserves no pleasure no inferior peasant does.

    Call me my pay piggy’s im waiting!!!


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  • The Castration Station

    p4395-2Okay, you pathetic little worms who get into domination, humiliation, torture and pain…read this!

    You know I love raking you guys over the coals, and that I EXPECT you to obey me, right?  Right!  Well, I have just come up with the most painful, torturous device you little shits can imagine, and I want to use it on you.  I came up with the concept, brought it to full fruition, and now it’s ready to be used. It’s called The Castration Station.

    Now this fun little device is exactly what the name implies.  It’s a cock and ball torture device designed to ratchet up the pain, little by little, on your miserable little manhood until the full effect is achieved.  It will be used for my little fuck-ups who do not perform their commands to my expectations, those who want to feel excruciating pain and torture, or I may just decide to use it on you on a whim, haha!   And for those who go all the way, I may decide to display your puny micro-genitals in a formaldehyde filled jar, with your name on the front, along with my collection of other jars of genitals.

    So as you’re thinking about what you should do, ask yourself a question or two.  Do I dare risk Donna’s Castration Station…do I have it in me to perform her commands to a tee?  Do I want to feel the most pleasurable pain I’ve ever felt?  Do I want to risk losing my manhood, however miniscule it may be?  While you’re pondering these questions, the station and I will be here waiting very patiently.

    I’m Donna at ext. 682, a cougar, MILF or “mommy” who does every fetish, role play and fantasy there is.  Anything goes with me.  So if you are into nasty, perverse, forbidden fantasies, then I’m your girl!

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  • You Will Be Mine…

    What do I want most for Valentine’s Day?

    I want YOU on your knees, kissing my feet and worshipping your Goddess. Your adoration and attention is not only expected, but demanded whenever and however I want. You will comply.

    Oh, yes, you will because you enjoy being on your knees with your cock secured in that stainless steel cock ring.

    Look at that little thing.


    You call that a cock?

    Really, slave? Do you think I’d let you fuck me with that?

    No, you’re only good for one thing…tongue bathing your Mistress. You are here for my pleasure and amusement. Keep me wet and make me laugh or you pay with my flogger on your white ass.

    You know I prefer it a rosy shade of red!

    Yes, start at my feet, my little slave boy. Work your way up my legs with that hungry tongue of yours.

    If you’re good…if you please me…

    I just might let you have some chocolate pussy for Valentine’s Day. ~~

    Come talk to CoCo…I promise it’ll be the best damn time you’ve ever had!

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  • I was a Naughty Girl Last night!

    Last night I went out with some girlfriends for a ladies night! Dressed to kill in a  very short gemsilver sequined skirt, matching halter top (No bra), with black thigh highs, and silver 6 inch open toe heels! I wore my long Red hair down.

    Lots of holiday parties going on and I was feeling very festive as I put my Cock sucking Red lipstick on and headed out for a night on the town with my girls.  We stopped at this quaint little karaoke bar that makes the best Slutty Sex on the beach I have ever had and sat back to watch the entertainment.

    Guys kept sending drinks over to the table which of course we always smile pretty flirt and graciously give our thanks for.  Well after 4 of those  Slutty drinks I was feeling pretty hot and horny!  I started flirting with this tall Dark handsome 6″4 guy who was packing a mighty fine bulge in his jeans!  He got up and Sang Gold Digger which was so funny and Hot at the same time and when he was done, I pulled him off into a corner and started making out with him.  His hands were right up my skirt and I knew I needed his Big Black Cock tonight!

    We quickly got out of the bar and into his car where I wrapped my red lips around his huge and I mean HUGE cock. It was fat and it was long 10inches, with a throbbing mushroom head oozing pre-cum YUMMY) all the way to his place!

    Once we got there we barely made it through the door and he had me up against the wall my panties were ripped off me and my top was torn off and he had me wrap my legs around him as he drove that monster cock deep inside me!  I came hard with the first thrust driving my nails deep into his shoulders as he held me up and pounded me into the wall! I came over and over!  It felt so good to have him shoot that huge load of cum up inside me!

    Afterward we just kind of looked at each other and smiled and headed to his bedroom for another round!

    He called me this afternoon wanting to know if I would to see him again for dinner tomorrow night and yes I do and I plan on having Chocolate Cock for Dessert!

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  • A Naughty & Nice Secret

    Christmas confession time;  Shhhh… it’s a secret!  My holidays started sparkling brighter when I realized thatSage my cousin Cody isn’t really my cousin at all. Sure, we teased and flirted all the time but we tried to ignore the crazier impulses. Once the cat was out of the bag there was no holding back.

    Cody has a great body; tall, athletic and  oh, man, is he ever hung!  Both of our families were spending the holidays with our grandparents when I snuck into his room in the middle of the night.  He was sound asleep when I slipped off my robe and under the covers to snuggled up to his naked body.  WOW! Don’t know what he was dreaming but he had a raging hard on!  I wrapped my hand around his gorgeous cock and woke him with hot, wet kisses.  He was startled but didn’t waste a moment before he was kissing me back, squeezing my tits, getting me out of my red lace teddy.  I can’t resist a throbbing hard dick so I took him in my mouth, stroking and sucking him down deep. He came pretty fast but I didn’t slow down until I swallowed his second load – always creamier! My pussy gets so wet when I suck cock! Before sneaking back to my own bed I rode him cowgirl style for another big shot of jizz.  And so began my favorite holiday tradition.  We always find time to slip away whenever our families get together.  We have to be careful, quiet, and sometimes quick – which makes it even more exciting. So far we’ve only been caught one time, but then that is whole  different story!


    Hmmm… I wonder?  Is there someone at your family holidays that has you thinking naughty thoughts?  Maybe you have an aunt, cousin, or in-law with a spectacular ass that you’d love to get under the mistletoe?  Well, you can tell me….


    Sage @ 863

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  • Sensual seductive domination

    SparkleOne of my absolute favorite fantasies to talk about is sensual domination.
    I love it when a guy wants me to tie him up and playfully tease and then torture him with my femininity and sexuality. I love using silk scarves to tie you up.
    I enjoy learning my hands all over your body with sexy satin go love’s.
    I like to drape my breasts over your face just out of reach and, let you struggle and suffer as you try to reach them to kiss them and suck them and please them.
    I want to brush my silky smooth and soft hair over your face, while you breathe in my beautiful fragrant aroma. Didn’t you wish you could just find a way to untie yourself?
    Lastly, I want to do all sorts of kinky and erotic sensually dominant things to your dick. I am going to tease and tantalize your dick and your balls until they are just screaming to fuck this tight pussy.
    I want you to please me orally. I am going to sit all over your face and come in your mouth. Then I want to pee all over you. You have to drink it! You have to do What ever I tell you to do.
    Maybe I will even dress you up in sexy lingerie for my pleasure. I know you like lacy garter belts and silky panties. Don’t you? Let us do it! Let me sensually dominate you!

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  • Naughty Christmas

    I had some Christmas Shopping do so here it is. Tuesday

    I wore a brand new pair of Christmas stockings; they were black tight fishnet with a little red lace at the top and a small ribbon adorned with a couple of tiny Christmas bells. (Can you picture it guys? I did silence the bells with a bit of cotton though). I slipped on my boots and new long red coat and nothing else, grabbed my umbrella and headed for Harrods. Its a bit of a walk but I enjoy walking through downtown and especially so in my special outfit. As I hurried through intersections, my hose was quite exposed and very thrilling for me.

    In a big department store that sales it all, I purchased some special tea I enjoy and shopped a bit for shoes and such. Not finding anything among the crowds I casually made my way to a very fine lingerie store I had frequented. As I looked over the substantial selection, I noticed a man that seemed to be having a difficult time of it. He was quite well dressed wearing a light brown cashmere coat with deeper brown panels. He looked to be around my age but was obviously distressed trying to sort out the various intimate apparel.

    Could I be of some help? I asked casually. He seemed confused and surprised. Are you employed here? he asked. No, but I couldn’t help but notice you seem to be having trouble sorting things out and I simply thought I might be of some assistance.

    Yes, well, perhaps, he stuttered as he eyes me up and down; then he said, Yes I am trying to find something appropriate for my wife and I simply have no idea what she would like.

    I understand, reassuring him with my smile and light touch on his arm. May I ask if its for you or for her?? He grew terribly embarrassed and didn’t know what to say so I intervened. Something perhaps the both of you would like to spice things up a bit, I queried innocently. He relaxed and smiled, Yes, exactly, and grew reassured that I understood. I asked him a few questions about her size, favorite colors and so forth before leading him to the nightgown section. I showed him some rather elegant long gowns but he was reluctant to give me his opinion. Finally he whispered almost inaudible, Perhaps something a bit more racy. I nodded appreciatively and escorted him to a different section with some special sexier sets.

    The first set I selected was a short white satin chemise with a very low tie back and matching robe. I could see his eyes brighten as I held it up. Then I made a bold move, Perhaps if I held it up against me, you could picture it on her. He thought that was a great idea! Little did he know how hot that was. I turned away from the main store and backed into the clothes rack a bit and opened my coat. To say he was dumbstruck would be an understatement! He actually began to tremble a bit seeing my naked body. OMG, was all he could mumble. I held up the nightie against me for his approval. It was clear now, however that he was excited and eager to see what else may be available. Leaving my coat open, we turned back to the selection. He didn’t care for the velvet chemise with a shear robe, preferring instead the opposite. I found a lace embroidered top with an under wired bra which he found attractive although I think he was more looking at my body. I held up 3 or 4 more sets but he couldn’t decide.

    The matter was soon settled when a sales assistant approached and asked if we were being served. She saw my lack of covering and nodded, Would you like to try them on for the gentleman?? He nodded weakly but his eyes darted back and forth between us searching for confirmation. That would be lovely, don’t you think?? I said. He gave us speechless approval and the sales person led us to the dressing rooms. I made no attempt to cover myself as we walked the short distance in spite of the shoppers about. Only one or two seemed to notice but were rather consumed in their own affairs to pay me much mind. My acquaintance took a seat; when I handed him my coat he looked nervously about as I strutted into the dressing room. Fortunately there was one within his view. I left the door open so he could see me remove my boots and stockings.

    I tried on the satin chemise first and walked out into the main area to model it for him dropping the robe off so he could see the low back. I could also see he was holding my coat over his erection! The next set was the lace one. It had a matching thong but I didn’t put that on. The body of it was transparent but the top was opaque over my breasts.

    I modeled that for a long time before he said he didn’t like the top. Next was a bright blue satin and lace open necked sleep shirt with a button down front that I really loved. It came just below my pussy like a long mans shirt. I was very excited standing before him modeling that especially when I noticed another male customer eye bawling me from close quarters. Still he rejected it saying his wife hated to sleep on anything with buttons. The next one was the winner. It was a deep purple embroidered see through baby doll with a tie front and matching G string accompanied by a see through robe. I left the robe open so he could see the gown and showed him the thong though he was more interested in looking at my very visible pussy as was the other man. He said his wife would love that one and would take it. I handed him the robe and then went in and undressed and came out fully nude. The other man watching was very surprised but by now my friend was used to it and helped me slip me coat on.

    I held my stockings and boots and suggested that perhaps she would like a garter and hose. We sat down and allowed the sales woman to show us a selection. My coat was folded over revealing my thigh and he could see my breasts from his angle while we decided on a beautiful, sexy feminine black bustier with matching G-string and elegant hose. I also ended up purchasing 3 sets of hose for myself which he approved. As the sales associate was ringing up the sale, I leaned over to him and whispered, I want to give you a blow job.? (Hey, I was turned on now!) He was taken aback and said, What, here, now??

    No Silly, but I’m sure we can find a place near-by. He looked at me and I knew I had him, Why yes of course. We rushed out of there as quickly as we could. There was a hotel nearby and I directed him to it. I think he was going to stop at the desk but I navigated him back into the meeting area and found a restroom tucked in the back corner.

    I ushered him into the Men’s Room and into the handicap stall rather certain that no one would be using that in the next few moments. He was now equally excited and tore his pants down as I removed my coat. I knelt on the floor and took his rock hard cock fully and immediately down my throat. He groaned and closed his eyes and let my mouth work his magic on his cock. I licked and sucked every inch of him; I bathed his balls with my tongue and thoroughly pleasured him. I tenderly sucked his head, kissed the underside of it and licked it round and around before slowly taking him down and up. It wasn’t long before he started to cum. I held his head in my mouth and his shaft in my hand feeling and tasting massive squirt after squirt of his warm gooey cum. He came an awful lot and I held every drop until he finished and then I looked at him and swallowed it greedily. Mmmmmm It was so good. I gave him my e-mail and told him to tell me how his wife liked her presents. Maybe well get together again.

    Give me a call !!!

    Tuesday Ext 770

    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 770 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Out with the Bold, In with the Smooth

    Sometimes a naughty girl needs to be put over a lap and administered a lesson.

    I’m not just any naughty girl. I’m bad to the bone day in and day out! I prance around seemingly innocent and sweet with sinister secrets hidden just beneath these baby blues. This angel face, the way I pucker my sweet lips, the way I slut around;  I need to be straightened out. I need you Daddy.

    Enough with the bold attitude. Enough with my nasty temper. Enough with the indifference. These antagonistic behavioral developments have been strong and fast, and there is no reason a wide-eyed delicious treat should operate in such an ornery manner. You know that beneath all this rotten behavior is a delicate flower for your absolute enjoyment, but you must first bridle this filly.

    How will you start? There are so many ways to break bad. You might want to start with a little discipline. After all, I have no good excuse for being so disobedient. Command me to put both my hands on an arm chair and bend over as I spread my legs. That’s right. As I stand there assuming the position, I’ll be dripping with wetness feeling so bad and naughty while wondering where all of this is going to lead. I don’t know exactly what you will do to me yet. Only you do Daddy.

    While I stand thinking of every sordid punishment you could possibly administer, you rub your hand on my soft milky ass cheeks. You fondle my supple breasts and tug at my puffy pink nipples as I tremor with fear. That’s right. You know I’m scared and you sense the intensity in the air. The mental punishment you’re giving me is almost as powerful as the physical breaking you’ll ultimately deliver.

    You take both hands and spread my legs a little wider. My breathing increases and I clench the arm of the chair more firmly. Just imagine the waves of guilt washing over me as I wonder if the full retaliation and retribution will be exacted for my ugly behavior. I’m paralyzed with despair. This is what you want; my full submission. Mind and body.

    The room is deafeningly quiet. I hear your pants loudly crash to the ground. You stuff your hardened dick into my dripping wet pussy with vigor I’ve never experienced before. As you pound my pussy into grounded meat, you lift me into the air and shove your pole even deeper. No mercy. You’re punishing me balls deep and I’m singing soprano with pleasure.

    You’ll drop me to the floor, push my platinum blonde head waist level, and slap me in an act of degradation. Breathless, I’ll open my mouth as you jerk your engorged coated pipe at my angelic face. I’m your cock-crazed sex-slave, wet and sweaty in submission at your feet waiting for you to spray cum onto my writhing body and face.

    Imagine how beautiful it will be…this process of breaking the “Baddest Girl’. Imagine the fulfillment. -Your crowning gift for subjugating me will be a wonderfully submissive pleasure toy that will do every slutty, naughty act you want…inside and outside the bedroom.

    I’m out here. You know what you must do. Call me Daddy before I get too far out of control! ~Amy ext. 418

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 418 or visit me at USLove.com

  • I Love Performing For an Audience

    I love being the center of attention and I love putting on a good performance, which is why I always have sex with the lights on and the drapes wide open. The thought of someone peaking in just makes my pussy even wetter. I suppose this all goes back to how I lost my virginity.

    When I was younger I was dating this guy that had this vintage corvette. It was sleek and black and it was just so sexy. I told him when the time came that I wanted him to take me on the hood of that car. So one hot summer day, after some boating with friends, we found what we thought was a secluded spot out of the way. He hoisted me up onto the hood of that car and started kissing me. I wrapped my legs around him and pretty soon, clothes were coming off and I was using my sundress as a pillow behind my head as he went down on me. I was so wet. The way he was sucking on my clit and fingering my pussy, I was moaning so hard and so loud.

    I glanced over and noticed a couple of his friends watching behind some trees and instead of freaking me out, like it probably should have, I just got more turned on and I said nothing to my boyfriend. I just stared at them and pinched my nipples, while he continued to eat my pussy and made me cum very hard. I’m sure that I squealed a little louder than I needed too, but I was more aroused than I’d ever been at that point. My boyfriend raised his head and he kissed me passionately. Mmm…I loved the taste of my pussy on his lips. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes. I told him not to bother with a condom, because I wanted to feel him and I was on the pill anyway. He spread my legs even wider and brought them up over his shoulders and rubbed his big cock over my swollen, wet pussy and then he eased it in. I grabbed onto my tits and arched my back and begged him to slide more in, this time he took my cherry with him.

    I’d heard horror stories from my girlfriends about how bad the first time was, but I just wanted more and I pleaded with him to enter me all the way. He asked if I was sure and I told him yes. I reached down between us and began rubbing my clit and squeezing my slippery pussy walls around him as he began thrusting a little faster. I glanced over and his friends were still watching. I smiled at thim and closed my eyes and in demanded that he take me harder. With in minutes I was having my first orgasm with his cock inside of me. It didn’t take him long to shoot is load in me. He leaned forward and kissed me again.

    A short time later we waded in the nearby creek to clean up. A few days later I ran into my boyfriends best friend Jeff and he thanked me for the show that I put on. He said that he and the other guys enjoyed it a lot and wondered if I would be up for an encore performance, sans my boyfriend.

    My panties were wet just thinking about it, so of course I said yes!

    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Fascinated By Sex

    I’ve always been fascinated with sex. SEX, SEX, SEX!!! I love it!! Can never get enough!!! I would probably say I am addicted.

    No man has ever been able to keep up with my needs. Satisfy my sexual desires or bring on orgasms so forceful that I gush cum like a waterfall…until, that is, I met my lover, the one who made all my dreams come true….

    I met him during my very 1st “training session”. I knew that out of all the 30 cocks which fucked me that night, that he was ‘the one’. I had to have him! And I made sure I got him. Pure 100% Mexican…so sexy, so perfect. Dark eyes, full kissable lips, slim build and smooth smooth caramel skin. Mmmmm.

    We will do anything we can think about! Anal, 3sums, DP, oral, fisting pussy and ass, domination, submission…to name a few…and never have any inhibitions.

    Today I will tell the story about our 3sum. It was our first together and with another girl, hand picked by my lover, Antonio, Tony for short.

    He chose a barely legal girl, for us. And a beautiful hotel room during the daytime. Everyone showered first, my lover and I together, the girl alone. After drying we proceeded to the bedroom and let those towels drop. The first to make their move was the beautiful, blonde girl  (we shall call her Suzy). She kissed my tits, sucked, licked and squeezed my nipples as she made her way down towards my sweet, juicy pussy.

    I spread my legs willingly to receive her warm mouth and flicking tongue. I laid back so I could turn my head to suck my lovers hard throbbing cock. Mmmmm the taste of precum filled my mouth whilst Suzy gorged on my pussy, kneading my clit with her thumb, fucking my pussy with 2 fingers. I arched my back as I felt my 1st orgasm, screaming with satisfaction  as my juices flowed over Suzy’s tongue.

    My lovers cock still in my mouth, I took him in deeper, gagging on his swollen head as he reached the back of my throat. I stroked his cock as I sucked on his balls, gripping his ass tight. I looked up and could see him eying Suzy as she went wild over my pussy, her face buried between my legs, her head moving up and down using her tongue SO well!

    I had made Tony’s cock so hard that he was ready to fuck pussy NOW. I told him to fuck Suzy. I wanted to watch his cock inside her wet pussy. Pumping her. Making her scream. He took her from behind, ramming hard into her tight, shaved pussy. She let out a yelp which I muffled by kissing her. All I could taste on her lips was my pussy. Ohhh so fucking good.

    Tony fucked her faster, harder, forcing her face down into the bed. I moved to her side, sliding my hands underneath her small delicate breasts. Mmmmm….hard hard nipples, like cherries, touched my fingers. I squeezed them both, gently at first then harder. Ha! Poor girl couldn’t control herself as she squirted cum all over the sheets. Tony continued to slam into her weakened body until she begged him to stop.

    As he pulled  out his cock, she collapsed onto the soaked sheets. I crawled over to suck him clean. Tasting her pussy all over.

    I wanted his cock now. I begged him to fuck me. He had no problem with that. I lay back, my legs over his shoulders as he stroked the head of his cock over my clit. Around n around teasing me. Suzy lay by my side, kissing my neck, my shoulders, my nipples whilst she stroked Tony’s cock and guided him into my gaping hole.

    He slid inside easily and began his thrusting. Deep, hard, fast. Just how I like it. Suzy massaged my clit until I remember screaming out because I came so hard. Tony pulled out and squirted his warm sticky cum all over my stomach. Slutty Suzy licked it all up, just like a greedy bitch.

    I hope to repeat this experience again, soon. 🙂


    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 307 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Young and Anal Phone Sex

    With the lightest touch I could cum all over myself. You always knew how to do just that. When I came home from school that day, I just knew what I was in for.  As I walked in the front door you are waiting on the couch with my professor, Mr. Heffer.

    You both look at me with total disappointment. I was caught passing notes back and forth in class and now they were gonna pass me around. Daddy, your voice was so intimidating that I nearly wet my panties.

    I quickly got undressed as you commanded and spread my little legs apart so you and Mr. Heffer could have your pick of which hole to ram me in. Daddy loved my anal wetness dripping on his cock. Wow… I learned 2 lessons in one that night.


    Call me at 949-999-5979

  • Age Play Gets Me Wet

    Age play gets me wet.

    I love playing a naughty little girl that needs to be shown how to make a cock cum. You know you dream about my tight little tits and want to lick and suck my pink, puffy nipples. Reach your hand down my plaid schoolgirl skirt and feel my dampness through my white cotton panties. I look so innocent, but act so naughty. Grab my pigtails and guide my sweet pink mouth down to your throbbing shaft and give me a taste of what’s to cum. Pump it in and out of my little mouth until you cannot stand it a second longer. Pull those little white cotton panties down an push that giant cock into my tiny, wet, pink hole. Make me all yours until you cum hard all over my tight little body.


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  • I see you looking at Mommy…

    It’s late and Mommy’s just come in from her date. I try my best to sneak up the stairs so you don’t hear Mommy coming in. You see me through the gap of my bedroom door undressing. Ever since Daddy left us for a barely legal women, you look at me differently. Your getting so big and strong. It amazes you to see just how sexy Mommy is.

    Why would anyone leave such a goddess! Your fingers graze across your pants crouch. Theres an uncontrollable bulge from your cock sticking through. I bend over to remove my black sheer stockings and notice you peeking through the door. Come to Mommy’s room sweetie… I see you looking. You come closer feeling nervous about being found out. I take a seat on the bed as you walk over.

    Do you like what you see? Would you like to see how Mommy feels? Your face is filled with anticipation and desire. You reach out your hand and place it on my upper thigh. I want you to move your hands further up Mommy’s thighs eventually touching her wetness. Mommy’s gonna make you into a real man unlike your daddy.


    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 415 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Wet Sticky Sweet Hard Candy Cane Dreams

    As I lay in my bed dreaming, my mouth and pussy get wet at the thought of one of those really long, hard candy canes from Santa!  The ones that are all sticky and sweet make you slobber as you suck it deep into your mouth!

    I fantasize about him standing in front of me saying suck it you sweet HOT little Naughty HO HO HO!

    I start rubbing my pussy as I suck on his long Candy Cane, and just as I am about to explode!

    I wake up my hand on my pussy and the smell of peppermint in the air.

    I can’t wait to go back to sleep to see What Santa will do to me next!

    Call me and let me be your naughty little HO HO HO! – Gem @ ext: 861

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 861 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Black As Night

    It was so dark, no stars lighting up the cold November night. You, dark too, so easily hidden from my sight. I saw you looking into my window one hot summer night. So I know, as I hear your shoes outside my window tonight, that it is you.

    Sweet angelic look on my face, as I look not directly at my window, but close enough so you see my eyes, dreaming, wanting to tease, tempt you.

    Slowly I message my full titties and pinch and pull on my nipples. Then I side my hands over my tummy, hips and ass. Sexy, moving slowly, putting on a show for you. Then I slide both my hands between my creamy white thighs and pull my perfectly toned legs apart. Slipping my palm over my pussy lips and soon I pull up my big black vibrating cock. I finger fuck myself til you can hear the sounds of wetness, knowing if you were closer you would smell pussy in the air. Then I slowly start fucking myself with this big, black cock. Wanting the black man outside of my window, to come and take me. Loudly moaning, begging for you. Soon my wish cums true. You climb into my bedroom, big black cock in our hand. First you fuck my mouth, letting me deep throat you as you rub my titties with one of your hands. Standing on the side of my bed, looking down at the pretty white girl sucking you. The lightness of my skin against your dark skin is so beautiful, you are thinking now. Soon you are running your hands through my hair and throwing that black vibrator on the floor. Sliding on top of me, you slip your cock into my wet forbidden white pussy. I wrap my legs around you and together we are soon exploding, our cum mixing with each position til hours go by and you slip back, into the darkness and I fall asleep, left with sheets wet from sweat and hot nasty cum in my hair, my lips, tits and every other tight hole you found and took.

    Nasty Naughty Nikki @ ext 523 cum take a piece

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  • Side Bar Sweetie – No Strings

    If you’re a married-but-cheating playboy looking for a permanent girlfriend, I’m the perfect insatiable “Sweetie on the Side”. I’m gorgeous, skinny, and blonde, with great tits and an insatiable, outrageous appetite for every kind of erotic sex. I’m just perfect.

    Some guys will tell me upfront about their marital situation (and I completely understand) while most remain silent on the matter. Regardless of which category you fall into, I provide a welcome hiatus that an exciting barely legal coed can provide to a married man in need.

    All sorts of naughty thoughts swim around through my mind as I seduce you when we’re together. Our world will be so vivid and sensual; you’ll be hard-pressed to leave the conversation during this girlfriend experience.  I just know you’ll be daydreaming of making love to me and sucking my perfect breast while squeezing my extremely gorgeous derrière. No matter how hard you try to suppress those feelings you won’t be able to subdue them for long. With my beauty and magnetic personality, we’ll have something so amorous and so delicious, the intensity will be strong.

    When it’s time to turn up the heat, I don’t disappoint.I may surprise you and leave you salivating at the sight of my exquisite cleavage crammed tightly into a lacy lingerie number while I wait patiently for you. Grab my body and make it yours, Baby! I’ll gently begin to kiss your married flesh as my soft fingers wraparound the base of your bloated cock that awaits me. My soft moans will kiss your ears as my firm hand slowly strokes your swollen cock. I’ll even lick your pre-cum off my already soaked hand like a hungry little sex kitten. This scandalous make-out session will continue on and on, as we feel no shame being two illicit lovers entering the beginning stages of sex, a sex session that promises to be a nasty one. A very nasty one.

    If you’re looking for a smart, sexy, fun ‘Sweetie on the Side’…look no further. Let‘s begin. Let’s create a place just for us.

    Amy extension 418

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  • Phone Sex Philosophy: Food for Thought – Quinn x632

    Everyone goes to girls like me to vent out their feelings that can’t be displayed in public. The world needs us. Society has you and me thinking that we have to behave a certain way so that we can be properly functioning members of society, and to some degree, this is true, but for me, the idea that we can’t be who we want to be is preposterous, although, it gives me a purpose.

    The word “taboo” has us thinking we might be a little bit sick. You are sick for having those thoughts, and I am sick for indulging you in your fantasy. So what, we can have these feelings, we are consenting adults, we do as we please, we harm no one. “Taboo” exist to rationalize the limits people put on their own personal behavior and is tied to their own morality. The truth is that morality is relative to our own personal beliefs, just because I can please a man who longs to be treated like shit,spit at, fucked with a strapon or humiliated, doesn’t mean that I have male issues or that was brought up with out any morals or values. I can easily be sweet and loving. Just because a wonderful guy, who is married and is a head of household calls me to discuss his inner most desired and I oblige the request doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his life and family. People need an escape from their normal lives.

    Our society makes us feel ashamed for the things we like. My services exist because the men i talk to need to feel normal. I treat them exactly how they want to be treated. Age play, bdsm, voyeurism, roleplay, food play,  or just talking, what ever their needs are, they are met. I am the girl of their dreams for the next 15 minutes or more. I am their escape from the norm.

    People like us, we are normal, it is everyone else who is strange.

    Call me <3 let’s talk.

    Quinn Ext 632 Xoxo

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 632 or visit me at uslove.com

  • A Southern Deflowering

    Hi, my name is Claudia.

    I’ll never forget my first gang bang. I grew up in a small town with really conservative parents who kept a close eye on me, so the freedom college offered was kind of shocking to say the least. After I arrived on campus, I made friends with some girls that belonged to a sorority and they told me I should try to pledge during Greek week. Well, I was anxious to make new friends, so I didn’t see any harm in it. After a week of humiliating stunts to prove ourselves, like running naked down the road in the rain and being made to make out with my fellow pledges on the campus lawn as everyone walked by, we all knew the final test was coming, we just didn’t know when.

    On Sunday night, at around midnight, we were awakened in our dorms to the sound of the sorority sisters yelling and the feel of cold water on our naked bodies (we were forced to sleep naked all week).Well, with my tits perky from the cold water and the cool air hitting my barely legal body, I stood there with my sister pledges shivering. We were blindfolded and led out to what I assumed was the middle of a forest, because we could hear night birds and frogs calling. We were told to kneel, wait, and do whatever we were told. We could hear the sound of footsteps as the sisters left, and I thought we’d been left to freeze. After what I assume was a short time, we could hear male laughter and heavy footsteps. Before I could react, I heard pants unzip, and something cold, wet, and hard on my lips “Suck it”, the male voice ordered.

    Well, I wanted to pledge so I willingly took that long piece of man meat in my mouth and started to suck. I felt hands behind me, reaching under to stroke my pussy…God, it felt amazing! I started humping the hand that was massaging my cunny, praying he’d add a finger…he didn’t. He added his lips, sucking my nether lips into his mouth. He sucked as much of my pussy into his mouth as he could, start to play with my perky 44DD tits. I could feel the schlong in my mouth getting harder and harder, so I reached up and played with his balls. When he blew in my mouth, it tasted like heaven.

    I’m Claudia at 323 , call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 323 or visit me at uslove.com  don’t keep me waiting stud!

  • Innuendos and The Beatles

    I have a radio voice. I in used do radio at a local oldies station in Southern California. I worked the graveyard shift. More than once I had guys calling me telling me how much my voice turned them on. I will admit, I very much enjoyed saying things that I knew drove them crazy like “mouth” and “lips” and “listen.” These are full mouth words and anytime my mouth makes a pretty O shape and sound, it is music to a man’s ears. I used to love to play The Beatles “Come Together” at the radio station, and start it by saying softly “Shhh. It’s time for us to COME together now.”

    I once had a guy, Eddie, that used to pay me to watch me mouth words from a portable mp3 player. It was when I worked as a dancer. He told me he had a mouth fetish. Every time I’d arch my eyebrows trying to sound radio savvy, then purse my lips out in an O-shape, he said “I can only think about sticking my cock in your mouth!”

    I think I like having that kind of control over men. Now shhhh, let’s CUM together…

    Mallory ext 443

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 443 or visit me at uslove.com

  • The Inner Workings of a Comic Book Villain-Miss Harley Quinn

    I just want to let you know a  little bit about me. <3

    I have been very very busy and now I just want to have fun. My appetite to full my Sapiosexual (sexual attraction and gratification from intellect) needs is getting bigger and bigger. I am a very nerdy graduate student always looking to learn something new. I have a soft spot for comic book villains, I especially like The Joker (hence my name  Harley QUINN).     I am fascinated by the forever expanding universe and the lack of gravity at a subatomic particle level. I enjoy discussing topics that get my mind going for example: Novels like- Crime and Punishment, the Brothers Karamazov, 1984, Native Son, Brave New World etc. Interestng music from different genres, good television shows like -The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, American Horror Story and much mor. I love cartoons like Batman(the original animated series) freakazoid, the Tick, TMNT, and anime like Pokemon, High School of The Dead, Rosario Vampire, Hellsing, and Sailor Moon. i also enjoy good documentaries on a variety of topics. Also, I am a huge Star Wars fan girl. Huge!

    The men I enjoy talking to know what they want, they are two types. The ones who are complete pussies and want to submit to me ONE HUNDRED PERCENT and willingly do as I say or they are real men with specific desires and love to tell me what to do. The devil is always in the detail.    I am not your typical raunchy girl looking to just get you off, and that’s it, I actually enjoy having conversations with you, talking excites me. I do this because It is a sexual release for me, not just another notch on my pole. Call me if you need a smart intellectual girl who can hold a great conversation and get dirty when the time is right, or if you just want to have a pleasant chat. Trust me luv, nothing is off topic. “I’m your Huckleberry” (-props to you if you know where that’s from, one of my favorite films)

    Remember my name, Quinn. Ext 632.


    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 632 or visit me at uslove.com

  • submission “blue”

    As I was growing up, I had some very odd thoughts/feelings, of how I saw myself in relationships with men.  Or maybe how I wanted it to be. I often thought about things like, being taken to some unknown place and being told I was not to make a sound unless I was told to do so.

    Of course this person/man was very dominant in his personality . As well as in he reactions, and his body language also made me aware that he was in complete control of the situation. That in it self was a very big turn on for me. He was able to read my body language, as well as the fact I did exactly as I was told. Not because I was in fear of his actions, because I did not want to displease him.

    I believe submission has many meanings, to different subs. As with all humans have different personalities, desires, and needs just to mention a few. When I think about what I had in my mind as I began to understand more about myself. I realized that submission to me was not bout being degraded, disrespected, or being physically and permanently marked or scared for anyone. Someone who needs to do this, is not someone I am interested in serving.

    When I think about a Dom./sub relationship I think of someone who has the well being of the sub in mind, as well as the sub having the well being of her Dom. in mind. I do feel corporal punishment, in my case is away to teach me to not step out of line. My meaning of stepping out of line is, as simple as not doing as I was told because I was just being lazy. Or because sometimes if I am able to get away with an action, behavior I have and been known to exploit that in future encounters. I become bored easily, and have been allowed my entire childhood to do as I wanted. I am very good at manipulating men to get what I want, when I decide to do so.

    I will follow up with a second part of submission if it seems to draw interest by anyone.


    Kendra ext.309

  • Who is Kendra ?

    As many of my regular callers may know, I am not one who asks for tips, or gifts. Their are one or two of my clients who tip me I get very excited over. Because to me for them to have done such, means I went over or beyond in making them pleased.

    So am I a spoiled brat, nope I am a little cock tease, and love sending guys over the edge. I have to say being your little sex toy. Of any age is what makes me return to taking calls every single day. Do I have any favorite callers? I consider everyone of my callers to be my favorite. Because they each bring something different to the mood, fantasy, role play.

    Now are there any types of calls I am not comfortable in doing? I hope all the guys will see this and maybe I will not need to turn anyone else down. I do not do Domination call, I am a submissive. Its not something I feel I do well at because I dislike playing the role. I think there are alot of males as well as females that do not share the same aspect of submission and Domination as I do. There is alot of uneducated persons, giving the BDSM community a bad name by pretending in understanding what it takes to be a true sub or Dom./Mistress.

    I do enjoy when I meet a true dominant when I am taking calls, it helps to fill the void of being able to serve. But an important aspect about myself is. I can read people well, I am able to pick between a player or the real thing. And the majority of the time, the  so called Doms. I have encountered are fakes. (But not the ones who will understand this “Blue” mood) I do enjoy my work as a phone slut. And continue to do improve and make sure my clients are overly pleased.


    Kendra Ext. 309

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