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  • Sinful lil Phone Sex Seductress

    Something incredibly sexy about teasing,seducing and ultimately pleasuring you beyond measure. I feel like I was born to do this . I mean the thing is I totally love every second of sultry seduction.

    My awesome regular callers love my sexy little voice,hot petite body and uber wild kinky,creative mind. Oh the places we go…and oh how amazing it is. I enjoy getting to know them also and adore each one in different ways. I have been seducing some for a few years now and the erotic chemical attraction, chemistry just keeps building. That’s my fave part of being a hot little phone sex diva. The connections I make here.

    Just so you know this naughty phone hottie is extremely well-versed in most all fetish play. And I do me extremely well-versed. I totally get off to even the most kinky,taboo fetish and role playing so yes, I have been a good girl and do my homework! Plus you know, experience is really the best way to learn and I love to strive for perfection. Practice makes perfect, right?

    I have many stories of seduction and taboo temptations and always ready to share openly with you. Please never be shy about your likes and dislikes because I truly like a little of it all and do my best to indulge you.

    New summer schedule coming soon…until then I hope to play with you and make that hot connection. Please request me by calling one of our sexy operators if I am not available or set an appointment with me.

    Slow, sensual,seductive kisses,

    Miss Lauren

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    Text me 24/7 through USLove

    Call my bedroom 949-999-5979 Ext. 508

  • Such Sensual Desires

    lauren 4 blogSensuality in the bedroom and all my deep,lustful sensual desires are the reasons I am here. My love,my darling,I do long to tease you in the most sensual ways. Violate you even. Words like control,consume,submit,surrender make me so incredibly hot. To hear your voice breathy,begging for more of what I may or may not give. The ultimate lil blonde tease  of a Mistress all to eager to make you positively fucking throb.

    Lately, I have been dabbling in a lil light bondage play. The very sensual & erotic thought of tying you up to my bed. Spread eagle and completely naked,of course. Then using whatever means of “teasing” I deem necessary to make you rock hard for me. Nibbles, kisses,licks,toys,wax,ice,kinky props of my liking. Taking what I want,exactly the way I want it and when. Never asking…but taking total control of your swollen cock and building orgasm. Mmmm…the idea of you aching with full,heavy cum filled balls is truly luscious.

    Kink it up a lil I want to use you with my strap on awhile. Oh yes, I do enjoy fucking you and I want you on your back where I can see the pleasure I give. Watch your masculine expression turn to pure surrender. Knowing I have you just where I want you. Literally by those swollen,aching balls. Deeper I go probing to find that “man G~spot”. Oh, and I will find it. And just when you are about to cum so amazingly hard for me I stop and ride your face awhile. Intoxicating you with my addictive sex honey. Making you weak,weaker then you have ever been before. Desperate for your sensual tease to give in. But have I played with you enough my darling? Have I teased you in all the ways I desire? We shall see…

    Miss Lauren

    949-999-5979 Ext. 508

    ~Indulge in a lil erotica~

    All Fetish Play Welcome to include AB/DL.

  • Forbidden Lust

    laurenI love exploring really erotic,forbidden,filled lustful type fantays with you. Sexy,naughty role playing and even some of the most taboo nature. A lot of guys enjoy my sensual,soft spoken voice whispering the unmentionables they only dream of. You know the things they aren’t able to tell anyone,especially sweet little wifey.  *wink*

    My extreme open-mindess,insatiable lust for all kinds of kinky sex and willingness to let go with them makes for a very hot, totally uncensored conversation. I will admit that I like to dabble in fetish play and some of my interests are definitely on the more dominant side.But mostly I enjoy sensuality & erotica in the bedroom. I completely lust for oral sex and enjoy both men & women. Dirty threesomes are at the top of my “faves to do”. And let’s not forget about anal sex. SMOKING HOTTTTTT!! I absolutely adore working my pink,hot lil rosebud when masturbating with you. Right now I’m into beads and yes I do enjoy using them when we do our naughty thing.

    A really a very open,sexy,playful phone Mistress eager to explore with new toys and I invite you to indulge with me for as long as you like…I am normally available days, 7:30am PST- 5:00pm PST but I do take requests when ever I am able and I also will totally work with you via appointment made in advance.

    Sexy licks & nibbles,


    1-949-999-5979 EXT. 508

    or visit my page at www.uslove.com


  • Naughty Davina

    Morning perverts
    Morning perverts

    Morning Perverts! Oh how I’ve missed you all <3 It’s been so terribly long since we’ve played. Lately I can’t stop thinking about our naughty conversations and all the filthy fun we used to have. I find myself at my vanilla job just day dreaming about all the TABOO fantasy’s we’ve shared. It makes me so wet.  I do have a naughty boy toy to play with at work. You know me…. never without a toy, lol. *sigh* but lately even that isn’t enough. Because as much as we fuck we still don’t get to be as explicitly perverted as WE were. It’s special what we have boys. Only here can I divulge all of my forbidden TABOO fantasy’s knowing that you are just as turned on and as into as I am. Only here can I be the coquette little girl DADDY is dying to play with or that Dominant bitch that gives it to you hard while you’re on all fours. And everything in between. Yum. So I’ll be on for a few hours before heading out. Keeping my hands warm between my legs and teasing myself while I wait for you to call & make me cum.

  • The Bet !

    BridgetteNormally I don’t do blogs that mention my callers,but in this case it was requested by his girlfriend and who am I to refuse a woman after my own heart .
    A few weeks ago a man texted me and wanted to know if I would like to have total control of him.
    What I didn’t realize is that this wasn’t going to be some sort of role play.

    This was the real deal.

    Well, he texted me again last night and made a bet with me.

    If I got fifty percent of the winners of Sundays NFL games correct then I could have total control of him.

    His girlfriend was going to help me do it.

    If I lost then he was going to get to do whatever he wanted to her for a week .

    Even though I know nothing about football,(other than that the tv show Friday Night Lights was awesome), I took him up on the bet.

    I went to NFL.com and chose the winners based purely on my gut instincts.

    He sent me texts all day Sunday taunting me about how I was going to lose and I wouldn’t get control of him.

    I would be able to use whatever toys I wanted to dominate him .

    Well guess what James.

    I WON!

    So now it is up to me to find the perfect punishment for this pathetic little dick bitch !

    He has already made one very big mistake.

    It seems that James doesn’t like to have his ass messed with.

    He told me so.

    No strap ons would be used .

    Something about a woman using a strap on dildo bothers him. Well I am not only going to be using a strap on,but I am going to dress him up like the bitch he is.

    I am talking full on drag here with wig, makeup, painted nails and lingerie .

    When are men going to realize that when they offer to submit they have to take whatever they are given ?

    You can’t you say you want to be dominated and then seal off the one body cavity that I can probe with a large object.

    Don’t you get it ?

    Us dominating you is not only our way of controlling you, but also a form of pay back to all of those women that you gagged with your cock, the ones you stuck it in before they were ready and the ones you left hanging after you got off after sixty seconds !

    By the time I am done with James he is going to love having a cock in his ass,so much that he will be begging for more .

    Stay tuned for part two…




    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at uslove.com


    My body is built for business and I know it. I’m a nasty little sexy bitch. The mutual levels of enjoyment permeate my days well beyond the individual visit with certain callers. Maybe this is why I really do love my‘Butt Boys’ as I perform during Mistress-slave calls. It’s such an erotic turn on for me to have an obedient man. My pussy juices marinate whatever I’m wearing during these phone calls, leaving an undeniable lusty perfume.


    Anything could happen on my calls, but on Sissy Boy calls‘Amy Privileges’ are EARNED. Maybe you’ll find yourself on your hands and knees cleaning my toilet with your toothbrush. Ever play ‘Pull the String’? Whatever I feel like doing goes.


    You WILL end up licking the salty sweat off the crack of my ass as I press firmly into your face. Up and down with your tongue Sweet Bitch Boy! Take a big whiff and smile. My shithole is the best around. As my pretty little hands hold apart my ass cheeks, your face will be buried far up my perfect back door. Worship this rust hole like the lust-crazed pet you are. No other hot funnel can send you into ecstasy like mine can.


    After a few glorious moments of nursing my tight sphincter, I’ll slip my panties on your already horned out dick. It’s time to warm you up, Dick Weed. My stream of hot piss trickles down your prick while I straddle you, and your dreams of my clit pressed against your cock fast become a reality. With my legs still shamelessly spread and tits pressed against you…I start to grind your useless dick until you feel you HAVE TO shoot off into your man panties. WILL I LET YOU CUM? You’ll have to call me to find out…BITCH.


    call me at 949-999-5979 Smell Amy’s cookies at ext. 418 or visit me at uslove.com

  • iLust: Between the sheets.

    I’d been dating Jack, a handsome fire fighter, well not really dating, more like “Friends with benefits,” for more than a year. After the threat of Hurricane Sandy blew by, Jack, and one of his mates from the fire station came by at 3am to “rescue me.”  Well, my house really wasn’t in peril and I knew what he wanted so I believed this was going to be an unforgettable experience. With my robe wrapped tightly around me I fixed them drinks and sandwiches, because I know they had been on long shifts and I wanted to hear their storm stories some of which as it turned out were pretty scary. It was even hotter because they were so casual about their bravery.

    I told them “let’s take this party into the bedroom,” and both of them were more than willing to go. I led the way with Jack and Greg right behind me and my cat Raggs not far behind them. We entered the dimly lit room and closed the door. That seem to be my queue to drop to my knees and start sucking Jack’s huge cock, his moans were telling me that he was now totally into this. Greg unbuttoned his pants and shirt and let them drop to the floor, and Jack interrupted my cock sucking to do the same, letting his clothes fall to the floor too. I undid my robe and tossed it on the chair and let them stand in awe of my 5’7” slim build of 34C-23-34. Curvaceous bottom,  long legs, flat tummy and lovely bald pussy.  “Mam, would you please spin around so I can take you all in,” I giggled a bit at his Southern drawl and slowly turned so they could both admire me, although Jack had seen it all before (in every imaginable position)!

    I was getting so aroused watching them watching me I dropped to my knees and motioned for them to come closer and hungrily licked and sucked their monster dicks like it was my last meal.   They both came and I licked most of it up but some dropped on my chest and they pulled me to my feet and rubbed it gently into my breasts, and they began kissing me, all over.  When I connected with lips it was explosive and finally they led me to the bed where I sat down hard on Jack’s cock. He pulled me down further so he was all the way inside me, my chest was wedged against his, and Gregg put some KY on his huge dick and slowly pushed his way into my tight vaginal opening on top of Jack’s cock, and they both fucked me. OMG!!!!  That was a first for me.  Then they took turns fucking me, and I lost track of the explosive orgasms I had with these two amazing heroes (supermen?).

    After a while, with them lying on their sides, one in front and one in back, I had my pussy and ass stuffed full of cocks, my nipples being gently pinched while being deeply kissed with the sweetest deepest tongue action I have ever experienced. In my horniest dreams I never imagined anything like this and never thought a threesome could be this sweet.

    When I awoke, I had a breakfast perfectly laid out on a tray with a rose they stole from flowers in the living room, and a note saying they did not want to go but they had to go save somebody – and everybody was called in – and as soon as they got some time – like a weekend off – could

    we all get together? A resounding YES exploded in my brain and pulsed through my body without thinking!  Finally, a weekend date where I wouldn’t be worrying about what I would wear!

    I was a little sore from the experience, but I’d do it again, and it looked like I will have that chance!


    I hope you like my story.  I’d love to talk to you. xo Madeline ext 721Innocent


    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 721 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • Let’s Role Play!!!

    I’m super excited for Halloween.

    I have been collecting lots of sexy costumes this month.

    I love the sexy nurse outfit my sugar daddy bought me.

    My big tits look fabulous!

    I am in the mood to do a little bit of role playing.

    Are you looking for a horny nurse who can drain your achey swollen balls for you or

    maybe an evil nurse who will stuff your sissy ass with a strap on?


    I am quite the lil switch and will do anything to get you off.

    Let’s have some fun while I am in this sexy outfit.

    I am going to go and put on my little nurse costume for all you pervy boys.

    I can’t wait to hear you stroking that dick for me baby.



    Alessandra, Ext 898


    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 898 or visit my page at uslove.com