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  • Naughty Cheating Neighbor’s Phone Sex Role-Play with Gretchen

    I just moved in and tired from moving I glance across the street, and there you are… looking so fine. You stopped me dead in my tracks then here comes tired rundown hubby clapping at my feet just when I felt my breast begin to tingle and my sweet temple starting to get moist, here come sweaty ass Bob, looking nasty as hell and not in a good way. What a mood killer! I smile and you wave back and I see the husband’s eyes begin to roll.

    For the next few days I gather up my wits, and hope I don’t make a fool out of myself, while he is at work I make my way over to your house. I am walking up the side to your home I see your wife leaving, I didn’t see her before. I scoot as close to the home as I can as she pulled away. I made my way to your side door, I see you standing there looking as fine as hell. I began to get so excited, just like if I was a school girl with her 1st crush.

    I have never seen a man looking so fine. I was hoping you didn’t see me. I knocked on the door, you answer, “well hello!” I answer back in a nervous voice. I just love meeting new neighbors. I see you give me the once over. I was hoping you would ask me in but I guess you were nervous she would come back. You inform she is gone for the afternoon. You said, “If you are ok with it, I am going to shower.” You asked me?! “Why don’t you come back in 30mins?”

    I rush home, shower myself praying that my wreck of a husband doesn’t come home. I have all these crazy things racing in my head… I knock on the door you say, “Come on in”. As I walk in you are up on the ladder finishing the change of the light bulb, you have on a robe and these sexy ass underwear. I feel my heart race. I haven’t been touched, licked or fucked in so long; I don’t think I can hold back. I stay right up under you I see your ball sack hanging down and your heat seeking moisture misle dripping. Damn! I am instantly wet. I touch your leg, trace my fingers up to your balls and I look up at you. Your head begins to thrust backwards, you cannot contain yourself. You say, “The moment I saw you and that fine as body of yours Gretchen, I knew I had to have you.”

    I have never had a man look at me that way. He gets off the ladder, moves slowly towards me… my heart is beating so fast, it’s going to jump out of my chest. You say to me, “Gretchen, I am going to put my tongue in places that a man’s tongue never has gone.” I say to him, “I have this 4 ½ inch tongue. I will bend you over and the tip of my tongue will pulse your prostate and you will be moaning in my ear.” He pulled me over to the couch. I instantly felt the wetness from my temple as he guided is soft erect tongue down my wet pussy. I told him, “You keep doing that I will lead you to a puddle of heaven, sweet, tender, juicy, lustful, mind blowing. There will be no return.” I get down on my knees using my long tongue I pull his legs up in the air and thrust my tongue down deep inside as I masturbate his cock. His pre cum is dripping down my finger…  I lick them off insert then again slowly, as I do this twisting of my wrist, licking the head and begin my suction antics. He says to me, “I have never felt so much pleasure as I do now.” He lies back on the couch, turns me around and says, “Baby I want to see those sweets pussy lips caressing my erect cock” as he slides up and down as he moves my hips. I begin to thrust myself back and forth and in small circles. As my erect nipples begin to pierce his fingertips, my clit begins to swell. I am starting to moan with pure pleasure.

    “I want you to climax with me”, the buildup was so amazing the way he touched me, and I him. I know this is wrong but feels so right. We orgasm together, lay there holding each other. Then he says, “Shit! She’s on her way home!”, as I see a text across his screen. He rushes grabs his clothes, I mine and I race across the street. She pulls in driveway, and mine in ours, I can’t believe how amazing he was. I can’t wait to explore some lust with him again! Call Me! Xoxo Gretchen

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 827 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Professor Student Phone Sex

    I am called to the office feeling nervous and scared about my grades. I walk in all dressed to the 9’s. I have thisGretchen step dad, that treats me like his wife, then his own daughter. I’ll tell you why… He buys these outfits that should be worn by my Mom , but sadly my Mom looks like a  Wildabeast. I mean really what he see’s in her amazes me. I personally think he married her to get to me. He sends me off to School, like I am dressed as a escort for the evening. I am just about to the office I look in my hand held mirror, at the perfection that stands before it, making sure Lips are perfect, Hair is flowing perfect, Blonde straight down to my ass. and a smile that can knock any Man’s socks off. I know on the door, and standing in front of me is the new Principal, and my new Teacher, they are smiling ear to ear.

    They look as if they were in some deep conversation. I was in my class minding my own Business, trying to earn some extra credits. I am not doing so well in School, which made it even more terrfying. The door closes behind me and I am drilled, not by one of them ha, but by questions, one after another.  Mr Todd my new Teacher asks me do I know why I am here I say “Because of my bad grades Sir” he replies: yes. And the principal informs me if they aren’t brought up some how I will be removed from this school. I try to hold back the tears. Mr. Brooks the Principal. says well let’s figure something out.

    I have a dominating side to me spoiled, sweet, and bratty. I lock the door. And I sit back down I have on a push up red lace bra, and a aline skirt, that shapes this young body twirling my long blonde hair that rest at the tip of my Young Butt. Mr. Todd says to me a lovely name for a lovely girl. I stand up as I am ready to leave because  they aren’t saying much ,my long blonde hair drapes over Mr. Todd’s shoulder and He says I wish my wife has hair like Yours! I ask Mr. Todd.why are u breathing so hard, he tells me the outfit, I had on yesterday , and today is very teasing.. I answered, sorry my Dad gets these for me. He’s around both Your ages. Mr. Brooks gets up from behind me I feel these strong manly hands caress, my thighs pulling me against him. Mr’ Todd, I see a buidge in his pants he says it’s nothing. I tell both of them to sit side by side. I lean back in my sexy out fit long legs, and stockings, so silky I trace both of their cocks over the top of their Jeans. I lay back pull the White and Pink panties to the side as I insert my fingers and begin masturbating. I get up and run my fingers under each other their nosterils, I see a instant irection, I lick my lips, and they can see my long 4.5 inch tongue trace my lips and I say, If I do a really good job and make both of You cum in my mouth, will You pass Me? At that point their Jeans couldn’t cum off fast enough, I pull their erect heat seeing mositure missels out of their pants , and moving my wrist in this twisting motion, That I learned watching my Dad’s Porno’s. I take that long Tongue and trace it up and down their shafts taking turns… One has their hand on my breast the other inside of my Drenched Pussy. They pull me up and on the table and start eating my ass like it’s their last meal, I am so turned on . Mr.Todd ask’s me. “Piss down my Mouth” I replied oh I can’t do that, he says it’s part of Your grade.. I give him his request.  Mr. Brook’s the Principal is tall and well built Black Man, I have heard so many things about Black Men’s cock. Omg he sat in the chair started stroking. and said come here. Make me cum.. I sat down slowly he was so large and erect I can feel that heat seeking mositure missle about to exploe. Mr.Todd, comes up from behind me. And begins kissing my neck, my back, and ask if he can insert himself in my ass. I am scared, but I  wanted to please. their thrusting in and out of me, kissing me fondling me, consuming me… We all cum omg.. amazing… They hurry get dressed toss me my Clothes, as they put on thiers. They say: don’t say anything to anyone, students, other teachers or wives. You will pass grades. Now Leave.

  • GWEN & Time-Share Night

    He whispered, “Yes, Goddess.”

    June 2016

    Dear Diary,

    My neighbors, LeeAnn and Mike, have an interesting variation on the Time-Share Vacation concept.

    First, let me say that LeeAnn is a brick house married to a tar paper shack. Mike has a tiny penis; I know this because LeeAnn calls it his “clit”…in public…which visibly excites both of them. So, pretty much the whole condo complex has guessed that Mike is a Sub and LeeAnn his Domme.

    What I just discovered, however, is that LeeAnn is not a domme by nature and that her cuckolding of Mike has been less about his humiliation and more about her search for a dominant of her own. I learned this when Mike showed up at my door with a permission slip from LeeAnn.

    It seems she had found her Dom and he had ordered her to give Mike to another woman for the night. Mike, as he put it, had been “Time-Sharing” his wife for months, but now the other man, Jamal, had moved in and taken control. Mike and his dwarf penis were kept cleaning the cottage and watched as this dubious Prince Charming fucked his bodacious Snow Wife in every hole she had on offer. LeeAnn’s days of domination were over; she was in Jamal’s thrall. Mike still obeyed her, but it was obvious from whom the orders originated.

    “So now she has to ‘Time-Share’ me with you,” said Mike. “I’ll do whatever you want. I’m yours for twelve hours.”

    That was an offer no sane woman would refuse, so I ordered Mike to clean my house until bedtime. He did such a superb job that I allowed him to sleep with me. LeeAnn had always raved about his oral skills and Mike was only too happy to demonstrate.

    Wow. The boy’d learned to compensate. His hands and his mouth were magical instruments of carnal pleasure. His kisses: what’s that quote, “deep, wet, and last for days”? Like that. Fingers: oh, they were everywhere and also at exactly the right place at the right moment every time. His teeth, arms, palms, toes…all his damn parts but one…were expertly deployed for my pleasure. And I “pleasured” several times.

    When Mike shyly admitted he was not allowed to touch LeeAnn anymore, I was certain Jamal meant it as torture for her. Her pussy, mouth, and ass were full to bursting twice a day or more with Jamal’s thick nine inches, Mike said, but he could tell how many of her orgasms were faked. Be careful what you wish for, LeeAnn, dear, thought I, as Mike deftly wielded my favorite dildo and made me cum again. During my afterglow, I noticed a tiny creature stirring in Mike’s lap.

    “It’s so nice to make a woman come again.” Then he saw my glance and blushed. “That’s my clitty, fully erect.”

    I was fascinated. It was perfection in miniature. I reached out and took it in my palm, feeling it pulse with desire.

    “Oh, god, it’s like a little hummingbird! It has a heartbeat!”

    I stroked it tenderly with the pad of my thumb. Mike closed his eyes and groaned. I closed my hand and the little thing disappeared. Mike sucked his breath in through his teeth as his back arched. I used my pinkie to stroke his balls; they were round and firm as Concord grapes. I felt tiny dew drops under my thumb. I just had to taste them.

    “Oh, salty and fresh, like the liqueur of an oyster…yum!” I bent my head down for more.

    “I need LeeAnn’s permission to cum!” Mike was a little panicky. “And Jamal doesn’t let her give it anymore!”

    “Don’t worry,” I murmured to the trembling hummingbird in my mouth, “You belong to me tonight, all night. And that includes your cum.” I made my voice more commanding. “Whatever you have, it’s mine. Do you understand?”

    Mike shivered at the change in my voice. I liked that; I could make that hummingbird soar.

    “Let me see your ass, Mike.”

    He turned over quickly with a whispered, “Yes, Goddess.”

    I spanked his left cheek with my palm wide and flat. The “smack” echoed a bit and sent fleshy ripples across his bottom. Mike moaned. I spanked him again, on the right cheek.

    “How long has it been since your last orgasm,” I continued in my solemn tone, “Answer your Goddess, now.”

    “At least a month,” he said his facial cheeks flushing with shame.

    “The exact number of days, please.”


    “I knew you knew. As punishment for withholding, thirty-seven blows. Grab the headboard and raise your ass for me.”

    I started with my hands, smacking his cheeks a dozen times from top to bottom and side to side, making sure they flushed crimson and radiated an even heat. I then picked up a wide belt and found I enjoyed the snap of the leather, the hisses and whimpers, and the bold, white stripes that reddened so quickly.

    Mike endured nine strikes to each cheek. Tears dropped from his chin onto the pillow. His face was almost saintly with the delight of suffering. His moans encouraged my imagination. Seven more to go…

    I grabbed the dildo, still slick with my juices, and began working it into Mike’s asshole. He was loving it, thrusting toward each push until the dildo crested and hit his prostate. He gasped as I yelled “one!” and retracted the dildo. Saying “two!” I plunged it back down to its silicone balls. By “five!” I thought Mike was going to faint and paused ever so momentarily only to hear him whisper an agonized, “six?”

    He got his sixth and his seventh and was still trembling with lust. I flipped him onto his back and, with the dildo firmly in place, I took the hummingbird back into my mouth, sucking it and licking it until I felt it throb and pulse in return.

    “I want it all!” said his Goddess and that phrase released a cascade of moaning and bucking. I got a satisfying amount of involuntary muscle movement out of him as the orgasm swamped his senses; I also got a thimbleful of cum from the tiny hummingbird.

    Mike played it just right when he returned home that morning: downcast eyes, mumbled answers, sighs and longing glances toward LeeAnn. Jamal was convinced Mike had had a humiliating night and was sick with jealousy at his tales of the erotic carnival he and LeeAnn had enjoyed without him. Time-Share Night, he sneered to Mike, would be a frequent thing.

    Mike was smiling as he told me all about it on our next Time-Share Night. He’d already asked me to be his “secret” Domme until LeeAnn wised-up and kicked Jamal out. I’d said yes. Jamal might never know, but his plan for pitiable Mike-the-Time-Share had made him my Mike-the-Happy-Sub-Let

  • Cup of Sugar?

    Leyda had been a neighbor first, then a friend for a few years now.  We discussed everything from favorite recipes to the size of her husband’s (now ex-husband) cock, which happened to be quite large.  We laughed over coffee when she told me it was really the only thing about him she actually missed.  She had just finished telling me how he would lay over her, rubbing his huge cock head against her clit, bringing her to a quick and explosive orgasm at the beginning of their play, the way other couples would start with kissing, and that several more would come before they had finished.  She sighed, put her cup on the table, and said well that was before, I haven’t had anything good in at least six months, and things are a tad bit dry now. I told her I was sorry to hear that, and would she drop back by this evening for a cocktail to chat more, as I was going to have another friend over as well? She flipped her long blonde hair back behind her shoulders and said she’d love to, and would see me around 8.

    When Leyda arrived that night, she looked stunning in a white satin tank top that was cut in a V and showed off her double D size boobs.  I could see the faint outline of her nipples as well, wide and perky as they pushed braless against the thin fabric.  Her skin tight jeans were very tight between her legs, and I could see the seam pressing in, and wondered if she enjoyed the extra stimulation from it.  I was dressed in an all black from head to toe, black leather bustier, satin black pants, and black heals that glistened with the many diamond like rhinestones that made up the straps.

    Wow, you look great she said and smiled as she walked in, looking around.  She asked where my friend was?

    “Carlos!  We are waiting for you” I yelled toward the entryway.  “Yes Mistress Kittie, sorry for the delay, I was getting the things ready as you had asked me to” Carlos said.  Leyda looked over in astonishment as she saw the named, handsome guy in the doorway, with a silver tray and cocktails, ready to serve, his very long and uncut cock sticking straight out, fully erect, the swollen fat head had a Prince Albert loop in it that she could see from several feet away.  Her mouth stayed open as she watched me go over to him, and hook a small rhinestones cat leash about two feet long, onto the piercing’s loop, and lead him behind me into the room.  He set the tray down on the table, and kneeled in front of me.  He looked up at me with that handsome young face (he had just turned 21), and big brown eyes, waiting to see what I would do or ask of him next.  I hugged on the leash twice, his indication to stand and assume the position of legs spread at shoulder width, arms behind back.

    “Leyda, would you like to touch his dick, and feel how long and fat it is? He’s very responsive to touch, and he may start to drip precum, it doesn’t take much to cause that, and he’s been chaste for a month now” I cupped his big balls with both hands, massaged them gently, lightly squeezing them.

    “Thank you, Mistress Kittie, they are so sore” he whispered as he sucked in air at my touch.  “awww, are they very full, and needing to be emptied, after, I don’t know, maybe 60 edging sessions?” I smiled as I pushed back the darker foreskin to expose more of his sensitive pink cock head. He licked his lips, “yes, twice a day per your instructions, and then back in my chastity belt.”

    I turned to Leyda, “is he as big as your ex-husband?” She looked up at me, finally taking her eyes off Carlos. ” Oh my god,yes, he’s several inches more actually, and thicker too”.

    “Leyda I have a special room I’ve never showed you, but if you go in there, you have to leave your inhibitions at the door, and swear to secrecy at whatever goes on behind those doors as well, can you do that?”

    “Yes, of course, I’m so curious, please show me.” Leyda said.

    “You have to first agree to do whatever I ask, and comply with all and any of my rules or requests of you..Can you do that?” I asked her.

    “Yes, yes, Mistress Kittie, I promise I will, and agree.” She giggled.

    To be continued…….

  • Jordyn and Her sub (part1)

    2:45 pm. My bladder’s like clockwork and so is Mark.

    “Jordyn! I hope you don’t have any plans….” I already hate whatever’s at the end of that sentence. I worked 58 hours this week and want nothing more than to go home and recharge. Even when I don’t have plans, I plan to be anywhere but here.

    “Goddamnit Mark, why do you have to stop me on the way to the bathroom? I’m about to burst, sooo what’s up?” I urgently ask, mid-stride.

    “Ooh, I’ll make it quick,” Mark says. “We found some errors with the Mills case and we need a few people to work overtime this weekend. Can you come in tomorrow?”

    “Actually, I do have plans,” I respond, “but I can stay a couple hours extra tonight and get it started. How’s that?” Mark nods enthusiastically, wishes me a good weekend and is off to his next unassuming victim.

    I text [don’t pick up, roll to voicemail] to my sub as I rush off to the bathroom, my heels tapping on the tile.

    I make it to the stall, place a seat cover down and lift up my skirt, clenching my muscles tight.

    As I push my panties down and sit, I dial my little bitch’s number and wait, my clit throbbing with every ring. Pressure builds and warmth encompasses me as I tighten even more to hold back the flow.

    As the automated voicemail picks up, I release ever so slightly while I wait for the beep.

    Finally, I hear my cue and place the speakerphone close to the space between my thighs. The slow trickle becomes a little stronger, creating a 47-second soundbite of powerful stream. As I finish expelling the final drops, I bring the receiver near my mouth and say in staccato fashion, “Don’t. Even. Touch. My. Cock,” and quickly end the call.


    Back in my office, I watch people get antsy with their eyes fixed on the clock and the door. The first wave of workers slither out of the office at 3:30. *buzz-buzz* [should I expect you home, Goddess?]

    Then the mass exodus happens at 5. *buzz-buzz* [i can’t wait to kiss Goddess’ feet.]

    Some paralegals and I stay past 6. *buzz-buzz* [Goddess’ cock is so hard.]

    By 6:45, most of the cleaning crew’s tasks are completed, and by 7:30, the lights automatically lower with me and one other person still inside. The last of the paralegals says, “See ya Monday, Jordyn,” as they walk past my desk at 8 pm. *buzz-buzz* “Yeah, see ya Monday!”  

    I come to a stopping point and rub my tired eyes. I gotta stop doing this to myself. I need to take care of me.

    When I’ve done as much as I can with the Mills case and everyone’s gone home for the night, I reach for my phone and read my sub’s last text: [the bathroom is clean in anticipation of you]

    I gather my things and head to the car. I dial again, and on the first ring, “Goddess!”

    “Have you been good?” I ask my little bitch boy as I start my car. His breath releases in short spurts. “Yes, Goddess. I’ve been good. I-I-I didn’t touch it!”

    “Good boy. Now, what’s mama’s favorite thing after a long, hard day?”

    “A h-h-ot bath with lavender, m-m-milk and honey?” he excitedly replies.

    “Mmm yes. And what else?” I quiz.

    “A-a-and me?”

    “Yes. Have both ready when I walk in the door.”


    to be continued. . . 

    show me how good you are. How would you spend your time waiting?”

    show Jordyn how good you can be. call me at 702.650.LOVE ext. 715

  • Rowan’s Game Begins May 2!

    tall games


    My game is open to all of my callers, although it originally began as a game to play with my submissive friends.

    There will be one prize set that can be won by anyone who cums during a phone call with me during May, and another prize set that will be won by the sub who shows me the greatest devotion during May.

    Part one of the prize is a free phone call with yours truly.

    Part two is the pair of luscious panties I’ll wear during the phone call..

    …which I will then mail to you via the lovely office ladies at USLove. FYI,Unlike some models, I am not in the habit of selling my panties to anyone who asks to buy them.

     If you want the right to play with my panties,

    you have to earn it.

    How can a sub prove his devotion?

    Through obedience and proper worship.

    As all my good boys know, when a man orgasms and empties himself before me, it is a kind of worship.  Besides unwavering obedience, a man’s seed is his greatest gift. It holds his DNA, the essence of his life, and it represents his chance for immortality through his children.

    If the sub is a pathetic, tiny, limp-dicked excuse for a male, then absolute obedience and orgasmic worship are his only ways to get me to even notice he’s alive.

    In order to make this a proper game, I will be giving points for obedience, acts of worship and for meeting certain goals or beating other subs. Just cumming for me will not be enough to win, I’ll be having mini competitions during the month to amuse myself. I’ll track things like how much the players cum and how far they shoot.

    What things are worth points?

    I’ll be adding things that to this list when the fancy strikes me. But for right now, here are some things that will earn points:

    • Cumming on the phone when talking to me.
    • Winning a cum-petition during the month
    • Following me on Twitter (very important as I will Tweet tasks that earn extra points & I’ll tell you when I am signing on.)
    • Introducing someone new to USLove and having them give my name as a referral. (Huge points for this, plus I’ll enter your friend and give him some points.)
    • Photos of your cum—-either posted as Tweets, sent to me in a private Twitter message or emailed to me via USLove.
    • Be the first caller when I sign on— after any time when I have been signed off.
    • I’ll be giving you instructions on things you can do to increase how hard you cum and how much you cum. The more you follow these instructions, the more points you will get.


    How to begin in one easy step: Call me & tell me you want to play 

    I’ll give you a new pet name and add you to my spreadsheet where I’ll track points. (At the end of the first week, I’ll post a leaderboard on my USLove webpage so you can keep track of the standings.)

    At the end of the month, I’ll announce who has the most points and use the internet random number generator to choose the other winner.

    Because I want only your VERY best, I’ll be posting instructions this weekend for how to increase how hard you cum and how much you cum. 

    Let the Games Begin!!!

  • I Love Panties

    Main Entry: fe·tish
    Variant(s): also fe·tich \fe-tish also fē-\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French & Portuguese; French fétiche, from Portuguese feitiço, from feitiço artificial, false, from Latin facticius factitious
    Date: 1613

    1 a: an object (as a small stone carving of an animal) believed to have magical power to protect or aid its owner; broadly: a material object regarded with superstitious or extravagant trust or reverence b: an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion: prepossession c: an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression
    2: a rite or cult of fetish worshipers
    3: fixation


    I love a sub in panties. Okay… this might be pushing towards a fetish for me. Well… not technically since I don’t find it necessary for sexual gratification. But really I find a sub in just a pair of pretty panties so very… stimulating.

    A man who will put them on for me. That is nice. A man who finds it arousing to put a pair of cute girly panties on for me more than just willingly, that is very, very nice. Pink, white, black… silk, cotton, satin, lace, so many choices and I do like them all. To do something that is so simple yet so instantaneously erotic is powerful for me to share. A man in girly panties is to me a perfect picture of submission. A cock straining again a small scrap of lace, a thong slipping up between lovely ready to be used ass cheeks, I enjoy this. A picture offered, “This is for you Saffron, because I know you want to see me this way.” Oh… such a beautiful thing. It isn’t so much about cross-dressing as submitting to me something that you would never do without me. Or if he likes to wear them then it is sharing that excitement of the naughtiness.

    I love a woman ready to show me how sexy she is in nothing but a pair of panties. So exposed, so vulnerable, yet often there is a certain innocence to wearing just a pair of panties that I really find exciting. I love the curves of a woman and a nice pair of panties enhances those curves so perfectly. Thin straps up over hips, small bits of cotton and lace covering the treasure that is a pussy. A pair of full bottomed panties snug against the swell of ass, or a g-string sliding tightly down and under and covering nothing, but keeping everything perfectly sexy. Every cut has its advantages, I love boy cut, g-string, thong, even full cut white cotton everyday are sexy. Fancy, whimsical, plain… I want those I share with to have a variety and share with me all their favorites.

    Oh, and then there is the pulling of them down. Just below that curve of a bottom. Whether it is my hands pulling a pair of panties down or he or she who is sharing with me doing the slipping to just there for me… either way is enticing. Standing there with their back to me, on kneeling with knees spread wide, or on all fours ready… all are exquisitely submissive and so perfectly lovely. Waiting, anticipating, exposed and available for anything I desire to offer. Pain, pleasure… all of it is so deliciously wonderful.

    What is your sexiest pair of panties? What do you love to see on your partner… and nothing else?

    Let’s talk about your fetish.  Call me, Saffron at EXT 499

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 499 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Daddy’s Naughty Girl

    p4301-6I wish you could see me now. I’m on my bed, leaning back against a mound of fluffy pink pillows. I’m wearing a baby blue cotton nightie that clings to my breasts and flares out sweetly around mid-thigh.

    It’s Saturday. I reserve the right to be a sexy young sweetheart if I want to. You like me sweet and young, don’t you? 🙂

    In my hand, I’m holding a picture.

    I’m ten in the picture, all rosy cheeks and tousled hair. My green eyes are alight with mischief.

    I’m on the floor of our living room, sprawled lazily in a patch of sunlight. The black skirt of my school girl uniform has worked its way carelessly up my thighs, a flash of white cotton peeking from beneath the rumpled folds.

    My hands are held in front of me, clutching haphazardly at my white, button-down blouse. Creamy, tender skin peeks out from the gaps in the fabric, giving credence to the suspicion that the blouse is, in fact, undone.

    One of my black knee socks is pushed to my ankle, the other clinging stubbornly to the soft curve just above my knee. My little black shoes remain firmly buckled on my feet.

    I remember that day as if it were yesterday.

    It all started when I brought home a poor report card. Daddy was mad at me. He knew I hadn’t studied. I was a naughty girl, don’t you know? and naughty girls got punished.

    If they were good, they also got rewarded.

    Want to know what daddy did to me that day? You know what you need to do. 🙂

    Call Sarah at 949-722-2222 Ext: 494
    or visit me at Uslove.com.

  • Yes, Master: A Tale of Unexpected Submission

    p4301-5College orientation was the last place I wanted to be on a Friday morning. There were better things to be doing, like practicing a new dance routine or contorting my body into some strangely soothing yoga pose.

    But, like a good girl, I dragged my slender body into a pair of tight blue jeans, threw on a clingy white blouse and headed for the college. I left my hair loose, icy wind playing through the fiery locks.

    My black heeled boots clicked an imperious rhythm against the gleaming floor of the college corridors as I made my way toward the auditorium. Ahead of me, the door to a classroom opened. A figure stepped out and into my path, forcing me to slow my pace.

    Said pace was halted completely when I got a good look at the man before me. He was tall and darkly handsome. His eyes pierced me like lances and he moved with a predator’s easy grace.

    “Are you here for the student orientation, girl?”

    I shivered. Good god, his voice was sex given speech! It shot straight to my core and resonated there. My pussy clenched. I was suddenly wet and wanting this man I didn’t even know.

    “Yes,” I replied.

    My voice was low and breathy, a dead giveaway to just how his had affected me. I wanted to sound confident, but confidence had fled in the wake of raging desire.

    “You’re late.”

    His tone was flat and disapproving.

    I blinked.

    “No I’m not,” I said. “Orientation doesn’t start until 9:00 AM. It’s only 8:45.”

    He took a step forward and I had a sudden, irrational urge to take one back. His eyes had hardened and were full of a dark promise. The sight sent hot shivers through my body. My breasts tingled and my nipples tightened against the fabric of my blouse.

    “Orientation started at 8:15,” he all but purred. “The tour begins at 9:00.

    “Oh.” My voice was little more than a gasp.

    “Oh,” he replied.

    He moved with a suddenness that took me completely off guard. One minute I was being held spellbound by the dark intensity of his eyes, the next, his hand had closed around my upper arm and I was being propelled toward the door he had so recently stepped out of.

    Despite the cold of a New York winter, I’d worn a cap-sleeved, off-the-shoulder blouse. The touch of his fingers against my bare skin sent shockwaves of arousal spiking through me. As the office door slammed shut behind us, my thighs quivered. When I heard the lock turn, I gasped. My clit throbbed with relentless demand.

    I didn’t know what I expected after the door closed. For this sinfully dominant man to turn and pin me roughly to the smooth wood was an option that had not crossed my mind. It was exactly what happened.

    “Rule number one,” he growled, his face inches from mine. “Your Master is always right. Contradict me again and your ass will feel it. Understood?”

    My eyes flew wide with a mixture of shock and arousal.

    “But you’re not my—”

    “That sounds very much like a contradiction, little one.”

    My mouth snapped shut. I glared helplessly, angry, confused and so turned on I thought my clothes would burst into flames at any moment.

    “Understand?” he repeated, trailing a finger across my neck. He stopped at the hollow of my throat. His touch seemed to burn, a silent brand of ownership I could neither combat nor deny.

    “Y—” My voice cracked.

    The finger moved, trailing a blazing path across my chest until it settled, circling the taught peak of my right nipple through the thin fabric that clung to my breasts. My eyes fluttered shut and I moaned softly.

    “Yes?” he coaxed as his other hand found my hip. His fingers curled possessively around me, slipping beneath the hem of my blouse, searing the bare skin of my side with invisible tongues of flame.

    “Yes, Master.”

    Eager to find out what he did to me next?

    Call Sarah at 949-722-2222 Ext: 494
    or visit me at Uslove.com.

  • Big Dildo Torture

    p4626-1I’ve got a 18 inch dildo that I’m going to suck and gagged on, while you stroke your big cock and listen to my friends shove it down my gaped throat. Listen to me gagged while you lick my sweet lips. During this 30 min session, you will see my friends play with my tight holes and stretched them to their limits. I want you shoved your cock down my throat while I take 18 inches in my pussy and 16 inches in my ass. Watch all my college friends shoved toys inside my holes while you play with my wet and warm mouth.

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  • Q&A With CoCo!

    Hey, Sexy. Yes, you! I see you looking. You’re curious about CoCo. You’ve got questions and I’m more than happy to answer them! Go ahead…ask me anything.

    Q: Where are you from, CoCo?

    A: I was born and raised in the Midwest. I currently reside in the Windy City!

    Q: How tall are you?

    A: I’m five feet seven inches.

    Q: How much do you weigh?

    A: How much can you lift? -giggling- Seriously, don’t you know you should never ask that question? I’m curvy. If you wrap your arms around me you’ll feel a woman’s body melt against yours.

    Q: Favorite food?

    A: Mmmm…I love Asian.

    Q: Red wine or white?

    A: Depends on the occasion. I enjoy both!

    Q: What characteristics do you find sexy in a man?

    A: Intelligence. Humor. Confidence. Inhibited sexuality…same goes for a woman! 😉

    Q: What turns you off?

    A: Rudeness and racial slurs.

    Q: So, I can’t call you names?

    A: You can. I love name calling in the proper context. Pull my hair and call me your black bitch, slut or whore. You’ll make my chocolate cunt wetter.  Just don’t call me the ‘N’ word.

    Q: So, you prefer rougher sex over gentle lovemaking?

    A: Not necessarily. I crave good sex…sweaty, intense, orgasmic SEX.

    Q: Do you like giving blow jobs?

    A: I do. I enjoy watching a man come undone with my full lips wrapped around his cock. Ultimate power trip!

    Q: Do you like anal sex?

    A: Yes! This juicy round ass was made for lovin’…don’t make me beg, unless that’s what you prefer. I’ll admit I’ll get super wet begging for you to put your cock in my ass.

    Q: What do you enjoy the most about talking on the line?

    A: I love chatting with so many interesting men and women! Like I said, I adore sex…and I make it my mission to please whomever is on the other end of the line when it rings. I love role-play, guided masturbation, dominance, submission, panty boys, bisexuals, lesbians and two-girl calls! I also enjoy plain ole good conversation.

    Had a bad day? Call me. I’ll make you smile before I make you come…I promise!

    Yes, come talk to CoCo…I promise it’ll be the best damn time you’ve ever had!

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  • Happy New Year!

    p413-6Hmmmm… This year I resolve to live out ALL my fantasies – no holding back, not me!  Let’s see… I’ve explored my bisexuality and love to be with guys and girls, threesomes and more.  I’ve played around with bondage and blindfolds….

    Oh! Wait until you hear how my girlfriend Erica surprised me for my birthday in December!  We’ve been playing with bondage and dominance since the summer.  Erica is gorgeous – tall, busty, redhead – and she loves to take charge. She took me out for brunch on my birthday.  She told me her surprise would take up the afternoon and evening so I was not to plan anything else. So, after our lite brunch she hands me a small box. Inside was a keycard for a suite in one of the nicest hotels in San Francisco. There is also a card with a note that if I accept the gift than I am her slut, her sex slave for the rest of the day – Well, YES, MADAM!!!

    As we walk across the hotel lobby I can feel my panties getting moist as I anticipate the bare bottom spanking and sex toy play awaiting me.  I notice the men noticing Erica and me: knowing what they are thinking, wondering if they have a clue what we are about to get into – each others’ hot pussies! In the elevator I notice her nipples are hard and so are mine.

    In the suite there are several wrapped gift boxes on the coffee table.  Erica tells me to strip and get on my knees. I do so. She hands me a present.  I open it.  A blindfold – she knows what I like!  Before blindfolding me she tells me that I must keep it on for three full hours while I am in submission.  Do I agree?  Yes, Madam! She sets a clock and tells me that I am hers and I will do exactly as she wishes until I hear the alarm.  She has me unwrap more of the gifts while blindfolded: dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, paddle, rope, and other toys I can’t quite make out without vision  Still on my knees she ties me hands behind my back, attaches the nipple clamps.  Then she starts kissing me and stroking me all over. Two fingers slip into my wet cunt, then a third as she finger fucks me hard but doesn’t let me cum. Then she kisses me, mounting my mouth with her tongue.  Suddenly she moves away.  She turns up the background music and I get even more excited knowing it’s to drown out noise. But to my surprise she goes into the bedroom.  OK, I guess she wants to change into leather or something, Meanwhile she knows my passion is building as I wait blindfolded and on my knees in cunt aching arousal – clit throbbing, nipples hard, pussy wet – every inch of me craving to be touched, spanked, bitten, teased and tormented for her pleasure. Hers and mine.

    Then – OMG!  I hear her talking to someone!  OK, at first I think she is on the phone but then I hear his voice!   The door to the bedroom had been open but I had not checked it out. I later learn he was watching from the moment I had been blindfolded!!! I had to fight the impulse to jump up, take off the blindfold, cover my nakedness – but I am a good submissive and I trust Erica. So I forced myself to stay put, on my knees, hands tied behind me, nipples clamped and throbbing hard, head bowed in complete submissive attitude.

    They both come in and he sits on the sofa.  He asks her to have me stand, to collar me and lead me around the room on a leash.  She does.  He tells her where to lead me, when to stop, to have me bend over, spread my legs.  He asks her to spread my checks, to smack my ass with her hand.  I realize that he is actually mildly dominating her – or at least she is obedient to him in a way I have never known her to be. He tells her to lead me to him and have me on my knees in front of him. She sits beside him and they kiss. I smell her sweet pussy and surmise that he is bringing her  to orgasm with his hands.  He has yet to touch me.

    It was unnerving to hear her apologizing to him that she does not submit anymore but that she had recruited me and trained me for him when she learned he was coming back to San Francisco.  he thanked her for the gift – ME! She stood up.  All the while she had been holding the leash.  She rubs the leather against her pussy then had me lick her juice off the end of the leash.  She asks me who I serve.  I reply that I serve her for her pleasure.  She tells me it is her pleasure that I serve her master.  She gives him the leash and tells me I am Gregory’s slut until she returns.  Then she leaves!  So I am left  alone, nude, on my knees, hands tied behind my back and in total submissive mode with a complete stranger.  Never in my life have I been so aroused!

    Gregory didn’t touch me until after Erica had gone.  Then he took his time – his hand exploring every curve and contour of my body.  In the bedroom he tied me bottoms up over pillows on the bed and thoroughly enjoyed himself with paddles, whips, toys, his quick tongue and magnificent cock. As I had agreed the blindfold stayed on until the alarm clock rang – but I asked if I could leave it on until Erica came back.  He agreed and the wicked fun continued.  When Erica got back and the blindfold came off I was even more excited because he was “not my type” – which made it so delicious, so perfect!  He took us out to a fine restaurant — ooooh so hard to sit down!  Then back to the hotel for more.  BTW – turns out Erica can too still submit!

    Now, here’s the hard part of my New year’s resolution to live out all my fantasies – trying to think of something I haven’t tired yet!  Maybe you have some ideas?  I’d love to hear your thoughts – so, call me, Sage @ 863.

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 863 or visit me at USLove.com

  • I was a Naughty Girl Last night!

    Last night I went out with some girlfriends for a ladies night! Dressed to kill in a  very short gemsilver sequined skirt, matching halter top (No bra), with black thigh highs, and silver 6 inch open toe heels! I wore my long Red hair down.

    Lots of holiday parties going on and I was feeling very festive as I put my Cock sucking Red lipstick on and headed out for a night on the town with my girls.  We stopped at this quaint little karaoke bar that makes the best Slutty Sex on the beach I have ever had and sat back to watch the entertainment.

    Guys kept sending drinks over to the table which of course we always smile pretty flirt and graciously give our thanks for.  Well after 4 of those  Slutty drinks I was feeling pretty hot and horny!  I started flirting with this tall Dark handsome 6″4 guy who was packing a mighty fine bulge in his jeans!  He got up and Sang Gold Digger which was so funny and Hot at the same time and when he was done, I pulled him off into a corner and started making out with him.  His hands were right up my skirt and I knew I needed his Big Black Cock tonight!

    We quickly got out of the bar and into his car where I wrapped my red lips around his huge and I mean HUGE cock. It was fat and it was long 10inches, with a throbbing mushroom head oozing pre-cum YUMMY) all the way to his place!

    Once we got there we barely made it through the door and he had me up against the wall my panties were ripped off me and my top was torn off and he had me wrap my legs around him as he drove that monster cock deep inside me!  I came hard with the first thrust driving my nails deep into his shoulders as he held me up and pounded me into the wall! I came over and over!  It felt so good to have him shoot that huge load of cum up inside me!

    Afterward we just kind of looked at each other and smiled and headed to his bedroom for another round!

    He called me this afternoon wanting to know if I would to see him again for dinner tomorrow night and yes I do and I plan on having Chocolate Cock for Dessert!

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 861 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Sensual seductive domination

    SparkleOne of my absolute favorite fantasies to talk about is sensual domination.
    I love it when a guy wants me to tie him up and playfully tease and then torture him with my femininity and sexuality. I love using silk scarves to tie you up.
    I enjoy learning my hands all over your body with sexy satin go love’s.
    I like to drape my breasts over your face just out of reach and, let you struggle and suffer as you try to reach them to kiss them and suck them and please them.
    I want to brush my silky smooth and soft hair over your face, while you breathe in my beautiful fragrant aroma. Didn’t you wish you could just find a way to untie yourself?
    Lastly, I want to do all sorts of kinky and erotic sensually dominant things to your dick. I am going to tease and tantalize your dick and your balls until they are just screaming to fuck this tight pussy.
    I want you to please me orally. I am going to sit all over your face and come in your mouth. Then I want to pee all over you. You have to drink it! You have to do What ever I tell you to do.
    Maybe I will even dress you up in sexy lingerie for my pleasure. I know you like lacy garter belts and silky panties. Don’t you? Let us do it! Let me sensually dominate you!

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 322 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Welcome To My Sissy Bitch Playroom!

    In my house I have a special room for all of my little bitches.

    It resembles Barbies dream house only this room is just for adults. The room is in my refinished basement and it has soft pink walls and white gauzy drapes and plush white shag carpeting. It smells of rose petals.

    There is even a white canopy bed dressed in pink satin linens and beautiful pink and white striped couch and two chairs. The closet is full of all of the little costumes,wigs,collars,leashes that I love for my little bitches to wear. Not to mention the oodles of toys that I have ready to use on you.
    There is one wall that is just one big mirror,so that my little sissies can look at their pathetic selves as they strut around the room for me wearing whatever I tell them to put on. I bet just the thought of dressing up for me makes you tiny little clit dicks get hard! I even have a section for my adult babies, including an adult sized playpen with pacifiers and a bureau full of cloth diapers,bibs and booties. I even have a fridge filled with bottles of chilled milk, apple juice,and orange juice and a cupboard filled with homemade baby food.
    Oh and don’t worry I have a special closet with costumes for me to wear as well. I would love to be your Mistress, Mommy, or playmate, or little princess. Give me a call sometime and I will do my best to make all of your fantasies come true…
    ~Bridgette Ext:519
    Call me at 949-999-5979 Ext: 519 or visit me at USLove.com

  • Fascinated By Sex

    I’ve always been fascinated with sex. SEX, SEX, SEX!!! I love it!! Can never get enough!!! I would probably say I am addicted.

    No man has ever been able to keep up with my needs. Satisfy my sexual desires or bring on orgasms so forceful that I gush cum like a waterfall…until, that is, I met my lover, the one who made all my dreams come true….

    I met him during my very 1st “training session”. I knew that out of all the 30 cocks which fucked me that night, that he was ‘the one’. I had to have him! And I made sure I got him. Pure 100% Mexican…so sexy, so perfect. Dark eyes, full kissable lips, slim build and smooth smooth caramel skin. Mmmmm.

    We will do anything we can think about! Anal, 3sums, DP, oral, fisting pussy and ass, domination, submission…to name a few…and never have any inhibitions.

    Today I will tell the story about our 3sum. It was our first together and with another girl, hand picked by my lover, Antonio, Tony for short.

    He chose a barely legal girl, for us. And a beautiful hotel room during the daytime. Everyone showered first, my lover and I together, the girl alone. After drying we proceeded to the bedroom and let those towels drop. The first to make their move was the beautiful, blonde girl  (we shall call her Suzy). She kissed my tits, sucked, licked and squeezed my nipples as she made her way down towards my sweet, juicy pussy.

    I spread my legs willingly to receive her warm mouth and flicking tongue. I laid back so I could turn my head to suck my lovers hard throbbing cock. Mmmmm the taste of precum filled my mouth whilst Suzy gorged on my pussy, kneading my clit with her thumb, fucking my pussy with 2 fingers. I arched my back as I felt my 1st orgasm, screaming with satisfaction  as my juices flowed over Suzy’s tongue.

    My lovers cock still in my mouth, I took him in deeper, gagging on his swollen head as he reached the back of my throat. I stroked his cock as I sucked on his balls, gripping his ass tight. I looked up and could see him eying Suzy as she went wild over my pussy, her face buried between my legs, her head moving up and down using her tongue SO well!

    I had made Tony’s cock so hard that he was ready to fuck pussy NOW. I told him to fuck Suzy. I wanted to watch his cock inside her wet pussy. Pumping her. Making her scream. He took her from behind, ramming hard into her tight, shaved pussy. She let out a yelp which I muffled by kissing her. All I could taste on her lips was my pussy. Ohhh so fucking good.

    Tony fucked her faster, harder, forcing her face down into the bed. I moved to her side, sliding my hands underneath her small delicate breasts. Mmmmm….hard hard nipples, like cherries, touched my fingers. I squeezed them both, gently at first then harder. Ha! Poor girl couldn’t control herself as she squirted cum all over the sheets. Tony continued to slam into her weakened body until she begged him to stop.

    As he pulled  out his cock, she collapsed onto the soaked sheets. I crawled over to suck him clean. Tasting her pussy all over.

    I wanted his cock now. I begged him to fuck me. He had no problem with that. I lay back, my legs over his shoulders as he stroked the head of his cock over my clit. Around n around teasing me. Suzy lay by my side, kissing my neck, my shoulders, my nipples whilst she stroked Tony’s cock and guided him into my gaping hole.

    He slid inside easily and began his thrusting. Deep, hard, fast. Just how I like it. Suzy massaged my clit until I remember screaming out because I came so hard. Tony pulled out and squirted his warm sticky cum all over my stomach. Slutty Suzy licked it all up, just like a greedy bitch.

    I hope to repeat this experience again, soon. 🙂


    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 307 or visit me at USLove.com

  • A Private Beach


    Written By Kinky  Brooke

    She breezed down the highway with  the top down on her little black Miata, hair blowing in reckless abandon. It was  one of those glorious southern California mornings that could so easily seduce  her into dropping everything for a day at the beach. There was a steady hot wind  blowing and she welcomed it by holding her head high as she drove, as if  sacrificing her face to the Gods. Bad for the skin, so what. She could still  hold her own quite well thank you, regardless of her  age.

    The freeway ended and she wound her  way toward Balboa Island. She glanced at all the unique shops and cafe’s en  route. She had always loved this area and had been going to her little private  beach for 20 some odd years. It was tucked away at the end of the coast highway  in a residential section and was generally only used by those who were lucky  enough to own summer homes there. It was a weekday so the streets were quiet and  cars were scarce. The summer had not quite begun so many of the houses were  still vacant, preparing for their owners to grace them with their seasonal  presence.

    She studied the quaint cottages and  homes as she passed and wondered what it must be like to live in a house where  all one had to do was walk out a french door to see ocean waves splashing and  yachts lazily making their way to the nearby harbor. What a sweet  life.

    She arrived at the familiar little side  street that dead ended at a private walkway and parked. There wasn’t a soul in  sight as she gathered her things and began the short trek down the hot cement to  the mound of sand that had been her secluded little spot all these many years.  The salty ocean breeze and the sound of crashing waves assaulted her senses, and  she felt a sudden stirring between her tanned legs. It always affected her like  this, making her crave these solitary beach days on a weekly basis… beginning  in the spring, throughout the summer and even into the fall.

    She spread her large turquoise cotton  blanket between the two small dunes, setting the radio on the right and the  cooler to her left. She slipped off her thongs and T-shirt and, after adjusting  her skimpy suit, sat like an Indian taking in the tranquility of the sea before  her. Soft, seductive music played from the radio and a sense of complete privacy  with the planet swept over her. She smiled as she massaged Bain De Soliel into  her skin, watching a man far off in the distance romp with his small son at the  waters edge. She stretched out and began to daydream.

    Two hours passed quickly as the soft  music from her radio accompanied the surf, and her mind traveled to far off  places. They were places she would never visit, but their decadent and exotic  allure raped her senses as the noon day sun beat down upon her sun-drenched  body. Her clitoris was throbbing and she could feel the sticky wetness in the  crotch of her bikini by the time the scenario inside her head peaked. Had a  dozen men surrounded her at that moment, she would have spread her tanned legs  as wide as possible and begged them to fuck any oriface they wanted. The hot  brisk wind didn’t help. Before turning over she sat up and breathed deeply. She  hungrily devoured chunks of watermelon, cold and crisp from the cooler, savoring  the sweetness as she looked out upon the ocean. After she finished, she  discreetly created a small mound in the damp sand beneath her blanket. Position  was everything. She stretched out on her stomach and rested her head on a small  pillow. She stared at the magnificent homes now facing her… mansion  cottages… yes, that’s exactly what they reminded her of, and she pondered the  faceless windows and empty patios with a certain curiosity. She closed her eyes and continued to  drift.

    He had been watching for hours with his  usual intense curiosity. He had seen her periodically throughout the years,  always choosing the same spot to bask in the sun, right between those two small  sand dunes. Her routine never failed to give him an erection. He slowly rubbed  himself as he peered at her through his telescope through the french door on his  upper balcony. The glass was tinted so he knew she was unaware of his presence.  He wondered where she came from and where her thoughts took her as she baked on  his beach. Four hours in all, and it never varied. From 10:00 am. until 2:00 pm.  every damn time. He smiled as his cock stiffened. He knew her routine so very  well.

    His telescope was state of the art, so  he didn’t miss a beat. She made her small mound beneath her blanket and glanced  around to make certain no people were close by. And as always, she stretched out  like a sneaky feline anticipating something tasty nearby. It was merely a  question of patience.

    He watched intently as she began to  grind slowly, mound against mound. His pulse quickened and he began to stroke.  She was getting close, and he could sense the beginning of her crescendo . He  looked down and saw pre-cum glistening on the head of his engorged cock and  imagined himself down there on the sand, grabbing her hair and forcing it down  her throat to quench her thirst.

    She knew she was almost there. It never  took very long once she turned over. Her hand slid inside her satchel and  running her long fingers over the contents, located the metal cigar case she  knew so well. Her glazed eyes quickly scanned the beach, making certain no one  had invaded her space. She slid the cold metal into the panty of her skimpy suit  with one smooth movement, placing it perfectly between her swollen lips. The  moment the hard metal touched her raging and moist clit she let out a soft moan  and began to slowly undulate. She was so close.

    He was about to explode when he saw her  slide the cigar casing between her legs. There was something so nasty about it.  He wondered if she ever smoked them. He could see the beautiful wild flowers and  beach foliage that surrounded his open patio swaying to and fro from the hot  summer winds, and he began to stroke like a wild man lost within an insatiable,  decadent dream. She always had this affect on him. He gripped the telescope with  his left hand, keeping it close against one eye as he masturbated to her sexual  frenzy. He was almost there.

    The hot, sultry beach winds came at her  from every angle, and her mind reeled. The cold metal was hot and slippery  against her hard and aching clitoris. Her eyes were closed and she could hear  the ocean waves crashing onto the shore as she began to grind at a faster pace.  She heard the lone cry of a seagull overhead as the sun beat down upon her back.  When her explosion began, she arched her body for that one final thrust against  her secret mound, metal against clit and, staring directly into those french  doors in the distance, she unleashed her sexual soul without making a sound. Her  climax had lasted one full minute, but it took her ten to  recover.

    His orgasm had been intense,  and coincided with hers as if it had been rehearsed. He supposed it had, in a  way. He thought about her quite often and, when the winters gave way to spring,  he always anticipated her return to his beach. He felt connected to her in some  way. He didn’t understand why, and he never questioned it.

    She casually gathered her things  and prepared to leave the beach. He watched as she calmly made her way from the  hot sand to the secluded concrete walkway, leaving the ocean and her private  little sand dune behind. And as she passed by, she slowly looked up toward his  balcony. His eyes fastened on hers, and he wondered what she would think had she  known he had been watching her through this tinted glass, masturbating along  with her for more summers than he cared to admit. He looked at his watch and  smiled. It was precisely 2:00 pm.

    The winds had died down and the  temperature began to drop. She felt relaxed and energized at the same time. Her  reclusive hours at the beach always did that to her. She started her car and as  she drove away, she turned to look at the front of that beautiful cottage  mansion she loved so much. She smiled and wondered what he would do if her  awareness of his presence ever came to light. She slid two fingers into her  vagina as she sped away, then pulled them out and took in her sweet, musky aroma  as the wind blew against her hair. She laughed softly to herself in amusement.  Another beautiful day at the beach and she could never get enough. A seagull  flew overhead, bidding her adieu as her car quickly disappeared into the  speeding  traffic.

    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 693 or visit me at USLove.com


  • Wet Sticky Sweet Hard Candy Cane Dreams

    As I lay in my bed dreaming, my mouth and pussy get wet at the thought of one of those really long, hard candy canes from Santa!  The ones that are all sticky and sweet make you slobber as you suck it deep into your mouth!

    I fantasize about him standing in front of me saying suck it you sweet HOT little Naughty HO HO HO!

    I start rubbing my pussy as I suck on his long Candy Cane, and just as I am about to explode!

    I wake up my hand on my pussy and the smell of peppermint in the air.

    I can’t wait to go back to sleep to see What Santa will do to me next!

    Call me and let me be your naughty little HO HO HO! – Gem @ ext: 861

    Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 861 or visit me at uslove.com

  • Sorry Mr. J, but my dreams belong to Batman.

    If it is not already obvious, i’d like to take this time to go deeper into the relationship I have with the vigilante hero, Batman. Although I love Mr. J with all my heart, the man I really want to have, but can’t is Batman. He doesn’t know it, but I am on to him. I know his secret identity  I know all if his weaknesses, his strengths, I know how his mind works. I know the history of his heartbreaks and playboy lifestyle.  He wants to save the world, all I want to do is save him.

    Every night I dream about the endless conversations that could be had if I maintained a secret friendship with Mr. Wayne. I would imagine giving him advice on his companies financial dealings, on his friendships and relationships. I would invite him to sleepovers with Poison Ivy and Cat Woman and we would talk shit about Bat Girl. I would wear my tightest leotard, in the hopes that he would want to touch my breast and thighs.  I would look into his eyes, I would hold his arms and hands and tell him how much I need him. I would promise to be a good girl just for him.

    But it’s just a dream. He needs me, but not like I need him. In my dreams, I push my body close to his, I tell him to teach me a lesson, to lay down the law. To take his hands, pick me up, and let me feel his body touching mine. I long to straddle him in his new batmobile, his pride and joy, I want to kiss those lips that give away his smile once in a while.

    In my dreams, he helps me out of my suit, takes my jester headdress off, pulls off my underwear and bra, he embraces my body, kisses me ever so gently and tells me he loves me. Even though I am naked, I feel covered in his whispered worship.

    In those impossible dreams, he leaves the safety of Batman and becomes Bruce Wayne for me, takes his clothes off. Inserts his Dick with suck a passion into my pussy, that I know he means no harm. The deeper he goes, the more I want/need him. For him, I am no longer Harley Quinn, I am Dr. Harlene Quinzzel. I was good once, and he brings out the best of me. There, wrapped around his body, connecting at the hips, his mouth on my breasts, like a lost boy who found warmth, Just as he is about to pump his giant load of cum inside my pussy, he tells me he doesn’t belong to me. The pleasure I feel inside me goes away…

    I wake up.

    As I make my way through town from day to day, I purposely make a mess in the hopes that I get his attention. He comes to Gothams rescue, our eyes meet and I just want to tell him how our night go in my dreams. He doesn’t know… Sadly, this masked hero’s heart belongs to someone else… And the pain of being without is worse than the pain of having him close but not be mine to keep.

    In the mean time, all I can do, is dream of the nights we could have had and find other ways to console this thirst I have for sex and love.

    I love you Batman.

    Sorry Joker…

    Call me, lets talk Quinn ext. 632


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  • Black As Night

    It was so dark, no stars lighting up the cold November night. You, dark too, so easily hidden from my sight. I saw you looking into my window one hot summer night. So I know, as I hear your shoes outside my window tonight, that it is you.

    Sweet angelic look on my face, as I look not directly at my window, but close enough so you see my eyes, dreaming, wanting to tease, tempt you.

    Slowly I message my full titties and pinch and pull on my nipples. Then I side my hands over my tummy, hips and ass. Sexy, moving slowly, putting on a show for you. Then I slide both my hands between my creamy white thighs and pull my perfectly toned legs apart. Slipping my palm over my pussy lips and soon I pull up my big black vibrating cock. I finger fuck myself til you can hear the sounds of wetness, knowing if you were closer you would smell pussy in the air. Then I slowly start fucking myself with this big, black cock. Wanting the black man outside of my window, to come and take me. Loudly moaning, begging for you. Soon my wish cums true. You climb into my bedroom, big black cock in our hand. First you fuck my mouth, letting me deep throat you as you rub my titties with one of your hands. Standing on the side of my bed, looking down at the pretty white girl sucking you. The lightness of my skin against your dark skin is so beautiful, you are thinking now. Soon you are running your hands through my hair and throwing that black vibrator on the floor. Sliding on top of me, you slip your cock into my wet forbidden white pussy. I wrap my legs around you and together we are soon exploding, our cum mixing with each position til hours go by and you slip back, into the darkness and I fall asleep, left with sheets wet from sweat and hot nasty cum in my hair, my lips, tits and every other tight hole you found and took.

    Nasty Naughty Nikki @ ext 523 cum take a piece

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  • Beautiful Blonde Oppressor Administers Beatings

    Do you crave the sinful caress of rope against your skin? Desire the hot kiss of leather cracking sharply against your naked flesh? I KNOW you need it badly. You’ve been aching for my dark touch for so long now.

    How can this petite beautiful blonde vixen give you the intensity you ache for?  What you DON’T realize is that countless others are entrapped by the simplicity of my sweetheart façade. I am a force of strong dominance. It excites me to command all situations, thus making me the perfect femme fatale.  You might be the sort of person who needs to be forcibly taken, or you might be a full-on “sissy boy” who is easily controlled. Whoever you are, you will submit completely to me and let yourself feel what you want and what I WANT during our calls.

    I’m going to take you. It’s as simple as that. I’m going to give you that electric mix of intense sensations that you want so very badly. Your body doesn’t want to wait. You will KNOW how good it feels to give in to each of my instructions as I discipline you hotly and severely. This is why you will give in to me each and every time and return to me like good little pet.

    You’ll realize I have the intensity it takes to maintain an unbreakable bond OUR impassioned world. There’s something so salacious about my complete dominance over your mind and body.

    Just imagine a simple little scenario: I’ll start by ensuring you don’t make any noise at all, not a single peep. I’ll gently wrap a long silken scarf around your head and mouth. “Silence Bitch”. Even though you can still swallow normally, you can’t speak, you can’t moan, you can’t even whisper. My scarf is wrapped around your mouth like a wicked endless silken kiss.

    I love the idea of you being so helpless like this, helpless to do anything but feel what I tell you to feel. Remember, this excites ME TOO…in ways you cannot imagine!

    I’ll start to gently trace my long red fingernail down the small of your back. ALL YOU CAN DO IS SHUDDER. No noises. Just shudder. Now I MUST restrain you a bit more. I hold my heavy ropes now. You’re so lost in my perfect submission that you sit completely still for me. I walk around your chair in my high heels and bind your wrists and ankles into position, tying down your knees and elbows, wrapping them around your waist and chest. Every knot and every loop anchors you in position, making your body helpless and heavy and impossible to move even an inch. You’re soooo terribly uncomfortable, but you won’t say ANYTHING, because you KNOW I have a cat o’ nine tails and a fierce temper waiting for you if you dare move. Even your breathing is bound, chest and waist so perfectly imprisoned by my ropes so that no matter how aroused you become, your breathing remains slow and even.

    Now, you’re bound too tightly to move and you love that so much. You love being helpless for me. Even though you can’t speak through the gag, you listen to me berate you and call you belittling names. YOU LOVE IT. You love being my captive slave. I can do anything to you, anything at all, and all you can do is feel. You’re so helpless, so open to me, it’s like you’re naked to my eyes. You can imagine yourself like that, can’t you? Totally naked, totally exposed to my gaze, to my toys of torture. My ropes hold you, but they don’t conceal your body, not from me. I can see every inch of you…and I like what I see. I’m even more excited.
    I stroke a long red fingernail down your chest now, savoring the lost, helpless look in your eyes as I gently run my fingernail around your nipple. Then I take it between my finger and thumb and pinching, the pressure stimulating all your nerves in a rush of hot, furious bliss. Knowing that you love this, I pinch your raw nipple again.

    I told you I knew what you wanted, didn’t I? I know exactly what you want, that intense pleasure on the edges of pain. I know you love it so much, and the more intense it gets the more you want it. I pick up the nipple clamps. Feel me snapping clips on your nipples, the cool metal springing shut with an intensity just on the very threshold of what you can endure, making you want to writhe and moan in aching bliss but you can’t move, can’t speak. That’s right. It feels so good, doesn’t it?

    I remove my wet silky panties and press them in your face. Smells like lusty sex, doesn’t it? They smell like my pungent wet pussy. I unbind your knees and ankles so that I can slip them on you and rub your naked erect cock and heavy balls into the sopping wet crotch. You instantaneously become harder.
    You hear me withdraw the cat o’ nines, and you wait helplessly for the first stroke of leather against your skin. You know when you hear the snapping sound, you will feel the leather slapping against your body, and you can’t wait. You’re so aroused, so needy even if you can’t show it, desperate for the kiss of the leather against your back, aching for…this. “SNAP”

    The leather feels so good to you. “SNAP”, you’ve wanted this for so very long now. “SNAP”, and your body longs for this. You can feel that sweet, stinging tingle of endorphins racing through your body “SNAP” and leaving you dazed and dizzy with pleasure as the leather tails crack “SNAP” against your tender flesh, already sensitized by each “SNAP” stroke so the next one lands with oh so much more “SNAP”stinging bliss.
    Now your body quivers in anticipation, you scream my name in your mind…”AMY! OH AMY!”, and you’re unable to move but trembling ever so slightly as you wait for the next stroke. You can almost feel it now, as you wait for the blow to land, trapped in an eternal cycle pleasure as you feel each blow so vividly, so perfectly that it’s like it’s striking over and over and over as you wait and wait in desperate aching need for… “SNAP”

    Experience overwhelming pleasure with Amy at ext 418

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  • Yours to Serve…

    “Are you ready to serve me, CoCo?”

    The moment I hear your voice I rise, nude except for my stilettos, standing at attention. I keep my eyes on the floor and my heart pounds as you circle me. My nipples harden and my pussy betrays my need to please you as my cream drenches my thighs.

    My desire to please you supersedes everything. I wait for you to command me. I wait for you to touch me.

    “I asked you a question, CoCo. Are you ready to serve me?”

    Your fingers toy with my nipple, twisting the sensitive flesh just enough to make me gasp.

    “Yes! I’m ready to serve you.”

    “Good. Get on your fucking knees, my chocolate whore.”

    I comply.

    You lift my chin and I finally look into your eyes. I can see the hunger beneath the steel in your steady gaze.

    “Put your hands behind your back.”

    I clasp my hands behind me, watching you unzip your pants to reveal  your hard white cock.

    “Are you ready to eat, my hungry black cumslut?”

    Your words make me wetter as I nod. “Yes.”

    “Beg for a taste, CoCo.”

    “Please…oh, please, may I taste your cock?”

    “Good girl. Open that slutty mouth of yours.”

    I part my lips as you feed me your hard white cock. I keep my eyes on you while you sink your thick length deep in my throat. I can taste your pre-cum on my tongue and I moan as you work your cock in and out of my mouth.

    “I’m going to feed you now. Don’t you dare waste any of my gift, CoCo.”

    Your harsh warning sends a rush of heat over my body as I hungrily suck and swallow the hot cum filling my mouth. There’s so much, I panic momentarily afraid I’ll fail what you’ve demanded I do. I increase my efforts, greedily sucking and swallowing every last bit of cum you have to give me. You pull your cock from my mouth and I inhale sharply, breathing hard, tears burning my eyes as your fingers grab hold of my chin and you wrench my face up to meet your gaze.

    “You’ve pleased me tonight, CoCo. I’m going to reward you with my cock up your ass soon, but in the meantime would you like to come?”


    “Beg to for it. Let me hear how much you want to part those brown thighs and play with your pussy in front of me.”

    “Please. I want to come for you. Please let me come for you. I’m begging you, please.

    My words make you smile. Your smile is my world…in it I know exactly what I am.

    Yours…to do with what you want.

    I only live to please you.~~~~~

    Dedicated to a very special caller.

    Come talk to CoCo…I promise it’ll be the best damn time you’ve ever had!

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  • Phone Sex Philosophy: Food for Thought – Quinn x632

    Everyone goes to girls like me to vent out their feelings that can’t be displayed in public. The world needs us. Society has you and me thinking that we have to behave a certain way so that we can be properly functioning members of society, and to some degree, this is true, but for me, the idea that we can’t be who we want to be is preposterous, although, it gives me a purpose.

    The word “taboo” has us thinking we might be a little bit sick. You are sick for having those thoughts, and I am sick for indulging you in your fantasy. So what, we can have these feelings, we are consenting adults, we do as we please, we harm no one. “Taboo” exist to rationalize the limits people put on their own personal behavior and is tied to their own morality. The truth is that morality is relative to our own personal beliefs, just because I can please a man who longs to be treated like shit,spit at, fucked with a strapon or humiliated, doesn’t mean that I have male issues or that was brought up with out any morals or values. I can easily be sweet and loving. Just because a wonderful guy, who is married and is a head of household calls me to discuss his inner most desired and I oblige the request doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his life and family. People need an escape from their normal lives.

    Our society makes us feel ashamed for the things we like. My services exist because the men i talk to need to feel normal. I treat them exactly how they want to be treated. Age play, bdsm, voyeurism, roleplay, food play,  or just talking, what ever their needs are, they are met. I am the girl of their dreams for the next 15 minutes or more. I am their escape from the norm.

    People like us, we are normal, it is everyone else who is strange.

    Call me <3 let’s talk.

    Quinn Ext 632 Xoxo

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  • Sexy Shoe Shopping

     I went shoe shopping for my birthday. I like to go into a certain little store, where the owner, you know, he always helps me personally, sending home the other staff. He is an older man, about 50, tall and lean with salt and pepper hair. I think he’s sexy. His cock is always bulging, after I walk into his store.

    I made sure to shave my legs before going shopping. I like that he always finds a way to run his hands over my tan legs, so I want to make sure they are nice and smooth to his touch. I wore a short black mini dress for this outing. He smiled as I walked into his store… making sure I arrived 15 minutes before he closed. This way we could have alone time… lots of time for me to tease him and for him to enjoy putting each pair of heels on me and letting me model for him. This time, as I checked out at the register he gave me a birthday hug and I lead him into the backroom. There, I took off my dress and left on a pair of the new heels I had just bought. He pushed me against the wall and I wrapped my legs around him, his handing roaming up and down my legs as I let his hips hold me up a little. We were French kissing and I touched his cock, finding pre cum and sucked it off my fingers, begging for his cock. Soon he shoved his long throbbing cock into my wet & willing cunt.

    This morning I found he had credited my credit card, I got 4 pair of sexy heels for free and a good fucking. I adore shopping! Happy Birthday to me!

    Call me! 949-999-5979 Ext: 523 or visit me at uslove.com

  • A Southern Deflowering

    Hi, my name is Claudia.

    I’ll never forget my first gang bang. I grew up in a small town with really conservative parents who kept a close eye on me, so the freedom college offered was kind of shocking to say the least. After I arrived on campus, I made friends with some girls that belonged to a sorority and they told me I should try to pledge during Greek week. Well, I was anxious to make new friends, so I didn’t see any harm in it. After a week of humiliating stunts to prove ourselves, like running naked down the road in the rain and being made to make out with my fellow pledges on the campus lawn as everyone walked by, we all knew the final test was coming, we just didn’t know when.

    On Sunday night, at around midnight, we were awakened in our dorms to the sound of the sorority sisters yelling and the feel of cold water on our naked bodies (we were forced to sleep naked all week).Well, with my tits perky from the cold water and the cool air hitting my barely legal body, I stood there with my sister pledges shivering. We were blindfolded and led out to what I assumed was the middle of a forest, because we could hear night birds and frogs calling. We were told to kneel, wait, and do whatever we were told. We could hear the sound of footsteps as the sisters left, and I thought we’d been left to freeze. After what I assume was a short time, we could hear male laughter and heavy footsteps. Before I could react, I heard pants unzip, and something cold, wet, and hard on my lips “Suck it”, the male voice ordered.

    Well, I wanted to pledge so I willingly took that long piece of man meat in my mouth and started to suck. I felt hands behind me, reaching under to stroke my pussy…God, it felt amazing! I started humping the hand that was massaging my cunny, praying he’d add a finger…he didn’t. He added his lips, sucking my nether lips into his mouth. He sucked as much of my pussy into his mouth as he could, start to play with my perky 44DD tits. I could feel the schlong in my mouth getting harder and harder, so I reached up and played with his balls. When he blew in my mouth, it tasted like heaven.

    I’m Claudia at 323 , call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 323 or visit me at uslove.com  don’t keep me waiting stud!

  • The Inner Workings of a Comic Book Villain-Miss Harley Quinn

    I just want to let you know a  little bit about me. <3

    I have been very very busy and now I just want to have fun. My appetite to full my Sapiosexual (sexual attraction and gratification from intellect) needs is getting bigger and bigger. I am a very nerdy graduate student always looking to learn something new. I have a soft spot for comic book villains, I especially like The Joker (hence my name  Harley QUINN).     I am fascinated by the forever expanding universe and the lack of gravity at a subatomic particle level. I enjoy discussing topics that get my mind going for example: Novels like- Crime and Punishment, the Brothers Karamazov, 1984, Native Son, Brave New World etc. Interestng music from different genres, good television shows like -The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, American Horror Story and much mor. I love cartoons like Batman(the original animated series) freakazoid, the Tick, TMNT, and anime like Pokemon, High School of The Dead, Rosario Vampire, Hellsing, and Sailor Moon. i also enjoy good documentaries on a variety of topics. Also, I am a huge Star Wars fan girl. Huge!

    The men I enjoy talking to know what they want, they are two types. The ones who are complete pussies and want to submit to me ONE HUNDRED PERCENT and willingly do as I say or they are real men with specific desires and love to tell me what to do. The devil is always in the detail.    I am not your typical raunchy girl looking to just get you off, and that’s it, I actually enjoy having conversations with you, talking excites me. I do this because It is a sexual release for me, not just another notch on my pole. Call me if you need a smart intellectual girl who can hold a great conversation and get dirty when the time is right, or if you just want to have a pleasant chat. Trust me luv, nothing is off topic. “I’m your Huckleberry” (-props to you if you know where that’s from, one of my favorite films)

    Remember my name, Quinn. Ext 632.


    Call me at 949-722-2222 Ext: 632 or visit me at uslove.com

  • submission “blue”

    As I was growing up, I had some very odd thoughts/feelings, of how I saw myself in relationships with men.  Or maybe how I wanted it to be. I often thought about things like, being taken to some unknown place and being told I was not to make a sound unless I was told to do so.

    Of course this person/man was very dominant in his personality . As well as in he reactions, and his body language also made me aware that he was in complete control of the situation. That in it self was a very big turn on for me. He was able to read my body language, as well as the fact I did exactly as I was told. Not because I was in fear of his actions, because I did not want to displease him.

    I believe submission has many meanings, to different subs. As with all humans have different personalities, desires, and needs just to mention a few. When I think about what I had in my mind as I began to understand more about myself. I realized that submission to me was not bout being degraded, disrespected, or being physically and permanently marked or scared for anyone. Someone who needs to do this, is not someone I am interested in serving.

    When I think about a Dom./sub relationship I think of someone who has the well being of the sub in mind, as well as the sub having the well being of her Dom. in mind. I do feel corporal punishment, in my case is away to teach me to not step out of line. My meaning of stepping out of line is, as simple as not doing as I was told because I was just being lazy. Or because sometimes if I am able to get away with an action, behavior I have and been known to exploit that in future encounters. I become bored easily, and have been allowed my entire childhood to do as I wanted. I am very good at manipulating men to get what I want, when I decide to do so.

    I will follow up with a second part of submission if it seems to draw interest by anyone.


    Kendra ext.309

  • iLust: Between the sheets.

    I’d been dating Jack, a handsome fire fighter, well not really dating, more like “Friends with benefits,” for more than a year. After the threat of Hurricane Sandy blew by, Jack, and one of his mates from the fire station came by at 3am to “rescue me.”  Well, my house really wasn’t in peril and I knew what he wanted so I believed this was going to be an unforgettable experience. With my robe wrapped tightly around me I fixed them drinks and sandwiches, because I know they had been on long shifts and I wanted to hear their storm stories some of which as it turned out were pretty scary. It was even hotter because they were so casual about their bravery.

    I told them “let’s take this party into the bedroom,” and both of them were more than willing to go. I led the way with Jack and Greg right behind me and my cat Raggs not far behind them. We entered the dimly lit room and closed the door. That seem to be my queue to drop to my knees and start sucking Jack’s huge cock, his moans were telling me that he was now totally into this. Greg unbuttoned his pants and shirt and let them drop to the floor, and Jack interrupted my cock sucking to do the same, letting his clothes fall to the floor too. I undid my robe and tossed it on the chair and let them stand in awe of my 5’7” slim build of 34C-23-34. Curvaceous bottom,  long legs, flat tummy and lovely bald pussy.  “Mam, would you please spin around so I can take you all in,” I giggled a bit at his Southern drawl and slowly turned so they could both admire me, although Jack had seen it all before (in every imaginable position)!

    I was getting so aroused watching them watching me I dropped to my knees and motioned for them to come closer and hungrily licked and sucked their monster dicks like it was my last meal.   They both came and I licked most of it up but some dropped on my chest and they pulled me to my feet and rubbed it gently into my breasts, and they began kissing me, all over.  When I connected with lips it was explosive and finally they led me to the bed where I sat down hard on Jack’s cock. He pulled me down further so he was all the way inside me, my chest was wedged against his, and Gregg put some KY on his huge dick and slowly pushed his way into my tight vaginal opening on top of Jack’s cock, and they both fucked me. OMG!!!!  That was a first for me.  Then they took turns fucking me, and I lost track of the explosive orgasms I had with these two amazing heroes (supermen?).

    After a while, with them lying on their sides, one in front and one in back, I had my pussy and ass stuffed full of cocks, my nipples being gently pinched while being deeply kissed with the sweetest deepest tongue action I have ever experienced. In my horniest dreams I never imagined anything like this and never thought a threesome could be this sweet.

    When I awoke, I had a breakfast perfectly laid out on a tray with a rose they stole from flowers in the living room, and a note saying they did not want to go but they had to go save somebody – and everybody was called in – and as soon as they got some time – like a weekend off – could

    we all get together? A resounding YES exploded in my brain and pulsed through my body without thinking!  Finally, a weekend date where I wouldn’t be worrying about what I would wear!

    I was a little sore from the experience, but I’d do it again, and it looked like I will have that chance!


    I hope you like my story.  I’d love to talk to you. xo Madeline ext 721Innocent


    Call me at 702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext: 721 or visit my page at uslove.com

  • How Do You Like Your Chocolate?

    Mmmmm…take in a deep breath. Smell that? Yes, it’s the rich, decadent scent of cocoa teasing your senses. God, there’s nothing like the sensation of it melting on your tongue or sliding up and down your cock. There’s nothing quite so erotic or delicious.

    Milk chocolate curves meshed against you. Dark chocolate nipples swaying over you. The contrast of our bodies turns me on. The sound of your groans of pleasure only make me want to take you to greater heights of ecstasy and I can…you know I can. Oh, yes, lover. I’ll make you say my name. I’ll make you do things and say things you never thought you would.

    How do you like you chocolate? Tell me. Taste me. Touch me.

    Yes…run your hands over my skin and look into the eyes of your Nubian princess.

    Flip me over, squeeze and spank my juicy ass. I am your chocolate slut.

    Get on your knees and keep your damn eyes on the floor until I tell you otherwise. I am your dark Goddess.

    You think you crave chocolate now?

    Talk to me and I’ll make it your addiction.

    Come talk to CoCo…I promise it’ll be the best damn time you’ve ever had!

    702-650-LOVE (5683) Ext. 755 or visit my page at uslove.com