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  • Jerky Girl.

    Most women would find the things I do for him degrading and strange.  I find them erotic and beautiful.  He told me to come downstairs, and without hesitation, I was kneeling next to his leg.  He put on a blindfold and had me stand in front of him.  Now, adjusting to being in complete darkness, I can hear him walking away.  As he returns, this loud piercing sound follows. I know he wanted me to hear whatever it was he had.   He says nothing while he places this object down and instructs me to undress.  Standing naked in front of him, he tells me to get on my hands and knees and he will help me into a trashcan.  I try and move with swiftness down to the floor, but the idea of being “helped into a trashcan” is hard for me to grasp at the moment, and slows me down.  I can’t see his face, but I know he is smiling.  He read my body language, and that was enough for him to get excited.  He says to me with this familiar tone to his voice that would have me do anything for he said, “I’m going to stuff you in this trashcan, and you are going to please the customers however they wish. Do you understand?” I reply quickly, “yes, Sir.”

     Imagine if you will, a basic silver trashcan – round – with no room to do anything.  I’m bent inside with just my ass sticking out, and before I can find a way to get comfortable, I hear voices and footsteps coming my way. Where instinct would tell one to panic – to find a way out – I look for ways to show him how eager I am to please.  I will always do as he tells me.  I feel hands running over my ass, and then a sharp sting.  One hand has taken over and is spanking me roughly.  My owner laughs and says to the room, “She can handle more than that, let me show you!” He opens up the cabinet where there is a plethora of other objects to use on me – for his amusement, of course.  If he is going to show these over-excited men just how much I can take, I know exactly what he will choose.  Just as quickly as I heard him walk away, he returns, and a familiar sound and feel strikes my ass.  I scream loudly inside the trashcan – it echoes in my ears – he is using the cane.  All the men are laughing and saying they want their turn now.  I know he has handed it someone else, because they don’t strike as hard as he would.  My ass and lower thighs become numb to the caning, my screams only seem to be heard by me, and now, I feel fingers inside my pussy and ass – finger fucking me hard.  So hard, I can feel the trashcan start to move from side-to-side.  Next, this man now shoves his cock deep inside my wet pussy and fucks me hard.  He quickly pulls out and cums all over my ass.  My owner takes a water hose and cleans me off.  I know he’s aware that as he’s cleaning me, the trashcan is being filled with water.  The next guy takes his turn by shoving his cock deep in my ass as he rubs my clit.  He grunts loudly and just as quickly as the other man, I can feel his load shoot deep inside.  I’m told to squeeze it out, but as I push that hot cum out of my ass, again, I feel the water hose cleaning me off…filling up my trashcan once again.  Four more men take turns using my holes, cumming on me – in me – and as before, the hose is used to clean me off, and fill up the trashcan.

     My owner has told the guys to leave now.   He makes his way towards me and I can hear him turn on the water hose again.  He slides the hose in the trashcan with me, and I notice my trashcan filling up with water, slowly.  It doesn’t take much more water until I am completely submerged.  He takes his hand and starts to play with my pussy.  His touch always makes me melt.  I want to cum, I want to breathe, too. I know to always ask for permission before he allows me to orgasm for him, but I realize that the jerking movements coming from the trashcan will not suffice – my voice is the only way I will get to cum.  My body twitches, my ass is wriggling and I am holding my breath as hard as I am fighting the urge to cum.  His fingers are still deep inside my pussy, fucking me hard, and right now, he not only controls my orgasm, but my breath as well right.  The feelings are so intense as my lungs start to burn. 

     I’m not sure which is turning him on more.  The way the men used me, my ass sticking out of a trashcan, me being submerged in water, or the fact that I need to cum so hard, and can’t.  I hold my breath tightly.  It feels like an eternity, but I notice the water level is going down.  He’s draining it  – he’s ready for his orgasm.  As the water drains, he finger fucks my hole harder and faster.  Once my mouth and nose can take a breath, I pant loudly.  I breathe heavy.  I yell in the trashcan, “May I please cum for you, please!!!!” he asks again, as another way to toy with me and make me wait, “are you ready to cum for me, girl?” I gasp again for air and say, “yes, please, Sir, may I cum for you?!” He counts down from 10, and once I hear him say, “one,” I cum hard on his hand.  So hard that even as he leaves his fingers inside me, I am ready to cum once more.  I yell from my trashcan, “May I cum again, please!!” He tells me to wait.  I can her him unzip his pants and pull out his cock.  With one hand he jerks his dick off over my ass, his other, deep in my pussy.  I hear him say, “three…two…one…cum with me, cum with me now, jerky girl!” My body still twitching from cumming hard just moments ago, I give him my orgasm, and he shoots his sperm all over my ass and pussy. 

     He puts his cock back in his pants, zips up and helps me out of the trashcan.  I can do nothing but fall to the ground.  He sits next to me on the floor and lifts my head onto his lap.  He brushes the hair off my face and says in his version of a loving voice, “good girl.” I look up and smile.  I pleased him well tonight, and that is all I ever want to do. 

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  • Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy–Help Wanted


    Submissive male slaves to service male clients.

    You must be willing to be feminized.  This will include makeup, wigs, women’s lingerie, corset training,  voice training,  possible breast enhancement surgery, and using tucking restraint devices at times.

    Men with pathetically small penises preferred.

    Job expectations include: Cocksucking, Rimming, Receiving anal by multiple partners (with and without condoms), Fisting (receiving), Eating cum,  Being restrained for extended lengths of time.   Any and all request by my client’s must be honored.

    Benefits: NONE!!!  You will be my whore and do as I say.

    If interested, Call Madame Desiree at (415)765-4321

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  • Rough Master!

    p4626-7I am a pain slut looking for my master. This 30 minute session will allow you to enjoy my heavy bottom and curvy Latina body because I enjoy a good spanking. I love to get tied up, spanked, canned, brutalized, pissed on, and spit on by my master. I want a man to used me and control my needs at all times. Use me, abuse me, control me, and violate me in front all of your friends!! I will make sure you leave your cum all over my body and hair.

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  • Hair Pulling Naughtiness

    p5260-8I must admit, I love having my hair pulled.  I am a very open and versatile girl. Having my hair pulled makes me feel like such the slut that I am.  I am the type of girl that loves excitement and roughness at times.  After all, I am a mountain girl who lives out west.  Wrap my hair around your hands and take me. Talk dirty to me and use me as your naughty, toy during our play time together.  Having my hair pulled makes me feel like such a helpless, submissive slut.  I like being submissive at times.  Call me and get rough with me.



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  • My desire to serve you

    A question I get asked a lot is , when did I find out I enjoy being submissive?  I always have a hard time answering because I feel being submissive is just something I am a natural at. My body was made specifically to be controlled by you .I find myself always seeking out big strong older men who I know can pick me up and just have their way with me.  My first boyfriend really showed me how kinky and submissive I can be. One of my experience with him that really sticks out in my mind , is the first time I was tied up and gagged .  He threw me on the bed face down , stuck a ball gag in my mouth and tied my hands behind my back. I was all his , there was no way for me to struggle free , and deep inside I knew I was going to love it !  We had some backdoor fun that night and I always get turned on thinking back on that moment . The very first time I was turned into someone’s submissive little slut. From that moment on I knew my calling was to serve your needs. p5229-5-1   . Xxxo , Sophia




  • Ready to ring in the new year

    p4880-1Hola my name is Mardi. I am a hot young Latina who will be at your beck and call. I am a 23 yr old college student who is majoring in Communications. I am  learning how to communicate effectively in all areas of the forbidden world to bring ultimate ecstasy to my Papi.

    My ultimate fantasy involves bondage and blind folds. I would love to wait naked on my satin bed covers blind folded and then to be rendered helpless to a bed with handcuffs or a tie. This would make my pussy is wet and ready to do your will.

    This fantasy comes from a recent visit to a fetish event in Hollywood. It involved bondage, sex toys, sex equipment, and performances that were an ultimate turn on. I went with a girlfriend where boots with 5 inch heals, short red skirt, and.nipple covers. Wow what an amazing event. I have learned to get on my knees to  worship your cock, lay face down on the bed so we can have anal sex, play the little girl part, perform for you naked in a public setting, and entertain a others at a swing club.  This event was mind blowing and a learning experience I want to share with you.

    My goal is to make you happy by living out all of your fantasies. Being submissive, naughty, and fetish are my specialties. Bring yourself into my world and you will find ultimate pleasure that you’ll never forget.

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  • He Owns My Pussy

    If this were a movie…you would hear a man’s voice saying Nikki back up into my hard cock. The man slowly rubbed my sexy firm ass and thighs before spanking my ass hard. As he spanked my ass he held onto my quivering pussy til it soaked his fingers with my juicy cum. Softly saying I need you, want it, your perfect cock.

    Then he pulled my hair back and softly kissed my neck and back, moaning for him to take me, please fuck me, never stop. Slipping his hands under me he pulled down on my tits and told me to arch my back like a good little slut. He knows I like it when he goes from soft and loving to rough and dominate. I arched my back and he came around the bed and rubbed his cock on my lips. It was strong and hard and he said open bitch, open your mouth and suck it.

    I was on all fours and he fucked my face, long slow strokes, as I stayed still on all fours. My blue eyes staring into his. Submissive to him always. Then he removed his cock and told me to lick his pre cum, moving only my face I licked him and softly sucked on his balls. I know, that will get him rock hard and his throbbing cock will soon be dominating my moist, tight cunt.

    Sure enough, he got behind me, slapped my ass again and reminded me to arch my back, ass in the air. I closed my eyes as he fucked me, all the while reminding me that I was his submissive little slut and he owned my cunt. That I was his piece of ass. His hot cum shot like a pistol, into my wet pussy and then, again he had me licking his powerful cock.

    He laid on the bed touching me, my face, kissing me sweet, softly then he pulled me on top of him. Rubbing my wet cunt on his stomach I reached behind and stroked his hard cock against my back, my ass. Tempting him.
    He held me,by the waist and put me on his cock. Then he held both my tits in his strong hands as I rode him, hard, playing with my hair, moaning til he shot that hot nasty 2nd load into my slut pussy. His perfect slut pussy.

    His beautiful fuck toy.
    His Nasty,Naughty,Nikki.

    Nikki @ ext 523

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  • LaDonna Wanna…

    I’m a real sassy little spoiled brat if you really want to know..  I’m LaDonna…  Thats right..  LaDonna, LaDonna, LaDonna…  My daddy’s love saying my name over and over and over…  Hehe, giggle…

    I’m into being exxxtremly naughty…  Age is a number in your mind and I take wherever you want it to go always, I have no age restrictions on my calls..  I like it really naughty as I’m as perverted and kinky as you are..  So don’t be shy men, hit me up and tell me exactly what your mind is wanting..  Cause I am happy to give it to you and then some…

    It takes a big strong Daddy/Man to make me mind..  I get spanked and punished alot..  As my sassy mouth and bratty ways require me to be taught what I need to know and disciplined quite frequently, Ouchie, ouch!!

    When Im your good girl I love it when you lick me everywhere and spoil me and take me shopping and buy me things too..  Im your princess always..

    If you can think it up I will do it with you, I love creating all your fantasies and role plays just the way you like it..  Mmmmm……

    I can do anything on our role plays..  I can be your daughter, the good girl next door, the naughty girl down the street, a schoolgirl, pom pom girl , spoiled princess, teen w*h*o*r*e, babysitter, accomplice, slave girl, party girl, street angel, cock worship, bondage, gang bang, 2 girl calls, etc, etc..

    I like sissy boi’s, panty boi’s, bi-curious, cross dressers, feminize you, fem dome..

    LaDonna – Wanna ;p    I’m Daddy’s little sweet treat and every man’s dream….

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  • submission “blue”

    As I was growing up, I had some very odd thoughts/feelings, of how I saw myself in relationships with men.  Or maybe how I wanted it to be. I often thought about things like, being taken to some unknown place and being told I was not to make a sound unless I was told to do so.

    Of course this person/man was very dominant in his personality . As well as in he reactions, and his body language also made me aware that he was in complete control of the situation. That in it self was a very big turn on for me. He was able to read my body language, as well as the fact I did exactly as I was told. Not because I was in fear of his actions, because I did not want to displease him.

    I believe submission has many meanings, to different subs. As with all humans have different personalities, desires, and needs just to mention a few. When I think about what I had in my mind as I began to understand more about myself. I realized that submission to me was not bout being degraded, disrespected, or being physically and permanently marked or scared for anyone. Someone who needs to do this, is not someone I am interested in serving.

    When I think about a Dom./sub relationship I think of someone who has the well being of the sub in mind, as well as the sub having the well being of her Dom. in mind. I do feel corporal punishment, in my case is away to teach me to not step out of line. My meaning of stepping out of line is, as simple as not doing as I was told because I was just being lazy. Or because sometimes if I am able to get away with an action, behavior I have and been known to exploit that in future encounters. I become bored easily, and have been allowed my entire childhood to do as I wanted. I am very good at manipulating men to get what I want, when I decide to do so.

    I will follow up with a second part of submission if it seems to draw interest by anyone.


    Kendra ext.309