The Girlfriend

Rick was one of my favorite callers. I gave him The Girlfriend Experience. He’d talk to me for 30 minutes at a time, always whispering to me how beautiful and sexy I was. When I’d answer the phone, the first thing he’d say to me is “How about a kiss baby?” I’d kiss the phone sweetly, moaning just a bit. Then we would cuddle and spoon on the bed, the phone pressed tightly against our faces as our hands roamed our own bodies.

He’d always talk of touching every part of my body. He knew my most sensitive spot was the curve at the end of my back just above my ass. Anytime a man touches me there, I get moist and giggly. Rick would trace my neckline, blowing the strands of hair away and move his hand down to my big areolas, slowly circling them and making them hard. He’d say things like “You are so special to me, baby” and “I could live inside any part of your body,” as I moaned in ecstasy on the phone. By the time his hand crept down to my moist pussy, I ached for the feel of his fingers probing every part of me.

I told Rick everything, like where my G-spot is. It’s high and to the left. Rick would walk me through how he’d finger fuck me and I’d stimulate my luscious g-spot into the phone. Rick was never satisfied with exploring my body until I came first. Once he heard those soft, sweet moans, he’d ask me to service him. I’d always be willing. More than once, he’d have me suck him off, then turn me over and finger my ass. Before our time was up, I’d be begging him to stick his thick cock inside any of my holes. Can you guess which one he chose?

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