The Neighbor

My neighbors son was so good looking, but, a little bit shy. He was mowing lawns to earn money for college. He mowed my lawn every Saturday morning. On very warm days he’d remove his shirt. I was so turned on by him. I always kept ice water on my table for him. Today I will surprise him. He came in for his water and walked in on me naked in my living room. He could barely speak. Come here I said. He walked over to me and I tossed my panties onto his face. He took deep breaths to smell them. I lowered his face onto my pussy. He tasted my lips with his young tongue. Then, we fucked for hours. His cock was so juicy and plump. I just love having young neighbors so friendly and playful. This went on every time he came home to visit. He even calls me MOMMY!! Oh yea, I love this neighborhood.