WANTED, SIssy, Fagot, Panty boy, Cuckholds…..NOW

You know who you are, I’ve been pegging you boys for years.  Trying to be straight, getting married, having kids, grand-kids and then all of a sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks…..”What happened to me?” Haven’t had sex with your wife in years more than you can count, all you can think about is a nice hard fucking-cock to suck, and then reality sets in and your rectum is aching for a throbbing cock to rape and fuck you till you beg him to stop!

Sounds like you, huh?  Well you are not alone.  You are in the company of thousands just like you… Now, what to do about it, that’s where I come in and you start listening, panting and begging for more. Those of you who have had the pleasure to speak with me know I am the real deal.

Your little tiny, prickly specimen of a penis can’t stop thinking of other huge manly cocks with big
mushroom heads, with popping veins and huge sacks hanging…  Hard?? aren’t you, just reading this….!
Now, get your fagot dick out, put my pink panties on, and open your mouth so I can feed you that huge 10″ black cock your dreaming of.  Having your wife go out and bring home such a fine specimen of a man leaves your cock hard, your mouth drooling watching her getting banged with a real COCK”, but there’s still a chance you can enjoy a little of it, the meat is sooo fresh and big and the cream is dripping down your wife’s thigh.  Go on, use  your tongue and scoop up that delicious sperm in your mouth, but WAIT he’s not finished… He pulls out and pushes his hard rod down your throat as it grows in your swollen mouth he pulls out, puts you on your knees and plunges his huge piece all the way to your prostate gland, pumping and grinding all the way until he blows and you can’t believe you just had the best ORGASM of your life….

Now boys, there is sooo much more to talk about, role plays of all fetishes and fantasies is what I love
and enjoy.  I have the BEST job in the WORLD, I work for the finest company ever USLOVE and strive to make your every experience a lasting one. If I haven’t had the pleasure of speaking with YOU, I hope you give me a chance to make ME, CHANTAL one of your favorite models.

There isn’t anything I do not do, especially JUDGE.  I am honored by all that speak with me, and if I haven’t told you all before THANK YOU for trusting me to be your fantasy girl.

CHANTAL ext 883 24hours a day 7 days a week, it is rare I am not on..

Call me at 415-765-4321 Ext: 883 or visit my page at uslove.com

One Response to WANTED, SIssy, Fagot, Panty boy, Cuckholds…..NOW

  1. Ive did a few calls with you Chantal, they were really good calls.. Your very good at what you do, for real :). I always give props where props are due. As I read your blog its like I feel this NEW real connection to you… Like your my minds identical twin that I never knew I had. WOW, truly I never knew how alike we are… YOU ROCK Chantal, I hope I get more calls with you in the future.